Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World

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Hit the Kitchen with Hungry Girl

Just because you're watching your waistline doesn't mean you need to go hungry. Recipes from Hungry Girl--like the Fiber-Fried Chicken Strips featured below--feed your every craving without piling on the calories. What's more, Lisa Lillien's lighthearted love for food and fun shines through in every recipe, making it easy to follow her healthy example and even come up with your own simple calorie-saving shortcuts.

Do you want to eat burgers, chocolate cake, frozen margaritas, fudge, and French fries--and still fit into your pants? Is life not worth living without brownies and onion rings? Do you want a surefire way to tame your cravings? From breakfast ideas and chopped salads to guilt-free junk food and cocktails, Hungry Girl recipes taste great but are low in fat and calories. Check it out!

* Eggs Bene-Chick: 183 calories
* Bring on the Breakfast Pizza: 127 calories
* Ooey Gooey Chili Cheese Nachos: 216 calories
* Big Bopper Burger Stopper: 202 calories
* Dreamy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge: 65 calories
* Lord of the Onion Rings: 153 calories
* Rockin' Tuna Melt: 212 calories
* 7-Layer Burrito Blitz: 277 calories
* I Can't Believe It's Not Sweet Potato Pie: 113 calories
* Cookie-rific Ice Cream Freeze: 160 calories
* With easy instructions, simple steps, and hilariously fun facts and figures, Hungry Girl recipes are as fun to read as they are to make!

And when you're not in your kitchen, check out HG's 10 mini survival guides, plus tips 'n tricks that'll help you make smarter food choices anywhere, anytime!

Customer Reviews:

  • Target specific audience.
    I won't call this an authentic cookbook, but it's more like a collection of modified recipes. Hungary girl's recipes called for fat-free products, artificial sweeteners, processed food and specific ingredient, which may be great for the busy cooks out there. If you like her blog, you may like this book. Personally, I prefer something made of scratch, so this is not the book for me. I do like her idea of incorporating fiber one cereal in oven baked foods, and her chopped salad is good. ...more info
  • Great
    I love to cook and since I've started dieting I have found that the kinds of things I have to prepare just don't taste as good. That being said, this cookbook is great for turning your favorite foods into low cal low fat meal.

    I've cooked some of the things for a few friends who aren't watching their waste line and they couldn't tell a difference!...more info
  • Very disappointed
    I never received this product and never got a response from two or three e-mails I sent them telling them I never got the book. And my account was charged. I would really like to either get the book or get a refund....more info
  • Not a healthy diet
    I enjoyed Hungry Girl when the newsletter was in its early stages, years ago. I purchased the cookbook out of loyalty, since I have been following Hungry Girl for so many years. In the past, I have been 'satisfied' with some of the recipes, although it never really feels like you're having a good, healthy meal. All of the ingredients are heavily processed and fake, which is not necessarily good for your body. The main goal of the recipes, in the cookbook and the newsletter, is to create a slight resemblance of a dish with as FEW calories as possible--even when this often sacrifices flavor, quality, and nutrition. I have tried many of the recipes in the cookbook and have not found any that I (a) would serve company, (b) would be happy eating regularly, (c) truly enjoyed. I like the concept of Hungry Girl--eating the food you love with less calories--but after purchasing this cookbook, I am beginning to doubt whether the actual intentions of Hungry Girl are truly healthy....more info
  • Much better recipes out there!
    I was super excited to get this book after hearing all of the media surrounding Hungry Girl and how weight-watcher friendly she is. I have tried at least 10 of these recipes and every single one of them was disappointing. They were not outright inedible but there are definitely better recipes with low point values out there! The Fiber One coated onion rings looked beautiful but they tasted exactly like a handful of Fiber One cereal, even with the half jar of cajun spices I added to it...Ick! The twice bakes potatoes tasted exactly like a baked potato minus any sort of cream, cheese, salt, seasoning or anything else that makes a baked potato good--so boring.

    One of my best picks for a weight watcher recipe book with amazing (I actually make these recipes even when I'm not counting points) is Weight Watchers Pure Comfort Foods recipe book. They were sold last year at Weight Watcher stores but have become slightly harder to find. Try to find that book instead of this one---it's much more fulfilling than these diet-tasting recipes!...more info
  • Great ideas
    I looked thru the book and love it. The title described me and the women in my family perfect. I bought 4 and hope they enjoy it as much as I do. There's lots of ways to eat the foods you love and not have to burn off all those EXTRA calories....more info
    If you are looking to lose weight, or maintain a certain healthy weight, this is the book to buy! It is a must have. Easy to make and follow recipes provide you with alternative lower calorie lower fat favorite foods like chocolate cupcakes, pot pie, Applebee's burger. etc. ...more info
  • Diet recipes
    Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World I received this at the first of the dates from which it was to be received. This is a big help in determining foods, preparation in them and giving me the information for controlling my intakes for the loss of weight that I drastically need. Through it, exercise and really watching portions of anything I eat I have lost 16 pounds in the last month and a half. I am very grateful for learning about this cookbook, receiving and using it. ...more info
  • So so - Get the book from the library before you buy.
    I took this book out from my local library for a "test drive." I am glad I did because I won't buy the book. There were handful of recipes that sounded good and I wrote those down. Some recipes do include some funky ingredients - artifical sweeteners, fat free cheese etc...
    I tend to lead more of the approach of using real foods. I enjoy the approach of Devin Alexander on FitTV. She "lightens" typical meals with leaner cuts of meat, 2% cheese etc...and the flavor is still there!
    I think I enjoy the new product reviews that Hungry Girl sends out in her emails more than anything else. ...more info
  • Mixed Feelings
    I have to admit to having mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand the recipes are generally quick, easy and low calorie and I'm even planning on adding a few into the program that I'm following. On the other, many of the ingredients used are artificial and heavily processed which are simply not the best ways to go, in my opinion. I understand that many of us have minimal extra time on our hands and we need to find quick alternatives to the fast food mine fields but I just wish that more of the alternatives in HG were derived from more natural and non-processed sources....more info
  • Excellent
    The book was just as described. I would definately order from this seller again.

    The recipes are great! ...more info
    This is a great book for those of us who are getting older and are trying to be more weight consious. I am a Weight Watcher member and this fits in well with the tools that I already use. I also bought a copy for my daughter for Christmas. Keep up the good work. Thank you....more info
  • Good idea in theory... just not in real life
    I was excited to get this book... excited to try the recipes... until I ate the concoctions that were created. For example, the oven-fried chicken made with Fiber One. Fiber One is a fine product, and I enjoy it very much as a cereal, but as chicken breading, not so much. My chicken did not get crispy, the breading was dusty and crumbly, and fell off the chicken easily, and well, it just didn't taste very good. But I thought that perhaps it was just one misguided recipe, so I persevered and tried another.

    Big mistake. Missing pasta, I tried the Fettuccine Girlfredo. I searched high and low for those darn shirataki noodles. Not living in an urban area, I was out of luck, and had to resort to online ordering. It ended up being very expensive. Ah well, I thought, if it satisfies my desire for fettuccine without a prohibitive amount of fat and calories, it'll be worth it. So I hopefully commence.

    Let me share something with you here, and I don't think it is giving away any trade secret - Laughing Cow cheese, while a fine product, is no substitute for Parmesan. How the Hungry Girl thought squishy Swiss cheese product, when melted, could possibly come close to being even a remotely acceptable substitute for real Alfredo... well, I just don't understand. But what's even worse is the substitution of the shirataki noodles for pasta.

    Shirataki noodles are odd things if you have never had them before. First of all, they smell pretty bad, much like dead fish, even after thorough rinsing. And no amount of patting these things dry will encourage sauce to cling to them. But I could deal with those issues. What I couldn't deal with was the texture of the things. They have a fibrous feeling to them when you bite them, and a slippery mouth feel. I have never eaten worms in my life, but these things did indeed make me feel as if I were eating worms, possibly live ones. It was a very unpleasant experience. All in all, the dish neither tasted, smelled, nor felt anything like Fettuccine Alfredo, not in the slightest. It was a struggle not to heave while the stuff was in my mouth.

    After this second experience, I am not going to attempt to try anything else. It would be one thing if the dishes were remotely like what the 'real' items they intend to replace, but they aren't anywhere in the ballpark. Or same city as the ballpark. Or state. Or... well, you get my drift.

    So why did I give it 2 stars? Well, the premise was good, the book really makes things sound exciting, and the direct-comparisons showing the nutritional values of the HG versions next to the real things were a good tool. Some decent information was hidden within the pages. The book itself is mildly entertaining if you don't mind cutesy word play. It's just too bad that I thought a recipe book should be about palatable food, I guess. One thing about it - I would definitely lose weight if I attempted to eat only the foods made from these recipes....more info
  • Wonderful Book/Great Recipes
    If you are trying to eat healthier and want delicious dishes...this is the book to purchase. If you see a recipe in the book and wonder what it actually look like prepared, you can also go to HG's website and view all of her dishes from the book....more info
  • Hungry Girl cookbook
    This is a wonderful cookbook! I've made several recipes from this book, and they have all been wonderful, and very easy to make. A definite bonus to any collection, especially for those of us trying to reduce calories without giving up taste....more info
  • Emphasis on the Recipes; light on the strategies
    I bought this book to review for clients who I thought would enjoy it. I do like Hungry Girl's website, but mostly because I enjoy the strategies. This book is largely a recipe book and has just a small section of the "survival strategies" and product recommendations: unfortunately, the latter is the part I was looking for.

    There are five pages of products she recommends at the beginning of the book, which are good to know about: low calorie versions of breads, dressings, meats and spreads.

    At the end of the book there are over a dozen strategies: for parties, airport, or convenience store eating to what's best to order in each type of restaurant (sushi, italian, mexican,etc) and even what to choose in a movie theater.

    The strategies are the most valuable part of the book, but you are getting a whole lot of high-fiber, low-cal recipes in between the helpful information at the beginning and at the end. I won't cover here what so many other reviewers have about the taste of the recipes......more info
  • Hungry Girl Cookbook
    My daughter and I have had such fun with this book. She loves the titles. I love the ease and nutrition. A perfect match. I have even given several as gifts already....more info
    I keep picking this book up and taking it into work. I read it for ideas to incorporate in my meals. My grocery list is slowly incorporating new items. My scale is slowly reading smaller numbers....more info
  • Hungry Girl
    Love love love love this book. Recipes are awesome. I am on weight watchers and can use every recipe....more info
  • Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies
    Excellent book! I really love it, so many choices and recipes that actually taste great. Good job Lisa!!...more info
  • Great Cookbook for Hungry Gals
    Offers great alternatives and sneaky tricks of the trade to eat healthier but remain satisfied! 1 Downside is the use of Tofu SHirataki in so many recipes but it is offered in so little stores....for me there is only 1 store about 40 miles away that sells the stuff! Otherwise all the recipes I have tried are delicious and trick you into thinking you are eating the real thing....Try the Buffalo Chicken!...more info
  • Good ideas, but for a specific audience.
    I think this book was a good purchase, even though I won't use all the ideas in it, there was enough good recipes and tips to make it worth while. The main objection I have is that is uses a lot of things like artificial sweeteners,mixes and prepared items. That goes against the way I am trying to do, more natural and organic.Still it is written cleverly, and has a lot of redeeming qualities....more info
  • Hungry girl
    High in sodium and need to avoid the preservatives in most ingredients.
    Great ideas for me to use will alter the ingredients.This book is still worth buying....more info
  • good recipes, many online
    The recipes in the book are good. However, many of them (and more) can be found on the hungry girl website....more info
  • Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What started as a fun collection of creative recipes turned into the way my daughter sustained herself during the worst moments of her eating disorder. Despite knowing that the author was not a dietician or had any concern for nutrition, my 12 year-old caught hold of this book and fooled herself into thinking the was an acceptable way to eat. The diet industry, in general, does not show any concern for the crap they shovel out to young girls. Please be very cautious with this "fun" book around your impressionable daughters....more info
  • Good Buy
    This witty cookbook is simple to follow, using simple ingredients. Also has tid bits of info that we choose to be oblivious to when it comes to food. I would Highly recommend it....more info
  • For Busy Hungry Girls
    I love this recipe book! I made five delicious dinners this week and I tried some of the coffee and alcoholic drink recipes. I work full-time, I'm a caretaker, and a college student; these recipes are fast and easy, perfect for my busy lifestyle. In preparing for the recipes it didn't cost me any more money to go grocery shopping because many of the ingredients are common throughout the book. Some of the other reviewers didn't like the book because of the suggested processed foods, I just substituted the ingredients for other healthy options. I know I'll be using the cookbook for years to come! Thank you :) ...more info
  • Hungry Girl ROCKS!
    I must admit, I like cookbooks. I own a ton of lowfat cookbooks! However, Hungry Girl is one of the only ones that I find myself constantly cracking open!! In fact, I use it at least several times a week. These recipes are SIMPLE. Maybe some people have the time to come home at night and throw together a five star gourmet organic meal, but as a full time college student who has a full time job, Hungry Girl is a perfect match for my lifestyle! I have a tried a bunch of recipes in this cookbook and with the exception of a few that just did not suit my tastebuds (I do NOT like Tofu Shirataki unfortunately - but I did sub it for Smart Pasta!), these recipes are YUMMY! The ingredients are easy to find in your local supermarket and the instructions are so easy that even beginner cooks could make these dishes! I would definitely recommend that anyone watching their calories purchase this book immediately!! It is a dieters best friend.

    Some of my favorite recipes are - Cinnamonlicious French Toast, Swapcorn Shrimp, 2 Good Twice Baked Potato (YUM!), Fiberlicious Fried Chicken, and Pumpkin Smash! I look forward to trying many more!...more info
  • Fake, fake, and more fake
    Fake processed foods are not healthy. This book is worse than "The Most Decadent Diet" by Devin Alexander...more info
  • Excellent Support Tool
    This was just the book I needed to get me started on Weight Watchers again. The fun format and tasty recipes made it well worth the purchase. We even went to the website and wrote all the Points values down for each recipe. A definite must for everyone looking for a little extra help....more info
  • An excellent addition to my kitchen bookshelf
    I find all of the complaint filled reviews to be irritating in the extreme considering people who buy this book already use the website, are familiar with Lisa's process and philosphy (as well as the schtick). So to those who bought the book and now complain about the short cuts, processed food usage, recipes etc.....GET OVER IT! You knew what you were buying in the beginning, and if the recipes and foods didn't work for you why did you buy the book? BTW....if you can't modify a recipe to work for your tastes then you don't belong in the kitchen so don't blame Lisa and this book.

    Now........the book is an excellent addition to my kitchen shelves and it far easier for me than carrying the laptop into the kitchen. Yes the recipes use processed foods to save time but I'm an accomplished cook who's learned how to take a recipe and add/modify then adjust nutrition stats to suit my personal tastes. This is a great source to supplement with, if you've got a lick of sense in you. Here's a clue too folks, recipes flop, no matter what the source so before you start taking to heart too many complaints about the recipes in this book, go to the website, if you haven't already, and try a few before you buy, then do what normal people do (normal=all those out there who don't consider themselves to be food experts) and play with them, make notes of what works for you so you can keep track of nutrition stats for the future.

    Also, all you "non-processed" foods folks out there....get over it. It's easy to be self righteous on a computer where noone can see your kitchen pantry and shelves.

    I enjoy and use this book regularly and will be buying her new one when it's released....more info
  • Hungry Girl Review
    This cookbook has been really helpful, easy to read and understand, and great to make shopping lists from. She even provides great recipies for those on a budget. ...more info
  • Save your money!
    This book was such a let down for me. I had seen an article on the book and was intrigued enough to buy it with no additional research. Over half the book has "no duh" ideas like swap out beef for turkey or tofu. Or get fat free cheese/dressing. Common sense changes one looking to overhaul a diet would already have made. The author is so proud of herself in all of this, it gets sickening. If simply making those substitutions qualifies one for a book deal then sign me up! If you want a real quality nutrition overhaul, check out Ellie Krieger. She has actual tips that go beyond common sense, and the food tastes great! ...more info
  • Love Love Love it
    Great Recipes and so tasty you won't BELIEVE it.

    I made so many things already and every one of them was GREAT...

    I'm down 13 lbs......more info
  • Hungry Girl Cookbook
    I have tried quite a few recipes from this book and have found that they are rather tasty. So many low cal, carb etc. cook books are a waste of time. But this one is a winner. To think I can have onion rings again and they tasted very good. I can't wait for the next cookbook that she writes. I belong to Weight Watchers and love that the points are calculated on line for me. How easy is that....more info
  • Hungry Girl
    If you're looking for great tasting healthy foods....check this out! The book arrived quickly in great condition. ...more info
  • Most AWESOME Recipe Book EVER
    Having just joined Weight Watchers and subscribing to the Hungry Girl Website - I purchased this book on a whim. It is absolutely the best purchase I've ever made! The recipes are easy to prepare - QUITE tasty and just the right size for my daughter and myself to enjoy! Looking forward to receiving the next book "200 Under 200" coming out in April. Thanks HUNGRY GIRL!...more info
  • Hungry Girl? YES!
    I've tried following diet books before but this was different. It's straight forward an amazing book that doesn't make you feel like your dieting it just make you rethink the normal foods we all ready eat. This is a great find!!...more info
  • Awesome low calorie great tasting recipes
    This is an easy to follow low calorie recipe book with very creative ideas....more info
  • Sandi's Reviews
    Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real WorldWow love this book, have made several recipes. Instructions are clear and book also has alot of info in it. Have already pre-ordered second book from Hungry Girl....more info
  • Nice adjunct to a diet and fitness plan
    At the risk of running afoul of my co-author Ashley Marriott, who is a purest when it comes to natural foods, I have to admit that I really liked Hungry Girl. It's true that many of the foods contain artificial sweeteners and additives but the author's emphasis on providing a wide variety of quick and simple menu items is easy to appreciate from the perspective of someone who is constantly on the go. That said, I think some simple modifications can be devised that can easily be integrated into a number of the recipes making them a bit more nutritious and natural. Examples could include the exchange of cabbage leaves for bread on occasion and the use of non-fat milk instead of artificial creamers as well as natural sweeteners like Stevia instead of Splenda. Still, I have to congratulate the author on her simple modifications to so many items that are the favorite foods of so many of us and I think her book with some minor modifictions can serve as a nice adjunct to almost any overall diet and fitness plan. - Marc L. Paulsen, MD, co-author Size 2 for Life...more info
  • Great cookbook and fun too!
    I first saw this cookbook at a Weight Watchers meeting. They were passing it around and I thumbed through it and had to buy it. The top of the recipe has the calories, fat and fiber for each recipe and that is what WW is all about so someone had gone through the recipes and put a points value to them. When I got my book, I did the same. The recipes taste great, are easy (some of them), and it's just a fun cookbook. I didn't give it a full five stars just because I haven't tried all of the recipes....more info
  • HG is amazing!
    I have loved EVERY recipe that I have made out of this book! Her lettuce wraps are better than PF Chang's!!! Amazing book! and to think I bought it on a fluke! ...more info
  • YUMMMM!!!!!
    GREAT recipes---really love the layout of the book. I am glad there is a cookbook that has lots of good recipes to try. Thank you....more info
  • Hungry Girl
    I LOVE THIS BOOK! It has really helped me lose weight and eat REAL FOOD!!!!...more info
  • In Love
    Until this book, I totally despised cooking and lived off Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine. I thought I would give this book a try, and I'll admit it was mostly for the desserts. I've now made dozens of these recipes and while I'll admit there are some I'm not crazy about, others I definitely look forward to making again. They are easy to make, and best of all, they're high in fiber, high in protein, low in calories, and low in fat. I can't believe I'd never had butternut squash until I got this book. I've even gotten so that I've made my own recipes from some tweaks of these, such as strawberry muffins. I also love the fact that most of these recipes are either single serving recipes or easy to divide. I live alone and HATE dealing with leftovers!...more info
  • Perfect for days of weakness!!
    HungryGirl is my savior!! I lost 30 pounds a while ago and I'm trying to keep it off. However, my PMS cravings can get so bad, I can eat like a 6" man and still be starving!! Thus, I've gained 8 pounds back. So now, instead of running to McDonald's or shoveling down a whole bag of chips when the cravings strike, I break out my HG cookbook! I'm a little surprised about the backlash on this book! I think this isn't a replacement for everyday eating, but a replacement for junkfoods when you just HAVE to have some! I don't like eating processed food, but I find that Lisa has found the lesser evil. I love the Faux Fudge! It's fantastic and tastes more sinful than it really is. :) Keep it up Lisa!

    And honestly, you shouldn't expect diet food to taste exactly or better than the original! It's a level of compromise you have to come to terms with if you want your waist to stay the same....more info
  • Glad I bought it!
    I purchased 3 of these books for me and my two daughters for xmas. It is really informative and I keep it out and get a lot of great ideas. I get e-mails everyday from Hungry Girl and it is so nice to have a book at hand to remember a lot of the things I would like to try. It was worth the investment. ...more info
  • Like the Website? You'll Probably Like the Cookbook

    If you are a fan of the website you will likely love the cookbook. With her same voice, flair and creative snippets of calories, serving and nutrition information, Lisa Lillien delivers what she promises. I found myself marking more recipes to try than I thought I would. Folks who are looking for more nutritious choices might want to look a little deeper before purchasing. The recipes in Hungry Girl can be summed up as fast/snack food menu made with low/non-fat, sugar-free substitutions so it almost tastes like the real deal. I personally don't like the idea of adding more chemicals to save calories and fat and won't use most of the recipes because of that. Lillien covers breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and drinks including alcoholic and coffee. But with a few minor tweaks I will be able to serve some delicious and nutritious meals/snacks to friends and family thanks to Lillien's research and creativity....more info
  • Never got the book
    I emailed Amazon twice on the problem of never receiving the book. I got a return email Amazon forwarded the email to the company. However, I never got the book. I bought alot of items from Amazon and this is the firs time I was disappointed....more info
  • simply delicious
    The recipes don't have a ton of ingredients but they have a ton of flavor. Easy for even the novice cook. I can't wait for the next one!...more info


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