The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies

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This highly effective programme for women struggling to become pregnant draws on the proven, centuries-old techniques of traditional Chinese medicine to cure infertility. Dr Lewis explains in clear, accessible prose how any woman can identify the imbalances in her body - and how these imbalances can then be treated with a simple plan that entails lifestyle changes, diet, herbs and acupressure. On its own or in conjunction with traditional Western medical treatments, THE INFERTILITY CURE offers women hope - and what they desire most: a healthy baby.

Customer Reviews:

  • Empowering!
    My husband and I, both 36, have been trying to conceive for over a year and feel that every month we fail just makes it more difficult. I've not only read the "Infertility Cure" from cover to cover but have underlined passages and dog-earred pages. What I've discovered about Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it puts the power back in your hands. Rather than simply waiting for the next doctor's appointment or submitting to tests, you can actually take certain measures to improve your fertility. After reading the book, I have taken up yoga, given up coffee, and cut back on milk/cheeses. I perform my accupressure regime religiously. I started charting my basal temperature. Yes, this book as made a real impact in my search for fertility.

    Because I could not find an accupucturalist experienced in fertility in my area, I have also spent many countless hours searching the internet for herbal remedies, and this, in my mind, is the only drawback to this book. I've accumulated a long, long list of Web sites as the ones cited in the text only offer a very small fragment of the remedies listed. I would like to consult with Dr. Lewis or her team to confirm my diagnois and get the correct herbs; however, many of the services on her Web site have either been pulled or have long wait lists. I know that they have more potential patients than they could ever serve, but it would be nice to get confirmation and assistance even more than the book already provides. ...more info
  • Good intro to chinese medicine, bridges both approaches
    I was really glad to have read this just prior to my first acupuncture appointment. The author has degrees in both western and chinese medicine, and so can explain, for example, what the liver does according to each system. She paints a believable picture of her distress at discovering secondary infertility, her search to cure herself (in the opening chapter) and then goes on to explain symptoms of imbalances, what acupressure can do to fix them (could be really helpful for acupuncturists who want to learn how to help infertility as she specifies certain points on specific meridians), what diet and herbs can do to fix them, and how to try to heal your soul if both western and eastern medicines fail to help you achieve pregnancy. It is written with real compassion by someone who has walked in these shoes. And THEN she gives advice for specific conditions (endo, fibroids, PCOS, immune disorders, unexplained, luteal phase defect, male factor, blocked tubes, advanced maternal age...). As someone pursuing IVF soon and wanting to try both eastern and western approaches, this was a fantastic resource for me, one that I read non-stop for a week. Thank you, Randine Lewis, wherever you are.
    P.S. We followed this book through 2 IVF cycles. The first cycle was a chemical pg, but the second led to twin boys -I am currently 30 weeks (7 1/2 months) pregnant. I really believe what I learned from this book helped....more info
  • Excellent Resource for Alternative Fertility Treatments
    I just put my 6 week old son to bed-- the result of following a combination of this books' practices as well as an endocrinologist' testing and -- I believe-- just plain grace from the Lord-- While I am sure you could follow everything to a "T" and not get pregnant, I found her holistic advice to be a great counterpoint to Western medicine's sole focus on getting your eggs, uterine lining, and his sperm to behave-- But I DO think it is important to start any fertility journey by getting tested to be sure that all of your "parts" so to speak are in order. (ie HSG, ultrasound for ovaries and uterine lining, post coital test, etc) What she proposes isn't easy and involves reducing stress, radically changing your diet, and taking gross herbs, but I found all of the treatments would compliment Western medicine. In my personal case, I followed all her advice-- with the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist. (I would NEVER attempt to decide myself about the herbs, acu points, etc. ) from reducing stress to diet change. In addition, once I had naturally achieved pregnancy-- I continued treatment and monitoring from my RE for low progesterone. ...more info
  • Excellent book!
    This book provides a lot of positive information for women who are struggling to conceive a baby. It illustrates the importance of being in tune with your body and how a variety of imbalances can be rectified by diet and lifestyle. She also gives hope to those women who have been diagnosed as infertile from western doctors. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is having difficulty having a baby....more info
  • New Israeli Study
    This book is really great considering it offers natural ways of conceiving...THERE is a new study out of Israel - that HYPNOSIS doubles IVF success rate!! I also read and followed Michelle LeClaire's book/method of HYPNOFERTILITY and it worked. info
  • Dr Lewis' passion for healing leads to practical help
    Dr. Randine Lewis' story really touched me as I read her book. She struggled with infertility herself, and that is what began her lifelong passion - to help patients with infertility. She not only became an obstetrician/gynecologist, she then went to school and became an acupuncturist. Not satisfied with all she had learned, she then packed up her family and moved to China where she could work in a hospital treating infertility patients with acupuncture for several years, because she really wanted to learn all that she could about treating infertility. Then she returned to Houston, TX to open her clinic. When someone has that kind of passion, you sit up and take notice.
    I read her book because I have struggled with extremely painful menstrual cramps ever since I was a teenager. Western Medicine was unable to treat it or help me, so 4 years ago I sought Acupuncture to solve this extreme pain. Recently, I wondered if improving my fertility through acupuncture might heal the causes of the menstrual cramps.
    Over the years of acupuncture, I have seen improvement in so many areas: immunity, insomnia is solved, digestion has improved, overall vitality is improving. When I began acupuncture, my body and mind were a mess. They had to work on so many things before they could begin to really work on my menstrual cramps because if you arent sleeping and you arent digesting, your body is very much out of balance.
    What I loved about this book is that it explained what my acupuncturist is talking about when she says I have liver chi stagnantion, and the book points out what exact signs indicate this condition. What is really helpful is learning what I can do at home to support my acupuncture treatments.
    I expect that the biggest challenge in the book is to change our diet to support our bodies. I'm still working on that change.
    The author also explains that some people are just more sensitive and subtle imbalances can really affect some of us.
    What I love about acupuncture and this book shows it so clearly (I wish I had found this four years ago when I started acupuncture!) is that subtle things - elements that are far too subtle for Western Medicine to notice - such as what exactly the menstrual cramps feel like or if there are day sweats or night sweats - are happening for a reason. Finally finding out why they are happening and what you can do to help it is such a huge relief.
    I checked this book out at the library, but now I am ordering a copy to keep at home. I have a feeling it will be much used as I work on healing and balancing my body.
    I'm not trying to conceive yet, but when I am ready to do so, my body will be ready, too....more info
  • Very Imformative
    This book was very informative and helpful for someone trying to concieve naturally. Some of the information was not new to me for example some of the diet recommendations but acupuncture and chinese herbs as natural methods to enhance fertility was a plus. It inspired me to look into TCM in my area and began seeking treatment naturally before spending thousands of dollars on Western medicine fertility clinics. I am hopeful and glad I read it....I was not comfortable with the idea of hormone supplements and really stressed over the idea of what is called "unexplained infertility." I encourage every women struggling with troubles trying to conceive to follow channels you are most comfortable with and exhaust your options before settling on one medical ideal. Thanks for sharing your stories and recommending this book....more info
  • It Didn't Completely Work For Us
    My wife and I bought this book with great excitement. After adjusting our diet, trying acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, we realized we were not getting any closer to our goal: having a baby. We recently bought a few IVF books - most of which were filled with garbage - until we read "What to Do When You Can't Get Pregnant".

    This book takes you step-by-step through the IVF process in a conversational voice, dedicates an entire chapter to "Living a Fertile Lifestyle" and lists a number of complementary therapies like acupuncture, aromatherapy, biofeedback, breathing techniques, guided imagery and so on.

    We had no luck until we stepped up our treatment plan and tried guided imagery and IVF. Together they worked beautifully.

    Whatever you do - make sure you read "What to When You Get Pregnant" along with this book. We can't say enough about it. It worked for us!...more info
  • A One-Of-A-Kind resource.
    This is an amazing book. If any doctor has told you to forget about having a baby, buy this book. Although the subject matter is complex, the author discusses concepts with clarity and compassion. Not the type of book that can be read and comprehended in a single sitting but rather a treasure that one refers to repeatedly. Fertility from a logical and completely different perspective. The perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The book outlines many practical things one can do for oneself. No need to be a helpless victim of Western Medicine. Get this book, follow the dietary and lifestyle recommendations, find a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and use this book as your reference. Take your health and your fertility into your own hands!! ...more info
  • The Infertility Cure
    A great book for couples having a hard time conceiving. The author combines western medicine with eastern medicine to give you all the information you need to put you on the road to a pregnancy. Highly recommend this book....more info
  • Not Helpful
    The cover of this book seemed promising but the contents let us down. We have a three year old so I thought all I needed was something to increase my blood flow and acupuncture was the best thing I could think of. But don't make the mistake we did and put all your eggs in one basket.

    It turned out that I had a blocked fallopian tube and no amount of acupuncture or Chinese herbs can remedy this. After having it surgically removed, we did IVF and got pregnant on the first try.

    But what really helped get us through it was reading an IVF book. My best friend has read several but said "What to Do When You Can't Get Pregnant" is by far the best. She was right. It was easy to read, empathetic, and helped us every step of the way.

    Lucky for us we found out early that we needed a specialist. A woman in my support group wasn't so lucky. She has tried natural remedies for the past six years only to learn she's now going though early menopause.

    Our advice is to get a check up first then decide what book to buy second.
    ...more info
  • The BEST out there if you want to be proactive
    I simply loved this book. All the information finally fit together. I'd been doing acupucture for fertility for nearly a year when I read this, and I finally understood WHY. So many women are getting swept up in the "trendiness" of doing acupuncture to help them get pregnant, and we are starting to lose touch with the WHY. You can't just lie there passively on the table with pins pricking into you and expect it to work. In order for your body to really accept the treatment, you should know what it's doing for you! Why might you be producing low progesterone, why might you not be ovulating, how does diet change your body's receptivity to a pregnancy, and how can you treat these deficiencies. These are all questions that were building inside me, and I had no one person to give me the answers--til this book. It helped me understand my body better, what things were off balance, and what I could do about it. Most importantly, it helped make me a more savy consumer with both my acupuncturist and my reproductive endocrinologist. I began asking better questions and feeling more in control during a scary and discouraging time.

    The one challenge I could see with this book is not having an acupuncturist to talk things over with. If you are on your own and trying to self-diagnose your infertility cause through this book, you are going to do a lot of second guessing and wondering. But if you have an acupuncturist who you can talk to openly (I even gave a copy of this book to mine. . . he loved it!), confirm your theories with, and make a plan together, you will feel like you are treating your body from the inside out and getting closer to a pregnancy....more info
  • Good information for those who think they have tried "everything"
    This book has a large amount of information about alternative healing but it doesn't present it in a weird new agey way. It is presented factually in a manner that is easy to read.

    I actually live in Houston so I checked out the clinic the author started. I was disappointed to learn she no longer treats people who cannot afford one of her $5000 K workshops. Only her partners still see patients there.

    However, for those not in Houston this book is helpful. The only caveat I would give is that she touts that TCM is so much less expensive than conventional infertility treatments. I found this wasn't exactly the case. At $60 per acupuncture treatment and then $30 per week for each herb prescribed (prescribed 4) the costs add up quickly.

    The herbs did help me ovulate without the assistance of other drugs and I plan to use it to complement my future ART procedures. ...more info
  • First 28 Day Cycle EVER!
    I'm not pregnant yet, but after taking the recommended herbs for one month, I had my first 28 day cycle ever. I feel better and like my husband better. ;) I would recommend this book for any woman with abnormal cycles that wants to feel "normal"....more info
  • IT WORKS!!!!!!
    After 6 years, this book made the difference. I just have to share this with anyone and everyone who is trying to conceive and having difficulty. I think it's important you know my fertility background.

    I am now 35 years old, about 178lbs now, my husband is 36 and we have been TTC for 6 years and 2 months. About 16 months in, I decided to quit a very stressful job (which I believed was a major factor in my inability to conceive) and we conceived but I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. I was beyond devastated. To try for so long only to lose our first hope was crushing. I went back to work at a less stressful job about 8 months later.

    We did all of the standard testing, some multiple times, over the years. I had an HSG to see if my tubes were blocked. My husband's sperm was tested. I went to an endocrinologist who said I was borderline PCOS (with no cysts). So I tried Metformin. We tried several natural methods like the Creighton Model System with which you chart your cervical mucus to track your most fertile times, etc. I also went to a naturalist who helped me with anxiety with Adrenal Stress End (a miracle supplement!), but the Progesterone cream and Chasteberry herbs he suggested did not help me conceive. I even moved my bedroom around and of course we tried every position and I even tried standing on my head! Hey, when you're desperate, you'll do anything! We were diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility. The only diagnostic thing I did not do was a laparoscopy.

    Well, that was about the worst thing to me. If nothing was wrong, and so there's nothing to fix, what do you do next? I really didn't want to try Clomid or ART. I wanted to become pregnant naturally if possible. I was afraid of the side effects of Clomid and the expense and toll ART would take on my mind and my body. But finally in Oct. '06 I felt like we had no choice but to start trying something else, so I took Letrozole (like Clomid) for 3 months. I had the worst possible experience with it. I had every side effect including panic attacks and no baby. By Dec. I decided that was enough. My job had become more stressful and after so long without conceiving I had a discussion with my husband about putting trying for a family first. I quit my job again and worked hard on eating better and losing some weight. Also reading and meditating and really trying to relax (that evil word!) and get healthy.

    We made a plan that at the end of summer we would start ART if we still hadn't conceived naturally. Then in early July I happened upon this book online "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis, Ph.D. I bought the book and began reading immediately. TCM is based on the theory that whatever problem you have is based on a whole body imbalance. And when you fix the imbalance, the problem will correct itself. They don't treat symptoms with medicine. They treat the problem that causes the symptoms (an imbalance) with diet, herbs, and acupuncture mostly.

    Finally! Something that would address the imbalance in me that was causing infertility! There is a questionnaire in the book that lists 5 pages of "symptoms" that then tell you where the imbalance lies. And then it tells you specifically what to do to fix it! She said it normally takes 3 - 6 months for your body to come into balance. I had 3 months until ART was to start. I figured I'd do the recommendations in the book and then if we still hadn't conceived, ART would be in place ready to go. I put forth full effort. I jokingly said I wanted a "free baby!", so I put my health first. I found a Chinese acupuncturist (something my ART doctors highly recommend) who specializes in infertility. She said she actually uses the questionnaire in this book when someone comes to her for infertility. I filled it out, read the book, and started the dietary guidelines immediately. Which for me was to cut out dairy, wheat and high-sugar foods, not to eat cold foods, to do things like warm foot soaks and femoral artery massage to stimulate blood flow to the uterus. I had my first acupuncture treatment for fertility on day 24 of my cycle (last Wednesday).

    Yesterday, I had a positive result for a pregnancy test!! Over 6 long years of negative results, broken dreams and self-doubt. I believed there was a natural way to allow me to conceive. And I finally found it. I never even took any of the herbs. I didn't get a chance! Ladies, I can't tell you, this was the easiest thing I did over the 6 years of trying. Please, before you take medical drugs or start ART, try this. Even if you need ART because of a medical problem, this book teaches you easily how to get your body in the best possible place it can be for conception to occur. I cannot recommend it enough for obvious reasons.

    I know first hand the frustration and sadness that not being able to conceive brings. I pray for anyone who is looking for the answers that I was to see this and give it a try. I pray that anyone who reads this will also send out a little prayer for us that this pregnancy continues and that I am able to give birth to a beautiful healthy child that we have been waiting for, for so long. I will pray for all who read this to share in the success that we have had!
    ...more info
  • Good information
    I bought this book while I was struggling with infertility. I'm happy to say that I finally have a beautiful baby girl. It's been a while since I read this book, but I attribute it to me living a more natural lifestyle and really thinking about how the chemicals around us could have affected my fertility. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a way to help the process along, naturally....more info
  • Absolutely worth a try!
    I am living proof that Chinese medicine can be incredibly useful to couples facing infertility. My husband and I found we were expecting earlier this week after over 8 years of no birth control. The first few years it was ok but as time went on and 'nothing happened' we became pretty stressed out. Doctors checked us both and could find nothing. I ordered this book after hearing success stories of other people using acupuncture for other ailments. I was also experiencing some mild health problems. I recieved the book and started acupuncture (and taking herbs) around the same time. The book was well written and explained so much about our cycles and about what can be causing various conditions. I could see improvement of my health within days and within 3-4 months we have a new little one on the way! For so long I thought it would never happen!
    I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. It may not work for everyone but it worked for us and I can't say enough about our wonderful acupuncturist!!! It would be worth the read and worth a try. What do you have to lose? It offers hope and a really nice explanation of how Chinese medicine works in general. ...more info
  • EXCELLENT, 5 star, Highly Recommended!!
    This book was excellent, gave me so much insight into fertlity and my body and convinced me that Eastern Medicine was the way to go. After reading it through I located an acupuncturist in my area who specializes in infertility. I saw her for 3 months every week following the treatment that is also recommended in this book! After 4 years of unexplained infertility and many unsuccessful Western Medicine treatments, I am now 6 weeks pregnant!! This approach had everything to do with getting my body where it needed to be to conceive! The book has a wealth of information to get you on the right path!...more info
  • I have hope...
    Like many of the other reviewers, I too, have been struggling with infertility for almost two years. When western medicine told me I only had two options, one of which was an egg donor...I found hope and peace within Dr. Lewis' book. I have since been fortunate to consult with Dr. Lewis, and have incorporated her dietary changes into my daily life and have found the changes pretty easy. I too was skeptical, but decided what I was doing wasn't working, so why not be open minded enough to try something different...I thank God I did!

    No, I am not pregnant...I gave that desire up for a while...I am however, not taking allergy shots (I was taking a shot once a week and have not had a shot in almost two months!), I am also feeling MUCH better. My PMS is BARELY there...great news for my husband! He especially has noticed a difference! I get accupuncture once a week, and I am no longer getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I was waking up 2-3 times per night. My energy level has returned, I sure have missed it! I am actually getting out of bed, ready to face the day instead of draggig my rear end around behind me. I am finding myself more relaxed, and so are the people around me. I can not tell you how many people tell me I look really happy...I haven't heard that in quite sometime.

    If your heart truly desires to be a Mom and all attempts have failed, I encourage you to at least open your mind, open your heart and purchase this book.

    I hope my journey down this path someday finds me craddling the child I have prayed for and longed for. If it doesn't, then if nothing body is getting back into balance and I have experienced the gift of learning the possibilities that lie within.

    Good luck in your quest to be a Mom...this book will help!

    NOVEMBER 2005 UPDATE: In my previous review, my FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) was 13.5, which is why one on my options was egg donor. My FSH was just re - tested and after 11 months of being on Dr. Lewis' FSH is down to 6.72! I completely owe this to Dr. Lewis' plan for me! Although pregnancy has occurred yet, the good news is my body is getting back into balance and preparing itself for the day when our prayers will be answered!

    Also, a good read...Infertility, A guidebook for couples and the ones who love them.

    ...more info
    When I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure, I was pretty much given no options and no hope. As a last ditch effort, I did a search for alternative treatments for POF. I came across this book. It has been the greatest help for me and I am changing my life around. I am on the road to becoming normal again and I owe it all to this book. I of course enlisted the help of a TCM doctor after reading this book and she has helped me as well. ...more info
  • Not necessarily well written but makes a lot of sense
    This book made me hopeful that I can actually heal and improve my chances to conceive naturally. The book is poorly written with a lot of repetitions, illogical structure and bad selection of examples that sound like excuses. If you don't believe in Chinese Medicine this book is not going to convert you. But if you believe and if you can get through the book you will find a lot of good practical advice there....more info
  • Reads them all
    After reading all these reviews, I bought the book thinking I was buying THE infertility book must-have. It's OK. Not great, not bad, but not what the hype here led me to believe. I'll keep it in the library, but I'll be more careful about buying based on reviews here....more info
  • Love the book, can't wait to make a trip to the author's clinic
    I bought this book a 2 months ago. I've been reading and starting some of what was identified as helpful to my specific situation and already I'm seeing HUGE decreases in my symptoms. At this point I'm not pregnant yet, but the changes I'm making have only been for about 2 months now but I feel so much better following the dietary changes and my cycles are much healthier. And I haven't started the comprehensive program yet, only some of the suggestions. But I feel I have a much better understanding of what has been getting in the way of conception and how to live in a way more condusive to conceiving a child. This is a great book with wonderful resources....more info
  • gives hope
    I bought this book in hopes of gaining some insite into my fertility issues from an eastern view point. I also was interested in accupuncture and how it could help fertility issues. This book is a great resounce with lots of helpful information. I think an herbalist and accupunturist would be needed to fully carry out the recomendations. There are a lot of suggestions that you can do on your own and lots of uplifting success stories. I would love to seek out the author personally for treatment. ...more info
  • New hope!!
    This is a must read for anyone that is fighting infertility!!! I have only made a few changes and have already seen a difference in my body!! Several of the herbs I was already taking! I can't wait to see what the coming months have to offer!!! This book has brought me new hope!!! I have blocked tubes and PCOS. She talk about both of these issues in this book its great!!!! ...more info
  • Brilliantly clear and helpful
    Originally I was lent this book by a fellow infertile lady. It became my constant companion so I felt duty-bound to purchase my own copy. Randine Lewis writes about a complex and to me, new and unknown topic, with absolute clarity. Her training as a 'western' medical doctor, combined with her personal experiences of infertility convinced me that Traditional Chinese Medicine was something that I must try. I am only 33 but for reasons unexplainable by western medicine seem to have a problem with egg fertilisation. My western doctors feel there is little left they can do. Randine Lewis showed me that there was still a road I had not tried. HAving read her book I sought out a TCM practitioner who is now treating me and feels positive that he can help me conceive naturally! A fascinating subject that should be read by every woman suffering from infertility. Often, Assisited Reproductive Technologies are not even needed if you pursue this path....more info
  • Fertility Wellness thoroughly Explained
    I first saw this book in a bookstore and immediately became interested because it went beyond touting the average information which you can get for free on the internet. The Western way of looking at health issues/problems is to treat the injured part ignoring the fact that it is connected to a whole body. The Eastern way is to look at it in relation to the whole body and likewise treating everything that is not in balance (including your emotions as necessary). It is the holistic way of looking at health that attracted me. I am suffering from secondary infertility and will be incoporating the principles including getting acupuncture in my quest for a second child. I am of West Indian origin and only now do I understand how it correlates to some of the things the older (west indian) folks would say which I previously ignored. They would talk about certain foods being 'cold' (eg. cucumbers) and why it should not be eaten after a certain time in the evening. They would talk about certain foods being heated which should be avoided if you had symptoms should as acne or sores. It is amazing that eastern philospoy is somewhat related to the west indian folk wisdom. My eyes have been opened. This is a less invasive course of treating my symptoms which basically show a lack of balance or stasis in my general and reproductive health. Thank you Randine Lewis for being so clear. Caution to the average reader this book has to be read multiple times for you to 'get' it. It is quite intense....more info
  • every woman's guide
    every woman should buy this book if only to connect with her body and better understand it; trying to get pregnant or not.
    i bought this book out of interest (i'm working towards an integrative medical degree) and this book is a great overview of chinese medicine views on the female body, fertility and health in general. the best part is that i know so many women who have become healthier just from using the changes she suggests! ...more info
  • Great Information
    I delt with infertility for a while and decided to read up about alternative methods to approach the issue. The book is very thorough and gives excellent information regarding the Chinese approach. Excellent information regarding accupuncture and would recommend it to anyone interesting in persuing this path....more info
  • It Works!
    After struggling with unsuccessful attempts with clomid, IUIs, 4 cancelled IVF cycles and even one unsuccessful pregnancy with Donor Eggs I read Dr. Lewis's book. Having been diagonsed with Unexplained Infertility I knew that there had to be another way. So I followed her advice and guidelines...
    Last week I had a retrieval (of my own eggs) and transfer and am one week away from a pregnancy test!
    Regardless of a positive pregnancy test - this book changed my life. Read it!
    If nothing else it is a gift to yourself to lead you to live your best, whole, happy life!...more info
  • It sure is helping me (Edited to add success)
    ***ETA: I did more acupuncture but again ran out of money. So, going back to Ms. Lewis' book, I did my points with a point stimulator and followed my herbal routine along with practicing meditation and guided imagery. And in May 2006, I had my third and permanent positive pregnancy test. I continued my meditation and took it super easy. While my pregnancy was a bit difficult due to an incompetent cervix, I am thrilled to say that this January my beautiful, healthy, sweet little boy celebrated his first birthday. He was born just 5 months shy of my 41st birthday!***

    First let me say, that I've been struggling with infertility for over 3 years. I went through two failed IVF cycles, a couple of failed IUI's and for what? NOTHING!! I had started my journey at the age of 35 and couldn't believe that I was already done for when it came to having children.

    I will admit that my first book was Inconceivable by Julia Indichova (that led me to wheatgrass to help my FSH levels). I then purchased Alice Domar's "Conquering Infertility" to help me get in the right state of mind. Finally, I came to The Infertility Cure.

    I did the acupuncture for some time but finally my funds simply gave way. Instead I relied on her illustrations to choose points for acupressure. I also did the questionnaire and used it to self-diagnose for herbal remedies. I did a great deal of research on each herb to ensure I understood all implications (I would strongly suggest seeing an herbalist to ensure you are choosing correctly).

    Well, in August of 2004, I found myself holding a positive home pregnancy test! After over three years of trying to conceive, we had actually succeeded, on our own, with no medical intervention! After spending $21,000 in infertility treatments, I was able to find success in a book that was less than $25.00.

    Unfortunately, my pregnancy didn't last. I lost it just two short weeks after I saw my positive. But I didn't lose hope. After all, I had finally moved a step past where I had been for so long. I continued to practice Ms. Lewis' suggestions and found myself pregnant yet again this past December. Again, I am losing that one as I write this but I've not done any of her recommendations for losses.

    I am going to make the investment once again for acupuncture treatments. And again, I am going to re-read my book. This time, I am going to pay extra attention to the section on miscarriages. I've no doubt that I will succeed, and with the help of this book! I wish I could afford one of the getaways at Grove Park. But since I can't I'll accept this as a close enough second.

    I'm going to have my baby! I have no doubt about it!...more info
  • A Must Have!
    If you are having fertility problems and are searching for unconventional ways to overcome them, then PLEASE GET THIS BOOK! It is full of so many different things to try that a "regular" OB or even RE will never suggest you do because they might not believe they work. Simple things such as dietary changes, supplements, acupressure are in here. While I still did not conceive naturally, our third attempt with IVF was successful. The suggestions in here really did change my hormone test results and got them to levels they never would have been without the advice. ...more info
  • TCM for Infertility
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have been through various Western treatments and wanted an alternative. I wanted to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for treating infertility and this book is full of useful information. If you don't want to do acupuncture, she describes the use of acupressure or light stimulation and provides a detailed description of the various acupoints. She even provides diagrams. The book is an easy read. There is also plenty of information on Chinese herbs and how to improve your diet. This book promotes health and well-being as a way to treat your infertility. You can also use TCM to complement your medical treatment. Read this book for another point of view!...more info
  • It Really Works!
    For those who are struggling with infertility - this book is an absolute MUST!!! After many years of ttc I am now pregnant after 7 weeks of acupuncture. Give yourself a chance, it is non-invasive and a lot less expensive then western medicine....more info
  • WOW!
    All one can say about such an informative book is, wow! Great info that makes sense and easy to read. One toe in the western hemisphere and one in the eastern. And both tied together to make an obscure subject easy to comprehend....more info
  • Changed my life
    I bought this book after asking an online discussion board about acupuncture. We had been trying to conceive for over 3 years. I read the book, followed the guidelines for my particular diagnosis (Dr. Lewis provides an simple way to self-diagnose.) I was shocked at the fact that my Western fertility doctor told me that some of my issues were not of significance, when in fact Dr. Lewis believed that they were. FINALLY, someone acknowledged me. I found an acupunturist, took supplements and was pregnant within 3 weeks.
    Please keep an open mind when reading the book. My husband's family owns natural supplement stores so I was already pretty indoctrinated but I found this book to be nothing short of a miracle. It changed my life. Baby is due in October....more info
    The book makes sooo much sense. TCM is different from the traditional medicine we grow up around in the US but this book explains TCM so simply. I've had no problems understanding it. After three miscarriages and currently 41, it has given me the hope and energy to try again. I have an appointment with an acupuncturist in 4 days and can't wait to start this treatment that has helped so many others....more info
  • Great for Anyone trying to conceive
    Excellent source of information for anyone trying to have a baby! It's a fantastic book!!...more info
  • Useful information
    If you've been trying to get pregnant with no success, you need to explore as many avenues as possible to help you reach your goal. It's worth exploring alternative options when standard mainstream medical options are too complex, too expensive or too stessful. This book will help you to find out more about Chinese medicine;
    and you may want to incorporate some of the suggestions in your quest for a baby. Remember that all good doctors, no matter what their viewpoint , training or philosophy, should be on your side - and if you find useful information from sources he is not familiar with, he should be broad-minded enough to allow you to explore these....more info
  • Proven methods of fertility reviewed by a male.
    As a male, I bought this book for my wife (who had 3 miscarriages). I started reading the book as it promoted nutrition and health as a way of making the whole woman strong enough to conceive. I really felt for the author, Randine Lewis, after her trials of losing her babies. But was also inspired by her research, persistence and hope to conceive. I have not grasped all of the Chinese Traditional Medicine described. However, by following the nutrition, herbal and massage methods, my wife is feeling better and more hopeful in her latest pregnancy. We hope to have a baby by February 2009. Thank you Randine.

    Doug Setter, author of Stomach Flattening...more info
  • Very practical advise
    I am already seeing an acupuncturist to support fertility. I appreciated the added insight this book gave to TCM and the authors willingness to work along side western medicine for positive pregnancy outcomes. Highly recommended....more info
  • The Infertility Cure
    An excellent book to come back to as a reference. It was very interesting....more info
  • Wonderful book and resource!
    This is wonderful book for both practitioners and laypeople alike. I initially found this book through a patient and have used it extensively with every fertility patient I've seen since then. Dr. Lewis has information that ranges from dietary changes that anyone can get started with immediately to Traditional Chinese Medicine patterns in infertility and acupuncture protocols that any practitioner who uses acupuncture can use. This is also a great book for patients to bring to their doctors, naturopaths or acupuncturists. Acupuncture and (sometimes) herbs are now being encouraged by many mainstream fertility clinics and this book allows me to have much of the information I need at my fingertips.

    If you are trying to become pregnant or if you are a practitioner that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine with your patients, this book is a must....more info
  • Great Book!
    This is a great book with a lot of solid information in it. It combines western and eastern medicinal views to help you get pregnant. I just recently began acupuncture, and my acupuncturist recommended that I purchase this book. During my first session, she gave me the survey out of the book to help pinpoint (haha) where my problems may lie. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is struggling to get pregnant! ...more info
  • Buy before trying to conceive
    This book is one of the best that I've read regarding fertility. Since it's marketed as "infertility", I didn't read until I had been trying for a while, but recommend this book as one to read BEFORE you start trying to conceive....more info
  • Very informative
    I started doing acupuncture to help my infertility and this book was very informative to understand how it works. At times it was a little bit of information overload. But topics were organized well and explained clearly. I had a much better understanding of how traditional Chinese medicine approaches improving fertility and it has really increased my interest in my acupuncture sessions. Definitely a recommended read for those pursuing this treatment. ...more info
  • Didn't cure me, but comprehensive nonetheless
    I can't say that I was cured after reading or applying the information from this book, however, I still suggest this for people in the midst of struggling. One of the things that I really needed when I first began treatments was to feel that I had a sense of control over what felt completely out of my hands. Reading this book gave me that enpowerment. I worked through the surveys and learned an alternative way of thinking about my body. I was then able to take that information to an acupuncturist and have an intelligent conversation about my condition.

    While I know very little about TCM, this book was comprehensive and carefully thoughtout. I did not feel overwhelmed by the material and it provided me with an education on an area of fertility treatment that has worked for many others.

    The only downside to this book was that it tried to deal with too many possible diagnosis situations. Many of the chapters did not apply to my situation and therefore not necessary for my reading. I did, however, pass the book onto others, making the entire book worthwhile....more info
  • The Infertility Cure
    This books has given me insight into other avenues to explore when dealing with infertility. It has a lot of information that isn't generally offered in the doctor's office....more info
  • Excellent Book - I conceived after reading it!
    I purchased this book in hope that it would help guide me through my IVF struggles. After a failed IVF attempt, I decided after reading this book and implementing some of the practices such as acupuncture and acupressure I would try again, not to mention all the other wonderful things in this book. In November I did my 2nd IVF attempt and now I am pregnant with twins. The acupuncturist I was seeing is a miracle doctor and if I did not read this book to get the information I needed, I don't think I would have done as well as I did. Excellent read!...more info
  • The BEST book on fertility that you will ever find!!!
    Especially if you are older and ttc, please buy this book! It will give you so much hope and information! It explains all the reasons why acupuncture, having a natural, healthy diet and lifestyle, and taking herbs will help you find better health--and help you get pregnant! PLEASE do not think twice about buying this book. I have recommended it to many of my friends and they have all gotten so much out of it. You will, too! Get it, you will not be dissapointed!...more info
  • Not for solo practice
    I've already consulted with a practitioner of TCM and was hoping this book could assist with the diet and nutrition aspects, but it's more than a little confusing. I have PCOS and am now completely confused with what I can eat. My TCM diagnoses recommend avoiding cold foods because of dampness (which includes most lettuces and other salad fare) but also suggests I stay away from wheat, refined carbs, meats, shellfish and microwaved foods when you combine all the recommendations for my particular imbalances. Oh, and to eat 6 small meals a day. If someone can tell me how I am supposed to work away from home and eat warm foods that have not been microwaved, I'm listening. Luckily, I can talk to my practitioner and get help. All in all, the book seems like it would be most helpful for those already in the care of a TCM practitioner and not as a tool to use on one's own. ...more info
  • Understandable and practical
    This book was recommended by my acupuncturist and has a wealth of information! It really helps you understand the practice of acupuncture, herbs, and what YOU can do to maximize the benefits!...more info


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