Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss

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When Mehmet Oz or any of New York's leading doctors has a patient whose life depends on losing weight, they call on Joel Fuhrman, M.D. In EAT TO LIVE, Dr. Fuhrman offers his healthy, effective, and scientifically proven plan for shedding radical amounts of weight quickly, and keeping it off.Losing weight under Dr. Fuhrman's plan is not about willpower, it is about knowledge. The key to this revolutionary diet is the idea of nutrient density, as expressed by the simple formula Health=Nutrients/Calories. When the ratio of nutrients to calories is high, fat melts away and health is restored. Losing 20 pounds in two to three weeks is just the beginning. The more high-nutrient food Dr. Fuhrman's patients consume, the more they are satisfied with fewer calories, and the less they crave fat and high-calorie foods. Designed for people who must lose 50 pounds or more in a hurry, EAT TO LIVE works for every dieter, even those who want to lose as little as 10 pounds quickly. No willpower required-just knowledge!

Customer Reviews:

  • Myth-Busting. Revolutionary. Inspiring.
    EAT TO LIVE is a remarkable study of proper eating strategies to combat disease and to lose weight. The book was recommended to me by a friend who at the age of 60 had lost 60 pounds and dramatically improved his diabetes and cholesterol. It has already changed my life. My wife has been following it for eight weeks with tremendous results. She has lost weight and feels better. I am next...

    According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, America's love affair with animal-rich foods is causing obesity and leading to an explosion in deaths due to cancer and heart disease. Contrary to the conventional wisdom promulgated by the diary and meat industries and the USDA, a diet rich in animal proteins and dairy is not only unhealthy, it could kill you.

    The "four food groups-including large portions of meat and dairy" supported by the milk and dairy industry and the federal government have been shown to increase disease in people. In the words of Fuhrman, "This [USDA] program ignored science."

    "Cancer is a fruit and vegetable deficiency disease" says Fuhrman. He says: 1. Vegetables and fruits protect against all types of cancer. 2. Raw vegetables have most anti-cancer properties of all foods. 3. Vitamin pills and supplements cannot take the place of fresh fruits and veggies, 4. Beans have special cancer-reducing properties.

    A proper diet - one which leaves the person healthy and vital - will contain at least 90% fresh fruits and vegetables. Milk, dairy, meat, fish and chicken may not comprise more than 10% of the intake.

    I am overweight and have just started this new regimen. I have lost and then regained weight on other eating plans including Atkins and sugar-busters. I am looking forward to a vegetable and fruit rich eating regimen and will update this review as I go is January 6, 2009.
    ...more info
  • Simply The Best
    In my opinion, this book is and always will be simply the best book on health there is. Thank you Doctor....more info
  • Best book on nutrition in the world
    I thought I knew all about basic nutrition and what we're supposed to do to loose weight, but for nearly thirty years I have struggled unsuccesfully to loose it. I knew there must be some secret I was missing. I've read books, tried herbs, exersize plans, prepared meals, the works. This book has it! The secret is out! The USRDA has been lying to us all our lives about what good nutrition is. With Dr. Furman's plan for healthy eating it can finally be done for a lifetime of good health. Once we understand what our bodies really need and give it to them, the weight issues take care of themselves. I lost 8 lb the first week by just implimenting what I learned (not even following his suggested meal plans yet) and I've not felt hungry but better than ever. It's not about being skinny, It's about being healthy....more info
  • If you can do it, you WILL lose weight
    I'll join the chorus of authorities that guarantee that you will lose weight if you follow Dr. Fuhrman's advice in this utterly convincing book. The only problem is that most people can't follow his advice. This is mainly because they have been so indoctrinated by special interests (big agriculture, the fast food industry, the processed food industry, and unfortunately the United States Department of Agriculture that is headed by people from or going to those industries) that they are unable to even believe the stark truth expressed herein.

    Bok choy has more calcium per 100 calories than milk? In fact it has more than five times the calcium. See the chart on page 90. Broccoli has more protein per calorie than steak? You have got to be kidding. See page 59 and elsewhere to learn that broccoli has twice as much. The most nutrient dense foods are raw leafy green vegetables? Easily. See pages 120-121.

    What is going on here? And why have we been so deluded for so long?

    First note that bok choy has a whole lot of water and fiber, and therefore by the time you get to 100 calories you have eaten a whole lot of bok choy. This is less true for broccoli or for the green leafy veggies, but the point is the same. But note this: Fuhrman is reckoning nutrition this way because one of his main points is that the mind detects satiety in the stomach by volume not weight. In other words, stuff your tummy with steak and brie and you will feel full only after many hundreds or even thousands of calories have been consumed. Stuff your belly with beans, apples, squash and spinach and you'll feel full after perhaps a few hundred calories. Pesto! You will lose weight.

    But that is only part of Fuhrman's program. The more salient point is expressed in his formula, "health = nutrients/calories." This means that "Your health is predicted by your nutrient intake divided by your intake of calories." (p. 7) Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so that you get enough calories to run the engine of mind and body and you will automatically get all the nutrients you need and stay slim. Eat refined foods, highly processed foods, foods with lots of fats and animal proteins and you will either get fat from too many calories consumed, or you will eat little and be starved nutritionally. In fact, your body will cry out for the nutrients and persuade you to eat more and more of the relatively nutrient-poor foods causing you to gain weight, probably massive amounts of it, and thereby join the obesity epidemic that is sweeping America.

    All of this is well known by nutritionists and the informed populace, but is like knowledge from Mars for most Americans and is a point of rigid denial by others, especially those in the various food industries mentioned above.

    One might reasonably ask: can the normal, average, everyday Joe Six-Pack or Soccer Mom actually follow such a diet as Dr. Fuhrman recommends? Well, let me equivocate: not easily.

    First you have to give up eating out, except maybe selected places like the local vegetarian restaurant. Forget every other place. Their foods are loaded with fats and refined foods often super-sized. Second, you have to shop more often than you usually do because you have to buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (the heart and soul of Fuhrman's diet), and you have to buy organic since if you eat a lot of non-organic fruits and vegetables you will go crazy trying to wash off all the pesticide residue, and you will not get it all. Third, you will have to have an open mind about foods and consume a wide variety of beans, lentils, greens, roots, nuts, fruits, etc. so that you won't be bored. People who try to eat carrot sticks and celery and raw broccoli soon give it up out of boredom, even if they dip it in sour cream. Fourth, you will have to acquire some skill in preparing attractive meals with spices from these nutrient-rich ingredients.

    In other words, this will require time and effort until it becomes second nature. Alas, most Americans are too busy (with infinitely less important things) or too lazy to do what is required. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    The most striking insight in the book, to me, is not anything to do with the efficacy of Fuhrman's diet, but this from pages 64 and 65: "Over fifty years ago, the USDA began promoting the so-called four basic food groups, with meat and dairy products in the number one and two spots on the list. Financed by the meat and dairy industry and backed by nutritional scientists on the payroll of the meat and dairy industry, this promotion ignored science." He adds, "It was taught in every classroom in America, with posters advocating a diet loaded with animal protein, fat, and cholesterol...The campaign sparked the beginning of the fastest-growing cancer epidemic in history and heart attack rates soared to previously unheard of levels!...Some foreign enemy out to destroy America could not have devised a more effective and insidious plot."

    Fuhrman warns that "a vegetarian diet is no guarantee of good health" since people may fill up on pasta, bread, rice cakes, crackers and other nutrient deficient foods. He writes, "Following a strict vegetarian diet is not as important as eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables." (p. 75)

    For those sophisticated readers who are aware that human beings did not grow their big brains until they started eating meat and cracking open the bones of animals for the marrow, let me say that those beings did not live long enough for the bad effects of such an exclusive diet to kick in. Furthermore, chasing lions and hyenas away from the kill was a sometime thing; and raw, unprocessed plant foods dominated their caloric intake....more info
  • Eating Matters!
    This book challenges the modern medical views that our health answers arise from pharmaceuticals. Fuhrman discusses several major chronic degenerative diseases and how processed foods play a part in their development. He also includes some recipes that are quite tasty - once you have weaned yourself off of processed food. Just try eliminating refined sugars and flours for a few weeks and see how you do. If you are anything like me, you'll be quite shocked at your physical symptoms as you go through withdrawal....more info
  • This book is definitely about living to eat
    Although I wasn't "living to eat" before starting this diet, I certainly was while I was on it. You have basically two choices: (a) keep it simple, eating fruit for breakfast, salad and beans for lunch, and salad and two cooked vegetables for dinner; and (b) extremely complicated meal plans, where you often end up using and cleaning a blender *twice* for each meal. I was shocked to see one dinner included both homemade soup and chili. Yikes. Option a left me starving and falling off the diet (even though I was already a vegetarian), as well as too disgusted to put one more piece of lettuce in my mouth. Option b was close to impossible. I'm a freelancer, so I have time on my hands to cook, and I couldn't come close to re-creating that meal plan. The idea that this diet takes no willpower is laughable. Any diet that focuses 90% of calories on one food group takes an iron will. I doubt most Americans could even manage that with grains.

    Anyway, food tastiness (or lack thereof) aside, I had some problems with the huge leaps of logic in the book. On the subject of fiber, Dr. Fuhrman cites observational studies instead of hard science. On oils, he admits the research is inconclusive, then claims oils don't have any benefits. On age of maturation, he says that the age of menarche (female puberty) has dropped significantly from age 17 to 12, but his chart shows that in the U.S., the average age has dropped from only 14 to 12 1/2 since 1870, when I presume we weren't eating too badly. He also doesn't give any support to his idea that earlier maturation causes early death. There's probably a good reason for that - as we've matured earlier and earlier, we've lived longer and longer. If I were Dr. Fuhrman, I'd probably commit a fallacy now and claim that correlation proves those two are related. I'm not suggesting they are, but I certainly don't see where he's getting the opposite opinion.

    One point that bothered me in particular was his claim that it's not important to eat organic to get nutrients. That completely ignores many recent studies that have shown that non-organic produce, and even meats and cheeses, have 20-90% less nutrients than their organic counterparts and the same items 60 years ago. Did the author never hear about these studies? Did he consider that having low-nutrient food may be what's causing people to overeat (his own hypothesis, though he doesn't blame non-organics)? Or did he just presume if you're eating a head of lettuce a day, it doesn't matter much?

    Several times he says that his opinions on certain issues (which he writes about as fact) aren't proven because the benefits would show up only after the course of a lifetime. Then later he claims it's never too late to start. Which is it?

    I'm willing to say, hey, maybe he is right about the ideal human diet. But if he is, it's from a whole lot of guessing and cherry-picking information from different studies (e.g., looking at low cancer rates in plant-focused societies that don't live past age 55 - they aren't old enough for much of a cancer rate!).

    In addition to the logic of the book, I was also disturbed by the commercialism: (1) Pushing the (very expensive) Vitamix mixer and setting up a way to get kickbacks from its purchase. (2) The use of hard to find ingredients, with no substitution listed. For example, Vegebase instant soup mix is listed as an ingredient in several major recipes in the book. I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the veggie capitals of the U.S., and I couldn't find it in three stores (finally found it at Whole Foods).

    Finally, I don't think this is necessarily the doctor's fault, but he appears to have an almost cultish following. On my visits to his website, everything discussed is "Dr. Fuhrman said" like it's gospel. Followers even seem to search constantly for negative reviews in order to refute them. The author admits he doesn't know the answers to everything. I agree with him on that....more info
  • Eat To Live - An excellent start to taking control of "Living"
    This book explains why we need to change "what we think we are eating is healthy" - to actually eating what is healthy.Fun & "scary" reading. ...more info
  • Superb
    Dr. F. will educate you on diet and nutrient-dense food choices. I've lost 25 lbs, feel great and never feel hunger. Everyone needs to read this book and make more informed decisions about eating veggies, greens, fruit, grains and nuts....more info
  • Eat to Live
    This book has changed my life! Well, just my eating habits and how I recognize the nutritional value in food. The initial 6 week diet makes a lot of sense. You never feel deprived. I urge everyone to read it, even those who don't need to loose weight. The main focus is on reversing & preventing common illnesses, prolonging and adding quality to your life. In addition, it refutes several of the popular diets with substantiated research....more info
  • Very informative book.
    Great book that informs you of a lot of food information, and will make you shed the pounds if you live, and eat what this book informs you is good for your body. NOT JUST ANOTHER DIET BOOK. This book will help you change your way of life when it comes to food....more info
  • Enlightening!
    Finally, a book that educates you about food,and what it does. This book could save your life. You would be mistaken if you think it's just another diet book. Great research from the China Project. You will be blown away by how we are constantly influenced by our culture to eat poorly. ...more info
  • Restored to health, amazing!
    This book gives clear, research based information explaining how food is related to health. Plus when you eat for nutrition, weight loss follows automatically. Following Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations, I have lost about 35 lbs, and my husband has lost over 120 lbs. He has struggled with his weight and many other health issues for years, and many of his health problems have resolved since starting the plan last Dec. We can now do so many things that were difficult or impossible before. Its like getting your life back!
    I would highly reccommend this book. PS-The book offers non-vegan options. ...more info
  • Eat to Live
    This book explains in a wonderful way how to change your eating habits and stay healthy and slim. My husband and I sticked to the 6-week eating schedule effortless and lost 10 pounds each (at age of 64, I went from 135 to 125 pounds in 6 weeks). The most wonderful thing is that we are still on this healthy eating style long after the 6 weeks were gone on March 15, 2008. I have recommended this book to others and they have the same experience as I had. ...more info
    This book emphasizes eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals in order to enhance health. The diet focuses on greens, fruits, and beans, while nearly eliminating fats, starches, and empty calories. Weight loss is achieved by consuming foods that are high in nutrient density so that you are maximizing micronutrients while simultaneously minimizing calories. The book is aimed at promoting health, which the author describes using a formula: Health=Nutrients/Calories. The author, Dr. Fuhrman, believes that people are satisfied eating fewer calories if those calories are rich in nutrients.

    The book includes 7-day menus and recipes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A sample day is:
    Breakfast: Baked apple with raisins and cinnamon.
    Lunch: Salad-stuffed pita with Hummus Spread and Fresh fruit.
    Dinner: Mixed baby greens with cracked peppercorn dressing, Broccoli and Red Pepper Soup, slice of 7-grain bread, Corn on the cob with Vege Base seasoning.

    The contents:
    Foreword by Mehmet Oz, M.D.
    1. Digging Our Graves with Forks and Knives: The Effects of the American Diet, Part I
    2. Overfed, Yet Malnourished: The Effects of the American Diet, Part II
    3. Phytochemicals: Nature's "Magic" Pills
    4. The Dark Side of Animal Protein
    5. Are You Dying To Lose Weight?
    6. Nutritional Wisdom Makes You Thin
    7. Eat To Live Takes On Disease
    8. Your Plan for Substantial Weight Reduction
    9. Sculpting Our Future in the Kitchen: Menu Plans and Recipes
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    Glossary, Notes, Acknowledgements, Index

    The diet is focused on health and weight loss and offers a way to use nutrition to assist in fighting disease. An inspired person can use the advice to reconstruct their diet to promote health. I like the idea of enhancing health through nutrition and weight control, and while the menu may seem time consuming, I believe the author is trying to show that you can turn highly nutritious foods such as veggies, fruits, beans, etc., into a tasty meal. I recommend this book. Author of THE 3:00 PM SECRET: Live Slim and Strong Live Your Dreams...more info
  • you'll never eat wrongly again!
    Having read this book I was converted. Dr. Fuhrman explains the chemistry of food in ways that are totally understandable. I have been eating the way he suggests now for nearly 4 weeks, have lost weight and am not finding it difficult to stay with it. A very good book for those looking to make over their lives, or just wanting to find a healthier way of eating....more info
  • Eat to Live
    Another outstanding book on the health food line. This is a good compliment to the Fit for Life series of books by Harvey Diamond....more info
  • This book changed my life!
    I am a 56 -year-old male who is in generally good health, decent blood pressure, "normal" cholesterol and until six weeks ago about 30 pounds above my ideal weight. I am 5'11" and weighed about 150 pounds in college. At 30 when I got married I was about 160. Over the past 10 years I have slowly crept up to over 195. I had a moderate gut and couldn't fit into my 34 waist pants any more. I felt sluggish and not very motivated to exercise much. My diet was pretty good (I thought), but I knew I needed to lose weight. I just couldn't cut back and had cravings for sweets, fatty foods and pasta. My doctor wanted me to cut back on intake and increase my activity but I knew I couldn't make that work.

    Searching on Amazon for some books that could give me another approach, I found this book and read the amazing reviews. I ordered the book (for my Kindle) and read it on a cross-country flight to California. I had some serious doubts whether I could really give up meat, milk, yogurt, pasta, bread, desserts, etc. for even six weeks, much less forever. But I also felt at a crossroads that might determine how long I lived and how the quality of my life would be for maybe another 30 years.

    Six weeks ago tomorrow I went on the Eat to Live diet. I am now down to 181 pounds, have lost about 2 inches on my waist and feel much more energetic and positive than before. I no longer have occasional heartburn and I wake up hungry, not bloated and full-feeling like before. I walk farther and faster and am starting strength training and tai chi. I continue to lose about 3 pounds a week and I plan to continue eating this way indefinitely.

    Eating on this diet is more work and takes more time than before, but I love eating this way. I make huge salads for lunch, homemade hummous and soups and steamed vegetables with tofu for dinner. I alternate fruit smoothies with oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and keep apples, nuts and dates in my office for snacks. Shopping is weird because even at Whole Foods I avoid 80% of the store and sometimes it is hard to find low fat and wheat-free foods. Eating out is challenging too, but I can usually get a large salad or salad bar. Indian restaurants are good and even Italian restaurants can serve vegetables, eggplant with marinara sauce, etc.

    As for the book, Dr. Fuhrman lays out the science behind this style of eating with relentless detail. The implications of the research he quotes is pretty scary with regard to the normal American diet, and this was tremendously motivating for me. He makes so much sense and boils down the recommendations so it is easy to follow. I've used some of his recipes and they are good, but there are a lot of vegan recipes online and once you get the idea of what to eat, it isn't hard to come up with a lot of variety in meals.

    Bottom line, I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to lose weight for good, get healthier, live longer and feel better.

    Six-month update: I have continued to follow this lifestyle for the most part. Even with occassional lapses (it's hard to spend two weeks in France and not occassionally eat bread, cheese, ice cream, etc.) I have continued to lose weight and am now down to 166 pounds and my total cholesterol dropped from 213 to 166. I almost fit in size 32 pants, down from 36. Buying this book and following it was the best decision in the last 20 years!
    ...more info
  • Eat to Live
    This book is very good and should be read by everyone. The nutritional facts are straight forward and empowering....more info
  • This Really Works!
    I've been following Joel Fuhrman's instructions for three weeks now and I've lost 10 lbs. I might have lost more but, it took me a while to brake away from my unhealthy eating habits. Anyway, I feel great, I work out three times a week. I recently got another copy of this book for a very good friend that is having some health problelms. ...more info
  • Even got my brother the doctor for 25 years to change his diet!
    I can't say enough about this book or his very informative website! Not only did I lose weight painlessly and easily with almost TOO much food but I have never felt so good and energetic in all my 44 years! I don't worry about diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure now. His book saves people's lives and will save the planet, not to mention the factory farmed, drug filled animals....more info
  • Formula for living well!
    Eat to Live lays out, step by step, and very explicitly, a formula to extend life and improve your health. I am following the suggested advice and am witnessing a very positive change in my energy level, combined with consistent weight loss. This wonderful book explains the science behind Dr. Fuhrman's ideas in layman's terms so it is very understandable and I must say, convincing. ...more info
  • Great Book!
    I enjoyed reading this book. It inspired me to eat right, give up processed food, fast food, sugar and coffee. I lost 10 pound in 2 weeks. I found out I have a wheat allergy. I always thought I had environmental allergys:like grass, mold ect.. My allergys went away when I stayed away from wheat or glutens. I ate mostly vegan and felt a 100% better. I am now on a more modified diet which I eat some meat but mostly veggies, beans, nuts, and fruits. I am not eating processed food, glutens, sugar, or milk. ...more info
  • Not for me
    I really wanted to like this book but I just found it too impractical. There's a lot of good info here but ultimately its not sustainable, at least for me. Your mileage may vary.

    There may be people who can go 6 weeks eating only fruits and vegetables but I'm not of them. I find it hard to believe anyone can eat a big salad for lunch, and then have a salad with two sides of steamed veggies for dinner. And then repeat this for six weeks. Good luck.

    A much better book for me was Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle. Its a more balanced approach and recommends eating to fuel muscle growth instead of eating to starve your fat off. The book recommends eating lean proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats in 6 small meals a day, and then burning your fat off by at least 30 min/day of intense cardio. This works for me - I've lost 20 lbs in 2 months, with about 10 more to go. I'm never hungry, have waay more energy and have given up red meat completely. I wanted to splurge and celebrate my 20 lb weight loss the day the scale read 169, but the funny thing is, the last thing I wanted was some food that was bad for me. I went for a run instead. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It works....more info
  • Great Book !!!!
    This is a very good eating plan. I do not consider it a diet because you are usually not hungry and you are eating very well. For the first time in my life other than being pregnant my fingernails are healty, very strong and growing like never before. A friend has lost almost 40 pounds so far on this plan. I would suggest this book for anyone wanting to get healthier and or needs to lose some weight....more info
  • life-saving, inexpensive medical advice
    Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss
    This inexpensive book by Dr. Fuhrman, a practicing board-certified Family Physician, might be more appropriately titled: "Eat To Live, How to Avoid Diabetes, Heart Attacks, and Breast and Prostate Cancer." He presents the powerful evidence that supports a plant-based, low-fat, whole food diet as a cure (not just treatment) for adult onset diabetes and for coronary artery disease, the two most common dietary complications of our Western, meat and dairy-based diet.
    The health implications of this information are so urgent in our society that I have purchased several copies of the book to share with friends and family. ...more info
  • Fabulous book!!!
    Everyone should own a copy of this book. Everyone should READ this book! And, start to shift bad habits, into healthy, life-prolonging, disease preventing habits. You are what you eat!! Don't continue to be sucked into the media pressure of consuming things that are killing you. Educate yourself (this book is a great start) and then start to make changes to your diet and nutrition at a pace you can handle. New habits can be formed... but, good health isn't for people that "need it" -- it's for people that "want it". Do you family a favor... and "want it" - so they can enjoy spending time with a healthy version of you :)...more info
  • food guru
    What a great book! Mark BIttman referred to Dr. Fuhrman and I'm so glad I read both books by these guys. I even purchased the Eat for Health 2 book set and dvd, it's made a tremendous difference in my energy & my husband & my health. Read it, try to incorporate even a few of Dr. Fuhrman's ideas, you won't regret it!...more info
  • Info isn't new, but the way it was written has helped me lose 15 pounds
    I actually found this book a bit boring because the information wasn't new to me. I've read all the books by Dr. McDougall and found Eat To Live to just be a updated equivalent with just a different spin on the language used. Dr. McDougall focuses more on a starch based diet, but the info on nutrition is almost identical. You can find similar advice in Dr. Dean Ornish's books as well.

    So, if I've read all this info on nutrition, why haven't I lost the weight before? There are two reasons. One, I'm kind of lazy and just didn't put the work in. That was until I read this book. For some reason, reading how much salad and raw veggies I should eat, helped me get on track. Also, reading how much fiber to eat has helped, too. With the McDougall diet, I find I eat too much starch and not enough veggies. Thanks to Eat to Live, I've changed the ratio and eat tons of salad with starch on the side (beans, rice, etc).

    The second reason is that I decided I'm finally worth it. I know all this stuff about health, but I've never applied it. My father is getting over having cancer and I wanted to show him how to be healthy. I want to live an example.

    I eat fruit in the morning with oatmeal. Then for lunch and dinner, I eat these huge salads with a cup of beans in them. I'm eating 99% vegan and loving it.

    Granted, I have cheated and eaten some veggie pizza here and there. Or some ice cream. But I weigh myself daily and lose about 2 pounds a week. I'm sure if I didn't cheat, I'd lose even more weight faster. But I'm happy!

    People I see every day are finally starting to notice the weight loss. You can really see it in my face. I've lost 15 pounds so far. I must admit, I had a stomach bug two months ago that caused me to lose 4 pounds. But when I could actually eat again after the bug went through my system, I was eating the Eat to Live way and kept losing more weight.

    Strangely, I do not crave junk food anymore. I crave salad! Isn't that weird? I find myself eating junk (the pizza and ice cream) out of habit and for emotional reasons. Yet afterward, I'm not satisfied at all. Also, if I eat pizza for lunch, I'm not hungry for dinner. So I think that helped me not gain additional weight.

    I'm very aware now of what makes me feel good after I eat it. Eating the Eat to Live way makes me feel so much better!

    What have you to lose except pounds! :) I may write back later with an update about how much more I've lost. ...more info
  • Eye-opening book
    This book will open your eyes to the true badness of the average American diet. Few even realize how many vegetables we should actually be eating, and how doing so would relieve us of a vast majority of the sickness and disease that plague our fat & sugar-fed population. We were not MEANT to survive on refined sugar and flour!
    A friend of mine was directed to go on this diet to reduce her high blood pressure and cholesterol. She has lupus, and therefore cannot take the usual prescribed medication. Her cholesterol and blood pressure are great, she's down to her healthiest weight ever, and she feels better than ever. Who'd have thought that the food we put in our bodies actually has an AFFECT on how it functions?? Makes sense!
    Read the book. It will help you to make changes in your diet that will lead to longer life and far improved health....more info
  • Eat to Live - A must read!
    Eat to Live is definitely an eye opening read. It provides an EXTREME amount of scientific data to back up its claims (I swear the bibliography is 20 pages) and it presents the information in a way that is precise and clear.

    Now alot of people say this is a pro vegetarian book, and that it would be impossible to stick with the diet outlined in the book. It's not really a question of being pro vegetarian as it is being pro HEALTH. There is no way to get around it. Eating a diet made up of mostly fresh fruit and vegetables is the healthiest thing you can eat. Its not because he's against the meat industry, or because he gets kick backs from vegetarian groups. That's just the way it is. This has been shown in COUNTLESS studies, that cultures who eat mostly vegetables are healthier and have less disease. This is what the book is trying to show you.

    If you are truly concerned about your well being, then don't sit there and try and rationalize your bad eating habits. If you want change, you will need to unlearn all the things you have learned your whole life about how to eat, and do what is right. This is not without its challenges, as you will need to break free of your addictive food habits.

    Following the diet proscribed, (and I have not done the strictest version) I have already lost 15 lbs in roughly 3 weeks, I have much more energy, and my mood has vastly been uplifted.

    If you cannot live without some meat, the diet does alow for it, but you have to moderate, just like anything else that is not good for you. Over time, you will lose your cravings for unhealthy foods.

    Try not to think of it as a diet, but as a life change. That is the point of this book. It breaks down the typical american diet, showing how it will kill you, debunks the popular fad diets, shows how eating like this is the healthiest thing you can do, and gives you a guideline to kickstart your road to better health.

    If you do not want to make the commitment to yourself to change your habits, then don't bother reading the book. It is not for you. Stick to your fad diets, yo-yo your weight, and kill yourself slowly. ...more info
  • so far so good...
    i have some baby weight i would like to shed... about 15 pounds. i am a weight watcher lifetime member and am very fit but i need a more wholesome approach to what i eat and i am not so into the ww current plans. this eating plan makes sooo much sense to me and it isn't so hard to follow so far. i like the fact that i don't have to track points b.c i know if i stick to produce and whole foods, i will get what i need (you don't nec. have to track on ww anymore but it wasn't working for me). i do love dairy products so i still add some milk to my tea/coffee and eat yogurt with fruit/grape nuts, but i avoid cheese unless there is some in a salad i buy at the restaurants. with 3 kids it's hard to resist pizza and pasta (their staples) but in order for me to say no and be a healthy eater i have to have guidelines and a plan so that i know what to eat to get what i need. a food journal is essential to any diet, just so you can track success or failure, what you like to eat and what is filling vs. not so you don't quit. i like to track and go over what i eat to make sure i get enough nutrients (calcium, omegas and fiber, etc.). this book is great b.c it answers a lot of the questions i had about this kind of diet. so far, so good......more info
  • Reversal of disease
    If you want to prevent disease and reverse some ongoing problems that you currently have, READ THIS BOOK! This book is the diet bible!...more info
  • Eat well to live well
    The book is a great buy, just not enough recipes. I felt amazing after changing my diet and within the first week saw results. ...more info
  • Dr Furhmann presents a very logical way of eating
    Eat to Live makes a lot of sense to me. If you fill yourself up with one pound of raw vegetables, one pound of cooked vegetables, fruits and legumes you won't be hungry, you will get the proper nutrients and you are bound to lose weight.

    I have been happy to follow this way of eating and I feel wonderful. The only thing the book doesn't address is how to stick with the eating strategy when you are on vacation and can't get "clean" food with healthy varieties of vegetables. On a trip to Puerto Rico salads are iceburg lettuce and tomatoes. Beans often have fat added and it was a challenge to meet my vegetable requirements.

    A great sequel would be how to Eat To Live on vacation!

    When cooking for myself or eating out occasionally this is an easy, flavorful and healthy way to live. I am so glad that I read the book. ...more info
  • The Book arrived as requested
    The shipping did not damage the book, and it arrived very well,
    Thank you,
    Apache Bob...more info
  • Diabetics: It works and it is easier than it sounds
    I have type-2 diabetes and on a recent vacation to Hawaii, my wife begged me to go on this diet. I did and my fasting blood sugars have gone from the 180's to the low 80's. I am actually having to reduce my medications (Janumet and Glimepiride) as my daytime sugars are a bit too low. All this happened within the first 4 weeks.

    You get used to this diet within a week, and having a wonderful cook as a spouse has, I'm sure, made this much more tolerable. I am VERY luck my wife loves me that much!

    I also think it was very helpful to start this during a one-week vacation. The stress of everyday life would have probably made entering this diet a real challenge, and I had little trouble adjusting to everyday life after returning from vacation.

    I only gave it 4 stars because my beautiful bride is the only one that deserves 5....more info
  • 5 stars without reading it, the results seen in my friend!!!
    I have a friend I did not see for a few years as she had moved to Napa. Well , I moved to Napa and saw her. She was looking real good, but as the months went by, her skin had an unbelievable glow, she was gradually losing weight, and she seemed so happy. I had no idea she was on a diet. I found out it was by means of this book a year later-by the way a year later she has not gained it back and still has that glow! I'm an underweight person who has IBS and hate being underweight and not feeling good at times. She recommended this book for the healthy options I can add to my other indulgences. I'll give it a try based on her gorgeous skin as a result of this diet!!!...more info
  • A thoughtful approach but a bit dogmatic
    Eat to Live is an informative and persuasive tract on food knowledge. As a result of reading it I have changed some of my eating habits for the better. My own food knowledge is based on the growing of food. When I first began to use organic farming practices it was illegal to sell your animals as organic and even the act of questioning the wisdom of basing the production of food on toxic chemicals and reactive fertilizers was a suspect activity. What I know about food is that you should eat food as nature intended, grown in healthy soil, with minimal processing. Eat local, in season with a reasonable amount of protein. Stay away from junk food and most processed food. Listen to your body and, most of all, enjoy eating. Getting too worked up about food is more unhealthy then most food choices. Joel Fuhrman's book is an informed approach that will help you grow in food knowledge, but he is a bit uptight and one-sided. Eat thoughtfully and give thanks for the abundance of food we enjoy and you will be fine....more info
  • EAt to Live
    Very meaningful information in regard to developing/maintaining healthful eating habits. Most importantly, author's formula for health: Health = Nutrients/Calories enables the reader to take charge and become responsible for staying healthy in order to prevent unnecessary illness. ...more info
  • Weight issues explained easily
    I have struggled with several health issues including a frustrating weight problem for years now. No traditional or fad diet I have ever tried was completely successful. Dr. Fuhrman's book was given to me to read by someone whose opinion I value very highly. There is no way to fully explain how simple the process is to revamp the way I looked at food. While I must admit that I've only just begun to integrate the Eat to Live approach to my current diet, I can tell you that physically many of the intense joint pains that have limited me have already been cleared up. For a "meat and potato" person, they might find this a little challenging, but I assure you that it is worth the effort to reform your attitude and approach to eating.
    There are numerous recipes included in the book to help take some of the fear of the unknown away. The causes for weight gain have been clearly outlined in this book. The nutritional values of food, as well as mention of numerous scientific studies to support Dr. Fuhrman's assertions are included.
    In short, if you are serious about getting help for physical problems and weight-related problems, Eat To Live will bring you relief. Not only do I feel better in little more than a week of incorporating the doctor's program, but I've aleady lost several pounds. Once I have made the mental adjustment to completely following the diet as prescribed, the weight will come off even faster. I highly recommend this book be added to anyone's library if they are serious about living life in a healthy way. Jim Fargiano, author of The Spoken Words of Spirit: Lessons From The Other Side...more info
  • Try It
    It's a tough diet to follow long term, but I encourage everyone to give it a try at least once, if only to learn how your body feels when it's properly fueled. You may even rid yourself of a chronic ailment.

    Before trying ETL, I had periodic, moderate-to-severe asthmatic reactions to dust (mites). A couple weeks into the ETL program, I started coughing up phlegm, which was odd because I had no cold symptoms of any kind. I felt great, in fact. The "productive coughing" continued for a a few more weeks before abating. Almost 3 years later, even having returned to a omnivore diet, I haven't had a single asthma attack since.

    I was never a believer in the whole "detox" concept, but that's clearly what happened. ...more info
    This book will help everyone and is worth every penny. It will change your life. I am eating better and its been 3 days & I have lost 3 lbs and I am not hungry, ever! I went from 174lbs to 171lbs! I am drinking water. No More Diet Soda or Coffee! I am so excited about the lots of fruits and veggies I am eating and the fact that I lost so weight this fast that I had to publish this review now. I even feel better!

    I know the weight will continue to fall off as I will continue to follow the program. ...more info
  • Good nutritional approach; bad recipes
    The 3 stars is because of the recipes -- I rate the actual diet regimen 5 stars. The dietary guidelines are very simple and I must say I am rarely hungry and the weight has been fairly easy to lose (10 pounds). I started keeping a vegan diet over a year ago, based on the mounting evidence of the healthfulness of plant-based nutrition. Consequently, following the strict guidelines laid out in this book was not as difficult for me as it might be for people who are transitioning from a more typical American diet. The data appear to be solid and though the writing is a bit repetitive and cheerleader-y overall it *is* intelligent and motivating. The hardest part is that I am a complete foodie (and--as my partner says--a "cookie") and so finding nonfat and no-salt ways to add flavor to my cooking has been the biggest challenge. Unfortunately, I find many of the recipes in Eat to Live to be pretty bad, with little flavor and even less texture. The food one eats should be the best advertisement for a diet--not the main drawback. So my advice is to buy this book for the valuable diet and information but use other resources(such as Real Daily Food cookbook or the blog fatreevegan) for recipes that you can adapt....more info
  • lifesaver
    I obtained the copy of this book in the summer of 2008.I was reading it for a few weeks, some chapters only once, some of them numerous times. It made sense. I have to admit, I was pushed in this direction before, by herbalists, ayurvedic doctors, detox/cleansing advisers, but in this book everything was spelled out, everything was chewed down for me.Lots of instructions and directions, less guidelines. This doc doesn't leave to much of the gray zone.
    On Avg.27'09 I started it, after visiting my doctor, and getting pretty ugly picture of my near future, without to much hope for the far future. Cholesterol of, triglycerides of, sugar borderline. Weight, let not use scale, but BMI 46.9 Morbidly obese. Doc, I am glad we had that talk.
    It wasn't to much fun first few weeks, lots of bloating, cramping. In times I was avoiding to eat, just to prevent further bloating. But, since day two I start filing difference. I slept better. Second week I was able to take full breath, third week walking become easier.Few more interesting improvements happened in the following weeks.By week 6 I felt so good that I decided to stick with program for indefinitely. I was finally feeling good and not hungry. I have to much energy. Even I walk on the job, I can't get tired. My feet may hurt, but 30 minutes later I am ready for more. Night before thanksgiving I went to gym and renew my membership. By Christmas just walking on the treadmill wasn't enough so, I had to start jogging. 30-45 sec. at the time, with 1-2 min. walk as a break. Two miles, most days of the week.
    December 4th I had checkup with my doc. Her assistant asked me if I felt good, she was worried that I might be sick. I felt great. My lab work come god, except for the good cholesterol, that has to be improved through exercise. As I discussed with my Doctor, I achieved better results with this way of eating, than what I could expect to achieve with a surgery for the weight loss. And, let me point it, without surgery. She is considering lowering of my medication for high blood pressure. Yes, I presented my doctor with a copy of the Eat to Live. She can help more people than I can do. But, since then, the only present somebody can receive from me is the copy of this book.
    Yesterday, my BMI was 34.8 Still morbidly obese, but, more then 1/4 of me is gone, and I hope to lose another quarter, I hope to become a half of men I use to be. Four months and one week in the program, I am a happy camper. And I am still loosing, thou now 2-3 pounds a week, but I am not a saint, I go out and have not favorable choices(rarely), when I travel I even eat in the fast food places, but less and best available choice. When I am a guest in somebody's home, I eat favorable food a lot, and not favorable, I share with somebody. I'll have a glass of Merlot, or two. My two miles footing/jogging will cover for that.
    What do I know about reviewing a book? Not much. But I "know" that this is the way to eat. I feel better today then in my 20's, and the only regret I have, is that I found this book now, instead of 30 years ago. I am still grateful for knowledge I received from this book. In the way, I am pushy for this "health management system", suggesting my friends with weight and weight related problems to buy the book and give it a honest try. Everybody has to decide for them self. As Dr. Fuhrman mentioned in the book, my health is my responsibility, not my doctor's, not anybody's else.
    Did you notice, nobody teach us (or lets say, rarely) how to do most important things in the life.
    For the purpose of how to eat, this book should be a manual for the mandatory subject in the school.
    Just my opinion.

    ...more info
  • Not practical
    While it is correct to state that this book was soundly based and contained lots of useful and informative information, it would not be correct to state that this book presented any type of lifestyle change that could be maintained for a long term realistic goal....more info