Physiology Coloring Book, The (2nd Edition)

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(Benjamin Cummings) Wynn Kapit is a self-employed designer and illustrator. Contains 161 line-drawn plates for physiology students to color. Each illustration is accompanied by text explaining the organ systems and the dynamic processes. For college and health profession students as well as laymen. Previous edition: c1987. Softcover.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great way to learn!!
    As you are coloring you are going over the terms. When you are done you can see at a glance how the 'terms' are situated and what they are doing. The commentary is also very thorough and helpful. I highly recommend this as a supportive learning method for the subject....more info
  • Best coloring
    As an A&P teacher, I find that students who use this physiology coloring book get it faster and retain the info longer than any other. It is much more accurate than other physiology coloring books. Highly recommended!...more info
  • This is a great way to go to help in learning physiology
    This is a wonderful aid in learning physiology. Physiology is one of the hardest subjects to learn, but this visual learning aid makes it easier. I used this book to help me with my anatomy and physiology classes in college. I also highly recommend Tortora's Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. Tortora is a very good author who can explain difficult concepts in an understandable way. For direct test preparation, these are a must--- Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide: Key Review Questions and Answers with Explanations (Volume 1) and (Volume 2) by Patrick Leonardi. These study guides had similar questions that were asked on my college exams. If you want to get good grades, then definitely get these four books....more info
  • The Physiology Coloring Book
    I found this book to be helpful as a reference material for my physiology class....more info
  • I luv this damn book
    i have never taken a class for physiology previously, and this book is my saving grace for MCAT prep and just so freagin written well and easy to follow. Highly recommended to anyone in interested in the field!!!...more info
  • Physiology Coloring Book
    Because I am a visual learner, this has been a wonderful adjunct to my textbook and other materials. I love it!...more info
    I have the Anatomy coloring book and absolutely love the series. I use felt pens (the type of pen shown on the cover of both books) and they work perfectly in the anatomy book because *the back of every page is blank*.

    I don't know why, but they made a MAJOR error in the Physiology coloring book by printing on both sides of the page. As soon as you color one page with felt tip pens, you will see that it leaks through and destroys the other side. This is such a basic element of the book that I don't understand why it was overlooked....more info
  • Physio Coloring Book
    This coloring book is a great study tool. It is a good companion to the Anatomy coloring book. Sometimes when I get tired of looking at my text book, I take a break and do some coloring. It feels like a break but I am still learning. Its good for hands on people. I don't know what I would do with out it....more info
  • I luv the fundamental idea of this book.
    Speaking for myself, I have come to view that the act of coloring does in fact foster retention and understanding. This book really does make learning fun. However, I am surprised that this is the 2nd Edition. This book is in dire need of careful proofreading. I am not qualified to say that there are fundamental errors of physiological facts (this is why I purchased the book) but I have found many many "slip of the pen" type of errors. The least bothersome are a myriad of spelling errors. There are some points where sentences are abruptly cut before completion. Common sense does There are several instances where it is unclear what part is what. Some of these mistakes can not be overcome with common sense making the lesson of the plate very difficult to understand.

    P.S. The observant reader will have noticed that I abruptly cut a sentence midway through. ...more info
  • Also Great for Veterinary Medicine!
    I am a second year vet student. It is often difficult to find extra-helpful books for vet med, so we have to try human med books. This one is excellent and most of the information applies! My friends were arguing about who would get to use this book next! The authors state the information in such a clear cut way that we end up wondering why our instructors make it so complicated! (ie: Atrial Fibrillation: "Anarchy in the heart!")...more info
  • great physiology teaching and learning aid
    This is an excellent aid to understanding physiology. I taught physiology to Frosh this year as part of our introductory series, and used about 6 different textbooks in physiology to teach myself the basics of the subject matter. This coloring book frequently gave the best and most clear description. I recommend it highly as an adjunct to text book material....more info
  • visual learners best friend
    As a visual learner studying in the science/maths field, and being an English/Arts major, I found this book incredible helpful in making the basic and more complex areas of physiology concrete in my mind. This in turn has helped me do well in my exams. Worth a read if you're interested in physiology. ...more info
  • Great Review Book for Physiology!
    This book was purchased in advance of taking college level Physiology in order to review prior to taking the class. It's important to note that the course is being retaken after a hiatus of over 5-years because certain health care career programs require it. So if you've taken physiology before and want a great way to review the core information this is a fantastic book to do it!

    PROs: lots of well drawn images/drawings and full of the central information

    CONs: to do this properly you really should have a 36-color pencil set; if you try to do it with, for example, a 12-color pencil set you will probably become frustrated
    ...more info
  • excellent study aide
    If you're a visual learner this book is an excellent addition to any physiology course. It's actually fun and it really does reinforce what you're learning. ...more info
  • Great book
    This book is really helping me with my anatomy and physiology class. A fun and easy way to learn the basics. If you want or need to learn physiology this book is a great way to start....more info
  • like coloring?
    I think this book is wonderful! Like to color and learn? This book starts at the very beginning of learning the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and coloring each area helps you to be able to identify each area and memorize each part....more info
  • It's great If...
    The idea of the book is great, coloring physiological functions will help youfamiliarize yourself with the ins and outs of how things work. However, if you are already familiar with the physiology of the human body this work might be somewhat redundant and menial. But all in all the book itself is well put together and helps to outline specific functions of the human body in a manner suitable for th ehuman body novice....more info
  • The Physiology Coloring Book
    Excellent way to learn ones' physiology and you get to color, too!...more info
  • great way to learn
    Super way to learn difficult concepts. I find myself learning in spite of myself. Its really built my confidence too because I have learned that if I stick with the subject long enough, I can get it....more info
  • Great Book!
    This book is very helpful and detailed. A must have for any human anatomy class....more info
  • Physiology Coloring Book
    Used copy,i will not purchase another used copy coloring book. The book is in good condition but it would have been better new and not to have pages colored by someone else....more info
  • Helpful
    I found this book hard to read. The print is small and there is alot of it where I think it could have maybe been condensed. Also the relationship between the writing and the pictures was not clear. I like a book that refers to the organ or part of the organ and then tells you to color it. I learn better this way. However, this is the only physiology coloring book that I could find so I was definitely able to make use of it....more info


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