Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults And Children Fifth Edition

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Well-known for its authoritative and comprehensive coverage, complete treatment of pediatric pathophysiology, and the most extensive illustration program in its field, the 5th edition of this classic book has been extensively revised and updated. Part One presents the general principles of pathophysiology and discusses the influence of the environment and the role of genetics in the development of disease. Part Two, organized by body system, examines normal anatomy and physiology, alterations of function in adults, and alterations of function in children. * Comprehensive coverage provides unparalleled discussion of disease processes. * Extensive full-color art program illustrates disease processes and clinical manifestations of diseases. * Life span content includes ten separate chapters for the pediatric content and special headings for aging content within the structures and functions chapters. * "What?s New?" boxes highlight the most current research and findings. * "Nutrition and Disease" boxes show evidenced-based links between concepts of health promotion and disease. * Algorithms throughout the text illustrate the sequential progression of disease processes. * Detailed chapter outlines with page numbers provide easy access to content and overview of topics. * Chapter introductions provide a rationale for learning the content about to be presented. * Consistent presentation of each disease includes epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and more.

Customer Reviews:

  • A loss of money!!
    This was a mess. The book never came; and I may have to take this class over. I hope that I can just skate by with an old book, but I have learned never to use this seller again!!! September 18, 2008 I may just be out of 1200.00 if I have to take the class over!! It gets no STARS!...more info
  • Not for beginners
    This textbook is not for undergraduate students. The first chapter contains a review of cellular metabolism, & transport systems, etc. I recall in undergrad we spent WEEKS on that, not just a chapter. This is a book for someone who already has some pathophys background....more info
  • Good, but with a few errors
    The text is very informative. It goes in more depth than my anatomy or physiology books have done on some subjects. I have found it is hard to read. I'm usually lucky to get through 5 pages before I fall asleep. Other books I've read are more interesting to read, but they lack the detail.

    The only real complaint that I have is a few errors that I came across in the book. If you're going to spend all the time it takes to read the book, the information at least needs to be correct....more info
  • Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children 5th edition
    Great Book!! With lots of information that will aid you in your studies. Overall great resource to have!!...more info
  • Good
    My teacher made this book a required text for my class. I am glad that she did, because the book is very informative and goes into good enough detail for me to understand the cause and effect of a disease. ...more info
  • Good book
    For the money, there is much more information than most textbooks. I have several anatomy books that I paid twice as much for and got 1/2 or 1/3 the number of pages....more info
  • Pathophysiology Book by McCance
    Absolutely wonderful text, with really informative clear, and up to date graphics and visuals that make these difficult concepts much more clear. One of the best graduate level texts I've come across.
    ...more info
  • Pathophysiology the Biologic Basic for Disease in Adults and Children
    Easy to read, the only thing I hate is the book is so heavy it's hard to tote around so you have to make time to read at home and not on the fly. ...more info
  • Pathophys book
    honestly the book is only as good as the teacher makes it with corresponding lectures.

    It is very informative, and labeled very well to follow and correlate regardless of the fact my instructor jumps around a bit. Picture descriptions are very good - abnormalities of ECG changes are lacking.

    Would recommend it with supplemental ECG interpretation book!!...more info
  • McCance is a good start...
    The text is modestly priced and covers a large amount of topics gracefully. The anatomy review is helpful before each subject for a quick refresher before reading the pathophysiology portions. Reads very similar to your A&P books, and organized by body system. The pictures included in the text were good, but I would not have minded more. ...more info
  • Additional Info
    If you are enrolled in online class you may need to also purchase an access code from the book publisher to see instruction material and tests....more info
  • biological basis for diseases
    The book is well organized. There are plenty of pictures and diagrams which supplement the textbook. The book is very visual and colorful which makes it easier to read. It is very comprehensive and an excellent text and reference book for students in this field. I am doing my post-doc in psychopharmacology and find the book extremely helpful. Add a star if you are in the field....more info
  • Everything as promised
    My book came in the stated timeframe, and it was in such good condition I couldn't believe it was used. No complaints whatsoever!...more info
  • Pathophysiology:The Biolgical Basis Fir Disease in Adults and Children Fifth Edition
    Great book, much detail and very indepth. The pictures help to bring it all together....more info
  • Absurdly complicated
    I am two weeks into my pathophysiology class and am saddened and frustrated by the level of complexity of this textbook. Each paragraph, if not each sentence, is so dense that my classmates and I are already lamenting how little we expect to learn from this class. By the time I'm walking out the door of class I've either forgotten most of the wet cement of what I've read or am hopelessly confused by the deluge of terms. Most of my classmates are pre-nursing students (I am taking this as a pre-requisite to a physical therapy PhD) and so we are highly motivated to learn. Obviously, there are students out there who need this level of detail, but even for them, who could get through seventeen hundred pages of this? Perhaps the fault lies with whomever chose this book for lowly undergrads, and for a single semester class. Professors, please take heed. Give us a book from which we can learn....more info
  • Pathophysiology
    This is a great patho book. I'm glad the class I'm taking required it. I have bought a lot of books for classes that were either way too detailed or less detailed than they needed to be. I really like this one. It may be a little more in-depth than the typical undergraduate student wants, but for me, it is just right. ...more info
  • Outstanding
    I entered a graduate level nursing class with nothing more than high school biology (that was decades ago) and was presented with the daunting task of reading the entire book. I wasn't sure about successfully completing the course until realizing that this textbook was one of the best I've ever come across. The material was well-organized and the text easy to follow. The authors made good use of tables, illustrations, photos, and the like. I really appreciated bold-faced key words in the text. Each chapter concluded with a summary and a list of key terms including page numbers. Had I used another text, I might not have gotten an "A" in the course. Thanks!...more info
  • Informative book
    This book is full of tons of patho information. Good luck with the class. So far, so good for me....more info
  • Concise ( we are what we know)
    What makes a doctor different?
    A doctor is different since he knows the "why" about the health problems and its solution. Anyone can recommend a pill, but the doctor knows its dynamics, hence, the way it is going to affect the body or alter the course of an illness. And this is what McCance is about: understanding the mechanisms of harm in order to make a comprehensive approach to our patients. First, you're going to read the normal physiology of each system, and then, a review of the most common clinical presentations of disease. I'm not giving the 5 stars only because the book lacks some common diseases, for which Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 16/e Value Pack's pathophysiology explanations are quite accurate. All in all, this is a great book; it has to be said that I decided to buy it even if we don't have a Physiopathology course in my Med School, and it has been very helpful for integrating knowledge....more info


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