Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for Medical-Surgical Nursing

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This must-have workbook helps students learn the prioritization and delegation skills needed to survive nursing school, pass the NCLEX-RN? examination, and make the transition to practice in today's healthcare environment. Consisting of three parts plus an answer key, this resource provides numerous opportunities for students to review cases and answer questions similar to those they will see on the NCLEX-RN examination - including questions in alternate-item formats . Part 1, written by delegation expert Ruth Hansten, is an introduction that provides a practical review of clinical delegation skills and serves as a framework for the exercises that follow. Part 2 consists cases of patients who have relatively straightforward health problems followed by NCLEX examination-style questions focusing on prioritization, delegation, and assignment. Part 3 consists of complex, unfolding cases involving patients who have multiple health conditions, as well as complex patient assignments.

Customer Reviews:

  • This book helped me study for the NClex
    I took a Kaplan course to help prepare for the NCLEX. It was basically about how much prioritization was going to be on the NCLEX. So I chose to purchase this book. It is full of review exercises about delegation and prioritization and it is very user friendly. It also contains CASE STUDIES that are about one patient that is helpful it getting "the big picture" when caring for a patient....more info
    This book along with Saunders and Kaplan helped me pass the Nclex on the first go round!! A piece of advice....when taking the test DO NOT procrastinate studying! I read this book and the other 2 mentioned above cover to cover weeks before the test. ...more info
  • very helpful
    Very good nclex review "add-on" material to accompany any nclex review books. highly recommended. I rate it only 4 stars because there's are more topics to be discussed with prioritation, delegations etc on real nclex test....more info
  • book purchase
    i was pleased with the product, i got what i ordered, it arrived on time, and it was brand new, still packaged-I have no complaints....more info
  • Helpful for NCLEX-RN Review
    This concise and practical book contains exercises that help the reader focus on the prioritization content of the NCLEX exam. Most of the recent NCLEX test takers with whom I have spoken have seen a big emphasis on these types of questions on their exams. I would say that 35%-40% of my questions on the NCLEX exam had a prioritization emphasis, so this book was a great supplement to my studies....more info
  • Helpful for NCLEX
    I am currently using this book to study for my NCLEX. The book is just questions, which after taking Kaplan, I presume are similar to the NCLEX.

    Throughout the book I am noticing many errors (When I say MANY I mean 10+ in the first 4 chapters). The errors range from wrong words *hypo/hyper* *increased/decreased* and you are left to fend for yourself trying to not only answer the question, but figure out how it is bass-ackwards. Other errors include spelling errors, and mismatched question/answer key.

    If you get the book you will see the errors, but for the most part, it has been helpful. Some questions are VERY easy and others make you think which is helpful. All in all I would recomend the book, but again- it's a bit more of a hassel than I expected from an Elsevier publication....more info
  • Excellent NCLEX Reference Book
    I strongly recommend this book to any nursing student getting ready to take the NCLEX....more info
  • Prioritization Delegation & Assignment..
    First I must say that I have not taken the NCLEX yet-so I can not say whether this book was beneficial in that. I have already gone through it and was suprised at how huch I did not know about the best answer when it came to the area of LPN's. This book is worth buying because it's not expensive and can be gone through in a few hours. I felt I got my money's worth....more info
  • awesome!
    my friend recommended this book to me last two months ago and im practically doing good in answering the questions... i more understand how questions are given at the NCLEX_RN exam.. with the help of this book.. i know i will pass my exam. thank you...more info
  • VERY HELPFUL RESOURCE! A terrific buy!!!!!!!
    I really liked this purchase specially with the unbeatable price by amazon. It helped me understand helpful strategies about test-taking and assumptions I previously had about the NCLEX was corrected. The Practice questions are very realistic and helpful. I have read different books that had different formats and I usually get intimidated by them. This is a book that is so user-friendly and i love it! I was never intimidated by it and it's easy to understand and analyze. A terrific buy!...more info