Dewey: The Small-town Library-cat Who Touched the World

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On the coldest morning of the year, Vicki Myron found a tiny, bedraggled kitten almost frozen to death in the night drop box of the library where she worked, and her life -- and the town of Spencer, Iowa -- would never be the same. Vicki was a single mother who had survived the loss of her family farm and an alcoholic, abusive husband. But her biggest challenge as the new head librarian in Spencer was to raise the spirits of a small, out-of-the-way town mired deep in the farm crisis of the 1980s. Dewey, as the townspeople named the kitten, quickly grew into a strutting, adorable library cat whose antics kept patrons in stitches, and whose sixth sense about those in need created hundreds of deep and loving friendships. As his fame grew, people drove hundreds of miles to meet Dewey, and people all over the world fell in love with him. Through it all, Dewey remained a loyal companion, a beacon of hope not just for Vicki, but for the entire town of Spencer as it slowly, steadily pulled itself up from the worst financial crisis in its long history. Dewey won hearts and proved to everyone he encountered that unconditional love comes in many forms.

Customer Reviews:

  • CD time length.
    After searching, off and on, for several months, I finally found one of the first things I looked for, but doesnt seem to be given anywhere here, the length of the CDs. (Found at the Borders website.) There doesnt seem to be anyway to add it to the description. I didnt have time to read the 470 reviews to see if I could find it. Seems like it should be prominently displayed here on the Amazon description.

    Edition: Abridged, 270 minutes...more info
  • The Cat Lover's Favorite
  • A Great Disappointment!!!
    There seemed to be so much press, personal reports, and general applause for Dewey that I was looking forward to a good read. Perhaps I am in the minority, but I did not really enjoy Dewey. I am an advocate for animals in nursing homes, schools, and anywhere special attention and affection is needed, so that was not the issue. Don't let me discourage potential readers, as Dewey may just be your cup of tea, as it has proven to be for thousands of others who helped Dewey onto the New York Times Best Seller List. ...more info
  • Love this book
    This is a wonderful book, not just for cat lovers but for everyone. It made me laugh and cry. ...more info
  • Heartwarming, wonderful story!
    Truly a wonderful story about a cat and a women who is devoted to him. Vicki Myron did an outstanding job of weaving her life story in between the life and times of Dewey Readmore Books. Well written, tearful at times, but always heartwarming. Every pet owner will understand the unconditional love for Dewey....more info
  • Dewey, The Small-Town Cat Who Touched The World
    A wonderful and enlightening story of a dear sweet stray kitten who is saved by kind and conscientious people that still exist in the traditions of the State of Iowa.

    Much of the story can be shared with children while some passages are perhaps too sad....more info
  • awesome!
    I loved this book. its not just a book about a cat but also about a family a woman's struggle and a small town. its wonderful and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Cute story
    Yes, this book is about more than Dewey the cat. It's also the story of a woman who made it through some trying times in her life. Also about a town that has survived hard times.
    I enjoyed reading about Iowa as I've never been there.
    As a cat person, I really enjoyed reading about Dewey and his antics.
    A nice, uplifting book....more info
  • Enjoyed Dewey the cat
    I am a cat lover and was also born and raised in Iowa. That's what drew me to the book. I agree there was a lot about Spencer Iowa, but how much can you write about a cat. Dewey reminded me of my daughter's maine coon. He is her baby boy. I have two daughters that have chosen to have multiple cats rather than children. So...I bought them both the book for Christmas. However, I warned them they probablt would cry at the end. ...more info
  • Underwhelmed and disappointed...
    Was eager to read this based on the positive customer reviews -- and was sadly disappointed. There's just not much substance -- a few cute anecdotes about Dewey and some interesting historical bits about Spencer,Iowa. Enough for a good magazine article, not enough for a book. The writing is repetitive and lackluster. I had to force myself to finish. If you're looking for another Marley, look elsewhere....more info
  • Wonderful animal story
    I had noticed that this book appeaared consistently in #3 spot on the
    NY Times booklist for many weeks, if fact, it is still on the list. Aw a
    cat lover and owner, I had read an exerpt of the story and decided to
    obtain the book. It was jsut a lovely story about an abandoned kitten
    that was was taken in by library employees and became an icon. Dewey
    lived to be 19 and finally had to be euthanized due to an incurable
    ailment. I have since sent a note to the author commending her on
    developing such a fine account of this animal.
    George P Spear...more info
  • Fears realized
    I'm always a bit apprehensive when picking up a book about animals. The fear is that I'll get hooked only to have the book devolve into sentimentality.
    Fears realized here. I enjoyed the first half of the book: The town of Spencer, the author's personal life and Dewey, the thrown away kitten, are woven together well. Insights into mid-western rural life are both funny and touching. But it all gets to be predictable and tedious later in the book. I have spent my whole life with animals - furred, finned and feathered. My life is shared by several and I love them all. But there is a danger in soothing our own feelings by projecting all sorts of motivations and aspirations onto those wonderful creatures around us. This story would have made a better magazine article or short story, edited down and freed of projections. ...more info
  • Lovely, simple and touching- LOVED IT!
    Absolutely charming story! This one is a keeper! The other reviewers have covered the plot rather well so I won't go into that. All I will say is that yes, this is a simply written story. It's simple and heart-touching! You don't need big words to tell a touching story.

    The author does tell about her life, how Dewey touched her life and how Dewey saved the library and gave residents of Spencer, Iowa (where this story takes place) hope during the recession of the 1980's. Unlike other reviewers I thought this tied in nicely with the small town story and setting of this true story. As the other reviewers mentioned the author does tell of the history of the town, but, I thought it was imperative to the story. Most of the history was about the residents of Spencer, Iowa standing together throughout hard times and the author gives many examples. She ties the history into stories about Dewey. She also tells of her life, because, she ties this into how Dewey touched not only her life, but the world.

    This is a tear jerker! Reminds me of my kitty cat! If you're a cat lover that has a loyal kitty, I think you'd relate to this story....more info
  • The cover was the highlight of this book
    I don't usually submit book reviews, but seeing how many five star ratings have been given I felt the need to voice my opinion about this disappointing publication. If you intend to buy this book, please be aware that the cover and dust jacket notes do not give a fair impression of its contents. The book is approximately 35-40% about the cat. The author's life story and several incongruous accounts of regional history dominate the rest.

    I've seen several arguments that claim that the background story of the author and town provide the necessary context in which to truly appreciate the impact of Dewey's life. The thousands of people who believe this seem to have loved this book, so good for them. Such content could have been effectively written, but in my opinion was not. These sorts of details should have helped the story move along but instead destroyed the pace and, in places, gave the impression of an extreme lack of focus on the part of the author(s). For the most part, Dewey's life story seems written into the background while the primary author places herself in center stage. I completely agree with the reviewer who said that Vicky Myron's picture should have been on the cover instead in order to give the consumer fair warning.

    To be fair, I believe that Vicky's life story contains many valuable lessons and that the history of Spencer, Iowa could have been crafted in a way as to make it seem relevant to the unacquainted reader. Therefore, this book represents a missed opportunity. I, for one, could write a book about my experiences in rural Missouri and put a picture of my cat on the cover. Considering how much money this book made, I probably should. These "background" stories were not the ones my wife and I were interested in hearing about when we purchased the book. Indulgences of this sort could be easily forgiven if they were well written or concise, but unfortunately this was not the case. All we wanted were some cute cat stories to read before bed. If you want cute cat stories then I can't recommend this book. If you must know what all the fuss is about, then borrow it from the library and read the good parts.

    I am glad to have heard Dewey's story, but I am very annoyed to have paid good money for this book. ...more info
  • Boring
    I was hoping to get more viewpoints. Sorry, but the author's personal story was just not that interesting and her take on things was a little too depressing. Someone else should have written the book and talked to other people in the town. There was too much about the cat's personal bathroom problems. yuck... The author spent a lot of time complaining about the town leaders. I hope she used the book money to move......more info
  • Amazing!
    I had never heard the story of Dewey until my mom gave me this book for Christmas, personally signed by Vicki Myron (and Dewey). After reading the book and finding out how incredible this little cat was to the town of Spencer, and even world-wide, I was saddened that I will never be able to meet Dewey. I have always treasured the company of cats (especially my own two), but to hear that one cat touched so many people is truly awe inspiring.
    For anyone who is a cat lover (and even those who may not be), this book will touch your heart and soul. Even though I never met Dewey, I almost feel that I have through reading his story.
    Dewey, thanks for the life you led and inspiring an entire community!...more info
  • A MUST Read Even if You are NOT a Cat Lover!
    This is a magical wonderful book, a must read even if you are not a cat lover. A lovely inspiring story that I wish would of never ended....more info
  • This seems to be the life story of a lonely old lady....
    I wanted to like this book, I was in the mood for some light reading and a "feel good" story and saw all the good reviews. I am also a cat lover with pet cats at home so expected to like it. However, I think this would only appeal to cat people over age 60 or people that knew this actual cat. There is very little about Dewey himself, instead the author drones about her very boring life in Iowa, sounding like a lonely old lady that dotes on her pet cat as she has very little else of interest going on. The book is in an overly simplistic style, and interjected throughout her life story are fillers about the town's history, and snippets of information about a cat that she believes is extraordinary. I got quite tired of the author saying how special this cat was, without enough information to back it up. I would guess that about 20% of this book is about the cat, the rest is very boring life story. It also had a tone that Dewey was the most extraordinary cat in the world, yet his behaviour doesn't seem that different from my cats at home. I ended up feeling a lot of pity for this author as she sounds like one of those lonely old biddy cat ladies.......more info
  • Dewey
    An easy read. A well told story that held our interest to the very end. Recommended for family reading....more info
  • Very Special Book
    I hope that they make this book into a movie.

    Dewey, is the story of how one cat, brought together an entire town.

    The story is told with a great reverence for Dewey, which is refreshing in this egotistical world where we human animals are (wrongly) taught that we are the only animals who matter.

    Nothing could be further from the truth: All of us are individuals. All of us are living, precious souls worthy of life, love and happiness.

    Like Vicki Myron said in the book, "Dewey wasnt just a cat". No, like all cats, and all other living souls (two-legged and four-legged), Dewey was an individual, who just wanted to love and be loved.

    Isnt that all that any of us really want?

    We can learn alot from cats and dogs, if only we'd stop murdering them in so called "shelters", and saved them and made them a part of our family.

    We can learn alot, indeed.

    Dewey taught the entire state of Iowa more, than all of the books in every library in Iowa could ever teach: All you need is love. Love is all you need.

    Love is all that matters. Love is all there is.

    "We (human animals) can learn alot from the higher animals"
    - Mark Twain.

    ...more info
  • A chance at life and love.
    Dewey is a poignant story about a cruelly abandoned kitten and the wonderful library staff who saved, cared for and loved him. His impact extends further and touches many lives within the Spenser community.

    It is a lovely book about a great cat. Dewey's story illustrates how underrated cats are, and, if given a loving chance, are able to reciprocate that love in wonderful and mysteriously feline ways. We all have the chance to own a 'Dewey'. I personally know of many stories of saved cats and dogs who have become remarkable animals (stories of saved animals from the countless farms invaded by destructive and violent louts acting on Mugabe's murderous orders in Zimbabwe is one such example).

    I too have a kitten (called Richard Parker named after the tiger in 'Life of Pi') which I saved from starvation and exposure and he has proved to be a charming and lovable animal which many people in my neighbourhood have also come to know and love. We have become friends with many of these people through this wonderful cat whom they all refer to as 'Mr Parker'!

    Loving and caring for pets can be a rewarding experience that can, as this story shows, impact positively on our lives. All they need is that chance that Dewey was fortunate enough to find. In short, a story well worth the read! In the interests of objectivity for this review, I would have rated it 4 and a half stars out of the five if this option were possible - some of the content was surplus to requirement in that it was less about Dewey and a 'little more information' (while interesting) than was necessary for the story....more info
  • cosy, touching
    It was very good written, sometimes I could see it all in my emagination. Cosy and touching, give a good laughter from time to time. Something to read in bedtime to make you in a good and relaxed mood....more info
  • Sometimes Your Best Friend Isn't A Person
    "Dewey" is a memoir of a cat who inhabited the Spencer, Iowa public library for 19 years. Intertwined with Dewey's story is the story of Dewey's human, Vicki Myron, and the ups and downs of her life and the life of Spencer as a community.

    This is not merely a collection of cute cat stories (although there are plenty of those as well), but is more the biography of a cat, and his relationship with the many people in his life. Parts of this story are quite sad, and Myron doesn't flinch from the sorrow, rather she discusses how Dewey helped her cope with issues in her life, and how he did the same for others. Obviously Myron and Dewey had a very special bond, one that even exists even after Dewey passed away. I am a believer in the power of the human-animal connection. Sometimes animals are a greater comfort than other people can be, and they have more noble causes.

    While Myron doesn't shy away from telling the bad with the good, there are numerous passages explaining Dewey's playful side and the uplifting effect he had on his human companions. I found the last portion of the book difficult but rewarding to read. As Dewey reached old age, he became more enfeebled as is normal, but never lost his spirit. This is hard for people who love animals, as most pet owners have to live with the realization that they will outlive their pets; I've been there, and the book brought all the emotions associated with that back to me. This isn't to say that you should avoid the book, in fact, quite the contrary. Dewey and Vicki Myron had a wonderful 19 year relationship, and Myron and Dewey emotionally depended on each other. While parting is difficult, it is still overcome by the wonders of the relationship itself. (As an aside, I actually felt more sorrow for Myron's parent's cat, Max, who was killed due to neglect at the veterinarian's office in the prime of his life.)

    This book is wonderful, although sometimes emotionally challenging. Many things went wrong in Myron's life, and she shares them unflinchingly; no matter how bad things got though, her best friend was always there for her. Thank you Vicki for the book and for taking care of a wonderful feline friend, and thank you Dewey for being an emissary for the human-animal bond and reminding ourselves of the value of love and friendship. ...more info
  • Hope, love and tears
    Great book about love and hope Dewey bought hope to a small town when times were bad and became a legend all over the world. It is also a story that shows how our pets are linked to us they are more the animals they are smarter than some humans I've met. They know what we feel and how to show love and show kindness.
    I know if your a cat lover your will cry when Dewey dies.
    This is also a story about a women whose life was not very easy and how a little kitten found one day connected with her nd became one....more info
  • Not as special as I expected.
    I received this book as a gift and after reading it and seeing it on the NYT best sellers list for months I have to conclude that MOST people received it as a gift. It's a nice, small book, not too expensive, and thus a good gift. It's just not that good a book to be a best seller. The parts that are actually about the cat are delightful. He was a beautiful, sweet cat with lots of personality - no doubt about that. But the other 3/4 of the book are dismal and boring. The story is not engaging; the writing is uninspired and prosaic. It has taken me 5 months to finish this book - the reading was a chore but I kept thinking it would improve. As I approached the last couple of chapters my hopes for the story to become amazing fell away as I realized all that could still happen was Dewey's demise. Well, at least the author is now comfortably fixed from the sales and publicity tours and won't live in poverty any more. Good kitty....more info
  • A cat and his people--a story of survival and love
    Heartfelt thanks to Viki Myron for this beautiful memorial to Dewey the Library Cat. Animal lovers will adore this portrait of a humorous, forgiving, and very special feline. But what I take away from this story is how animals and humans become connected to each other in life-saving ways. And not just Dewey's special person, Viki Myron--although her life challenges and Dewey's help form a stirring background to her narrative. But rather how an entire community under stress is, in a certain way, "rescued" by the big hearted stray tossed into the book return. This is not a sentimental book but a tough story of survival through kindness in unexpected places. I have ordered three copies, one to cherish and two to give to friends. ...more info
  • Dewey Stole my heart...
    This book is so wonderful that I don't know where to begin. First, it has wonderful history of Iowa, where my family originated, and I loved that... It's a story of the cruelty and the redemption of mankind. One thoughtless and cruel act changed the lives of people world-wide. From ashes to glory and on and on and on. I have a "red cat" I know they are very smart. Of my four cats, my red one is the alpha. He leads and is respected. This is why I totally believed every word in this wonderful book. I was crushed that the library board wanted to kick Dewey out when he was old and sick--the full circle if you will...put back into the depository box, lest anyone see an old and sick cat. But Dewey hung in there until the cancer took him away. This cat is with the Lord. I believe this with all my heart and soul! Read this book and buy a few for friends! Have lots of tissue ready for the end. I sobbed for an hour! I wish I'd known Dewey personally. But my life is enriched having read this wonderful book....more info
  • Very touching.
    Grab a box of kleenex. If you love animals, this book will touch your heart. How adorable is he? I think he was part human.

    I never heard about this adorable feline until the book came out, but what a wonderful animal. He made so many people feel something special. I think animals do that in general, but this one was shared by so many.

    I enjoyed Vicki's stories and thought it really added to her feelings about Dewey. I didn't realize libraries had cats at all.

    Thanks for sharing the heartwarming story. ...more info
    It will make you laugh, make you cry and warm your heart!!! This is an amazing book about an amazing cat! The whole world loved Dewey and after reading this book, it's easy to see why!!! Great story!!!...more info
  • Even a dog lover can enjoy this book
    I'm not a cat person. I love dogs (especially pugs!). I've never been a cat person my entire life. My fiance has a cat, and while I can stand her, honestly I would much rather prefer another dog. However after listening to this audio book, I would have liked to have met this cat, Dewey Readmore Books. On a recent road trip, my fiance and I listened to this book on CD and thoroughly enjoyed it. It quickly became a must listen for both of us. With fiance being a cat person and me being a library person, this story had the best of both worlds. We enjoyed hearing about Dewey's life and how he touched not only the author and the town, but the entire world as well. Fiance even cried at the end of the story. It was a good thing I was the one driving! My only qualm was that it was an abridged book which is apparently the only version the audio book comes in. While the story flowed very easily, I wonder what we had missed by not actually reading the book. That being said, we were very impressed with Dewey's story and we both wish we had been able to have met him. If you are looking for a good book to listen to on at trip this summer, be sure to grab this CD. ...more info
  • Cat and human interest story lovers will love this book
    A very well written book. It held my interest from beginning to end. No doubt about it, Dewey was a very special cat. As a former librarian I especially enjoyed the adventures of Dewey and his relationship and influence on the adults and children alike.
    Whoever buys this book will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • If you like cats and/or libraries, you will like this book
    I bought this book as a gift for my wife. She is a librarian and she loves cats, and I knew she would enjoy a book about a library cat. When the book arrived, I became curious about Dewey's story from seeing his cute picture and reading the comments on the dust jacket. I read it that evening (before my wife), and I'm glad I did. Dewey's story is very heart-warming; reading a story like this every so often reminds you that life really is precious and wonderful....more info
  • A library will never be the same
    Dewey was a truly wonderful book. It beautifully captured this special feline and how he touched everyone's life, even the readers. The book also beautifully captures a small town and a way of life many of us will only experience through this honestly painted portrait.This book made me see my feline in a way I never thought.Thanks Vicky and Dewey I will remember you both for a long time. ...more info
  • Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
    Wonderful, wonderful book. A good read for anyone, adults and kids alike. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry. I would most definitely recommend it and give it 5 stars! It will stay in my library to read again in the future. ...more info
  • Dewey was Amazing - This Book Not So Much
    I really wanted to enjoy this book more than I did. I love cats and I'm a librarian. While the tale of Dewey Readmore Books and his affect on the citizens of Spencer is endearing, the writing style of this book was grating. Two word sentences and "isn't this small town the most charming and tolerant place ever" message was tiresome. I get it - you love Spencer, Iowa and I'm sure the people are wonderful. But the reader doesn't need constant reminders of this and the story can stand on its own. I feel like there is a lot of "filler" in this book just to make it longer. In spite of this repetition, the story of Dewey and his relationship with the author was touching. This was a remarkable cat who made the library more of a community center than a warehouse for books. Especially touching was Dewey's ability to bring shy and even severely disabled children comfort....more info
  • Wonderful!!
    Dewey is one of the best books I have ever read. It is such a nice story from start to finish & a quick, easy read. Whether or not you're a cat lover you will fall in love with him & want to find out all about him. It is just amazing how one cat can really touch so many lives & make such a difference in a small town. What a pleasure to read such a heartwarming story, sure to be a favorite! You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • The reincarnation of Dr. Fur_oid ?
    This an amazing story of a library cat with an acute intuitive nature, perhaps even exrasenory, that allowed it to enter the hearts of many peope of the small community, many being down on their luck, disadvantaged in some way or in need of a lift. The cats amazing abilities uplifted the town in such a remarkable way that it grew state wide, national and then world wide notority for it's incredible talents.

    If you need a "warm fuzzy" this is your book - Dewey will definitely capture your heart. ...more info
  • Reminded me of my Cat Bob
    I don't know much about Iowa but this book has a folksy Midwest narration the lends easily to visualizing Dewey and the people he touched. I was expecting a silly book about a silly cat, but Vicki Myron is truly an inspirational story in her own right, a strong powerful person who overcame so many odds and dark days with the help of her extraordinary cat. Now I am a cat person and I can relate to her love of Dewey. When I was 8 we found a stray cat that was starving and my dad thought had rabies, so he tried to kill it with a rake and I stopped him. From that point on it became our cat, we fed him fattened him up and I started to call him Bob. Bob wasn't quite like Dewey. He scratched people when they pet him the wrong way, bit them when he didn't want to get up, and always went for the eyes. But he always loved me the most, sleeping in my bed, choosing my lap. Where I saw a bit of him in Dewey was the Diet towards the end of his life. In December of 2005, Bob began to binge on Sheba cat food. He ate tons of it and was growing fatter by the day, and his strange eating habits almost went unnoticed. But in the coming months he stopped eating altogether. He started losing weight, sleeping in the bathtub, drinking from the toilet. He looked almost as sickly when I first saw him. By the time I took him to the vet it didn't take a genius to know he was dying, and the doctor said he had brain cancer and had to be put to sleep or operated. I loved him so much but didn't cry. Bob knew he was dying of cancer but decided to starve himself. He didn't want the cancer to beat him. And I didn't have the stones to put him down. So I went back to college then came back the following weekend, it was the day before Easter that I saw him the last time, then he disappeared. Bob just went off someplace on Easter Sunday and I searched far and wide and never found him. He was so proud he didn't want me to see him die. From 1992-2006 Bob had been part of my life, we figured he was born about 89 and he lived a good life. But still it hurt. This book exercised those feelings of mine, in a good way though, as I read the pages it was almost therapeutic to read about someone going through the same feelings. The book is well written with very vivid imagery and a story whose message will never grow stale. Its easy to root for the characters in this book, they are just so wholesome and pure, that cynical North East guys like myself sometimes think they don't exist. But its good to hear from them from time to time. ...more info
  • Dewey; The Small-Town Library Who Touched the World
    This book was so wonderful ... an easy read! It is written from a first-person perspective and the author's insight about Dewey is so heart-warming! I had a hard time putting it down! It was also interesting to learn how Dewey touched so many lives in this small town of Iowa and also throughout the world. It is a true story about a real cat and real people ... this makes it even more enjoyable. If I ever get to this town, I will look for the landmark that includes an image of "Dewey"! I highly recommend this book and no ... a person does not have to be a cat-lover to enjoy this treasure!...more info
  • Dewey
    Dewey Readmore Books was the most incredible cat. It is a story suitable for the young reader as well as us oldtimers. It made me miss the small town where I was born.
    Be sure to keep a box of tissue near when you read it. It will bring happy tears as well as sad ones. Thank you Vicki for sharing his story with us....more info
  • Disappointing
    I was so looking forward to this book. I'm from Iowa and I expected to find a well-written tribute to a fun library cat. Instead, what I found was a long, stale memoir - half about the cat, half about the author's life.

    I didn't really care about the author, nor did reading this book make me want to care about her. The chapter beginnings are engaging (they're almost always stories about Dewey) but they almost always go downhill from there. The writing is shabby; for the editor getting his name on the front with Ms. Myron, he sure didn't do a very good job.

    My husband and I forced ourselves to finish this book. We spent $20 on this book at Borders, which we now regret, and by the end we were glad to put it down.

    Leave it on the bookshelf. Not worth your time....more info
  • I knew Dewey
    I live in Spencer and spent many afternoons at the library. Dewey was a special as written. It was always a joy to be greeted at the door by him and watch him interact with the children. His story touched all of us in this town. Dewey made a trip to the library a special event. Glad that Vicki was able to share her story and his with all the world. ...more info
  • A Novel Menagerie's Perspective on Dewey
    The Review:

    This is a wonderfully sweet book about Vicki's love for Dewey and Dewey's love for the entire town of Spencer, Iowa. Dewey's life made international headlines both during his life and when he passed away. He was a cat that was loved by many. Why did so many people love Dewey?

    Dewey was dropped into the book depository slot on a cold night. The dirty, cold kitten needed food, shelter and a bath! The story is a simple one and an endearing one. Vicki decides to see if she can get the town's approval to keep the cat as a "library cat." She is, of course, successful. Over time, the workers at the library and patrons alike fall in love with Dewey and his amazing personality. He did fun things like riding the book cart when they put books away and climbing along the top of the bookshelves staring down at the folks. He greeted just about every patron and made his rounds when visitors were there.

    Vicki does bring home Dewey during vacations and holidays, but otherwise Dewey lives in the library. When she arrives at the library in the morning, he literally waves to her! People come from all around the world (yes, the world) to meet this well publicized cat. A Japanese film crew even came to film him for a part of a documentary they were doing. This cat just had a way of taking a small town even smaller... giving them something in common to love together.

    There are pieces of the book that allow the reader to understand Vicki's life, in addition to some of the other library workers. She is a sensible lady who did much for others and her community. And, I understand what it must have been like for her when Dewey passed on in her arms. In fact, upon his passing, there were several news articles published about it, worldwide.

    The book was a pleasure read... nothing profound or intricate. Just a light and easy book that any cat lover can relate to. I enjoyed it and would have no problem letting my 11 year olds read this book should they want to.

    Favorite Quotes of the Book:
    "...I guess my final answer to that is when everything in my life was so complex, when things were sliding in so many directions at once and it seemed at times the center wouldn't hold, my relationship with Dewey was so simple, and so natural, and that's what made it so right."

    "I'll always remember the former city manager. Every time he saw me, he said with a smail, "Are you girls at the library still mooning over that cat?" Maybe he was trying to be funny, but I couldn't help but feel offended. Girls!That word might be a term of endearment, but I go the feeling he was putting me in my place, that he was speaking for a large block of community leaders who couldn't even conceive of making a fuss over things like books, libraries, and cats. That was girl stuff!"

    "It never crossed my mind, at this point, to think of Dewey as the library's cat. Dewey was my cat. I was the person he came to for love. I was the person he came to for comfort. And I went to him for love and comfort, too. He wasn't a substitute husband or a substitute child. I wasn't lonely; I had plenty of friends. I wasn't unfulfilled; I loved my job. I wasn't looking for someone special. It wasn't even that I saw him every day. We lived apart. We could spend whole days in the library together and hardly see each other. But even when I didn't see him, I knew he was there. We had chosen, I realized, to share our lives, not just tomorrow, but forever."

    "Mom's faith came from the church, but her strength came from the inside."

    "Mom raised me to have that kind of strength. She knew there were no promises in life. Even when things went well, they never went easy."

    "That's life. We all go through the tractor blades every now and then. We all get bruised, and we all get cut. Sometimes the blades cut deep. The lucky ones come through with a few scratches, a little blood, but even that isn't the most important thing. The most important thing is having someone there to scoop you up, to hold you tight, and to tell you that everything is all right."

    On Sher's "One to Ten Scale":
    The more I review, the harder it's getting to rate them. Would I recommend it, yes, but it depends who to. For an animal lover, I'd give it an 8... and for the average reader maybe a 6.75 to a 7. Again, it was endearing and sweet, but I definitely think there's a target audience for this read.

    ...more info
  • Dewey
    Dewey is a MUST read for cat lovers and anyone who wants to read a warm and cozy book. I have bought four copies for friends and family members and the books have been passed around to many, many others. I highly recommend this book. The author and co-author did a great job of deplicting this wonderful and lovable little cat as well as the great people in Spencer, Iowa!...more info
  • True story
    For those of you who just read the one and two star reviews. This is a story about a CAT in a LIBRARY in a small IOWA TOWN. If you want excitement read Grisham or Dan Brown. If you like real life read DEWEY. He was a great cat. End of story....more info
  • Touching. Only the stone-hearted would not be moved.
    First of all, to the 1- and 2-star reviewers and potential bashers: Seriously, you're looking for character development and great literature here? This is a work of nonfiction. It's a biography and an autobiography. Factual. It's supposed to tell the story of the very real life of this cat and his caretaker, and that is what you get. If it isn't as exciting as you think it ought to be and that leads you to dismiss it, then you don't know how to reap the harvest of a book. Perhaps you do have to be a "cat person" to really appreciate why this cat was able to achieve the renown that he did. If you know cats, you know that RARELY do they expend a whisker's twitch of energy caring what humans think or feel. Dewey was a phenomenon. Admittedly, there was annoyance at the inclusion of details about the author's life that seemed superfluous and distracting. Hence, I rate only 4 stars. But it was easy enough to tune out the inconsequential details and concentrate on Dewey's story and his effect on the constellation of humans around him. I cried reading of his struggles and laughed learning of his antics. Granted, there is no great history-making literary work here. One has only to read the title to know you're not getting Tolstoy. There is something to be said for the "Average Joe" in "Anytown, USA" having a worthwhile story too. I, for one, am happy that Dewey's story was deemed worthy of a book deal and was very touched by reading it.

    ...more info
  • Purrrfect!!
    Vicki Myron gives an excellent reflection on how pets can change our lives, while portraying small town life in the heartland. A must read for all pet lovers!! ...more info


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