The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program

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Sugar lurks in foods in more than 85 different forms. Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D., the first person to receive a doctorate in addictive nutrition, says that besides being detrimental to the immune system, the more than 100 pounds of processed sugar consumed annually by each American is responsible for "mood swings, depression, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, PMS, impulsivity ... [and] unpredictable temper." And while overdosing on the sweet stuff is a national pastime, she says her research shows indulging in sugar highs should be treated much more seriously, akin to heroin or alcohol dependency, because sugar causes spikes in the neurotransmitters serotonin and beta-dopamine just like those drugs--and can eventually wreak similar mayhem on one's health, work, and relationships.

The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program is not a quick fix; DesMaisons's plan aims to eliminate sugar cravings, requiring five days of "detox," along with building up the resolve to stick to the recommendations over time--including while out at restaurants, during social gatherings, and while traveling. Fortunately, she offers plenty of tips for those situations, and her prescription is practical and easy to follow, including seven steps as simple as making sure some protein is included with each meal. (That's not to say this is a high-protein, low-carb diet; she criticizes Dr. Robert Atkins and other fad-diet hawkers.) DesMaisons includes more than 50 recipes that cover breakfast through dinner; advice for choosing comfort foods to replace those M&Ms and sodas; and an invitation to join the support group she runs through her Web site. The Recovery Program should be of particular interest to parents and teachers, considering the way sugar-saturated foods are ruthlessly marketed to children--Coke machines are more and more commonplace in elementary schools--and that many of the behaviors DesMaisons links to sugar sensitivity are remarkably similar to those of ADHD. --Erica Jorgensen

Building on the science of nutrition that she outlined in her bestselling book, Potatoes Not Prozac, Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons now presents the first complete, in-depth dietary plan for living with–and healing–sugar sensitivity. She explains exactly how you can free your mind and body from the tyranny of sugar and shake off the exhaustion, mental fogginess, and mood swings that sugar dependence causes. Revealing the various ways sugar addiction affects both men and women, and the unique methods for healing it, Dr. DesMaisons encourages you to custom-tailor her simple program to fit your lifestyle and includes information on

• How to integrate a “slow-carbs not low-carbs” strategy into your diet
• Why regular protein is essential and how to get it with every meal
• What to eat when a sugar craving strikes
• How to get the nutrition you need on the run–even at fast-food restaurants
• How to find an exercise program you’ll enjoy
• Ten breakfasts you can prepare in a flash
• Menus and recipes for every lifestyle and taste

Practical, hands-on, and reader friendly, The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program will transform your life by helping you eat right–starting today!

Customer Reviews:

  • not just a diet book
    I wanted a diet book intially, one that would be easy to do...but this is so much more. I really do have a problem with sugar...could never say no to a chocolate bar...thought people who gave up candy for lent were nuts. I'm not saying it easy...I'm still on part 2 after a month, but I can already see I feel differently about carbs and sugar. Oh and for those who don't get the point of eating a potatoes at night, all that about the glycemic index stuff...well you eat the potatoe with its fiber is found in the skin makes all the difference.......more info
  • Finally - The Answer
    This book is the answer I have been looking for all my life. After reading the first chapter, I knew I was home. This is the only way to cure the insanity of sugar addiction....more info
  • Not the right solution for me
    I read "The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program" and became sugar-free by following this program in 2002. Instead of being addicted to sugar, I became sort of addicted to DesMaisons's website and whether or not I was receiving her approval on "doing the program" correctly.

    After two years of denying birthday cakes and Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, I could no longer stand it and took on a sugar binge of Willy Wonkan proportions. I learned that I needed to find out how to live WITH sugar (in a healthy way) not live without it.

    I tried a no-grain diet with lots of protein, fruits and vegetables. First I just did it on the weekdays only, but now I prefer to eat that way all the time. For guidelines on a no-grain diet, check out "The Paleo Diet" by Loren Cordain, or run a web search on "paleodiet." Today I can have a piece of cake now and then, or some ice cream. Amazingly, sometimes I turn down sweets... unheard of! The difference is that now I can stop eating sugar once I start.

    It turns out I wasn't addicted to sugar at all. Eating sugar was helping my body compensate for low energy. This book didn't heal me of my core problem, but helped me to ignore it for a few years. I'm glad I found the real cure....more info
  • A Practical Guide: Straightforward and Insightful
    I am so excited about this book! Since the release of Dr. DesMaisons' previous book, Potatoes Not Prozac, I have awaited the writing of her new work. This book surprised even me. It is written in a practical, straightforward style that really "hits the nail on the head." Anyone can read this book, understand, and follow the simple program outlined by the author. The book contains practical ideas, recipes, answers to difficult questions, and suggestions from "fellow travelers."

    I *love* the personal tone of the book. It is warm and inviting, and full of possibility. As a person with 100+ pounds to lose, I am filled with hope and assurance that this is a program I can follow -- and will.

    Many thanks to Dr. DesMaisons for this important work....more info

  • Makes sense but....
    I guess Desmaisons theory is correct but her suggestions didn't really work for me. I do understand that sugar is detrimental to our health but how to go about eliminating it from your diet can be a struggle. I suggest Kat James 'The Truth About Beauty' or Roberts "The Shangria-La Diet" for help on loosing weight and cutting sugar. ...more info
  • A real lifesaver
    Kathleen DesMaison's first book, Potatoes not Prozac, changed my life. I had been depressed and negative for years, and just couldn't change my attitude, no matter what I did. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that those desserts I loved so much were the cause of my problems.

    The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program picks up where Potatoes not Prozac left off, and provides the practical know how to follow the plan outlined in Potatoes not Prozac. (By the way, this book stands by itself, so you don't need to read Potatoes not Prozac first.) It's full of practical tips and techniques. You'll learn how to make a grocery list, and shop for food, how to find a sugar free snack at a convenience store, what to order when you eat out, how to deal with nosy people who try to get you to eat sugar, how to sail through the holidays without sugar, and many other things. The book also features recipes submitted by people who are following the way of eating described in the book.

    Kathleen DesMaisons has a very accessible writing style. You feel as though you are having a conversation with her. A feature I really enjoyed in this book is quotes from people who have been following the program. In case you are having doubts about the ability to have a good life without sugar, just read some of the quotes. It can be done, and here are real people who are doing it, just to prove it to you.

    If you have even the slightest suspicion that you might be sugar sensitive, buy this book. It could totally change your life. In the last two years, since I started this program, I have changed in so many ways, I feel that I am finally becoming the person I was meant to be, instead of just staying stuck in depression and negativity. This book will show you how you too can become the person you were meant to be....more info

  • Great Book!!
    I would buy this book just for the recipes. It is very friendly and easy to follow. This is the best book of its kind that I have read. ...more info
  • Finally the solution to why I overeat
    I've been following Dr. DesMaisons solution since her previous best seller, "Potatoes not Prozac", was released. I've lost weight and I feel better than I have felt in many, many years. This phenominal new book stands on its own providing all the tools you need to learn about and follow the solution to sugar addiction. It is easy to read, conversational, and sends warmth and caring right to you. Don't pass this up if you want to lose weight and feel on top of the world....more info
  • Excellent companion to Potatoes Not Prozac
    Whenever we embark on a trip to a faraway land, it is always useful to hear what worked and did not work from others who have already been there and done that.

    The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Program is packed full of what works and what does not work on the journey to radiant recovery from sugar and/or alcohol addiction. Both Dr DesMaison and many other people from all around the world share their practical insights.

    I have found the down to earth wisdom in this book invaluable on my journey to feeling great about myself and my life.

    Thanks to Dr DesMaison and all the other people who made this book a reality....more info
  • Not as good as her book on potatoes, but okay....
    In THE SUGAR ADDICT'S TOTAL RECOVERY, Kathleen DesMaisons elaborates on material found in her earlier book POTATOES NOT PROZAC. DesMaisons is an expert on addictive nutrition. Many people who eat sugar impulsively may have an addiction problem. Sugar can be found in everything from alcohol to apples. DesMaisons earlier book discussed the science underlying her claim that the serotonin level in the brain is a major factor in depression and other disfunctional behavior. In this book, she reinforces her earlier findings and elaborates further. Her approach will appeal to those familiar with 12-step recovery programs. Additional information in SATR includes: 1) a Q&A where DesMaisons futher elaborates on eating potatoes (why it is a good idea before bedtime); 2) a small section of recipes; and, 3) an extended list of covert sugars.

    DesMaisons says it's not just overt sugars that can be a problem. Covert sugars have been added to most processed foods and can be a major issue. Did you know that eating low-fat ice cream may be worse than eating regular ice cream? The lo-fat kind relies on sugar to give you the smooth texture provided by fat in the cream kind. I have found DesMaisons books very helpful because I have been following the INSULIN RESISTANCE DIET advocated by Hart and Grossman, and DesMaisons books nicely complement their work. Getting sugar consumption under control and lowering my insulin resistance has been a major factor in my improved health. I am 61, just had my physical and my sugar is perfect (from diet and exercise alone)-and I am related to dozens of diabetics....more info

  • NOT FOR VEGANS! There are other forms of protein than animal
    This book has a lot of good tips, but it is environmentally irresponsible to recommend eating animals as well as nutritionally irresponsible, given the fact that meat, which is the muscle of an animal, is fat and cholesterol.

    The author mentions tofu, but doesn't mention the fact that vegetables have as much protein as animal flesh.

    Animals raised for food suffer more than consumers can imagine. Please stop promoting the meat industry and irresponsible nutrition....more info

  • A Hands On Practical Guide for Addressing Sugar Sensitivity
    I had been following Dr. DesMaisons' plan for nutrtional healing of sugar sensitivity as outlined in her previous book, Potatoes Not Prozac, for a year and a half. And I have been aware of the research she continues to do to help people who come from places of pain and shame surrounding issues of addiction. Her warmth, compassion and dedication to carrying a message of hope has touched and inspired me.

    This new book is a wonderful hands on, practical guide that addresses all the details and questions people might have for implementing a revolutionary new way of addressing addiction related to sugar sensitivity. Gathered from her own personal experiences as well as those of the global community that has grown in support of each other, she offers us menus, shopping lists, recipes and practical tips to guide us in ways to heal our biochemistry through food.

    All who have experienced the feeling of hopelessness surrounding addiction, who are looking for a solution that works, will find simple tools in this book to help reestablish their physical, mental and emotional well being.

    Bravo, Dr. DesMaisons! This is a 'keep it with me all the time' guide to the serenity, sanity and radiance that has eluded me because of addiction....more info

  • The absolute truth.
    The science presented is easily understood, and after reading through the checklists, there is no doubt that I am addicted to sugar and it has caused me a great deal of pain in my life. The program of recovery is detailed in gradual steps, which was hard with my black-and-white thinking to adapt to. But I believe it is the right way to approach this problem. It was inspiring to read the stories of people who have succeeded. A counselor who specializes in addiction told me this was the best book on sugar addiction he had seen. A powerful book for a BIG problem. ...more info
  • Not an improvement
    A simple, less technical recap of DesMaisons previous book, Potatoes Not Prozac. Not an improvement. DesMaisons, in her book and on her related website, implies that the solution to "sugar sensitive" people's problems is purely biochemical. Just "do the food" and you will get "radiant recovery." Since she uses a lot of alcoholism parallels, I'd like to point out that sobering up (or detoxing from sugar) is simply the first step in recovery. ...more info
  • Do the maths..... read this book.
    I can see clearly now the "sugar fog" has gone..... No more erratic mood swings, no longer do I feel like my life is spiralling out of control, with the help of this book I've managed to get my life back on track.

    After facing up to my problem in August of this year, I sought refuge in this book and what a wise move it turned out to be. I've always thought of myself as a healthy eater who maybe on occasions indulged in the odd overt sugar fix, but for a month this summer I seemed to lose control of my habit. "Addict" is by no means too stronger term to use, I simply couldn't get through the day without fixes after, in-between and sometimes even during my meals. Cut down, cut down I told myself.... Easier said than done.

    This book has simply turned my life around. It's given me focus, more energy, saved me money and even, so im told improved my performance in the bedroom. If there is anybody reading this review who feels that sugar is getting the better of them please, please, please read this book.

    Goodbye sugar lows, Hello Mr independent!
    ...more info
  • Works For Me
    Dr. DesMaisons takes complicated information and makes it easy for the non-scientist to understand. I applied her seven step program to my life and the changes are wonderful. I've also lost 55 pounds...more info
  • Finally an Answer
    The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program is a great book which has helped me to finally understand all my years of yo-yo dieting and to put an end to it. I have found a way to treat my sugar addiction and in doing so have become so much happier. This book is easy to read, user friendly, practical and so very loving. I am truley amazed with the many changes that have occured in my life from simply 'doing the food.' This book is a must read for anyone struggling with mood swings, sugar or general crankiness....more info
  • great book
    I haven't even finished it yet, but this book and plan really speaks to me. It has given me a better understanding of biochemistry and how it influences behavior. It's also made me realize that I definitely fit the description of "sugar sensitive", and how that sensitivity has affected my life. Very helpful....more info
  • The how-to book for the sugar addict
    In this book DesMaisons gives simple solutions for recovery from sugar sensitivity. This is a condition that affects millions of us physically, mentally and emotionally and makes life a very difficult road. SARP is a roadmap to the expressway for us. Take the tests to see if you qualify and, if you do, this program can change your life....more info
  • Totally changed my life for the better
    This book is the best thing that happened to me. This is not a quick fix. This program took me 15 months to get through, but once I got to the last step, I started losing weight. I have lost 86 lbs and a whole new me. I am so grateful to Dr. Des Maison. She has a great website for support, tips and questions. If you have tried everything else, give this a try. You have nothing to lose. It will change your life.......more info
  • finally-- the answer
    I have binged since I was [...] and have always been 'different' around food. My friends would describe me as emotional or overly sensitive. I saw myself in the pages of this book. I have been working the Radiant Recovery program since October of last year, and I feel like a new person. It's a journey and a process, but I will never go back to being hungry, miserable, and seeking my sugar fix all day!...more info
  • Life Changing
    This book very clearly explained the biochemistry of Sugar Addiction and how to recover from it. I loved the gentle, reassuring voice of the author, Kathleen DesMaisons. I felt like she was holding my hand and walking me through the steps needed to change life-long self defeating patterns.

    I have implemented these changes in my life and my life is turning around. People are telling me how radiant I look! My mind is clear and I am energetic and creative. I am going through the holidays without being tempted by the myriad of "treats" surrounding me.

    For the first time, I really know how to take care of myself with food and, more importantly, I am able to follow through on what I know.

    Kathleen's research and experience are a lifesaver! I highly recommend this book. And make sure to check out her website, which is an abundant resource: info

  • One question...
    I'm sorry, I haven't read the book, but one thing seems so outwardly contradictory to me that I have to say something. Cooked potatoes, which is what this author's diet plan revolves around, have an insanely high glycemic index- in plain terms, eating potatoes will raise your blood sugar faster than even table sugar, causing the insulin spike and so on. How can this author claim to be promoting a sugar-free diet??...more info
  • A Good Book For Diabetics Too!
    As a diabetic I am always looking for books that will help me with my disease. This book is very straight forward and very gentle. While it doesn't have too much specific information for a diabetic, I like that. I can follow a plan that other people do and get spectacular results.

    I read her other book Potatoes Not Prozac and have been following that for two years now and have felt good and have very little sign of my diabetes.

    I recommend both books to everyone!

    SuzanneC...more info

  • Not a sugar Addict's Recovery program
    This book simply changes one form of sugar to another form. They tell people to eat potatoes which are full of sugar. If you want to really get off sugar, try the following book.: Living Foods for Optimum Health by Brian R. Clement....more info
  • Simple, effective, & clear.
    This is my favorite book on carbohydrate metabolism, and Dr. DesMaison's approach could probably be adapted to layperson literature on several health topics. Most other books consist of listening to an "expert" sitting on a high perch trying to push readers on a narrowly track toward "perfect health" without any room for divergence, totally insensitive to real physiological differences. People need to be empowered with knowledge of the causes and effects of their health problems. DesMaison preserves the complexity of the concepts but in uncomplicated language that does not shy away from technically important details which may be critical to improved health. Several other books allow self-help gobbledygook to seep into the science or confuse the reader with conflicting facts, but not this one. I've yet to see another program that actually discourages giving up an addictive behavior whenever one feels able because a premature withdrawal might trigger a brain chemistry imbalance.

    DesMaisons recommends a slow and steady recovery from carbohydrate binging with an unorthodox albeit sound and practical nutritional approach. Hundreds will attest to _long term_ success. The 7 step program is not arbitrary and has undergone revision based on public feedback and continued research. The best part is that no one is held to a schedule. It's sort of like nutritional karate: a person advances to the next level when ready and no sooner, when he/she can benefit it. There are no induced starvations, and no promises of quick success. I don't rigidly follow the program (no longer need to) but the general idea, and several tips and tricks I've picked up, are still at the core of my eating principles.

    Most of the naysayers who have posted bad reviews here clearly reflect a poor understanding of the program and one wonders if they actually read the book, let alone applied its suggestions. SATRP relies on a mild but effective method that encourages listening to bodily feedback and helping the reader interpret various reactions. Admittedly, "sugar sensitivity" is not a medical condition, but it is a useful meta-syndrome laid out in crystal clear biochemical terminology supported by peer-reviewed literature.

    Vegans do seem to be short-changed, not only because there isn't much information specific to them, but also because this program might simply not work for most people trying to use strictly vegan sources of protein. The author has openly discouraged doing this because such sources are simply inadequate in the real world for reasons that apparently go beyond the amino acid count. If anything, this book might even serve as evidence against adopting a vegan diet, since that habit may trigger the condition. Human beings evolved as omnivores, an accepted fact in the scientific community. Most modern humans cannot adapt to veganism while retaining their previous level of health, and sugar addiction is probably one such symptom.

    An excellent update to "Potatoes Not Prozac." DesMaisons should really take her dissertation to medical conferences to help doctors fight the obesity "epidemic."...more info


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