The New Sugar Busters! Cut Sugar to Trim Fat

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When SUGAR BUSTERS! hit the shelves almost five years ago, it quickly became a diet and lifestyle phenomenon. The millions of people across the country on the SUGAR BUSTERS! plan discovered that by simply choosing the correct carbohydrates and lowering their sugar intake, they could shed the pounds they failed to lose with other diets. Now the weight-loss program that swept the nation has been completely revised and updated–incorporating all the newest nutritional findings, health statistics, and scientific studies, and featuring all-new, easy-to-follow recipes and meal plans.

Among the wealth of new material in this edition, you’ll find amazing testimonials from men and women who are losing weight and feeling fit the SUGAR BUSTERS! way; frequently asked questions and helpful answers; the latest on diabetes–and how SUGAR BUSTERS! can help prevent it; essential facts on women, weight loss, and nutrition; and new tips, updated charts, and practical exercise suggestions.

So arm yourself with the facts and get the figure you’ve always wanted. When it comes to optimal wellness on the SUGAR BUSTERS! program, it’s survival of the fittest–a way of life in which everybody wins!

Customer Reviews:

  • New Sugar Busters!
    The New Sugar Busters! book arrived in great condition and looked new.

    Thank you so much....more info
  • great book
    the book was sent in a few days, its a small book but right to the point and this is an easy way of eating to keep from having diabeties and to loose weight, thank you....more info
  • Excellent book
    Well written in very understandable format, and a quick read as well. I have already lent the book to others who are benefitting from the information provided in the text as well. I highly recommend this book. The authors were talking about glycemic index and the negative impacts of sugars and refined flours before everyone else caught on. Now everyone recognizes that a few simple changes to diet can make a huge difference in your weight and how you feel.
    Following the advice in this book, I have already lost about 12 lbs. ...more info
  • Easy to follow and good for the whole family!
    I have used this for years and it helps me keep my weight and cholesterol down, and as long as I fix a few potatoes for my family every now and then they are happy!...more info
  • Very informative.
    I would highly recommend this book. I lost 15 pounds in less than 2 months by eliminating excess sugar from my diet....more info
  • Looking great
    So much advice about diets and losing weight is out there on the market that you don't know which expert advice is really worth following. Should you look for food with less calories, less fat , less cabohydrates, less what? Sugar Busters clarifies the problem of why most of us are overweight and gives, in my opinion, an understandable and logical explanation to our misgivings while indicating to us which foods are most acceptable for those wanting to lose weight and which foods are anathema, i.e. don't even think of eating them. A surprisingly good, readable, enjoyable and informative book. Worth the money and time spent on reading it! ...more info
  • The New Sugar Busters
    Just plain great. Bought this again to give as gifts. Has helped friends and family members achieve weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. An easy to follow and stick with plan that works in an easy to understand format. Thank you....more info
  • another diet book
    Normally, I am not one to read "diet" books. Recently I have found interest in books about nutrition, but not "diets". I consider the difference to be that nutrition is an overall perspective of how different types of foods either help or hinder our overall health and a "diet" is more of a "do this, and don't do that". Based on some of my recent nutrition reading, I am paying closer attention to the processed foods that I consume. As a result, I came to believe that sugar is probably the one processed food that I consume the most of, either from drinking a cup of coffee or eating a piece of bread that has "honey" listed as an ingredient. Based on this, I decided to read up more on the subject of sugar in general.

    Here's what I liked about the book: There are many explanations about how the body processes foods and in particular, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Since I am not a doctor and I am not intimately familiar with how the body works in concert to digest food, I found this chapter to be an interesting read.

    I am a firm believer and follower of a whole-foods based diet. My interest in the book, as I mentioned above, was mostly to learn more about the toast I eat and the sugar that I use in my coffee in the mornings. I was also interested in the doctors' take on natural sugars from fruits--of which I have already replaced 100% of my cookies and other sugary snacks with. I found some things in the book to be contradictory to some degree. For example, the doctors suggest avoiding certain fruits that have a higher GI count. Things like bananas, raisins and watermelons. But a few chapters later, they suggested using cheese whiz in one of the recipes. I haven't checked the label of cheese whiz, but I don't consider cheese from a can to be very healthy. Another concept I had a hard time grasping is that synthetic sugar is a better alternative to table sugar. This may be true, but I was not convinced. Yes, I know that synthetic sugar is a safe and healthy alternative for diabetics, but this suggestions was not from the context of persons with diabetes.

    Perhaps the contradictions come from the fact that the book is written by 4 doctors. It's great that 4 doctors all agree enough on a subject to write a book together, but the content seemed to be disparate and contradictory, and perhaps this is the reason.

    I already eat a reasonably balanced diet and exercise regularly so overall, I didnt get anything from this book that would convince me to change my eating habits or lifestyle. ...more info
  • Great Information
    This book was an easy read and most informative. It is not only a good book for diabetics but for everyone's health. I recommend it highly....more info
  • A good diet plan
    This book is right on but really didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I know what items are highest on the glycemic index (bananas, white potatoes, white breads, pineapple, watermelon) and which foods are not. I was hoping the book would have an extensive chart that ranks the GI of each food but it does not, and only addresses a few! It also goes into great detail on how blood sugar works and insulin's role in the body (perhaps a little bit too much detail?). Still, cutting sugars is the way to go and I am a firm believer in all this book represents....more info
  • A keeper - and good reference book
    Among all the books on diet and health that I've acquired over the years, this a sure-fire keeper. I'll hang onto my copy after I've sold or donated the others to clear shelf space.

    The explanations of the biochemistry involved are easy for me to understand (and I'm no science major - not at all!). The book also has some resources I've turned to repeatedly, including glycemic index numbers for common foods and lists of recommended and not-so-recommended foods. I have turned to other sources for glycemic index/load numbers for additional foods that aren't listed here; a lot of that data is available online now.

    This book does not present an extreme all-or-nothing fad diet, but explains why some carbs are better than others, and why it's better to avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes. I only wish I'd read it years ago....more info
  • Sugar Busters Explains it all to you!
    The New Sugar Busters! is more than an expansion of the original book. The authors take what was, five years ago, a radical approcach to weight loss, and back it up with more thorough explanations of how and why a low glycemic diet is best for weight loss. The new book does nothing to change the basic approach to a low-sugar, correct carbohydrate lifestyle, but it does offer additional information based on the scientific evidence that now supports the basic premise of Sugar Busters!

    I have been following Sugar Busters for 2 1/2 years and have lost over 50 lbs. I believe that the new edition makes a convincing argument for why Sugar Busters is not a low-carb diet and should not be lumped in with Atkins, Protein Power, and other low-carb diets. If you are looking for a nutritional plan to help bring in a healthier and leaner new year, then the New Sugar Busters may be just what you need!...more info

  • Excellent!
    When you read this book, you just say to yourself,"of course!" It's so simple,yet we don't know how to do it until we see it in print. I LOST FORTY POUNDS!!!!...more info
  • Help for Diabetes II
    This book was recommended by my doctor since I was starting to show I was borderline diabetic. Basically, it helps you change your eating habits and to choose foods that are better for you and make you healthier....more info
  • So simple, so effective.
    So simple, but so effective, this book seems to present the best of all worlds in the diet market, and has more information than the first edition....more info
  • Clear and concise
    This book explains the science of weight loss in a clear and concise manner for the lay person to understand. ...more info
  • Yep, it works!
    I bought this for my mom, who was diagnosed with diabetes. She said this was incredibly informative and easy to read (as an example, she found out that a baked potato is the sugar-equivalent of eating several dozen tablespoons of sugar, or something wild like that). Anyhoo, she never heard of this book until I bought it for her and she has since given it to famiy members and friends to read. She has even highlighted passages. To me, those are pretty good indications that this book is a smart purchase....more info
  • Rowmaniac
    I've always been a healthy eater, attempting to choose low fat foods and healthy portions, but after a few years of decreased activity I was 65 pounds overweight. I read this book, and a light went on for me: it was not how much or little I was allowing myself to eat, but rather the type of foods I was eating. Everything set forth in this book made good medical sense to me. Even my doctor had told me, "If the cavemen did not have the food you are about to eat, choose something else. Enough of all the processed foods!" I should have listened sooner.

    The book sets for the medical reasoning behind why some of us gain weight despite eating what others might think is a "healthy" diet. Minor substitutions and changes in what type of sugars I eat and when I eat them has helped me lose 60 pounds and keep it off!

    The wonderful aspect of Sugar Busters is that the diet is a "lifelong way of eating" rather than some fad. In fact, this diet is prescribed as a medically sound way to prevent or control diabetes, which has become almost an epidemic in America. I have spent the last year using the tools I learned from this easy reading book to change my life, my body, and my outlook. People now want me to tell them how I got so healthy, while never wearing the frown of deprivation that other diets would put on my face. This eating plan has changed my life. I am not a religious person, but if I were, I'd want to preach about the merits of following this sound plan and getting a healthy body and mind in the process.

    If you read this book, take the time to think about the concepts set forth, and make the easy changes to implement the principles in the book, you cannot avoid losing weight. It just works. I have never been hungry for a minute, and those 60 pounds are not going to return. I am 100% confident that this is the plan I have always been searching for.

    Read the book and go for it!!! All you have to lose are those extra pounds. ...more info
  • Healthy Eating!
    Weight Watchers meets Atkins. The best of both worlds. Eat healthy and lose weight long term without counting calories or points or other nonsense. Personally recommended by my physician, a top Internist....more info
  • The New Sugar Busters ...
    I found this information very helpful and very valuable. Even though I try to maintain awareness of good eating habits, I found this exceptionally helpful in reducing all sugar products prior to purchasing.
    I have controlled my urges with carbohydrates and my love for fruit that would create a lot of insulin, and since reading this book and getting the Sugar Busters Cookbook, I am intaking more fiber, watching the amount of sugar in natural whole foods in one meal dinners or lunches, eliminating a lot of "White" potatoes, and eating fruits more appropriately throughout the day or week.
    I am extremely delighted to say.. I found I am losing weight, and not craving carbs or sugar foods as readily as I did before.
    I highly recommend this in general, without any cause or purpose. You will get a great deal of insight and information that YOU WILL USE on a DAILY BASIS, without having to call it a "DIET". You truly learn how to get healthy WITHOUT DRUGS !!!...more info
  • Great Plan to Follow
    Like many, over the years I have tried countless weight loss tactics. There are many good ones out there and I believe in taking a little bit of knowledge from each, that works for me and simply eating healthier as opposed to following a stringent diet. Whenever my weight starts to go up again it is absolutely because I stopped following the guidelines in this book. I pick up the book and read it again. Without fail the guidelines it provides help me lose weight quickly and consistently. This is a reference book I will not part with. ...more info
  • The New SugarBuster's
    When I saw my hairdresser lost of weight I had to ask her what she was doing to lost it. She told me about Sugarbuster's. I though, well I'll try it, but it sounds hard. When it came and I read it, it made so much sense to me, it's been easy. Only had the book for 6 weeks, and have lost 11 pounds, I am older and it's very hard to lose weight as you age. I also can not excercise like I'd like to becase of breathing problems, so to lose this much mostley bescause of my new eating habits, I'm very happy. I also ordered the other two books that go with this, and keep the one on shopping in my purse. It's working for me....more info
  • Excellent Book
    This book is worth reading. Has a lot more information in it than the first SugarBusters Book. Goes into more detail and is easy to follow and understand. I refer back to it all the time....more info
  • Disappointed
    This book may include more up-to-date statistics or info; but if you've read any of the other Sugar Buster books, you've got the concept. I found nothing new that was all that revealing. What I appreciate most is more new and easy recipes to help keep this lifestyle of eating interesting....more info


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