Dark of Night (Troubleshooters, Book 14)
Dark of Night (Troubleshooters, Book 14)

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Taking on the world¡¯s deadliest criminals is what the elite security force Troubleshooters Incorporated does best. But now they face a new and powerful threat from their most lethal enemy yet¨Ca shadowy government outfit known only as The Agency.

For years, operative James Nash has performed ultra-covert ¡°Black Ops¡± missions for The Agency, but when he decide to walk away from their dirty work, his corrupt bosses aren¡¯t about to let him go. After Nash is nearly assassinated, Troubleshooters team leader Lawrence Decker launches a skillful deception to neutralize the threat and protect his friend. With the FBI¡¯s help, Decker fakes Nash¡¯s death, then brings him to a safe house with his fianc¨¦e, Tess Bailey, to recover from his injuries and strategize their next move.

Only a handful of people know that Nash is still alive¨Cand fellow Troubleshooters Dave Malkoff, Sophia Ghaffari, and receptionist Tracy Shapiro aren¡¯t among them. Believing that Nash is dead and that Decker has begun a romantic relationship with Tess, Sophia settles for second best and begins a love affair with Dave, who has adored her for years. But Tracy puts two and two together, discovering the truth about Nash¨Cmuch to Decker¡¯s dismay. ?

As passions flare, Decker struggles to keep his scheme afloat, and to keep Nash alive. But when he finds himself targeted for death, the game turns even more perilous, and Sophia, Tracy, and Dave are swept into the deadly play. Under fire and racing to unmask their relentless adversary, the Troubleshooters know that the closer they get, the greater the risks. But sacrifices and consequences come with the territory. Forced to choose between love and loyalty, they are no longer just solving a crime¨Cthey¡¯re fighting for survival.

Customer Reviews:

  • What's all the fuss? This was fantastic!
    I've been working hard (in a good way) to catch up on the entire Troubleshooters series, as I just discovered it earlier this year. I had heard that there was all sorts of controversy with the latest book and with the author, so as I read today, hurrying to finish the book, I kept waiting for...IT. I finished the book and said to myself, "What's all the fuss? That was terrific! Probably one of my favorite in the series." I was thinking main characters would die, cherished couples would break up...I dunno. I had to get online to do research to figure out what had people so upset. So it's the Dave/Sophia/Decker thing?? Like most readers, I initially LOVED the idea of Deck and Sophia finally getting their HEA. I've loved Deck more and more each book. He's the damaged, mysterious hero. Love it. Sophia...I've liked her less and less. It's nothing the author has done. She's just too lovely, and I'm tired of all the guys being madly in love with her. Sophia this and Sophia that. Yeah, there were lots of clues that they'd eventually get together. But hello? There were even more clues that she and Dave would get together. I'm so glad she and Dave got their HEA. I love Dave, and it's totally believable to me that he would be really kick a$$. He was in the CIA, he fights terrorists. He's geeky, sweet, sensitive, AND kick a$$. I initially hated Tracy. I could not stand her in her first book. I was scared that she and Izzy would end up together. To me, her "new" character traits were believable. I think a lot of her annoying traits were acts, and after a couple of years, a lot of experience (including being kidnapped and held in a basement), we're seeing the new, improved Tracy. Brockmann has to change her characters over time...to develop them. And we, as the readers, learn to aspects to each character as time goes on. We wouldn't want all of Deck's cards laid out on the table 5 books ago, would we? No. So I loved the book. I absolutely couldn't put it down. I laughed outloud, cried, and cheered. Loved it. ...more info
  • The End??

    I just finished Dark of Night and was torn on a lot of levels. The unexpected pairing of 2 of the couples didn't really bother me but as others have stated changing who they were did bother me. Airhead and slightly slutty Tracy suddenly has a brain and psychoanalyzes everyone especially Decker (I can't imagine an alpha male like Decker who has lived as he has having a problem with his sexuality-h-m-m). Oh good thing she straightened him out. Decker was just who he was (alpha male)and now his character is ruined as far as I'm concerned. Tracy was either all knowing wise woman or all she could talk about was sex. You would think she were the expert and yet she hasn't had a meaningful relationship in her life. Towards the end she even comes up with a plan when they are rescuing one of their own, with Decker, Jules, Sam and Alyssa sitting around with their thumbs in their mouth. I sort of felt like half the book was to psychoanalyze Decker or Jimmy. I'm surprised we had time for a real storyline going on. (The one thing that bothers me about SB books is the fact that it is always the men who are imperfect and have all this baggage-the women are all just so perfect and talented and beautiful and etc and etc. I'm for women being independent and etc but it would be nice once in awhile to see one in her books that was less than perfect). I'm glad Jimmy and Tess got it figured out but how many books back did it all start. Sam is still my favorite character (he's just an interesting character).

    I never did think Decker would end up with Sophia. But Tracy! Well maybe it won't last! Even if it does I don't really care. And yeah Dave (who's character I always liked) changed to more Alpha and he and Sophia were a bit annoying but yet I can see them coupled more than Decker and Tracy.

    One reviewer mentioned not finishing the book for the profanity. Interesting! Because I thought there was much less than in the last book with Izzy who can't say one line without profanity. I got tired of all the sex talk between Tracy and Decker. They sounded more like 2 teens. I'm surprised they had time to solve the case they were working on.

    I have read the entire series on the Troubleshooters and this will be the last one. All the main characters have been coupled up and there comes a time to let them go and move on to perhaps a new series. I still read the FBI series of Catherine Coulter as she seems to add a new character or 2 along with her main characters and still manages to come up with a new interesting storyline. I probably like CC FBI series because the focus is on the case rather than the personal lives of the characters. I?|m not big on romance books. This book initially had a good storyline but got lost in the conflicts of all the characters personal problems. It?|s not easy to keep a series going and interesting for too long. Reading reviews I notice that Janet Evanovich is losing the readers interest after 14 Stephanie Plum books. Then James Patterson with the Alex Cross series is finding the same problem.

    I am glad I picked this up at the library because I would never buy it. I often do that with new books. I read them first from the library and if they are a keeper, I then order them from Amazon.

    Good bye Troubleshooters! Was a fun ride!

    Ps. IF SB came up with a story for Lopez, I might be tempted. (smile) He is already a nice guy so she wouldn't even have to change his character.

    ...more info
  • Very enjoyable read
    If 4 1/2 stars was an option, that's what I'd give the book. I liked it much better than the last one, actually.

    I didn't want Sophia and Decker together. I admit I did initially, but when Decker couldn't get his act together after awhile - I began rooting for Dave to grow a spine and step in.

    I give Dave and Sophia a thumbs up. I liked seeing Dave's POV. Decker and Tracy - not a surprise, but like many of the other reviewers have already said the author suddenly giving Tracy a brain, didn't work for me. My preference would have been to let her hang about for awhile and allow us to see her mature then use her later.

    I love Jimmy/Tess finally getting squarted away, they've been one of my favorite pairings along.

    I loved that Kenny made an appearance - he's been an enjoyable character. Jules/Robin were as always nicely written. Sam/Alyssa - honestly they sort of bore me now & have been overused - there are many other of the older characters I would prefer to see.

    My biggest critism of the book was that the arc for Sophia/Decker/Dave went on way too many books.

    That said the author has a loyal following - and I am one of those people. Will I read the next one? You bet. There are a very small handful of authors that I will purchase in hardback and Brockmann is one of them. I got this book on Friday night and read it in one sitting.

    ...more info
  • Disappointing in many ways
    I am a casual fan and just recently picked up Dark of Night, not evening knowing about the controversy. Having read a few of Ms. Brockmann's earlier books, I just assumed it would be a Decker/Sophia as well--and was it a surprise it wasn't! Yet, it wasn't a good surprise. The relationships in this book felt really forced and it just wasn't an exciting read. There was little to no chemistry between the main love story and the characters all felt like they were settling. I also wasn't intrigued by the overall plot of the book--it's weird to know someone faking being dead and how that affects others, when all the main characters know he is faking and those that don't, jump into bed instead of grieve over him. It didn't work for me emotionally on that level. As a casual fan, this book definitely doesn't showcase Ms Brockmann's strength as a writer and I would recommend her earlier books instead.

    As for her die-hard fans, I understand why they are upset. I think if the relationship had been really sold in this book so they then could make the transition of expectations one gets from series--but the way this book was written--the transition is really abrupt and I feel bad for some of them who feel betrayed. I can see why they are so unhappy over this book. I almost wish Ms Brockmann would do a do-over and write this book again. ...more info
  • Dark of Night
    Love the Trouble Shooters series. Go Dave! GO DECKER! Best yet.
    deb ...more info
  • Best of her Troubleshooters series
    Though not a part of her "fan club" on her reader's board, I have read most of her books and have watched her develop the character/plot arc of these characters with awe and respect for her unique ability to create interesting characters and diabolical conflicts. I have never been a fan of Decker (or Nash) but how she brought him full circle was amazing and very satisfying for this reader. That he finally showed some emotion was very satisfying. I think the greatest strength of this story was how MS Brockmann showed the growth of the characters Dave and Decker, and how she transformed Tracey into much more than readers have come to expect. Tracey was a wonderful surprise, not unlike Brockmann's creating a likable Mary Lou. Some may call that cheating but after all aren't the characters supposed to grow throught the conflicts they face?

    The plot was a page turner with at least three storylines going on, which might be difficult for the reader who has trouble keeping people straight without a score card. But that is the beauty of her work, she is a master storyteller. When the last page was turned I didn't want to leave these people but I know she'll bring the whole crew back in upcoming books, so we can find out what is up with them, that is the beauty of her creative work.

    This book may be difficult for the first time "Troubleshooter" reader but the joy comes in knowing you have a whole wonderful backlist of books to discover. For me this was her best book in this series : it had intense conflict, characters who meet the challenge of those conflicts, kept their integrity, provided wonderful wit and sass and still had provided the reader with a believable HEA. After all reading romance, one expects the required HEA, and no one in contemporary romance does quite as well as Suzanne Brockmann....more info
  • Dark Of Night
    I absolutely refuse to pay Kindle's current asking price of $14+. I'll wait for the paperback. Very disappointed. I see this a little too often in the Kindle editions....more info
  • Reading is FUNdamental
    I love this book! I can't wait for the next one. I was alittle disappointed in the beginning that Dave and Sophia were getting together. I wanted Decker and Sophia to get together (duh). But after awhile I was routing for Dave. Decker and Tracy took alittle longer to get use to. I think that Suzanne Brockmann was brilliant in changing up the couples because it was so unpredictable. I wanted to read more just to see how it all turned out. BRILLIANT!. Who's next? ...more info
  • Simply Fantastic
    I've read every book in both series Suzanne has written. Everyone of them is better then the last and this book is no exception. I read this book very quickly because it is a page turner. At the end of Into the Fire the entire TS world was turned upside down, and I was happy about it. I'm not a huge fan of Sam/Alyssa and I was an even lesser fan of Deck/Sophia...because I wanted Soph with Dave. And in Dark of Night my wishes were fullfilled!! I actually liked how Suz threw that curveball at the readers. That's one of the great things about her and her characters. You know they will get their happy ending, you sometimes just don't know how or with who. She admits she isn't the typical writter who will give you exactly what you want. That's what makes her so unique. Because life just isn't that perfect either. I'm still not a fan of Deck, seems he was only ever thinking with one brain, and not the one upstairs. I was pleased with the way his personality took a turn at the end of the book, hopefully he will be a bit more tolerable now. Hands down best part of the book, Sam teaches Nash to change a diaper. Hilarious.

    DON was a great read because she's bringing back character's we haven't seen in a while. Cosmo and, my personal favorite, Kenny even make appearences. It's filled with a crazy plot (I don't know how she comes up with them). It wasn't as funny as some of her past books and I didn't tear up as much at the end, but it was still a fantastic book. If you read Suz, and follow this series, you've got to read it. If you don't follow the series, you won't be getting as much out of it. Still waiting for Izzy's book!!!...more info
  • Great Read
    After reading the reviews I almost did not read the book. So glad I changed my mind. It may not have ended up the way I was originally thinking it would or the way I thought I wanted it to, but I was very excited with the outcome.It made sense! Things in life are not always black and white and don't always end up the way we want. I loved the book and can't wait for the next one....more info
  • Nice Surprises
    I enjoyed this book. Sometimes it's nice when an author takes you down a road you don't expect. I really enjoyed the depth that was brought to Dave, I have always liked his character and am glad that he had a HEA of his own. There have been times in the other books when you would get glimpses that he had a tougher side. I almost didn't buy this book because of the spoilers and early reviews, but I am glad that I ignored them and purchased it anyway. ...more info
  • Very Very Disappointing
    I have listened to both "Into the Fire" (well done) and "Dark of Night" on audio. What she did well with "Into the Fire"--good plot and a good balance of relationships, she turned upside down in Dark of Night. The plot was convoluted, seemingly arbitrary and a minimal part of the book. The relationships were multiple, intertwined and not only hard to follow, but felt like bad marriage relationships I could not get out of my head--kept thinking it would get better (p.s.,I enjoy a very good marriage). The dialog between the couples were an infinite series of interactions making the same point--sheesh. And the reading by Patrick Lawlor was atrocious, pipsqueak and whiny--wish I could unhear the whole thing. Lots of luck with this very, very disappointing latest work of Suzanne Brockman! I'm afraid she may be stuck with this new style, not knowing why it is bad....more info
  • Tells of a powerful threat from a lethal enemy when operative James Nash decides to work away from his Agency work
    Suzanne Brockmann's DARK OF NIGHT is read by Patrick G. Lawlor and Renee Raudman and tells of a powerful threat from a lethal enemy when operative James Nash decides to work away from his Agency work. A near assassination leads to a new identity, a safe house, and the involvement of a handful of people in a desperate plot.
    ...more info
  • I thought it was great!
    I disagree on the assessment that the character profiles changed. I think she just continued to reveal elements of them. I loved the plotline with Deck and Tracey and enjoyed the banter and what brought them together. The scene in the garage made me laugh out loud. I only hope there is another of this series. I cant think who is left!...more info
  • Great addition to the series
    Great story, didn't read too much into the characters changing as some have written. Story was interesting and well written, chracters changed some and grew, not that big a deal in my humble opinion. I would buy the next in the series as well, well worth the price....more info
  • A Compelling Secondary Story As Unsual
    I was a bit uncertain about buying Dark of Night because I was not that thrilled about Into the Night. However, I may be one of the few people who REALLY enjoyed this book and Suze's ability to make a secondary storyline OWN the book once again (she did this with Sam and Alyssa). The primary couple is okay, but IMO ----SPOILER------

    it's Tracey and Decker who have the most exciting chemistry outside of the tertiary storyline which I cannot spoil because it would ruin the book for many readers. Needless to say, that pairing has always been exciting and compelling as well. Cameos from favorites Sam and Alyssa among others make this a really great addition to the T-series and I look forward to more from Brockmann.

    A caveat for people who are die hard Sophia and Decker fans, this may not be the book for you BUT if you like these two as individuals and are curious about the angst that has plagued them since Flashpoint, then you should read this and keep and open mind while doing so. I for one am thrilled that Brockmann has proven once again that two people can have chemistry and a deep relationship without being a healthy emotional/romantic match for one another. ...more info
  • From now on, I'm waiting for the paperback versions
    The Seals/FBI/Trouble Shooter series by Ms. Brockmann has been an amazing ride. Unfortunately, her last 3 entries indicate that the ride is slowing down.

    Dark of Night was ok but definitely not comparable to the earlier entries in this series. At one time, Ms. Brockmann would focus on the love interest, develop those 2 characters, and use a very exciting and action filled storyline to showcase the characters. Now, she is just dumping action lines and is carrying far too many stories lines (i.e. relationships) in one book.

    I felt a sense of relief when I'd finally finished reading this book. My boredom was over. "Tracy" was the only character that caught my interest and even the brief glimpses of Sam didn't help - he was just too hoaky (Is that how you spell that word?)

    I don't know how people unfamiliar with the preceding books in the series could understand who all these characters were.

    Till now, I'd put on auto-buy any title in this series regardless of the cost of the hard back. No more. From this point on, I'll wait for the paperback version....more info
  • I liked the book and this review contains spoilers
    I just finished listening to the CD version of this book and there were several times when I drove around the block or sat in my driveway because I couldn't turn off until a particular scene was completed. It was that compelling! So be forewarned, this isn't going to be a negative review.

    I've read some of the negative reviews of this book and even checked out a couple of blogs that are really negative. As advertised, I'm going in the other direction.

    True, I gave the book a four instead of a five and that's only because there was so much exposition. It was probably necessary to bring everyone up to speed; I just found it tedious.

    As far as the book itself, I loved it. I thought Dave and Sophia belonged together and with all due respect to those who thought Dave's character changed too much, have you been reading these books all along? Right from the beginning, when Dave was first introduced, it was made clear that he thought he wasn't good for much and everyone else thought he was amazing. He thought he was just a geek who couldn't lead and didn't have much to offer. Ken Karmody said it best towards the end when he told Dave that he (Dave) was a legend in the Spec Op world because of who he is and how he gets things done. In Into the Storm, he saved Decker under impossible circumstances; Tom Poletti and Decker both keep trying to put him into leadership roles that he doesn't think he can handle and at which he then excels. Please, the only change in Dave's character is that he finally realized his own worth and strengths.

    I read where someone complained that Sophia was a wimp. I didn't pick that up much, but it could be I just wasn't seeing it. Tracy as Wonder Woman was kind of a shock. However, if you read the book to the end and just read it without trying to second guess the characters, you can see how each character grew and developed and found new facets of themselves everywhere they looked.

    Decker came to grips with the unreasonable demands he put on himself and finally was able to relax and enjoy himself. I think the whole thing about him being into S & M is BS and I'm not even going to go there. Anyone who wants to believe that the interactions between Tracy and Deck are in that realm, go for it. As for Tracy, she reached inside and found the strong (and sometimes seriously annoying) woman that was hiding under the blond bimbo facade, a metamorphosis that began when she was almost killed by the lunatic in Into the Storm.

    Dave just went about his business, doing what had to be done and Sophia came to grips with herself and her healing process. So, I didn't see a wimp; I saw a woman discovering a whole new world of joy being with, as she says in the prior book, "with a man who loves me." If all those who think she turned into a wimp because she was grappling with some real intense personal growth can go through that kind of experience and remain strong and confident throughout, I salute you.

    To cut to the chase here, there are parts in the middle that got a little dire and there were moments when I wanted to smack a character or two. On the whole. however, I liked this book, can't wait till the book itself comes so I can read it and will probably listen to it at least once more. Once I finished it, my biggest concern was that we wouldn't see Deck and Tracy and Sophia and Dave or Tess and Nash anymore. And honestly, I'm really concerned about Izzy and Eden and hope we are going to get to their story! In the meantime, this is a great story. Sue, ther are parts that might have been better and parts that are superb. Nobody's perfect! Read it, enjoy it, and watch the characters grow! ...more info
  • Not bad but a little disappointing for a Brockmann book
    I have been a Brockmann fan for many years and have read all her TDD books. I am very grateful for her work and consider her a talented writer and her earlier works some of the best, if not the best in the genre - interesting, well researched, with believable glimpses into the world of the SEALS, likeable characters, and funny dialogue. However, I found this book and some of her recent books somehow lessened - containing seemingly less research, less thoughtful stories, less believable characters, less humour; In the Dark Of Night, Sophia/Dave part seemed contrived - difficult to believe if you read the previous books. The Tess/Nash Jules/Robin storylines and dialogue were also a little boring. The plot of the story itself was somewhat banal - the sinister government agency conspiracy - very '80's'. By-far my favorite part was the Decker and Tracy story - a little intriguing, less cliche, a little tittilating, more of a page-turner, and even kind of funny. I am looking forward to Ms. Brockmann's next books and to the time when she finds better inspiration again!...more info
  • Himmmming and Hawwwwwing
    I must say that when I saw the reviews for this book I was upset. I really wanted Sophia and Deck to get together. I mean, that's how Brockmann set it up. I had received the book the day before I read the reviews. I was furious that Brockmann decided to change the tide. I wanted to return the book immediately. Well, I got distracted and didn't get to the book for a few days and so I got over my initial anger.

    Well, I ended up reading the book. I can't say I wasn't disappointed. Although Brockmann made a good effort of rearranging everything we had hitherto read about Deck, Sophia, and Dave I was left feeling kind of blah. Yeah, the way she wrote it went okay, but the fact that she changed our perception of Deck, Tracy, Dave and Sophia by rearranging their personalities didn't fly true with me. I couldn't get over waiting for Dave to do something completely geeky or for Tracy to do something completely dumb blondish.

    I'm disappointed that Brockmann chose to represent the characters one way in previous books, then changed their characters to show different personalities. I realize it is a work of fiction, but the reason most of us read these types of books is for the realism that is represented. When things go way beyond reality (i.e. completely changing your IQ and personality), the book and author loses credibility.

    Does this mean I will no longer read Brockmann books? No. But I feel like if it happens again, I might go looking elsewhere for my thrills. I love the troubleshooter series. I've read EVERY one. However, I have a hard time dealing with such an obvious deviation from an originally intended plot. I almost feel deceived. Brockmann led us to believe one thing, but we ended up with something different. The book was good, but you have to completely shut out the voices that are asking "what?" "how is that possible?" "She is so not that smart!" etc....more info


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