Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime

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A heartfelt, deeply personal book, Showing Up for Life shines a bright light on the values and principles that Bill Gates Sr. has learned over a lifetime of “showing up” — lessons that he learned growing up in the Great Depression, and which he instilled in his children and continues to practice on the world stage as the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Through the course of several dozen narratives arranged in roughly chronological fashion, Gates introduces the people and experiences that influenced his thinking and guided his moral compass. Among them: the scoutmaster who taught him about teamwork and self reliance; his famous son, Trey, whose curiosity and passion for computers and software led him to ultimately co-found Microsoft. Through revealing stories of his daughters, Kristi and Libby; his late wife Mary, and his current wife Mimi; and his work with Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter, among others, he discusses the importance of hard work, getting along, honoring a confidence, speaking out, and much more.

Showing Up for Life translates one man’s experiences over four score years of living into an inspiring road map for readers everywhere.

As Bill Gates Sr. puts it:

I’m 83 years old. Representing the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and everyone who is a part of it has given me the opportunity to see more of the world and its rich possibilities than most people ever do. I never imagined that I’d be working this late in life, or enjoying it so much.

Customer Reviews:

  • **** you NPR
    OK NPR is the background music in my office and Terry Gross is my tranquilizer. That day it sounded like she was interviewing Robert Young of "Father Knows Best" so I just half way tuned it in.
    It was Mr. Gates senior and he was enchanting and calming beyond measure so of course I had to order the book thinking it would be a quick easy read.
    Guess what...NOT. A beautiful, touching, stimulating, inspiring (even if some reviewers think "hokey", journey. After finishing the book, which took several days by my choice because I wanted to savor every thought, idea, and subtel suggestion and nuance Mr. Gates put forward.
    Spoiler alert, beware social conservatives and limbaugh/hannity followers you will more than not be appeased by Mr. Gates social, economic and political views. ***** ****.
    So thank you NPR, Ms. Gross, Amazon and of course the gentle Mr.Gates Sr who Mr.GatesIII made his best decision ever when he chose him to be his father.
    ...more info
  • Showing Up for Life
    It was a very inspiring story of how people can make a difference in life, starting with making such a strong impact on their family members. Many insights you can draw from this nice work. Bill Gates Sr. and his son also had an interview with Charlie Rose on this title as well. I got a copy for my best friend as well. ...more info
  • Hmmmm...
    Couldn't get more than halfway through it. Bill Sr. has an exceptional family and he is very proud of them and can pass on many anecdotes. While that may be so it is a tired subject with nothing really new or terribly interesting....more info
  • A paean of family praise from Bill Gates' FATHER
    This book, by Bill Gates' FATHER leads one to believe that there will be loads of wisdom on how to live a life of commitment to the things that matter. There is a bit of that here alright. But mostly it is a long-winded listing of the extended family's various accomplishments and as such it gets boring in a hurry. It reads like one of those tiresome "letters" that some self-important people enclose in their Christmas cards to let you know how fabulously they, their mates and children have done throughout the year. It's pretty well written but the self-satisfaction fairly leaps off the page. If you want a much better account of how how people achieve great things read Obama's first book, by him and about him and his family. Can't remember exactly, but the name is something like Dreams from My Father....more info
  • Easy, Thought-Provoking Read
    Showing Up for Life is a book filled with practical bits of wisdom, wrapped with interesting short stories from the author's life. He discusses his views on raising a family, having Bill "Trey" Gates, III as a son, success, relationships, education, philanthropy, etc. It's an easy-to-read-in-one-sitting kind of book that will stay in the backburner of your brain, to be chewed on later.

    I picked up this book mainly because of the title, before I noticed the author's name, before I noticed what it was about. For various personal reasons, I've had problems showing up for things in my life. There's a natural instinct in all of us to flee when things get rough and in my case, it's been a struggle. Mr. Gates is right: The first step in anything, especially in one's own life, is showing up for it.
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