Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight

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If you've ever wondered why the latest fad diet doesn't work for you... well, there are lots of reasons, mostly the fact that it's a fad diet. But it could also be that you're the wrong blood type for the kinds of foods the diet recommends. Peter D'Adamo makes a persuasive argument that your blood type is an evolutionary marker that tells you which foods you'll process best, and which will be useless calories. He covers the entire range for each of the four blood types, from entr¨¦es to condiments and seasonings, and also makes type-specific exercise and lifestyle recommendations.

Proposes that a person's blood type can both influence health and explain individuals' reactions to foods, and presents four different plans, based on blood type, for diet, exercise, and good health.

Customer Reviews:

  • It was true before I ever heard of this book
    Sometimes certain books can lead you down another path of related books... unfortunately my path didn't include this book until it was 'too late.' Several years ago, I began a health quest and ended up reading several books on vegetarianism. After eating vegetarian for about 8 months or so, I was getting worse instead of better. In fact, I was developing new symptoms I never had before, like sensitive teeth and fatigue. One of my closest friends has been vegetarian for 30 years, so I asked her about it. Why wasn't it working for me? The first question she asked was my blood type. When I said I am blood type O, she said "No wonder! You need meat." She's blood type A, so she does well as a vegetarian. She referred me to this book. Within a few weeks of eating meat again, I began improving.

    This also turned out to be true for my husband as well. He was raised in a vegetarian family, but began eating meat on his own as an adult (instinctively) and feels much better on meat - he's also type O. He'd never heard of the blood type theory either.

    The main thing I want to stress is that without ever hearing of this blood type theory or knowing the book existed, it turned out to be true. Sometimes the argument can be made that people subconsciously make true what they believe, but neither my husband or I knew about this idea until we'd both already found vegetarian diets don't work well for us. There are some vegetarians out there who vehemently detest this book and want the whole world to be vegetarian. But we aren't all the same; it's just a fact. What works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for another. There's no "one diet" for all of mankind. The blood type theory explains why....more info
  • Eat Right for (4) Your Type
    This book has been very informative,I'm going to have give up a lot of things that I enjoy eating and drinking, but if giving up those things will help me to lose weight and maintain my desired weight then it will well worth it....more info
  • Common Sense Eating Plan, Not a Diet
    This book is totally awesome. I decided to try it for two weeks to see if it would fail, like all diets do, and to my surprise not only did I lose several inches in those two weeks, but I feel like a million bucks, not to even mention going down from 163 to 144 in two months, which allowed me to go from a size 12, down to a size 8, which I haven't worn in 15 years.

    I love how he breaks it down so easily which foods are good for my blood type and which one's cause problems for my blood type, no confusion at all. And there is soooooo much food that works well with my blood type that I actually get tired of eating before I have eaten everything I'm supposed to eat in a day.

    I've donated all of my old clothes because I'm never going back!...more info
  • Type O diet since 1999 helped save my life
    As a Type O it helped me get over terrible digestive illness after being poisoned by NSAIDs. I had severe indigestion with about 140 food allergies. There were only a handful of common foods I could eat. I'd lost much weight and was very sick and weak. I tried the diet and in about one day noticed a tremendous increase in energy and well-being, and a more relaxed digestion. Spelt spaghetti was a big help; it went down much better than the common wheat version.

    As the diet strengthened my digestion, I began to lose the allergies, quickly to foods that are good for O's, slowly to the foods that are bad. Food allergies went to about zero after a few years. I can cheat often now without much trouble.

    The highly beneficial O foods like beef (when of high quality) really did give more energy or healing benefits than the merely acceptable foods. Bladderwrack cured an ulcer easily. In our family the chronic illnesses people have do match their blood types such as many O's with weak colons and thyroids.

    The personality descriptions made perfect sense too. I became proficient in guessing peoples' blood types, even an AB once. Quite a party trick that's not that hard. I did it sucessfully with a group including a biology PhD who was a skeptic. (She had classic A qualities.) Another time I ate with folks who were denying the blood type diet. It was funny to see all the A's eating chicken as they should, while the type O had brought in roast beef just for herself. Their bodies knew.

    I think if you try it for a couple days, you should tell whether it makes you feel great....more info
  • I am A
    I purchased this book for myself 10 years ago.
    This book shows the history of blood types and why
    Read for yourself. Forget diet claims.
    Lose or gain weight with foods you are suppose to eat
    based on your blood type....more info
  • Eat Right
    Eat Right 4 Your Type was received in timely fashion and in excellent condition for used. Will order again thru Amazon. ...more info
  • Contradictory information
    I have read both the hard cover for all blood types, and the soft cover for just my blood type. There were so many contradictions that I began to write them all down in every catagory of information. For example, in one book it said that I should avoid Pinto beans, and in another it said that they were highly beneficial. I attempted to contact Dr. d'Adamo to clear all this up, however, wasn't able to reach him, so I just sold the books....more info
  • Awesome book! Easy Reading
    These types of books are usually hard for me to read, however Eat Right 4 your type is very intertesting! I have found why my stomach gets upset after i eat something and I am never sure as to what or why. I have cut out those foods and I feel 100% better. For anyone who has ever had tummy problems, this book is very educational....more info
  • Very informative
    I was suprised at how much information this book provides. I now understand why my body reacted in the manner it did when I ate certain foods. I never realized how my blood type and diet could affect my overall health. After reading this book and making minor changes, I have seen a profound change in my energy level and my immune system has changed in a positive manner. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to empower themselves, and to enjoy a healthier way of living....more info
  • This book was a life saver for me!
    I am 56 yrs old & after being very healthy most of my life--at 53; I started having many health issues--fast weight gain almost 60 lbs in 8mths!), thyroid issues, arthritis, high blood pressure, chest pains, ect.... After spending last 3 yrs seeing SO MANY doctor's with little to no luck in resolving any of these issues-- I heard about this book from a friend who is a big homeopathic user. So, I thought, well why not?
    I bought the book from Amazon & have been on the diet (about 90% true) for the past 11 weeks -- I'm O blood type and have already LOST 32lbs!!!! I no longer have chest pains-- my blood pressure is back to norm/low without medication, I have more energy & feel better that ever! I think it's a very easy diet to follow...I just cut out the glutin/dairy & coffee.... and, stick with eliminating the things on the 'Avoid list" as closely as possible...I try to eat at least 5 of the foods listed on the highly beneficial list every day... and, the rest is easy. Hey, I can still drink red wine & eat chocolate! What could be better than that?? Plus, I forgot to mention that this weight loss was with virtually NO exercise... I had knee surgery in December & have just gotten clearance from my doctor & physical therapist that I can begin a regular exercise program again. This book was the miracle I was looking for!...more info
  • Listen to your body then read this book
    I am a person that is very present in my own body. I pay attention to what works well and what creates havoc in my body. I am an O blood type and I would say that once I read up on my type and the kinds of foods I should avoid and those that are beneficial I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. How did this man I'd never met know so much about me? I'd grown up vegetarian mainly consuming whole wheat everything and soy, white potatoes and corn by-products. These foods helped my tiny frame gain weight. Those foods gave me the hips and the but I was looking for but they also gave me a bloated tummy, digestive issues, brain-fog, skin rashes, itchiness allover, hormonal imbalances, Hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) and joint problems. I was always achy and sick and didn't know why. I started eating lots of salmon and tilapia and cut back on the wheat because my mom suggested that I may have some kind of allergy to it. I left the soy alone because of the phytoestrogens and started seeing a little relief. After reading this book I went back and forth with the foods that I ate mainly out of convenience and suffered the same issues.

    When I got married I told my hubby (who's a chef)I would start eating poultry and then red meat because this is what this book says is right for my type. I started with poultry because didn't want to start with red meat. I noticed a change almost instantly. Usually when I ate I a became extremely tired and almost high, but eating my meat first and then veggies stopped those feelings. I committed to a gluten-free lifestyle and I am still working on avoiding corn products. It's a process and with anything you have to listen to your body and proceed a needed. I plan to completely live my blood type diet by the summer.

    I highly recommend this book and if you get a chance you should visit the blood type website. I also recommend you buying it as a gift for your loved ones. A lot of health problems can be eliminated and avoided if people just listen to their bodies instead of the Subway, Wendy's, Pilsbury, South Beach, and Jenny Craig commercials....more info
  • Eat Right for Your Blood Type
    This book is sort of helpful in dieting and eating right. It has some very good tips on eating healthful food...more info
  • Eat Right 4 Your Type
    Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight
    by Peter J. D'Adamo
    I have gotten 5 or 6 of this book for friends, and have one in my libary.
    I have found it to be the most moving and inlighting book I have read.
    Having Diabetes I was not happy with my body, I did not like shots.
    Now all I do is watch what I eat and when NO shots or Pills just diet.
    I feal better then I ever have and my Doctor is amazed.

    You have to try it it works....more info
  • excellant book use it on whole family of 6
    This book is great whether you have weight problems, diabetes, ulcers a child with ADD it will help. My whole family goes by the book and we have referred other family members now they love it also we have to keep getting more for poeple we meet and talk to about the book. One of the people that eats everything on her blood type is 94 years old and looks great!!...more info
    If the book is authentic and reaches a large audience - this book will make real change for a lot of people and visa a versa.
    In addition to reading this book - you may want to consider reading - The Apo E Gene Diet: A Breakthrough in Changing Cholesterol, Weight, Heart and Alzheimer's Using the Body's Own Genes by Pamela McDonald an Integrative Medicine Fellow - graduate of Dr Andrew Weil's University of Arizona Program in Integrative medicine program.
    "This book represents the future of medicine, an individualized, personalized approach that honors our genetic uniqueness. Pamela McDonald brings together a complete health program that honors all we are - body, mind, and spirit."
    Larry Dossey, MD
    Author, The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

    ...more info
  • Eat Right 4 Your Type
    Can't do any better or save more money by buying this book. Reasonable prices. Quick shipping, easy to do business. Thank you Amazon...more info
  • i wish i could rate this -478 stars
    This diet gave me irritable bowel syndrome. If you start to have diarrhea, you may have to go on medication....more info
  • Yurekha Moment
    If you really want to know about your body, best place to start is in understanding your Blood Type. Peter explains clearly the funny feeling you experience when you eat something incompatible and why you feel great when you eat food which is compatible to your blood type.
    Blood type 'A' needs to be Vegetarians (Low Metabolism, hence Plant based) whereas type "O" needs to be Meat eater ( High Metabolism, hence higher protien content), the book details the foods to avoid and explains the reason behind the fact. This is a good book for people who wish to eat right and be healthy.
    ...more info
  • Eat Right 4 your Type
    Wonerfully insightful book. Linking our blood types to the eating habits of our Ancestors. Applying the information I gathered from this book, I have benefited greatly. I was already in great shape. I am now in the best shape of my life at 40. This Book is a treasure! We have a real obesity problem in America, this book should become mandatory reading for everyone. I have purchased copies for family and friends. I highly recommend it to all! ...more info
  • Great service
    The product was in good shape, just as advertised. The product was shipped later than expected, because the wrong book was shipped at first. I am satisfied with the distributor's service. I would buy from them again....more info
  • Not a diet - A plan for life
    Although the first chapters are the origination of blood types from an anthropolicgal and scientific persspective, I found it quite interesting and easily understood. The origination of blood types will help anyone to formulate an eating plan that will work for their body type which, will help with the maintenance of weight and health. One of my friends simply followed the plan of "beneficial foods for blood type" and has lost 12 lbs without much effort. Also, given my blood type, eating mainly from the beneficial food types should help with the arthritic condition I have. I believe the book to be helpful for a healthy life!...more info
  • Eat Right 4 Your Type
    Fascinating information regarding food choices and blood type. Within my family we found that our natural food preferences frequently matched those suggested for the different blood types. Great foundation for managing your own diet and understanding the needs of individuals in your family that may differ dramatically from yours. Great to have on your book case....more info
  • Shouldn't we all eat right
    Interesting reading and interesting theories; but not sure if I can buy all of it....more info
  • Great read!!
    This is a wonderful and helpful book. I have been suffering from low white-blood cell count and am going to use this book as a guide. Shared this book with family and everyone was curious and so interested in reading and learning about themselves. ...more info
  • Eating right 4 your type
    I can't review this item because I never recieved it from the seller. When it got returned to him for and address error on his part he decided it would be easier to just cancelthe order then to actually send it to me. So I am looking else where to purchase my books for now on....more info
  • I'm actually detoxing...
    It's been about 10 days since I first started following the guidelines in this book. I'm blood type A, which demands a vegetarian lifestyle. It was and still is very difficult, as I always lived my life as a meat-eater. Anyway, I did not make gradual changes; I plunged right in and omitted all the "avoid" food list. About 3 days later, I started to experience a number of discomforts ranging from headaches, mild fever, symptoms of sinus infection and colds, snuffy nose, sleepiness (a couple hours after waking up from a 10-hour sleep!), etc., which made me question the foods I was eating. And then my sister said that I may just be detoxing. And I think she was right. I read up on the topic and found that I am in fact experiencing symptoms of food detoxing. I have yet to lose weight, but I'm sticking to this and will see what happens....more info
  • Great Book--Read first of all his books!!!
    Read this one first if you decide to get his other two main ones (cook right and live right). Gives a great overview and convinces you enough that you should try this. It makes sense and you feel great when you follow (what you can) what he is saying. ...more info
  • awesome book
    Great book with a lot of good information and links to great website. I believe it. ...more info
  • Finally, I can control my weight
    This book has changed my life. I am no longer experiencing the severe digestion problems that I was experiencing prior to reading this book. Easy-to-follow format and well-organized. Clear explanations that are accessible to a layperson, not in the health/nutrition field....more info
  • Easy Read
    I found this book to be a very easy read. It gives very simple straight forward explanations and rationale for the diet and it's theories. It further reads like an instruction manual and very clearly explains what foods are beneficial, neutral, or an avoid. Pretty straight forward, if it's beneficial eat it, if it's an avoid, avoid it. And if it's a neutral it has little significance either way, so you can eat it but don't make it a diet staple....more info
  • It works for me.
    I tried this diet 6 years ago and I lost weight and felt better. I am type 0. Type O's cannot have wheat so I could not stay on the diet. I am trying this diet again because I have fibromyalgia and I am in constant pain. It has been two weeks and the decrease in pain is dramatic. I found recipes for making breakfast bars and deserts with rice flour and they are delicious. With that as a back-up, it is now easy for me to follow the diet. I feel so much better that I am very motivated to stay on this diet....more info
  • Great Way to Lose Weight -- Best for Type O
    I have followed the guidelines in this book loosely for 2 weeks and have lost over 8 pounds. Which is a 20% of the weight I want to lose by December. I am type O which is the best type to be on this diet because it allows for a larger range of foods. Type O's should definately try this diet, and its not hard to follow. The Other blood types should try this as well, but food options are more restricted. So if you have a hard time avoiding certain foods this may not be for you. ...more info
  • Eating 4 your blood type
    I find this book to be very informative. It seems to cover all the foods that we can eat and those we should avoid. It makes sense when you realize how you've been eating and what foods make you feel not so good.
    All in all, very good....more info
  • Eat Right 4 Your Type
    I wanted to know what type of diet to follow for my particular blood type and in particular, what type of foods I should avoid eating. Eat Right 4 Your Type was recommended to me by my daughter. I found it available on Amazon.Com and placed an order for a "like new" copy of the book for an unbelievably low price. I made the purchase and was exceptionally pleased with the transaction. has a new customer who will use for my primary source of purchase for books....more info
  • Highly Recommend!
    I've been into the practice of eating based on my blood type for nearly 20 years since I first stumbled on this way back then. This book is new and updated to today's healthy standards and is quite different in many respects, some disagreeable. I believe this is a way of life, and something to maintain as a regular eating habit not a "diet" by today's understanding of what a diet is.

    In my studies of nutrition, this the Blood Type Diet is a wonderful way to find and maintain your optimal healthy state of being.

    I'd like to see this book broken down further into the blood type sub-types....more info
  • Not a type-Oh ? Give up now !
    Read and digested ER4YT and would love to agree with the Good Dr. - but feel that we need a little basic statistical research to confirm D'Adamo's conclusions:
    I was left with the (unsubstantiated) conclusion that if you are not a blessed type-O, you are doomed to live a short, physically delicate and socially unachieving existance ..... until one of the many human ailments lurking to take out the weak no-Os gets you.
    Is the Good Dr really suggesting that all homo sapiens 'achievers' from Olympians through to successfull Captains of Industry and leaders of men must be type O - due to their natural attributes of superior muscular physiques/hunter-killer psyches/minds which feed on stress for breakfast ..... coupled with inexhaustable reserves of physical and mental stamina which leaves the non-O loser packs struggling !
    Surely a simple follow-up analysis to confirm the claimed type-O dominance can be done to present actual proof from the huge history of Olympic champions, successful business persons, leaders in all walks of life ?
    Numbers please - and we can put this book's statements into a credible scientific context ...... maybe we should be hired and promoted by our blood type potential indeed !
    On a personal note, D'Adamo might well be onto something: my girlfriend is a stereotype-O as described: eats meat twice daily, lives in a rock solid, naturally muscular (and seemingly inexaustable) physique, relishes physical and mental challenges, is a natural social and career leader, and likes nothing better than to demonstrate her brawn and stamina at leasure and familly events by outswimming/outrunning and outlasting allcomers. Lucky type-A me (I think !)
    ...more info
  • blood typing
    This book is very interesting and easy to follow. I think this is a very interesting concept. I have been on this diet and I honestly have to say I am feeling so much better, even after 3 weeks....more info
  • book review
    I purchased this book for a friend. I had purchased one from Amazon five years ago for myself. I have adopted the eat right for your blood type food plans and have lost 80 pounds and have kept it off since. It is not a diet but rather a change of eating lifestyle. You don't have to count calories or measure foods.I no longer have to take acid reflux or migraine medications. My parents and sister's family also adhere to it and have similar stories of healthier, happier lifestyles. I feel so much better. I am very thankful for finding this book. I would recommend it to everyone!
    ...more info
  • Buy the new version
    Bought this along with the newest version, and prefer the new GenoType book. Very useful info, but the GenoType book is more detailed....more info
  • Eat Right 4 Your Type
    This is a very interesting book and one everyone should have. I had no idea that you should eat according to your blood type. All this time I thought I was eating healthy, I came to find out that I was eating the wrong things according to my blood type. No wonder I could never lose weight. I am so glad I found this book!...more info
  • Best nutritional book ever read.
    Having researched numerous books, online articles, health magazines, this book by far exceeded my expectations. It contains valuable information that proved to be very accurate. All you need to know is your blood type and a commitment to follow the recommendations. This book will remain part of my resource library....more info
  • A new look at Healthy Living!
    This book offers a whole new look at Healthy Eating. I found it very interesting and full of knowledge....more info


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