Heaven Is Real: Lessons on Earthly Joy--What Happened After 90 Minutes in Heaven

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So how should we spend our time on Earth? Don Piper, the Minister of Hope who spent 90 minutes in Heaven, brings us God¡¯s message.

Hope for the here and now from the multimillion-selling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Millions believe in Heaven. Don Piper¡¯s been there. He was pronounced dead after a car accident on January 18, 1989. Ninety minutes later, Piper came back to life with an extraordinary story. His 90 Minutes in Heaven has strengthened the faith of countless people.

When Piper returned to this life, he had a long road back to health, dealing with painful treatments and physical disabilities¡ªthe ¡°new normal,¡± as Piper calls it. Still, he had been transformed spiritually and this allowed him not only to cope with his suffering, but to transcend it. Piper found purpose in his pain, he found the message in the mess, and so can anyone else who embraces God¡¯s grace in the here and now¡ªas well as the Hereafter.

Don Piper did not return from Heaven alone¡ªhe brought the gift of hope back with him. Those who read Heaven Is Real can use what he learned to live the lives God has called them to live.

Customer Reviews:

  • Heaven is Real Review
    This is one of the best writen books out today. Mr. Piper's book is very inspiring and gives people hope....more info
  • Great Book
    I recommend this book as a followup to "90 Minutes in Heaven". The first book really expresses the power of prayer and God....more info
  • Believing is Reading
    First and foremost I recommend reading Don Piper's 1st book, "90 Minutes in Heaven" to get a full picture of where this Pastor has been. When I was finished with his 1st book I handed it over to my daughter with a passage.... "Please read this, and then maybe you will believe" Don's 3rd book, "Heaven Is Real" allows one to go along with him as he crosses many bridges in life. He also allows his readers to hear other's stories as well. I recommend this book to anyone struggling to believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Don also sites bible passages; which helps one understand more about the bible. Thank you Pastor Don....more info
  • Great read
    I loved 90 Minutes in Heaven and I loved this book (the sequel), too. It does get a little repetitive (he says a few set phrases over and over) but his intent is good. These two books have made such an difference in my life! I've been sharing them with so many! ...more info
  • What A Great Read!
    I was surprised how I would feel when I read this book. It makes you think about why you are here on this earth and how you should act. It's worth buying....more info
  • Heaven IS Real ... and so is this Life ...
    "Heaven is Real" is somewhat of a sequel to the hugely successful "90 Minutes in Heaven." In the later book, author Don Piper recounts his horrific car crash that rendered him clinically dead, his after life experience and his ministry inspired by that experience.

    In this book, he uses very effectively the metaphor of bridges. Piper was crossing a bridge when a tractor-trailer smashed into him. We all cross bridges in our lives. Some are fraught with danger; other are opportunities tinged with pain.

    Piper avoids a preachy tone and does not pretend to have all the answers. He is willing to wrestle with the tough questions about why human suffering happens, a question as old as Job. This is an inspiring tale of a man who turned adversity into a powerful ministry to help others deal with setbacks in their lives. ...more info
  • Not Much About The NDE
    I was hoping this was a story about his experience on the other side, but what he wrote about mostly was his recovery from his accident. He is a minister so there are lots of quotes from the bible and how it relates to his brief NDE. He mentioned / experienced the borderland and deceased friends and relatives. Lots of good bible related quotes and how it may affect our present lives. If your looking for more in-depth NDE experiences try Betty Eadie, Dannion Brinkley or Life After Life by Raymond Moody. ...more info
  • Piper delivers a harrowing ordeal and a steady source of counsel
    Don Piper died and went to heaven. Then he came back. The author of the million-copy bestselling book 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN recorded the events surrounding his car accident 15 years ago when he was pronounced dead by EMTs and for 90 minutes was clinically deceased.

    Though Piper recounts his experience of being in heaven for that short space of time, he relies on those at the scene of the accident to tell what occurred while he was dead. After paramedics walked away from Piper, a fellow minister felt compelled to stop at the roadside crash. Then he asked to see the body and began praying for Piper, who suddenly stirred to life again. The minister ran to get help, but the EMTs dismissed his claim that Piper was alive. Finally, to assuage him, these professionals checked Piper again and rescue efforts redoubled. So began the long journey, or crossing the bridge, as Piper likes to say, back to earthly existence.

    After having endured 34 operations, spending 13 months in the hospital and then two years of rehabilitation, Piper understands physical suffering better than most. He also writes movingly about his other losses: diminished physical abilities, constant pain, inner and outer scars. And yet, Piper focuses on the broader scheme of life. He writes this new text as an encouragement and a challenge to other Christians to face their pain and life disappointments as catalysts for growth and change. Championing the premise that every person makes decisions, great and small, that affect their life and destinies, Piper asks readers to pause and reflect. Beginning with his own story of conversion to Christ, he lays out the gospel message succinctly and then walks interested travelers through life's main juncture points.

    Piper discusses happiness and how this term works itself out in a Christian's life; how standing alone for Christ translates into greater intimacy with God; how "getting over it" is sometimes the best advice ever given; and how identifying and embracing "life markers," or those events that drastically change one's life forever, can be opportunities in disguise. He also expounds upon living life in the "new normal" stage, where nothing that was can be revisited. The author invites believers first to release the past and then set goals for the future. He notes that "most of our important beginnings take place in the darkness --- that is, outside our awareness." In other words, Piper asserts that "the most powerful learning take place when we're totally unconscious of it."

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, Piper likewise encourages Christians to focus on the eternal and live every day to its fullest by learning to laugh, show compassion, give thanks, cultivate contentment and give to others despite one's own sorrows. Readers will empathize with Piper's harrowing ordeal and find him a steady source of good counsel for prevailing over and conquering trials of every shape and size.

    --- Reviewed by Michele Howe
    ...more info
  • Heaven is Real
    Tremendous! Anyone who has doubts that Heaven exits, will no longer
    after reading this book!!!...more info
  • Heaven is Real(Piper/Murphey)
    Published in 2007, Don Piper and Cecil Murphrey relate the results of their "90 Minutes in Heaven" publication. Don Piper relates lessons learned from his readers and the audiences to which he speaks. Also included are questions and stories that have come into his life since his accident. Well written and grounded in painful reality, he discusses God's leading in life events. ...more info
  • Waste of Time
    Don Piper was relatively unknown for even a couple of years after writing 90 Minutes in Heaven. But something must have happened, because now it seems that the longer his book sits on the shelves, the more it picks up steam. It has now sold well over a million copies and shows few signs of abating anytime soon. It is still sitting at the #2 spot in the softcover non-fiction portion of the New York Times list of bestsellers. Piper has made appearances on countless talk shows and has taken his message to millions. His message is this: heaven is real.

    This is a message that should, by rights, make me glad. But there is a small problem. Here is how the book begins: "Heaven is real. I know it because I have been there and back." 90 Minutes in Heaven described Piper's supposed death, ascension to heaven, and return to earth. In that book he describes heaven as he experienced it and how he has since built a ministry around it. He now seems to be known as the Minister of Hope and the hope he provides is the hope of heaven through his own experience. Since the publication of 90 Minutes in Heaven he has written a devotional book based on his experiences in heaven and has now returned with Heaven is Real.

    Ultimately I felt Heaven is Real is a self-focused book rather than a gospel-focused book. Though Piper turns often to his experience of being in heaven, even this experience is often just a bridge to discuss some aspect of his own life. Time and time again he prints letters sent to him from people who read 90 Minutes of Heaven and wished to lavish him with praise. Time and again he shares conversations he had with people who identified with his experience and wanted to thank him for writing it. His motives in sharing all of these stories may be sincere, but it certainly begins to feel after a while that he is heaping praise upon himself. I was left with the distinct impression that this book is not only a follow-up to his previous book, but almost an advertisement for it. It's long, it's tedious and it's really quite difficult to read. This book is described in the subtitle as being "Lessons on Earthly Joy," and this in instructive. The chapters do seem akin to lessons. The book does not seem to build from the first chapter to the last. Rather, the teaching seems a bit disjointed, disconnected from what has gone before and from what will follow.

    I couldn't help but feel that this book is an attempt to cash in. Strike while the iron is hot, they say, and heaven is hot at the moment. After reading Heaven is Real I'm not convinced that Piper really had a book in him when he began to write this one. The teaching is simplistic and far too human. It sounds like it would come from the lips of Dr. Phil sooner than from the lips of Jesus. Piper clearly attempts to bring sense from suffering. But in that regard it fails. When I compare it to a title like Polishing God's Monuments by Jim Andrews, a book that had a similar goal, well, there really is no comparison. While this may be the purpose of the book, it is written almost as a follow-up to 90 Minutes in Heaven--as a way of making sense of the success of that book rather than of making sense of the supposed journey to heaven.

    Too long, too boring, too man-centered and too much like an infomercial, this book is a near-complete waste of time. Avoid it.

    (See my review of 90 Minutes in Heaven for more about this book...)...more info
  • Great Book
    Heaven Is Real, Lessons on Earthly Joy from the Man Who Spent 90 Minutes in Heaven
    We are using this book for our Adult Bible Class. This is a follow-up to the first book 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life. We all have experiences in our lifetime. This is his experience. We can learn and grow from the insights he has gained by sharing his experience with others. Well written and keeps you wanting to know more....more info
    On February 13, 2003, I almost died, during brain tumor surgery. An operation that was supposed to take four hours, took 8 ? hours, due to bleeding in my brain. I am blessed, and feel I was saved, for a reason. Any time I have an opportunity, to talk with anyone that is going to be going through brain surgery, I go out of my way, to share my experience, with the patient, and their family. I firmly believe, that no Doctor can get a brain tumor patient, prepared, for what they are going to go through, better than I can. NOTE 1: If you read my prior review on Don's earlier book "90 Minutes In Heaven." I have written the same personal biography as above. The reason I have done this, is to establish my credibility, as a "witness" to my comments regarding this book. Just as important as offering my experience before surgery, my tutelage, as to what to expect after surgery, is even more important. That phase of life on earth; the after, is what the heart of Don's story is about.

    After losing a loved one. After losing physical, or mental capabilities, that is where Don's experience is most helpful, and he encourages people who have lived through experiences like mine, to make their time and experience available, to ease the suffering of patients, and their family members. But! Only Don, can give the comfort of what heaven is like for the departed. NOTE 2. I strongly recommend that you read Don's book: "90 Minutes In Heaven." before this book. The impact, of this book, will be greater for the reader, when you see the tremendous growth in Don himself, due to his acceptance, of why he was brought back to earth.

    Perhaps the most important statement made in this book, is about accepting the "NEW NORMAL". You can't dwell on the way things used to be. You have to do everything you can to accept, and regroup, to what you're left with. And one last thing: Make sure you let your loved ones help you! They've been traumatized also, and the only way they can feel as if they're heeling is by helping you....more info
  • What a story
    90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life
    This book tells a story that seems very unreal but after reading and also meeting Rev. Piper, it has to be true. He has taken an opportunity that many of us wonder about and given some details that match what you will find in the scriptures and brought a very personal message from it. He also shares the difficulty of his recovery and also the importance of giving others the opportunity to use their gifts of hospitality to strengthen others in this book. But the part that stays with me is how important intercessory pray is for people we know who are going through a tough situation. It really let me know again just how great our God is....more info
  • common sense and not too preachy
    Piper doesn't bother making arguments with doubters. He died. He spent 90 minutes in heaven. He came back, even though he wanted to stay there.

    His body was damaged severely. He has learned to live with it. His experience has made him think. A lot. People with troubles are drawn to Piper and he has some great advice. While coming from a very Christian perspective, he's not too preachy. He says; don't blame God for your problems. The bad things that happen to us are obstacles along the road. We can't return to the past. Get over it. Do good. A very insightful, helpful book....more info
  • Good Book
    I loved 90 Minutes in Heaven and this book was just as good. It was easy to read and I really enjoyed the book. As in the first book, Piper discusses his own personal experiences, backing them up with Scripture.

    What I found intriguing was that the author waited two years after his near-death experience before he went public with the story...and this was only after strong encouragement from close friends....more info
  • Amazon.com
    Might be a good book - I don't know. I ordered it 5 days ago for 2 day delivery. Thought my mother would like it for her birthday yesterday. BUT - Amazon's not very timely. My 2 day deliver turned to 7 and we completely missed the birthday. ...more info
  • A Book to try and convert you to becoming a christian
    I was excited to read this book, but he lost me when he said that the only way he got to heaven was because he gave his life to Jesus Christ. He may believe that, but I believe that simply believing in a higher power will get you there. He preached throughout the portion of the book that I read, which wasn't much. I couldn't take the preaching anymore and stopped reading. ...more info
  • Awesome Book!
    Such a great follow up to the original "90 Minutes in Heaven". Recommended for those who are going through really tough times, low valleys in their lives and those who feel like no one would understand. Very encouraging, with real life examples. Was a great bolster for me. Read with an open mind and you should get the message....more info
  • Terrific Book!
    Heaven is Real is an inspiring book of faith and hope. I never doubted Heaven's existance but reading Don Piper's experience helped to get a better "glimpse" of the life to come. I also, reccomend 90 Minutes in Heaven
    ...more info


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