Hoover's Bride (Scholastic Bookshelf)

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Category: Humor"Her name was Elektra. He bought her a ring / And he didn't buy her just any old thing. / A grapefruit-size diamond was what Hoover chose / In a size that would fit on the end of her hose."In this hilarious, wacky "love story," the clueless Mr. Hoover gets married to Elektra, the vaccuum cleaner of his dreams. After being pronounced man and appliance, the two go on a honeymoon -- where Elektra promptly runs off with a lawn mower. But all is not lost for Mr. Hoover, who soon finds a much more conventional bride.
Customer Reviews:
  • Humorous
    Hoover has a very messy house. It gets so messy that he gets himself a vacuum. He falls in love with this vacuum and literally marries it. Well soon the vacuum falls in love with a lawn mower that was married to a woman. Soon the woman and the man are married and the machines are married.

    This book reminds me of how people love their things so much they might as well be married to them....more info
  • Great for Kids--and parents!
    This is one of our all time favorites. Very quirky and creative, it is written in verse that my children loved. They were so involved and interested, and I read it so many times, that they memorized it and were able to "read" it to me well before they went to school. The drwaings are interesting and detailed, appealing to both kids and adults. Two thumbs up!...more info
  • A Must Read for the Child at Heart
    Not since the fabulous tale of acrobat potatoes "Brave Potatoes" have I been so captivated, mesmerized, enraptured by such a wonderful book. Zany, Wacky, Funny, Imaginative, I Married a Hoover is Dr. Seuss for the older kids, complete with rhyme, ridiculous situations, offbeat likable characters, humorous, titillating illustrations, and more fun than an all you can eat potato buffet.
    No, "Hoover's Bride" is not educational, but so what. Its fun, offbeat humor is a fulfilling joy, and the accompanying graphics just add to the delirium. Hand this baby to a reluctant reader and watch what happens.

    I loved this book, and everyone to whom I showed it couldn't hold back a smile....more info
  • "I Now Pronounce You Man And Appliance."
    This is a children's book about a man who marries a vacuum cleaner named Elektra; the wedding is unusual considering that the bride wears chrome wheels, a dust ruffle, and a grapefruit sized diamond engagement ring at the end of her hose. The marriage sours on the very first night as Elektra runs off with a woman's husband, who happens to be a lawnmower.

    The book is written in rhyming couplets (which frequently don't have very good meter, as if the kids will care), and is certainly original. The moral appears to be that humans should not marry machines. I bought this as a gift for a friend who also happens to be a vacuum cleaner aficionado; I am certain he will enjoy reading it to his daughters, although I am less certain of their reaction.

    The book is certainly unprecedented, but given the enormous number of children's books to choose from, this one really isn't particularly entertaining or educational in any way, although the drawings of the vacuum cleaner with facial features (Is it a seven foot nose or a hose?) are wryly disturbing. In other words, it isn't emotionally scarring for life, but it isn't Beatrix Potter, either.

    This is a most peculiar book.
    ...more info