My Smart Puppy: Fun, Effective, and Easy Puppy Training (Book & 60min DVD)

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Raising a happy, well-adjusted puppy is much like raising a child--owners have to listen to what their puppy's behavior is trying to tell them. And it's far simpler than people think. With the intuitive and step-by-step methods included in this invaluable book from experts Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson, including tips on how to deal with every kind of personality, puppies can be trained quickly and painlessly. With humor, time-tested advice, and an arsenal of tricks, MY SMART PUPPY teaches new dog owners everything they need to know to raise a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted dog.

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth Every Penny
    A must read for all potential or new puppy owners, or just about anyone looking for great training techniches. Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson share such amazing knowledge and experience in this superb book. We would have been lost without it. ...more info
  • Truly Easy and Effective
    I bought this training book as well as some others to get prepared for our new arrival and found this one to be the most helpful. It includes tips for when your puppy isn't responding to the initial technique described and also a whole section on what to expect when you first bring a puppy home. It promotes training through positive re-enforcement and has techniques for the simplest commands, such as sit, and also more advanced commands and tricks. ...more info
  • Great book to train your puppy
    I am so happy to have found My Smart Puppy. The DVD is very helpful and the trainers know what they are doing. One needs much patience to raise a puppy..but once the puppy begins to understand what you're trying to teach it, it becomes a lot of fun. Communication between you and your puppy becomes enjoyable. We people tend to forget animals do not understand nor speak people language...and we need to learn how to communicate with them. This book clearly teaches you how. ...more info
  • Nice Combo
    This combo is a nice resource. Some subject are very informative, other lacking. It's not the super book that some reviews might lead you to believe, but an adequate general resource to raising a puppy at a nice price. Video is a complement to the book. Be sure to also get a book specific to your puppies breed. ...more info
  • dvd is perfect for kids!
    My 3 kids (8, 5 and 3) have watched the dvd 3 or 4 times now and are implementing what they've learned with our new puppy. It's a perfect way to make sure the whole family is using the same "rules" and have a basic understanding of how to interact with the puppy. It promotes a LOT of treats, which isn't my personal style, but I still highly recommend....more info
  • Step by Step instructions
    The book is well organized. I didn't think a specific topic was going to be covered, but looked it up anyway -- there it was! This is a good reference book as well as a good step-by-step introduction to puppy training. Though we also took our Basenji puppy to Puppy Kindergarten, this is a valuable tool to use when we need it....more info
  • My Smart Puppy
    I found this book very informative and helpful, However, it did not come from Amazon with the Bonus DVD as advertised.

    The authors encourage their readers to e-mail them with any questions that one may have, but an e-mailed question has gone unanswered for a considerable period of time. ...more info
  • Brace yourself for "product placement"...!
    I started by reading a good portion of the book, which I found very helpful and informative (the occasional glaring scientific error, as mentioned by another reviewer, notwithstanding). The text raised my expectations for the video - I looked forward to a practical demonstration of the many training "games" that are listed, categorized, and described in the book.

    What I found on the video is that those demonstrations *are* forthcoming, if you're patient. But it's kind of like one of those mandatory time-share seminars - you're held captive for a LOT of advertising. That adorable puppy on the cover of the book? Instead of that cute red scarf, he's got a bandanna bearing the all-over imprint of the sponsoring brand of puppy food. So does his collar, his leash, and the big bag of food in the background of nearly every scene. Frequent references are made to how necessary high quality food (gee, we wonder which one) is necessary for the brain development that will make your puppy especially brilliant and trainable. Thinly veiled commercial breaks are frequent, both for the food and for a flea-treatment product (same congolomerate?). The names of these products are never spoken, but the conspicuously-labeled packaging is everywhere. Overall, it made me feel as if these folks assume me to be a whole lot less smart than a puppy.

    I still like the book, and I'll probably make it through the whole DVD for the sake of the training demonstrations. But I kind of feel as if the food manufacturer should have offered this set for free with your first purchase of puppy-chow.

    Being a naturally contrary sort, I was inspired by all of this to look for a more objective source of food-quality information for my puppy. If you do a web search for "dog food analysis," you'll find a very informative site that helps to clarify food quality issues. And, sad to say, the much-endorsed brand doesn't exactly leave the competition in the dust (to say the least), so now I feel less guilty about being too stubborn to buy it after being subjected to this sales pitch.

    I really do like the book though; you can be sure I wouldn't have put aside my annoyance to give it 4 stars, otherwise! It has a lot of helpful insights about how puppies think, where our communications with them often break down, and how to work *with* your puppy to ingrain habits and responses that will be constructive for all concerned....more info
  • Very Helpful!
    This book did wonders for my understanding of dogs' "thought process". i wish I read this book years ago. If I had, my dogs would have always been trained and well behaved. Everyone is surprised at how well behaved my 7 month old puppy is. This is a must!...more info
  • A great book, with plenty of support!
    I think this is a fantastic little book. It makes training fun and easy. The DVD is a great addition so that you can see the techniques in a hands on manner, although at times the DVD seems a bit like a commercial for IAMs, who is the sponsor. In addition, there is a very active community online at the authors' website, so that you can get real life help with your problems or questions about implementing the material. ...more info
  • Easy to Follow, Easy on your mutual Puppyhood
    Brian Kilcommon&Sarah Wilson's books are great for the first-time puppy family. We read [ASIN:0446675385 Good Owners, Great Dogs]] cover to cover a dozen times before our puppy came home.

    After she did, My Smart Puppy was the puppy kindergarten course we put her through at home. It helps, especially as the book not only gives a sensible, easy to follow scheme for puppy-school work, but also provides examples of possible behaviors and responses.

    You don't feel like an idiot because your puppy didn't learn immediately. They don't! And this book allows for that. It tells you what to expect, what might happen, what you might do, what is best to do. Clear and detailed, when you don't know whether you puppy is playful or Cujo. ...more info
  • Great book
    This is one of the better puppy books currently out. It gives not only background information on dog types and their tendencies..but a easy and fun way to train them and what works for certian peronality types. It tells why doing or not doing certian things effect the puppy's learning to be a good dog....more info
  • What is my dog thinking?
    This book gives great insight into the mind of a K-9. It's a great training aid as well as a good read....more info
  • My puppy and I love this book
    My puppy and I are still working through the training in this book. He has been able to catch onto the level 1 games in one or two lessons. We are on the next level on most of the training. Each one builds on the other making it easier for both human and dog to accomplish the goal. Since I definitely feel my little guy is better at this than I am, I think the book is fantastic in bringing this human up to speed.

    Each training step has trouble shooting advice which is very helpful. The explanations of what is going through the puppy's mind also helps give me understanding and patience.

    The DVD is helpful to visual the exercises although I had already accomplished several before I watched it. (I do fast forward through the IAM's info when I want to review it)

    I am a reader and I have many books on puppy training. This is my absolute favorite and the one I actually use. The approach is a gentle and positive yet very effective approach which is the way I want to train my new puppy....more info
  • An essential guide for training a dog of any age
    As with all of Brian and Sarah's books, My Smart Puppy is a delight to read. Easy to follow, personable, and full of helpful suggestions, this book is both motivating and encouraging. While reading it, I kept wanting to stop and do the various exercises with my dogs. Packed with information, this is an easy-to-apply, practical, and FUN book on dog training. The stories about Pip, the authors' puppy, are engaging, and the many photos illustrate the principles and training games beautifully. The space games are a new and much needed addition to the world of dog training, as they teach owners of both puppies and adult dogs how to communicate easily, effectively, and clearly with their dogs in an enjoyable and non-confrontational manner. Through them, a strong, positive relationship is established as the foundation of all training, so that your dog learns built in habits of trust, respect, and obedience. I highly recommend this book for anyone with a puppy or dog of any age. It will help you and your dog understand each other better and have a lifetime of fun together.

    ...more info
  • My Smart Puppy: Fun, Effective, and Easy Puppy Training
    It has been years since we had a new puppy so I was looking for easy to use training materials. The book is very good and the accompanying DVD is excellent also. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Very good for a newbie
    I bought this book when we got our first puppy. I think it is a clear read and has good suggestions. The DVD was also an excellent way to educate everyone in the family about puppy training....more info
  • Not what I Was Looking For
    In the domesticated animal world I have noticed that animals I want/need to train don't speak English. They speak who'sthebiggest. They use biting and kicking (horse, ouch)to communicate. I was looking for a book that would help me communicate to a very wily puppy that our family is ahead of him in the pecking order. This book was not suitable for us, as it did not cleary establish that the dog is a dog. This training method may work better for someone with a less willful breed. We found excellent results with training classes at our local Petsmart. I don't think the book was wrong, bad or a poor choice, just not a good fit for our personalities and the dog's!...more info
  • Great puppy book with DVD
    I'm glad I got this book. I also really like the DVD, it repeats some of the stuff in the book but it's easier to follow by watching the authors show what they're talking about. I was surprised to find myself laughing too with their writing style. ...more info
  • Basically all you need for a puppy...
    Bought two dogs recently, a yorkie and a basenji, this book broke it down to deal with ANY type pf dog. Real simple to read, and you and your dog/puppy learn so much along the way. Tried to read the older version of this book, and found that this book is better. It keeps your attention, and gets to the point....more info
  • Great Book
    Great ideas - good techniques. It's a shame there isn't some way to get folks to read this book "before" bringing that new puppy home. That way all your instruction to the pup will be correctly done and the poor pup won't have to "unlearn" some home-spun ideas you used before you read the book. Worth the read....more info
  • Most used training book so far
    We received our puppy on 3 days ago and love this book and DVD so far for his training over any others. Its easy to follow - easy to find specific topics for troubleshooting and we keep going to the book for advice and information! Great buy for less than $20!...more info
  • Excellent Resource
    This is a wonderful book. It describes, in detail, challenges to expect when training your puppy and behaviors encountered during the different puppy developmental stages. It also gives extensive information on puppy temperament & personality types as well as training exercises. It seems to cover just about every question/issue about raising a well-rounded puppy. I have not had a puppy since childhood and this book answered a lot of questions I had about raising him properly....more info
  • Not perfect, but very helpful
    This book is chalk full of great techniques and ideas! Overall, the two authors are brilliant and the book has been very helpful in training our pup some basic commands. However, it's not perfect and some points seems impractical, flawed, or idealized. Another somewhat minor annoying thing is that there are a lot of cross-references to other sections of the books and I find myself frequently thinking "couldn't there be a better way for formatting the book so that there weren't so many cross references?" Anyway, I still think the book is very helpful for training -- especially when used with Cesar Millan's approach to pack leadership....more info
  • This book rocks!
    Hiroki is the epitome of this book. She so smart! You can any dog really with this book. Hiro knows sit and down within a week! It's a must-have in training. I tell everybody about it. She's very well behaved compared to most dogs her age. People are amazed how much she's learned in such a short period of time....more info
  • Very Helpful
    The dvd that comes with this book is great. It is really helpful in getting you started with the basics in training. The book is a good resourse for looking up additional information....more info
  • Single Best New Puppy Primer
    I bought this book a few days after our family brought home a new puppy. I wish I'd bought it a few days BEFORE we got her! I read most of it the first day I bought it and the rest the second day. I started using the tips immediately, and really helped us so much. I had a dog when I was growing up, but haven't raised my own puppy. (I am a mom to two young children, but parenting humans is different!) Some of the puppy training tips are things I just never would have thought of on my own or heard about even from others. As I read the book, I kept thinking, "This is great!" It gives you the tools you need to teach the behaviors you want. This, I can tell, will be my go-to puppy training book for the next two years or so. Basically, it gives you some background chapters to let you know how your dog thinks and why you need to be his/her leader. Then it gives you specific training exercises to do with your dog, starting with beginning level and building from there. It also has chapters on problem areas, house training, etc. It is GREAT! I have read one of the Cesar Millan books, too, and it is useful, but not as practical. This is not just theory and advice, it is actual puppy training lessons for you to use all day every day. It even has photos to illustrate how to do them, which is more necessary than you would think. (Plus, there's the video.) It is really step by step. Would write a more thorough reveiw if I didn't have to go parent kids. Buy this if you have a puppy or are planning to get one!!!!...more info
  • Not to bad
    I really like to DVD included, It was much more easier to visualise it
    after to read it from the book...more info
  • An invaluable resource for new puppy owners
    I love all the books by Brian & Sarah, but I think this one is my new favorite. It's clear that the authors "speak dog," and the use of space games to communicate clearly with your pooch is, to me, revolutionary. It's such a simple concept, one of those things where you smack yourself in the forehead and say, "Duh! Why didn't I realize that?"

    Using the methods outlined in the book, you will have a trained puppy (or dog) in no time. The book is loaded with great tips and ideas, and it's clearly written and illustrated. Even better, you can watch the DVD that comes with the book and see the methods in action. With "My Smart Puppy," there is no reason why you can't train your pup, and have a fun time doing it. I highly recommend this book!...more info


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