The 5th Horseman (The Women's Murder Club)

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It is a wild race against time as Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer and the newest member of the Women's Murder Club, attorney Yuki Castellano, lead an investigation into a string of mysterious patient deaths--and reveal a hospital administration determined to shield its reputation at all costs. And while the hospital wages an explosive court battle that grips the entire nation, the Women's Murder Club hunts for a merciless killer among its esteemed medical staff. The newest addition to the top selling new mystery series takes the Women's Murder Club to the most terrifying heights of suspense they have yet to encounter. THE 5TH HORSEMAN proves once again that James Patterson is "the page-turningest author in the game right now " (San Francisco Chronicle).

Customer Reviews:

  • This serie is getting worse each book...
    I enjoyed the first 3 books of the Women's Murder Club. Didn't like too much the 4th (of July), but the 5th is just BAD ! What's the plot ? There is no plot ! 2 serial-killer stories try to share the pages of this not-such-a-page-turner, the 1st mystery (Car Girls) get solved mid-way throught the book and I bet plenty of readers won't remember it by the end of this painfull read... By trying to develop 2 stories, Patterson gets our interest for none. The most sad thing of all is that I used to like to Women's Murder Club members, but now they all seem so unreal, remote from anything actually likeable. And it's been the case since one of them died and another one joined the club, in the most stupid, artificial way really. Not much to save this book, it's even badly written. Don't know if Patterson thinks about writting a 6th, but don't count on me next time !...more info
  • Another great Patterson novel
    This was thoroughly enjoyable, and I recommend it to all Patterson fans. I especially like the women's club mysteries!...more info
  • 5th Horseman
    James Patterson keeps you guessing until the very end. I enjoy his books very much....more info
  • 5th horsemen review
    the 5th horsemen is one of the best books ive read so far by james Patterson. the book was filled with suspense and i thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. the only problem i had with this book was the murders of caddie girl and jaguar girl. it didnt seem to fit in with the rest of the book. it felt out of place with the mystery murders in the hospital and the courtroom drama. i felt like it should have been a book in itself. the ending was unepected to me but i felt like lindsay would not let someone like that get away with murder. overall i give this book 5 stars and cant wait to read more books of james patterson....more info
  • Nothing in common with the series
    Definitely the best book of the series is "1st to Die." The plots in this book are readable but not good enough though. Lindsay's love story is as pathetic as in the other books but "1st to Die." The Women Murder's Club did nothing in this book so I really don't know why this was a book ot that series. If you read this book don't expect a big thriller and maybe you'll enjoy it.
    ...more info
  • excellent book
    This is a great book, as are all of the other ones in the series so far....more info
  • So Sad
    I have read most of James Patterson's works including all of the women's murder club books. I just couldn't finish this. Ever since Mr. Patterson's books have been put out in assembly line fashion they have been at best of journeyman quality. It is hard to believe that these later books were written (or supervised) by the same man who wrote the truly excellent early Alex Cross novels. ...more info
  • Fast Paced!! Best One Yet
    This is so far, my personal favorite in the Women's Murder Club series. This time, there is TWO cases to solve instead of the usual one. Case number one involves mysterious deaths in the hospital. Who is killing almost perfectly healthy people by overdosing them with the wrong medications? Case number two pertains to the pre meditated murders and rapes of female escorts. Suffice it to say, homicide inspector Lindsay keeps pretty busy and readers will find themselves anxious to find out the conclusion. The reader also gets some real good "get to know you" time with the latest addition to the club, Yuki. Something else I noted in this addition to the series is more descriptions and details of what people look like and wear. That is a plus as I feel the first four novels were slightly lacking in that area. My only complaint: When are we going to get to know Cindy better? Nothing has focused on her yet. I am ready to delve deeper into her character....more info
  • How did this book get on the New York Times Best Seller List?
    JP's first three books, Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider and Jack and Jill, were good books and impressed me with Patterson as an author. Since then I have read eleven more of his books and most were either one or two stars with a few three stars. I happened to read this book only because it was in a box of books that my daughter gave me to read.

    This book has three storylines, serial murders and rapes of female escorts -- overdosing patients with the wrong medications - a hospital being sued for malpractice, none of which were directly related and all ended with less than satisfying conclusions.

    There were many things left unexplained and unanswered, such as why the villains killed and what was the lead that led Lindsay to the villain uncovered in the epilogue. Since this was such a clumsy resolution to the main plot, I didn't even go back to see what part the villain had previously played in the story. At one point in the story the parents of a twelve-year-old boy are not allowed to stay in the hospital over night and the boy only had a broken arm. How realistic was this?

    ...more info
  • he 5th Hotseman
    Wonderful book and story, just what you would expect of the author !!!...more info
  • the best one of the series
    I liked this book the best out of all the womens murder club books.It had such a shocking and mysterious kept me on the edge of my seat,its a great book to read...The book owl......more info
  • Love those crime-fighting women!
    This book is in line with the others in the series - suspense-packed and fun. I am looking forward to reading the next one!...more info
  • Just An Okay Entry
    I enjoy the Woman's Murder Club series, but as other reviewers have pointed out, the character development of the four members has really gone downhill. Other than Lindsay Boxer, I don't really feel like I know these women at all.

    That being said, the plot of THE 5TH HORSEMAN is incredibly fast paced, and there are plenty of twists and turns that keep things interesting. Patterson knows how to design an intense thriller, and the last hundred or so pages keep you guessing. I certainly wasn't bored with this novel, so I'll give it three stars for its entertainment value.

    A major weakness of THE 5TH HORSEMAN is its reliance on two separate serial killer storylines that are totally unrelated. I thought the "car girls" storyline was kind of weak and underdeveloped, and the resolution unsatisfactory for the most part. I would have preferred a subplot involving the personal life of one of the main characters instead.

    In short, this novel is good fun, but it's probably the weakest entry in this series. I'm also not pleased that Patterson's publisher is re-issuing this entire series in trade paperback, at a more expensive price for consumers. Not a great way to reward your loyal fans, Mr. Patterson.

    ...more info
  • Good but ....???
    The book came in good clean condition, however it did not have a dust cover and was a smaller size then expected....more info
  • A Really Pacy Novel
    It may be a little known fact, but James Patterson has written more best selling titles in the past five years than Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling, Tom Clancy and John Grisham put together. He is one of a handful of authors whose sales have been growing over the past two years, even though best selling fiction sales in general have been declining.

    A young mother is recuperating in hospital when she is suddenly gasping for breath. The emergency call button fails to bring any help in time. The doctor's in the hospital, some of the finest in the US are completely mystified by the young woman's death, for no apparent medical reason. What happened?

    This is not the first time such an occurrence has happened at this particular hospital. Patients are well on the road to a clean bill of health and suddenly their condition worsen and they die. Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer probes deeper into the cases. Could they just be a coincidence or is some maniac playing with people's lives?...more info
  • 5th Horseman - A Definate Read!!!
    I loved all the interaction with the characters in this book. I really found myself involved the moment I started reading it and then when I hit the middle it was like coasting downhill the rest of the way. The book was a quick read for me and I'm happy to say that again Mr. Patterson you didn't disappoint. The plot was great, the climatic ending was just in Patterson's style. I only had one question though when I was through with the book, what's going to happen with Lindsay and Joe??? Maybe I'll find out when I hop into the 6th book. I loved the edition of Yuki to the group. This is turning out to be a superb series!...more info
  • Murder & Mayhem, M.D. Style
    Since so many others have outlined the general plot of this story (huge lawsuit against a hospital; suspicious deaths that may or may not have been committed by a doctor) I'll simply leave a brief comment. Although the story isn't all that complicated, it was still a quick, enjoyable read--and the ending was one I didn't see coming. Please be aware, though, that THE 5TH HORSEMAN is NOT an Alex Cross novel, which seemed to be one reviewer's complaint. This is the story of Lindsay Boxer, SFPD Lieutenant and her fellow Women's Murder Club friends. I found the story to be heartfelt and emotional, full of action-adventure, and, as I said, a very quick, satisfying read....more info
  • Fast-Paced, With a Twist
    Fast-paced, fast-read, there are actually 2-1/2 mysteries with unexpected endings. A book to bring on the plane....more info
  • Decent, but not great...
    The 5th Horsemen is the fifth book in James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series and is co-written by Maxine Paetro. Of all Patterson's books, this series is the most consistent.

    Lt. Lindsey Boxer is a homicide detective with the San Francisco Police Department. She is also part of a group of friends who call themselves the Women's Murder Club. Besides Boxer, the group consists of Claire Washburn (medical examiner), Cindy Thomas (reporter) and Yuki Castellano (lawyer).

    A large number of patients are dying under mysterious circumstances at San Francisco Municipal Hospital. All were checked in through the emergency room, and all were well on their way to recovery. Not only does it appear that a murderer is on the hospital's staff, but it also looks like the hospital is engaged in a cover-up. At the same time, a beautiful young girl is found murdered. Her killers dressed her in high-priced clothing after her death and displayed her prominently in a Cadillac. With budget cuts and staff shortages, Boxer has a lot on her plate without sufficient resources. But she also gets some much needed assistance from her Murder Club friends.

    With any Patterson book, you're getting a decent vacation book that is fast and suspenseful. Although weighing in at 410 pages, there are 139 chapters with lots of space in-between. There's a surprising twist at the end that is more believable than the last Patterson I read, Beach Road.

    So as with any Patterson, you're going to get something that is decent, but not great.
    ...more info
  • Glaring lack of medical knowledge
    I have enjoyed so many of his books, but I had a difficult time concentrating on the story line with so many mistakes regarding hospital protocol and medical practice. If he is going to write a book regarding medicine again, I would suggest he hire someone knowledgeable in the subject to review and edit before it goes to print. The glaring mistakes made the entire book unbelievable. ...more info
  • Very enjoyable and entirely forgettable!
    Patterson and Paetro gave it away on the dust jacket blurb, "The Women's Murder Club faces an unspeakable horror in an irresistible hospital and courtroom thriller ...". The problem is, they weren't talking about one novel being two things at once. They were talking about two separate novellas that had nothing to do with one another being tossed into a blender and combined into a single novel.

    The bad news first! The first story is a typical and seriously overused hospital plot - a series of inexplicable hospital deaths that ultimately and not particularly surprisingly come down to the runaway serial murderer roaming the halls of a creepy hospital. The other is an uninspired police procedural about the apprehension of a kinky serial killer who liked to kill young girls and dress them up a little after they were already dead.

    The good news is that, unlike "You've Been Warned" which was a complete waste of even the energy needed to turn the pages, the writing in "The 5th Horseman" manages to be snappy, entertaining and actually quite compelling. The novel is diverting and enjoyable despite its obvious shortcomings. At the same time as I was aware of the weaknesses in the plot's originality, I was definitely hooked and unwilling to put the book down and let it go. I can't help but admit that's a good thing!

    Despite the fact that Patterson's reputation as a novelist is hanging by the thinnest of threads, I recommend "The 5th Horseman" as a thoroughly enjoyable, if entirely forgettable piece of literary brain candy. Take it on the plane or to the beach by all means.

    Paul Weiss...more info
  • Entertaining, BUT Mr. Patterson needs to do better!
    I wasn't happy with Mr.Patterson's Step on a Crack novel, nor his 6th Target, so for this novel I invested my money the old fashion way and put my name on the hold list at the library. I'm glad I did.

    If you haven't already known that this novel is one of Patterson's Women's Murder Club series, and the story introduces the latest member, Yuki Castellano. Yuki's mother has a mild stroke and while she is recovering in hospital, she suddenly dies at a hospital. Well it turns out that there is a record of pharmaceutical errors at this hospital and a doctor has been on trial for malpractice in numerous cases, but he keeps on dispensing medicine. Yuki is upset and begins to have this gut feeling that her mother didn't die of natural causes, but that her mother was actually murdered. Now, she demands justice and the doctor is her prime suspect. Lindsay Boxer, the police lieutenant in the Woman's Club group, is convinced that this doctor had committed the crime that caused a series of deaths, including Yuki's mother. However to gather the evidence becomes a real problem in the story and the reader must stay with the story to find out how the main characters of the Women's Club solve this crime....

    That's a pretty brief description.

    I found the book intriguing, but I also found a number of parts, and subchapters rather boring that moved along at an even pace. I also thought that there were a number of the secondary plots that didn't make sense for their inclusion in the book.

    However there are twist and turns toward the end of the book that kept me reading, but I wouldn't consider that small highlight (Which I expect from a mystery storyteller) of the book of any value to recommend it to someone to purchase or to waste their valuable time.


    ...more info
  • review
    Used books are the best way to save money and still get my reading fix. This product will serve my purpose and allow me to relax and enjoy my free time. I will most likely order from you again should you have a book I am looking for in the future....more info
  • Another Bad Book with Patterson's name on it!
    This is another example of misleading book titling. A simple comparison of writing style, composition and grammar shows that Patterson either did not write this book, or has become an early case of senile dementia.

    Putting his name on the cover is misleading, and this book would get NO stars if that were an option!...more info
  • Intriguing
    Have not read him before, but I like his style. The short little chapters give you lots of places to stop of you get interrupted. Well written and easy to follow the "clues" with the characters. Doesn't overload one's mind with so many characters that a "Who-dun-it" turns into "Who IS that?" I didn't want to put it down, but since life goes on around me, I truly did like that I could finish a "chapter" quickly....more info
  • and maybe a half stars but not up to 1st degree!
    I just loved the first book in this Women's Murder Club series, 1st degree. The last book "4th of July" was also quite interesting. But while the plot was exciting, suspenseful and action-packed, the characters were left hanging in the breeze. In 4th of July we got to know Lindsay's boyfriend Joe quite a bit. In this book I almost felt like he was breaking up with her or growing distant!! Way too shallow a relationship -- slam, bang, bye. That's ridiculous when these are mature adults.

    The prologue was thrilling as a patient, a young mother, is getting well and ready to go home when a shadowy figure she recognizes comes into the room and suddenly the young woman is dying! We then open with Lindsay going to lunch with Yuki and her mom Keiko. Keiko suddenly collapses and is taken to San Francisco Municipal Hospital where after hours and hours Yuki with Lindsay by her side is told her mom is going to be okay but will stay a couple days for tests and observation.

    The first murder Lindsay and Jacobi investigate is of a young woman left dressed in the latest fashion in a Cadillac. They quickly realize how she was killed - she was "burked" which means someone sat on her chest so her lungs couldn't expand and use a plastic bag as well to suffocate and strangle her. This takes two people so that gives Lindsay and Jacobi some vital info. The victim has no ID on her and her fingerprints are not on record so they call her "Caddy Girl."

    The reader is also taken to a trial where two strong attorneys, Maureen O'Mara and Larry Kramer, are representing opposing parties in a civil suit. O'Mara is representing the plaintiffs, about 10 families representing 10 patients who died under unusual circumstances at San Francisco Municipal Hospital. Kramer is representing the hospital. Millions of dollars are at stake and a lot of emotion as well. Cindy, the reporter member of the Murder Club, is covering the trial. Yuki also chances to stop by as she was in the building.

    So now we have 3 separate plot lines and all are exciting. However, we don't really get to know Yuki much or about Cindy or Claire. Mainly we follow Lindsay.

    The conclusion was satisfying but the final epilogue -- a big surprise and not foreseen or understood due to lack of character development.

    Worth reading if you get in bargain book or paperback!...more info
  • Great
    James Patterson is the best, haven't read a bad one yet!...more info
  • Ladies of Mystery
    It's a good thing James Patterson is such a fast and prolific writer because as soon as he puts out one of the "Women's Mystery Club" books I've not only read it in a day but can't wait for the next. I'm 'dying' to see the new TV series based on these ladies of mystery...more info
  • A page turner
    I'm not sure what it is about these books that grab me, but they do. I normally don't like books in the "suspense" genre but I pick one of these up and can't put it down until I'm finished. Fortunately, they are quick reads. It isn't great writing; the plots all have some holes in them. But the characters and the quick pace have captured me repeatedly. This time there are 2 unrelated sets of murders going on - both grabbed my interest and I almost become Lindsay while I am immersed in the book. Start with #1 if you haven't read that yet....more info
  • A Big Improvement on Step on a Crack
    I decided to give James patterson one more chance after the abysmal effort of Step on a Crack.The women's murder club series has been a series I really enjoy. I enjoyed this book. It was fast paced however still lacked substance. The characters could have been developed better - apart from the main character, Lindsay Boxer, the other main players were left on the sidelines. I found the book a bit disjointed in that it jumped around a bit. I really feel James Patterson needs to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. It would be a shame for his credibility as a writer to be compromised because he churns out 6 books a year. Also I feel cheated in that the paragraphs are so short and there is a lot of empty page space....more info
  • Poor writing
    At some point, I am probably going to say that I have read all James Patterson's books. Even though I think that his writing and his stories get weaker and weaker and weaker. And every time I finish one I swear it will be the last.

    But after a trip to the library where I did not find what I was after, I ended up loaning his The 5th Horseman. It is book no. 5 in his "Women's Murder Club" series. I have read no. 1 and 2. They were definitely not very good and neither is this one. Patterson has a co-author on almost all his books and that is the same for this one, but that does not make the quality any better.

    There are two cases which our heroine, police-woman Lindsay Boxer has to crack in this book, with her "Women's Murder Club". This "team" has a forensic pathologist, a journalist and a lawyer.

    First case is about one or more serial killers who displays their victims in luxury cars, dressed in designer gear.

    The other case is about a hospital being sued for malpractice. Apparently healthy patients die like flies after being admitted to this hospital.

    Both plots are very weak, to put it mildly and what really bugged me was that the two plots are not even connected. Middle into the book, one of the cases is solved and then we hear nothing more about it. That is so not good enough. It is YAWN! The book is divided into super-short chapters, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and when they are so badly written as is the case here, it is almost a relief.

    The book is a real fast read and while reading I did wonder why on earth I bothered, seeing as there are so many good books out there waiting to be read. Apparently I cannot really stay away from badly written mysteries ;-)
    ...more info
  • Another great Patterson novel.
    I can't get enough of this series. One of the things I like are the short chapters - always time for one more!!...more info
  • The Series Only Got Worse
    First, let me warn you that my review of this book only covers the first 112 pages because page 113 is where I tossed this book to the floor. I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was looking forward to reading more about the characters however after four and one-thirds books I know just as much about the main characters as I did after only one book.

    It's also more of the same with fine foods and clothing but at least this book added some flare with "three hundred dollar haircuts" and nice perfumes. Blech! It was on page 9, the first page after the prologue where the author mentions a meal of "carpaccio over arugula with thin shavings of Parmesan and a glass of Merlot." Given the previous few books, that passage wasn't as bad but it still grates on your nerves having to read such haughty nonsense just about every other chapter . . . which is sometimes the equivalent of every third or fourth page.

    Another minor detail that bugged me was Lindsay Boxer's mysterious Explorer. These books are written in chronological order yet her Explorer is a year younger in 5TH HORSEMAN than it was in 4TH OF JULY.

    Also, it's been rare occasion when Boxer was NOT doing "field work" despite her being a lieutenant heading up the homicide department yet all of a sudden she's aching to be back on the streets and wants to step down? There have been few enough instances written where I thought she was handling cases as a lieutenant, a leader, rather than as any old inspector that you could count them on one hand.

    Also, these women of the "Club" have degenerated from professional and reserved women in respected professions to sounding like giddy prepubescent girls snickering at a slumber party. Well, except for Boxer, she's just flat out boring. As I read the first third of this book I found myself not caring if she got to step down as lieutenant or not; whether she caught the murderer(s) or not; whether Joe and she maintained their relationship or not; whether her dog Martha gobbled her up for dinner or not. From the standpoint of the previous books, there is little continuity in this book, with the exception of some adjectives describing her friends and associates that is. She described Claire as a pretty decent cellist and Claire did play a cello in the third book. She described Jacobi as "former partner." Yup, I remember that too. She was promoted to lieutenant in the past . . . that jives too. Other than that there is little else. ...more info
  • It's Okay, if you are bored.
    I wouldn't really recommend this one. It's hard to beat Judge and Jury....more info
  • interesting, quick read
    This is the first novel by James Patterson that I have read, after hearing his works praised by multiple friends. I found the novel to do what fiction should - provides an escape from your life and plants you into the life of another. Here, you're given a birds-eye view of San Fran detective, Lindsay Boxer, on her way to busting vicious killers. The book was an interesting, quick read - a good book to pick up for a road trip or an evening at home. I recommend it, and look forward to reading other novels by this author. ...more info
  • Stinko
    I give it two stars only because the two mystery's are decent. This is some of the worst writting I have found in a long time of reading. The dialogue is totally unrealistic and the writing is awful. I don't know how much Patterson had to do with this book but he should be ashamed. I ask you how many women do you know that use a term like "skirt hound" for a man who chases women? I actually listen to this book as an unabridged audio, thinking it would sound better than it read...silly me! It was even worst because I had to hear the actor read the awful dialogue. Even my wife, who is a big Patterson fan, disliked this one....more info
  • average
    I love James Patterson's stuff! I prefer the books he writes alone. Most of the time I find when he writes with others that it is not up to par with the standard Patterson. This book is slow to start and slow moving along the way. The short chapters does not make it so hard to get through. I will still reccommend it to anyone who is a Patterson fan because you just can't help know what I mean....more info
  • The Fifth Horseman
    Great read. My Interest peaked early and remained high throughout the book. Another great novel by James Patterson....more info
  • Wild Ending
    The last one hundred pages were wild & action packed. A lot of unexpected twists right down to the very last page. Next time I am feeling ill I will just take an aspirin!...more info
  • Fast Paced Medical
    5 Stars +++ , Excellent reading and a keep you up late page turner . To me Mr Patterson breathed new life into the Womens Murder Club mystery by making this a semi Medical drama ,And another lady joins the Womens Murder Club and she is just as bright and well spirited as the others .

    ...more info
  • Good Series in Decline
    The 5th Horseman by James Patterson is another book in his Women's Murder Club series. The Women's Murder Club started with such promise but with this book, it has really deteriorated to where I wonder why he even bothers. The initial premise of women working together to solve crimes against other women-- and sometimes stepping outside of the law to do so, was a kick tail concept. In this book, the women barely work together; they certainly don't talk to each other about anything substantial other than gossip.

    It's not even a decent whodunnit as it's obvious from the get go who the bad guy is. Patterson tries to put a surprise twist at the end but anyone who doesn't see it coming probably checked out of the book from boredom a long time ago and is just turning the pages.

    If Patterson can't take this series back to the original concept, then he should let it go. It's a dishonor to the characters to have them used in this manner.
    ...more info
  • This is the first novel by James Patterson that I have read
    after hearing his works praised by multiple friends. I found the novel to do what fiction should - provides an escape from your life and plants you into the life of another. Here, you're given a birds-eye view of San Fran detective, Lindsay Boxer, on her way to busting vicious killers. The book was an interesting, quick read - a good book to pick up for a road trip or an evening at home. I recommend it, and look forward to reading other novels by this author. Also, if you missed reading TIN0 GEORGIOU'S masterpiece--THE FATES, go and read it. ...more info
  • so confused
    yes, the book was great, very intense in part. But the last few chapters were so scattered I felt like i had to go back to see what I had somehow missed. And the whole car murders inbetween seemed lifeless. I never truly understood what that was all about. If someone figured out how the night watcher and the doctor were involved I would be happy to have them explain it to me. Otherwise it seems like night watcher followed him around killing people and then he took all the credit for the murders in a round about way to win the court case. weird....more info
  • I'm finished with this series
    I watched the series on TV and really enjoyed it. I found the books and started reading them in order. I'm just glad I didn't download the whole series. The first three books were GREAT! It had great characters, a great storyline, suspense and left me wanting more. When I read the 4th one, I felt like it wasn't as good, but because I loved the characters from the first three books, I thought, certainly the next one would be better and read it. Well, I was wrong! This one is worse yet. The characters are not developed at all. The "club" isn't really together in this one (or #4). I finished the book only because I thought it would get better, but it didn't.

    I'm done reading this series. I might be tempted to read more if Maxine Paetro is not involved. I can't believe that the great writer, James Patterson, of the original book would allow these books to be put out under his name.
    ...more info
  • Page turning
    James Patterson at his best. 5th in a series and I can't wait for the 6th.Page turning with characters I can relate to....more info
  • The 5th horseman
    Sorry, but I purchased this as a gift and did not read it...more info
  • Another Great one!
    I've read 1 through 5 of this series, and I love them. This one was equally as good....more info
  • Awesome book, but disappointing ending
    The women's murder club is back, and as usual, this was another awesome James Patterson thriller. There's lots of action & two mysteries to be solved & it kept me hooked throughout the whole book. I was, however, a little disappointed with the ending. I was like, that's it? I was expecting so much more. They finally catch the killers, but don't get confessions or why they did it. I am a huge CSI fan, and it would have been nice to understand why they did it to help the story.

    Again, Lt. Lindsay Boxer is handling two cases - a girl is found murdered in a car, but wearing someone else's clothes, while there are mysterious deaths happening at a local hospital. The patients are found with buttons on their eyes. Each of the patients shouldn't have died, they came in with pretty simple problems, and in each case, they were given an overdose of medication or the wrong medication. The story & detective work is awesome & really keeps your attention. I just wish there was more to why the murders were happening....more info
  • What Can I Say? I Love the Women's Murder Club!
    Lieutenant Lindsey Boxer and friends are back in a great thrill ride with The 5th Horseman and, while this novel contains two different serial killer plots that keep one guessing, one ends all too disappointingly fast while the other takes a strange turn with the murderer that makes you wonder why that character only came up very close to the end. It felt a bit like a rush job in each case to wrap both of the mysteries up, but I still gave it 4 stars for never being boring. A fun and gripping read, there are worse Patterson books out there, so I will go against the general reviewer grain and say I liked it. One gripe I have with JP is this, however: why kill off a cute and likeable character like Yuki's mother Keiko? ...more info
  • Used Book Order
    Book was ordered as used and was delivered to me in a timely matter and in excellent condition. I would definately order used again from this vendor. Thank You....more info
  • Quick Read But Silly 'Girls'
    Although I like smaller chapters in a book, having 180+ or so is a tad much! However, that is endurable, but the women this series is portraying are not: they are barely recognizable as 'professional' women, and more & more like silly teenage girls. They are getting to be less & less believable, and I expect that in the next book they will all be giggling repeatedly as they gossip and muse... Could we have some intelligent female characters written in, please?????????...more info
  • The 5th Horseman
    The 5th Horseman, like the other books in James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series, is an exciting and very well written novel. It keeps your interest constantly and is a hard one, once again, to put down. I recommend this entire series if you like a fast paced exciting read....more info


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