Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7)

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The brothers are back?the latest installment in J. R. Ward?s sizzling #1New York Times bestselling series.

J. R. Ward?s Black Dagger Brotherhood novels have introduced readers to a ?different, creative, dark, violent, and flat-out amazing? (All About Romance)world. Now, as the vampire warriors defend their race against their slayers, one male?s loyalty to the Brotherhood will be tested?and his dangerous mixed blood revealed?

Rehvenge has always kept his distance from the Brotherhood?even though his sister is married to a member, for he harbors a deadly secret that could make him a huge liability in their war against the lessers. As plots within and outside of the Brotherhood threaten to reveal the truth about Rehvenge, he turns to the only source of light in his darkening world, Ehlena, a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him?and the only thing standing between him and eternal destruction.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent!
    I have been reading this series of books since it started and I wait for each with excitement. This one, as usual, was very well done. I read it in one sitting it was that good - not many books do that for me. ...more info
    It is true that the romance is not as abundant as in the previous books in this series but the writing and storyline are so good that I didn't even miss it. In fact, I do believe that I now prefer these later books to the earlier ones. I didn't even skim over the lesser pages, which I had begun to do with books five and six. I read book one and liked the series and now I can say that I flat out adore this series. I personally loved how time was devoted to the different relationships in so many different stages. Awesome, I can barely wait for the others....more info
  • Make up for Phury's
    Rehvenge's book really made up for the slow, boring book that was supposed to be Phury's. I loved Rehvenge so so so much and this book made me grip the pages and want to keep turning. I wanted to cry and laugh but she put more of the secondary characters to light, thank goodness. She leaves you wanting the eighth book NOW and I cannot wait. She brought her style back in focus and I will, without a doubt, die until the next one hits the stores........more info
  • Lover Avenged
    I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series so was able to forgive some choppy and confusing scenes. Was pretty ticked off to find out that I paid more for the Kindle ebook than the paperback. I'll be paying more attention to that in future....more info
  • The best of the Brotherhood
    I've been a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series since book one. I must say I consider this the best of the series. Ward has hit her stride with the book, easily balancing the romances between three couples, continuing the development of her plot arc, and adding in all the delicious little bromance touches we fans of the Brothers have come to enjoy. Ward's writing is fluid, and her character development sure and effective. I was very impressed with the book, and I look forward to reading the next installment.

    Angela Knight
    ...more info
  • 3.5 stars
    As an avid reader, I have read and loved this entire series. However, I have to admit that I am completely OVER the slang/hip-hop language that Ward has created, and can only give this book 3.5 stars. Enough is enough with the difficult language and just takes away from the story and is distracting to read....more info
  • A Little To Much Going On
    I have loved this series since I picked it up. How can you not love an alpha male that lives for his female. As the series progresses it seems to be losing steam. There was so much going on that there was no real focus on the main two characters. Seems like the ones the story was about was an after thought. I am hoping that she does better in the next book.I was looking forward to some series Rev in this book. ...more info
  • Give Rehvenge a chance!
    I bought this book through a pre-purchase reservation -- being a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I was eagerly awaiting J. R. Ward's next offering.

    When I received this book, I was SO disappointed when I saw that it was about Rehvenge!! I really did not want to read it at all. First, he was not a Brother -- second, he was more of an antagonist -- a necessary evil, if you will. Why did he deserve his own book -- and a thick one at that?? So, I just kept pushing it back on the coffee table and reading any one of the other series of books which I have stockpiled for reading material at any given time.

    Then, when looking for a book to take on a weekend trip to the mountains, I decided that maybe I would give Lover Avenged a try - it was thick enough to last the weekend and, oh well, I would leave it in the mountains for someone else to read if I really hated it.

    Well, a day and a half later, I was reading the last page and already missing the story and the characters. The impossible had happened -- I had even fallen in love with Rehvenge --

    This book has so much of what we all love about the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in it -- from Lash, who comes back strong, to Tohr and his fallen angel and his "son" John Matthew -- and about John Matthew! Way to leave us on the edge of our chairs, waiting for the next book which hopefully will be about John's quest to save Xhex --

    As usual, J. R. Wards has teased us with the introduction of some new characters which may or may not figure into larger, more involved plots in future books; she has not disappointed with the wry wit, steamy fantasies, laughable awkward situations (like flashing to the wrong balcony). Love the humor, the bond of friendship and the depth of love and passion which always surrounds both characters and readers and leaves us feeling both sated and longing for more.

    I miss these characters already and wonder what they are up to right this minute!...more info
  • Product Placement Gone Wild
    I have loved all the books in this series so far, but I was so distracted by the blatant product placement in this book that I couldn't get through the second chapter. By page 32 we knew that, "His jacket was Men's Warehouse, his shoes Florsheim, the watch peeping out from under his cuff was Sieko"...that they use Cottonelle, drink Ocean Spray Cranapple and dig into Wheaties. J.R. you lost me as a reader.
    ...more info
  • Love the brotherhood, but this book let me down
    I have loved all of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. It has been one of the best series that I have ever read. With each book, you fall in love with the brother and his story. Although Rehvenge is not technically a "brother" I was looking forward to reading his story. Boy was I disappointed. It really wasn't Rehvenge's story at all. It was Rehvenge & every other secondary character's story. He really got the shaft. There were just way too many characters and plot lines fighting for attention. I got really bogged down in the story and it seemed to take forever to read it. Plus, my book was missing pages! It actually was printed and bound with two pages missing. I may just wait and check the next book out from the library instead of wasting my money. ...more info
  • Lover Avenged...YUMMM
    J.R Ward does not disappoint with this new book. Get continuation of the series. I can't wait until the next one is released!...more info
  • Absolutely PERFECT!!
    The good stuff is finally back! Thank God JR Ward finally got back on track and quit with the junkie/freak brother stories. I've got to say, this has to be the best book in the entire series, which is one hell of a compliment because Wrath and Zadist's stories were amazing. The different intertwining stories were perfectly done, the charaters were amazing and the love story was so believable. THANK YOU JR Ward -- hurry up and get the next one out!!...more info
  • Not bad, but the bar has been set very high.....
    Nothing is going to compare to the first 3 books in this series. So we just need let it go. This book isn't bad. I feels like a transition book between the old and what she is planning for the future. I did like it better than Phury's story. I felt like I cared what happened to these people and it left me wondering about John's book. If you didn't like the last book, give this one a try, it might bring you back to the fold....more info
  • Lover Avenged by J.R.Ward
    Yes! J.R.Ward has done it again and "Lover Avenged" is a return to the style of her earlier books. I cried, more than once, while reading this story. A character I really never though I could admire became a hero, and one I already admired became whatever term there is for more-than-a-hero. Fans of the 'Black Dagger Brotherhood' will rave, I'm just headed to make some room on my keeper shelf!

    Rehv, Rehvenge, or the Reverend...whatever name you use, he's still the same man. Part vampire, part symphath-he's a creature damned by his blood, his birth, and his people; yet somehow he's managed to carve out a life (of sorts) that enables him to take care of those he loves...his mother, his sister, his friends, his employees. For a man who lives amidst the wallow of drugs and death, he is kind and loyal to his friends, and death to those who cross him. This same creature is one who has sacrificed more than most can imagine in their worst nightmares...and continues to do so only for others...asking next to nothing for himself. So what happens when a creature like this has to make a decision between himself and a woman who would be the only one who could save him?

    Ehlena. She lives a life far different from her peers. Her bloodlines are impeccable, yet she's stretching every penny. Her beauty is that of the glymera, yet she can't remember her last date. She's trapped, willingly, into a life caring for her schizophrenic father. She's a nurse, she's a carer, she knows the difference between right and wrong and believes everyone deserves to be saved. She's also one of the few nurses who can deal with the frightening man who's a regular at the clinic. Their friendship has a rocky start, but quickly becomes what neither was looking for. Will she be strong enough to save Rehvenge?

    There are a ton of reviews on the plot line of "Lover Avenged". Instead of rehashing those, I'll say what I liked about this book. Ward has given us a deeper look into those on the fringes of her world's societies. Creating a character that's a drug dealer and a killer; then turning him into a hero is NOT something most writers could successfully accomplish. Rehv is an anti-hero hero--probably one of the most human and complex characters Ward has written. She's done a fabulous job of showcasing sacrifice and redemption...and not just for Rehv and Ehlena. In this story, we get more on the current situation with Wrath and Beth...and I dare you NOT to cry. Yes, there's sadness; but there's also a victory; victories in the plural really, in this story about dealing with the worst deck life can deal; and doing so with a strange kind of honor.

    The stark emotional swings I felt while reading "Lover Avenged" were those of a cathartic nature. There were sad tears and happy tears; characters I loved and characters I hated; all wrapped up in the tension of suspense, relief, hope, and sometimes horror, that didn't let up until the final scene of the book. As always when I read, I try to imagine myself as a character in the book. In this book, I wanted to be at least three of the characters, all at different times.

    For me, "Lover Avenged" and J.R.Ward have taken the BDB series in another 'zag'; but it's one that's reminiscent of the first few books in the series so it's rather like coming BACK instead of heading out. I don't mind. I'm enjoying this crazy, frightening, wonderful, and scary journey...and I can't wait to see where we're going next!...more info
  • Thrill Ride! Exciting, Romantic, Sexy and Sad.
    I Loved This Book! Loved It! I was not really a big fan of Rehvenge- Pimp and Drug Dealer Dujour. But, this book..... I really enjoyed the interactions between Rehvenge and every single person he spoke with or was with. With Bella, he is a wonderful, loving big Bro that touches your heart. With the Princess he is a Beast. (Get her Rehvenge - I hated this skank). With Wraith - the King, he himself is Kingly. With Hex, he is a kindred spirit. With iAm and his Bro Trez, he is the ultimate friend. But, with Ehlena, he was a sexy beast. I loved their interactions. I wanted more romance, but I was not mad about it. JM is acting like a douchey teenager. But, I understand. And, ladies, we have a man for Blay. I am happy. I really enjoyed this book. It was a roller coaster ride. So many surprises. The only drawback was Wraith's blindness. I hate JR for this. (Not as much as I hated her for Wellisandra's death). But, I hate her for this. She destroys main characters. He already had an infirmity=his weak eyes. I thought she only required one infirmity per character/Warrior. She is getting on my darn nerves. But, I can't stop reading this series....more info
  • Awesome Read
    I was so disappointed in the last two books in the series that I let this one sit on my coffee table for a while, but at last I picked it up and could not put it down. This is why I read the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. This one is full of all the intense romance, danger, and mysteries that have made this series one of my favorite reads. Rehvenge has always been one of my favorite characters and I am delighted with his book.

    Rehvenge is being blackmailed by his half-sister, the Princess of the Symphath's. She demands not only money but his very self for her silence about his nature. He will do anything to protect his mother and sister. Bella, his sister, is married to Zsadist. Revh is a drug lord and a pimp who runs a nightclub. He lives by his own code of honor and when someone tries to hire him to kill the king he retaliates in his own way. But unknown to him someone else is privey to his secrets.

    Revh has to take dopamine to control the symphath in him. He gets it from Havers at the clinic. On his last trip there a nurse, Ehlena, notices the infection on his arm. She finds him scary, but fasinating. He finds her a worthy female, one that he knows he can never deserve or have. However, nothing stops a man from dreaming.

    Ehlena takes care of her father. He is delusional and needs constant survelience. She has devoted her life to him. Suddenly she finds herself thinking about Revh and worrying about his arm. She gets some penecillian and takes it to him, but she was caught on camera and now she looses her job.

    The relationship between the two is fierce and both are caught up in their emotions. But others are not decieved and the Princess has claimed Revh for herself. It is not long before his secrets are aired and Revh must take action.

    Torhment and John have their own adventures and many things are headed to a climax that will shake their world. Not the least is the fact that Wrath is loosing his sight. Do not miss this one. It is excellent and sets the stage for more....more info
  • Vampire suduction
    Another steamy vampire romance from the Blackdager Brotherhood! The next installment of Ward's suductive world where vampire warriors are all that stand between innocence and destruction, and the heroic women who stand between them and the loneliness that would destroy their souls....more info
  • BDB Rules!
    I absolutely loved reading this newest edition of JR Ward's BDB series! I laughed, I cried......I am thoroughly mesmerized and enthralled by all the unforgettablly sexy characters she has created! The brothers' comedic banter and personalities shined through in this one. You can't help but fall in love with each one of them. I gave it 4 out of 5 because the storyline with Rehvenge and Ehlena was a little thin BUT when they did get together it took your breath away. I loved the other POV's storylines about Wrath, John and even Lash! This book, as all the others, will have you wanting to read more about their world. Can't wait for the next one and will be re-reading the others until then! ...more info
  • Yes!!..she's back....maybe...I hope
    I loved this book....with alot of conditions. I loved the heroine. She wasn't whiny or weak like most of JRs women. She took her circumstances in stride and everything she did made sense. No too-stupid-to-live moments. I loved Rehv except when he was being weak and unworthy of love which JR seems to love her alpha men getting castrated with love but U felt Rehv came back by the end.

    The issues with JM did not work for me at all. Just like that he has sex and is this hardened heart playa? C'mon..its John Mathew! The lil fella who watched out for Mary! I feel like she is trying to set him up to be another Zadist and it simply will not least for me. Nothing that has happened to JM so far is going to make me believe he is this sudden hard ahz unemotional wreck of a boy/man. He made it through his horrible youth, transition and losing Welsie and Tohr and NOW you want to make him go hard? Nothing in Tohr's return or Zhex has done warrants that kind of change. Not buying it. He's been too good too long. And I do not appreciate another rescue. Its a cop-out. Z and Bella was IT...dont try to go there again. They are not the same...the situations do not compare.

    It is a better all around book as I have had serious issues with the last two...well three really. The pacing was great and there was not overwhelming like Phury's book. I felt it was more about the couple this time and the couple worked. I loved getting back to Wrath. I felt good by the end and still have hope. I do think that maybe this series should go to the fiction section and is no longer really romance..not that I mind because Im addicted but it would help the mindset. The first three books were one thing and we are now somewhere else. As long as I keep that in mind the others work rather well....more info
  • The WARDen does it again!
    As a fan of the Brothers, I have to say I was a little apprehensive to have a book in the BDB series that featured a non-brother as the lead. That being said, however, with Rehv's book I was not disappointed in the least. No, Rhev is not a member of the Brotherhood, but he is closely connected to the BDB and there are plenty mentions of the brothers in the other storylines that were set to play in this book. A definite must have for BDB fans. Also with the focus on Rhev a door has been opened to a whole other society within this vampire realm, the sympaths. It will be intriguing to see how their society comes to play in upcoming books. ...more info
  • Rhev's not really redeemed, but LA is still good. Ward gives us more of the other Brothers too, Yay!
    Okay, so Lover Avenged is not a return to the romance centric stories of the first five books, but there still was a lot about this book that I liked.

    I can't say that I was really looking forward to Rhev's romance, this vampire mafioso like drug-king pimp is not a nice guy (okay so the Brothers aren't exactly teddy bears either). But surprisingly (to me), I actually enjoyed Rhev's story. I thought that Ward did a good job of developing his relationship with Elena and removing the obstacles for a future together. Even though when all is said and done, I find it hard to think that he'll be able to completely make a break from such a sordid and violent past - I am thinking that he has to have lots of enemies - but with both the sympath and vamp things going on I could be wrong.

    The other major thread that has carried through the book is John's. I know not everyone has been thrilled with him and his posse in previous books, but with events here Ward has finally moved John (do we all remember who he really is?) to the point of being ready for a book of his own. John's transition here is not an easy one, but there needed to be some dramatic incident to take him out of the victimhood of his past to prepare him to take his place in the Brotherhood. Tohr and Xhex, in a double one-two-punch, are the catalyst. The fallout is not pretty, but it is clear that John will regain himself in the end.

    The one thread that I found a bit disappointing here was Lash's thread. As the uber vamp-lesser hybrid, I had high hopes for Lash in the evil villian department and hopes that he would actually transform the Lessers into a worthy enemy for the Brothers - I used to skim over the threads centered on the Lessers in previous books because impotent, baby smelling albinos are wimpy uninteresting villains - well, maybe next time.

    I know that many fans are disappointed by Ward's move to more of a multithreaded ensemble piece from her former romances but the consolation prize for me in this book is that she finally is starting to gives us more of the Brothers again. I like their interactions and think that the dynamics of their relationships is what make Ward's book so unique. Other positives in this book in particular? I liked seeing more of Wrath, and the start of Tohr's recovery. I was also intrigued with Lassiter and look forward to see what Ward is going to make of him. And I really liked that most of Ward's 'ladies' in the book were much stronger as characters than some of the mid-series leads in previous books.

    I actually really enjoyed Lover Avenged. There was plenty going on to keep my interest and there was plenty of promise developed to make me look forward to seeing where Ward takes us in the future.
    ...more info
  • Lover Avenged
    I loved this book. Rhev is one of my favorite characters from this series and I thoroughly enjoyed his story. I am anxiously awaiting the next book....more info
  • The cover art alone is worth the price of admission!
    I'm savoring JR's latest...details to follow! I almost want to go back and re-read all the previous books before tackling this one. I hope I won't be disappointed. Haven't yet!...more info
  • The Passion is Dying Book by Book
    I waited with baited breath for Rehvenge's story to arrive - after all, he was my favorite character of her Brotherhood series: dark, dangerous, unrefined, angry...I just knew his story would be filled with deep passion. But as I read Lover Avenged, I grew more and more disappointed with every page. I can understand JR Ward not wanting to be another flash in the pan paranormal *romance* writer, and so she is developing this big intricate world of the Lessers and the Brothers, and with each book she is wanting us to live there for 400 pages or so. And I enjoy that dark world, those varied characters, the arcing story lines. BUT - not at the expense of the love story of each of the brothers. What has happened to the erotic suspense that built unbearably from page to page, the passion, the joy, the love?!? I though Phury got royally gypped in the last book, but when I read this one, I felt anger at what both Rehvenge as a character and I as a reader lost out on. I developed no care for the female protagonist, and the love story between Rehvenge and Ehlena was completely unmoving, discompassionate, and the rare sex felt boring and disconnected and definitely devoid of passion.

    What is happening to JR Ward?! In her trying to break ranks from the average *romance* writer, she is losing the very fans that buy her books! I love the Brotherhood world, with all its darkness and twists and turns, but what makes the stories remarkable are the relationships that were the primary story in the first few books. Remember the intense passion and sexual tension in Butch's story? The dangerous eroticism of Zsadist's painful love? That's what we want! Now, the books seem more like urban fantasy fiction with a bit of sex thrown in. This book, particularly, felt like she was just trying to wrap up the Brotherhood stories and hurry on to her new series featuring the Fallen Angels. ...more info
  • Skimmed way too much through this one
    I have to agree with the more negative reviews. It's not that Ms. Ward isn't a good storyteller and her characters are more than interesting and you want to care for them, but the storylines are all so disjointed and short. How can I feel the love and passion of any of the characters when each one only has about 100 pages, if that, to their story? I actually love Xhex and John but give them more interaction with eachother if you are going to write so much of this book about them. If I'm going to be dragged away from the main character's story, then at least make it worth my while. I already read Wrath and Beth's story, so seeing characters you loved in the past is great, it's a bit much when it's at least a 1/3 of the book. It's just kind of funny because I'll still be soooo excited to read John's book, yet when it comes out I'm sure we'll pretty much only get a short story out of it. I just wasn't very satisfied and skimmed through a lot of this book. Will I continue to read her books? Hell yes! I just hope I don't continue to be disappointed....more info
  • Ward Delivers
    What I can tell you- straight to the point- is that I enjoyed Lover Avenged more than then my last outing in the BDB (Lover Enshrined). And too, for those who are still hoping the author keeps up with writing Paranormal Romance rather than Urban Fantasy, they won't be disappointed with Lover Avenged.

    Lover Avenged, Book 7 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, brings us Rehvenge's story. Rehv is not a member of the Brotherhood but a member of the Glymeria, the Vampiric version of The Ton. The druglord and all around gangster is hiding something. He's a Sympath, a renegade race of Vampires who were annexed years ago because of their ability to feed off of negative emotions- and the cold way they use their intellect to do so.

    Because he's a half breed- neither the High Class Vampire world nor the Sympath world accept him, so he hides his Sympathic abilities by drugging himself into numbness. When he shows up at Haver's Clinic - a medical clinic for the Vamps- he's in desperate need of a fix and it takes all he can to hold his Sympath urges back when the beautiful Ehlena comes in to prep him for the Doc.

    Ehlena is weary from her life outside the hospital, her schizophrenic father absorbs all her time and energy, and wary of the amethyst eyed vampire sitting on the table in front of her. But never one to back down from life, nor a challenge, she takes on the job of taking his vitals when every other nurse in the clinic runs for cover. Knowing the sexy vamp is bad news- but having no idea how bad- she fights the attraction she feels for him and goes on her way.

    Rehv is shocked by the attraction he feels for the attentive Ehlena, but he's determined to ignore it- she's way to pure for a corrupted man such as himself. After all, Rehv dances a fine line between good and evil and the last thing he needs is someone getting too close and exposing his secret life.

    But fate, it would seem, has other ideas and Ehlena is just the woman he needs to help him finally accept who is ... and who he's meant to be.

    In the meantime, the game is afoot between the Lessers and the BDB with Wrath (Dark Lover), the King of the Vamps hiding some dangerous doings from those who love him and a once member of their fold now leading the nasty slayers. Combine that with a major power struggle within Vampire society and ... well, you get an intricately woven story that keeps the pages turning til late in the night.

    4 out of 5 from me. (The only reason it's not a 5? Once again, Ward could not manage to engage me enough to care less about the Lessers, thus making me skim most of their part of the story.)

    Still, she knows what readers of paranormal romance crave- and delivers!
    ...more info
  • Hot in more ways than one!
    When the book first came out and even before it came out I read a lot of reviews complaining about how the book was no longer a romance but urban fantasy. How utterly wrong. It is absolutely both. Rehv's story rivals Z's as my all time favorite in the series. Both are dark, harsh, and yet they overcome extreme conditions to be better men. The focus of the story is mostly on Rehv, but Ward skips back and forth between John's messed up love life and Wrath's physical problems and how they affect his leadership of the Brotherhood as well as his relationship with his wife.

    Overall, Ward's movement between the main and subplots were done extremely well, and I felt nothing was lost in the shuffle (like in the last book). Again, wonderfully done, and I look forward to the next one!...more info
  • This series is off the HOOK!!!
    I have been reading the other reviews and anyone who says this series is going down hill, well obviously is not a fan and does not know a good book when they read it!!!!
    This series get stronger with each book, unlike other series I have read that go down hill, J.R Ward still gets me!! I was not happy with her choosing to give Rehv his own book, but after the last 2 books I was falling for him. He is not a brother but he is a big player in this series. Wrath was also in this book alot and who doesn't love Wrath? Also we get to see JM and Xhex and the beginning of their love affair and I am assuming that JM's will be the next book and I can't wait.
    The "Warden" has left me wanting more and more!!! There was nothing in this book that disappointed me, except the ending, I did not want this book to end! So when the "Warden" writes the next one, I will be first in line to pick it up.....
    Keep up the good work "Warden!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Good addition to the BDB Series!
    Revehenge's book was a great addition to the series. I liked that it also had the underlying storylines of Wrath and the new book to cover John Matthew's/Xhex's story should be awesome! JR Ward really is a master in this genre! Even my husband is starting to read the series with Dark Lover (Wrath/Beth's story). ...more info
  • Great Addition to the Series
    Well, if you're reading this, then you've already read the WARDen's previous six books in this series. (If you haven't, go read them!) Rehv's book is just as captivating as her past books, and has become one of my personal favorites. It's a great a new book in the BDB series that you will just love with another big cliffhanger at the end......more info
  • I'm Disappointed
    I was really disappointed with Rev's book. It had the same problem as Phury's book did, lack luster and boring love scenes, without any LE's action packed sequences. On a scale of 1 to 10 Rhev's passion for Elenah was about a 6, and considering a male's shellan is his heart and soul, thats just not good enough. I also don't like the direction Ward is taking with the lessers. With Lash at the helm, the Lessening Society seems more like street thugs than a hard core disciplined group of vampire assasins. Come to think of it, I haven't liked the Lessers since Z's book. Even with the twist of Lash being the Omega's son, they were boring in this installment of the series. And was it just me, or should the Brother's reaction to Lash being alive, as a LESSER of all things, have been more. . . . existent? I mean they were like "oh there's Lash he's a Lesser now, didn't you know?" Their shock was underwhelming, as was the entire book actually. Xhex's love scene with John Matthew didn't bother me, they were actually more interesting than Rev and his leelan were. And I liked Payne's cameo, I think Ward is setting up the possibility of female brothers, but thats just my fond wish. I also liked the reemergence of Wrath and Beth's relationship into the plot, and the not so surprising development therein. I was pleased with the completion of Rev's back story, even though it seemed thrown together at the end. Basically I'm dismayed at the direction Ward is taking with the series. I heard that she's now making them Urban Fantasies instead of Romance, but I've read UFs before and the characters weren't as wooden. And considering she's had a jump start into building funny, interesting, dynamic characters in her previous books, I found the seeming devolving of the plot and protagonists hard to stomach. But since I love series so much, I'm still recommending you buy it, but just in paperback....more info
  • Lover Avenged
    This is definitely not a romance novel. Ehlena and Revhenge are barely mentioned. I do want to say that Ward did make me like Revhenge when she focused on him. He did come across tortured and lonely and I really wanted him to get the girl. Ehlena had potential but it was not fully developed. She could have easily been a strong leading female character but not enough time was spent fleshing her out.

    Beth and Wrath had a predominant role in this book. It was nice to revisit, especially since the author created some marriage dissension between them and had them work it out. We also get to see Wrath take the reins and actually become king rather than just a figurehead.

    Lash is becoming a bad guy extraordinary. I never liked his character so for him to be the foe is just fine with me.

    I did not like the turn John Matthew took in this book and why the author left the storyline open after potentially ruining it between John and Xhex is beyond me.

    Lassiter is a mystery to me. I don't understand his input or why he is even in the book.

    Character's aside the book is kind of boring. I usually read a book in less than 2 days. This one I've been reading for almost two weeks. I had to really force myself to focus on it. It did get a little bit better about halfway in but petered out again towards the end. It is not all bad, but it is not something I can rave about either.
    ...more info
  • Just keeps getting better!
    The BDB series only gets stronger and more addicting with this latest installment. Plenty of great characters, hot sex and a fascinating and complex alternate world make Ward's series my absolute favorite. Who knew Zhex would be so compelling!! Now I can't wait for the next book to see what happens to her! ...more info
  • 2.5 stars - rather mediocre
    Not as good as I had hoped - not as bad as I had feared.

    I am not a huge fan of "the Warden", and I pretty much lost interest in the Black Dagger Brotherhood with the past two books. I tend to agree with a couple of other reviewers that I have simply outgrown the series. I was not going to read Lover Avenged - I did not even buy a copy for the library, as there were no requests for it - but a patron donated her copy. I asked her for her opinion and she just rolled her eyes.

    So, I looked at the reviews here. I am not surprised at the number of 5-star reviews. If nothing else, Ward is an internet-savvy author and has quite the following of fans ("cellies"). Upon reading the reviews, however, I wanted to see for myself if the change in editor had really made a difference in the telling of the story.

    Forget the PNR/UF debate... It feels like Ward had a checklist for Lover Avenged:
    Riveting Plot ... check
    Advancing the storyline ... check
    Romance ... check
    Urban Fantasy ... check
    Phraseology ...

    OMG!!! Mayor Shin's admonition to "watch your phraseology!" echoed in my mind as I read.

    A new editor?

    Perhaps that explains the unfortunate "phraseology" liberally sprinkled throughout this tome:
    "And nearly getting mowed down by him put the final frazzle candle on the drama cake."
    "... like he was one more hassle in her castle ..."
    "... his teeth were doing the castanets, and not from the cold."
    "This evening ... had turned into a sixteen-car pileup on the road to relationshipville."
    "Tohr woke up with a stomach that had been spray-painted in the color pain."

    And the overuse of the f-word was beyond tiresome. "I can handle myself, f*** you very much." Seriously?

    Regarding the romance, once again, the two main characters get shortchanged, and we are told they have fallen in love, rather than shown. Rehv and Ehlena do not trust themselves or each other, and are much too willing to throw whatever they do have away (in spite of the bonding).

    I didn't expect much from this book, and I was not disappointed. ...more info
  • She's Baaack 4 1/2 Smokinhot Stars!!!
    Ok after Vishous (Lover Unbound) I wasn't sure where she was going with this series. She is an awesome writer, but even I was like whaaat for the ending. Then she released Phury's book, it was a little better, but I would have liked to have actually read more on Phury! I have been waiting for Rehvenge's book for like ever. Those of you sitting on the fence after Lover Unbound and Lover Enshrined, first of all I completely understand, but this book is awesome!!!!! It reads a lot like her 3rd book Lover Awakened, which is one of my all time favs. All I have to say is Ward still got it. I could not put this book down had to stay up all night just to finish it.

    (sigh) Now I have to wait until Oct to read her newest series Covet, it's about angels.
    ...more info
  • Better, but not great
    I've only recently found the BDB series of books. It was recommended on my Kindle based on other books I have purchased. That being said I have read all 7 in a row, so each one was fresh in my mind. As of this writing, I have read all through a second time. I really loved the first 4 of the series, Wrath's story, Rhage's story, Zsadist's story and Butch's story. I have to admit like other reviewers, Vishous's story, Phury's story and Revhenge's story are not on the same level when developing the romance. They seem to be more about filling in all the blanks to round out the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. So I have rated Revh's story 3 stars. It was more romantic than book 6, but not great. I'm hoping John Matthew's story and Torhment's stories are better....more info
  • Suspend questions of morality those who venture here.
    It is very difficult to make someone who, in our society today, is really a criminal, into a hero. Somehow, and I have read Lover Avenged two and 1/2 times so far, and still can't figure out how Ward did it, she is successful. At least, I followed The Rev's transformation, nay, unveiling, eagerly.

    For the Doubting Thomas, go back into each book and read the disparity of behaviors Rehvenge shows depending on the people with whom he is among. With his family, he is dutiful and a good son; to his sister, he is a loving and protective brother; to his scummy clientele, he is dangerous and evil; to his competitors, he is big nasty; to his employees, he is caring of their welfare. He is a hard male, in a hard society, dealing with a horrific blackmailing creature, trying to protect those few for whom he cares, and doing it to the best of his ability.

    I found the sub-plots to be helpful. All these people live in the same community. To completely isolate each story line would be non-sensical. The vampires, their enemies, their family and brothers, interact daily and what affects one couple (or couple-to-be), has an effect on all the others. The progression of Wrath's vision problems seems to be realistic and workable. The impact of John's changes and growth are reasonable. Remember, he's not that far away from being a kid even though he's a biggn'! And, what man (or woman) hasn't lusted after a perhaps-impossible love-interest at one time or another.

    I don't this this book deserves anything less than five stars. It fits right in with the other Brotherhood books and sets the stage for, hopefully, several more....more info
  • Lover Avenged- JR Ward
    7th great book by an impressive new author. She's created a new world of vampires and humans in upper state New York. The books character's are
    believable, their interactions are funny, sad and loving. These books are keepers and re-readers....more info
  • Sizzling!
    The chemistry between the characters, the advance in the BDB plotline...this book has a bit of everything, and makes a great contribution to an already great series.

    For fans of the series, it's a must-read..and for new readers? A real pleasure. Ward delivers another stunner....more info
  • Way to go J R Ward!
    J R Ward in my opinion has improved her writing skills tremendously since book 1. Her first 3 books, Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1),Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2) Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3) were definitely romance novals. If you like romance novals and only want to read romance novals, stop here. But those of us that like Urban Fantasy with a touch of Romance, keep reading. Her next three books Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 4)Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 6) you could see that Ward was trying to move towards Urban Fantasy, but was having a hard time finding her groove. The books were all over the place and she was definitely in need of a new editor. Yet, they were okay and you could see the potential. After reading six books you should be in love with the characters.

    It would appear to me that Ward now has a new editor, her new book Lover Avenged, was not all over the place, nor did she go into huge tangents about 'feelings.' She kept to her main story, yet was able to bring in her other characters. And my favorite part was the reduction of pages concerning the lessors. She was able to keep that story line short and sweet so that you knew what was going on, but didn't bore you to death like she did in the other books.

    Ward does have quite a few characters in her book, but if you read her previous books you are able to keep up with them. I would suggest that if you never read a J R Ward BDB novel before, that you start at the beginning in order to get the full impact of her world and you will be able to keep track of the characters much better.

    I new when I purchased the book that I would not be thrilled with Rehvenge. Why would anyone wish to see somebody fall in love with a drug lord and pimp. But, Ward was able to pull it off. I normally like tougher heroines, but Ehlena seemed like the perfect female to tame him.

    I loved the subplots. Xhex and John have been and will be interesting reads in the future. There were some sad moments in the book, but it is what is making Ward's books stand out from other authors. I applaud Ward for taking risk and being willing to expand outside of your normal romance formula that other authors feel the need to maintain.

    I like Ward's concept of Ehlena's father and his mental illness. It was unique. I also appreciated that she didn't go on and on about it like she would have in her early books.

    Great job J R Ward and to her new editor!

    ...more info
  • Another Great Addition to the BDB Series!
    There are so many things that make this book amazing. What I see in this novel is a way to tie loose ends and make new ones. I absolutley love the direction that the series is taking.
    Some people think that it's a little out of the ordinary since Rhev is not a Brother. However, he's been a big part of the series and his story is just so touching. And it does seem like the author is taking it away from the paranormal romance and more into the paranormal suspence genre and its hasn't changed my opinion of the series.
    The book is a real page turner. With better interactions with the characters and an even better plot from beginning to end. And the ending is heart warming and intense at the same time. Definitley enjoyed this book. Can't wait for the next one....more info
  • Lover Avenged
    This book is awsome. said it would take 5 days for me to get it, but it was 4. Thank you


    Elizabeth Harper...more info
  • Praise for J. R. Ward--Another fantastic book!
    J. R. Ward is defintely the "queen" when it come to writing paranormal romance. I never quite knew what to think about Revhenge, but I liked him and knew that there had to be a great story behind the mystery. I could not put this book down. I think after reading this book, Revhenge is one of my favorite characters. His story was so compelling and sad. I was so happy to see Ehlena come into his life to love him and make him feel that he was a worthwhile person. I would have liked to have seen the love story between Revhenge and Ehlena play out in more detail in the book. However, I did like how J. R. Ward brought some of the other characters into the story. I can never get enough of hearing about the other characters. You get so involved in their world that they seem to be "real". I love reading more about the other characters, even though their main stories were told in their own books. No one can compare to the brilliant, intelligent, witty, sexy writing of J. R. Ward. I don't think any of the other paranormal writers out there can even compare to her books. The other reviewers have pretty much covered the storyline, but I will just add that this book is awesome!!! The Brothers are back!!! I can't wait to see what happens next because the storyline is branching out and there are several loose ends that will undoubtedly have to be tied up. You won't be disappointed with this one! Way to go J. R. Ward--you are the greatest!...more info
  • I'm still going to buy them...
    I had trepidation reading this book-knowing how many people totally loved it and how many people totally hated it.

    I was somewhere in the middle. I liked the whole Rhev/Elehna story. But my favorite was the JM and Xhex storyline. I confess--I hated Xhex at the beginning of the story. But now, I think I like her. I think that Ward really likes JM and Xhex too, so the next book should be really good.

    The Princess character is just disgusting. As is Lash.

    Still a series I like to read and one I will continue to buy....more info
  • Finally! More than just a romance!
    I am excited to finally read a "meaty" romance. Actually this reads more like an involved dark fantasy, with enough romance to keep it hot! I sometimes read 3-4 books a week, and most romance books are nothing more than formula crap! The way Ward is expanding her novels... its like reading a great Tolkien adventure with a seriously dark/adult twist. But hey, they are vampires, so you should expect a dark sexually charged setting.

    There are 4 story lines running: Revhenge/Elehna, John Matthew/Xhex, Wrath, and Lash. I could have used a little more development of Revh/Elehna story, but still thoroughly enjoyed it. And the JM/Xhex and Wrath stories were great!

    My one complaint was the typical drugery of getting through the Lessers parts. Ward did better this time since we have Lash, but only when the relationships seemed to intertwine with the other stories. I guess I am easily bored by mission details and evil plots. I prefer to experience the story rather than be told about it??? Next book I aniticipate this problem to go away as Lash directly effects a certain story line (which I am hoping will be the center of attention/ the main couple of the next book)!

    Looking forward to the next installment!!!
    ...more info
  • It's o.k., but........
    The most I can say is it was o.k. I'd actually give it a 2.5 if I could. Not what I have come to expect from the brotherhood series. I guess my first issue is that Rev is just not as interesting to me as the others characters. I found the romance between he and elena to be seriously lacking. The portions of the book involving John Matthew being far more interesting to me. And thank God for Lassiter and the humor he injected into the story. The book also did not include much of the rest of the brotherhood characters which left the story flat for me. ...more info
  • Moving book!
    Loved this book it focused on so many characters and did it well. Expressive and fantastic! I love this author!...more info
  • 3 1/2 Stars, but I'll Round UP
    As much as I try NOT to anticipate a story, I think I couldn't help it with this one, the seventh book in the BDB. From the get-go, Rehvenge has been an enigma, a Jack of all Trades: Drug Lord, half Sympath, Leahdyre of the Glymera, brother-in-law to the Warriors... How can one man embody the Good, the Bad & the Ugly? I couldn't wait to see what makes him tick.

    My initial impression of Rev's story was, Meh. Don't get me wrong- there were aspects that I really loved overall, bits of the ferocity that is Rehvenge, and I must say, when he visits the Princess? Made my skin crawl, literally, for good AND bad! But as far as the chemistry between him and Ehlena? I felt their relationship was formed on the phone for criminy's sake! I wanted them to smash the cells and meet up more, face to face. It didn't seem.. probable to me. I didn't feel the desperation of need from either of them that was expressed so vividly in the previous books. I also missed the Brotherhood some; in the other books they seemed to have more airtime and I can't get enough of Butch, V & Rhage's remarks & wisecracks.

    On a Good Note, the side stories were palpable! I was glad to see Jose De La Cruz come back and his interaction with Xhex was interesting. The boys: Blay, Quinn and of course, John Matthew... I cannot get enough of! I cannot wait for the next book of JM and Xhex! Talk about a cliffhanger! Their relationship takes a turn in this story that will definitely leave you hanging. Beloved Tohr starts to come around whether he wants to or not, and events are happening to our King Wrath that have yet to be explained. And Lash proves to be Baddie with the most attitude, a welcome to the Lesser society. Tie it all up with Lassiter, the star Fallen Angel whose own story is screaming to be told, and you've got delicious filler around LA's central storyline.

    Overall, this book entertains! Ward is brilliant with her intertwining world of the BDB, and I will always be in line for the next one... ...more info
  • Rehvenge stole my heart
    Ugh, come on people Rehvenge story is as painful as Zsadist probably more. Rehvenge got my attention right away, his beauty, his misterious and dangerous nature that vampire is a GOD!!! He is probably the thoughest guy in Ward's books but he is also the most vulnerable, sensitive and purest at heart. My heart cried for him when Elehna treated him the way she did at his office I wanted to choke the life out of her. All Ward's books have been awesome except for Rhage's his story was kind of weak. As far as John Matthew I think he's story is going to be good. And to all of you complaing I have to say re-read her books and see how Lover Awakened and Lover Avenged are the best of all the series. Like I said the brother's books are awesome and each character is very different....more info
  • Gritty and Dark Vampire World (B Grade)
    When it comes to an author like J.R. Ward, you can't help but become addicted to the world she has created. Ward has done something great with her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. She has changed the Paranormal Romance genre as we know it and has ventured into the Urban Fantasy genre as well.

    Rehvenge is one of those secondary characters who catches your eye, where you hope his own story will be told. Lover Avenged is the seventh book in this on-going series about a group of vampire warriors who work on the side of good to protect their community from an evil group called The Lessers who want to eliminate them. The past six books have been a whirlwind of action, suspense and romance. Some readers have begun to question about the changes Ward has expanded this world to encompass many stories in one. The closest comparison I can compare the BDB series to, is a supernatural soap opera like Days of Our Lives. As you read you will be introduced to one set of characters and their stories. As you are involved in that particular storyline Ward will switch it up and turn your attention to something else.

    Lover Avenged is a well-written book, have no doubt about that, but there are something things that don't work. I feel that Lover Avenged could have been cut down by one-hundred pages and placed some storylines on the back burner because they took away the reason I picked this book up in the first place. I wanted the attention of Lover Avenged solely on Rehvenge and his happily ever after.

    Not only do we have the central story of Rehvenge but there is some drama with the blind king of the vampires, Wrath. Wrath's story is almost just as important as Rehvenge's. Wrath is having major issues. He is close to losing his sight forever and feels he is not doing enough to aid in the fight along with his fellow brothers. As king, he is meant to rule and not battle. Another storyline that has become very important because it will carry into the next book is the one of John Matthew, the mute orphan vampire who is also coming to grips with his future. John Matthew may be considered to be an adult, but he is very much a child. He has been abused through much of his life and is adrift because of it. He has no real motivation and is much like a toddler taking his first steps. He wants to fight alongside his brothers but they baby him. John Matthew is also torturing himself because he has an undying love for a woman who refuses to return his feelings. She is Xhex a harsh being who works for Rehvenge. She is what is known as a sympath, which in itself is a complication. Xhex cannot have tender feelings for John Matthew because of what she is and because of something that happened in her past even before John was born. John Matthew is rejected by Xhex and because of that he lashes out.

    Rehvenge has to be one of the most problematic characters in the BDB world. Rehv is not only a half-sympath, half-vampire. He is also a murderer, drug lording pimp who is being blackmailed into having sexual relations with his half-sister who is the sympath princess and is mated to the king of the sympaths who happens to be Rehv's uncle. This Rehv in Lover Avenged comes across as a tired worn out man who is at his breaking point. What originally made me prefer Rehv over all the other male characters was that he was close to an amoral hero as you could get. Ehlena does not have it easy either. She is taking care of her father who has dementia. When Rehv and Ehlena meet, it is not love and first sight. There are some fireworks but it is more disgust from Ehlena. Rehv comes across a bit too slick and sly for her tastes. Rehv is disgusted because he can see that Ehlena is a woman of worth and deserves respect.

    Rehv knows he is not worthy of Ehlena, but can't stay away from her. She becomes his one small ray of sunshine in his screwed up life. Ehlena finds herself attracted to Rehv but has so much going on in her life. She doesn't have the time or the energy to have a romance. But Rehv breaks her down and they begin to have a tender love affair. Rehv courts Ehlena in small ways.

    Lover Avenged is a very emotional read because of the investment I have in each one of these characters. Even with the issues I had with Wrath and John Matthews, I found Lover Avenged to be a satisfying read. I would have like a bit more emphasis on Rehv and Ehlena rather than some of the others involved. Some of the action seemed like filler. I would assume that in the back of an author's mind, they hope that their readers will want to continue on reading the next installment in their series. I was afraid that my expectations of Lover Avenged would be too high and perhaps would not want to carry on with the next book. The way Ward has ended Lover Avenged makes me want to read the next book.

    ...more info