366 Delicious Ways to Cook Rice, Beans, and Grains

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Andrea Chesman presents 366 creative and flavorful "natural gourmet" recipes using a wide variety of beans and grains, like basmati and jasmine rice, adzuki beans, amaranth, and quinoa. Organized by course and main ingredient, these dishes range from light and lively starters to hearty and soul-satisfying foods that stick to your ribs but not to your waistline. American favorites are well represented here, but adventurous cooks will be pleased to find ethnic cuisines dominating this mouthwatering collection, including such recipes as:
* Spicy Vegetable Couscous
* Pesto Pasta with Cranberry Beans
* Smoky Black Bean Burritos
* Jamaican-Style Rice and Peas This wonderful addition to our 366 Ways series features foods that are among the most versatile and healthful in the human diet, not to mention absolutely delicious.
* Recipes are high in flavor, low in fat.
* Each recipe includes a detailed nutritional analysis, which counts calories, fat, percentage of calories from fat, protein, fiber, sodium, and calcium.
* Vegetarian dishes dominate the collection, but healthful variations include salmon, shrimp, and chicken.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not well organized
    This book is not a wower, but, it's ok. Make sure you read the recipes before going to the grocery store; you'll need to find different ingredients that I would bet is not in the average kitchen....more info
  • 366 Delicious Ways to Cook Rice, Beans, and Grains
    A very good, detailed book using these items. Perfect for when using emergency supplies. Lots of color pictures and easy recipes....more info
  • A Definite Winner
    I (James' wife) found this cookbook in a bargain bookstore 7 years ago and found it to be a treasure chest of great recipes using beans, lentils, etc. We own many international cookbooks and I like how this cookbook incorporates international flavor without too much extra work. Most of the ingredients I keep in my pantry. Every Wednesday our family has a meal featuring beans and I have used the ideas and recipes from this book to prepare these meals. My copy of the cookbook is full of bookmarks, I have so many favorite recipes. I have since purchased many more copies of the cookbook to give to relatives and friends. I also know that many of my friends have purchased the book on my suggestion. I highly recommend this book to those who are looking for new ways to prepare beans, lentils, rice, and other unique grains. These recipes can convert the uninitiated to a love of tasty vegetarian cooking....more info
  • Extraordinary book
    With the exception of ONE recipe, which I found bland, everything I've tried in this book has been exceptional. I use it all of the time....more info
  • My favorite cookbook!
    I have lots of cookbooks, but this is my everyday source. It's not overly dependent on cheese and other fatty ingredients, and yet Ms. Chesman doesn't shy away from them. Same with unusual ingredients--I can find quite a few recipes to choose from based on my pantry, but there's plenty of inspirational cooking here. All the recipes are simple, and use simple, healthy ingredients and every single one I've tried has turned out wonderfully. Mostly vegetarian, the few recipes that recommend meat ingredients offer vegetarian alternatives. I was looking for a cookbook like this for a long time and was so pleased when I started cooking from it and realized I'd found exactly what I was after!...more info
  • Nothing interesting
    This book was a real disappointment. There was a number of fringe ethnic dishes with poor taste appeal. Too many of the same types of recipes. Don't waste your time!...more info
  • Nutritional info included!
    We love this book! It has some of the best recipes that we have ever made! It is quite extensive and has broadened our tastes into grains and beans that we have never even heard of before. Finding some of the ingredients was a little tricky at first, then we started to let our fingers do the walking and had better luck finding some of the odd ingredients at the smaller ethnic stores and health food stores than the supermarkets. But definitely call first. It was a hit and miss affair. The absolute best thing about this book was that they include the nutritional value for each recipe which in invaluable for maintaining certain diets like weight watchers. Needless to say almost everything in this book is low in points because of the sheer amount of fiber in them. We LOVE this book!!! get it you won't be disappointed!...more info
  • ho-hum
    The recipes are mostly healthy, but they're repetitive and uninspired. If I had looked at this book in a bookstore, I never would've bought it....more info
  • Good primer for flexitarians and those who need more fiber
    I purchased several vegetarian cookbooks at one time once my boyfriend and I made the decision to become flexitarians. This book, more than any other, has helped us make this transition. Yes, I grew up in the south and know how to cook beans & greens and vegetarian chili. This book introduced me to quinoa (my new favorite!) and got me thinking about how to approach cooking in a whole new light. Highly recommended for vegetarians, or even meat eaters who need to add some fiber to their diets. Well written, and the recipies are simple and easy to follow. I wish there were pictures - I'm just a visual person, and I tend to prefer cookbooks with photos....more info
  • Not a disappointment
    Even though this book lacks pictures the great number of recipes more than makes up for that. There are great recipes for dips, snacks, soups, salads, side dishes, main dishes, breakfasts, breads, and deserts. I've tried several side dishes, a bean salad, and a quinoa recipe. I had to adjust the quinoa recipe due to not having an ingredient but it still turned out great. There are many recipes to choose from for someone like me who is challanged at what to do with rice, beans, and grains. I am just discovering whole grains after living much of my adult life preparing ready-made sidedishes and meals from boxes, cans, or frozen items. I have been learning how to shop at our local Whole Foods and other natural foods stores so I need all the help I can get. This book helps make my learning process easier. Yipee!...more info
  • very thorough
    This book had great reviews. It is thorough. I haven't tried recipes yet but it's a great book....more info
  • Practical approach fast recipes great basic book
    The book has a number of strong points: the recipes are usually low in fat, there are many suggestions for vegetarian dishes but also options to add in meat, every pulse you can think of is covered and a good number of the recipes use time saving products such as already processed barbecue sauce or tomato paste etc. This has its benefits but also, in the case of some items, if you are located in Europe the suggested items aren't readily available. The book extensively covers different types of rice, grains, beans etc, and contains information on soaking and cooking times. There is a large section on deserts, rice puddings and other kinds of sweets with some original suggestions. Overall, however, few of the recipes sparkle with creative flair, many are variations of what you intuitively mix together yourself if you are moderately creative and have a well stocked kitchen. If you are an experienced cook looking for creative and exciting input, i.e. you flick through books and then assimilate suggestions to incorporate into your own cooking you might want to have a look at the Ajurvedic cookbook by Mirjam Gazin Hospodar, which also has many grain, rice etc recipes, however not low-fat and more time intensive than the rice beans and grain cookbook. If you 1) are not experimental when cooking 2) want step by step solid instructions 3) don't like spending ages in the kitchen 4)like healthy low-fat fare 5) want a good summary of grains, rice, pulses and how to treat them and don't already have a book, then this book is a very good choice for you. ...more info
  • Have you had your rice today?
    In China, a popular greeting replacing "How are you?" is "Have you had your rice today?". The Chinese word for rice is the same as the word for food. In Thailand when you call your family to dinner you say, "Eat rice"; and in Japan the word for cooked rice is the same as the word for meal. Parents tell young Chinese girls who leave rice in their bowls that each grain of rice they leave represents a pock mark on the face of their future husbands. There are perhaps as many as 40,000 varieties of rice grown on every continent, except Antartica.

    You will learn about many of these varieties of rice in the beginning chapters of this book, and you'll even learn how to make your own easy mixes. Combined with beans, rice dishes offer a perfect protein, without the saturated fat complementing our meat dishes. Rice is high in complex carbohydrates, contains almost no fat, is cholesterol free, and is low in salt.

    On top of all the wonderful rice dishes found inside the cover of this beautiful book, you'll enjoy a wide variety of bean and grain recipes. This book is a must for any flexitarian, vegetarian, or vegan . . . and for anyone who wants to achieve a better diet. The recipes are easy to make, can be prepared ahead, and are delicious!

    If the only rice in your pantry is Minute Rice, you are missing out . . . on flavor, nutrition, and eating pleasure. Expand your palate and buy this book! You and your health will be all the better for it.

    Lynette Fleming, Coauthor of Lunch Buddies: Buddy Up for a Better Diet
    ...more info
  • Good, but...
    I would have really appreciated carbohydrate numbers and serving sizes (1 C, 2 C, etc.). This was my major issue with this book. The recipes were interesting and varied....more info
  • 366 Delicious Ways to Cook Rice, Beans, and Grains
    This is a fun book to enhance your weekly menu with. I wish it had pictures since visual is one of your senses to help you eat with. But over all it was exactly what I was looking for. I use it for the base receipe and then I change it to suit my taste. A great additon to any library....more info


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