You Are What You Eat: The Plan That Will Change Your Life
You Are What You Eat: The Plan That Will Change Your Life

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The #1 UK bestseller with over 2 million copies sold, with a TV show in development in the United States

First, Dr. Gillian McKeith turned Britain?s worst eaters around with incredible results. Then, the internationally renowned nutritionist brought her groundbreaking plan to America, and not a minute too soon. You Are What You Eat brings together practical advice and real-life stories to create a diet makeover designed for everyone. You Are What You Eat includes:

? Dr. Gillian?s "Diet of Abundance"
? A 7-Day startup plan
? The Food IQ Test and more!

Customer Reviews:

    I can not believe the changes in my body since I started changing my ways of eating healthy. I first started watching her show on BBC, Then I bought her book You are What You eat. I have learned so many new things that have helped me so much. I was on the road to destruction, now I am on the road to living healthy and happy. It's not a diet, its a life style change for life....more info
  • If you really want to feel better

    I watch Gillian's show often and had to try the diet.
    You really do feel better. It is difficult getting used to
    the lack of salt and dairy, but if you can hold out for a couple of weeks
    you will notice you have more energy and feel better. If you stick
    to it your sugar cravings and binge eating will stop.

    Some of the items that are in this book are hard to find if you
    do not have a health food store close by, but if you are serious about
    getting better it would be worth ordering them online. All in all, you will actually choose heathier foods and enjoy them after a while and feel
    a lot better....more info
  • Change the way you feel
    Gillian McKeith isn't telling us anything we don't already know, she is just blunty telling us that we don't feel well, we probably don't look too good, and it's time to do something about it.

    Rather than being marketed as a weight loss regime, Gillian begins the book with getting to know your body from the inside out. She feels the tongue is "a window to the organs". As in reflexology, each part of the tongue corresponds to certain organs (e.g. the extreme tip represents the heart, the sides refer to the gallbladder and liver), and certain conditions tell us what's going on inside of us. For example, tiny cracks on the tongue reflect a vitamin B deficiency, a long crack down the middle is a strong indicator that your stomach is weak and you have a hard time digesting food, etc. Everything from bowel movements to pimply bumps on the arms is covered, and what each symptom likely means.

    Gillian encourages a vegetarian diet for 8 weeks, which should begin with a colonic to "clean house". If you've never had a colonic, it's a unique experience. So much old food and gunk is flushed out, leaving you feeling less bloated (you may feel tired afterwards due to detoxing, but I've found that feeling goes away within 24 hours). YAWYE lists a plethora of foods you can eat, called "Gillian's Diet of Abundance". Measuring is not necessary, which is refreshing. Gillian encourages us to follow the simple rules of eating, e.g. eat fruit on it's own, or at least 30 minutes before other food, as it digests the fastest. Fruit eaten after other foods will sit on top of that food and putrify in your stomach, leading to gas and bloating. Never eat meat and starchy foods together. Incorporate healthy grains such as quinoa (pronounced "keen-wa"), millet and whole grain brown rice, which are loaded with B vitamins, magnesium, and have a high protein content which makes them a complete food. Legumes and fresh fruit and veg are a must. Gillian also offers dozens of juicing recipes for an energy boost, as well as recipes for soups, stews, salads and dressings. Bottom line, this is a lifestyle you can live with if you keep an open mind and give new foods a chance. There are only a few supplements she encourages, such as digestive enzymes (when eating cooked foods) and the herb Uva Ursi (helps build up the bladder). Otherwise, all your vitamins and nutrients should be coming from your food.

    As for myself, I have increased my B vitamin rich food intake, and within 3 days, the cracks on my tongue disappeared. I have ditched sodas and sugary teas, which has made any bloating virtually disappear. I have more energy, I'm sleeping soundly at night, and my nails are actually getting stronger. This book is a great investment for your health....more info
  • Gillian is a food goddess
    This is a great book if you want to retrain your thinking on eating. Prefect to bring the green and beautiful colors in to your diet....more info
  • you are what you eat, Dr. Gillian McKeith
    book was in mint condition, great price, and is a great read with really good factual info. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a clear organized way to upgrade eatting choices for a healthier lifestyle....more info
  • Insightful; a real guide book to perfect health
    I love this book. I refer to it whenever I have questions about my health and eating habits. A truly remarkable book about nutrition. Dr. Mckeith really knows what she is talking about. My favorite part is the section "getting to know your body" where she talks about different body signs and the reasons and solutions for them. I recommend this book to people who struggle with weight, or people who want to know more about healthy nutrition. it also talks about bad nutrition and how that affects you. great book! 5 stars!..the colorful pages don't hurt too=)....more info
  • Extreme
    I am a fan of her tv show and thought the book would be a good reference to keep on hand. After reading the book and her severe detox methods, I really feel that she is way too extreme!...more info
  • great reading
    Encourages you to want to change yout eating habits so you can feel one hundred percent better and healthier. This is the easiest "diet" you will ever want to be on because it is not a "diet". I feel wonderful and have been losing weight so easily. ...more info
  • The Best Lifechanging Health Book I Have Ever Read
    I bought this book because I got hooked on the show. Dr. Gillian is tough--but she cares, because she went thru the same things most people do by eating unhealthy foods. She is like the tough love health guru.
    It is nice to read a book that explains what your body does with different foods. It is also nice to read a "diet book" that says--if you are still hungry after one pint of blueberries--have another. She has an entire list of foods of which you should eat as much as you want. I have always believed what you put shows in your hair, skin, eyes etc. I also love the fact that you don't have to eat meat on this lifestyle changing plan.
    I also love that exercise and positive "self talk" is part of her plan. I believe the mind can help bring changes to the body. ...more info
  • You Are What You Eat
    I've always enjoyed the TV show "You Are What You Eat", so I decided to order the book. I was not at all disappointed. The book has detailed information on different types of foods and good suggestion on what to eat for nutritional efficiency....more info
  • You AreWhat you Eat by Gillian McKeith
    The book is very good. It explains why you should eat certain foods and then there are a week's worth of recipes in the back. For three meals a day. You will find some are time consuming but they are all good....more info
  • Eating yourself to health
    Gillian is straight forward and informative. I am excited about trying all sorts of new foods that will improve my health instead of destroying it....more info
  • At Last....A Plan That Works!
    I had just about given up on losing weight and decided that at 53 I was what I was...until I saw "You Are What You Eat" on BBC America. After watching Gillian McKeith take people who ate a diet far, far worse than mine and turning their life around in just 8 weeks, I thought, "Why not try it?" I began using just the material I had gotten from the programs. I copied recipes and bought a juicer (A Breville Ikon 900, which by the way, is fantastic!). I anticipated missing many of my favorite foods, but thought I would give it a shot. After the first three days I missed nothing. I eat a variety of grains....quinoa, brown rice, amaranth, millet, loads of veggies, fruits, nuts, and fish a couple times a week. In two months I have lost a total of 21 pounds, 16 of which were body fat pounds, and have reduced my bust, waist and hip measurements by 12.5 inches. I exercise 1/2 hour a day 6 days a week (a mixture of Pilates and a gym circuit workout) but before I had no energy to exercise. Now I look forward to it. I have also decreased my glucose readings from 115 before the eating plan to 90 currently.

    Her premise is that after your body weight stabilizes you need only follow her course 80% of the time and can indulge yourself the other 20%.
    I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who has become discouraged with other plans. Make a two month commitment to yourself and give Gillian a try!...more info
  • Brilliant!
    I LOVE, love, LOVE Dr. Gillian McKeith's show on BBC America and the book is just as brilliant! It is amazing to me how many people eat chips (aka: crisps), white bread, hamburgers, frozen dinners, take-out and sodas (aka: fizzy drinks) and then wonder why they don't feel well or are tired all the time. Well Duhhhh! :)

    If you are looking to change your way of thinking about food and nutrition, then check out this book. It is not a "diet", it is a way of eating for life, energy and radiance from inside and out, weight loss from following this book is the dessert... so to speak.
    ...more info
  • Awsome stuff
    I have watched the show in BBC America and got interested in Dr McKeiths way of thinking. It really makes sense. I got a copy of the book for my diabetic mother and she has lost 4 pounds already which greatly helps her blood sugar. I also have more energy. Great for everyone...more info
  • We become what we habituly do, excellence then is not an act , but a habit
    Gillian McKieth in her TV prog. of the same name outlines her ideas on healthy eating. This book is an outline of her philosophy. Beware , though , it is not an easy fix solution to your dieting issues. The plan calls for a complete change of lifestyle and that is never easy. Apart from a 7 day diet plan to lose weight,complete with recipes, there are many other issues dealt with in this book. Gillian tells you what you might be missing if you suffer from certain symptoms , then tells you what foods or supplement to take to make up your nutritional shortcomings.
    It is fact filled and needs to be left close by for constant checking.
    I am feeling much better after following the diet plan for about three weeks.
    I would recommend it ...more info
  • 'You Are What You Eat' Review
    This is a great book. I have been through the book three times in order to understand the meal plan. My Mom and I went shopping for everything that her 7 day meal plan required. She and I felt all of the exhilaration that comes from embarking on an adventure. Each one of the produce items finally added up to a beautiful, breathtaking basket full of veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits. It was at that moment, basket full, that I knew that there was something very special going on. It made me want to pull out a camera and start documenting like as if it were a reality series all our own (inspired by Gillian). This book can bring it home, the place where we truly understand more the benefits of eating properly and healthfully in an up close and personal way. She describes much more what good the good foods do rather than what bad the bad foods do and this is why I like her book. It makes living more beautifully more tangible. Detox day is completed and so is Day one of her meal plan (except for dinner and some fruit) and we feel more beautiful already. ...more info
  • Changing Old Habits... Changing our health....
    Great Book. I will refer this book to everyone that is going through some health challenges or someone that just want to get into new habits. Found the book in Spain, gave the spanish version to my sister and bought the english version for myself. Since then, I am telling everybody about this book. Very interesting. Not too easy to accept but worth every change......

    Enjoy...more info
  • I learned lots of new things here!
    Wow, I love this book. I have read every health/diet book I can get my hands on and thought I had read it all until I got this book. There were lots of interesting facts that I never knew or had read before. I love all of the tests for determining your levels of health and I especially love that Dr. McKeith gives you recommendations for correcting the issues. This book is an easy read and just fantastic!! ...more info
  • Great resource for natural health
    Gillian McKeith offers great advice on attaining better health through a good, fresh, wholesome diet. Her books are a great resouce of natural methods to rid yourself of health issues without taking pills or other medications.

    You will need a food processer and a blender and be able to make time for some of the menu items. Also, you will need a European to US conversion chart for measurements and oven temps. The food is all very tasty and mostly pretty simple to make. Even my 11 year old boys like most of it!

    If you are struggling to find a guide to better health this is a great place to start....more info
  • You Are What You Eat : The Plan that Will Change Your Life
    I found this book to be filled with great ideas and just plain common sense. I watch the BBC show and just had to get the book. Some may find her ideas a little different since most people do not eat this way, but if you look into it you will see that there are many of gillians ideas that you can bring into your own life that can make big changes in your overall health....more info
  • really good book
    I bought this book for my sister for Christmas and she absolutely loves it, she's been following McKeith's advice and is really happy with the results (not necessarily weight loss yet, but more energy and feeling healthier for sure). I went ahead and bought the book for myself and I'd say it's definitely something to look into. This book really helps you realize how important it is to know exactly what you're putting in your body. In a few years I'll want to start a family and I certainly would not want to be feeding my kids anything but the best and I really feel that this book can help point me in that direction.
    So I definitely would recommend getting this book, she also has a cookbook out, I haven't been able to check it out yet, but something to keep in mind....more info
  • The Plan!
    This is an amazing plan. You are NEVER hungry and the weight comes off easily. It's not a diet ... but a healthy way to recover cells and muscles due to years of abuse. You'll feel so much better if you follow Dr. McKeith's plan. I'm 55 years old and your never too old to fix what you've damaged and your never to old to change or learn! If I can do it you can do it!...more info
  • Love it!!
    I love this book. It's simple yet makes sense that what you put into your body is essentially what you are. I am looking for the cook book as well however it's been hard to find a seller in the US....more info
  • Great book.
    This is a great book. If you are wanting recipies however, this is not the book for you. But if you want to know the reasoning for her recipies and how to eat and stay healthy it is great. Great show great book....more info
  • Great health!
    Dr. Gillian McKeith definately has a first hand knowledge on how to eat healthy. She not only tells you what is good for your body, but also explains how your body works and what you need to cure what ails you. I would recommend this book to anyone. It's amazing how God made our body to heal itself, and the right foods, mixed with the proper excersize, can produce amazing results in your ordinary living. Being a truck driver, I already feel the difference, and I would challenge anyone reading this to take that challenge and see for yourselves....more info
  • delightfully informative
    This book was delightfully informative. I enjoy Jillian's tv show and was anxious to read her book. I was not disappointed....more info
  • Not quite as good as the show...
    After watching the show on BBC America for months, I decided to give this book a try. The plan seems a bit overwhelming to me. Don't get me wrong, it was great to read why she started on this path and how she got to where she is now, but this is a little bit more involved than I thought it was going to be. The diet itself isn't all that horrible - the detox part is what scares me! But, I guess that's what scares the people on the show as well. I'm just doing it without her help. As long as you can find the ingredients, the diet itself really isn't that bad. ...more info
  • Love this book
    This book changed my life. It is an excellent resource and really motivated me to think about what I am putting in to my body.

    I have recommended it many times to friends and family, and everyone who read it has loved it as well.

    The only criticism is that I wish it had more recipes....more info
  • Excellent Health Advice
    In the past ten years I've read my share of health books and articles in magazines and can say that this book has excellent health advice. While I had read a lot of the information before in other sources there were quite a few new idea I had yet to consider. One of the things we all need to do is to eat more raw foods, which are emphasized in this book. The only thing this book really needs however is more recipes. There is a short section on recipes that include healthy selections like Aduki Bean Casserole, Veggie Sushi Rolls, Marinated Baked Salmon, Creamy Broccoli Soup, Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie and Carob Fudge Delight.

    What I liked most about this book is how it is personalized. If you have an ailment there is a food that can be used as a cure. Often, herbal teas are advised. There are also interesting facts to consider. Like, take members of the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers). These vegetables contain solanine and this book explains the importance of neutralizing this substance.

    While many sources say you should drink a glass of red wine a day you may reconsider after reading this: "The liver converts alcohol into acetaldehyde, a toxic cousin of formaldehyde..." ~ pg. 75 It is tidbits like this that make this book highly educational.

    I like that Dr. Gillian promotes the use of stevia as it is something I use daily instead of sugar. If you love making your own fruit or vegetable juices there are quite a few excellent ideas and recipes.

    This book can be used to improve your health gradually as you incorporate new healthy foods into your diet, but there is also an entire detox diet you can follow for more immediate results. The section on meal planning gives ideas for seven days and includes fun little things like dancing or walking for 20 minutes or doing morning and evening exercises. The idea is to get you moving in all areas of your life. The only thing I didn't find appealing was the advice to eat a snack of raw sauerkraut to increase your libido. Fortunately there is a list of sexy foods that sounded better and much tastier too.

    One of the things that impressed me was the bright colorful pages and creative design of this book. It kept me interested and made me want to read this book more than once. In fact, this is a book you will want to add to your health book collection not only because it has excellent advice but because it is so fun to read.

    If you enjoy this book I think you would also enjoy:

    The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs

    Natural Health Complete Guide to Safe Herbs: What Every Consumer Should Know About Interactions and Side Effects for Hundreds of Herbs, Drugs, Supplements, and Foods


    The World's Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating

    The Metabolic Plan: Stay Younger Longer

    The DHEA Breakthrough

    Caffeine Blues: Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America's #1 Drug

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • This book is a lifesaver for me! I lost 5 lbs in one week and feel great!
    I love watching this show on the BBC! I got the book and feel so much better. I have lost 5 lbs without effort. The advice sometimes feels a little kooky but if you take it all in and use the important principles (like drinking herbal tea instead of soda and trading in nasty takeout food for healthy vegetable based REAL food) you will like this diet....more info
  • Great book!
    I am still reading this book and find it very easy to follow. I would suggest this book if you are trying to change your eating habits....more info
  • You Are What You Eat- GREAT BOOK !
    This book is very helpful. The food combining alone is worth the cover price. I did follow this advice , and can tell within a day that I feel better. I have ordered the companion - You Are What You Eat CookBook, can't wait until it gets here. Clear and easy to understand this book will enlighten most who read it....more info
  • best ook yet!
    My friend and i have read many books on this subject. This is by far the best! as one reviewer mentioned about enemas and colonics, if you do more research you will see that enemas and colonics are beneficial to overall health. especially if you have been not a smart eater in the past. very easy to read. nutrition in a nutshell....more info
  • You REALLY ARE What You Eat
    I purchased "You Are What You Eat" by Gillian McKeith because I enjoy the BBC television show named the same. I also needed a good long term weight loss resource guide. The book is excellent. It's rich with information regarding nutrients, green leafies, vitamins, minerals, food do's and don'ts and inspiration. I lost my first 15lbs while reading this book in the last two weeks without much effort. I'm confident this will continue using what I learned. It's a reference you'll use again and again....more info
  • You Are What You Eat - with kids
    You Are What You Eat: The Plan That Will Change Your Life

    I really enjoy the television series on BBC America -- we don't consume a lot of junk or sodas in our house any way -- but I still had a lot to learn about preparing nutritional meals for our family of six. Having grown up in Texas; homecooked meals of red meat, potatoes, buttered white rice, baked dinner rolls and sugar sweetenend tea were the staples of our evening meals. In my heart, I knew better and found the solution (quite by accident while channel surfing) in Jillian McKeith. I marvel at her wisdom and wit -- and she really points out what we really already know -- our bodies were never designed to process so many chemicals, sugars, and highly processed "rubbish" -- We're sleeping better, we don't feel as tired, the kids actually enjoy making their own yummy snacks (crispy baked slices of sweet potatoes!) It seems like we actually have more food choices to eat now than ever before, and it has not busted the budget, either. This book is a no nonsense approach to a healthier lifestyle that the whole family can appreciate. I started with a few small changes over time, introducing new foods gradually, and it wasn't a painful experience in our house at all. My favorite part: Ms. McKeith doesn't preach to you that you can NEVER eat mashed potatoes and gravy or a piece of chocolate cake ever again -- she teaches you that there are healthier alternatives you may love even more, and an occasional "cheat" won't be your undoing -- LOVE this book, and the cook book! ...more info
  • Excellent book
    This is one of the best written how to books on health I have ever read. And I have read them all. it is very easy to read and understand. Become your own best Dr. at diagnosing and knowing what to eat and do. it has a lot of good information. I highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Way to go Dr. McKeith!
    This was a very helpful book. If we could all follow the suggestions in this book, it would not doubt cut down the amount of people suffering from obesity by 90%... Dr. McKeith is a very inspiring person, she is a no nonsense Doctor, and I believe that she has hit the nail on the head with her sound nutritional advice.

    ...more info
  • The best health book i have ever read
    I truly wish everyone would read this book, it is by far the best book i have ever read that concerns ones health we are truly as the book says, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, this is truth, i wish i could thank the lady in person who wrote this book, i have stuggled with my weight the last 6years now i know why,i am struggling no more this book has helped me immensly all i have to say PLEASE BUY THE BOOK you will not regret it Ruth from Alaska...more info
  • you are what you eat
    I really enjoyed this book. After watching Gillian's tv show, I couldn't wait to get her books and start being what I eat. Her books are very helpful in determining how to correctly address different issues. One issue it helped me with was about my tongue. I had questioned a doctor about it and she simply said "that is the way you are." So to me it just confirmed that you should get an 2nd opinon when possible. So to me if you really want to learn what you are, this is a great book to have....more info
  • "Dr" Gillian McKeith - Beware of BS
    The only qualifications "Dr" McKeith has from well-established and prestigous institutions are for subjects with no connection to nutrition or diet (Linguistics and Language, International Relations).
    Gillian McKeith in the news
    "Dr" Gillian McKeith in the news - search Google news for recent stories: "Dr" Gillian McKeith news

    * February 2007 - UK Advertising Standards Authority: Gillian McKeith's use of the title "Dr" was misleading. The UK Advertising Standards Authority has ruled in favour of a complaint made about McKeith's use of the title "Dr" on the basis of a correspondence course PhD gained from a non-accredited American college. Ms McKeith has now agreed to refrain from using "Dr" in her advertisements. More details at Ben Goldacre's Bad Science site and in this Times article.
    * November 2006 - MRHA order withdrawal of Gillian McKeith products. The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) has ordered the withdrawal of two of Gillian McKeith's products. The MHRA discovered that Gillian McKeith's organisation was advertising and selling goods without legal authorisation whilst making medicinal claims about their efficacy. See the MRHA press release for more information. Note that McKeith's own website has claimed that the withdrawal of her products was due to "new EU licensing laws regarding herbal products". As reported by Ben Goldacre on his Bad Science website, the MRHA have confirmed that this is not true.
    * June 2006 - voted off the X-factor. Many TV viewers in the UK will, unfortunately, be aware of "Dr" Gillian McKeith's recent involvement in The X Factor: Battle of the Stars TV program. Thankfully, Gillian was voted off, after receiving some harsh words about her performance of the "Shoop Shoop Song" from the judges ("I think if you are what you eat...that was a bit like salmonella."). Much more highly recommended is this light-hearted musical animation of "Dr" Gillian McKeith singing "I just want to look at your poo".
    * April 2006 - McKeith detox diets investigated. An interesting story about an investigation into detox diets can be seen on this page (see also this BBC press release). Claims made by the "Gillian McKeith 24 hour Detox" product are being examined (for example it claims to "cleanse and normalise your body's vital organs, including liver, bowels, gall bladder, spleen and abdominal intestine system"). What I found interesting was the response by Gillian McKeith's company who said that "they believed the claims complied with current legislation and that 'packaging is changed immediately if it is found to be out of line' ". Does that mean they can say what they like, and if the claims are found to be unsubstantiated, they just change the packaging? Great!?!

    Gillian McKeith's qualifications
    There has been quite a bit of interest in "Dr" Gillian McKeith's qualifications, particularly following her recent "You Are What You Eat" TV series. This isn't surprising given the absurdity of much of what she says. Interestingly, she has recently changed what she herself claims about her qualifications (on her website), presumably in response to people who pointed out that she was either being deliberately vague or was deliberately misleading people.

    A quick overview of "Dr" Gillian McKeith's qualifications looks like this:

    * First degree in Language and Linguistics from Edinburgh University
    * Masters in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania

    (Notice that Gillian McKeith doesn't have a first degree in any scientific subject, or anything even remotely connected with medicine or nutrition...)

    * Masters in Holistic Nutrition from the American Holistic College of Nutrition (now Clayton College)
    * PhD in Holistic Nutrition from the American Holistic College of Nutrition (now Clayton College)

    The Holistic Nutrition degrees were obtained as paid, correspondence courses from a non-accredited institution (see below). It's also important to keep in mind that you can get a masters and PhD in "Holistic Nutrition" from this institution, as Gillian McKeith did, with no previous scientific background whatsoever. That's right! In relation to previous degrees, the entry criteria for the Masters course just specify that you have "a bachelors degree", which can be in any subject: History, Music, Medieval Knitting...

    I confirmed this with Clayton College, who replied "You can enter our Master's degree programs with any Bachelor's degree. The prerequisites will give you all the science you will need". So there you have it, you might never have studied science since school days, yet you can get a masters and PhD in Holistic Nutrition with no further science education required, you just complete a few warm-up science courses to kick off your masters, then on to the PhD!
    "Dr" Gillian McKeith describes her qualifications
    Some time ago, her website used to say this about her qualifications:
    "Gillian holds certificates, degrees and a doctorate (PhD) from top colleges and universities including Ivy League's University of Pennsylvania (USA), Edinburgh University, the American College of Nutrition, the East West College of Herbalism, the Kailish Centre of Oriental Medicine and the London School of Acupuncture" (view archived version of this page).

    What this failed to make clear is that the qualifications Gillian McKeith gained from the two well-respected institutions are in subjects entirely unrelated to diet and nutrition: she got a degree in Language and Linguistics from Edinburgh University and a masters in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania.
    "Dr" Gillian McKeith's PhD
    Notice also how, in the quote above, the word "PhD" appears in cosy proximity to "University of Pennsylvania". Nice touch that. So what about that PhD then? Where did she do it and what was it on? Despite several emails requesting information on the title and subject of her PhD (as well as any scientific papers "Dr" McKeith might have published, as if!), I got no response.

    However, the same page on Gillian McKeith's current website says:
    "She graduated from the University of Edinburgh and received her Masters Degree from the Ivy-League University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.... She then spent several years re-training for a Masters and doctorate (PhD) in Holistic Nutrition from the American Holistic College of Nutrition (USA). She holds Certificates from the London School of Acupuncture and the Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine."

    Notice again that the subject areas of Gillian McKeith's first two degrees (Linguistics and Language, International Relations) are conveniently omitted. But at least we now find out that her PhD comes from the American Holistic College of Nutrition. But didn't the earlier version of this page talk about degrees from the American College of Nutrition? These are two quite separate institutions - she wouldn't be trying to confuse a non-accredited institution with no reputation with a similarly-named institution with a much better reputation would she? Although that would have given the impression that her PhD might actually count for something...

    Ben Goldacre from the Guardian has cleared up the confusion. He writes:
    "She has claimed to have a PhD from the American College of Nutrition. In fact, she does not have a PhD from there. Her PR says this was an isolated, accidental error and an intern might have got the name of the college wrong. This is not an isolated error: she also claims to have a degree from the ACN in her book, Dr Gillian McKeith's Living Food for Health. Where is her PhD actually from? The same place as her Masters degree: the Clayton College of Natural Health [see note below]. The cost of the course is currently $5,300 (nearly 3,000), online or by post. There is, if you're interested, a discount if you pay for your Masters at the same time. It's a non-accredited correspondence course, which is not recognised by the US secretary for education for the purpose of educational grants".

    Note that Clayton College of Natural Health was previously known as the American Holistic College of Nutrition.

    Read Ben's complete article on Gillian McKeith.

    Full Article:
    ...more info
  • Brilliant and informative
    This book is fantastic, it has everything you would need to know. It also has lots of helpfull pages about determining your own health and has descriptions of all of the problems you may have with your tongue, fingernails etc and what this indicates about your health. It also features diet tips and plans and Gillians' Detox, as well as lots of healthy recipies.

    They dont come much better than this!

    I would deffinatly reccomend this book for people who want to loose weight - or who are just looking for a healthier lifestyle, especially to fans of Dr Gillian McKeith or of the TV show You Are What You Eat....more info
  • advice on healthy eating
    I've been watching Gillian McKeith's show on BBCAmerica and found it fascinating. It's not just about losing weight, but eating better. As she says, you don't have to follow all of her advice to the letter, but if you can follow it 80% of the time you will feel better and have more energy. We have been trying to follow it and I do feel better....more info
  • Sheer Genius!
    This is not just a book about food, its also part medical dictionary. Do you know what causes Varicose Veins? Where you get pimples is a signal for different organs that need nourishment! Do you know that your stomach uses more than one kind of digestive acid and how you combine foods is important? Did you know that your tongue showcases nutrient deficiencies? Do you know what coffee really does to your body?

    If you want to get to know the food you eat and if you want to know about the human body order this book with next day delivery! After one month on the program I no longer take naps, feel exhausted and I lost a lot of fat! I'll have a six pack next month for sure!
    ...more info
  • Excellent Source of Information
    I began watching You Are What You Eat in September of 2007 on BBC America and it is one of my favorite programs. I think Gillian is amazing. I meant to buy her cookbook actually, and I was sent this book instead. But I began to look through it and I couldn't put it down. The stuff in this book is amazing! It's so complete and it even has some nice recipes in the back that I plan on trying! I do plan on getting the cookbook, but if you are thinking about getting this book, do get it, you won't be disappointed......more info


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