Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church (J-B Leadership Network Series)

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Reggie McNeal's bestseller The Present Future is the definitive work on the "missional movement," i.e., the widespread movement among Protestant churches to be less inwardly focused and more oriented toward the culture and community around them. In that book he asked the tough questions that churches needed to entertain to begin to think about who they are and what they are doing; in Missional Renaissance, he shows them the three significant shifts in their thinking and behavior that they need to make that will allow leaders to chart a course toward being missional: (1) from an internal to an external focus, ending the church as exclusive social club model; (2) from running programs and ministries to developing people as its core activity; and (3) from professional leadership to leadership that is shared by everyone in the community. With in-depth discussions of the "what" and the "how" of transitioning to being a missional church, readers will be equipped to move into what McNeal sees as the most viable future for Christianity. For all those thousands of churches who are asking about what to do next after reading The Present Future, Missional Renaissance will provide the answer.

Customer Reviews:

  • Brilliant Clarity
    McNeal captures the current of the stream of the Holy Spirit working in the N American church today. He is saying what most of us are saying, but with brilliant clarity. This book will continue to fuel the intensity of the God movement taking place.

    The Scorecard is a challenge...the new movement requires new measurements (if we need to measure?). McNeal gives ideas to help generate this scorecard, but this will continue to be a challenge for missional leaders. If anyone has quality solutions send me an email at dwaybright@sugarcreek.net

    Also...the attractional model is not evil. The Great Commission is the overriding purpose and goal of the church. Both the nation of Israel in Old Testament and the Holy Nation of the church in New Testament have attractional and incarnational elements. In many cases the church in N America has abandoned its incarnational gifts by conforming to the dominant culture. The Holy Spirit is birthing a renaissance, as Reggie implies, that is restoring this spirit-filled dynamic to the church....more info
  • Must Read for Traditional Leaders Seeking to Bcome Missional
    Reggie McNeal offers an insightful approach to dealing with the issues church leaders face in moving a traditional church mindset to a missional mindset. The cultural challenges many traditional churches and church leader face today are addressed by McNeal. The church growth movement and model is now shifting a more revelant missional model. He sets forth a discussion related specifically to issues of measuring the missional church movement's effectiveness and that can help guide future ministry and mission efforts through the church. It is a must read for for those who seek to address the realities we are facing in our communities and churches today....more info
  • Buying 10 more today!
    Save yourself some time and shipping costs and just buy a copy for your whole leadership team now. I've only read a handful of books that have impacted my desire to change the world more (Organic Church is another good one). I wish I could buy a copy for every pastor in America! As an organic church that still struggles with old paradigms (everyone in the midwest has been "to church" and has ideas burned into their brain), this book will help our team communicate God's true heart, give us dozens of ideas and help us evaluate our progress better. Thanks, Reggie!...more info
  • What's the win?
    Missional Renaissance is a tremendous follow up to Present Future. Reggie's words are real for anyone who seeks to encourage pastors or leaders toward a healthy and positive future of the Church. ...more info


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