Not Everyone Gets A Trophy: How to Manage Generation Y

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This book will frame Generation Y (children born between 1978-1991) for corporate leaders and managers at time when the corporate world is desperate to recruit and retain worked in this age group. It will debunk dozens of myths, including that young employees have no sense of loyalty, won't do grunt work, won't take direction, want to interact only with computers, and are only about money.

This book will make a unique contribution in four key ways:

It will disprove the idea that the key to recruiting, retaining, and managing this generation is to somehow make the workplace more "fun." To the contrary, Tulgan argues that the key to winning the respect of this generation, and getting the best effort out of them, is to carefully manage their expectations by never downplaying any negative aspect of a job.

He will show managers how this Generation thinks transactionally in all negotiations. For them it's about what they will do for you today and what you will do for them today, not tomorrow, not five years from today, but today.

He will explain why they have no interest in tying their futures to your corporation. But he will also make clear that they do have a well thought-out plan for themselves, one that requires that every job they take build up their skill sets, so they become more valuable employees for someone else--if and when you do not fulfill your end of the bargain, or drag your feet in doing so.

But most of all, it will explain to corporate leaders that for this generation their personal life comes first, so that each job they take must accommodate itself to some need defined by their personal life. Tulgan argues that until you know the personal need the job can satisfy for a potential employee, you and the applicant may be talking past each other. Those needs are so beyond the imagination of most bosses that Tulgan devotes a third of the book to explaining how they affect the job decisions of this generation.

Customer Reviews:

  • a must read for anyone who works with people
    This is an easy read full of moments of thinking, "yeah, that's so true". If all people followed Tulgan's advice, it would be a saner world. Great insights and a sensitive understanding of human behavior and contemporary times. Well worth reading....more info
  • Sage Advice
    I like Tulgan's book "Not Everyone Gets A Trophy" because it gives real-world, concrete, and useful advice in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-apply fashion. He shows managers how we can be tough while actually boosting morale at the same time. The timing couldn't be better given our current economic climate where we have to demand more from our workforce than ever before.

    I've read other books by Tulgan and this one does not disappoint....more info
  • From analysis to action
    I've had an opportunity to see Bruce Tulgan speak several times over the last decade and I own several of his books... here's what stands out, to me: Bruce talks to lots of people in his research/analysis phase, gleans the critical leadership aspects of these relationships, the employer/employee role, and offers best practices based on real-life scenarios - something situations on every level can really relate to easily. Few people capture creating effective managerial relationships from every angle as effectively with actionable steps. Definitely worthwhile... thanks again....more info
  • Tulgan deserves a trophy
    Bruce Tulgan has done it again with a book filled with his usual wry wit and management savvy. Tulgan shows that managing Generation Y isn't all sunshine and lollipops, but rather a finely tuned balance of care and discipline. Readers of his latest book will surely find what managers discovered in Tulgan's previous efforts: the secrets to unlocking the mysteries of a generation's psyche....more info
  • Not Everyone Gets A Trophy
    Absolutley a brilliant assesment of todays culture trend. Essential reading for those who have anything to do with personnel or hiring. Or, if you're just trying to understand todays entering first time potential work force, you cannot bypass this book. It should be business 101...more info
  • Excellent book!
    Once again, Mr. Tulgan is ahead of the crowd in understanding workplace relationships. Truly insightful and a must-have for anyone in uppermanagement. This book is even good for parents, as there are many keen observations about human behavior and how to get results. ...more info
  • Insightful Management
    Having been around the workplace for "too many year", this book really helped changed my thinking about young people today, especially my younger co-workers. I learned a lot about how to rethink ways to bring out the best in them. Many "experts" say they need praise and fun in the workplace. This book really turns that set of assumptions on its head. What these young people really need, according to this book, is structure and boundaries and strong teaching style leadership. It makes a lot of sense...more info


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