Beekeeping For Dummies (For Dummies (Pets))

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Now updated — your guide to becoming a successful backyard beekeeper

Interested in raising honey bees? This friendly, practical guide presents a step-by-step approach to starting your own beehive, along with expert tips for maintaining a healthy colony. You get the latest on honey bee medication and treatments, harvesting and marketing your honey, and the impact the sudden disappearance of the honey bee has on our environment and economy.

  • To bee or not to bee? — understand the benefits of beekeeping and whether it's right for you

  • Build your first hive — gather the right equipment, obtain your bees, and transfer them safely to their new home

  • Get up-close and personal — see how to open and close the hive, inspect your bees at the right times, and know what to look for

  • Handle common problems — from swarming to robbing to pesticide poisoning, find simple solutions

  • Understand Colony Collapse Syndrome — learn what you can do to help save the honey bees

  • Gear up for the golden harvest — use the tools of the trade to extract honey, store it, and sell it

Praise for Beekeeping For Dummies

"The information a beginner needs to keep bees with confidence."
— Kim Flottum, Bee Culture Magazine

"A reader-friendly guide to beekeeping for novices or beginners."
— Dewey M. Caron, Professor of Entomology, University of Delaware

Open the book and find:

  • The various types of honey bees and the role each plays in a colony

  • Hands-on instruction in building a hive

  • How to keep bees healthier and more productive

  • Guidelines for all phases of honey production

  • New information on raising your own queens

  • Plenty of helpful, illustrative pictures to guide you

  • The safest ways to inspect and enjoy your bees

  • A Beekeeper's Calendar organized by climate zones

Customer Reviews:

  • Just starting out
    Good book, though I have not yet got into beekeeping I feel like i will be able to start based on the information in this book. I also bought "The Backyard Beekeeper" which is a good book but not as complete as this one....more info
  • Beekeeping for Dummies
    The book is excellent with just the right about of details and pictures. I highly recommend it....more info
  • An excellent book to begin your research
    From a beginners standpoint this is an excellent book. Some critize the book for not giving more alternatives for doing some tasks. It is true that the author gives his viewpoint but I can say that is true of every book I have read on bee keeping. The book covers everything one would need to know to keep bees in the first year or two. I would not use it as a single source of information but I would say that about any like book. I have read it from cover to cover a couple of times and use it to compare notes with other written resources. I think this is a must have on the beginner bee keepers book shelf....more info
  • Good for Dummies
    Keep in mind this book has a "dummies" slant. It's a great beginner book and I own a copy. I recommend it. Lots of conversational plain english, funny cartoons, photographs, etc. But, buy another book as well to round out your knowledge. For example, Howland doesn't explain *why* you need an inner cover... just says it's part of the hive. He only provides *one* technique for queen introduction (albeit a good one), when there are several others. Then he perpetuates the myth that you should scrape a bee's stinger away rather than pinch it away (Discover magazine, et. al., now dispute this), and when discussing *moving* a hive, he leaves out the "3 mile rule" and the "1 foot per day" approach, etc. He suggests using motor oil moats to prevent ants (works great), but doesn't mention that vegetable oil and Tanglefoot work great also. Like I say, great book, buy it, but get some others too....more info
  • Great beginners book
    This is a great "first" book. It is excellent for explaining the parts of a hive, terminology, etc., in a very readable manner, and I love the cartoons. But you must also read other books as well. The more you read, the more you'll be able to separate "opinion" from "hard fact." "The New Starting Right with Bees" etc. are excellent first-year companions to "Beekeeping for Dummies." If you start with this book, you'll be on your way; if you stop with it, you will be in a sorry state. ...more info
  • A great survey of beginning "bee keeping"!!!
    Author Mr. Howland Blackiston does a GREAT job introducing the fascinating hobby of bee keeping. The book is broad and generalized and touches on just about everything, including some well-written in depth detail. Bravo! A "must have" for the begginer! It even has a COLOR inset! Mr. Blackiston promotes his website in his book on several occassions. That is okay though, it is a decent web site even thought the supplies are a bit over priced, sometimes more than a bit. I emailed Mr. Blackiston about this observation and, in his defense, he noted that you CAN get a few "hard-to-find" items there, so I'm sure they would be worth it. The book is a MUST have but shop around a bit before you buy dang near anything online from any site. I have just ordered my first hive kit and I am looking forward to putting Mr. Blackistons good advice to work!...more info
  • Cannot wait to get started
    I loved the book and cannot wait to get started. Unfortunately, I will have to wait till Spring 2008. The book is very inspiring....more info
  • Beekeeping For Dummies
    This book was real informative for learning the basics of starting and maintaining a healthy colony of bees. Using what I have learned from this book I'm going to give bee keeping a try this spring....more info
  • Simple, Educational and Entertaining ....PERFECT!
    I have been contimplating starting bees as a hobby. I ordered the book and couldn't put it down. The author shares his facination with bees and gives straight forward help on all the questions you have. He even addresses things like fear of bees and how to "sell" your neighbors. I loved it! I ordered a hive, equipment, and bees yesterday and I can't wait until they arrive....more info
  • Beekeeping for Dummies is awesome!!
    I'm new to the world of beekeeping and this book has got to be one of the best resources available. I would definently recommend it for beekeeper of all experience....more info
  • Read this first or at least second befor you start beekeeping
    one of the best on beekeeping has helped me out of a few jams with my bees!
    There are other books on beekeeping and recomend most but if you want to have easy answere to complex problems then this one is your book....more info
  • I never knew...
    I have this romantic notion that one day I will retire from the Army, settle down somewhere nice, and tend my bee hives filled with gentle bees, reaping in gallons of sweet, liquid gold. Like I said, it's a romantic notion. What this book clearly states is that there is more to successfully operating an apiary than harvesting the honey a few times a year. It's science and agriculture. It's care and preservation. It's timing and careful planning. But this book didn't scare me away from my notions, rather it provided me with the critical information I'll need to successfully care for my own colony of bees. I get excited just thinking about the possibilities. The book is clearly laid out, informative, and comprehensive in scope. I recommend it for a beginner, like me, or someone who wants a good, well-rounded resource guide on beekeeping. ...more info
  • Buy It!
    This is the perfect book for the first time beekeeper. My 9 year old wanted a hive and I didn't know a thing. I really enjoy it now and the book is a great reference....more info
  • Great book for starter
    This is a great book for a starter. Very easy to understand....more info
  • Beekeeping for Dummies
    Probably the most informative book on beekeeping of the 4 I have. I refer to it more than the others when I have a question about how to do things and when to schedule them. Walks you through the process of installing bee packages, giving you all the information you'll need to know....more info
  • Very practical book for beginners.
    I am a new beekeeper and this book is the best of several I purchased to help get me started. Easy to read, easy to understand, and it addresses most problems and questions I've come across with my first colony. ...more info
  • Awesome
    This book is a awesome book for beginners. Step by step instructions that are easy to understand. Great chapter on diseases. Good seasonal chapter that explains what to do, and when to do it. This is a good book to start with but current trends and new news will always be found in bee related periodicals. This book, used as a reference and a few bee magazines should keep any new beekeeper up to date....more info
  • The Best for Beginners
    Being a complete dummie about Bees I was looking for the basics in a how-to book. I have not always been pleased with previous "For Dummies" books but this one is good. It is complete with advice for what you need to start, what is really necessary and what is optional, and how to decide. I am up and running with my bees and owe a lot to this book. When I went to the supplier I knew enough to make educated decisions on what to buy. I bought two other books and they were a waste of time....more info
  • A Golden Start
    A well-written practical book for the novice beekeeper and for those whishing to recheck their habits, good or bad. It is an easy book to read, the tips are practical, informed and work. I still have not yet found the courage to not use gloves! I would recommend this informative book to all who wish to enter the wonderful world of bee keeping....more info
  • An Absolute Must Have Book for the Novice Beekeeper
    This is a well written and illustrated book for anyone interested in learning about the basics of beekeeping -- from identifying the required equipment to disease and pest control. What is even more amazing - I sent the author a question via e-mail and he answered me the next day! There is also a great video available through his associated website that takes you through the first year's activites, i.e., you can watch a new hive being set up and the honey extract process. You will get your money's worth by purchasing this book!...more info
  • Pretty good resource, but not the bee all, end all...
    I used this book as my only reference for starting my career as a backyard beekeeper. I find it very helpful and it is a good reference but it's also rather incomplete. I got my bees in Nucs not boxes and there wasn't much that a beginner needed to understand the differences. Also, when I checked my hives for the first time, I realized that this book is lacking a lot of what looks normal and what doesn't; there are only a few photos, mostly not very useful. Why doesn't the book tell you to smoke yourself and the bees to help prevent stings? Why isn't there info about using sugar water in addition to smoke to help you when in the hive? Now that I'm started I wish that there was a volume II with more detail to help me at the next level.

    Still, it was a valuable tool in getting me started on this adventure and I learned a lot. a lot of the reference material out there is too technical and not practical..I still reccomend this book to anyone getting started in beekeeping....more info
  • A must have for bee keepers
    This book is well laid out, easy to read, easy to understand, and good to keep as a reference guide.
    It does not cover the harvesting of pollen or royal jelly. I know you can find plans for pollen traps online. The only reason I bring this up is because, the author alludes to it in the beginning of the book as a way to make money and then never really says anything about how to harvest either pollen or royal jelly. That is about the only negative thing I can think of....more info


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