Easy Spanish Phrase Book: Over 770 Basic Phrases for Everyday Use (Dover Easy Phrase) (Spanish Edition)

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More than 770 basic phrases for everyday use enable you to communicate instantly on a host of topics: health and medical situations; essential services; boat, plane, and train travel; much more.

Customer Reviews:

  • Underwhelming
    I bought this in a bundle offer. It's thin and fairly confusing. Also, I have a friend who speaks Spanish and she informed me half of the phrases are wrong. This book is pretty much useless. Move on....more info
  • Spanish English Phrase Book
    I got these books for our grandson. Reading through this book - I feel it will be a great help to him when he goes to Spain. It has the whole phrase of things that you would want to know when you are traveling--like where the restrooms are, police, Restaurants and so on. You won't have to look up individual words and try to put them together....more info
  • This spanish book
    For the price this book is very good to have around. Gives you plenty of useful phrases many of which are interchangeable. Great for when you don't have time for an actual lesson, like when riding the bus or on break at work. ...more info
  • great phrase book
    This is a must have when you're traveling in a Spanish speaking country. Tt covers everything from questions about food to getting help in emergencies. Can't be without it! Wonderful book!...more info
  • Worth the money
    Well worth the $2 purchase price. I originally bought the book to get my order over $25 to get free shipping. Ended up being worth more than the $24.95 book I bought....more info
  • Slightly Outdated and Touristish
    This is a helpful book in many ways, however it is out of date. I wish I had checked when it was printed, so I would have known that many of the phrases that were commonly used then, are quite awkward now. However, much of the information remains useful. Also, I planned to use this book when working in a third world country, however it would be much more useful in a tourist's back pocket. ...more info
  • For Beginners, Well worth the price
    I like that is has indications of how to pronounce words. That is very helpful if you are just learning Spanish as a second language.

    As the description says: ...over 770 BASIC phrases. Just what a beginner NEEDS....more info
  • Great helper
    I recently went to Costa Rica, and this book proved to be invaluable. I especially learned the phrase "tengo mucho prisa." :-) It is small and lightweight, but has many commonly-used phrases....more info
  • Old fashioned and out dated
    I bought this book when I was first learning Spanish and actually never touched it in my beginner stages. The book contains useful phrases that you'd need to know; however, they way they translate them into Spanish is almost overly proper and polite and if you were talking to any native Spanish speaker using these phrases, you would just seem awkward. I will say, though, that if your intention isn't to learn Spanish, but just to learn some phrases to get you by while traveling, this book might be ok...just expect some strange looks with some of the phrases. ...more info
  • Pretty Good For $2
    Not bad at all for two bucks. I wish i would have had this book before i went to Mexico for the first time. For a traveler who is a gringo its gotta be a buy a few weeks before shoving off. Older book... yes, but not a bad deal if you know little to no spanish at all....more info
  • More info than I needed
    I am a "super-beginner" in Spanish - meaning I know absolutely nothing. This book is definitely helpful to me in learning key, everyday phrases. Plus, I like that it also shows the pronounciation of each word/phrase. There is also quite a bit of useless info - phrases I would never use (or expect anyone else to use either). But better to have too much than too little right?...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    This book provides some helpful pronunciation tips and basic phrases (and some rather outdated-seeming phrases, too), but wasn't quite as useful as we'd hoped for. The biggest drawback was that the index only lists ENGLISH words...you're out of luck if you need to look up a Spanish word. But as cheap as it is, you can't complain too much!...more info
  • easy Spanish phrases
    This is a neat little phrase book which is helpful as a supplement to other materials to learn Spanish. It has a variety of everyday phrases. ...more info
  • Spanish Made Easy for someone who can't speak too well
    I actually do speak well in spanish, but I needed a few brush ups. I absolutely think this is the easiest and most user friendly book out there. My co workers always come in to use it. If you want to have something handy in case your stuck with your spanish than this is the one. Very user friendly and easy to understand. ...more info
  • Nice little volume to have on hand.
    This is a nice little volume to have on hand. It is very easy to handle and read...and inside it included most of the phrases you'd need if you were traveling to a Spanish speaking country...or right in your own city thesedays. It seems to of been written with Mexican ideals.but will do well in Puerto Rico and anywhere else pretty much that speaks the languge.

    It includes phrases for travelers.....wake me up...when is dinner?...I need a doctor...where is the embassy.....It really covers most situations.

    The cost of this book is very low...but beware the additional handling fee. (though even with the extra fee..it is still workwhile to purchase !)...more info
  • Good for the basics
    This book will get you through the rough spots. The only complaint is that it tells you the phrases that you can use, but doesn't have the phrases that you may encounter. What good is the answer if you don't know the question?

    Is pretty thorough for the price, and is small (thin) enough to carry around (although not in your pocket)...more info
  • Helpful and brief
    This book is meant to cover some of the most common interactions you might have with a Spanish speaker, especially when traveling. It gives you both sides of the conversation, which is nice. Very basic book....more info
  • my review
    I like this book very much. It's a good start has about everything you would need to say.

    ...more info
  • Compact and Easy
    Great book at a great price. WE both got one.I haven't gone down to Mexico yet, but I think it will be very useful since I plan to "roam" and not stay in an exclusive resort. I want to be where the people are and see their culture. I feel this will help a great deal....more info
  • spanish phrases
    Not as great as I thought it would be, but there's some use to it. Many of the phrases are not typical ones everyone might use....more info
  • Easy Spanish Phrase Book
    This book was purchased for my son who is in the process of honing in on his language of heritage. In order to perfect his speaking ability, I felt he needed to simplfy words and phrases. He and I use it frequently.
    Hopefully, he will master Spanish as his second language and this book will have been instrumental in that endeavor. Thank you....more info
  • Useful!
    I got this for my mom for Christmas so she can learn some Spanish phrases before our trip. It's easy enough for a someone who has no experience to learn. She's already saying sentences!...more info
  • As good as it gets!
    Happy to receive this book. Very useful and in wonderful condition.
    Arrived promptly....more info
  • A Handy Little Book!
    For the price, you get a lot of bang for your couple of bucks. Although this little book doesn't cover much material or grammar rules, you can use the ready-made phrases to make more phrases as you increase your Spanish vocabulary. This along with a Spanish/English dictionary helped me pass my introductory Spanish class when I had to write sentences in Spanish for homework. Some other reviewers didn't like it because the phrases sound touristy, overly formal or out-dated, but I would rather learn proper/formal Spanish before trying to master the colloquial. Besides, it is probably safer to use the more-formal Spanish when traveling. What if you get an idiom wrong trying to use the local dialect, offend the natives, and then who knows what may happen?! If you speak formally and get it wrong, the locals might be more forgiving because they'll figure that the gaffe was unintentional. Besides, it is unfair to critisize a $2.00 phrase book for sounding touristy when that is the main purpose for the book-- to help a vacationing English speaker communicate in a Spanish-speaking country. That's it's purpose, and that is just what it does, despite whatever gringo-isms it may contain. Since it is so cheap, it's not a big loss if you don't share my enthusiasm about it's worth (especially if you are going to buy other books anyway and qualify for amazon's free shipping). So whether you are going to travel to a place where the people "no hablan en ingles" or taking your first Spanish class, you should click on "add to cart" and buy it today!...more info
  • Spanish Phrase Boook
    For the price, this is an incredibly helpful little volume.

    I like it because, in addition to learning new words in context, I can also practise my pronunciation. I am a novice at Spanish so having phrases to work on is better than one word at a time but also not having lengthy sentences, which I am probably not ready for.

    The phrases are very memorable, and give the learner a start in how words fit and flow together when actually speaking Spanish....more info
  • Best For the Money
    For the money, Easy Spanish Phrase Book is easily the best language bargain available. Where else can you get over 770 Phrases for just a few dollars?
    This book also has a hidden value. It uses mostly 'high frequency' vocabulary in its phrases. This means that the words and phrases you learn with Easy Spanish Phrase Book will likely be easily understood by native speakers of Spanish simply because they are in everyday use.
    Other advantages to this book are its convenient size, useful categories, and above all, the words which actually appear in ready made phrases.
    The major drawback to the book is that is doesn't come with an audio CD to teach native pronunciation and original sentence creation.
    To supplement this fine litte manual, I would highly recommend Behind the Wheel Spanish Behind the Wheel - Spanish 1 which also uses only high frequency vocabulary with the added advantage to teaching you how to create original sentences with native Spanish speakers on the CDs.
    ...more info
  • Excellent!!
    A very good "quickie"-type language book. Helps you with common phrases. You won't learn much about conjugation here, but for the price, a very valuable addition to my library....more info
  • Easy Spanish Phrase Book
    This books is not very practical..It lacks every day phrases that are necessary in normal conversation,very limited in my opinion.....more info
  • Pretty good
    There are indeed useful phrases for the traveler, but the way they show how to pronounce things is pretty awful at parts and you'd sound really weird pronouncing some of this stuff... for example:
    English: "I want to leave these packages for a while" =
    Spanish: "Quiero dejar estos paquetes un rato."
    Their way to pronounce this is: "KYAY-ro day-HAHR ESS-tohss pah-KAY-tess oon RRAH-toh"
    I know how to pronounce things well after 3 years of learning Spanish and speaking with a native every day...Even looking over the small pronunciation guide in Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish will help a lot more with pronunciation. That sentence is more like "KYEH-roh deh-HAR ESS-tohs pah-KEH-tess oon RRAH-toh".
    Anyway, still there are a lot of useful phrases and people will still probably understand some things, even using the book alone. My Spanish boyfriend does think some people actually do only rely on books like these for pronunciation because he says he's heard tourists from America speak similarly to this and that it sounds weird. Even though it's obviously best to read a pronunciation guide AND hearing things being said, if you are only reading how to do it, the book could be a lot more helpful and improved... But for $2 it sure isn't bad....more info
  • Good phrasebook
    This phrasebook is small but has a lot of good content packed between its covers. This will be one of the books I carry with me on my trip to Mexico. It is divided into useful sections such as customs, baggage, at the hotel, at the restaurant, sightseeing, shopping, dentist, telephoning, and many more. It is quick to use and to understand....more info
  • Excellent - Even Better with Behind the Wheel Spanish
    Like its counterpart 1001 Most Useful Spanish Words, I give a hearty 5 Stars to Easy Spanish Phrase Book.
    What is exceptional about this tiny reference is its price, its compact size and the communicative bang for the buck it provides.
    The only real drawback is that it does not come with any recorded material to assist you with pronouncing Spanish.
    For this reason, I highly recommend to use this handy booklet with a great Spanish CD course named Behind the Wheel Spanish 8 CDs and Book.
    Behind the Wheel - Spanish 1
    Together they form a powerful and inexpensive way to speak Spanish quickly....more info
  • Easy Spanish Phrase Book
    This book comes in handy when a quick phrase is needed and has easily understood pronunciations. I would recommend this book as a quick aid while learning Spanish or just to use as a daily referance....more info
  • Concise and helpful
    This small book is useful for many everyday situations. It's handy and easy to reference. There isn't much other information in it. The dictionary is very limited, so you would still need that to make your way around....more info
  • Great value for the price . . .
    This low-cost book is great for those whom need basic Spanish for whatever reason.

    I've been studying the language off-and-on for over 10 years, and I wish a teacher or two had directed me to get this book and Dover's "1001 Most Useful Spanish Words" as an introduction to the language.

    I highly recommend getting both for the cost of "una cerveza o dos."

    ...more info
  • Misleading Title
    If I had been looking for a book of phrases for traveling this might have been helpful. As it was I was looking for everyday phrases (per the title) and this was not it. I don't ride trains and buses and taxis and check into hotels and make dinner reservations on a daily basis. Nor do I go through customs, take boat rides and buy cigars. This is a book for people who are away from home and need phrases for transportation, lodging, restrooms, etc.

    There is a bare minimum of hello, how are you, and words like who, what, why, but not much that I would ever use in my daily life. I'd like to be able to converse with spanish speaking customers, and the parents of my children's friends who speak spanish. In my mind that would be everyday use. ...more info
  • Easy Spanish Phrase Book
    Had checked it out in the library and found it extremely useful. Only wish I had it prior to going to the Dominican Republic. Keep it in my car now along with a learning spanish collection of CD's.
    Great way to learn spanish....more info
  • Easy Spanish Phrase Book
    I have been going to Mexico twice yearly until recently. This is the best phrase book that I have purchased. It is both light and of a size that makes it easy to carry. JPG, Santa Rosa, CA. ...more info
  • Not as good as I thought
    I paid very little for this booklet. Its vocabulary its a bit short (among others; soda/refreshment is not there) Some translations could be better (It's raining, should be; Esta lloviendo, instead of; Llueve) Some times they translate to English using "One" instead of using "A"... These situations are few. To be a traveler's booklet it can help you very well in many situations. The alphabet pronunciation section is very helpful and each word has a pronunciation spelling right under it that is great....more info
  • Very Functional
    Nice size to pack and carry along on vacation. It will be on the Boat with us when we sail to Mexico.....more info
  • Better with Behind the Wheel Spanish
    The book is good. But it is much better when used with Behind the Wheel Spanish 8 CDs and text. The reason why is that you learn to speak the phrases while you drive and even make your own sentences fast. Very easy and effective. All 770 phrases are more or less on the CDs....more info