DAY JAKE VACUUMED, THE (Little Rooster Book)

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  • It might behoover one to read something else
    Jake of the title is indeed a brat as stated by a previous reviewer.
    I enjoyed the book because I like vacuums and because Jake isn't mine.
    He's a selfish and mean opportunist who sucks up the family into a vacuum cleaner and then remorselessly relishes his punishment.

    Jake's not a great role model for kids. If you don't want to give your kids any evil ideas, keep them away from this book.

    The irreverent humor in The Day Jake Vacuumed might very well appeal to older kids and adults. However, they're not the target audience....more info
  • Jake is a little snake
    My 2 year old son is semi-obsessed with vacuums right now so naturally, I looked for a book that would incorporate his current passion into our night time reading. I was so excited to find this book online and anxiously awaited its arrival. The story is not at all what I expected. Jake is not merely mischievous - he is a downright brat. When his mom tells him to vacuum, he sucks up everything around the house including her. The book ends up stating that Jake is never asked to vacuum again, which was his goal to begin with. I realize this is just a fictional story, but I can really do without Jake's attitude and so can my son. What a disappointment. I will exercise my library card instead of my credit card from now on....more info
  • Jake The Unlikely Hero
    Jake is a little boy who flat out doesn't want to help out around the house. Without candy coating, Simon James offers some unabashed mischief. Jake is naughty. Everything ends up ok and it's lots of silliness throughout....more info