Acupressure's Potent Points: a Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments

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With your hands you have potential to relieve everyday aches, pains and ailments without taking drugs, to improve your health, and to increase your vitality. Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to stimulate key points on the skin that, in turn, activate the body's natural self-healing processes. With this book, it is a skill you can learn now--and use in your own home.

In Acupressure's Potent Points, Michael Reed Gach, founder and director of the Acupressure Institute of America, reveals simple techniques that enable you to relieve headaches, arthritis, colds and flu, insomnia, backaches, hiccups, leg pain, hot flashes, depression, and more--using the power and sensitivity of your own hands.

This practical guide covers more than forty ailments and symptoms, from allergies to wrist pain, providing pressure-point maps and exercises to relieve pain and restore function. Acupressure complements conventional medical care, and enables you to take a vital role in becoming well and staying well. With this book you can turn your hands into healing tools--and start feeling good now.

Customer Reviews:

  • A great book for fixing common ailments!
    After you read through this book and put some of its techniques into practice, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Covering a wide range of common ailments, it describes each point and its uses, and gives good instructions on finding them both from diagrams and lots of photos. Even if you're sceptical, buy this book!...more info
  • Very useful book for healing yourself
    I go to an accupunturist but I really wanted to learn how to manage my health issues between appointments (it's not cheap) and this book was perfect for it. I also use it for my husband and our 3 year old. If they are having a specific complaint, we look up the points and the easy to follow information helps us treat ourselves. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to heal themselves or simply feel better on a daily basis....more info
  • A practical, user-friendly handbook for the lay person.
    I found this book to be a very accessible, user-friendly handbook for anyone interested in developing their ability to support and maintain their health and well-being. Exceptionally easy to find your way around, Part I introduces the basics of acupressure, and general guidelines for practicing self-acupressure. Part II details techniques for specific ailments, assisted by clear illustrations of points and where to locate them, as well as photographs showing how to use pressure on them. There are appendices with charts in the back summarizing all the points and cross-referenced to each chapter where they are utilized. Over a period of time, the reader gradually becomes more familiar with the points, and adept at locating and using them. I have definitely found the recommended treatments helpful....more info
  • An alternative approach to pain relief!
    BUY THIS BOOK!!! I can't say enough great things about this book! With it's easy-to-understand text and helpful pictures, it's amazing how quickly you can be on the road to better health. After just one session, my sciatic nerve was no longer causing me pain. It also helped my lower back, as well as my migraines and sinus problems. While it's true that this isn't meant as a substitute for medical treatment, acupressure does work, and in just a few minutes. Almost instant relief without doctor visits and/or medication!! This book truly covers many of the aches and pains we tend to "just live with" every day. It also has treatments for emotional issues, such as anxiety, stress, and depression, to name a few. It's well worth the price: you can't even see a doctor for $13.60. In fact, I bought this book because I needed an alternative approach to pain management, as I don't have medical insurance. I'm so impressed with this book, I've bought 3 more copies for friends, and will continue buying more until everyone I know who needs one, has a copy. If you've been suffering with chronic pain like I did for years, please do yourself a favor and buy this book. ...more info
  • This Book Saves My Life
    I just love this book. I am sufferring from 22 documented medical disorders and everyday I consume 38 medications. I was so sick my doctors jokingly called me a "walking pathology". So, I was more than motivated to try out the techniques in this book. They work. This is an excellent book that can be used regularly to help relieve a headache, improve sleep, or just energise the body without taking drugs, plus 40 other ailments. These techniques are illustrated with over 400 photographs. This book makes Michael Reed Gach's other two books redundant ie Acupressure for Emotional Healing and Greater Energy At Your Fingertips. Buy this book and you need not buy the other two books. If you are in my position, this book will save your life. Dr Jusuf Hariman....more info
  • bug it!
    If you are interested in acupressure, buy this book! IT's well organized and written....more info
  • Great book
    I love this book, lots of good information about the points, and lots of treatments that can be done.....more info
  • Helped with Jaw Problem and Insomnia
    I purchased this book to see if the techniques given could help with a recent problem I was having with TMJ (tight jaw) and a longer-term problem with insomnia. The techniques I learned helped greatly with both problems. My jaw tightness is almost completely gone after only a few weeks and I am sleeping much better. I highly recommend this book for solving a whole variety of common problems....more info
  • very interesting and useful
    This is a very practical book that should find a place in the library of anyone interested in chinese and alternative medicine.
    I found this book easy to follow thanks to a very well done layout and well defined chapters/index which make this an excellent resource as a reference manual to pick up anytime and anywhere and put it among the best books on the subject.

    Nonetheless I didn't rate it with 5 stars since I found Dr. Gach writing style to put a bit too much emphasis in his own results and, alongside with thoughtful references, the book is filled up with little anectdodes on his patients/students that do not actually provide any sort of scientific case study but are just little stories that should underline the powerful effects of these techniques: one or two would have been ok but Dr. Gach exaggerated on this self promotion aspect, in my humble opinion.
    This is just a small flaw, though, since the information contained in the book are really valuable and make it worth buying....more info
  • Acupressure Potent Points by Michael Reed Gach
    For me there are certain things I need in my house. Good Jazz or one's favorite musical genre. A comprehensive unabridged dictionary. A quality Atlas. Books. Art. AND MICHAEL REED GACH'S ACUPRESSURE'S POTENT POINTS. Sore neck? Lower back pain? Eye Strain? Arthritis? Leg or arm pain? Then get the book and empower yourself over your aches and pains....more info
  • Trip to China, etc.
    We witnessed our hostess on a trip to China use accupressure points on a fellow traveler having an asthma attack. My teacher was accredited by the state of California to teach acupressure to RNs. I think this is the finest book of its kind for the laymen and recommend it or give it as a gift quite often....more info
  • 5 minutes to relief!
    I opened this book to the page on carpal tunnel syndrome and within 5 minutes of doing one simple exercise, my hand felt better than it had in 4 years! Easy to read format, great layout and very thorough!...more info
  • Informative but difficult to understand for the newbie
    This book is very informative, but it is hard for the first-time "acupuncturist". :) Overall, I am learning more about the art from this book, but it could be a little more user friendly. :)...more info
  • informative
    This book was very helpful for my headaches and sinus problems. I would recommend this book....more info
  • It really works!
    I borrowed this book from the library and now I'm buying two. The trigger points for insomnia really helped me. I've never slept so well. This is a great reference book for anyone's library.
    ...more info
  • Practical
    Great book, self explanatory for even the most challenged like me!
    Highly reccommend! This has changed my life!...more info
  • Fantastic book!
    This is the best acupressure book we've gotten our hands on, and we have quite a few of them. Definitely worth buying at any price - but at $20 or less, it's a steal. Covers all the major stuff and is very straightforward, easy to follow. ...more info
  • Perfect starter book for Acupressure
    Michael Gach's book, Acupressure's Potent Points, gives what he promises, "A guide to self-care for common ailments." It is something I will refer to on an ongoing basis, as the instructions are very specific and easy to follow. Although I just recently purchased the book, I have already shared a couple of the accupressure procedures with others.

    Most of the procedures are for treating physical hurts, but there is also information on helping sadness and depression, which ties it in nicely with some of the energy therapies that focus on emotional healing. I expect to use this book for a very long time.

    ...more info
  • Organized and very helpful
    I love this book. It is organized to make searching for the points you need very easy. I would recommend it to anyone who would like a non-prescription medicine way of helping themselves. ...more info
  • One of my most used reference books
    As a professional massage therapist, I have used and recommended this book to clients, and others, for nearly 15 years. It is one of the most well written and easy to use books, for the layperson, I have found. The index lists a wide range of common ailments, just as stated in the title. Each section describes & illustrates the point location, with a short explanation of what each point relates to. In addition are exercises to assist in releasing pain and tension, from carpal tunnel to migraines and more. As a companion book I would also suggest The Acupressure Warm-Up by Marc Coseo. And for those who would like to explore further I highly recommend The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister which incorporates the ancient Japanese practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu. ...more info
  • Want Relief? Get To The Point!
    In a nutshell, Acupressure's Potent Points: a Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments shows the reader how they can use acupressure on themselves to relieve stress related problems.

    So what exactly is acupressure? Well, its an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press on key points on the surface of the skin- which in turn stimulates the body's natural self-curing abilities. More specifically, when these points are pressed on for several minutes, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood and the body's life force to aid healing. If at this point you're wondering how acupressure differs from ACUPUNCTURE, well, there's not much difference- the same points are used for both, its's just that one uses needles and the other uses your fingers.

    And just what makes these acupressure points or "potent points" so special? Well, as the book explains, they are places on the skin that are especially sensitive to bioelectrical impulses in the body and conduct these impulses readily. So, by stimulating these points with your fingers, you're triggering the release of endorphins (your body's natural pain killers) which blocks the pain. This in turn increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area which promotes healing and causes the muscles to relax.

    Neat huh? This kind of info is covered in Part I of the book. Part II, which is about 85% of the book, covers the acupressure points themselves and the techniques for the specific ailments- and boy do they cover the ailments! Just about everything you can imagine is covered from acne to fainting to shoulder tension. Pictures are a plenty and show you the exact areas to press on- it's a pretty easy process and the book makes it simple to do. Also of note is that there are two ways to use the book, you can look up a problem by system (i.e. digestive system, immune system, etc.) via a handy chart, or simply look a problem up by flipping around as the ailments are covered in alphabetical order.

    The book ends with two appendices, one being a nice point location chart, and the other a summary of the potent points. All-in-all its a pretty clear and easy to use book that should help many put an end to their stress-related aches and pains. Other pain books that might be of interest include The 5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution for readers suffering from plantar fasciitis....more info
  • Acupressure's Potent Points
    I have reviewed the book and put to use the instructions for treating certain problems described with success. I have recommended it to others and have ordered two more copies for family members who are having success with it....more info
  • Best of them all.
    This is a totally clear, easy to read, fact supported guide which addresses just about every need we humans could ever have.... things I'd never considered with respect to acupressure therapy. I'm looking for relief from Fibromyalgia, and found it here. The book has been passed around to every family member. Everyone agrees, it's complete. The author even adds warnings about interactions, information about what NOT to do, demonstrating his comprehensive knowledge of the subject. The book truly guides you through every step, giving you valuable facts as well as confidence to go further. The results have spoken for themselves. An excellent investment!...more info
  • Clears away my sinus problems!
    I was skeptical of acupressure and only bought the book because my massage therapist uses it along with trigger point massage. I took it with me on a recent vacation. On the plane, I found that there were guided procedures to use for sinus problems and another set for earaches. I am always sniffling and my ears always hurt when the plane lands. I followed the procedures and found I could breathe out of my left nostril easily - for the first time in years (without any drugs). Also, my ears did not hurt when the plane landed and I could hear right away. These two things alone are worth the price of the book to me....more info
  • No Pressure!
    studying this daily. learning many new things. Great for starting out in massage therapy!...more info
  • An Amazingly Effective Healing Tool
    Gach has compiled a guide to a method of healing that really works! I have used the methods described in this book for four years in relieving the pain in my lower back. I have progressed from having my back "go out" at least once every ten or twelve months (to the extent that I required bed rest for anywhere from several days to several weeks) to the point where I can now do almost every normal activity without a problem. My back has not "gone out" over the past four years. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking an effective method of pain management....more info
  • one of the best!
    I am a student at the Oregon School of Massage and in my class on lower massage my instructor shared with us a book that she has on pressure points you can use for colds, headaches, immune system, memory, concentration and a variety of things. I was taken in by the ease in which you could use this book to help in any aliment you may have. You can do it any where. It is put together very well and the pictures and illustration help a great deal with where the points are on the body. It is written well and you don't have to have a degree to read it or to use it. I love it. ...more info
  • Easy to read, a multitude of conditions are covered.
    The pictures and explanations are well laid out. Warnings and contraindications are also clear. Makes a nice gift for anyone that seeks a natural non-invasive approach to a wide variety of issues. I often use this book as a reference for my pregnancy massage clients....more info
  • effective but consistence is preferred
    I bought this book 9 months ago. I referred to it countless times- for myself and my 4 year-old son. Not just in crisis- and this is important- but rather I developed a routine of performing acupressure on him every evening for about 10 min.There are points that are indicated in stimulating the body's immunity, for example, and I would think a lot of people would be interested in those points. Better to prevent than to treat!
    It is also interesting that the points indicated in a specific condition are tender when you are having that condition. Anyway, I am convinced we saved a good amount of co-pays for doctor's visits, because compared to last year, my son has been a lot healthier this year. Just a coincidence?...more info
  • A great resource for bodyworkers
    In my professional massage business this book has been a wonderful tool. The book is so easy to use and understand that in a matter of seconds I can research my client's problem area while they are changing for their massage. Then, not only do I use those pressure points during their massage, but afterward I show them a point or two that they can try using at home. The feedback has been incredible and my clients are grateful for the help! Now, after using some of the same points over and over I am finding that I know many of them by heart without ever having felt like I had to "study" to learn them. I love this book! ...more info
  • Very helpful resource!
    My acupuncture M.D. recommended this book to me. I first borrowed it from the library & it proved so good, I bought my own copy. We've used it as a household remedy for charley horse spasms, headaches, insomnia, allergic reactions & more. My husband gets charley horse spasms in his thigh & finds it difficult to get relief. The acupressure points recommended in the book for spasms cleared his pain within 60 seconds. For that alone, it's priceless in his eyes. I found that holding the recommended points when I am experiencing mild allergic reactions at least lessens the reaction if not clears it up entirely. Ditto for mild headaches. It's been extremely helpful & well worth the purchase price....more info
  • Best single accupressure book to get
    In one book you have powerful points and combinations of points which you can use for many common ailments - even with no previous experience or knowledge.

    It's superb; don't travel without a copy!
    ...more info
  • Amazing results for body, mind and spirit!
    I first learned of acupressure while doing a yoga/pilates workout. So I wanted to find an "instructional" type of book so that I could learn the basics. This book is exactly what I was looking for! By providing a list of ailments, and the proper techniques and terminology, I was able to directly target problem areas. Illustrations especially zone in on fail-proof learning! And I am truly amazed at the results! Stomache-aches, headaches, asthma, anxiety/relaxation, even hiccups have literally disappeared! With each deep breath, you too can overcome common ailments so that not only your body will benefit, but also your mind and spirit!! ...more info
  • Easy and Simple to Use
    Great illustrations, pictures, broken down into ailments; great for a quick reference. I really like this book....more info
  • An excellent primer and reference book
    I often refer to this book (it goes with me in my bag whether to a party, office or wherever. The information has proved to be very sound. It doesn't cover the diagnostics of TCM, but is a practical guide to working with acupuncture points....more info
  • The formatting is its downfall
    I needed a quick reference for the accupressure points that are relevant to various ailments, but this book drowns the essential usefulness of accupressure with entirely too many words. It tries to present theory and anecdotes in addition to a listing of accupressure points, and ends up being unbearably repetitive. While each treatment has a step-by-step accompanied by photos and lengthy descriptions, a better format would have been to present a short list of the most effective points followed by secondary points for each treatment. As it is, a person who is trying to perform the steps would be too busy reading, rather than concentrating on the points themselves.

    A much more practical guide is the very brief but far more useful book by Carola Beresford Cooke. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a lengthy thesis, then this book would be to your taste....more info
  • Acupressure's Potent Points: aguide to self care
    A great reference book. Easy to read and understand.Diagrams are essential to ensure correct pressure points are used.User friendly for the professional and the general public....more info
  • Favorable Results - Recommendation
    This review may be somewhat premature since I am just now ordering the book for myself. However, I would like to share a success story. My mother has suffered from a chronic cough for more than twenty years. She has seen every type of specialist, tried inhalers, cough syrups, pills, diets, and every other kind of treatment that any of these specialists could come up with. And still she coughed - constantly, day and night. My daughter-in-law has this book, found a "potent point" for coughing and showed Mom where to "push" following the illustrations. Now, whenever Mom starts coughing, she applies pressure. Her cough is stopped immediately. Needless to say, her Doctor is amazed, we are thrilled, and to me this one treatment alone is worth 10 stars. I can't wait to receive the book....more info
  • Helpful beyond my imagination
    I experience sciatica pain, severe muscle tension, and migraine headaches. This book has provided me with exercises and self-treatments that allow me to continue pursuing the active lifestyle I enjoy. A little time invested in acupressure saves a great deal of discomfort and pain, all without the use of OTC and prescription drugs....more info
  • Acupressure's Potent Points
    This book provides clear, comprehensive and easy to follow instructions for self acupressure. I bought it for information regarding carpal tunnel syndrome but have found acupressure exercises for many more difficulties. I am in the process of following the easy exercise for carpal tunnel but it is too soon to report back my progress. I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone interested in the subject....more info
  • Very Helpful
    I bought this book to help alleviate my sinus problems. I've found the acupressure techniques to work faster than anything--including Sudafed....more info
  • Acupressure's Potent Points
    This is a great reference for anyone doing energy work, healing or acupressure. It explains the various points on the body. A must for a healer's reference library....more info
  • Acupressure's Potent Points: a Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments
    I've enjoyed the book very much and have tried most of the techniques. Many of them have been quite helpful in stopping neck pain and headaches. My fourteen year old grandson likes the book so much I purchased one for him on his birthday....more info
  • Alternative Ways to Relieve Aches and Pains
    This is an excellent everyday resource book for anyone trying to help reduce common ailments using alternative methods. It is well written, easy to understand and the methods described are simple to use....more info
  • Great Buy!!
    I am very happy that I purchased this book! It has been a great tool for me starting out as a new massage therapist. There are so many ailments listed in there to help you find the pressure points needed. It gives the reader very precise descriptions and is quite easy to read....more info
  • This really works
    I borrowed this book from the library some time ago and learned the immune system series of accupressure points. It has saved me from many colds. As soon as I feel a sore throat or sniffles coming on, I start pressing the points and at least 75% of the time, the cold will go away. I went to borrow the book again from the library for my husband's migraines, asthma, arthritis, and carpal tunnel and discovered it had been stolen. Thank goodness for Amazon, I will soon have my own copy....more info
  • Acupressure's Potent Points
    Excellent self help guide. I did check with my own doctor per the instructions in the book. Found it a great help in between visits, with excellent guidelines. This book is also great if you are going on vacation, and have an existing problem which could bother you while away...more info


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