The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types

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Recommended by two highly credible authorities, consciousness explorer Ken Wilber and spiritual-growth guru Harville Hendrix, this compendium of Enneagram information was assembled by the cofounders of the Enneagram Institute as an introduction to the subject. Designed with a plenitude of charts, boxes, and quotes (by noted illuminaries such as A.H. Almaas, Maya Angelou, and G.I. Gurjieff), this exceptionally easy-to-use, manual-size paperback teaches the reader how to figure out which of the nine types she is, identifies red flags to self-illusion, and provides practical suggestions for spiritual growth. Advice on how to observe your type's fixations and let go of the need to act out automatic and dysfunctional behavioral responses are down-to-earth and attainable. A distinctly accessible approach to cultivating daily happiness through understanding the complexity of fixations that weave together human personality types. --Randall Cohan

The first definitive guide to using the wisdom of the enneagram for spiritual and psychological growth

The ancient symbol of the Enneagram has become one of today's most popular systems for self-understanding, based on nine distinct personality types. Now, two of the world's foremost Enneagram authorities introduce a powerful new way to use the Enneagram as a tool for personal transformation and development. Whatever your spiritual background, the Enneagram shows how you can overcome your inner barriers, realize your unique gifts and strengths, and discover your deepest direction in life.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram includes:

  • Two highly accurate questionnaires for determining your type
  • Vivid individual profiles focused on maximizing each type's potential and minimizing predictable pitfalls
  • Spiritual Jump Starts, Wake-Up Calls, and Red Flags for each type
  • Dozens of individualized exercises and practical strategies for letting go of troublesome habits, improving relationships, and increasing inner freedom
  • Revealing insights into the deepest motivations, fears, and desires of each type

Highly accessible, yet filled with sophisticated concepts and techniques found nowhere else, The Wisdom of the Enneagram is a strikingly new fusion of psychology and spirituality. It offers an exciting vision of human possibility and a clear map of the nine paths to our highest self-expression.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic Introduction
    I have a confession to make. In the early 1990's I automatically hated 99% of all Dallas Cowboys fans other than myself. Why? Because those same Cowboys "fans" were wearing Silver and Black, Burgundy and Gold or, most likely, nothing at all to do with the NFL during the 1980s. It was just me and a couple of other hardcore guys who suffered through the last days of Danny White, the only days of Steve Pelleur and even, that's right, Paul Palmer and Steve Walsh. It hardly seemed fair for the other jerkwads who stuck their head in the sand to enjoy the benefits of three Super Bowls in four years. But finally, I realized it was their problem, not mine. If they could live with themselves doing that, more power to them.

    The same is sort of happening now with the Enneagram. It's become, suddenly, the hipster's guide to psychology, and like anything that becomes such a tool, gets twisted and distorted to some peoples' own purposes much like the Cowboys' fan club did in the 90s: to make people feel better about themselves. Having been a student of the enneagram for almost a decade now, I hate to see something so important to psychology and my own personal worldview become another passing fad. But, much like the real Cowboys fans of the early nineties, it's the popularity poser, not the true student of the enneagram, who will have to live with themselves being bandwagoners.

    Which brings me to this excellent book by one of the authors who helped bring the Enneagram into the modern age. The Enneagram, for those of you who aren't familiar with it, is a personality matrix (for lack of a better word) of nine personality types. The types interconnect in a variety of ways and range from very healthy to very unhealthy along each type. While this book does go into some detail on each type, it's main function serves as what to do once you know what type you (and others) are.

    It gives both practical and ideological advice for moving yourself into healthier ranges of your type, and breaks down each type into different manifestations. Some, but not many, types of meditations are included. For example, being an average type seven, I know that I'm prone to do anything to avoid dealing with anxiety. The more anxiety I have, the "busier" I become, the more I eat, the more I indulge, because it becomes harder to avoid it. Several of the meditations for sevens had to do with learning to focus on what that anxiety is rather than jump from one project to the next to the next in a futile effort to avoid the anxiety. It's been quite helpful for me, though the learning process is a long one. After all, it took almost 30 years of habit to perfect the avoidance.

    Riso warns several times in the book about using your type as an excuse, a part that I'm sure will be skipped over by most fives, nines and ones. Regardless, the warning is there, and it serves it's purpose as I sometimes drift into making excuses for myself. But that's the best part of the enneagram in my opinion. No type is better than the others. At their best, each type is a model of perfect mental health. At their worst, each type is a disintegrated wretch of a person. Most of us are somewhere in between, but we all have something to strive for.

    I was a little disappointed at the disjointedness of the book, even within each chapter (one for each type). In addition, it almost seemed, at some points, like an enneagram starter book with minor focus on what to do to help you become healthier. But the content....the content jacks up the review of this book.

    Obviously, I'd recommend this book to anyone. But if you do become interested in the enneagram, study it, and make sure you're still a fan when it's no longer hip to be one....more info
  • Can a book cahnge your life?
    The answer is yes. I can easily say this book will astound you. This is NOT a cult book. Now that that's out of the way, buy this book, pass it around. I am not exagerrating when I say that this bok will show you things that you never even knew about yourself. This book will at LEAST challenge you. Basically, this is a self-discovery book, and you'd be amazed at how little you know about yourself. Give the Enneagram a shot, and do it with this book. This is by far my favorite Enneagram book and I HIGHLY recommend it for beginners....more info
  • A good start
    This book has good insight into the personality types and can really open your eyes. It has a chapter for each type with a quiz at the beginning, quotes, levels of development, descriptions of behaviors or preoccupations, tips for breaking free of them, and profiles for each wing and variant. I found it very informative and easy to read, so I would recommend it to beginners. The only problem for me was that at the end of each chapter, it goes into this mystical talk about spiritual growth and "Essence." That may appeal to some, but it got on my nerves. (For someone who merely wants to the system from a logical viewpoint without so much spiritual mumbo-jumbo, ... Aside from that, this is a great book....more info
  • Awesome!
    The enneagram is fascination, and can be confusing to understand. The authors do a great job of making it readable and clear. Having this knowledge will help you to understand yourself and those around you in a much deeper way! This book is a great complement to Pearls of Wellness (Pearls of Wellness 52 Inspirations to Achieve a Peaceful Body, Mind, and Spirit). ...more info
  • Misuse of the Logo of Everything Existing
    The use of the Enneagram in the way this and other books teach is a complete fraud. It is a travesty of a very holy diagram. This typology was invented by certain self declared "hasnamussian" teachers at Esalen and elsewhere who had no contact with anyone in the chain of teachers directly from Gurdjieff. The Enneagram is a cosmic diagram more akin to what astrophysisists work with. In the beginning was the Enneagram...the Logo....more info
  • This is an outstanding book!
    I strongly suggest this book to anyone who wants to change their life. This book is so much more than any other self-help book you could get, because it helps you identify your patterns, and positively change them. ...more info
  • This book changed my life...really
    I have been looking for insight into my life (I'm a type four go fig) for what seems like an eternity. This book shined a giant flashlight of truth right in my eyes and to this day refuses to take it away. It even pegged everyone in my family down to our manipulations and quirks. Not Astrology, hell this book blows astrology out of the water! Get and it WILL change your life....more info
    I have never been very good at science, but this book seems pretty easy at explaining hard concepts like "myself." If you read this you will learn how many numbers you have inside and why that is really REALLY good.

    I think it is good for this to be a book, maybe my favorite ever, but also I like the Extreme Teen Bible by Nelson publishers is good too....more info
  • Best and most balanced single reference on the Enneagram.
    This is the best single reference on the Enneagram that I know of and I own a lot of books on the Enneagram and use it in my coaching practice. If I had to limit my recommendations on the Enneagram to one book for all audiences, this would be my top choice by a mile.

    Riso and Hudson cover the basics of Enneagram theory in a thoughtful, well-organized and almost poetic manner. They integrate psychological insights with spiritual wisdom without sacrificing a balanced presentation.

    One of the things that make this book truly a gem is the presentation of the developmental aspects of the Enneagram levels. In Riso and Hudson's model, there are nine different levels to each type and they describe this depth dimension well without going overboard on detail. They also do a good job of covering the instinctual variants, wing types and suggestions for personal growth for each type.

    In a relatively short book, Riso and Hudson cover and incredible amount of ground in a detailed, but easy to read format. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about their personality and how to work with it.
    ...more info
  • Extremely Informative
    I have purchased many books on the Enneagram and found this to be the most thorough and thought provoking. Since my original purchase, I have purchased several more....more info
  • The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types
    Extremely good book. Can be on the heavy side. For advanced enneagram work....more info
  • Very insightful
    This book was more on target about my issues than any other book i could have read and it told me how i need to improve my weaknesses. It has helped me really see my self and the destructive patterns that i never realized that i am caught up in.. I recommend it highly if you are ready to change and have inner peace of mind...more info
    Amongst the myriad of books about personality, The Wisdom of the Enneagram stands out as one of the most clear, focussed, and nurturing.

    I love the charts, graphs, and explanations about high/low level functioning of the types as well as the easy flow used when describing an intricate theroy. This really should be required reading for all -- would improve all types of relationships and help reduce the divorce rate!

    For the person looking for answers about his or her life choices, this is a good place to begin....more info

  • Welcome insight
    I have never reviewed a book on Amazon before, though I have bought plenty. This says a little of how useful this edition has been to me. I am in a loving relationship that is under a lot of stress and I have been bewildered about why we do the things we do to each other when it is obvious that they are not what we want to be to each other. This book gave me some insight into why and more importantly, how to change. I hope I didn't find it too late......more info
  • It's so good I give it to all my clients
    Don Riso and Russ Hudson are thoughtleaders in not just enneagram teaching but more importantly understanding motivations and resultant behaviours. This book is a gem and the title says it all ......"wisdom". The style of writing makes it accessible to those who know the enneagramme and those who don't. It really doesn't matter - what matters is that after reading the book you will have noted your own 'EGO STUFF'at play and been liberated from that feeling of being unable to control it. So there's something in the book for everyone with a pulse.....cos if there's a pulse then there's fear; there's resentment; and there's sadness.
    For relief - read and see the impact it can have on your life.
    Riso-Hudson are the only enneagramm writers I believe who address the levels of ego manifestation.
    I give this book to each of my clients and without exception each one wants to know more.

    The thinking in this book touches something very meaningful in us.

    ...more info
  • The Wisdom of the Enneagram
    This is a GREAT book on the what could be called the second step in understanding the persoanality traits of all of us via the Enneagram...
    (the first step would be "The Enneagram Made Easy") The Enneagram Made Easy: Discover the 9 Types of People. These 2 books are so great because they help you understand more about yourself (and others) and the strengths and traits of each number. A must in human understanding!!
    Dr T...more info
  • Brilliant reference, worthy of many readings!
    When I first heard about the Enneagram, it sounded very new age and unappealing, with everyone's type being a "number." I couldn't have been more wrong.

    I encountered The Wisdom of the Enneagram in 2001 at New Ventures West. I've been reading and re-reading it ever since, studying various types, energies, and the history of the Enneagram itself over time. I am always amazed at how helpful this book is in understanding people (whether clients or friends or family!).

    Furthermore, if you're interested in knowing "how" to develop and not just "what type" you are, this is a book worthy of deep study. ...more info
  • The Wisdom of the Enneagram
    I have read several books on this subject and this is definitely the best so far. Well written and easy to understand....more info
  • My favorite Enneagram Book
    The Enneagram isn't easily taught through reading a book, but this one does the best job in both introducing the types and more importantly giving clear ways to work with the system. By including core features and super-ego messages, it helps the seeker go a bit deeper into the types than any other of the books I read--getting behind the personality into what drives and feeds it. The little test at the beginning of each chapter are pretty good, but I think it's better to look at the chart of the levels in each Type chapter to help discover your Type. The chapters feature many exercises to guide the reader into self reflection.Other features, like the "Red Flag" fears of each Type, are addressed helping a person notice when they are losing themselves. I think this is a good book both to introduce the system and for the more knowlegeable student of the System. I have used it as a source to take me deeper and deeper on personal journey and a clear way to help others understand themselves....more info
  • The ultimate guide to self discovery and transformation
    For those seekers on a path of self-discovery, transformation and ultimate peace , this book is a must. If your quest in life is to find your contract with the universe and to take steps to fulfil it - then "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" very adequately guides you on that path.
    ...more info
  • The deepest and most systematic enneagram book yet
    This is the authors' deepest book by far. It takes us into the inner mystery of the Enneagram as a system of personalities, not just a list of nine types. In part I, chapter 5, "The Triadic Self", the authors describe a number of tripartite schemas for dividing personality types so that the reader can observe the amazing way that these triads form symmetrical triangles on the geometrical configuration of the enneagram.
    In chapter 6, the authors describe the way that each type embodies traits of one (and only one) of its two neighboring types. In the same chapter, the authors explain the movement along the inner lines of the enneagram as each type progresses to the positive characteristics of the next type in one direction or regresses to the negative characteristics of the next type in the other direction.
    In the description of each type, the description of the developmental dimension for that type - from the most unhealthy to the most enlightened - adds considerably to our understanding.
    Finally, the entire book puts the study of type within context of A. H. Almaas' framework of psycho-spiritual development. I have studied the enneagram off and on for thirty-five years, and this book has re-engaged me and deepened my understanding. ...more info
  • Wisdom of Enneagream
    Book was not what I expected and it was written in a little bit. I don't like that....more info
  • An excellent crisp book
    I read few books on Enneagram before I picked up this one. Reading the Wisdom of the Enneagram was a very valuable experience for me in that it summarized everything I ever read before into crisp definable elements. Finally the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and started making sense of the types and their growth patterns. Very enlightening, very easy read, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Understand yourself and grow!
    An outstanding compilation of a large body of knowledge on the enneagram that is easily read and understood. With origins in the ancient past but continuing to grow, with ongoing scientific validation, this is the quickest way to know yourself imaginable. Once there, there are excellent recommendations for psychological and spiritual growth that are most effective! They are tailored to your peronality.
    Most are amazed about how insightful the results are about themselves.
    Those few that aren't, find that their friends think that they are! A
    wonderful system for anyone. It works!...more info
  • incredible read
    This is an informative and interesting book. I am enjoying learning about the Enneagram. The "Wisdom of the Enneagram" is well written and easy to use. I recomend buying it. ...more info
  • Spiritual Growth through the Enneagram
    I have a half dozen Enneagram books on my personal book shelf. This is the only one that clearly addresses the spiritual path in terms of the Enneagram. This helps you to go beyond 'personality type' to real personhood. I found the layout of the book very appealing, too. A good book to read for beginners to the Enneagram as well as folks with more experience in the teachings....more info
  • Superb introduction to Enneagram
    I picked up this book after reading some of Helen Palmer's book and being very confused about it, and just about to put the Enneagram into the category of New Age junk.

    But thanks to the excellent work of these authors, I can now better understand and appreciate Helen Palmer's book and other works on the Enneagram. For, the recommendations in her book for each type has been as true to myself as Riso/Hudson's recommendations for each type.

    This book is not intended to be a comprehensive, authoritative, intellectual work on the Enneagram. It draws on their previous books, to be more digestible for the individual who is newer to the system. So it can have a disjointed, diffuse feel compared to other enneagram books.
    It is written specifically for one to practice on oneself. To understand the 'why' of the many aspects of each type that they put out there, you must look into other books. "Understanding the Enneagram" is an excellent start. Being as it has an amazing summation of the traditional Enneagram, talks on the Centers and certain advanced topics. Or Almaas's "Facets of Unity" which may be very metaphysically abstract to some readers, although it is still fantastic.

    What I enjoy is Riso/Hudson's approach is very psychological and rational, with their spiritual approach being very oriented towards inquiry and presence, as opposed to deep abstractions or transcendence.
    I have to put it out there also that I have been EXTREMELY skeptical about any typologies of personality, or systems that attempt to fit individuals into abstract axioms. Although personal anectdotes are hardly objectively convincing, there has been little reason to deny what I have been noticing in myself and in others with this system. And of course, to stay rational amongst any typology, one must be vigilantly alert for arising self-fulfilling prophecies.

    Instead of trying hard to "type" everyone and fit myself into my type. I focus on the Head/Heart/Gut philosophy. The types fall into place when one realizes that they whole system and every type is based on the fact that each individual is identified with/cut off from, in different degrees, their mentation, feelings/emotions, and body/instincts. Then the system begins to make full sense. So one must not lose sight of the triads/centers.

    Let this book be the introduction to a more direct practice on yourself.

    ...more info
  • Exactly as described
    Thank you for the accurate description of the
    condition of this book. Love this book. ...more info
  • There is true wisdom in this book
    I have now read and re-read this book over several years. The observationally-based Enneagram system it describes for understanding yourself and others is almost scarey in its accuracy and usefulness. Last summer I attended a one-week Level 1 training offered by the two authors (Don Riso and Russ Hudson). Even after all that exposure to the Ennegram material, I still find this book bears re-reading again and again. I give this book my highest recommendation to anyone who is a student of human nature. ...more info
  • A practical personality system
    The Wisdom of the Enneagram is a book that its users find practical and to the point. It enables you to not only understand your primary personality type but also the thinking and behaviors you are likely to manifest when you are under stress and specifically what to do about this. For example, I am a helper type. It is extraordinarily useful to know that when I feel compelled to go out and win everyone over, I am losing my center and it is time to do the exact opposite (reflect and deepen into my own inner process.) This "manual of yourself" provides you with all of the flags and signals that support you in making more conscious and therefore better decisions. For example, I long ago gave up trying to make everyone else as intuitive about my needs as I am sometimes able to be about their needs. This book is the most useful, practical tool and I highly recommend this to everyone who is trying to become a more authentic Self....more info
  • Un livre complet
    Riso et Hudson, en plus d'expliquer clairement et de mani¨¨re pr¨¦cise les diff¨¦rentes caract¨¦ristiques de chacun des types, am¨¨nent des nuances tr¨¨s int¨¦ressantes et nous permettent d'¨¦tudier et de comprendre les divers niveaux de "sant¨¦" reli¨¦ aux types (i.e. niveaux de d¨¦veloppement). Puis, les auteurs ouvrent la porte au d¨¦veloppement personnel. En bref, le livre le plus complet qui m'a ¨¦t¨¦ donn¨¦ de lire jusqu'¨¤ pr¨¦sent sur l'enn¨¦agramme....more info
  • Reader in Denver
    Incredible work! This is THE BEST Enneagram book available, combining the psychology of the personalities with the spiritual force at work in all of our lives. This powerful combination allows the reader to move from mere typing of themselves or others to an actual practice of learning to release him or herself from their ego mind. This book is the real stuff, a true gem from gifted spiritual Teachers who come from a place of understanding....more info


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