The Wise Heart: A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology

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Experience the Transformational Power of Buddhism’s Psychology of the Heart with Bestselling Author Jack Kornfield

You have within you unlimited capacities for extraordinary love, for joy, for communion with life, and for unshakable freedom—and here is how to awaken them. In The Wise Heart, celebrated author and psychologist Jack Kornfield offers the most accessible, comprehensive, and illuminating guide to Buddhist psychology ever published in the West. For meditators and mental health professionals, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, here is a vision of radiant human dignity, a journey to the highest expression of human possibility—and a practical path for realizing it in our own lives.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Very Practical and Comfortable Blend re. Buddhism and Western Psychology
    This can be used as a gentle self care and teaching manual re. learning how to live peacefully with the world and each person in it. Thank you Jack for your love and care for all souls living at this time in history. C.Friederich...more info
  • 26 Gems of Psychotherapeutic Wisdom
    Jack Kornfield richly expounds on 26 principles of Buddhist psychology.

    The first of these is: "See the inner nobility and beauty of all human beings" and the 26th being: "A peaceful heart gives birth to love. When love meets suffering it turns to compassion. When love meets suffering it turns to joy."

    Jack Kornfield provides the reader with a philosophical discussion of each principle and the basis of it in the Buddha's teachings. These principle are demonstrated with numerous cases from Jack Kornfield's many years of practice. Several of these are followed by practices and practical exercises, such as loving-kindness meditations.

    Buddhist teachings, which as the Dalai Lama describes as "a science of mind", have had a profound influence on modern cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. Neuroscience and evidence-based research increasingly validates the efficacy of Buddhist practices, such as mindfulness and forgiveness for mental health, happiness and well-being. This accessible guidebook will be of interest to any one who is interested not only in self-help, or clinical psychotherapy, but in better understanding the rich Buddhist traditions and ideas behind them....more info
  • accessible, intelligently written book
    highly recommended for those who want an understanding of the basic principles of buddhism and how to apply them to their lives. It is very well written and accessible. ...more info
  • An exceptional book
    This is an exceptionally intelligent, well-written and useful book. Based on Buddhist principals, it lays out a way of looking at the world and wisely becoming an integrated, constructive, comfortable member of it. It is generous and compassionate and anecdotal enough to show how its applications can enhance one's life. It's contrast of Buddhist psychology and Western psychology is extremely interesting and explains how the Eastern view gives more room for one to use already present internal mechanisms for healing. I recommend it highly....more info

    This book is well-written, clear and mostly complete and very helpful for a person who is a Buddhist practitioner as well as a teacher in Vipassana meditation. Especially teaching in the West requires a right blend of traditional Buddhist psychology with the western psyche and ethos. This book specially helps to comprehend the subject clearly and in presenting the subject to the western audience ...more info
  • Slow but meet thier minimum committments
    The vendor for this book did everything when they had to. My experience with buying online through Amazon has been performance that exceeds the minimum.

    My fault for not looking more carefully at minimum performance guaranttees.

    When I buy a book via carrier, I want it soon. I have made two subsequent orders on Amazon all of them have arrived, and still I wait for the "Wise Heart."...more info
  • The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield
    I have not read a Wonderful work on Buddha Dharma of this quality in a long, long time. I have shared this observation / recommendation with my meditation colleagues and dharma friends. A wonderful teaching to reflect on our current practice, a comprehensive insight into the Dharma from a truly wholistic perspective, a treat of series of short anecdotes to punctuates important lessons from friends, teachers, other practitioners...
    A wonderful dharma gift to the world.
    Bo Tep, Ph.D....more info
  • Wonderful presentation of Buddhist Psychology
    I enjoyed this book immensely and have implemented some of the processes and ideas presented. It has brought me great peace and mindfulness. I have also enjoyed other books by this author....more info
  • Terrific book
    This book is beautifully written and organized. It's an open, intelligent, and thoughtful integration between Buddhist wisdom and modern psychology. Actually, Jack explains some of the healthier aspects Buddhist thought. While not denying the existence of mental illness, his focus is more on mental health and how we can cultivate it as meditators. I particularly enjoy Jack's honesty about special experiences in meditation while keeping both feet on the ground of compassion and wisdom. As a meditator, I have sometimes been thrown by the smoke-and-mirrors vagueness around special experiences; I like knowing where they are on the map and how they relate (or don't) to the development of wisdom and compassion. This conveys that they are "no big deal" far more than the smoke and mirrors! I also like knowing that other people struggle with their "stuff" in meditation, and that keeping at it could lead to some freedom. I've heard teachers say that, but Jack's stories make it seem much more relevant and possible. I want to commend Jack for writing a book that is so interesting and enjoyable and that really makes sense to me! I hope it will be useful to others, as well....more info
  • Kornfield has done a great service
    If you have some knowledge of Buddhism and want to deepen it this is a great book. It took me a long time to read because there are so many places I wanted to stop and think about the meaning of what he said. What I really loved was the stories about people he worked with and how they had to deal with the everyday problems in their lives. It will make me a better person if I can just adopt a small percentage of his wisdom...more info
  • Look at existence naked
    It is not often that the heart of the sun speaks. Why would it when it could just gaze in wonder at the extraordinary splendor and pure magic of its own being ... and look at existence naked.

    Jack must have twisted the Buddha's arm to have gotten the Sky to spill all these grand goods. I think I will start meditating more, it sure seemed to work for JK.

    I hope this exceptional book becomes required reading in many classrooms around the world. I bet that would make the gods happy.

    Daniel Ladinsky
    an international best-selling Penguin author of poetry

    ...more info
  • A Wise Heart
    I purchased The Wise Heart in June of 2008. I read many of this type of book but this wise heart has caught me like no other. It is an easy read but I have not yet finished it and this is August. I have found that I must pause and think after each chapter. I often can't make it through the entire chapter before I am in the midst of a new realization. His writing is clear, simple in presentation, diverse in his resources, and profound in content.
    If I do not reach enlightenment after reading this wonderful book I am sure I will after I read it a second time....more info


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