The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing During the Change, 2nd Edition

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Menopause doesn't have to be a dreaded curse of aging during which we can look forward only to hot flashes and whacked-out hormonal mood swings. According to Christiane Northrup, M.D. (Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom), menopause often marks the beginning of a woman's most sexually passionate, creatively inspired, and professionally productive phase of life.

While this may sound like wishful thinking, Northrup backs up her good news with solid medical expertise. As an obstetrician and gynecologist, Northrup has specialized in using a mind-body approach to women's health for decades, which means she doesn't just write about hormones, but also examines how a woman's lifestyle, emotions, and beliefs are affected by menopause. With the right diet, attitude, and perhaps some supplements along the way, women can actually look forward to a resurgence of energy and a revolutionary opportunity for personal growth--one that rivals the hormonally driven period of adolescence in its scope and urgency, she claims. And yes, at just under 500 pages, The Wisdom of Menopause does explain how to have a positive and healthy menopause in concise detail. Northrup has indeed "written the book" on menopause.

It helps that Northrup has been through menopause herself (she vowed she wouldn't write a book on it until she was on the other side). Readers have the sense that they are gleaning advice from a knowledgeable holistic doctor as well as a sage aunt whose life was radically altered by the "change of life" (Northrup divorced at the onset of menopause). After she shares her personal story of "the change," Northrup delves into a significant discussion on how self-sacrifice catches up with women in midlife. Suddenly, hormones are directing women out of the caregiver role and into an inwardly focused assessment of life and its meaning, she explains. Resentments (not hormones) are what spur the notorious surges of anger, as women reexamine the agreements surrounding their relationships with colleagues, friends, and family members.

From here, Northrup guides readers into a thorough section on menopausal hormone changes--a discussion that is scientifically informative, yet entirely accessible. While acknowledging the need for hormone-replacement therapy and the tremendous relief it can provide (helping to alleviate insomnia, hot flashes, and depression), Northrup encourages women to avoid synthetic hormones and instead consider "bioidentical" hormones (such as estradiol, estrone, and estriol). She also devotes an entire chapter to foods and supplements that support hormonal balance. By the way, she says to skip the wild Mexican yam creams: "they certainly don't provide the documented benefits of progesterone." Be warned: some readers may find the advice in Wisdom of Menopause too alternative for their liking. For example, in her discussion on insomnia, one of Northrup's recommendations is to cover the mirror at night, following the ancient Asian design principles of feng shui. (Skeptics will find Northrup's medical assertions carefully cited and footnoted in the rear of her book.)

Northrup gives a solid and practical diet plan that supports hormonal balance while countering the weight gain that so frequently plagues menopausal women ("focus on portion size, not calories," "eat protein at every meal," and cut down on refined and high-carbohydrate foods). Readers can also expect a thorough mind-body discussion in subsequent chapters that cover breast health, bone loss, and cultivating midlife beauty, along with chapters titled "Sex and Menopause: Myths and Reality" and "Creating Pelvic Health and Power."

She concludes with a list of mail-order and online resources, such as retailers for bioidentical hormones, progesterone cream, Chinese herbs, soy products, weight-loss audiocassettes, lubricants, and Kegel weights. Northrup takes a truly comprehensive approach to all the effective treatments of menopausal symptoms so that women can make their own highly informed and wise choices. --Gail Hudson

Through her bestselling books, groundbreaking PBS specials, and up-to-the-minute clinical knowledge, Dr. Christiane Northrup has earned a place as one of America’s most trusted medical advisors.

In The Wisdom of Menopause, she once again challenges convention with this inspiring look at one of the most commonly misunderstood female health issues. The “change” is not simply a collection of physical symptoms to be “fixed,” Dr. Northrup claims, but a mind/body revolution that brings the greatest opportunity for growth since adolescence. The choices a woman makes now–from the quality of her relationships to the quality of her diet–have the power to secure her health and well-being for the rest of her life. Through her personal story and many fascinating case histories, Dr. Northrup shows:

• How menopause jump-starts changes in the brain, issuing a dramatic wake-up call to body, mind, and emotions
• How to ensure the long-term health of breasts, bones, and heart
• How the body adjusts naturally to changing hormones
• Why bestselling drugs like Premarin may not be the best choice
• How to deal with metabolism shifts, weight gain, sexual problems, and appearance issues
• How to negotiate the challenges of “the empty nest” and midlife marriage

And much more.

In a book destined to be a classic, Dr. Northrup shows women how they can make menopause a time of personal empowerment and positive energy–emerging wiser, healthier, and stronger in both mind and body than ever before.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Wisdom of Menopause
    Received the book in excellent shape ... now to find the reading time. It's pretty fat!...more info
  • Superb and a Most Essential Book for all Women to Read
    Brillian book, most essential for all women to read in their years leading up to the menopause. It addresses all aspects of symptons all women will experience at some point in their life, gives you remedies for a natural approach to handle it or what you should ask your doctor should you need more help. It also gives you scenarios from real people she has treated, which I am sure some women can relate to. Most of all it gives you some reasoning and direction for what is happening in your body and why it happens. It is a bible for all women. ...more info
  • 2 Extraordinary Books for Mid-Lifers
    I have been educating myself about menopause since I hit 40. This book covers everything I discovered plus gives a spiritual side that medical literature never covers. It is full of excellent practical advice. Dr. Northrup combines traditional medicine with other 'medicines' in a nice balance. 'THE WISDOM OF MENOPAUSE' and Stop the Age Clock: Look 20 Years Younger, 20 Pounds Lighter and 200% Prettier in Only 20 Days are life changing books. I can't recommend them too highly!
    ...more info
  • The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing During the Change, 2nd Edition
    The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing During the Change, 2nd Edition As usual Cristine has alot of down to earth factual information to help a woman going thru Menopause know its not a case of going nuts. Its just another request from the Lord! Who else can do it all? Women of course :) ...more info
  • The Wisdom of Menopause
    I thought the medical information helpful and the book easy to read. However, I do not share the authors veiw of seeking "Spiritual guides" and tarrot cards to quide her life. I think that type of information took away from the medical validity of the information on Menopause she was providing. ...more info
  • Priceless accurate information
    I hate to think how many times and how many doc's I would have had to go to the money and time to learn all that is in this book. Information all good and accurate....more info
  • Eye-opening!
    This book literally changed my life...the way I think, eat and exercise. It has influenced my priorities, emotions and health and I recommend it not only to all women going through menopause...but to all women PERIOD; young and old. I even encourage all MEN to read this to better understand the women in their life and what they go through. It was an easy, fast read and I keep it handy to refer to it often as a resource. I so related to her perspective - Can't wait to read her other books!...more info
  • A Wealth Of Information
    All women of all ages should have this book by their bedside! This book is such a well needed book for women even if they are not going through menopause. Hats off to Christiane! Great book!...more info
  • Menopause
    For every woman out there who doesn't know what's happening to your mind, body or spirit after 50, this is the book to own! I implore you to invest in this for sanity sake. You'll feel much better knowing you're not going nuts!(lol)...more info
  • Amazing, Physiological, Sociological and Spiritual,..all in one!
    Greatly surprised and encouraged by the content of this book. It gives the reader some very good tools, mostly in understanding what is happening to us as we age. Great guide for midlife!...more info
  • it nailed my s/s
    the first sign/symptom paged was ME.. this is a book U need if you think your going crazy with emotions.. ...more info
  • This is a Godsend...
    This book is a permanent fixture on my nightstand. I had so many questions about menopause, and never got any answers. It's like just the word, is taboo, lol. No one ever talks about it!

    Dr. Northrup's book explains EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING you could possibly want to know about menopause, and tips on how to survive it. I've already taken some suggestions, and feel a hell of a lot better.

    This book was the best money I have ever spent in my life. I took it to the doctors office on my last visit. I knew what questions to ask, and what I wanted done thanks to the book. What WAS broken, is NOW fixed!!!

    My hot flashes have subsided. My family is glad to have me "normal" again. Not the "evil witch" that appeared after the onset.

    Thanks Doc, for writing this book. You literally saved my life.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Reference Book
    This book is such an excellent and informational reference book. It arrived very promptly and in perfect condition....more info
  • This book is a must-read for every woman over 40!
    I wish I had this book 20 years ago. It is full of the latest information about hormone replacement: Synthetic hormones from horse pee-Bad! Bio-identical hormones-Good! Normally I read books and pass them on to my friends. This one I am keeping as a reference and telling friends they MUST buy it for themselves....more info
  • Author has Baggage
    I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this book. I definitely got some helpful guidance from chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7 (Hormones, Hormone Replacement, and Nutrition), but I was annoyed by many of the other chapters. Christiane Northrup starts the book by justifying why she got divorced during her menopausal years. Also, I noticed throughout the entire book a general aversion to men. She treats the subject of marriage and family like it's a ball and chain for women. Almost all of the examples are negative when it comes to family life and heterosexual marriage. If you want a book about perimenopause and menopause that is not filled with the author's baggage, I'd recommend The Change Before the Change by Laura E. Corio, M.D....more info
  • Awsome Information!
    I was confused after leaving my OB/GYN's office with the vauge explanation of what I was experinceing but after reading this book it all made sense and gave me tools and recommendations to help alleviate my menopausal symptoms.

    This book was a Godsend and will keep it handy for reference through this turbulant time I am going through.

    Millbrae, CA...more info
  • Wisdom of Menopause
    This book has so much more information than you would expect to find. It is very deep and covers all of your questions; that you didn't know you had. One of the best on the market; especially since she is an OBGYN and has experienced this herself....more info
  • Excellent Information for Women
    Christiane Northrup has written an excellent book for women who are going through perimenopause and menopause. Especially useful for women who are suffering from symptoms of hotflashes, depression, listlessness, etc. She doesn't tell you what to do, she just gives you the information so that you can talk with your Dr. to discuss the approach that best suits you....more info
  • The Wisdom Of Menopause
    I ordered this book for my daughter, and it arrived at her house in good condition and in a short period of time, she and I were both happy and satisfied with the service we received. We will both order more books with an assurance of great service.

    Linda Creech...more info
  • Help me through menopause!!
    This book was highly recommended to me by a friend. Amazon is great with having great books always ready to order-and gave it a shot. The book is wonderful-answers many of the "questions" that women approaching this time of their lives needs to ask. Glad I have this book on hand for future reference!!...more info
  • The Wisdom of Menopause by Dr. Christiane Northrup
    received book"The Wisdom of Menopause, in excellent shape of new condition
    if you are in a spot in your life of pre or post memopause this is a book
    that will help tremendously. The Doctor is very informative....more info
  • Great reference book
    Dr. Northrop writes about an all too often ignored phase of life women go through. She is candid and writes in a way that allows the reader to relate to her and feel as though they've been heard....more info
  • Incredibly irresponsible advice and a bunch of rubbish!
    I read several recommendations of this book so I borrowed it from the library. What a load of rubbish! The more I read, the more I was shaking my head in disbelief. She seems to use this book as a rant about her role in her marriage. Then there's all the random comments about tarot cards and angels, etc. She claims her husband didn't support her when she started her holistic medical centre for women. I couldn't help wondering if perhaps her husband didn't support her because the new age ideas she was bringing into the venture were insane. I also dislike the assumption that we all have emotional baggage to unload which explains our irritability and anger during the transition to menopause. I do believe that a predisposition to depression and other mental health ills will contribute to the extremes of emotions during menopause but that's definitely not the whole of it.

    I didn't read that much further. Every so often I would come across something that made sense but there was so little substance it was not worth continuing. I have since read comments about so much incorrect information that I find it frightening that so many women are following her advice and risking their health. ...more info
  • An awesome reference book!
    I appreciate the personal perceptions and insights that Dr. Northrup provides. It's a great reference book and also a publication that puts you at ease....more info
  • Bad outweighs the good
    This book does have some information that is useful, but it is overshadowed by the author's questionable (and sometimes insulting) emotional analysis of possible causes of menopausal symptoms. Her "spiritual" evaluations seem to reflect her own emotional difficulties rather than provide any useful information for other women.

    Minus the drivel, this book might have some value. But the other content leaves me to question whether I would want to put my trust in any of her advice. I don't need to be analyzed. I need clear and relevant information. I will be looking elsewhere. ...more info
  • Wisdom of Menopause
    Bought this book for my daughter. She loves it and finds lots of good wisdom and things she didn't know before....more info
  • Book Review
    Book was listed as used but in good condition. When I received the book it had a cut in the back cover and in about 20 pages in the back of the book....more info
  • Wise Beyond Its Years
    For years I've seen Dr. Northrup pop up on PBS and Oprah and for some reason I just never could "get into her" when I saw her on TV. This is the first of her books that I've read and all I can say is wow! Packed with medical health information, quality holistic health info, tons of personality, and yes -- a lot of wisdom -- this is the perfect menopause guide to read for women who want to embrace this time of their lives spiritually, mentally, and physically. I know others have pointed out that the "new aginess" of the book was a turn-off. I actually liked it. Look, you can find dry medical advice about menopause just about anywhere. I really appreciate this creative dimension to the book and felt it added to its cover-to-cover readability. Also, now that I've become a Northrup devotee, I've done some poking around the web for more resources like this one. For anyone won over by Wisdom of Menopause, I recommend checking out It is part of the clinic cofounded by Northrup way back when in Maine and has lots of great articles that follow Dr. Northrup's way of thinking. ...more info
  • Good reference book
    I have used this for reference but it is not one that I wil read throughout....more info
  • Book
    This book has opened my eyes for so many issues related to Menopause. I highly recommend it to ALL women of every age....more info
  • excellent information
    this book was packed with information. it really helps take the mystery out of the change... she had alot of different options too, she made it clear that there is not one way to handle this and everyone is different. would highly recommend this book.......more info
  • The Perfect Gift
    My sister and I enjoyed a program broadcast before the holidays on PBS. We were both taken how right on everything she talked about was about things we were both experienceing heading into menopause. I ordered and it arrived just in time for Christmas. Book a great source and reference and we both enjoyed reading it cover to cover....more info
  • Great book
    I received my book in a timely manner and it was just as the add indicated. Great Condition! I am enjoying the book and I say...why pay $29.95 (new) for a book when you can get it on for $.99 plus shipping. I'll never buy a book new again....more info
    For too long women have suffered thru menopause with no one to tell them what options they have and how they should approach menopause. Thankfully someone has not only broached the subject, but now we have the information we need to get past this....more info
  • The Wisdom of Menopause
    Men and women should read this book! Men will learn what to expect in pre-menopausal partners, and women will gain a deep understanding and insight into the changes coming their way. The book also provides practical resources for maintaining optimum health.

    ...more info
  • My mom loved it
    I bought it for my mom, she's on that age and she read the whole book in less than 2 weeks and she was very satisfied with its content....more info
  • The Wisdom of Menopause
    It is a very informative book and as always, I received great service from info
  • Worst Amazon experience ever
    We were greatly dissapointed with Amazon's customer service. We ordered this book through your web site. Having not received the book we contacted Amazon for support. They referred us to a third party, Z Books. Z Books has the worst customer support that we have experienced in the years that we have dealt on line. This negative experience was enough to convince us to NEVER use Amazon's service again. We have yet to receive our book, which we paid to recieve, and we have yet to receive any communication from Amazon or Z Book. Please do not send me any more communication. ...more info
  • Excellent Read
    I've read two other of Dr. Northrup's books. As with the others, this one is interesting and informative. Highly recommend for anyone who is menopausal and their partners....more info
  • what a lifesaver
    This is a must have for all women going through pre menopause or full on menopause .I frequently look things up in it and it has helped me imensley very much reccomended....more info
  • Empowerment
    This book is about personal empowerment for women through education about developing a wise and healthy lifestyle now through menopause. I recommend that every woman 30 years of age and older read this book. It offers wisdom, education, resources and tools of empowerment that can only lead to a more healthy, happy and prosperous life! This was a book club selection for our book club which attracted the highest attendance in our book club history. Share this book with the women in your life that you care about and love.

    ...more info
  • Fast and great shape!
    Thanks for the book - it came in a very timely manner and was in perfect shape. You do a great job! I will use you again....more info


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