Your Baby's First Year (Second Edition)
Your Baby's First Year (Second Edition)

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With more than 2,000,000 copies in print, here is state-of-the-art advice you can trust from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the organization that represents the nation’s finest pediatricians. The second edition of Your Baby’s First Year is the essential guide to all aspects of infant care. Here, in an easy-to-use format, you’ll find:
• A month-to-month guide to your baby’s first year that lets
you know what to expect in terms of growth, behavior,
and development
• A complete health encyclopedia, plus detailed instructions
for coping with emergency medical situations
• Information about vaccine safety and schedules for
immunizations and health-care visits
• Complete information on breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and
introducing solids
• Suggestions for choosing quality child care–and ways to
ease your baby’s introduction to a sitter
• Safety points for grandparents to keep in mind, both inside
and outside the home
• Poison prevention, infant CPR and choking instruction, general
first-aid care
• Safety checks for home and car, including a car safety seat
shopping guide
Your Baby’s First Year is the indispensable guide to infant care for all parents who want to provide the very best care for their baby–from a source they can safely trust.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent
    All newborns should arrive with this for new mommies and daddies. Saved my pediatrician MANY calls....more info
  • Invaluable tool for first timers
    This book has been an invaluable tool for us. It's the owners manual for your baby! It has saved us many calls to the Doctor. We are first time parents and it gave information on feeding (both bottle and breast), changing, poops and pees, fevers, just about everything you can imagine. I highly recommend this book for parents....more info
  • A little dated, but good information
    I would recommend this book as a good go-to reference book for the first year. It hasn't been updated in since I think 2005, so some of the info is a little dated, but it's still good information....more info
  • great value
    If you are going to buy 1 book on the first year (which is really all you need) this is a great choice. There is a lot of information on breast feeding and the first month. The chapters after that group months together, but after the first month, I didn't feel the need to consult a book constantly anyway. This is a great value....more info
  • Complete and accurate.... very usefull
    Very complete and accuarate information. I was amazed when all the symptoms described in the book were manifested on the baby....more info
  • Great reference
    Great reference, but difficult and dry to read. I bought a few baby books for my first child and I liked "Baby 411" much better. ...more info
  • Just okay
    Published about 10 years ago. The information is okay, but I wish I had bought something more recent. ...more info
  • Must have for 1st timers!
    Our daughter's pediatrician gave us this book when we interviewed him before she was born and I have used it like a Bible! Great book and TONS of information....more info
  • Very informative and helpful book!
    I found this book to be very thorough and up to date.There was some information in there I found useful and some things I did not.But, it gives a good description of the changes that happen during your child's first year being careful not to be too rigid in saying something should happen at this time or else....more info
  • I bought it as a Baby Shower GIFT
    My friend said this book helped her, I'm going based on her review of it...I bought it for her a year ago and I seen it in her bathroom recently. So she's been reading it!...more info
  • Rural living life saver!
    Excellent resource--a definite partner to the lighter advice books, more in depth than most. ...more info
  • First Baby
    This is a very good book for a first time Mom. I bought it for my daughter.I would highly recommend this book....more info
  • New Parent User's Manual
    This book is invaluable to any new parent. It is organized by your child's age and outlines what you as a parent should expect from your child and when to be concerned. From motor skills to intellectual progress, this books dismissed my paranoia regarding my child's development and allowed me to ask the right questions during routine exams by our pediatrician.

    It has a very concise index that is written in simple terms allowing you to find the topic easily. From bee stings to allergies, rolling over to walking and a very comprehensive section on safety, I have given this book to every friend that is becoming a parent for the first time. It's the closest thing to a user's manual I have found....more info
  • Good, practical information
    I agree that this book has an agenda and does not acknowledge some of the newer theories on parenting. However, it does contain some very good, practical advice on how to care for a newborn. The section on breast-feeding, for example, is quite helpful. For the price, you certainly can't go wrong with this book....more info
  • Only book you'll need
    My daughter's pediatrician gave me this book at my New Mom appointment before she was born. It helped me out a lot. I recommend this book to anybody. It has all the information you need. In my experience, it covered ALL of my questions. It's the only book you'll need....more info
  • Great free book
    My pediatrician gave me this book before my daughter was born. Similac pays for them. It was a helpful resource to know what she should be doing and signs of problems. While I wouldn't buy it, it was nice to have while she was little....more info
  • First time mama loves this book!
    My friend threw her used copy of this book in with a couple of baby presents for me when I was pregnant. I picked it up for the first time when I was learning how to nurse and REALLY needed help. I'd waited I guess because I thought that it would be kind of old fashioned and not "hip" enough for me or something. (Because of its yellowed pages, line drawings, and because it was put out by the American Academy of Pediatrics?) But I LOVE THIS BOOK. It's is so refreshingly practical. So informative. I feel satisfied after reading it, like I've had my questions answered. So I'd definitely recommend making the $7 splurge and picking up this book for you, or anyone you know with a new baby....more info
  • Covers Everything!
    This book covers everything, and it covers it thoroughly and well! I'd definitely recommend this book to any new mother. ...more info
  • Great Resource!
    As first time parents, my husband and I were totally lost when it came to newborn care and basic baby information. We had very few friends with babies and no close family members to refer to. So, when I discovered this book a few days before giving birth, it gave us great comfort with lots of detailed information of what to expect. Our beautiful baby is almost 3 months old now and this book has been used a lot already! I'm sure that it will be used much more in the months to come as well. This is a great resource, full of details and lots of good information. Put it on your list to buy....more info
  • What you should EXPECT
    A very through, all-inclusive book. No scare stories, just teh facts---which is what we moms the diapers off of the What to Expect book...more info
  • one of the best books you can buy, good advices but small size to read
    this was my second option but i think i liked the "what to expect the first year" book better. this book is filled with a lot of good information. however, don't expect a large book in size. it is small in size, like a pocket book. this does metter if you want to see the picture details etc. i would recommend this book as a supplement if you disregard it size....more info
  • Pediatric Excellence: Now Babies come with an Instruction Manual!
    As of Spring 2009 I am teaching pediatric doctors in training that this "non-profit" book, published by The Am. Academy of Pediatrics, is essentially "Pediatric Excellence." The book is a compilation of the best advice from over 100 pediatrician experts of the Academy. The information covers the spectrum from unborn to one year.

    The advice is practical and traditional. Those looking for a "trendy" or "novel" approach to baby care should look elsewhere. Those seeking the "tried and true" will find this book (containing THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS official positions on pediatric health) the perfect "go to" baby book. Finally, for the price, there is hardly any better value. Consider the following overview with best wishes with you new baby:

    "PART I, Preparing for a New Baby," starts with pages on getting-it-right with your prenatal person. Topics include, choosing a pediatrician, preparing your home and family for arrival, routine and not so routine issues that can occur during delivery and immediate day-to-day care.

    In "PART II" these pediatrician experts address the many questions that some parents may not have the time or courage to ask their pediatrician. How many BM's and what color? Birth-marks, Colic, the umbilical chord, traveling, going outside, baby's ability to smell, sitters, day care, and pages and pages of more. The breast-feeding chapter is a recipe for success, while not demeaning people who for one reason or another need to bottle-feed.

    The books exhaustive index is a quick guide for re-checking or searching down a certain problem. Unlike many other books, this one covers the health from the baby's perspective, with the express focus of what is best for your baby's care, directly from the Academy, the world's foremost advocate and authority on children's medicine.

    Each chapter contains information that is easy to read, yet avoids being simplistic. All parents, no matter their experience or education will find the information in these pages essential and valuable. For best results, buy the book early in mother's last trimester. If you wait until the baby arrives you will miss one-third of the book. However, if you wait until after the birth, you need to also go out and buy it for the rest of your baby's first year. It is still worth it. As a practicing pediatrician and a professor of pediatrics I give the book to each every new parent and each and every new pediatrician in training. At the Northside Children's Pediatric Center this book is required reading.

    Doctor "Mike"
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics
    ...more info
  • Baby's first year
    This is an excellent book for new Mom's. Got it for my daughter.
    What could be better than a book written by Pediatricians?!...more info
  • you NEED this book
    I refer to this book ALL the time. It has everything you could possibly need to know in it. It is a MUST for any parent, especially your first. ...more info
  • So glad I have this book
    It is very in depth, provides great, easy-to-process information and pretty much has answered any questions I've had so far. It written informatively but not preachy and gives you what you want to know without giving too much or too little info. I think this should be a staple purchase for any new parent....more info
  • Awesome Informed Knowledge!
    I purchased this book before my baby was born, along with Heidi Murkoff's book. I must say this book helped me the most, it's almost like talking to your pediatrician. It is sectioned differently than other 1st year books, as it clumps the months into threes or fours. It also includes a first aid section and a section with common illnesses. I used it as a reference every time my baby got sick, and it helped when I actually did bring her to the Doctor because I already had a general idea of what they were talking about. It also has great advice and unlike other books, which seem to contain lots of opinions, this one is actually backed by the AAP and scientific studies. The developmental milestone sections are also great. This is the only book that I felt confident following advice from....more info
  • 1st yr
    Great resource, easy to read, gives a nice idea of milestones for my son.
    It's organized nicely. All in all a good resource....more info
  • Dan's Girl
    Since babies don't came with an "owner's manual" they created one to help you anticipate and handle your new baby's basic needs without worry. This helpful handbook covers feeding, bathing, first aid, health childproofing, and sleeping (good luck!)Noewly revised, this book gives new parents the techniques and confidence they need....more info
  • Even the Doctor recommend this...
    I purchased this as a gift and as it turned out, it was a duplicate. She received one from her doctor. He said it was a must have. The book arrived quickly and was in great shape. Very good experience....more info
  • Learned a lot from reading this book,
    I've been reading this book the last few days and so far I've learned a lot. I'm about to be a mom for the first time and this book has helped answer a lot of questions I had, especially about breastfeeding. ...more info
  • Great information
    I'm still working my way through it. There's a ton of information, and I find myself re-reading sections. Well-organized with easy to find headings under each section for eating, health and developmental expectations. ...more info
  • Some common sense, but much dangerous information sprinkled with politics
    It's unfortunate that the American Academy of Pediatrics would use this book to push their political agendas about gun control. On page 389 it says

    "The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly supports gun control legislation. We believe that handguns, deadly air guns, and assault weapons should be banned. Until handguns are banned, we recommend that handgun ammunition be regulateed, that restrictions be placed on handgun ownership, and the the number of privately owned handguns be reduced."

    People who are buying this book are looking for baby advice, not political garbage. It's sad that AAP would stoop so low to include comments such as this.

    They also make dangerous recommendations about how to put your child in the car seat on page 411:

    "Place a small rolled up diaper or receiving blanket bewteen the crotch strap and your baby to prevent his lower body from sliding too far forward."

    This is contrary to manufacturer's recommendations with car seats and any seat that uses a seat belt. In an accident the rolled up diaper/blanket would compress and cause the belts to be too loose, potentially causing additional injury or even allow the baby to come out of the belts/seat altogether.

    ...more info
  • Not so great
    I found this book to be old fashioned in some of its info. Buy Baby 411 instead....more info
  • Easy Read and Lots of Info!
    We love this book as first time parents. It is like having your Pediatrician in your living room! Even better, I received this book free with a formula sample from my Pediatrician's office. What a deal!...more info
  • SO helpful for first-time parents!
    I received this book as a gift from my first child's pediatrician. It saved me - and it had little to do with the advice it offered on parenting. Little did I know, I was suffering from post-partum depression, and there is an incredibly helpful section in this book that I read over and over again. It helped me to maintain my sanity during a very confusing time.

    One of the things I like about this book is that it comes directly from the American Academy of Pediatrics, so the content is very fact-based rather than based on opinions or child-rearing method preferences.

    However, the reason I've given the book only 4 stars rather than 5 is that I've found over the years that the AAP changes its opinions quite a lot on certain topics (vaccinations, circumcision, etc). In just the 3.5 years between my 2 kids, the AAP has issued varying opinions on the same topics, so I'm not sure this book would be consistently accurate across time.

    All-in-all, this book is a great reference, and will have at least a basic answer to almost any first-time parenting question....more info
  • Very handy for all parents-to-be
    I bought this book after reading its good reviews on Amazon. I agree that it is a very good book. its not a fancy kind of book printed on nice paper with lots of colour and pictures. But its jammed packed with lots of information that any parents will need. I especially like the first part where it tells you what to expect of the new baby a checklist of what to get. There are even suggestions of what kind of crib and pram is good and what kind is not so good.

    I think its extremely helpful and I will definitely recommend this. ...more info
  • Great health advice, sprinkled with biased political rhetoric
    I have found the health care related advice in this book to be an absolute God-send. The multitude of Dr's that participated in the creation of this book provide an expansive, yet clear and concise guide to caring for, understanding the development of and handling emergencies involving your baby. From what to expect immediately preceding and during birth, on through the end of the first year, you will find practical advice on what to expect and how to care for your baby. Common illness, disease and emergencies are covered as well as what you can expect to be able to cope with on your own, and what situations can't be coped with on your own. While my overall rating is very high, I want everyone that reads my review to understand that there are some very strong opinions stated as fact, particularly in regards to politics. One non-political issue that concerned my wife and I, is that my wife does not breast-feed. This is due to a few very personal issues and with the consensus and support of Doctors and Nurses, yet we felt brow-beat, derided and harangued for not breast feeding thanks to the scolding breast-feeding rhetoric throughout the book. Additionally, they delve into opining about gun control among other issues, all of which are not supported by any statistical reference. I was frustrated that such a good work that utilizes study after study and centuries of medical experience to provide outstanding health care advice would resort to baseless sensationalism to try and scare parents into compliance with their ideas in areas unrelated to health care. A hesitant 4/5 stars that could easily be 5/5 were the rhetoric deleted....more info
  • Couldn't have survived without out it!
    Well, maybe I could have, but the pediatrician's office would have been inundated with my calls. This book was an excellent reference guide for me during my first child's first year. Hiccups, rashes, what to expect (physically/developmentally/emotionally) at month 3 - it seemed to cover every question. ...more info


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