Barefoot Contessa Family Style: Easy Ideas and Recipes That Make Everyone Feel Like Family

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Ina Garten, who shared her gift for casual entertaining in the bestselling Barefoot Contessa Cookbook and Barefoot Contessa Parties!, is back with her most enticing recipes yet¡ªa collection of her favorite dishes for everyday cooking. In Barefoot Contessa Family Style, Ina explains that sharing our lives and tables with those we love is too essential to be saved just for special occasions¡ªand it¡¯s easy to do if you know how to cook irresistible meals with a minimum of fuss.

For Ina, the best way to make guests feel at home is to serve them food that¡¯s as unpretentious as it is delicious. So in her new book, she¡¯s collected the recipes that please her friends and family most¡ªdishes like East Hampton Clam Chowder, Parmesan Roasted Asparagus, and Linguine with Shrimp Scampi. It¡¯s the kind of fresh, accessible food that¡¯s meant to be passed around the table in big bowls or platters and enjoyed with warm conversation and laughter.

In Ina¡¯s hands tried-and-true dishes are even more delicious than you remember them: Her arugula salad is bright with the flavors of lemon and Parmesan, the Oven-Fried Chicken is crispy without excess fat, and her Deep-Dish Apple Pie has the perfect balance of fruit and spice. Barefoot Contessa Family Style also includes enticing recipes that are memorable and distinctive, like Lobster Cobb Salad, Tequila Lime Chicken, and Saffron Risotto with Butternut Squash.

With vivid photographs of Ina cooking and serving food in her beautiful Hamptons home, as well as menu suggestions, practical wisdom on what to do when disaster strikes in the kitchen, and tips on creating an inviting ambience with music, Barefoot Contessa Family Style is the must-have guide to the joy of everyday entertaining.

Customer Reviews:

  • The best cookbook I own
    I've had this cookbook for about 5 years now and I have to say that every single recipe I've tried is fabulous. I love how Ina uses simple ingredients to create great tasting food. I just got her latest book as a gift and I can't wait to try more of her creations!...more info
  • More Delicious Offerings from Ina Garten!
    This is a fabulous cookbook with more of Ina Garten's mouth watering receipes. I love all of the recipes in this book!...more info
  • th best cooking book!
    I found recipes for everyone I know! The variety is great! i have not stopped cooking!...more info
  • INA ROCKS - she's the so simple, tastes gourmet queen
    Easy, simple, high quality food - this is what all cook books should be like! The bottom line is it tastes phenomenal and impresses your friends and family. These recipes do that - each and every one of them. I really feel like Ina personally and carefully selected each recipe for her book and not here editors or some intern. Good job Ina - Loved the food I made from this book!!! ***** 5 Stars...more info
  • my cooking bible
    I have all Ina Garten's books and I use this one the most. Delicious food, easy to prepare. I always get raves when I cook with Ina....more info
  • Simple Family Food
    The recipes are simple and work. It's one of those books you can pick up when your family look at you in that what's-for-dinner way and have a meal on the table pretty quickly. It's got some good tips, e.g. making "homemade gravy" in advance and how to jazz up vegetables in a simple way....more info
  • Beauty, Simple, and Tasty Recipes
    What you can always count on from an Ina Garten book...beautiful photographs of her dishes, easy to follow recipes, and of course awesome and tasty meals every single time. My only complaint about this book and why I "only" gave it 4 stars...I wished there would have been more recipes offered within it.
    Enjoy!...more info
  • Entitled
    Hello. I have this cookbook and I absolutely love it. While the negative reviewer below is entitled to feel the way they feel, I do feel that it was a bit much. I personally am a fan of Ina Garten and all of her cookbooks and shows. I am accustomed to her style and that's what really comes through in the book. Maybe you should have looked into it a bit more before you bought it. I am used to her style of cooking and love the cookbook and all the recipes in it. It is very versatile and just yummy! :) Direction is given appropriately for the recipes and I give it 5 stars. If you like Ina and even if you don't, it's a good book to introduce you to some knew things in a very homey way. Good food=Good times....more info
  • great addition to my collection
    I enjoy all of Ina's cookbooks and this one is no different. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Ina's style. ...more info
  • Not very healthy
    I occasionally catch Ina Garten's show on the Food network and always enjoy the show. However, I guess I didn't pay close attention to the actual ingredients she uses. I asked for and received this cookbook, but after looking through it and seeing that many of the recipes with ingredients that appealed to me also contained at least a stick of butter and lots of heavy cream. I don't cook everything "fat-free", but most of fat content in these recipes was just over the top for my cooking style. I returned it and got Martha Stewart's Good Food Fast cookbook....more info
  • negative reviewer should stick with Rachel Ray
    If Jocelya (or whatever the earlier negative reviewer's name is) thinks that Ina is pretentious, than by all means, she should stick with Rachel Ray. Perhaps I am pretentious, but I think Rachel Ray's food is kind of American townie white trash and would never in a million years buy one of her books. Ina, on the other hand, has a more European approach to her food- simple, good quality, fresh ingredients eaten at a beautiful table with friends and family. Regardless of socioeconomic standing, most Europeans eat well. For many, it is part of their culture. Ina brings that mentality about quality food to her books.
    If you find Rachel Ray's hodgepodge style of throwing everything but the kitchen sink in her dishes gross, and her frequent references to how cheaply you can eat annoying, then you will love Ina. Unless you are literally living in poverty (and if you were you would probably not be buying a cookbook), I do not understand how anyone could think that buying good quality or even expensive food is pretentious. But I guess it is all a matter of taste and priorities...mine is to eat exceptionally and I make room in my budget to do so....more info
  • Family Style
    I have all of her books and I love the recipes, but I wish she would publish an index for the total collection of recipes. It would make finding individual recipes so much easier....more info
  • Great gift
    I gave this to my mother for her birthday and she loved it. I have it too and have made.Excellent dinner ideas for kids. My kids loved the "chicken on the stick" ...more info
  • Perfect Pie Crust Indeed
    I had this book for the longest time and just took it out to see if she had a pie recipe in it. I've been having problems baking a pie, mainly because I can't get the perfect pie crust. This book so happened to have one and it really lives up to its name. Made the pie crust and followed her apple pie recipe.. Turned out great. I dont feel as discouraged from baking anymore. I can't wait to try out the rest of the book and will be purchasing her other 5 books as well....more info
  • Wonderful Cookbook!
    Beautiful photographs accompany easy and simple to follow recipes - I highly recommend this cookbook!...more info
  • barefoot contessa family style
    We were very impressed with the layout of the recipes of this book. These recipes were very easy to understand and always turned out. I purchased one for myself and one for my friend....more info
  • Great Cookbook
    I have never bought a cookbook that had so many recipes that I have and will make. ...more info
    Love, Love, Love this book. Have tried various recipes and all have come out amazingly. So simple with a great result. All my friends think that I am a seasoned chef. Ina is my hero!...more info
  • One of the best cookbooks I have ever bought
    This is one of the best cookbooks I've ever bought. When I got it there were at least 6 recipes that I wanted to make immediately. Ina's recipes are simple and absolutely fail-proof. I always get raves whenever I make one of her creations - they are great for everyday and for entertaining. This cookbook should be the one you give as a gift but buy another for yourself because once you look thru it, you will definitely want it....more info
  • Barefoot Contessa Family Style
    This is one of the greatest cookbooks. I have bought this for most of my family and friends. Ina's recipes are fun and easy to make. Their is a recipe for every occasion....more info
  • Great Cookbook
    Okay, I admit it, I have a thing for the whole Barefoot Contessa Empire, which means I have almost all the cookbooks and it's a great way to compare and contrast them. With that said, Barefoot Contessa Family Style, is by far my favorite one and the one I would most highly recommend to anyone wanting the most "bang for their buck." First let me say that it's a beautiful cookbook, with great pictures and wonderful comments by Ina Garten. But the main attraction, the recipes, are the stars. I am so impressed with the easy, well written delicious recipes from each chapter that many have become family favorites. How about Parmesan chicken, lightly breaded moist cutlets, with an arugala/parmesan salad with a lemon viniagrette? My family cant't get enough. Lasagna with turkey sausage and green salad with mustard vinaigrette, so good. Did I mention the desserts? Coconut macaroons, chocolate mousse, and the truely spectacular raspberry cheesecake. Finally my families absolute favorite; breakfast. Challah french toast, banana sour cream pancakes, hash browns and chive biscuits all winners. I have thoroughly enjoyed this cookbook and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes easy, beautifully presented and excellent tasting food. ...more info
  • Barefoot Contessa Family Style
    I have used this cookbook more than the other Ina cookbooks... I just love it and them all for that matter, but this is a good cooking for your family book....more info
  • Ina Garten is the best
    Ina's recipes are very easy to follow and turn out perfect. She is probably the best chef I have found....more info
  • Some of Ina's Best Work
    This publication includes some of the best Barefoot recipes. Lots of wonderful images(but not TOO many)that are very colorful and well presented. I am very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • A Go-To Book Time After Time
    I first saw Ina on the Food Network and was immediately drawn by her cheerful smile and giggle along with her carefree entertaining style. I am an avid collector of cookbooks and am know among my family and friends to be an excellent cook. I own all of Ina's books and use all of them several times a month to change up menus.

    This book is an excellent choice for experienced cooks and those who are just exploring cooking at home for small gatherings and families. Recipes in this book are easy to make, primarily with fresh ingredients, and take little prep time.

    Ina's approach to entertaining is one many people will adapt to. Serve good food to your guests and be able to spend time with them while you are entertaining--not slaving in the kitchen over the stove. Some advice to those of you who are not familiar with Ina's style---this is unpretentious cooking. Her approach is to celebrate everyday ingredients with a homey, practical approach. Boss coming to dinner---serve fried chicken or meatloaf with mashed potatoes!

    Some of my favorite things:

    * Potential menus in the back of the book with main courses, sides and desserts also drinks by type of meal. These are really handy when you want to have a few friends over on Friday night and are looking for a menu. As you collect all her books the menus combine to add other variations.


    Breakfasts: Winter breakfast, sunday breakfast, New Years breakfast.
    Dinners: Winter Dinner, last Minute Summer Supper.

    * Some of the items, when possible, can be made ahead and reheated. This is a great timesaver and encourages you to invite people over on Thursday night after work when you just reheat what you cooked Wed. Or even cook ahead for your Saturday dinner or Sunday dinner.

    * Easy to get ingredients, which in today's supermarkets are pretty much available year-round.

    * Not alot of food prep and marinating stuff. Chop and go.

    This book, along with all of Ina's books, should be in everyone's kitchen....more info
  • Another Winner...
    This book is targeted toward family style dining and comfort foods often with an interesting but tasty twist. The recipes include pictures, easy to find ingredients, and easy to follow directions. You don't have to be a seasoned chef to use and enjoy her book. The food comes out great every time! ...more info
  • I don't like to cook
    I don't like to cook. I become easily frustrated with complex instruction and I have to tell you I LOVE this book. I cook from it all the time and not a single recipe has been difficult. All of the recipes have been great. Even my kids love them. I have never before found recipes my kids enjoyed as much. I have a closet full of cookbooks and I feel like throwing them all away to make room for a shrine to INA. I just got my daughter a copy. She is just living on her own and beginning to entertain. What a fantastic gift for the new cook and the I hate to cook cook and for anyone who wants a fantastic cookbook cook. The best cookbook I have ever owned. Thank you INA....more info
  • Love Ina, love the book
    The recipes in this book are relatively simple to make and delicious. I love the pictures that go with the recipes. This is my second Ina Garten cookbook, and I love it as much as her original cookbook. Your dinner will take on just a hint of class when using the recipes in this book. Very easy, but somewhat sophisticated. ...more info
  • I love ALL the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks!
    After watching Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, on the Food Network, I had to have ALL her books! As a collector of cookbooks, most may have one, maybe two, recipes I actually use. This is not the case with the Barefoot Contessa books. Her recipes are fast and easy enough for cooks who want to cook at home, but want recipes that do not require hours and hours in the kitchen. The results are delicious and special enough for having the family over or when guests are expected. ...more info
  • My first Barefoot Contessa Cookbook
    I have worn this one out! My husband asks, "what are we having for dinner tonight"? "Is that another Barefoot Contessa recipe"? Yes, because I've never had anything I didn't like! ...more info
  • I always go back to this book
    I've made several recipes in this book, and they all turn out completely fantastic. The shrimp scampi, though slightly different than your traditional shrimp scampi (drenched in butter and white wine), is absolutely phenomenal--by far the best I've ever had. I'm supposed to make a big Southern meal for my boyfriend for his birthday--fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc--and it has to be perfect, since he recently moved from his home in Alabama to California. The first thing I did was go to this book, and found exactly what I was looking for, even though Ina is not considered a "Southern" cook. I have every confidence in the recipes. I highly recommend this cookbook. Ina's recipes are so classy, though not pretentious....more info
  • A great every day cookbook
    Simple recipes, great taste. My family is very pleased with the recipes I've made from this cookbook. Simple, delicious, good instructions, just a perfect cookbook. I wouldn't be without it, it's the first cookbook (out of over 400) that I reach for when I want something quick, elegant, and delicious....more info
  • The BC never fails
    This is an outstanding cookbook. Ina always puts out the best recipes....more info
  • Looks great, but doesn't deliver with some items
    I have been in love with cooking for the past 10 years, and I do not have trouble following cookbook recipes, but this one wasn't as fool-proof as it appears.

    To clarify things, her main dishes turn out good, but the desserts aren't perfected. I make my own bread and make my own butter when fancy strikes, yet the tiramisu I made using her recipe exact, was the worst cake ever. The Key Lime frozen pie I made was also terrible! Too Limey and plainly unsavory.
    I don't think I have ever baked anything that didn't turn out unsatisfactionary until this book!

    I like her show and recipes for shrimp scampi, side dishes, drinks, chicken dishes and salads but I will not be using her dessert recipes, I know better than that by now.

    Too bad, it would have been a great book, but the dissert thing make me scare of using it at all....more info
  • great recipes
    This is a great cook book full of easy to follow recipes.
    I've made two dishes so far and they turned out wonderful!...more info
  • A cookbook for pros and dummies
    I am not very good at cooking and everytime I cook out of this cookbook the recipe turns out flawless. I am amazed! No kitchen should be without it....more info
  • Okay if you get it on sale, but don't pay full price for it
    Although there are many good recipes in this book and a few useful tips, I would recommend borrowing it from the library or buying it only if it's 1/2 price or less. It's more of a coffeetable picture book with a few recipes than the practical everyday cookbook that its author claims it is. For $35 you get only 88 recipes, and more than a dozen of them are so basic than even a novice cook doesn't need a recipe. I mean, come on, do you really need 2 pages to tell you how to boil squash and put butter and brown sugar on it, or a 2-page spread telling you that you can make herbal iced tea by putting herb tea bags in water? After making a couple recipes from the book, we quickly learned not to put in the huge quantities of salt that she recommends. With some recipes, such as the lasagna, even leaving the salt out doesn't help because the recipe calls for very salty cheeses and sausage. This is definitely not a book for the health-conscious! The excessive quantities of fat and salt in some of these recipes could be reduced without sacrificing flavor. There are some good desserts, but watch out for the sauces--some of them are nauseatingly sweet. The sauce for the lemon sponge cake tastes like melted lollipops--yuk!

    Other than the desserts, we found that many of the recipes were no better than what you can get from any good basic cookbook (Joy of Cooking, Julia Child, Better Homes & Gardens, etc.) (the pasta sauces, in fact, really weren't any better than a medium-quality jarred sauce), so there wasn't enough new information to make it worth buying. If you're an experienced cook, you don't need to waste the money on this book because you can make most of the items without a recipe or by using whatever standard book you have handy. If you're a novice cook, you'd be better off getting a good basic overall cookbook that provides much more information and dozens more recipes for the same price.

    I bought this book because it was a book group selection, and fortunately got it at a big discount. If I'd paid full price, I would have felt ripped off. There definitely isn't $35 worth of information here!...more info
  • barefoot contessa family style
    ina garten has very helpful suggestions forplanning and preparing when entertaining. i also like her entree's and desserts. they look great and most of all they taste fabulous!...more info
  • my favorite!
    Ina is great! i use this cookbook all the time. I like having the color photos on all the recipes too. she doesn't use a ton of different spices and all the recipes i have tried have turned out perfect and yummy!...more info
  • Wow, Love this Cookbook
    Wonderful cookbook, love the recipes and pictures.....Love reading the stories she has written in the book also.......Yummy recipes.........more info
  • Fantastic!
    My fiance and I are just starting to branch out from pasta and pizza :) We saw this book at Crate and Barrel and decided to go for it. Ina's book is colorful and easy to follow. We have tried many of the recipes in this book with complete success. We are reallly happy with the results--and I am now back on Amazon to buy another of her books! Truly a great buy....more info


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