Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing

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What sets Anatomy of the Spirit apart is Carolyn Myss's ability to blend diverse religious and spiritual beliefs into a succinct discussion of health and human anatomy. For example, when describing the seven energy fields of the human body, she fuses Christian sacraments with Hindu chakras and the Kabbalah's Tree of Life. Fortunately, Myss is a skilled writer as well as researcher, able to ground her extensive spiritual and religious discussions by using real-life stories and a tight writing style. Those who are squeamish with the notion of biography affecting biology will find this book a struggle (in one chapter, Myss links pancreatic cancer with a man's refusal to unburden his life and start fulfilling his dreams). Many, however, hail Myss for creating a valuable contribution to the ongoing exploration of spirituality and health. --Gail Hudson

Anatomy of the Spirit is the boldest presentation to date of energy medicine by one of its premier practitioners, internationally acclaimed medical intuitive Caroline Myss, one of the "hottest new voices in the alternative health/spirituality scene" (Publishers Weekly). Based on fifteen years of research into energy medicine, Dr. Myss's work shows how every illness corresponds to a pattern of emotional and psychological stresses, beliefs, and attitudes that have influenced corresponding areas of the human body.

Anatomy of the Spirit also presents Dr. Myss's breakthrough model of the body's seven centers of spiritual and physical power, in which she synthesizes the ancient wisdom of three spiritual traditions-the Hindu chakras, the Christian sacraments, and the Kabbalah's Tree of Life-to demonstrate the seven stages through which everyone must pass in the search for higher consciousness and spiritual maturity. With this model, Dr. Myss shows how you can develop your own latent powers of intuition as you simultaneously cultivate your personal power and spiritual growth.

By teaching you to see your body and spirit in a new way, Anatomy of the Spirit provides you with the tools for spiritual maturity and physical wholeness that will change your life.

Caroline Myss' book, The Creation of Health, helped redefine how both healthcare professionals and their patients look at the healing process. On Anatomy of the Spirit, she offers a complete synthesis of her research into the human body's hidden energetic structures, while revealing its precise spiritual code and relationship to the wisdom of Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. Richly interwoven with research, examples, and self-diagnostic guidelines, this provocative session will take listeners to the heart of the spiritual life and beyond.

Customer Reviews:

  • Powerful
    If you are not familiar with the Caroline Myss body of work, this is a great, great way to start. Even if you have listened to or read other books by Caroline, this is a very important piece of her work....more info
  • Why People Don't Heal and How They Can
    I found the above text a revolutionary life changing expereience. So much so that it has compelled me to teach classes about the above book and the Three Levels of Power and How to Use Them.

    Are there any teaching materials that you know about that would assist in presenting Carolyn's material in a workshop setting? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, and God Bless. Nina Ezell...more info

  • Anatomy of the Spirit
    This book helped me understand the seven energy centers of the body and the emotional aspects that relate to each one. Caroline helped me understand how we deplete our bodies of our own energy by giving out energy to other people and situations....more info
  • A really good introduction
    I found this book an excellent introduction to the concepts of chakras and energy medicine. I especially liked the background information on Caroline, since she could be just anyone writing a book. The most helpful thing for me was when she tied specific ailments to their spiritual problems. I use this book frequently when encountering people with specific physical ailments and find every time that Caroline's on the money with her assessments of the spiritual problems that caused them....more info
  • Insightful, but complicated
    I sought out Caroline Myss's work because of some lower back pain I've had over the past six months. I believe that physical problems can result from spiritual issues, and since I had not been in any kind of accident, I thought my problems might be the result of something not readily seen.

    Anatomy of the Spirit teaches the energies of the seven chakras and compares that knowledge to Jewish and Christian traditions to illustrate their truth and universality.

    While explaining the power of each chakra, as well as the physical problems that can result from improper energy flow, Myss also tells stories of friends and clients who have overcome ailments while working through spiritual conflict.

    The information here can be difficult to follow and somewhat esoteric, but the personal stories really help the reader grasp the main concepts of each chakra. The book doesn't offer practical advice so much as it offers deeper insight into the spirit and how it works.

    It's now up to me to use that insight and intuitively guide my way to healing my back pain. Myss is so convincing, I believe I can do it....more info

  • Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing
    Carolyn Myss is a wonder!!! Her contribution to regenerating the human spirit and explaining the wondrous abilities we have as human beings to have a real ability to control our lives is the greatest of lessons. An individual can take from it just what parts of the writings the individual can deal with at the moment and not feel guilty...just well-informed and truly relieved to know that information is easily attained.

    Sincerely, Roberta M Thorpe...more info

  • Terrible, Very Dissapointed
    I don't blindly accept or blindly deny what I haven't experienced first hand, but all this new-ageish energy healing stuff is very overblown. When someone says that there is an essential center of the body that is responsible for all disease processes (the fifth chakra), I have to be rational and be a critical thinker about it.
    Now I have experienced some strange things. And I know that the money isn't there to conduct the proper studies on alternative healing. But they don't have to keep on making unfounded claims, and deny modern medicine/psychology.
    I found Eastern Body, Western Mind to be a much superior reinterpretation of the eastern body centers. Although more about psychological/spiritual healing and not so much energy healing. ...more info
  • Anatomy of the Spirit
    Excellent book, incorporates much already known about connection of body and spirit and health, and what is unkown. Very inspiring and interesting, I will will need to re-read many times inorder to fully appreciate Caroline Myss....more info
  • A helpful book with a powerful message
    For those interested in healing self and others....more info
  • Great Overview of Intuition and Spirituality
    I am very impressed with this book and the vast topics the author had covered using human beings' physical body to explain the beauty of human beings' spirits. If you are looking for one book to fix all your life problems or thinking this will cure your illness for sure, this book can only be a starting point for you. Don't expect any book, anyone can fix your problems and/or illness. Ultimately, it is up to you at the end of the day (your desire) whether you want to heal your physical and emotional body. However, this book is a gateway and overview about what you can do to lift your spirits, if you choose to open your heart to read, listen without judgment.

    Nobody says everything Caroline Myss says must be the Divine truth. But what harm does it do to you when you just open up and see what she has to say first? Then, you can choose what sort of a belief system you want to carry.

    I will say this though, if you are looking for intuition and guidance of spirituality, it is a great overview book to help you explore. But if you are looking for books with healing messages behind, this book might be overwhelming. As human beings, I think we need to find our own way to heal the wounds the understanding of Forgiveness. I find "Heart of Forgiveness: A Practical Path to Healing by Madeline Ko-I Bastis" to be extremely helpful to heal emotional wounds.

    Don't get frustrated with Caroline Myss because she is trying to cover a massive amount of topics to help the readers to be awaken. Wounds (physical and emotional) itself aren't bad but they are just signs for the awakening process. And I understand some readers get frustrated when she mentioned about woundology. My interpretation of her words is that wounds itself is not a problem (not good nor bad). At any point of time, we need to process the wounds with therapists and/or with groups as well as supportive friends and family. What she was trying to point out is that sometimes wounds can be unconsiously used as ways to control others and some people unconsiously/consiously use wounds to manipulate others just to get what they want. It is then wounds itself becomes harmful to self and others. It is then the group therapy, therapies in general becomes harmful for everyone's spirit. Nobody says healing is easy (yet it is simple because it is a spiritual decision we are trying to make). It requires us to examine even the manipulative/controlling side of self to ask the most important question ... Whether we are afraid to break away from wounds because we will be exposed to the healing world. We are just human beings who have fears. I think this book is wonderful to expose our fear-based thinking/feeling in light for use to examine.

    I am very glad I read this book. Wounderful way to self-explore and to learn deep about life.

    ...more info
  • Willing to work it out A+A+A+*****
  • Life changing!
    I read the book and it gives an amazing perspective on disease and healing. It is written in an encouraging, direct fashion. If you commit to your own spiritual growth by going deep inside and being brutally honest with yourself, you will gain greatly from this book. Myss's wisdom provides the truth and security that many seeks....more info
  • Excellent overview of spiritual matters.....
    In the last part of ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT, Caroline Myss unites her discussion of three belief systems (Roman Catholic Sacraments, Kabbalah Tree of Life, and Hindu Chakras) within the concept of living in the present moment. Many who have trod the spiritual path Myss describes and faced the Three Big Crises - absence of meaning and purpose; strange new fears; and devotion to something greater than one's self - will appreciate her final words. Suffering produces spiritual rewards.

    Not everyone will appreciate Myss' book. I would like to send the audio version to my 87-year old aunt who is devoutly Roman Catholic, but I don't think she would like it. My Southern Baptist aunt would probably disown me. My daughter would appreciate it - but she's a fan of Bishop Pike. For a change, Myss has written a book older folks will appreciate more than younger ones.

    I know something about the sacraments having been raised with them. I've also acquired a great deal of knowledge about the Chakras in the past 40 years (via reading and Hindu friends). I have studied the Kabbalah (it is far more complex than Myss' book indicates). Like Joseph Campbell whom she apparently see as a model, Myss sees a larger truth underlying religious structures and/or tribal systems of belief.

    Myss is billed as an expert on energy medicine. In the early 1980s, I had the pleasure and privilege of being in Louis Hay's home. I can testify that "whatever your mind can conceive and believe it will achieve." Whenever I have an ailment, I whip out Hays' healing books (Myss cites one of them). Healing takes many forms. Doctors mostly facilitate the process or mess it up. The power of positive thinking, prayer, the laying on of hands, and laughter all work to heal the body-mind-spirit. What Myss shares is not new, but if you haven't heard about it elsewhere you can learn more here.

    This is a good book. I've heard, read, and/or experienced most of what Myss describes so I can testify to the truthfulness of it. If you are ready to move beyond tribal boundaries and become whole this may be the book for you....more info

  • anatomy of the spirit
    Caroline Myss has come with a message that is very timely for the evolved spirit. She has given me closure in some areas that had no answers and opened doors that were awaiting my gain of knowledge. She is indeed a spiritual mentor for anyone one who is in-line with the rhythms of the Universe....more info
  • spirituality and energy control
    The author believes that there are parallels between the Hindu chakras, the Christian sacraments and the Kabbalah's Tree of Life, each stage representing a 'rite of passage' that must be honored in order to ascend with physical and spiritual health to the next. I found the parallels interesting and wonder if the similarities she perceives have their roots in mystic traditions that unfortunately gave way to the construction of organized religions. In any event, she made one statement that I suspect is the crux of spirituality. To paraphrase, "We were put here on earth to learn to manage our energy". Use this book as a springboard to others that address this issue more directly, like God Without Religion by Sankara Saranam. ...more info
  • Spirit filled
    This book has given us a map to find spirit all around and from within...more info
  • this book has changed my life
    carolyn has tapped into some truths that resonate deeply within me. the structure she presents provides a way to understand yourself and advance on your spiritual journey in a way that is life transforming......more info
  • Life Changing
    I was borrowed this at the library so many times I decided to buy it. I listen to it on my way to work,and people notice , "I"M NICER", and more caring toward my clients. I feel better,and have learned there is a purpose for my life....more info
  • Cure HIV/Aids with diet, exercise and castor oil packs?
    While I have an excellent understanding of the metaphysical philosopy, the idea that one can diagnose and cure disease such as HIV and Aids with diet, castor oil packs and the like, is absurd. As a registered nurse, my first and only encounter with this author, leaves me unsure, other than book sales, why she would make this claim.
    The early introduction of this holistic, and terribly simplistic approach to HIV treatment, instantly blows her credibility as any kind of holistic intuitive/healer. The book rambles and shows an overwhelming self-absorption of the author with her real or imagined skills.
    ...more info
  • Let the Healing Begin
    Simply a necessary treasure in understanding what ails us and how to face and release the pain, both emotionally and physically. Priceless, first rate! Heartily recommended!...more info
  • Beginning journey
    I purchased the CD of this product. I listen to it over and over on my drives to work. Very easy to understand and progress in my learning journey to a deeper wisdom of spirituality....more info
  • Good Book
    This book is great. Does answer a lot of questions. Does help me out...more info
  • A Bit Too Complex!
    This was a very complex book. I found myself rereading things as it had lost me along the way. I found the discussion of chakras and energy medicine very informative but again it was to such a complex level. It also discusses the practice of using Medical Intuitive as a way to maintain wellness before the illness starts or is presence. I think the content in this book is excellent but the complex manner it is a book you must reread several times before you grasp the entire content....more info
  • Incredible
    Fascinating book, I was reading every little time I had every day and didn't want to put it down. A must read for anyone who believes in energy and holistic healing....more info
  • Dissecting the Anatomy
    In "Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing," readers are asked to reject their religious beliefs.

    Hitting on the same core market as Tolle, Chopra, and even Dr. Phil, Myss has garned support for her wildly accepted books by pointing out how broken we all are.

    We are broken, aren't we? We are tired. We've endured a tough economy, the Asian tsunami, divorce, 9-11, and lots of personal struggles we never tell anyone. That is what Myss wants to address. But she does it the wrong way. Seven steps seem easy enough to fix our mistakes, hurts, our loneliness and our rejections.

    According to Myss, the math runs a little like this:

    A Hindu practice + a Christian practice + a Jewish practice, mixed just so = healing and inner strength. She doesn't stop there. She adds Buddhism whenever she can.

    Now, Christians who follow the Bible know this is against the rules. In fact, Jews who who read the same Scripture in Deutoronomy know this is against the rules. Why does this matter in a book review? Because categorically, Myss' asserts that Judeo-Christian theology lies when it says, "put no other god before me," and what Jews and Christians believe is wrong. "Anatomy of the Spirit" is all about syncretism, and Myss fails when she thinks spiritually grounded people will accept this.

    Mixing Gods is a bad idea, but Myss presents it as a possibility. Not acknowledged is that a Jew and Christian must both reject a key Scripture to do so. Moses was pretty ticked when he came back with the Ten Commandments and saw what the Jews were doing with the gold idol. That's what Myss is asking Catholic, Jewish and Protestant readers to do: build a new god from nearby resources.

    Dr. Phil has more to say than Myss when it comes to healing. He doesn't mask his ideas with a false spirituality. Instead, he just tells the reader to fess up where we've messed up, and to get over the pain others have caused us. He tells us to move on, and start doing what we should be doing. Myss, however, muddies it with watered-down mistaken theology.

    More depth and truth can be found in "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things" by Robert Fulghum. Fulgrum breaks it down into a more honest language.

    Anthony Trendl
    editor, info
  • Excellent intro to energy medicine and the spirit
    I am a medical school graduate currently doing my residency at a large, prestigious hospital in Chicago,IL. I have known for a long time that western medicine does not have all the answers or even the best answers when it comes to health care. I've listened to several of Myss' recorded lectures but this is the first book of hers I have read. I was impressed by how Myss is able to combine the chakras with the Christian sacraments and teachings from the Kabbalah to come with a very workable and usable description of how our spirit interacts with us and the world and how we can use that knowledge to heal. I think she gives a very fresh and new perspective on the issue. If you have new to energy medicine or the workings of the spirit this book will (at the very least)give you a new way of seeing the world and your own specific predicament. I also found her own personal history and how she came about to be an intuitive healer very interesting. ...more info
  • Core Course for Spiritual Major
    When we want to get a degree in Engineering, we have to study some theortical courses and some applied courses. This book is one of the basic or core courses in the spiritual field. By reading it thoroughly, you can understand the theme behind a lot of other spiritual books.
    Prof. Caroline Myss is really a gift from GOD to people who are interested in spirituality.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Dr. Caroline Myss for all her valuable books....more info
  • Inspiring
    I found this book to be an inspiration. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an envigorating and uplifting read. ...more info
  • Connecting the Dots
    Anatomy of the Spirit has become a reliable reference and resource guide, not only for me but for my clients as well. It offers basic tools for those beginning to understand that there is more out there than is visible to the physical eye. Dr Myss offers energy concepts that connect the dots from issues we struggle with internally to physical ailments we contend with in a very direct and concrete manner. This book I highly recommend for everyone, but especially for those looking for a way to take more responsibility and control over parts of their lives that have seemed random and incomprehensible....more info
  • change the quality of your life
    I have not read a book that has enhanced my spiritual growth this much in a long time. Anatomy of the Spirit embraces the philosophy of living a responsible, fulfilling quality of life. This is no easy task these days with all of the distractions from spirituality. The book grounds you and helps you understand your own personal physicial and emotional health issues and helps you understand how to break destructive cycles that you weren't even aware of before reading this book. When you read something of this nature that takes you inside of your own body for evaluation and gives you the desire to heal yourself, you know you've had a true healing experience....more info
  • Excellent book
    Myss presents the seven Stages of healing clearly and from multiple beliefs and philosophies. Book helped to really clarify some of my misunderstanding.
    Would recommend highly for new and experience readers of healing and self help materials....more info
  • Of value to those interested in contemporary mysticism...
    If you are interested in contemporary mysticism and contemporary insights into common elements in many of the various spiritual / mystical paths then I am sure you will find this book to be an interesting read.

    Healing is also a key aspect of what this book explores, although perhaps not as specifically as some of Caroline's other works. But certainly anyone genuinely interested in healing and health will find this book has value. If that's your interest, then "Why people don't heal..." and "Advanced Anatomy of the spirit" -- both by the same author -- would be other books (or CD's) worth your time and money to explore.

    If you know nothing about Caroline Myss then I will say this: I find her approach to spirituality, health, healing, and self-actualisation to be broad, insightful, clear, approachable, and of value. If topics of this nature are of interest to you then please read this book... I don't think you will regret it.

    With my regards,

    Jonathan Evatt...more info
  • Anatomy of the Spirit; The Seven Stages of Power and Healing
    This is an easy read and can help you correct physical ills without chemical medicines.
    The examples of people helped is extensive and very interesting.
    Early Christian churches recognized 7 sacraments. Eastern religions teach that the human body contains 7 energy centers (Chakras). Judaism's 10 qualities of the Divine Nature can be grouped into 7 levels.
    Anatomy of the Spirit; The Seven Stages of Power and Healing will help you find healing within yourself. This is one of few books that I rate :"Excellent"...more info
  • Fascinating and Wonderful!
    I recently survived a serious illness and I feel that owe a lot of this to Caroline Myss and this book that she wrote. As she says in this book, our body is a reflection of our state of mind in many ways. Because of this book, I have been focusing on bringing myself to a healthy state of mind which leads to a healthy body. In doing so, I am learning so much about my own personal, emotional, and spiritual development partially through this book but also from other incredible books like "The Ever-Transcending Spirit" by Toru Sato (this one is also a wonderfully inspirational, enlightening, absolutely great book by the way!). I love how Myss puts together some of parallels in the spiritual traditions of Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity and tries to show us that these teachings are all trying to guide us in a similar, if not the same, direction. Wonderful, Wonderful book! Highly recommended!...more info
  • All's well
    I received the book promptly, and in very good shape. I would order from them again....more info
  • Remarkable insights
    The main thing I appreciate about this audio series of lectures, is that she unearths and explains the similarities between the practices of the Ayurvedic chakra system and the Judeo-Christian traditions. I don't think anyone in modern days has ever explained the Catholic sacraments or the Jewish Sephorot in such an accessible and globally conscious way. Over the years as I have worked with the Vedic energy systems, I have often wondered how to tie it into my Catholic and Jewish upbringing -- it's easy to connect Ayurveda to Eastern medicine but it has always been in the back of my mind, that there had to be some link to the West, but I couldn't find it. Thankfully, Ms. Myss has done the work for all of us! The result is a profound and powerfully persuasive argument for individual autonomy and accountability -- no matter what belief system or religion one subscribes to. Her main message seems to be that we all have the tools to know everything we need to know, to have everything we need and to experience life as a constantly enlightening and enlivening process, at all times. In some spots she makes general statements about political events or historical figures that ignore many of the facts, but those offenses are minor and mainly serve to get specific points across, I guess. One thing is for sure -- anyone who listens to this series will be affected in some way, and I for one cannot imagine them not being better off for it....more info
  • one of the first books on my road to awareness
    In this book i recognized the patterns of behavior of my parents and how they influenced me, my life, attitudes toward work and relationships. it pointed a finger at things i did, and sometimes still catch myself doing as a consequence of the way i was brought up. i use it to raise my son to bear as few scars as possible as a consequence of my own damage. i recommend to anyone unhappy about the way their life has turned out.. it may offer some insights as to why things happened the way they did. and when you are aware of the problem, you are only one step from fixig it....more info
  • mixed feelings
    for most of my life, I have felt that a connection exists between our psychological and emotional experiences and the illnesses we develop, that in many ways our illnesses represent a metaphor for the emotional and spiritual crises that we go through. over the course of the last few years I have been exploring different forms of spirituality and healing practices that integrate spirituality with an understanding of the body. in a lot of places I would read references to the idea I described above, of illness as a manifestation of spiritual crises, but no one ever really seemed to go in to the subject at great length. so I was excited when I found Myss's book, as it seemed to delve deeply into this subject, and also explored the relationship between healing and mysticism.

    Myss's book is definitely the most throrough discussion of the subject to date. she manages to weave together anecdotes with her discussion of the chakras in a succinct and artful way. she combines narrative with her theories, so you get a really good sense both of the principles she explains and how they manifest in people's lives.

    her treatment is heavily drawn from and slanted towards Judeo-Christian traditions. her underlying idea is that personal development is an issue of spiritual power, which you could also call self-respect. Myss sees power as a tangible thing. when we do not keep our word, we lose power. when we are betrayed and do not stand up for ourselves, we lose power. when we master a skill or have a reconciliation with a loved one, we gain power. this concept to a certain extent goes against some people's conceptions of what spirituality is within the context of Christianity and Judaism, as it places the focus of spirituality on the individual and his or her relationship with God, rather than focusing on service and devotion. however, Myss's personal morals show throughout the book, and these are clearly drawn from her own religious upbringing. personal development may be about power, but we gain this power by, basically, being good Christians.

    in many places, Myss's tone becomes somewhat preening and arrogant. I like to contrast an anecdote about smoking cessation in this book with one in Donna Eden's Energy Medicine. Myss tells us of a former prostitute attending one of her seminars who continued to smoke one or two cigarettes a day. Myss tells the woman that she is still "losing power" to her addiction as long as she smokes any cigarettes at all. Eden, on the other hand, describes a situation in which a woman discovered the relationship between smoking and anxiety, and used certain techniques to dissociate smoking and anxiety in her own mind. the woman, Eden tells us, continued to smoke one cigarette a day for a number of years "almost like a mantra."

    in another instance, Myss tells us that once we have become "spiritual adults," a single act of littering constitutes an ethical choice with complex ramifications. in another instance, she advises a man to reconcile with his family despite years of sexual abuse, even though his family will still not acknowledge wrong-doing on their parts. and in another incident, she describes how she basically tells an incest victim she needs to "get over it" if she wants to grow spiritually. while Myss may have a point, one wonders whether "taking the high ground" was that appropriate in this situation, or if a more gentle approach might have resulted in the woman actually listening to and understanding what Myss had to say.

    in essence, my criticism is that while Myss seems to show a great deal of experience with and insight into the nature of spiritual healing, she also seems to let her ego and her own personality get in the way of what she has to say. in the introduction, she advises the reader to accept what he or she finds useful and reject anything that sounds wrong. this seems rather odd for a comment placed at the beginning of three-hundred pages of moralizing, and I am lead to wonder whether she is sincere in that statement or if she just put it there because it seemed like the right kind of thing to say at the beginning of a book about spirituality.

    I do recommend this book, as Myss has some very interesting things to say, and the book itself is filled with beautiful, compelling and often heart-breaking stories about a rare subject: the emotional and spiritual lives of "everyday" people. however, Myss's dogmatic style and her own obviously unresolved emotional issues made getting through the book a little trying for me....more info
  • Good, but Self-Contradicting
    This is a great book if you want to get an understanding of the chakras and how they tie into the human condition. I am a bit amused, however, at the author's statement that we are too hung up on the realtionship between emotional pain and physical illness, because that's exactly what her books are about! Read this with an open mind. There are lots of valuable things here, but also many things which can be dismissed without loss....more info
  • Misses the mark and with leaps in logic to hasty conclusions
    I have to preface this review by saying that I am not a Caroline Myss fan. This is not based upon my past religious upbringing, but rather on her approach to an attempted synthesis between the Jewish, Christian and Hindu teachings on metaphysics and energy systems. In short, I think she missed the mark and tried to force fit areas together based more on her assumptions about reality than a natural meshing together of concepts.

    I am educated both as a scientist and in the area of psychology, including sacred psychology across world traditions. It was very difficult for me to even listen to the logic underlying the author's arguments. However, by synthesizing these disparate traditions in a credible sounding manner, she has tapped into a very large market of people searching for meaning.

    I am not saying that this book is completely without merit, but I would take much of it with a grain of salt. I also think there are better books out there that are better researched, more thorough and less contaminated with a lot of the authors own assumptions about reality. Two examples to look at while you are evaluating this book are FORGOTTEN TRUTH by Huston Smith and a BRIEF HISTORY OF EVERYTHING by Ken Wilber.

    There is a saying that most people would rather be entertained that educated. I think this basically sums up my experience of this book, except I didn't find it very entertaining either. I know that many loyal readers of Ms. Myss will disagree with me, but this is my honest opinion of her work.

    ...more info
  • Excellent
    This is an excellent book for healers/physicians/providers and for those who are digging deeper into the nature of illness,pain,transformation/transitions and healing....more info
  • Hard Read
    This is a bit of a hard read to me. I have to read the pages over and over to understand the way this is written. I's probably a good book if you can manage not to become bored in the beginning with trying to understand it....more info
  • Listen and take what you can
    Not very good at all. The whole lecture comes from a christian standpoint. Caroline searches for the basic truths that all older folk-based religions possess, but realizes the christian "religion" does not have these truths. Then she begins to relate the sacraments to the chakras, saying that the truths are hidden. This may be so, but through the finding of these truths she reccomends things like praying to god for help, admitting that your anger is your own fear and asking god to help you. I find this very weak, as I do the whole christian religion. It seems the "new age" thinkers are still trying to twist christianity into the spiritually uplifting religion that every other religion is. Its funny that it has never been taught by nuns or priests the way it is being "interpretted" now.
    I don't advocate asking for help from god when things go wrong. I don't believe getting angry with someone shows that I am somehow afraid of something within me-and therefore must submit to god. The church and their bible do not advocate finding your own way through the path of spirituality yet the new age idea of christianity twists it to say it does. Just drop your bible and the whole christian influence as a whole and learn from your blood. A religion that never came from it's own people, but was forced upon them can NEVER lead us to a path of spirituality no matter what you "interpret" it to be....more info
  • Anatomy of the Spirit Review
    I thought that the start of this book was heavy going but Part II was excellent. Would recommend that the reader starts reading last few pages of Part I where she introduces Part II and then start Part II. Afterwards Part I becomes more interesting....more info
  • Anatomy of the Spirit
    Lovely easy read, leaves you ready for the next chaptser.It is a very easy to read, so simple yet not stupid or obvious. It makes one understand a concept that at first glance seems so difficult. It breaks it down into a comprehensible, human form...more info
  • Another addition to the mystical rip-off genre
    I agree with a previous review - this book is full of hyped promises but does not deliver on what it supposedly sets out to do, namely, show the reader how to become intuitive. But surprise, surprise, the author follows up with one new self-help book after another, and the readers keep buying as they keep trying to find the hidden secret. I find these tactics to be dishonest and self-serving. Another talented person whose original desire to help mankind has been overcome with greed....more info
  • Este libro ayud¨® a cambiar el rumbo de mi vida
    Caroline anima tiernamente al lector a asumir la responsabilidad sobre su cuerpo, su vida y su posible enfermedad, pero sin utilizar el sentimiento de culpa. Suaviza la mirada hacia los dem¨¢s y hacia uno mismo, y teje una visi¨®n sobria y conmovedora con las historias arquet¨ªpicas que todos vamos viviendo en nuestro viaje.

    Utiliza los sacramentos cristianos, los chakras y la simbolog¨ªa de la c¨¢bala de una manera interesante, pero no es necesario creer en estos sistemas para sacar provecho del libro.

    Como menciona en alg¨²n lugar, "la curaci¨®n es cuesti¨®n de tomar consciencia, no de la enfermedad, sino de la fuerza vital que antes nunca se ha abrazado".

    No le va a gustar a todo el mundo, pero a pesar de sus peque?os defectos creo que a mucha gente su enfoque le resultar¨¢ muy positivo e inspirador. Tal vez usted sea una de estas personas. An¨ªmese y v¨¦alo por s¨ª mismo.

    ...more info


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