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Over time, in his cookbooks, and on his TV series, Jacques P¨¦pin has taught people how to cook simple, fully flavored dishes--food that reflects his French training while embracing American informality. Jacques P¨¦pin: Fast Food My Way takes this approach one step further by providing 100-plus recipes for a wide range of delicious, meant-to-be fast dishes. These include Stuffed Scallops on Mushroom Rice; Chicken Breasts on Mashed Cauliflower with Red Salsa; Pasta, Ham, and Vegetable Gratin; and Apple, Pecan, and Apricot Crumble. The "my way" of the title can mean the use of time-saving tools (P¨¦pin uses pressure cookers to achieve easy stews like his beef short-rib, mushroom, and potato dish) and convenience foods (canned black bean soup or sweet potatoes for new soup versions). Generally, though, the P¨¦pin approach emphasizes the use of foods that are themselves quickly cooked, like chicken breasts or beef fillet and that can be made flavorful with equally fast-to-fix accompaniments, like his salsa mayonnaise or his tomato-olive sauce.

Fast is, of course, a relative term, and readers will find more than a few dishes in the book that may require more time or attention than they're willing to spend on a daily basis. But overall, the book offers enough easily made recipes, and super-time-saving formulas, like Instant Vegetable Soup, to make it a true cooking resource. --Arthur Boehm

In Jacques P¨¦pin Fast Food My Way, the man who taught millions of Americans how to cook shares the techniques he honed in the most famous kitchens of the world to show you how to create simple, special meals in minutes. In this companion volume to his new series on public television, Jacques shows you how to create great-tasting dishes ranging from stunning salads such as Tomato and Mozzarella Fans to Supr¨ºme of Chicken with Balsamic Vinegar and Shallot Sauce to his breathtaking Almond Cake with Berries, all special enough for company, yet easy enough for those weekday evenings when you have no time. Fast food Jacques?s way involves no compromises in taste but saves you hours in the kitchen. His Instant Beef Tenderloin Stew, for instance, not only is far faster to make than traditional versions, but tastes brighter and fresher. With concise, clear directions, Jacques shares the secrets of his kitchen. He teaches you how to season a salmon fillet perfectly and cook it in a low oven, right on the serving platter. You'll learn how to make a satisfying homemade vegetable soup in seconds, a baked potato in half the usual time, and a succulent roast that takes minutes, not hours, to prepare. He also shows you how to create elegant meals from convenience foods: a bean dip that will keep guests coming back for more, silky soups, and caramelized peaches made from canned peaches. With Jacques P¨¦pin Fast Food My Way at your side, the best food is always the simplest.

Customer Reviews:

  • Pepin is the best....
    Julia is not with us any more, Pepin does a great job of making 'gourmet' cooking approachable. His passion for cooking and good food is clear, without the gimmicks celebrity chefs use....more info
  • The man is a treasure...
    As an almost registered "foodie", cookbooks were the gift of choice from my friends for my birthday last month. This book was a surprise, because I am not overly fond of the majority of 30-minute-meal-type cookbooks. I mean, if I read one more recipe for chicken breasts in 8-10 minutes, I think I will scream, right? But...I love this book. The pictures are accurate and inspiring, the recipes are interesting and clearly written. The ingredients are readily available. The suggested menu ideas are helpful. So, another excellent Pepin cookbook, what's the big deal?

    The deal is the food IS fast. That wonderful ability that Pepin has to combine ingredients with both great style and flavors is here available in a time frame workable for most cooks. Sure, some things take a bit more time. So, leave those for those really luxury cooking days, when you have a whole hour...and a half!

    No need to recite the recipes, you know they will sound fabulous. But there is a section in the front of the book: "More Ideas for Quick Dishes" that has some just down right great suggestions. The Lavash Pizza elicited rave reviews from my non-foodie 15-year-old who is making his life a diet of hamburgers and fries this year...He ate Four of them and has asked for them again, repeatedly. Not bad. The "Instant Beef Tenderloin Stew" is a seriously great meal. I could go on. I won't. You get the idea.

    Thanks, again, Jacques....more info
  • Toujours Jacques
    As usual Jacques's recipes are doable and delicious. Fast Food My Way is highly recommended for both beginning and experienced cooks especially those of us who go to work and have limited time to prepare delicious meals. Thank you, Jacques!...more info
  • Jacques Pepin recipes for good food every day
    As always, Jacques Pepin comes through with wonderful food and clearly written recipes. His books are the first ones I grab when I'm looking for recipes that inspire and are invariably a success....more info
  • distinctive, quick, and clear
    This is one of the best cookbooks I have bought in years, and I have quite a selection of 'em. You can search for recipes from the basic ingedients you have on hand or plan something more that requires special ingredients. THere is nothing overly elaborate to worry about or prepare. But what is so great is that the results are reliably interesting and will seem special for whomever you are serving - they will go "ah, what is that recipe! I want it!" It is the perfect thing for busy parents who want to do just that little bit extra. It is also an excellent gift book for non-gourmet cooks.

    Warmly recommended.

    ...more info
  • resuscitated my menus, refreshed my imagination
    I saw the program and after years of making the same traditional laborious recipes (e.g. chicken pot pie), was surprised with fantastic techniques of making marvelous-looking and delicious-tasting dishes in much less time.

    On the show you can see him seeming to make a dish according to some measurements while the reality seems to be that some ingredient charms him out of the corner of his eye, and like a magician he creates a dish that is original, beautiful, and once you make it, very tasty. I saw him preparing the salmon on the serving platter in a 200 degree oven, and whipping up a salsa using commercial salsa touched up with a few ingredients which all seemed quite spontaneous. When I happened to make it, I was missing his ingredients but chopped up what I had, which was avocado,mango, and commercial hot sweet Thai chile sauce -- and somehow it seemed to be just what the recipe intended.

    Somehow the cooking style of the book makes you want to be as invigorated by the stuff that's just sitting around your kitchen as he is -- the antithesis of The Best Recipe/Cook's Illustrated method where focus seems to be on exacting technique, brand of ingredients, brand of equipment, and consistently perfect results.

    Another recipe which my husband loves is a soup which goes against all my sauteing instincts. Make it in 5 minutes. Use a box grater to grate a couple of cups of vegetables (including a whole onion, which probably gives most of the flavor). Then throw this all into boiling water, maybe add some grits, throw in some chopped salad greens. Possibly grate some gruyere over the top when serving. Now this is a way of making soup which seems wrong to me at every turn, and yet it is wholesome and flavorful. and never requires a trip to the grocery store.

    In his beginning section, "More ideas for quick dishes", he has all kinds of interesting quick dishes. He has quite a few desserts which are also incredibly simple, and not fussy, which I would consider everyday desserts, suitable for children. One is a graham cracker with a scoop of ricotta plus chopped dried fruit...

    Another dish which impresses guests is the salmon tartare on a bed of dressed cauliflower. This is not a quick dish, but you can whip it up without investing in a bunch of unusual ingredients.

    This cookbook also inspired me to pot a bunch of herbs into one large pot -- recipes do suggest a lot of these herbs (chives, thyme, tarragon). Their success over this past year is much higher than past attempts - though in the style of the book I haven't fussed over them at all.

    Minimal cleanup is also a focus of cooking methods. Some of the main dishes can be prepared all in the same pot (and no sauteing, minimal chopping minimal measuring for some). Seems also to bring cooking back to the purpose of sharing a meal with family and friends....more info
  • Fast Food Fun!
    My mom got my brother and I this book for Christmas, and I must say that now I am a true believer of the "Fast Food" method. I have tried about 5 dishes from this book, and I am intrigued by cooking the many other recipes listed. What is really nice about this cookbook is the suggested menu pairings in the beginning of the book. For someone who does not know much about cooking, I appreciated this because too often, I get cookbooks that list the recipes but when it comes to planning a full meal, I do not know what should go with what. The menus in the book served as an inspiration for planning my own menus. Another nice quality is that Mr. Pepin has very clear instructions for his recipes, many of which contain supplemental materials covering useful topics such as how to warm up dinner plates quickly and the most humane way of killing a lobster (if you must.) There are also many time saving ideas if you are home late from work but want something satisfying. He also explains how to speed up the process of cooking things that take long (like using both microwave and conventional ovens for baked potatoes or using a pressure cooker for meats that would take a long time to cook.) Although I agree that some of these dishes may require a little more work for a two-income family (like the lobster salad with tarragon), I have found quite a few favorites that are on their way to becoming my staple recipes during the week (Chicken with Parsley and Garlic, Peasant Soup, Tomato and Mozzarella Fans, Cubed Potatoes with Garlic and Sage, Pears in Honeyed Wine.) I also can't wait to cook the Oven-Baked Salmon with Sun Dried Tomato and Salsa Mayonaise! What a fun book! Thank you, Mom!...more info
  • Your speed may vary
    Fast Food My Way
    Jacques Pepin

    I love Jacques Pepin. I respect Jacques Pepin. I've learned even more cooking technique from him than from Julia Childs. But... Fast Food My Way misses a point about fast cooking - you need to be able to assemble the meal from things that you have on hand, or can quickly pick up on the way home.

    For example, the Chicken Bouillabaisse recipe has 25 ingredients. And to be honest, I probably have most of them on hand except for the fennel seeds, herbs de Provence, kielbasa, and Pernod. But 25 ingredients for a quick meal? Really! There's also a fascination with lovely and exceptional ingredients, which, when I'm taking the time to cook a fabulous meal, I might go get. But on a weeknight, am I really going to prepare Salmon tartare on califlower salad? Which has a hardboiled egg garnish? Obviously I should learn to keep hard boiled eggs on hand at all times in case I have to garnish something.

    If I view this as another one of Pepin's fine cookbooks, it's a lovely book - interesting recipes, clear instructions, excellent illustrations. But it is isn't about fast cooking....more info
  • Great Food in less time
    In the past, cookbooks I have tried with the promise of quick food relied way too much on canned ingredients. I wanted something that would focus more fresh foods. Although Pepin does use the occasional canned item, most of the recipes don't use them exclusively.
    The chickpea recipe was super, and I am very intrigued with the idea of pressure cooking a veal roast! I like that he includes also fast desserts and starters. I plan to pair them with a more complicated main course when entertaining. Everything looks delicious, and I plan to explore this cookbook in depth. I would highly recommend this book if you'd like to explore a great chef's "personal" cooking. ...more info
  • a fast food book we should all read!
    In this day of the frenzied hosts trying to dish out some slop in 30 or so, Pepin comes through with the essence of a simple and relatively quick meal. It's not all about the prep time, it's about looking in the fridge and saying "what can I do tonite"....ah yes, creativity. Creativity is all but lacking in the tvfoodie-quickie American cuisine--it's all about how to slam out the slop you see at a chain restaurant as quick as you can.

    I breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the beef stew (yum!) and our family favorite of farfalle and eggs. He has lovely ideas and if you watch the show, he is not freaking out, gesticulating madly and screaming at the tv about how to get the hash out in less than 30.

    The book is well laid-out and the photos are lovely complements that only make you want to try more recipes.

    The meals are well thought out, tasteful and obviously, family favorites of Pepin. If you don't make a bunch of these regulars, his philosophy should infuse you with the essence of what cooking for a busy family REALLY should be if you value quality of cuisine and life!...more info
  • Excellent recipes that a simple and delicious
    Excellent recipes with simple ingredients. I gave the book 4 stars instead of 5 because I agree with some of other reviews in that you do need a well-equipped kitchen as well as kitchen skill in order for the food to be "fast food". Therefore, for an amatuer cook like myself, certain recipes WILL take longer, but it is worth the extra time. A lot of the dishes are adaptable so I found I was able to substitute with ingredients that I had in the the fridge. In particular, the chickpea ragout and almond cake with berries are amazing. ...more info
  • Love 'em ALL!
    I've bought many cookbooks over the years and I've always thought I was lucky to find one (1) recipe in each that I would actually make and like. Everything I try from this book I love! Delicious, easy for a casual night alone or for friends or even a more formal dining for two! I've never been so happy with a purchase. It's just good home made food . . ....more info
  • easy to prepare, tasty food, easy to understand
    I can highly recommend this book. If you're a beginner at cooking but you want to impress people then this book is really for you! I'm really a novice when it comes to cooking. Whenever I announced that I wanted to cook at home then suddenly everybody said they would be busy and couldn't come home to eat...Even worse, I'm in love with a boy who is really picky at eating because his mum is really an excellent cook. As soon as I moved in with him, I immediately went to amazon and ordered about 10 cooking books because I think without help from a fabulous chef I can never catch up with his mum. ("a dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than a giant himself."). This book is the one that I turn to most often. Whenever I follow Jacques P¨¦pin's recipes correctly (without skipping some steps) then my food is really tasty. I now can impress my family, my boyfriend, his friends and even his mum :))) Million thanks to Jacques P¨¦pin!!!! Oh by the way, I have to advocate that the food doesn't require much time to prepare. I think it takes me longer to read than implementing the recipe...I'm waiting for Amazon to ship More Fast food my way to my door :)))...more info
  • Great book to buy!
    I absolutelly love this book. I love to cook and love good food unfortunatelly like many I don't have the time, expecially with a new baby that requires my attention constantly. This book has been great. I use it practically every day. The recipes are easy to follow and they are delicious. I love his show also and record it every saturday. If you like good meals but don't have the time to spend the whole day in the kitchen get this book, it is definetely worht every penny. ...more info
  • On of my favorite
    Jacques Pepin is wonderful. The recipes that he propose are so simple but yet so delicious. Really in a few minutes you will be able to make a wonderful meal. I would recommend it to anyone who does not want to spend hours in the kitchen.
    I also have Simple and Simply Delicious by Sylvie Rocher.
    Those two books are great!...more info
  • the best yet
    this is the best recipe book I have used so far.I have loved everything I have made from this book Jacques Pepin truly has made cooking fun and enjoyable. And the best part is that he included all the recipes I have watched him do on the PBS channel. Worth every penny spent....more info
  • Fast Food My Way
    I really like this book. I sometimes watch Jaques Pepin's show on PBS. He has great ideas on food that would not necessarily come to my mind. The book showcases these ideas very well. He truly makes cooking easy and fast, and the food is of high quality. A good European way of preparing food, which is by and large to my taste. Also, the book displays good photographs and clear recipes, which is all anyone could want. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys food that is not fussy yet delicious. I think this is a book that would make an excellent gift....more info
  • Not as practical as I hoped.
    Although I'm a fan of Jacques Pepin, this book is not nearly as practical as I hoped it would be. For a "fast food" book, it has a lot of long ingredient lists that are intimidating for someone trying to cook on a busy weeknight or not spend a long time at the grocery store. I also found many instances of expensive ingredients, that I would use occassionally, but not for practical everyday use: for example, Gruyere cheese. We love gruyere cheese, but $10 for cheese is not something we want to splurge on very often. I was also disappointed that there are only 5 chicken entrees here. We use chicken more than any other meat because of it's low cost, so we would really hope to see more chicken entrees in a "practical" cookbook for "everyday" cooking. Meanwhile there are 15 fish/shellfish recipes - a splurge for us because of the expense. BUT, having said all that, there are still some good recipes here that do not require expensive ingredients or have intimidating ingredient lists for everyday, busy-person cooking. I also like the fact that Pepin makes menu suggestions, because not having to create the menu is one less step! The desserts deserve a special honorable mention - quick, uncomplicated, and delectable. This could have been better in my opinion, but I think it still merits a place in any serious cook's library....more info
  • Mannered photography
    Jacques P¨¦pin is a supremely imaginative artist-chef. His new book is full of practical ideas for the moderately experienced home cook. The preparations may not be time consuming, but you need to know your way around in the kitchen. I especially liked "More Ideas for Quick Dishes" in the opening section.
    Some of my favourite plates include, smoked trout with horseradish cream, bow-tie pasta with fried eggs, skillet endives, poached tilapia, chicken breasts with garlic and parsley, rhubarb and berry crumble. I wish he had suggested wines to serve with each sample menu, as he does on the public television series.
    A major objection, however! The photography by Ben Fink is downright abhorrent. Mr. Fink always uses an extremely shallow dept-of-field, lending the pictures a narrow slice of focused image leaving the rest in a blur -- mannered photography, that's what I'd call it. (Imagine using a fisheye lens for all the photos in a book.) Additionally, the four-color separation is of poor quality, resulting in washed out prints (e.g. page 112). And finally, I wish they would do away with food stylists altogether, who perch a virginal parsley or a lonely crouton on the dish to make the picture "come alive."...more info
  • Pepin's Fast Food
    Fast Food My Way
    Now this is fast food! Jacques Pepin has created delicious, healthy, easy to prepare food. This is my go-to cookbook! You really can make a tasty whole chicken in 30 minutes....more info
  • Ymmmm
    It never fails - Jacques has done it again. These are easy, fast recipes, and delicious. I used to love watching him with the famous personality, Julia Child. They were a great pair - her humour, his charm. That is what the food is like too....more info
  • Fantastic & easy recipes! Very comfortable.
    First off, you just can't top Jacques Pepin- he just makes you comfortable about cooking no matter your skill level. I bought this book after watching his PBS "Fast Food My Way" series. All of the recipes are easy and quick. Many of them can be done with things you already buy most of the time and he often tells you items that can be supplemented. For example, the "Instant Vegetable Soup" (which is awesome) lists one defined recipe but the accompanying description tells you how it can be made into a variety of other, quick soups with things nearly always on-hand, like potatoes, onions, and cheese. The "Tomato Tartare" has become a weekly staple in my home- everyone loves it. "Cilantro-Walnut Cod", "Egg & Tomato Gratin", & "Quick Tenderloin Stew" were easy and turned out fabulously. The "Warm Chocolate Cakes" are the easiest I've ever made. This book isn't a mega-source of recipes but the ones that are in it are quality. I'm just an average home chef and have had a great experience with every recipe I've tried- all were easy and tasty. I only wish I could mince an onion like he does!...more info
  • A great disappointment
    Love his show and looked forward to obtaining the book. But, and this is a big BUT, why do publishers think light green ink on a white page is conducive to reading? I opened to the Content page and it appeared blank. After taking the book right under a lamp, there was faint writing, but I couldn't decipher it. Tried to find a page number, and I wasn't able to since they, too, are so faint that they're useless. Granted, the actual recipes are in black ink, but the comments and cooking/serving suggestions are not. It's like buying a book without the author's personality coming through. A real disappointment!...more info
  • This book dishes up what it promises
    Wow! I can't say enough about this cookbook. Fast food Jacques' way everyday! I picked up the book about two months ago and I've tried about ten of the recipies. They're all just amazing. Extraordinary results with common ingredients. Common-sense wholesome food. My favorites are: sauteed belgian endives (my friends from North Dakota who never knew what an endive was are now endive fans), the navy bean soup with lamb (in another rendition of this we disposed of the end of our christmas ham and it was awsome-canned diced tomatoes and worchestershire sauce make this soup a show stopper), crab cakes with mayonaise-wasabi dipping sauce (wow my friends fell off their chairs when I pulled this baby out of the oven), the instant vegetable soup (unbelievable, a zuchini, an onion, a carrot, a couple of mushrooms, and that last third of the bag salad--and bang! a cheap man's way to heaven!) the slow baked fish (wow daddy! use any fish-we tried petrale sole and it was awesome!!!) Hats off to Jacques! If the true mark of genius is simple elegance, then Jacques is the Einstein of the kitchen. Who needs restaurants--we eat better at home. Salut, Jacques Pepin!...more info
  • Merci Jacques! WOW!
    Last night had friends for dinner and cooked the cod with walnut and cilantro sauce. Dinner for 6 took about 40 minutes to make, looked incredible but the best is that the taste was simply outstanding! We entertain often, so cooking quickly is important but so is high quality and taste. I cannot recommend this enough... and check out his other books too. they are outstanding....more info
  • Fast, yes, but also incredibly delicious
    I began buying cookbooks in the 60's, with Julia Child's first book -- how's that for sheer dumb luck? My kitchen library now consists of hundreds of them, but this is my first review -- that's how impressed I am. I'll skip right to the point now: What have I made that I would recommend (My pet peeve is a review that consists mainly of generalities without the specifics).
    The supreme of chicken with balsamic vinegar is ridiculous in its simplicity, yet packs a gustatory wallop! The corn/pea side dish is perfect with it. Just for fun I made the entire "Instantly Delicious" menu -- not as quickly as Jacques does it, but still do-able in a short time, and everything was excellent, although I felt it necessary to "spike" the soup with additional herbs -- a little too bland for my taste. The recipe for broiled lamb chops and spinach is perfection. The chicken bouillabaisse is a great cold-weather dish (although having spent the summer in Aix, it's a far cry from its namesake -- oh well, let's just think apples to oranges -- they're both good.) The chicken breasts with garlic and parsley are worth doing, but I prefer the balsamic version. The halibut on fresh polenta with pepper oil (part of the "Instantly Delicious" menu) was quite good -- found the fresh polenta an eye-opener. And that silly little cubed potatoes with garlic and sage recipe was nothing short of dumbfounding. I'm making the poached tilapia with herbed cream sauce tonight, and if it isn't delectable I'll be shocked! I've recently purchased "Bouchon", both Union Square books, two Portale's, two of Vongerichten's, four of Michael Chirarello's -- all excellent, but this is the book that I'm having the most fun with! ...more info
  • Jacques Pepin, the master food technician does it again.
    What else can you say about Jacques? If you don't like his style of cooking you probably don't enjoy eating.
    His preperations and recipes are always the picture of simplicity.Yet his flavors leave you thinking his dishes took hours to prepare.
    I really thnk the true genius of this man is his mastery of the technic of preperation.
    I have over 350 cookbooks but I have enjoyed making more recipes from his books than from any of the others in my collection....more info
  • We use it weekly
    We have been a fan for years and watch his Fast Food My Way Show almost nightly.We quickly purchased the book and started using recipes the same night. We both our working,we love interesting meals but have little time to cook .This book solves that problem.Thanks Jacques...more info
  • Easy, delicious recipes
    I was intrigued by the PBS series, to which this book is the companion. Have tried two of the recipes so far and they have been immediate, and repeated hits. I will certainly cook from this book again and again. Gorgeous photography, easy to follow directions and valuable tips. Jacques Pepin has delivered another recipe treasure!...more info
  • Beautiful book, beautiful meals
    Gorgeous, four-color book stuffed with easy, delicious recipes. Every time I cook one of these deceptively simple dishes, I can't believe that I made anything so delicious! Or that it came out so perfectly! Thank you, Jacques!...more info
  • very simple and tasty
    perfect accompaniment to the DVD series. Made a bunch of menus and my family LOVES all (even my 9 and 11 year olds). Highly recommend. Thank you JP for making meal times so much more bearable....more info
  • Fast and Delicious
    If you are a busy person who still loves really good food every night, this is the cookbook for you. My husband and I have always enjoyed Jacques Pepin's TV shows and cookbooks, but this particular cookbook was dog-eared and food-stained within a month of its arrival in our home.

    The recipes are as quick as he says. We especially love the beef stew and the incredibly easy cassoulet. We've also tried many of the ideas he has in the front of the book for quick snacks and meals. Everything has been delicious -- it definitely doesn't taste like "fast food!"

    Bon Appetit!...more info


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