The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding : The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised

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Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn't competed as a bodybuilder since he won the Mr. Olympia title in 1980, but he remains the sport's No. 1 icon. He hosts an annual bodybuilding contest in Columbus, Ohio, and allows a column to be ghost-written under his name in a muscle magazine. Today's bodybuilders may have bigger muscles than Arnold ever did, but everyone inside and outside the iron game gives him credit for exponentially broadening the popularity of physique training.

With this updated Encyclopedia (it was originally published in 1985), Schwarzenegger wraps his huge arms around the entire sport. He hits the history of bodybuilding, the champions (he's quite generous in his praise of predecessors, contemporaries, and successors alike), the training systems. Some of the information is more bodybuilding lore than science; for example, exercises are said to "expand the rib cage" or develop the "inner" or "outer" chest, all physiological impossibilities. But they're still good exercises, and the book includes every movement imaginable for every muscle group.

If you love the sport of bodybuilding, you'll want this book in your library, if for no other reason than to feast your eyes on the hundreds of photos of the best physiques in the history of the sport. And, in a pinch, the 800-page encyclopedia can fill in nicely for a missing dumbbell. --Lou Schuler

From elite bodybuilding competitors to gymnasts, from golfers to fitness gurus, anyone who works out with weights must own this book -- a book that only Arnold Schwarzenegger could write, a book that has earned its reputation as "the bible of bodybuilding."

Inside, Arnold covers the very latest advances in both weight training and bodybuilding competition, with new sections on diet and nutrition, sports psychology, the treatment and prevention of injuries, and methods of training, each illustrated with detailed photos of some of bodybuilding's newest stars.

Plus, all the features that have made this book a classic are here:

  • Arnold's tried-and-true tips for sculpting, strengthening, and defining each and every muscle to create the ultimate buff physique

  • The most effective methods of strength training to stilt your needs, whether you're an amateur athlete or a pro bodybuilder preparing for a competition

  • Comprehensive information on health, nutrition, and dietary supplements to help you build muscle, lose fat, and maintain optimum energy

  • Expert advice on the prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries

  • Strategies and tactics for competitive bodybuilders from selecting poses to handling publicity

  • The fascinating history and growth of' bodybuilding as a sport, with a photographic "Bodybuilding Hall of Fame"

  • And, of course, Arnold's individual brand of inspiration and motivation throughout

    Covering every level of expertise and experience, The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding will help you achieve your personal best. With his unique perspective as a seven-time winner of the Mr. Olympia title and all international film star, Arnold shares his secrets to dedication, training, and commitment, and shows you how to take control of your body and realize your own potential for greatness.

  • Customer Reviews:

    • Curry
      An insightful and complete book on bodybuilding and all related aspects. This is the book that will answer all the questions you have with a detailed description leaving no doubt. You will get more benefit from reading this book than a years supply of which ever muscle magazine you read. Money well spent, I wish Someone had showen this to me years ago....more info
    • Great book.
      This is really a very good book. 800 pages will keep you occupied for a while. Lots of history, personal stories from Arnold and lots and lots of pictures from back in the day to recent times. Definitely worth buying....more info
    • Try reading this and NOT working out...
      a great motivational book with amazingly detailed information. It weighs 7 lbs, you'll get stronger just reading it. It is the best money I've spent in a LONG time....more info
    • Inspirational
      A highly informative read with a lot of useful and inspirational information ...

      Every time you read you want to go and work out!...more info
    • The bible for sure
      It no doubt is a must have for all who are into weight training, not only the ones who are into bodybuilding. I love this book, it tells me precisely what I need when working out in terms of exercise and it's correct technique. All exercises are ridiculously easily described with photographs. I am a beginner and the plan works just fine for me. Its amazing how well- educated our Governor is on the diet aspect for bodybuilders. Must have guys !! Don't think twice....more info
    • Extremely helpful resource
      Arnold Schwarzenegger's New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding is an immensely helpful book. Its 800 pages are carefully organized into broad sections on diet, competition, training programs, exercises for specific muscle groups, and even the history of bodybuilding.

      What I found most helpful were the straightforward descriptions of exercises and equipment, and the many, many illustrations. After buying this book I immediately improved my workout regimen, and while I may never be an Arnold (one function of this book is to keep the amateur humble), I'm certainly better off than before.

      Highly recommended....more info
    • best for steroid users and genetic freaks, not the best reference for everyone else, science and research say so!
      This book does contain some great information and material. Unfortunately, not enough of it is based on research and science. If you want to know the truth about natural bodybuilding, its best to consult ACSM ( American College of Sports Medicine) or NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association). The routines and training frequency in this book are only suitable for the genetic elite and users of steroids and other harmful but effective performance enhancing substances. I began lifting using this book as a bodybuilding bible. I started at 175 pounds! I did make significant gains.....Initially. But I later learned I could have lifted fruit baskets and gained muscle mass with my low body weight. I am now 230 pounds 12% body fat (no exaggeration) and I could put on more muscle and lose fat if life permitted. But this progress is directly the result of books like "Power Eating" and "Brawn" and "Strength Training". The truth is, for continued progress in bodybuilding, this book is not a good book. Remember that Arnie did finally admit to taking just about any steroid or substance he could find, just before he became the governator! I have nothing against him, I sincerely respect him. But there is much more reliable material available. ...more info
    • The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
      I have not received this book to date. Please advise when I can expect to receive it!...more info
    • Don't hesitate to purchase this book! I bought it twice!
      I had bought this book for my 18 year old son that is very health concious and is into weight lifting. From the time I got it, he read it in every night and has shown me a lot of information in it as well. My son's friend saw it and started reading on it every time he was over and he stated "This is my new favorite book". So I ended up buying another one for him for his birthday! They both are always looking things up in it and taking it when they go to work out. Two thumbs up!...more info
    • Good reading for the proper exercise form only.
      In 70's and 80's when Arnold was competing steroids were legal and as a result to that some individuals were able to train the way he recomends. It is almost certain that if you follow the begginer program he suggests and you refuse to use any suppluments, like creatine, you are going to quit. If you are a beginner like me I believe that you are going to be benefited more from the Bill Pearl's Keys to the Inner Universe. Also have a look at , there you will find Pearl's programms for free. ...more info
    • Serious bodybuilders only!
      History of the sport from the late 1800's to 1990's +. If you are a serious bodybuilder looking to tweak all the muscles of the body, get this volume. Loads of pictures, illustrations of anatomy, nutrition schedules, etc. As titled, it is an encyclopedia; as only Arnold can tell....more info
    • Great book for any gym enthusiast!
      Long before he was "The Govenator", Arnold Schwartzenegger, was one of the worlds most famous bodybuilders. I am not a bodybuilder myself, nor do I plan to be, but this book helps me to get more out of my gym time. At about 5 pounds and 800 pages this encyclopedia covers the entire topic of bodybuilding. From nutrition and diet to flexing, stretching, lifting and on. You won't be disappointed with this volume, and hey if you don't have time to make it to the gym you can use it for a dumbbell instead. ...more info
    • low quality binding, a norm of Simon & Schuster publication
      this book has all the secret to become a great body builder like arnold, unfortunately after browsing for about a week having handled this book with much care and careful, many pages have started to come out one by one. I need it for future referencing as well though I have finished reading it. I don't have that good memory, unfortunately this is not going to happen that I can refer it again since it has disintegrated. this is norm for Simon & Schuster publication or also known as Prentice Hall, all my books from this publisher never last more than 2 times viewing....more info
      Ordered this book for our nephew for Christmas present on the 22nd November 2007, today is christmas and did NOT receive it yet. I'm very disappointed and disguted with the service I got....more info
    • Awesome Book
      I recommend this book for all the people who want's to be a bodubuilder....more info
    • Just what he was looking for
      I bought this book for a friend who had expressed some interest in body building, mainly to just get into shape. He was very impressed with the detail and information that was included in this book. He is doing one of the routines that was once done by Arnold, himself, and my friend tells me he's more sore then he's ever been in his life, so it must be working. We would recommend this book to anyone looking to get into bodybuilding or to just get in shape. ...more info
    • Need a change in your workout?
      This is a great book for the average guy trying to build bigger muscles, it is actually a guide for people who want to get in the world of bodybuilding... but for the rest of us it is a great guide on how to adjust your current work outs or change your workout all together. It has a lot of info on health an nutrition among other things.It is packed full of info. I have not finished reading the book but I am about a 1/4 of the way through and am very satisfied with my purchase....more info
    • A must to have on your shelf
      Very analytical and a the same time simple to understand guide to bodybuilding and fitness

      ...more info
    • Could be much better!
      I have bought many bodybuilding books and this one is not very good. Here is why:
      1. It's large and heavy - it's very difficult to keep this book on your lap and read. The only option is to put on the table. If you would like to take this book with you to the gym, or sit comfortably in a chair and read it - forget it, your arm will fall off.
      2. Book is filled with photo's - if you enjoy the history of bodybuilding - this could be fine. But I expected photo's just to illustrate the exercises, not the review of American bodybuilding, especially from 20-30 years ago. Better make a dedicated book with photos and instead in this book provide clear examples for exercises.
      3. Programs are not easy to adapt if you are starting bodybuilder and there is not enough variety to fit into your needs. I expected clear and simple programs with variations depending on my particular needs. There is a program and it's hard to figure it out how to properly change it for my needs.
      4. Nutrition is a very short chapter at the end. I expected more advice and examples which would make it easier for me to understand and adapt. For example program Body for Life offers very easy instructions for meals and protein drinks etc. As far as easy to understand exercises with good and easy to understand photo's I found that Joe Weider's book is much better (and a bit lighter)...
      ...more info
    • great, comprehensive, in-depth overview of conventional strength-training strategies
      I rate this book 5 stars because Schwarzenegger does a great job of organizing all of the conventional strength-training exercises that have accumulated over the years into one book,and he describes them in greater depth and more detail than most other books do. So this book is of great value to anyone (beginner or advanced) who wants to use conventional training methods to get the body they desire.
      With that said however, the exercises in this book will not enable you to obtain "maximum results in minimum time", which I believe is what most people want in the ideal workout plan. After all, if I were to ask you what your 3 greatest assets in life are, what might your answer be? You might very well say your body, your health, and your time. Those are assets that you can't put a price on. Like Emerson once said, "The greatest wealth is health". And as Donald Trump has said, "Your life is like a credit card given to you at birth. But money is not what matters here; it's the time you have on that credit card that counts".
      So how does one develop a workout plan that truly enables you to obtain maximum results in minimum time? The answer lies in that powerful little word "intensity". In order to get really maximum results in minimum time, you need to be able to generate "maximum intensity". And to accomplish that, you need the "right definition" for intensity, which is one that works in both theory and can be applied practically.
      And that's where this book falls short: it does define intensity, but the definition given is too inadequate and vague for practical application, so it is not the "right" definition. And as result, most of the exercises in this book will not enable you to generate maximum intensity, because they are not centered around the right definition for intensity.
      To elucidate further, maximum intensity is vital to obtaining maximum results in minimum time for two reasons:
      1) The key to building muscle from any weight-lifing plan lies in subjecting your muscles to a higher level of intensity than what they are currently accustomed to. Your muscles then grow bigger and stronger to adapt to that higher level of intensity.
      2) Intensity is inversely proportional to duration. The greater the intensity of a weight-lifting exercise,the shorter it has to be in time duration.
      Thus, it turns out that the "most effective" way to build muscle is actually the "least time-consuming" way, IF you know the secrets to maximizing your intensity. And of course to do that, you need the right definition for intensity to begin with. Otherwise, you won't know which strategies work best to generate maximum intensity.
      Currently, the best published books that I know of for enabling you to achieve maximum intensity are "Static Contraction Training" (Sisco and Little) and "Max Contraction Training" (John Little. Those books are not without their flaws, but they do contain strategies that will enable you to take your weight-lifting exercises to higher levels of intensity than any conventional workout plan will.
      Finally, it's interesting (but not surprising) to note what Arnold attributes his well-developed biceps to: he states in this book that he came to the realization that it was largely due to genetics. He says that whatever exercise he did for his biceps, his biceps just seemed to grow huge naturally. He does not attribute his huge biceps to having had the best workout plan for the biceps. And I can assure you that the plan he has for developing the biceps (put forth in this book) is not the the most effective or time-efficient way to develop the biceps. That doesn't mean that Arnold's approach for developing the biceps won't work; it will work, especially if you've got the right genetics, spend a lot of long, tedious hours working out in the gym, and if you take steroids. It's just not the the best appproach to use in terms of effectiveness and time-efficiency. And that's simply because none of these exercises will enable you to achieve maximum intensity, for the reason explained above....more info
      I'm not a body builder or looking to get into body building but I do lift regularly. This book is extremely informative and helpful. There are small things that I've tweaked in how I excercise that have made a big difference already. This book is numero uno!...more info
    • Only Book you'll ever beed
      This book has everything. To include an inspirational history of bodybuilding. Reading about the competitions and Arnold's rise in the bodybuilding world just gets you PUMPED to work out harder. The exercises are documented and easy to read. And the creditials of the author say it all....more info
    • Body Building Bible by Arnold Schwarzenegger
      This book rocks, I have yet to really digest it but so far it has proven to be a great source of invaluable information regarding how to get in shape (even if you don't want to bulk up like Arnold!) I definitely recommend "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised By Arnold Schwarzenegger with Bill Dobbins." (I wasn't able to put the link in somehow).

      ...more info
    • New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
      The title doesn't lie-I can't imagine a more comprehensive bodybuilding book. Not to mention it makes a great doorstop..or a weapon...Although the photo shoots are a bit dated, and Schwarzenegger clearly has his own opinions on who makes the great bodybuilder list, the history is fun and the exercises are clearly described and photographed. This book is great for all bodybuilders, male or female, novice or pro....more info
    • This book is so thick you could knock someone out with it
      Arnold has covered the body building history and how to start training for competition. If your like me though, I bought this book for weight-training insights, pure and simple. And of course, the book delivers. Arnold has a great workout schedule and exercises that anyone novice or expert can use to their benefit. This book is full of information. Enjoy....more info
    • A book and Dumbell in one
      Great book for learning and improving bodybuilding. The start of the book is the Bio of bodybuilding, I only browsed that section. The rest of the book is educational and requires contemplation. Each person is unique and training methods and routines differ for each person. The book is a great guideline for learning and developing your own personal training routines. ...more info
    • EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Must have
      If you or anyone you know wants to develop their body, this book is your bible. Just carrying it around is a work out, it's huge.....
      If you want to try and beat Arnold's Olympia wins record or just look good, you need this book.
      ...more info
    • It taught me how to lift and get in shape!
      Please read title of this post! Good luck to all! Best reference ever. It contains everything from history to training to contest and diet. Awesome!...more info
    • Great Advice
      Seeing as how this guy was the best, there is no other way than to get the best advice of the weightlifting sport from the very best. So much is packed in this encyclopedia I sit for hours reading, with a ton of pictures to demonstrate and inspire. If you weight lift seriously, then it is a must have....more info
    • great book
      This book has everything anyone needs to know about sculpting the body. It does not matter if you are wanting to be a bodybuilder or just get into shape this book has everything!!!!...more info
    • Book review 'training tips perspective'
      I found this book a very comprehensive insight into body building and to the various different methodologies, techniques and ideas involved in building mussel. It ranges through all the fundamentals both mental and physical to body building including nutrition and explains proper technique and benefits from a wide range of excises from the chest training and to training the calves.

      The book does have a competition focus but is written in such a way that an amateur recreational person who wishes to change their physique in the gym can get plenty out of it. The read has personally benefited my progress in the gym and has helped me create more intense time efficient and goal driven programs in the gym.

      The book is not just centred on Arnold Schwarzenegger but has influences from a wide range of body builders. There are some attempt made to connect these body building practices to body mechanics and biological workings, but this book is really about what you should be feeling and proper exercise technique.

      I would recommend this book to any one wishing to further there knowledge in the gym or looking for new ideas in which to increase intensity in their gym workouts or desires to make alterations within there gym routines.
      ...more info
    • The Only Workout Book YOU Will EVER NEED!
      Another five star review. I have had to buy this book three times because I use it so much. Instead of buying all those diet and workout books, simply put the money out and purchase the book by the man who made it all happen. He puts this book together, so that no matter if you are a beginer or a professional bodybuilder and marathoner, you will be able to use it. Arnold discusses pretty much EVERY possible excercise and the benefits of it and what muscle groups it effects. He covers all the vital elements needed to build up, or tone down, lose weight, or even gain weight. Becaues Arnold has such a passion for this topic, it makes as a very useful reference guide. So much 'useful' information that you will catch yourself looking at it over and over and over. Put it to use and you will get results....more info
    • too much reading
      its not direct. Basically you have to dissect knowledge here. you also need a dictionary for many words used. Just not for people who don't have the time to do all that reading....more info
    • Wow
      Crazy Informative,
      workouts, new aproaches to workouts, excercises that aren't even on, nutrition, posing, contest preperation, and that's only the first things that pop into mind when i think of this book,
      it's a must for anyone who takes weight lifting or more so body building seriously, or would like to get into it.
      i'd been body build for a year and had hit my plateau after around five months, but after reading through this book, it's only been a couple of weeks and i'm noticeably breaking through that plateau;
      the gist of this review:
      i swear by this book...more info
    • If the info inside doesn't make you bigger, just start lifting the book.
      This book is exactly what it says it is- an encyclopedia. It is divided into no less than five "books." Measuring in at about one and a half inches thick, if the info contained inside doesn't help you get bigger, just try lifting the book!

      A quick rundown of each chapter. The first book is basically an introduction to bodybuilding, covering a lot of miscellaneous, but important topics. The second book covers the training programs, the third the body part exercises, and the fourth book competing. The fifth and last book covers nutrition and diets.

      As you can tell, there's really only one word to describe this book- comprehensive. Would have liked to see a little more on injuries, for example there only about a half page on shoulder injuries, but then again this isn't exactly a sports medicine book either. Weightlifters who have a shoulder problem or rotator cuff tear might also want to take a look at Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff....more info
    • Anrold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
      I absolutely love this book. There is a ton of great information in here. The book is a great resource if you find yourself searching for new exercises, or want to focus your training.

      I'm about 99% certain that the majority of the bodybuilders pictured in the book are on the juice, but don't let it discourage you....more info
    • Lots of information on bodybuilding.
      I bought this book for my husband because he is into bodybuilding. He reads it all the time. He has found out so much information that he did'nt know and some that confirmed what he did know. This book shows proper techniques to use in order to get to the body you would like to be. It also has plans and charts to go by which is a good way to keep up with your training and progress. ...more info
    • Amazing book!
      What a great book by the one and only Arnold! Extremely detailed with so much great information and pictures and examples of just everything you need to know about bodybuilding. This is the Bible of Bodybuilding! I recommend to anyone that wants to get in shape or become a serious bodybuilder or even just the regular joe schmoe!...more info
    • The Holy Bible of Bodybuilding!
      I don't like to type much or ever give reviews for that matter, but this product is one of the few products that i have to write a review for because its so good. This book is like a scientist, who is a bodybuilder (with a pHd in "the human body) wrote it. This book is the Holy Bible of Bodybuilding....more info
    • The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding : The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised
      Outstanding book! A must for those in the sport of Body Building or the individual that is looking to improve their overall health through weight training....more info
    • The perfect book on Bodybuilding
      This is the absolute best book on bodybuilding I have ever found. I can always go back to it and learn more. If I learn something about bodybuilding elsewhere, I can come back to this book and discover that that thing I learned was right there in Arnold's book.
      This book changed my life and I have transformed my body and continue to do so.
      As for the training programs, I see so many people complain about them. Arnold makes it very clear that these programs are a template and do not have to be followed to the letter. The idea is to give you a start, and idea, and then you should take what you have learned and apply it and create your own program.

      For all the people who say that his programs are overtraining, I say you are not paying attention. Anyone should be able to perform the basic program. It is not difficult or impossible. It's people who try to go straight to the more advanced programs who suffer.
      Arnold is trying to teach you to think for yourself. Too many people want to be told how to train, instead of learning how to train. This book teaches you to learn how to train. If you see it as a training manual, then you totally missed the point, and Arnold makes that clear throughout the book.

      As for the idea that expanding your ribcage or training your inner chest is impossible, I counter that I have done exactly that. My ribcage has noticibly expanded and my inner chest development is much better than it was a few years ago. The word impossible is for fools. I dont' listen to anyone who uses the word CAN'T....more info
    • Best Buy Ever
      Buy this book. It is very high quality information from Arnold himself and will teach you everything you need to know about bodybuilding. The nutrition section is also very detailed, which I liked a lot....more info
    • Best buy if you're wanting to build muscle.
      I've read through several books from Amazon and downloadable off the internet and this is one is by far the best one for the money. The only one that comes close to this one is the Men's Heath Home Workout Workbook (no longer in print). You can buy 17 different muscle books and get 17 different and conflicting instructions sets (and that holds true if you bought 17 different Men's Health books).

      This book doesn't have all the information on every aspect of bodybuilding but it has a good base on pretty much every aspect....more info
    • This sohould be called The New Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. Not Just Modern.
      This book is written by a MD and the ICON himself. This book is really a heavy and big book. You could probably build muscle mass by lifting this book. This book goes into everything from the history of bodybuilding, training principles, training styles, exercises for every muscle there is on the body. Pictures of all the great body builders from past to present, and a lot of pictures of Arnold himself. If there is something to do with body building this book has it. Also it goes into body types, what to eat, vitaims, and also steriods. This is really a great book if you are going to train as a body builder or a weekend warrior..
      ...more info
    • A book I would recommend
      I would recommend this book for anyone interested in bettering their health or the way they look. It's an easy read and it provides the basic fundamentals of how to get the best out of your workouts.

      ...more info
    • NO NO NO
      This book has done immeasurable harm. Anyone who follows routines even remotely close to those that are in this book will just end up, overtrained and frustrated.

      Please people get this- arnold had amazing genteics, arnold did huge quantities of drugs and so does everyone else pictured in this book, arnold had unlimited time to train and recover BUT you do NOT.

      You can build a tertific physique if you would follow sensible routines buy real world authors- Mark rippetoe, stuart mcrobert, mike mentzer, ellinton darden. Please heed this advice. I have nothing to gain by bashing this book. It is just not helpful for well intentioned people looking to build their body naturally. Please look elsewhere...more info
    • The Mother of All Fitness Books!
      I am not a bodybuilder but this book is not just for bodybuilders. This book is for anyone who works out and wants more information on weight lifting, strength training, or body building. It is for anyone that works out with weights. It is the best book I have on the subject, and I have several shelves devoted to exercise, fitness, training, etc.

      This 800 page book is divided into 5 smaller books. Book 1 is an Introduction to Bodybuilding and includes everything from the evolution and history of bodybuilding to equipment you might need to get started. Book 2 is called Training Programs, and includes basic training principles, stretching, basic and advanced programs, and using your mind to really focus and work your muscles to their fullest. Book 3 is called Body Part Exercises and teaches a lot about anatomy as well as including full descriptions (with pics) of almost every exercise under the sun that will work each body part. Book 4 includes everything you might want to know or need to know about competitions, and Book 5 covers Health, Nutrition, and Diet.

      This book has helped me immensely! Although I haven't followed Arnold's recommended specific routines, I have learned so much from this book I have been able to bring to my own workouts. It is surprisingly interesting, well-written, and completely informative. I have learned so much more about proper form, specifics regarding nutrition, and new exercises I had not tried before. And, although it is called an "encyclopedia", the truth is, it's a book that is fun to read-- there is such an abundance of information here that make the book very difficult to put down.

      The book is paperback, but it's very well made. The binding has withstood a lot of reading and bending-- the spine and pages are still intact. The book is illustrated with many helpful black and white photos and the pages are high quality with only a little gloss-- very easy to read.

      ...more info
    • Outstanding book, excellent value
      This book exceeded all of my expectations and is an amazing value. It really is a comprehensive encyclopedia of how to build your body in a proven and safe manner. It also covers how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat in order to maximize your health and strength.

      One of the key features of the book is a listing of bodybuilding excercises with a very detailed explaination of how to perfom the excersise with the correct form - maximizing the effect and minimizing injury.

      Highly recommended!...more info
    • IT is what it Encyclopedia, it covers EVERYTHING!
      This was quickly delivered and in mint condition. It has been very useful so far and I've only read a very small part of it! I'm not personally trying to become a Mr. Universe or end up anywhere near that size, I'm after more of a Tyler Durden from Fight Club look but this book will help you with every aspect. It'll help you determine your body type, the style of training to suit, exercise after exercise, how you should be eating.....the list goes on. If you're into training to any degree really then I think this book will be able to offer you no end of guidance and information. A worthy purchase as far as I'm concerned! ...more info
    • Arnold's Guide to Permanent Injury and Disfigurement
      This thing reads more like the morning work schedule for a Soviet gulag than it does an encyclopedia for bodybuilding. Seriously, 25 sets (not reps, SETS) of squats per workout? That's like 200 squats for some people! Come on dude.

      The workout program (really more like Arnold's personal interpretation of the death march) is done on split days, six days a week and consists of a practically inhuman list of some 40+ exercises. This isn't even counting the 150 situps recommended before every workout. Hilariously, Arnold even gives the reader the option of repeating this same workout later in the day!

      Each workout takes about three hours to get through. I know because I actually did the whole thing using about half of what I normally lift on each exercise as a safety precaution and was still utterly exhausted afterwards. If Arnold had had contact with anyone between the years 1965 and 1980 that wasn't a genetically engineered mass of steroids he would know that this program could kill a normal human being if done consitently and realistically should be cut in half.

      The exercises listed range from the useless (Dumbell Flys), to the dangerous (T-Bar Rows), to the utterly impossible (Hanging Reverse Crunches). Still, the danger is not so much the length of the program since virtually everyone is going to hit a wall after about a week of doing these exercises. The fact that Arnold totally neglects any explanation on how to do even the usefull exercises properly is what is far more troubling since naive beginners are going to treat this book as if it were Holy Writ. Books like these really need to stress the dangers of not doing an exercise correctly because mistakes happen in the gym all the time and when you're lifting poundages that are heavier than you yourself weigh you aren't going to walk away with just a muscle pull. More likely you're going to be looking at a tear, a hernia, joint damage, you know, injuries that might be with you for the rest of your life. This book simply doesn't stress this fact enough and the two or three sentences given to describe the performance of each exercise is absolutely ridiculous.

      Buy Stuart McRobert's "The Insider's Tell-All Handbook on Weight Training Technique." The title sounds cheesy but the book isn't at all. There are pages and pages on how to perform each exercise without injury and unlike Arnold's book McRobert sticks to explaining exercises that are actually worth doing.

      I'll refrain from giving this book only 1 star because unlike a lot of bodybuilding books it does provide some useful tips on nutrition. Also unlike many other books in this genre it actually does provide a workout schedule (however hair-brained it may be) and goes into some detain in defending the benefits of split training. Thus it gives you something of a framework from which to map out your own schedule....more info
    • "The Bible"
      This book is the most complete book for body builders whether you just started 3 days ago, or are a pro - pre show; looking for tips regarding stripping off excess water. I highly recommend it for everyone who intends on lifting weights for all the benefits related....more info
    • Must Have
      I was interested in the art of bodybuilding and this book was recommended. It is historically informative and detailed to the excercises for each body part. The workouts are for the professionals, so you have to adjust to your own personal needs. After a month of following some of the tips, there was a noticable difference in my physique. I would venture to say, after the first workout, I knew there was going to be a change. You could read up on newer books, but this book is a solid foundation for everything. It's worth the price....more info
    • Opinion
      This is the best book you'll ever buy on bodybuilding, not to be confused with power lifting, and casual weight training. You will learn all the basics no matter what you're desire but this is geared toward hardcore, dedicated bodybuilding, like Arnold. He is the King of bodybuilding and he'll let you in on, diet requirments, motivation, positive attitude, and all the workouts you'll need. But, be warned he expects 6 day a week training cycles. If you want less you'll have to tweak his programs yourself....more info
    • Good book to have in your library, but should not be the only book
      I bought this book because I'm a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and I was looking for a comprehensive body building book that would exhaustively cover all kinds of weight lifting exercises and techniques, muscle group science, nutrition, and other factors that need to be considered when developing a personal strength and fitness program. This book is quite thick, and it has a lot of great information, but it didn't go down to the level of detail that I expected from a book this size. I liked the fact that it has lots of pictures and it does touch on a variety of topics beyond lifting weights. There are sections on nutrition, competing, posing, and so forth. What I didn't like is the lack of detail, and the amount of space that was used to talk about posing, tanning, and competing. If you are a competitive body builder, it's probably good to know about this stuff, but for most guys in the gym just trying to find what plan works for them and how to grow muscle and stay trim, most of this information is quite useless. I would have liked to see more exercises discussed. I know that there are a lot more exercise out there that were not discussed in the book. I would have liked to read Arnold's take on them all. Overall, I'd say for the money it's a good book and worth having in your library. However, because it lacks great detail, it should be the only fitness book you own....more info
    • Buy this if you're serious about getting into shape.
      This is a great book whether you want to get into professional bodybuilding or just get into shape. It's broken down very well into sections on training techniques, nutrition, mental preparation, as well as fully detailed descriptions of individual exercises for each body part/muscle group. It also includes a lot of posing techniques and competition advice, which i personally haven't looked into, since i'm not planning on becoming a professional bodybuilder soon. Overall, this book is an amazing value. This is a must have, whether you want to get into bodybuilding, or just get into shape and build a strong healthy physique....more info
    • The "Bible" for all weight-lifters!
      The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding : The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised, simply put, is a great book for the average weight-lifter to the serious competitive body-builder. I wish I had bought this book when I first started lifting weights! This book describes and shows you with pictures the correct form to all sorts of diffrent weight-lifting exercises for all body parts. You'll learn a lot from this book, regardless of how interested your into actual body-building. The best book of its kind, in my opinion, and I suggest it to everybody that is serious about lifting weights and getting muscles. My only complaint is that the book needs to be updated a little bit.
      ...more info
    • what more can i say.......
      If you like weight training, health and fitness in general, pick up this book asap. It has everything you would want to know concerning the sport of bodybuilding. ...more info
    • Comprehensive YES, but also a waste of paper
      Yes, it is true this is very comprehensive, it is.

      But a lot of the info is out dated or just plain wrong, for example when mentioning lactic acid or when championing stretching before starting your workout; static stretching will cool your muscles and relax them (that is weaken them) what you need is warm muscles, ready to work...this is one of many errors found here.

      If you are or are trying to be a bodybuilder, there is some good info here, I guess.

      I myself, have decided that trying to induce extra size to my muscles without true strength is a waste of time.

      An excerpt from another review I wrote, to drive towards the point that I am trying to make:

      "In reality, all you really NEED is the main exercises, the compound ones, like squat, deadlift, press, bench press, clean, and anything else that assist those exercises like rows, pull-ups, dips, etc.

      And I have NOT found a book to teach you this fundamental exercises and to guide you towards doing some real work, better than 'Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore'.

      Get it and learn the fundamentals, after that you can do whatever you want, but at least get your foundation in order."

      If you do not care about strength and all you want is pumped arms with no real practical strength, fine i can see that WANT...just do not get this "New Encyclopedia of BB..." there are better books out here. Might as well subscribe to a magazine, etc....more info
      As a regular gym user I find this book an invaluable resource. It provides advice and ideas which help me create my own workout
      routines and also explains why each exercise is important and
      exactly what it does. I highly recommend it to anyone who is
      trying to build or define their body. Thanks Arnold!...more info
    • Good Reference guide
      This truly is an Encyclopedia that can be used not only by bodybuilders, but by anyone that wants to get involved with progressive resistance training. This can be a guide for the most experienced, to the novice who has never picked up a weight. Great reference for planning and maintaining an exercise program. ...more info
    • A Great Weightlifting Reference
      Bodybuilders and anyone serious about exercise will want to have this thorough reference book in their library. Pictures illustrate the suggested exercises....more info
    • A MUST HAVE.
      Come on....its Arnold were talking about. If you into fitness and proper technique....this is your book.
      ...more info
    • everything you will ever need to know
      Forget the new diets, new exercises, uneducated personal trainers, just buy this book, and your have all the knowledge from diet, training, technique... just everything, even how to pose!

      Arnie was the best, and he has given all his knowledge to the world in this book. This book is indeed "the bible" ...more info
    • Great information and Workout plan
      Got this book about a month ago and jumped right into the workout programs and body type sections. Felt like I had reached a plateau trying other routines from other books and articles so decided I might as well go to the source of bodybuilding.
      This book is a great addition to anyone who is interested in body building in general. I am just starting the beginner workout plan, Level 1 and hope to continue through to the competition level over the next 12 months (you can follow my progress over at The routines are great and I actually feel recovery has been easier, even if you are going 6 days a week, because of the way the workouts are planned out. Also the pictures and insight Arnold gives of the numerous athletes in the book are great for motivation (seeing a picture of someone pull up 700 pounds with a smile just makes you pumped!). Book covers almost every aspect of body building but you'll require additional reading to get down to more specific areas such as dieting, injury management, etc. Overall, the book is well written, informative; pictures are awesome and have something for almost anyone....more info
    • Perfect!
      This book arrived just in time for Christmas in excellent condition. The person receiving the gift was completely satisfied as I was!...more info
    • Change your Life
      My brother used to be overweight. He had always admired Arnold and purchased this book (original release) in 1995. He followed Arnold's advice on nutrition and followed his advice on lifting. Not only has he kept the weight off since then, he has helped many friends by advising on programs tailored for their body type and lifestyle. He works out faithfully every night, is a 43 year old father of two, and looks better than any twenty something guy we know. If he has to miss a night of working out, he feels awful. Anyone can do it! You can buy a minimal amount of plates, etc. and an inexpensive bench to start out with. If you truly want to shape up and be healthier, lose fat, add mass, whatever your needs are, you should take advice from one of the most dedicated bodybuilders ever. Arnold is the man!...more info
    • Best all in one book
      A lot of different exercises to build any muscle group of the body. Very relevant to common gyms today. Very good all-in-one book....more info
    • Bodybuilding
      This Book is very well written and should be a must for any bodybuilders aspiring to potentially becoming recognized in Bodybuilding. Thank You Arnold for being an inspiration to so many people. Raymond Maher...more info
    • Must be on any fitness enthusiats shelf.
      I call this book a must have.
      One, it's huge. Takes up a lot of space on your shelf.
      Two, it's huge. It has very good photos illustrating more bodypart exercises and inspirations than most of us will ever use.
      The photos are all fantastic quality with lots of inspiration.
      The book is not without flaws. The routines, even the beginner routines, would put the majority of exercisers into a state of overtraining.
      There also seems to be a lot of the old fashioned "Bulk and Cut" advice.
      Putting heavy whipping cream into milkshakes for extra fat calories and such. Not the healthiest way to go.
      All in all though, I think that the sheer volume of information and inspiration is worth these issues.
      I have yet to find a single, stand alone bodybuilding book that works for everyone.
      For me, the perfect routine lies somewhere between the excessive volume here, and the intensity of Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty.
      But your metabolism, structure, hormone levels, etc. are not identical to mine. So learn what you can and figure out what makes sense to you. ...more info
    • Extensive
      This is a THICK book. It's very extensive and detailed and anyone serious about Bodybuilding should give this a good read....more info
    • Excellent Book
      This book is fabulous. Definately the bible of bodybuilding. Book is comprehensive as well, and a good read as well. ...more info
    • Better than any other book, BARNONE!
      This book is great. Very detailed, and very informative. The book is for the serious reader in that it is roughly 800 pages in length. There is a lot of areas that I skipped (History of Bodybuilding, Posing, etc.) because I wanted to read the info on fitness, exercising, and resistance training. I am not an aspired body builder, just a guy who is looking to change his body for the better and get the proper information from one of the best guys behind the sport.

      I highly recommend this book and plan to buy more copies for friends and family members since they cant seem to put my copy down when they come over to visit. ...more info
    • Five Stars!
      This book, just as it appears to, has everything you would need to know about any and all aspects of bodybuilding. The book itself is very well-organized to make it easy to navigate through it's pages and find what you want to read about. It has routines for bodybuilders of all experience levels, featuring different programs for beginners, advanced lifters, and competitors. Not only that, but you can find information on how to correctly perform each exercise, as well as inspiring pictures of famous body builders. I wish, though, that the book had more information on Schwarznegger himself and his experiences. Overall, the book is very informative and a good read. I strongly recommend this book if you are interested in bodybuilding....more info
    • Excellent book!
      The most thorough book I've seen. Arnold Schwarzenegger did a remarkable job covering any aspect of bodybuilding. From the different exercises, programs and nutrition to the most subtle topics. I read a few other books and this book is definitely the best one I read so far - VERY RECOMMENDED!...more info


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