Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook
Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

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What's the best diet for good health and athletic performance? Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D., describes the dietary balance and specific foods shown to be optimal for athletes from recreational exercisers to Olympic hopefuls, citing supporting studies. Refreshingly free of high-protein hype, Clark emphasizes a varied, wholesome, moderate diet high in complex carbohydrates ("without question, wholesome carbohydrates are the best choices for fueling your muscles and promoting good health"), especially whole grains and starches; adequate but not excessive protein; and 20 to 35 percent fat. Learn the components and variables of your ideal diet, with tables of nutritional information and marvelous tidbits, such as calorie/fat counts of various fast foods. Did you realize that an Au Bon Pain pecan roll has 800 calories and 45 grams of fat--double the calories/fat in a serving of KFC's Crispy Strips? Did you know that a Dunkin' Donuts 16-ounce Coffee Coolatta with cream has 410 calories and 22 grams of fat--about equivalent to a McDonald's Quarter-Pounder? Clark, a well-known sports nutrition expert, also covers weight loss, weight gain, eating disorders, and includes 72 recipes. Highly recommended for athletes, exercisers, and average folk who want to understand how to design a personalized diet. --Joan Price

Boost your energy, manage stress, build muscle, lose fat, and improve your performance with the all-time best-selling sports nutrition guide!

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook will help you make the right food choices in grocery stores, restaurants, drive-throughs, and your own kitchen.

Whether you're preparing for competition or simply eating on the go, let sport`s leading nutritionist show you how to get maximum benefit from the foods you choose and the meals you make. You'll learn how to eat before exercise and events as well as how to refuel afterward for optimal recovery.

Updated and on the cutting edge, the fourth edition includes the latest sports nutrition research on hydration and fluid intake, vitamins, supplements, energy drinks, organic foods, and the role of carbohydrate and protein during exercise. You'll also learn about the new food pyramid and the American Heart Association's latest dietary guidelines.

If you're seeking advice on losing weight, getting energized to exercise, or improving your health and performance, Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook has the answers you can trust.

Customer Reviews:

  • Nancy Clark is a Master in NUTRITION !!!!!!
    I have been on all kinds of diets trying to figure out what would be the best Meal plan for me to follow for the rest of my life. I found the answers in this book. I have also visited a nutritionist to see if I was on track. I told my Nutritionist that I purchased Nancy Clark's Book and my nutritionist had told me "This is an Excellent Book... you're on the right track". What an investment I made. This book has sections on all kinds of Nutrition requirements for the Young, middle aged, elderly, Athletes and Bodybuilders. This book is concise, simple to read and provides pertinent information with a lot of illustrations. What a GREAT READ !...more info
  • Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook 2nd Ed.
    This book is a good start for someone interested in sports nutrition and overall good eating habits. It has chapters on eating breakfast to eating disorders. A helpful resource for good, fast, recipes with out a lot of fuss. A third edition might be helpful to further the information in the this edition. Overall, a great book, Nancy Clark is a real person with similar goals and interests as her readers, a great person to relate to!...more info
  • One of the best books for anyone trying to loose weight
    I purchased Nancy Clark's book with the sole purpose of loosing weight. Not only has this book put me on the right path by helping me to lower my body fat, it's the first time I've lost weight and been able to keep it off. I love how this book teaches common sense techniques for loosing weight in a stress-free manner, and how I don't have to starve myself in order to achieve healthy long-term results. I strongly recommend this book for anyone trying to loose fat, gain muscle and develop better nutrition habits....more info
  • The BEST Book on Sports Nutrition
    Nancy Clark writes an easy to read, nuts and bolts guide to sports nutrition that benefits the weekend warrior to the serious athlete. You'll get all your questions answered with this straight forward and practical guide....more info
  • Sports Nutrition Guide
    Very informative and easy to understand. A MUST read for nutritionists, dietitions, and personal trainers. I also recommend for anyone curious about nutrition from the casual exerciser to seasoned athlete....more info
  • an outstanding guide
    The Sports Nutrition Guidebook is a useful resource for the average, healthy individual to have at hand as a nutritional resource. This book is more of a healthy living guide, than a sport specific guide, Individuals who are engaging in sports that require a lot of anaerobic activity, like football or baseball will not find this book as useful, but they will still find some great instruction. For endurance sports such as running or cycling, or for the general weekend warrior looking to have nutrition be a part of a healthy lifestyle, that is not concerned with larger than normal weight loss, this book is a good esource.

    While basic advice is well-written here, that shouldn't be really new to anyone who is familiar with good nutrition: a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and dairy; and the importance of regular meals, some care is taken to readjust thinking about fad diets and dietary myths, especially in preparation for physical activity. Unbalanced approaches to carbohydrates, fluid, protein, etc. and their dangers are detailed in an easy to understand format. The chapter on misusing a healthy lifestyle for rapid weight loss or other eating disorders is tactfully written.

    The last third of the book is a useful recipe guide that applies principles taught in the book into practical meal planning steps that are neither arduous nor difficult for active individuals to adapt to. Creating a healthy approach to the body, especially in view of a fat obssessed society calls for balance and patience. There is nothing sudden or radical about the advice in this book, as it is above all, caling for a lifestyle that is healthy and active and is designed to provide nutrional advice for helping individuals achieve those goals. This book is a great resource for active people, who want sound, scientific advice that meets the needs of individuals in today's fast paced society. ...more info
  • Common sense information
    This is a common sense approach to weight loss and just feeling better. The only way I've ever lost weight is to eat low fat. You need not be an athlete or exercise regularly to benefit from Miss Clark's advice. It also helps those who might have problems concerning their heart, blood sugar, blood pressure et al. I've lost my craving for sugar and salt.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Book
    This book is very informative and explains nutrition in a way that is easy to understand. It has great tips and it helped me to balance my exercise routine and eating pattern. This book is great for a serious athlete to a casual exerciser and I would highly recommend everyone who wants to obtain knowledge about a healthy lifestyle to read this book. ...more info
  • Life Changing
    outstanding book, changed my eating habits with good information rather than beliefs. I recommend to anyone on a sports nutrition program....more info
  • Excellent book
    I teach sports nutrition to college students. This book has been great because it helped me relate general nutrition to the athlete. The information is accurate and the examples are very helfpul. Nancy Clark also adds informative tables that relate to sports nutrition. I recommend this book to athletes and nonathletes alike....more info
  • More energy and stamina
    We gave this book to our daughter who is training for a marathon. She was complaining about being tired all the time. After reading and following the information in the book, she reports increased energy and stamina and over-all feeling much better. She reports she is eating more of the right foods and still lost weight. A winner - the book and the daughter!...more info
  • Buy this one: Clear, to the Point, Covers all Bases
    I've read about ten books on nutrition in the last several years, and Nancy Clark's "Sports Nutrition Guidebook" is without a doubt the best. It is clear, scientific, cuts straight through the fluff, entertaining, and has a wealth of information.

    Also, if you want to lose weight, skip the fad diet books and read this one. This book has the most sensible advice on weight loss of any book I've read, unlike the numerous diet books that are written more to motivate the reader than to provide real information.
    ...more info
  • One of the BEST books ever on the subject of nutrition!
    Forget the quick-fix books - this is the real deal! Nancy Clark gives excellent advice in regards to healthy eating for both the athlete and non-athlete. She isn't hawking some fad diet or trend-of-the-month. She doesn't sell any products with her book. If you have a question about nutrition, this book will give you the answers. It's as simple as that....more info
  • Yes! A Simple and Complete Book for All Your Nutrition Needs.
    "Boost your energy, reduce stress, lose body fat, build muscle, and improve your performance with the all-time best-selling sports nutrition guide."

    This is the ONLY book on nutrition you need (besides In Defense of Health and my program). I honor and thank Nancy for writing the most complete, simple, and profound books on nutrition.

    Don't waste your time, energy, and money with all the new fad diets that promise quick-fixes and instant-results with "super food", "magic pill", or "secret supplement."

    Eat 5-7 times small, balanced, natural meals a day; drink plenty of water; and eat in accordance to activity level.

    Being healthy isn't hard once you know the right information. This book has it.
    ...more info
  • Any library catering to athletes or exercisers will find it an important reference
    Active spots participants and athletes may know full well how important nutrition is; but where does one gain information on making a range of healthy choices from grocery stores and drive-throughs to restaurants? Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook is in its 4th updated edition covering everything - including the latest sports nutrition research on supplements, energy drinks and organic foods. Chapters review fueling before and during exercise, discuss losing weight without starving, and review all food options. Any library catering to athletes or exercisers will find it an important reference.
    ...more info
  • Great Info For Everyone
    The book is well written with easy to understand concepts. You do not have to be a dietician to understand what Ms. Clark is talking about. The ideas apply to everyone, not just athletes. Granted, there is some in depth information for athletes regarding breakdown of food groups and timing of meals and snacks. No gimmicks here or selling of the latest and greatest "diet". Just solid nutrition!...more info
  • Mums with junior athletes
    As a mother with a squad swimmer, "little" athlete, and a Masters swimmer in the family - this book has proved a winner. Easy to read, and well set out, the only problem with this book is getting it returned from friends who borrow it!...more info
  • Everything everyone needs to know
    I am very happy with this book. This book is very complete and really well organized. It was recommended to me by both my personal trainer and my Cycle class instructor (also a personal trainer). I am not an athlete but I do an hour or two of fitness work nearly every day at the gym. I was glad to see lots of information for my level of fitness and as well as my fitness program. Book discusses not just what to eat but how much, and ratios, and the whys of each. I think this book is useful and helpful no matter how little or how great your level of sports and fitness activity. ...more info
  • Comprehensive, scientific and simple
    Whether you are trying to loose weight, gain weight or try to grow bigger muscles, this book has certainly many nutirition tips for you. "Fueling your body" concept changed my nutrition habits and now I have more energy during the day and exercises, eat more food that I like and it is now much easier for me to preserve the body image that I want....more info
  • Informative AND a good read
    I actually read this book cover to cover! The only nutrition book an athletic person really needs. Her examples are interesting (and common), and the book is well written. Overall, she is good at reminding the athletic reader of how simple good nutrition can be. My only complaint is there isn't really enough information for vegetarian and vegan athletes....more info
  • A marvelous educational tool for coaches and athletes.
    As a coach and athlete, it is important for me to master the many aspects of a sport. Swimming is a sport like many that requires much physical, mental, and emotionally training, but the real edge in training and competition performance comes from the mastery of the proper nutritional diet. Nancy Clark provides steps for coaches and athletes to obtain a mastery of nutrition. She proves the statement that practice is perfect, even for nutrition....more info
  • An excellent analysis of the needs of part time athletes!
    I liked Nancy Clark's book for two reasons. First, I appreciated her clear and concise presentation of the information. Second, the way she used scientific studies, etc. to back up her conclusions appealed to me. As a part time triathlete, I refer to this book by her and others by Covert Bailey as my primary reference tools on nutrition....more info
  • Everything You've Always Wondered About Sports Nutrition
    Nancy Clark's book has revolutionized my diet, training, and life. As a fitness instructor and runner I had trouble knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and struggled with erratic weight. After reading this book all of my questions have been answered. I have learned tips on how to fuel my body for the demands that I put upon it. I have energy, I can eat without guilt, and my weight has stabilized. Science and experience backs up everything that Nancy Clark says. I'm a true believer. You'll love this book!...more info
  • absolutely wonderful
    I recommend this book to everyone. Although Nancy Clark calls it a Sport's Nutrition Guidebook, this is really a guide on the way everybody should eat in order to be healthy. She begins by giving general guidelines on what eating every day should be like. She explains why everything is important: carbs, protein, fat, sugar, dairy. Then she goes on to explain what it is each of these types of food does in the body and how and why we should eat them. She also explains how to eat and when to eat. It is an extremely detailed book where you get a whole new outlook on food. There's also some great chapters with recipes. ...more info


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