The Bondage Breaker?: Overcoming *Negative Thoughts *Irrational Feelings *Habitual Sins
The Bondage Breaker?: Overcoming *Negative Thoughts *Irrational Feelings *Habitual Sins

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Featuring a new introduction by Neil T. Anderson, this freshly re–covered edition of his bestselling book The Bondage Breaker (more than 1.2 million copies sold) leads readers away from the shadows and shackles in their lives and toward the freedom that comes when they

  • realize they have the right to be free
  • confront the power of Satan
  • fight the temptation to do it their way
  • trade deception for grace
  • affirm their identity in Christ

Neil Anderson ultimately helps people break negative thought patterns, control irrational feelings, and break out of the bondage of sinful behavior. Those struggling will discover how to embrace the promise of Jesus to win the spiritual battles that confront them.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Bondage Breaker
    This book is like going to a revival. I've been delivered from smoking

    after 10 years of this horrible addition. It's just gone no desire. Oh, yes,

    I've been tested, the desire to smoke is not apart of my life anymore.

    This book helps you to understand clearly the steps you need to take to

    restore your life-in Jesus Christ, not the way the world loves. In the

    way the heavenly Father loves you, through His Son. The true deliverer

    from demonic strongholds that no one else can help you with....more info
    This book was powerful because it's full of truth. Neil Anderson does a great job of defining the problem and providing specific solutions.

    ...more info
  • Read this!
    I would recommend this book to anyone. If possible, read Neil Anderson's "Victory over Darkness" first....more info
  • The Bondage Breaker
    In the last few weeks, I've read "Victory Over Darkness" and "The Bondage Breaker" by Neil T. Anderson. Both books are excellent, especially "The Bondage Breaker." At the back of the book are seven steps to experiencing freedom in Christ.

    I thought I was living a free life. But I also knew some blockage remained from negative experiences because I had stifled all corresponding emotions. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful release to walk through every bit of the past, renounce any hold the enemy may have kept in those areas, and give them to God to totally experience His freedom. I would highly recommend purchasing "The Bondage Breaker."
    ...more info
  • Good news/Bad news
    So, the lingering question here, is, "Can Christians be possessed?" For the sake of peace can we that believers are "controlled"? I would say, yes. Sadly, for years I avoided the whole demon/devil doctrine. Somewhere in my early forties, in utter defeat over besetting sins, I found this book. I am not a fan of formula christianity but I will say emphatically (and scripturally) that we can renounce the Enemy in the authority of Christ's name and power. Chris Adsit put it succinctly when he wrote that believers get it all mixed up. We run from the devil and try to resist temptation. It should be just the opposite. There is Power in the name of Christ and in His shed blood. We are to use that directly against demonic attack and demonic bondage. The beginning of the end of demonic strongholds in my life started with this book. I will caution you that it is a means to an end and not an end in itself. When you clean house, so to speak, you need to put in new "furniture" and not leave it empty to be taken over once again....more info
  • A Must Read for Mature Christians
    Going through this book, or a process like it, is a must for every mature Christian, if not each new Christian. It provides a thorough cleansing of the Christian soul. Praise God....more info
  • Spiritual warfare 101
    This is quite simply the best book I have read on spiritual conflicts and warfare. I was blessed immensely by it. Neil Anderson uses scripture, personal stories, and the warmth and understanding of a counselor to expose the darkness and lies of satan. After reading this I am much more aware of the enemy's schemes and am able to effectively combat the lies with the truth of God's word. The book itself is not a cure-all problem solver - it is a truth exposer and a pointer in the right direction. I highly recommend this and "Victory Over the Darkness" especially to Christians stuggling with depression, anxiety, fear, lust, or anger. I also highly recommend this book to any Christian seeking to understand spiritual warfare. I give Neil Anderson's books the highest possible recommendation. ...more info
  • The Jury Is Still Out
    Since I must finish reading the book before I feel qualified to judge. But I must tell ask those alleged "Christians" (just as Jesus asked) to "judge not, lest ye be judged." It IS possible to be Wiccan and to LOVE Jesus and possibly be a "better" Christian than some who write such hatefilled, judgemental words. Beware the plank in your own eyes, before you go trying to remove your neighbor's splinters (to paraphase the Master). Think. LOVE. Peace. Shalom......more info
  • Christians are already free..thats the point
    Christians ARE free the moment they repent of sin and put faith in Jesus Christ; that's the point of the book. After the emancipation proclamation, many slaves continued to live for years and even decades in the same bondage they had been in prior to being set free. They did this because they did not know they had been freed or were afraid to leave the familiarity of their bondage. Mr. Anderson is calling people to realize that they ARE free and that they have authority through Jesus Christ to defeat Satan's attempts to keep them from coming out of bondage or enticing them into it again.

    The Bible clearly tells us that, as Christians, we are in a battle with Satan and his forces and that the battleground is the mind. If we do not allow our minds to be transformed by the word of God, we open the door for Satanic attacks and deceptions. Yes, Christians can and are attacked by Satan and his legions, but he doesn't have to win if we are aware of what Freedom in Christ is. The key is the "in Christ" portion of that statement. To be "in Christ" we must continually renounce sin in our lives, accept Jesus in faith, and pursue Jesus in obedience (doers not hearers only). Without these steps, there cannot be freedom from sin and Satan.

    Mr. Anderson's work is excellent in helping Christians understand and confess what Christ accomplished for us on the cross. We don't have to wait for heaven to receive victory over sin. The steps that he gives are not meant to be the end all of our Christian experience, but rather are meant to enable us to shake off the baggage we carry around because of our sin nature and become fruitful in Christ. The Bible tells us that before we can do the work of ministry, we must be restored to a sound mind. This book helps cleanse the effects of sin in our lives. We must move on from this book and 'consume' the whole Word of God. We have been set free in Christ so that we may move forward and be fruitful in serving God.

    If you struggle with sin or thought patterns that are keeping you from being fruitful in you walk with Christ, this book will help. Just remember, if your not willing to get rid of sin, don't bother....more info

  • Incredible resource for healing
    The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson is a tough book for Christians. Many don't want to acknowledge the active spirit world or Satan or demons as real forces within it, because it seems illogical. Christianity has enough of a fight in today's culture without adding possession and spirit caused illnesses. I've been lukewarm about the issue in the past, but when I got the book, I decided to give it a shot. Anderson's stories of people he's worked with whose lives have been changed by defeating demons are amazing. He lays Scriptural foundation as to why we can believe that spirits are active today and why it's dangerous to ignore them. The book is rock solid in its premise, and the anecdotes are powerful and moving. The last seventy pages or so of the book are steps to take on your own to banish the demons that may be affecting your health, physical and mental. I split the reading up over several nights, and what I saw and felt was unbelievable. After the first night's reading, my husband and I suddenly found ourselves arguing. After a week of feeling very blessed with my life in all circumstances, all I could see was the negative. It took a couple more days of reading before I made the connection: I was under spiritual attack. There are difficult steps to take: make a list of everyone you need to forgive and then forgive them one by one out loud for their crimes against you; listing every place where you have allowed Satan access to your life; asking forgiveness for a multitude of sins. It's a tough book to read, but when I finished, I felt fifty pounds lighter. No more sob sessions or inexplicable fights with my husband. When I start having thoughts attacking my peace of mind, I recognize them for what they are. This book is an invaluable tool for Christians.
    ...more info
  • For Those Who Say Demon Possession of Christians Is Not Possible...
    I just have a word to those who have judged this book critically on the grounds that it is not possible for a Christian to be possessed...
    Luke 22:3..."and Satan entered into Judas who was called Iscariot, belonging to the number of the twelve".

    Judas was one of the 12 chosen by Jesus to be His disciple but Judas continued to let the thoughts sent by the enemy rule his mind instead of capturing them to the obedience of Christ as God's Word tells us we must do. Why does God's Word tell us to do this? Because the Lord knows the danger of letting the thoughts that the Enemy sends dwell in our minds...that it will get harder and harder to control these thoughts until they are controlling you and then you do indeed have a Christian who is being controlled by evil forces.

    Romans 1:28"...And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient".

    This letter was written to the Roman church about CHRISTIANS, not the world.

    So, according to the Word of God, this book does indeed have validity....more info
  • Falters after a Good Foundational Start
    This book starts with a wonderful introduction, describing our position in Christ- something that is so foundational to our fight against the evil one. I admit that there is much good in this bok, but it is tangled up with so much questionable stuff. Overall, it goes downhill, confusing many issues such as demon oppression/possesion of the Christian/non- Christian. There is a lot of poor exegesis here as he proof-texts his way into showing that Christ has given us all of his authority over Satan (Amoung many other things, most are wrong!). Also, the whole idea of having to pray an individual prayer for freedom from individual sins sounds a too much like a magical spell book! ... should be read after Powlison's excellent book, Power Encounters....more info
  • A couple new and impressive ideas
    The main points of interest in this book to me, were the ideas that 1. a demonic encounter is better resolved with the truth of who Christ is and who a person is in Him, than by sensational displays of power and holy aggression (although that is possible), and 2. that there is no arena of human suffering that is isolated from possible spiritual oppression. I had never really considered that before reading this book. I appreciate Neil's fair-minded and calm treatment of the subject - and the relatively new concept of people taking responsibility for their actions and seeking the face of the Lord themselves for their deliverance, is a breath of fresh air.

    I think one of the primary weights of skepticism that people may hold toward this book is in the systematic approach promoted by Dr. Anderson to achieving ones freedom in Christ Jesus. Surely this is not the only 'correct' way to acheive it, but after much thought I have not personally found anything wrong with the Steps to Freedom. Maybe it's the meeting of a percieved unsystematic spiritual world and a systematic way to freedom that causes the problem. That doesn't sound like it captures completely the problem, so.. hanging question.

    This book is good and useful for anyone who has a heart toward seeing bound people free. As with all things, judge it on it's own merits and not from our words only. All I can say is that I highly recommend it as a guide to ministry....more info

  • Out of Bondage
    For any of you "good Baptist girls" that were not taught about the Power of the Holy Spirit, you MUST read this book. Every word is backed up with Scripture references, so you can test it for yourself.

    For anyone suffering, and those that don't even know they are suffering, ALL will benefit from reading, The Bondage Breaker. Get ready to FIGHT!

    In Christ,
    Anita...more info
  • A Real Education
    _The Bondage Breaker_ is a real education in the spiritual realm. Anderson cuts to the very root of many of the problems we see around us. The demonic realm is exposed for what it is. Too often, we couch deep spiritual problems in psychological terminology. Anderson cuts through the psycho-babble and strikes at the roots.

    John 10:10 tells us that the thief comes to kill, to steal and destroy. Anderson shows us how to see his nefarious plan for what it is, and to deal with it by the power of Jesus Christ.

    I enjoyed very much the love and tenderness for people with which Anderson speaks. It undergirds the entire book. Love is a powerful weapon that we weild against the forces of darkness. Serving God's people seems to be Anderson's motivating force.
    At the same time, his no-holds barred, take no prisoners approach to the darkness and bondage leave no room for doubt.

    This book is powerful. Every pastor should know these principles....more info

  • Great book about being free in Christ11
    This book is VERY helpful in explaining how to walk freely in the Holy Spirit. Too many Christians are burdened and weighted down. This book explains how to be free of life-controlling habits, etc. It includes some great prayers to assist in walking in freedom....more info
  • Jesus Christ IS the Bondage Breaker
    As a Christian for many years I was unaware of the spiritual warfare that was going on in my mind~ Yet i just knew that everything was not ok with me. The Bondage Breaker is an excellent book, it has in fact got me back to basics with my Lord and Savior and has reminded me of who I am in Christ !! Read this, you wont be sorry ...more info
  • Freed from Depression
    I read this book for the first time about ten years ago. I have since re-read it at least twice. I am not sure that I can agree today on all of his view of demonic activity, but the concepts he presents are powerful. The primary principal he presents is Jesus' concept of the Truth setting us free. And, he presents a lot of truth.

    I struggled with a general sense of depression for most of my teenage-adult life (a total of about 25 years). From time to time it would become more serious. I went through the steps Anderson presents to set me free. I was immediately freed of depression-it was is if a cloud had lifted. Furthermore, I can state with complete honesty that ten years later, I am still free and have not experienced any degree of depression over the past ten years other than what would be considered normal, temporary disappointments.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with psychological and emotional problems, undesirable habits and even physical sickness. I would also recommend it to people who counsel others....more info

  • Saved my sanity!
    This is an incredible book. The church often doesn't know how to address these issues & other Christians are reluctant to talk about it in fear that they will be seen as crazy or as having done something to cause it. I became a Christian when I was 7 years old, but had been fighting demons from the age of 6 to the present most likely due to a generational curse of sorts. Thanks to this book though I was able to cleanse our home & rid it of their presence, not to mention the peace that it has given me in knowing how to call upon God to keep the demons at bay. While I can still sense their presence at times, I'm no longer as afraid as I once was. There is nothing un-Christian about this book & would recommend it to anyone else struggling w/ demons & other spiritual forces in their life....more info
  • Worth Reading!
    The central theme of the book seems to be realizing who you are in Christ and discovering who satan really is, a liar and deceiver. The book is one that I would suggest to others to read.

    It is full of practical advice and direction. He lays out Scriptural backing for his thoughts and reasoning that appears to be very sound. I appreciate that he does not wish the focus to be on a person or method, but rather on Christ. In fact this is the key that he states over and over again throughout the book, you are a child of God, Jesus has finished the work, He has won the victory , look to Him. Mr. Anderson makes great effort to reveal satan for who he is, a liar. This I suppose you could consider is another key to his book. While obviously not trying to give any glory to satan, the author points out that satan and demons primary method of attack is deception. They twist the truth, and when we choose to believe the lie they put forth we stumble and fall. The liberating truth is when we in Christ choose not believe their lies and instead believe the truth of Scripture.

    I did find at times it unnecessary to have so many 'personal' accounts of walking people to 'freedom.' The book is peppered with these accounts to victory. While I find them interesting and encouraging, after reading repeated accounts I could not help to begin to wonder if this was showing off. I do not think this was the author's intent. Perhaps it was just to illustrate the many different areas that we struggle and provide the hopeful with examples of victory. I was beginning to get the impression with the written prayers and declarations in the testimonies that they seemed like magic mantras recited. After reading through the author's 'Steps to Freedom' I have a different impression. My departing impression was that these were condensed truth that the reader (or user) could read aloud in a statement to find hope, confidence and freedom. I did appreciate the author's attempt and example in these encounters to remain 'wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil. (Romans 16:19).'

    I am encouraged by this work and would suggest it to others....more info
  • The Power of Truth
    Neil T. Anderson's THE BONDAGE BREAKER is perhaps the most pragmatic and useful book on spiritual warfare available. Stripped of the drama and wild speculation that fill most books on the topic, Anderson is adept at keeping the focus of the book where it should be: the person and work of Christ who came to "destroy the works of the devil." (1 John 3:8). The enemy is not glorified in the pages of this book, and for that Anderson should be commended.

    This is a great reference for any prayer minister or counselor. Reading it will equip you to recognize the tactics employed by the enemy and clearly address them with scriptural authority. Anderson's main emphasis is that the enemy is not addressed in power struggles or through dramatics. We should deal with the enemy as Jesus did when tempted by the devil: by referencing scripture, keeping our focus on the Father, and ultimately by commanding him to leave while standing in the authority and freedom of relationship with the Most High God.

    If you are a prayer counselor, pastor, or simply someone looking for freedom from the lies of the enemy, you can't do much better than THE BONDAGE BREAKER. ...more info
  • Claim Your Inheritance
    In THE BONDAGE BREAKER Neil Anderson writes about the challenges Christians face when they feel bound by negative emotions such as fear and anger or they cannot seem to break free from the grip of bad habits. The author explains that Christians have the power to gain freedom from these problems through their inheritance in Christ. It is up to them to exercise their authority and resist the devil. They are on the winning side in the war against Satan. Satan will try to get them to believe his lies and his biggest lie is that Christians are capable of being the God of their own lives. Satan will try to confuse them but in the end he can do nothing about their position in Christ.

    Neil Anderson is a good writer and his book is filled with anecdotes which illustrate his ideas. The text ends with detailed instructions on how to break free from bondage and also how to help others to do the same thing....more info

  • Demons galore!
    I have read and reread this book. I was saved 9 1/2 years ago and was practically infested with demonic activity. God was very gracious to bring me into his fold. However, I was still in severe bondage to several things and I couldn't figure out why. I was given advice like read the bible more, pray more, get saved (I was already saved even if I had sin that I hated in my life), or my favorite... stop doing it, never helped. I wanted to stop sinning but I was unable to. (There was a truth that God wanted me to learn. The truth will always set you free.) I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get free. About that time, I began to learn about demonic influences. This book helped a great deal. Since that time, (1997) I have had much more victory in my life.

    I don't understand why the two bad reviewers say this book is full of fear! I found it quite the contrary. For the first time it gave me hope!!! There was no condemnation this book as you might expect to find in some fundamentalist circles. Rather, Brother Neil speaks of freedom for the captives. He preached love and acceptance of the person. He beileves in providing a healthy environment where we can deal with our sin and not have to hide it out of fear of rejection. Deliverance is meant for God's children. It is the children's bread.

    If you are in any kind of bondage, (i.e. habitual sin, depression, or repeated failures you don't understand) then give this book a read. You might find the grace you have been searching for since God called you unto himself....more info

  • I Give it My Highest Recommendation!
    I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for spiritual freedom. Learn how to overcome negative thought patterns, irrational feelings, addictions and habitual sins. It's just packed with great information.

    This is not a book you can skim through, but if you only have a limited time, or you need to break some major bondage fast, read chapter 13.

    If you want to help others break free of the bondage of sin, I recommend putting together a small group and using the study guide that goes with this book.

    The Bondage Breaker is a book I'll read many times and get something new out of it every time. I give it my highest recommendation.

    ...more info
  • very informative
    This book by Dr. Neil T Anderson has been a very helpful tool for me as far as thoughts are concerned and I have learned and am still learning that it is not a sin to have bad thoughts, it's if you act on them, We have a real enemy trying to destroy us..... J.E.M ...more info
  • I've read your reviews...
    I've read the reviews here, and these are my comments.

    I agree with the person who said, "The primary principal he presents is Jesus' concept of the Truth setting us free." Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He, as Truth itself, sets us free.

    I feel sorry for the person whose experiences in the mental health field prevented her from accepting that miracles happen today.

    I found it to be an uplifting book about what God still does today to free what we have bound....more info

  • It changed my theological view of demons
    This book was my introduction to spiritual warfare. I can still remember by Bible College professor walking the tightrope unwilling to concede that demonic spirits are active today. If I remember right, he postulated three theories of demonic activity: The accommodation theory- that Jesus knew that demonic activity did not exist, but that he accommodated himself to the world view of his day. According to this view, people who were supposedly demon possessed were actually mentally ill. The second theory was that demons are real, but that they were only active in Jesus day; thus present day demonic activity is very rare and is confined to pagan cultures. The third theory was that demon activity is a present day phenomenon we have to deal with. As highly impressionable underclassmen, we were left to our own devices to figure which choice was the right one.

    Anderson rightly points out that the church had pretty much bought into the scientific/psychological model of deviant behavior- that we do not believe that the spiritual world does impinges on the natural world. As a result many evangelical Christians have either excluded the supernatural from their worldview or have consigned it to the transcendental tier where little effect on day to day living. When I first read Bondage Breakers, I came the realization that although I could teach about demon possession, I really did not believe that demons were active in our present day world. Although Andersons views have become more mainstream in the evangelical church, there are still those who see him as rather radical; while some charismatic side may see him as too tame. I see Bondage Breakers as an excellent introduction to spiritual warfare and a book every pastor ought to read....more info

    Of course there will be negative reviews of this book....Satan wants to keep as many people as possible away from exposing his deceptions. This review is not one of those negative fact, I can honestly say that this book changed my life. It changed the way I pray. It changed the way I live. OF COURSE Satan wants us to believe that this book is rubbish...but don't buy in to that. I am a deeply devoted Christian who has struggled fiercely in the past with eating disorders, drug addiction and alcoholism. This book teaches how to "plug in" to the POWER SOURCE (which is Jesus Christ) who lives within all born-again Christians. It exposes the lies and deceptions of Satan. This is not a book of "spells". This is practical useful information for living the life that God intended for His children to live. Satan knows that he has lost the battle for the Christian's soul in eternity, but I am CONVINCED that he and his army of demons will do everything possible to rob us believers of our joy and peace in THIS life. Take it from someone who's "been there, done that"...this book is AWESOME. PRAY as you read this book and read your Bible as well. NOTHING can replace the Word of God. God's word must always be the Christians first priority. This book is a great addition to any Christian library, especially those Christians who are struggling in their walk. PRAISE GOD FOR THE VICTORY WE HAVE IN JESUS!!!!! By the way, in response to an earlier post, Neil Anderson does NOT suggest that a CHRISTIAN can be demon possessed, but rather that a CHRISTIAN can come under serious spiritual attack and can be hindered in their Christian walk by a demonic stronghold. There is a big difference there, and what he proposes IS biblically grounded....more info
  • A great book for Christians who struggle with their thoughts
    Neil Anderson wrote the "The Bondage Breaker" because of the serious misunderstanding that Christians have in regards to satanic influence. I'm not a bit surprised at some of the negative customer reviews by Christians. It's obvious by the reviews that many Christians, even after being informed of the truth, are in complete denial that a Christian can be in spiritual bondage to satanic influence. This is exactly what Satan wants you to believe!

    The author, Neil Anderson, constantly goes back to the source of truth in these matters. Scriptures are quoted abundantly. Those who are opposed to the idea that Satan can influence and oppress Christians should take a serious look at what the scripture says in regards to this issue.

    Could it be that Satan has strongholds in your life?

    Ephesians 6:12 says, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]." Paul is talking to Christians (`we') about being in conflict (actively wrestling) with the spiritual powers of darkness. He goes on to discuss the weapons of our warfare. The war that we as Christians fight is in our mind ("And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." - Rom 12:2). And, that's exactly where the enemy attacks us. Although we may be in Christ, our mind must be renewed in order to be free of the lies of the enemy. Anderson clearly makes this point - one of the greatest mistakes a Christian can make is in denying the power that Satan has in introducing thoughts into our mind. Even Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, was vulnerable to mental attacks. The difference between us and Him is that He never believed the lies.

    Neil Anderson doesn't have his own system to `exorcise' these demons or a monopoly on these skills. Every Christian is empowered by the indwelling Christ. All we have to do is apply the Truth in the battle over out thoughts. Neil Anderson does a wonderful job of explaining in laymen's terms the struggle that we are in and how to be free. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with their thought life.
    ...more info
  • Bondage Breaker-- beatign your own worse enemy- yourself.
    This was an excellent book on breaking free from the things that hold us back. Beating the strongholds in life goes beyond the natural into the supernatural. This is a must read for beleivers who are struggling in life....more info
  • The Bondage Breaker
    ASIN:0736918140 The Bondage Breaker?: Overcoming *Negative Thoughts *Irrational Feelings *Habitual Sins]]

    The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson is an excellent book on how to overcome habitual sins. He sees problems as caused by demonic powers which can be difficult for some people. He has seven steps of repentence to get freedom. I found it very helpful, but some people may have difficulty with his emphasis on evil spirits. I would recommend this book if you are struggling with habitual sins especially.
    ...more info
  • Bondage Breaking
    I can not believe the comments here. I have seen several people go through the steps to freedom, claim victory through the cross over their past sins and become completely different Christians empowered in Christ. Do each of you really believe a Christian is suddenly freed from all their past every time at the moment of salvation? That is not always what happens. There are a LOT of people who do not know how to take victory over those things. They do not know how to lay those things at the cross as much as they want to. YES, demons can influence Christians. Jesus himself spoke directly to Satan, with Satan trying to put things in His mind and Jesus is God. How much more does Satan try such with us? If you are a Christian, you are in a spiritual battle. Even if you don't know it, you are. I am very excited to get into his books and go through the steps of freedom and see what God will clean out of my life to make me a more effective Christian. I have experienced demons leaving a person after renouncing these things. There are demons out there whether you want to believe it or not. They do influence you whether you want to believe it or not. If you are not in the fight and you know Christ, you are in it you are just getting pummeled because you don't know it. I am not a Charismatic person. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church. I am attending a Missionary Church. Neither denomination has in the past been big on recognizing demonic activity or any real spiritual warfare. I have seen what renouncing these demons can do in my own life and I seen what it can do in other's lives. It is NOT "I" focused at all. You need to recognize that, in Christ, when we sin it is not us but our flesh within us. Does that mean we should sin NO. I think you can see that is clearly scriptural. ...more info
  • Sadly misguided
    "If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come. In fact, no one can enter a strong man's house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man. Then he can rob his house." So said Jesus of Nazareth when the religious authorities of the day accused him of having been given power by Satan to drive out demons. (New Testament --Matthew 3:24-28)

    Christianity postulates that when one becomes a Christian, a whole new being is indwelt by the Holy Spirit. If a house divided against itself cannot stand, why would a believing Christian accept a theory that that new being could then actually be posessed by demons while believing God lives in his heart? Tempted by evil, yes; prone to sin, of course (and still eligible for God's forgiveness when he repents); but indwelt by Satan or his minions? This is the picture that Anderson paints in "The Bondage Breaker", saying his "Freedom sessions" can free Christians from such posession. I'm not a theologian, but as an adult Christian I see no biblical support for this theory.

    There are other problematic ideas in Anderson's book, primarily concerning his examples of counseling. Early on he talks about a woman he describes as suffering from schizophrenia. Perhaps this is an accurate diagnosis for this woman, but as a mental health professional with 18 years' experience with the chronically mentally ill, I can tell you that visual hallucinations are quite the exception in someone suffering only from schizophrenia (this particular woman was seeing snakes in her bed); usually that signifies some organic problem, such as substance abuse, a head injury, etc. Furthermore, Anderson talks about one "Freedom" session with her after which she no longer had the hallucinations as if she was "cured" from her schizophrenia. Really? What kind of follow-up did Anderson do? Psychotic disorders go in cycles; people have "breaks" which last a certain amount of time after which remission, which can last for years, occurs. Does he know she didn't have another break later? Did he talk to family members about other symptoms she might be having at home? Did he even see her the following week to be sure the "snakes" had not returned? Anderson does not say.

    I would be the last to say that prayer is not important in helping us cope with the tribulations that face us, including emotional illness and the fallout from earlier trauma. I believe spiritual healing can and does occur. I also believe the biblical teachings about spiritual warfare....that there is a source of evil from outside the world that trips us up when it can. Neil Anderson and I are in agreement spiritually about whom to turn to to fight that evil: Jesus Christ. But when Anderson implies that salvation in Christ is not enough to prevent demon posession, and when he boasts that his formulae can "cure" illnesses he shows little understanding of, I shudder as a fellow believer....more info

  • Bondage Breaker!
    This audio book is great... The only way I can really READ. Great message of how God can take any bondage from you IF you are willing to give it to Him.....more info
  • Just read it if you are unhappy!
    I will give this book 10 stars if I could.Based on the holy bible have change and better myself because of it.Uncover the lies, and the confusion of the new age movement and give a better understanding of all the why's, and the necessary weapons to fight unhappiness and hopelessness in anyone's life. Restores love and hope.A must for anyone.(you'll like it so much you may read it more than a few times). swp...more info
  • Excellent Guide for Dealing With Bondage in Your Life!
    Anderson's book is an excellent tool to help the reader overcome debilitating bondage and to live free in Christ.

    Among the points Anderson covers include:

    1. Misconceptions about demonic activity.
    2. While Jesus delivered us from evil at the cross, we have the responsibility to resist the devil through Christ.
    3. The mind is the center of spiritual bondage.
    4. The devil has no authority over you.
    5. How we deceive ourselves.
    6. How to deal with deception and to be discerning.

    7. Putting on the full armor of God.
    8. Steps to freedom in Christ.

    Read and be encouraged not to be a victim to spiritual bondage!...more info

  • The Bondage Breaker
    Most people would consider this book to be directed at "radical" Christians, in my opinion. Personally, I have used this book for myself and others who suffer with a mental illness, mostly depression. In this respect, I feel it is beneficial in that it helps one to deal with the immense lack of self-esteem and guilt that persons with some mental illnesses experience. It covers the full gamut of areas that bring on guilt and the emotions and actions that sometimes follow along with this. The prayers that are offered to deal with individual problems are excellent and I feel go a long way to helping one deal with what is ailing them and to help them realize that getting over their problems or finding professional help with their problems is necessary and prudent. The greater cause of trouble is not them themselves alone but a power that is evil and can be controlled if not eradicated through faith, prayer and proper counsel. The only part of this book I did not enjoy was the author's self promotion, his somewhat obvious ego and his desire to promote other books he has written. The concepts he puts forth though, are indeed worthy of knowing by those who are suffering with issues and therefore well worth studying and examining. I would highly recommend the book....more info
  • The Bondage Breaker
    This book by Neil Anderson can help everyone live more successful lives even though it is written specifically for those who are Christian. For the Christian, it shatters myths and teaches Biblical principles for victorious living....more info
  • Eye-Opening. A must read for every growing Christian
    This book enlightened me to the "war" on for my mind and thoughts and how my past actions (done in ignorance) may be blocking my spiritual growth today. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Vulgar, pretentious rubbish
    My father and step-mother gave me this book to read when they learned of my involvement in the "occult." I read the first 50 pages, and then skimmed through the rest. I was disgusted and dismayed by the closed-mindedness of what this Mr. Anderson had to say. According to him, everything is Satanic, and everything is demonic. The book is called "Bondage Breaker" but it should be called "Return to Bondage," as it espouses surrendering your free will to the subjective morality of the Bible. If I am living free, in tolerance of others, and I have a heightened self-esteem and am successful in love and life, and I got none of that from Christianity, then how can I be in bondage? Anderson, and his cabal of self-righteous doom-sayers are the ones who live in bondage, unable to decide for themselves what is right and wrong, and who live with the constant guilt and fear of temptation and redemption. This book is about how to destroy your individualism and live for the promise of a good afterlife. If that is how you wish to live, then by all means, live in your spiritual cave and bathe yourself in the blood of your martyred king. But to push your ideas onto others, and cause persecution and hard feelings within families, shame on you, Mr. Anderson. If there is a hell, as you so believe, then you will be there with me, for you are nowhere near Christ-like with your judgments and scorn. Jesus preached love, and all you have to offer is discrimination....more info
  • THE best self-help Christian book out there!
    Every Sunday I looked forward to going to church with my mother. I'd wear nifty clothes and matched them up with my favorite accessories: shoes and handbags. I'd look and feel good, ready to devote an hour and a half to God. Then -- bam! -- something happened, something very small and meaningless, almost imperceptive, that put me in a foul mood. I became cranky to the point that I was inexplicably angry, all kinds of dark thoughts entering my head. Which begged the question: why. Why was I going through this? Why the negative thoughts, not just on Sundays but on my everyday living, to the point that it brought me to the brink of... something? Lately, I was going through a very rough patch, and was heading to a direction that would have damaged me for not putting my trust fully in God. Then my pastor suggested I read The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson...

    This is the best self-help book I have ever read! Since it deals with your spiritual difficulties and not your psychological ones, you get to the root of your real problem, and you find solutions and freedom that years of therapy hadn't fixed. Anderson will take you through steps and give you examples of people who had experienced similar problems. I found myself nodding in agreement with all of his statements and case studies. Christians have a constant struggle against Satan, and it is within your power to make it stop. And you DO have that power. All self-conflict in me has (almost) healed. I still experience confusion and conflicting emotions from time to time, but to a lesser degree, and I no longer believe the lies I told myself, and I rely on my faith to make the negative thoughts and "voices" in my head disappear. These things are very real, and almost everyone will admit to having experienced "inner demons" of a sort, whether with an addiction or lack of self-esteem or lies you are forced to believe in. The Bondage Breaker is for Christians, as in people who have accepted Christ as their personal savior (like me), since it deals with the struggles and inner-conflicts you experience after you take such an important step. I highly recommend this book to those who have taken that step and even to those who haven't. You will relate to Anderson's wonderful book in more ways than one.
    ...more info
  • Occult Christianity -- "The bondage maker"
    An unfortunate mixture of Christianity and pagan demonology. Neil Anderson is no doubt a sincere Christian. However, his teachings on this subject are harmful, causing believers to doubt one of the chief blessings of the Gospel.

    At the heart of Anderson's doctrine is the idea that demons can transmit thoughts into the minds of Christians. But, unless I missed it, he provides no clear Scriptural support for this astounding theory. The principal examples he cites are people who were apostates -- Judas and Ananias. (Page 64) He gives no Biblical examples of ordinary believers who, after the Resurrection, had thoughts implanted by demons.

    Anderson ignores the force of numerous Scripture passages, teaching that Jesus has destroyed the devil's power over believers. (See e.g. Heb. 2:14; Col. 2:15; Matt. 28:18)

    Instead, Anderson takes out of context "spiritual warfare" verses such as Eph. 6:12. That was clearly written to believers in Ephesus who were going through human persecution. Paul reminds them that their battle is not with the people persecuting them, but with demonic power influencing the persecutors. (Why else would the Ephesians be confused? Why would they think they were outwardly struggling with people, with "flesh and blood," when they were instead inwardly struggling with demonic thoughts?)

    It is one thing to teach that demons can indirectly influence Christians, through pagan society. It is another thing to claim that demons can directly interfere with the thought life of believers.

    Anderson's doctrine produces happy nonChristians, and unhappy Christians. Before Christ, people are ignorant of demonic influences. After conversion, though, Anderson teaches believers that their minds can be flooded with demonic thoughts.

    Are people to accept Christ, only to be told that demons can attack their minds? This demonic-telepathy doctrine is very disturbing to sensitive and introspective people. It also conveniently takes the focus off the real problem -- our own selfish motives. This doctrine bears bad fruit, and cannot be true.

    It is unclear why this unsound doctrine has survived so long, and even thrived in many Christian circles. Perhaps it is due to the short-term benefits pastors see, when congregations have a new-found interest in "spiritual things." Perhaps it is due to the lack of any popular books presenting a contrary view. Whatever the reason, the reader should proceed with a healthy skepticism....more info
  • A Must Read for All Christians!
    This book should come with every Bible you purchase. I have read the printed version several times and purchased the audio version so I could process it more deeply. I listen to it in the car every week!...more info
  • Thank God for this book!
    This book answers some of the most troubling questions I've had during the 40+ years I've been a Christian. Why do I know so many Christians who are afflicted with terrible mental illnesses, addictions, physical problems, etc., that they just can't seem to get free from? Why do I still suffer from problems with depression, and how should I pray for and minister to the hurting people in my life? This book is the answer to all those questions. I am reading it and feeling a huge burden lift from my heart. Yes, there IS a reason for these things, and there IS something we can do about it, not only in breaking free from our own chains, but in interceding for others so they can be freed, too.

    I have experienced demons. Anyone who says they don't exist has bought into the lies of the Father of Lies. You're no danger to an enemy you don't believe in, are you?

    I have seen family and friends tormented by demons. No, I don't see demons under every rock (and neither does Neil Anderson), and I know sometimes there is another explanation for someone's torment. But what if there isn't? What if there is no solution? Sometimes the only thing that makes sense is believing that this world really IS under the control of Satan, and some of the people I love are his prisoners.

    The best thing about this book is that it teaches who we are in Jesus Christ, and that we are warriors in His army and we have all the tools we need to go out and possess the land in His name.

    The greatest gifts this book has given me are faith and hope.

    Note to those who think the book is saying Christians can be possessed: I don't think the book says that at all. I think it is saying demons can have strongholds in us. This is not the same as possession.

    People who fear or hate truth, do not acknowledge the existence of the devil and his armies, or want to hang onto New Age, secular philosophies, will HATE this book. But it's truth that will make us free....more info

  • Gives Satan too Much Power
    The author states "it is my observation that no more than 15% of the evangelical community is completely free from Satan's bondage." Satan is seen as an omnipresent force ready to invade Christians when they sin. The book uses case studies for support. In one case, a woman is demonized after praying that God would give her thorn in the flesh if that's what it took for His power to be perfected in her weakness. After the prayer, she experienced tingling sensations which the author concluded were due to invading demonic forces. Following a deliverance prayer, her symptoms were relieved. The point of the passage is that a sovereign God sent the messenger of Satan for a positive spiritual purpose in Paul's life and He refused to remove it. Anyone who has read this book should also read a dissenting evangelical perspective (e.g., The Stronghold of Grace which discusses the placebo effect in symptom relief) and make up their own minds.

    ...more info
  • Get ready to break loose!!!!
    This book, by far, is the best book I've read so far for understanding the enemy attacks and how to break sin/bondage in your life and overcome irrational thinking and self discipline issues! I knew that this book was going to set me free from sin or bad habits when every time I sat down to read it I would be distracted. I would get sleepy or the phone would ring or SOMETHING to interrupt my read. If the enemy doesn't want me reading this book, then this book is a threat and has information for taking a foothold back and that just made me want to read it more!

    The book is easy to read, it has great prayers in it to read outloud and/or to copy. Sometimes reading the prayers outloud is easier than trying to figure out what to pray yourself.

    Also, this book taught me things I didn't know from going to church, so it digs deeper into the spirtual warfare around you that holds you in bondage.

    I recommend this book to ANYONE! One of my MUST HAVES as a Christian.

    PS. When you get this book, don't let the enemy distract you. Don't let it get lost. Get it. Read it. Pray about it. There are things in this book the enemy doesn't want you to know that will set you FREE and bring you closer and in sync with God.

    A+++++++++++++...more info
  • 2nd review... response to negative reviews
    I have read several negative responses to this book and I am quite amazed. With so many people saying "this book helped me walk in victory" and "my sanity was saved" and "changed my life" why do others so quickly invalidate it? God has worked miracles in my life since I have come to understand how the enemy builds up strongholds in my life and how God tears them down. Paul stated that "we do not war against the flesh but against principalities..." If you are interested in freedom, read this book. If Israel would have understood the ways of God, then the Babylonians never would have conquered them. Learn the ways of God from this book and get free from your personal "Babylonians and Chaldeans"....more info
  • For people who want to be free.
    Very good book for people who want to be free from evil thoughts and know who to live with Jesus in a free and biblical way. Very usufel book as it lets you know who really you are in Jesus Christ and you are hollified and justified in Him, you just need to believe in this fact that whatever you are, you are a king and one of the knig's sons. It reveals facts which the enemy alaways to keep them away from our mind that Jesus Christ came for me and every one has a big folder in His mind. I recommend that book for everyone who wants to take very serious decisions in his life as that book taught me that first I should be purified by the Holy Spirit from my sins, then I will be able to take my decisions without any bondage. ...more info
  • The Illusion of Freedom
    If you are a Christian, this is not the route you need to go. Anderson's concept of knowing "who you are in Christ" is appealing to our sinful nature that wants to "deserve" something. Frankly, we need to remember that we deserve only death ("for the wages of sin is death") and that any focus on ourselves will take the focus off of Christ. And let's be realistic. If you are making 65 statements each day for 30 days that all begin with "I", how are you really going to focus on Christ?

    I am not saying that all of Anderson's theology in the book is flawed, but that's what makes it dangerous. It is like having a grilled steak, peppered with arsenic. Sure, most of what is there is good tasting steak, but the little bits of arsenic will kill you.

    Basically, I think this book is trying to persuade you that you are not at fault and the fault instead lies in an entity called, "sin" (this is easily seen from a real counseling situation he includes the transcript of) or in some "spirit of...." As Christians, we should be looking more to our own responsibility and just fall down on our knees and say simply, "I sinned."

    Remember, what is popular is not always (or even usually!) what is right. Freedom belongs to any Christian at the moment of salvation. If not, what in the world were we saved from???

    **A quote from Anderson's counseling session on p. 50, "When we act out of character with who we really are, the Holy Spirit immediately brings conviction because of our union with God, and we often take it out on ourselves." If the Holy Spirit is indeed convicting us, then that must mean we have done something wrong so we SHOULD blame ourselves. Who else would there be to blame? Anderson needs to see the difference between putting blame where it belongs (on us!) and condemnation. We ARE to accept the blame. This is how subtly Anderson twists the truth of Scripture. Steer clear of his teachings because even good, supposedly solid Christians have been mislead by this counterfeit "freedom."...more info

  • This book changed my life
    Many times you hear people say that certain books have touched them. Not so with The Bondage Breaker--instead, its revolutionary content has changed my life forever. For many years I struggled with trichotillomania (an obsessive compulsive disorder) and no one thought I'd ever live a normal life again. I'd come to believe it myself until my pastor introduced me to this book. Not only have I been clean for 5 whole months, I'm certain it is gone forever..all in the name of Jesus Christ. If there is anyone reading this who is hurting, enslaved to addiction, or has any type of burden that is keeping you from experiencing true joy in Jesus--you should read this book and learn about the powerful truth that will set you free....more info
  • bondage breakers
    the book came in good condition however, the packaging was a mess with the address almost indescipherable. This was a gift to someone. ...more info
  • Something to Consider
    Quote of another reviewer from 10 years ago:

    This book puts its readers at grave risk -- especially new Christians. First of all, it exposes Christians who are already deeply embattled to some very outrageous and horrible situations. Second, he diminishes the meaning of the "helmet of salvation" and the "sword of the Spirit" to some opinionated heresies. And third, he seems to focus on demonic activity a lot more than he should.
    C.S.Lewis wrote in The Screwtape Letters, "There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them. They themselves are equally pleased by both errors, and hail a materialist or magician with the same delight."

    If I hadn't been so impressed with the high rating of this book, I would have noticed the heresy in the title itself. Satan's bonds are already broken. Christ did that for us at the cross. The strongholds are simply an illusion that we need to recognize. Neil isn't breaking any bonds for us. But I think we should all keep him in prayer....more info
  • A couple new and impressive ideas
    The main points of interest in this book to me, were the ideas that 1. a demonic encounter is better resolved with the truth of who Christ is and who a person is in Him, than by sensational displays of power and holy aggression (although that is possible), and 2. that there is no arena of human suffering that is isolated from possible spiritual oppression. I had never really considered that before reading this book. I appreciate Neil's fair-minded and calm treatment of the subject - and the relatively new concept of people taking responsibility for their actions and seeking the face of the Lord themselves for their deliverance, is a breath of fresh air.

    I think one of the primary weights of skepticism that people may hold toward this book is in the systematic approach promoted by Dr. Anderson to achieving ones freedom in Christ Jesus. Surely this is not the only 'correct' way to acheive it, but after much thought I have not personally found anything wrong with the Steps to Freedom. Maybe it's the meeting of a percieved unsystematic spiritual world and a systematic way to freedom that causes the problem. That doesn't sound like it captures completely the problem, so.. hanging question.

    This book is good and useful for anyone who has a heart toward seeing bound people free. As with all things, judge it on it's own merits and not from our words only. All I can say is that I highly recommend it as a guide to ministry....more info

  • Excellent
    I received my book in as good as or better condition than stated and in a very timely manner. Thanks! I haven't read it yet but content is a separate issue....more info
  • Some good insight regardless of whether you agree
    Your denomination may or may not teach, and/or you may or may not believe, that demons have any power over us today. As I understand the Bible, demons could reside within people during the first century, but it's not clear to me whether that's still the case today.

    Regardless, Anderson gives some good practical advice to help you overcome sinful habits. All of that advice boils down to learning and embracing the truth. Whether it's Satan whispering lies into your ears or you lying to yourself, when you recognize those lies, you can (with effort) choose to stop listening to them. When you stop listening to lies and instead listen to truth, your actions will change for the better....more info


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