Weight Watchers Take-Out Tonight! : 150+ Restaurant Favorites to Make at Home--All 8 POINTS or Less

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Now you can have take-out tonight and every night and still lose weight!

Craving Chinese, Mexican, Thai, or even Japanese for dinner? No problem and no need to worry about the fat and calories thanks to Take-Out Tonight! Based on the Weight Watchers Winning Points? weight loss plan, Take-Out Tonight! serves up more than 150 mouthwatering recipes that reinvent all of America's most-loved take-out dishes -- all 8 POINTS or less! Few people consider, before they stop in for take-out or pick up the phone to call for delivery, how these made-to-order meals fit into their lives if they're trying to lose weight. Truth is, they don't. So let Take-Out Tonight! help you prepare healthy, delicious meals for you and your family using the smart cooking hints people have come to expect from Weight Watchers cookbooks. Take-Out Tonight! includes:

CHINESE CLASSICS, like Shrimp-and-Pork Wontons, Chinese Barbecued Pork, and Szechuan Chicken with Peanuts ? MEXICAN MUST-HAVES, like Family-Style Chicken Enchiladas, Chimichurri Steak with Jicama Salsa, and Nachos Supreme ? DELI SPECIALS, like Crunchy Chicken Salad Wraps, Reuben Sandwiches, and Crumb-Topped Jumbo Bran Muffins ? TOTALLY THAI, like Shrimp Pad Thai and Coconut Rice Pudding ? ITALIAN DELIGHTS, like Pizza with the Works, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and Cannoli

Each recipe offers easy how-tos, tips, and complete nutritional information, as well as POINTS per serving. With Take-Out Tonight! there's really no reason to order out -- so get cooking!

Customer Reviews:

  • cookbook
    this book was a birthday gift to my sister in law so I really can't review it. She is currently doing WeightWatchers so I thought she would enjoy this....more info
  • Great for Flex Plan but not for Core
    Recipes do not indicate whether okay for core dieters. However, on flex plan as I am, very good book with great ideas....more info
  • Love this cookbook
    Great recipes! Easy to make and they are a hit in my household. ...more info
  • Wonderful Book but Not an everyday recipe book
    This book has lots of yummy looking recipes and I can't wait to try them. The BIG flaw is that most of the recipes require special ingredients that you will have to go to a store and buy. some of the stuff you may need to have to ask for help finding in the store...if not, have to go to a specialty store. I love cooking and creating new healthy fun recipes so this is good for someone like me but for a busy person looking for quick easy recipes I do not recommend. ...more info
    I'll be honest - in the past, I've been disappointed with Weight Watchers' cookbooks. I was skeptical about this one, but decided to give it a try, after reading positive reviews on a cooking board I frequent.

    This is a great little cookbook!! What makes this book unique is that the recipes are ones your family will love and ask you to make over and over again. This is family food - made easy and healthy! You won't be making two dinners - one for the dieter in the family, and another for everyone else!

    There are lots of recipes tailored to modern tastes - Chinese, Mexican, and Thai. And they use genuine ingredients from those cuisines. This isn't "fake food", but it definitely is "fast food"! Recipes are simple to follow and easy to make.

    We love the Skinny Chimichangas - a variation on the standard deep-fried version, that's delicious and super easy to make. I double the recipe, so we have leftovers to wrap in plastic wrap and put into lunches. Delicious!

    ...more info
  • Lots of Great Options!
    I love how this cook book has lots of healthy recipes that are full of flavor - not just grilled chicken! I have made several recipes for friends and family and all were really good and easy to follow. I will make adjustments to some of the recipes to make them more my taste, but I do that with most recipes anyway. ...more info
  • You'll never be hungry or bored eating from this book.
    The variety of cuisines represented and the generous serving sizes of these recipes mean those of us who like to cook and eat will be very happy eating healthy foods.

    I've been using this book frequently over the last two months and some of the favorites in our house have been the Nachos Supreme, Chipotle Chicken and Rice, and Skinny Chimis from the Mexican section; the Baked Orzo with Fragrant Lamb, Greek Villagers' Salad, and a terrific Lemon-Garlic Roast Chicken from the Greek section; Shrimp and Soba salad from the Japanese, and Beef with Broccoli from the Chinese. The only dud so far has been the Thai Coconut Rice Pudding. I've concluded that I prefer coconut milk in savory rather than sweet dishes.

    The pictures are lovely, the listing of what constitutes one serving helpful, and many of the dishes can be whipped up in 45 minutes or less.

    One note: you can reduce the sugar/honey in the Asian dishes by at least half successfully if you prefer less-sweet foods....more info
  • Pretty good!
    I recently received this and the Weight Watchers "Make it in Minutes" cookbook as a gift. While the Make it in Minutes cookbook probably has more recipes that I'd cook every day - this book is still great. If you are a huge fan of Mexican, Thai, Chinese, etc. - this book is for you. I'm a bit of a picky eater so that narrows out a good amount of recipes in any cookbook for me...the whole Indian chapter is basically out in my case.

    For the reviewers who say they aren't saving many points by making these recipes vs. eating out - they're really just fooling themselves!! It's a rare chinese restaurant that will even give you nutritional info on their dishes, for example. You never know how much oil goes into preparing a dish when you order out. These recipes probably cut the POINTS values in half - if not more - of your favorite dishes.

    I've found the WW cookbooks lighten up the recipes in a way you don't even feel like you're depriving yourself. Dieters and non-dieting spouses & family will still enjoy the recipes that are made from this book.

    There are a lot of pictures in the cookbook and it is printed on high quality paper - I only wish there were a few more to choose from. A good deal at the price!...more info
  • WW Take-Out Tonight!
    Simply perfect for those who love to eat good food and won't diet because they think they can't! Cost less than eating out, you know what's in it and EVERY bit as good as the restaurant. My husband never knew it was WW and raved it was about time I was off that "silly diet!" Like eating gourmet. Some of the recipes take a bit longer and some skill, so not easy recipes for the beginner. Lots of new things you might not regularly stock in your pantry, either. But certainly tasty beyond belief when you are tired of routine and are dying to eat out! And it allows for the take-out taste without the take-out portions or extra ingredients (like MSG). ...more info
  • Great book
    I really love this book. It gives me the option to make the stuff I usually order and still lose weight. The instructions are easy and once you get the ingredients for one of the recipes you are pretty much able to use it over and over again for that entire section. Def must for you collection!!...more info
  • Weight Watchers Take Out Tonight 150 Resteraunt Favorites
    This book is amazing. I have made quite a few recipes from this book so far and they have all been very easy to follow and delicious. This book really helps give some extra ideas to cooking meals at home rather than eating out!...more info
  • Great cookbook for those that like to eat out!!
    I love this cookbook. There are lots of delicious recipes, and they taste so great that even those who are not watching their weight will love them. There are lots of very different options, and none of the recipes I have made so far are too difficult or too time-consuming....more info
  • Delicious recipes! Point-Friendly!
    This cookbook has an array of food that I would initially have though would be off-limits while counting points and striving for a healthier lifestyle.

    The thing I love about it is that it contains recipes that I have not seen anywhere else for more diverse, ethnic cuisine.

    The reason why I did not give it a full five stars is that some of the recipes are a bit too advanced for a basic, beginning cook like me.

    I would highly recommend this book!...more info
  • Tasty Recipes!
    We love the convenience of take-out, but our weight is creeping up on all of my family. I was hoping we could enjoy our take-out favorites without the calories. We were not disappointed with this book--while we haven't tried every recipe, those that we have tried have ALL been tasty, filling and rather easy. The Japanese Chicken & Udon Noodle Soup has become a family favorite. And the scallop recipes are all good. We're now cooking our way through the Greek section. ...more info
  • Takeout using Take Home
    Takeout food using Take Home food. There are some really great recipes in this book. It's great to use it to plan a "theme" dinner and pretend you're not on a "diet"....more info
  • My favorite foods without the guilt!
    Since my wife and I are both busy professionals, it is sometimes just easier to order out instead of cooking at home. The big problem is paying for that time savings with extra calories. I did the WW points system and lost a whopping 50 lbs. just by following the points for my body type. The hard part is when you go back to the high calorie foods; at some point it is hard to avoid... This book made it easy for us to eat the same foods that we would pay $30 for on a night out, but by using high-fiber alternatives and by not sacrificing taste. My favorite is the Turkey Reuben, which I now make once a week. Only about 4 points and it tastes like a real deli! For the price, this book has paid for itself about 5 times and my waist is still shrinking. ...more info
  • Weight Watcher's Best Cookbook
    This is by far my favorite Weight Watcher's cookbook. So far I've tried the spinach pie and vegetable pannini, both were yum! All of the recipes are exactly the food that I crave but which have too many points in the restaurant. I am planning to make over half of these dishes and it has really spiced up my diet!...more info
  • Amazing!
    I've been a Weight Watcher for more years than I care to count, but I've never seen a cookbook like this before! Almost every page is a recipe for something I love and don't know how to make at home. With everything less than 8 points, it's realistic to include it as part of an average day's menu. I only wish there were a picture with every recipe, but the pictures that are there are great! My mother always said "If you get one good recipe out of a cookbook, it's worth the price!" This one will earn its keep in less than a week! ...more info
  • saw it bought it love it
    Saw this book at a friends home and decided to get it for myself. I also bought one for my son and his wife as they are health smart and enjoy new and different ethnic foods. We have all tried several of the recipes and have enjoyed eating take out in since this book makes it easy to adapt the recipes to your personal taste....more info
  • Great Chinese, Easy and Tasty
    This book has really changed our eating habits. The dishes are so good that we would rather cook at home now than go out. All the dishes we have tried tasted great, hard to believe they are reduced calorie....more info
  • BEST Cookbook EVER!!
    My husband and I own a lot of cookbooks (weight watching and otherwise) and this is our favorite cookbook. It never lets us down. All of our favorite recipes come from here. We always think, "where was that one great recipe?" and it was here. Eating healthy can be DELICIOUS!! This will be the best cookbook you ever order!!...more info
  • Delicious food from around the world for everyone!
    As an avid cook who enjoys entertaining, I have made several dishes from this cookbook and to date, none of my guests have been able to tell the difference. I also follow Weight Watchers (I've lost 30lbs since Jan 1, 2007 and still going strong) and what I love about the concept of this cookbook is that WW has reinvented many of our favourite take-out or order-in restaurant foods that we can make at home, enjoy and above all, not feel guilty afterwards. The General Tso Chicken in the Chinese Classics section is delicious! If you're craving Mexican, try the Chipotle Chicken & Rice...you'll love it. I love cooking Indian dishes so the Cucumber Raita, Shrimp Vindaloo and Tandoori Chicken are all hits in my household. Honestly, it may sound too good to be true but each of these dishes are 8 Points or less per serving and don't taste any less authentic than those dishes prepared in the restaurants. Go ahead and order this book. As the editor writes, "with Take-Out Tonight, there's really no reason to order out - so get cooking." Enjoy it....more info
  • A Good Purchase
    I have made several of the recipes in this book, and they are very good. The recipes are better than in some of the other WW cook books, but there are a few drawbacks. Most of the recipes call for quite a few ingredients, and they are higher in points than in other books. If you are looking for something different, this is definately worth the money. ...more info
  • Another great cookbook
    Lots of ideas and ways to cook favorites at home for less money and calories....more info
  • Take out favorites
    Is it possible to eat 8 point pizza? Yes! This book gives easy-to-make low point versions of many takeout favorites....more info
  • Wonderful
    This cookbook is wonderful and the recipes are easy and not too hard to figure out. Glad I bought it....more info
  • Wow. That looks fantastic
    I'm another that thinks this is a great cookbook.

    I'm always looking for a way to have my big meal of the day (dinner) both filling and fit within the points allowed. My usual method is to eat 2 points for breakfast and 6 for lunch which leaves me 22 for dinner. Not the best way to do it.

    This cookbook allows me to eat a little more for breakfast and lunch and still have a really nice dinner. Last night I had the Turkey Enchilada casserole. 4 points for one serving. I had two servings. Add on some fat free refried beans and you have a very nice dinner for only about 10 or 12 points.

    Buy this book if you want quite a few lower point ethnic recipes....more info
  • Great Book!
    I purchased this book for my wife and Mother-in-law who are dedicated to the Weight Watchers program. They both loved it and use the recepies on a regular basis. I eat what they cook and lets just say that I cant tell the diffrence. The food taste the same but with a low point kick.
    Worth the purchase!!!...more info
  • The best cookbook ever!!!
    I LOVE this book. I have made a lot of the recipes, and my family loves them. We make something out of this book at least twice a week!!! Easy recipes, and good food. Plus, no guilt!! What could be better?!!...more info
  • Tasty Recipes!
    We love the convenience of take-out, but our weight is creeping up on all of my family. I was hoping we could enjoy our take-out favorites without the calories. We were not disappointed with this book--while we haven't tried every recipe, those that we have tried have ALL been tasty, filling and rather easy. The Japanese Chicken & Udon Noodle Soup has become a family favorite. And the scallop recipes are all good. We're now cooking our way through the Greek section. ...more info
  • Weight Watchers, Take out tonight
    Very nice cookbook. Very helpful for cooks on the "Flex Plan" of Weight Watchers. The points for recipes are listed with the other information....more info
  • My favorite WW cookbook!
    I checked out many of the Weight Watcher cookbooks from the library and this one was my absolute favorite - so much so I now own it! If you have a craving for take out these recipies will help while still controlling the calories. We have tried many of the recipes and they are delicious without that 'diet' taste. Enjoy!...more info
  • Fabulous Book!!
    I bought this book because my roommate is on the Weight Watchers program and I like to eat healthy. Little did I know that I would make recipes out of this book at least once a week. My boyfriend loves the Orange Chicken and the General Taos Chicken too. These recipes are so much healthier than what you would get ordering from the local chinese restraunt. ...more info
  • best cookbook ever
    I've made two recipes so far out of this cookbook and can easily say that this is the best one I've ever bought. In the five years my (somewhat picky) husband and I have been married, I have NEVER seen him enjoy anything I've made as much as he did the Szechuan Chicken with Peanuts. And he kept saying, "I can't believe this is good for you..." Of course, now I suspect he'll be expecting me to cook more......more info
  • Better than Take-Out
    I received this book as a gift, and am buying another to give to a family member. Fast, easy recipes that the whole family will love. I've tried almost all of the recipes, and haven't had one that wasn't delicious. Nice to have easy, points-friendly recipies, that my husband and kids ask for. I could hardly put this book down. [...]...more info
  • Be a hero to your family.
    I bought this book on line because of the recommendations and I haven't been disappointed. Honestly, the recipes have been tasty and the break from the usual same old, same old has been great. There is no getting around the fact that you need to make friends with fruit and vegetables. That being said, my husband and I have found these recipes to be very palatable. My husband has lost weight happily, and with no effort. I am on his hero list. Yes, there were some new ingredients to be bought and added to the pantry, but I find I use them frequently now and I am even getting brave enough to experiment with some of them on my own.
    I heartily recommend the book....more info
  • Great product, awesome price, great service!!!
    Just a note to let you know that you have great products, awesome prices, but most of all, great service!!!...more info
  • Disappointing - why not just do take out?
    I was ready for recipes that offer less points or healthier but just as yummy dinners. Unfortunately, most of the dinners are as many points or a point less than going to a restaurant. If I am going to splurge, I'd rather have someone else prepare the meal!...more info
  • An Emphasis on Ethnic Food
    Weight Watcher's cook books can be depended on to hold down the calories and fat but their choice of take-home left a lot to be desired. Since most of the recipes in this book represent a particular culture, they use many ingredients you normally do not have on hand and may never use again. Although I love food from other cultures I would prefer to eat them in a restaurant. I expected recipes that would be simple and would not require numerous trips to the store or speciality shops. Might as well take home the take home!...more info
  • I've only made two recipes so far, but boy were they good
    So far I've made Nachos Supreme and Kung Pao Shrimp, and both were surprisingly good. I always felt that low fat, meant low flavor, but not with this book. I've earmarked many other recipes to try like Roasted Chicken with Coconut Lime Glaze, Shrimp Pad Thai, Corn and Jalapeno Quesadillas, and many more. I'm a foodie and can tell just by the list of ingredients in the recipes that these are going to be good. ...more info
  • FANTASTIC Recipes!
    Yum! I bought this cookbook a few months ago, and have sampled quite a few of the recipes and they are all 5-star! I have been on WW since August of 2006 and this cookbook makes it SO much easier to have tasty food that you WANT to eat, and stay on plan as well. I've been eating merrily, and dropping pounds, so life is GOOD! What makes it even better is that my boyfriend, who is quite the food connoseiur, loves it too! He actually only makes recipes out of this book now, not only to make me happy but because he genuinely likes them. If you are in the mood for Chinease or Pizza there is no need to waste 20+ points at the take out place, just open up this book, put some love into your cooking, and you will be much happier for it :o)...more info


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