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First popularized by Daniel Goleman in his book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, the concept of emotional intelligence is now widely accepted, not only within the psychological arena, but also, ever-increasingly, within the business world. In The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book, authors Bradberry and Greaves outline techniques anyone can use to achieve goals in an easier and more fulfilling way, improve relationships, enhance health, and become more accomplished in the work force. Starting with a discussion on what emotional intelligence (EQ, for short) is and how it impacts our lives, Bardberry and Greaves then provide readers with instructions for determining their own EQ via the book?s companion Web site (the passcode for doing so can be found on the inside of the book?s dust jacket). They also provide a variety of ways readers can increase their EQ and put it to use in their personal and professional lives. Based on research with more than 500,000 people, The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book is exactly that, a quick and easy-to-read resource that empowers readers to master their EQ and more effectively incorporate it into all aspects of their daily lives. Larry Trivieri Jr.


In today's fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and chaotic personal lives, each of us is searching for effective tools that can make our schedules, behaviors, and relationships more manageable. The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook shows us how understanding and utilizing emotional intelligence can be the key to exceeding our goals and achieving our fullest potential.

Authors Bradberry and Greaves use their years of experience as emotional intelligence researchers, consultants, and speakers to revitalize our current understanding of emotional intelligence. They have combined their latest research on emotional intelligence with a quick, easy-to-use format and cut-to-the-chase information to demonstrate how this other kind of "smart" helps us to decrease our stress, increase our productivity, understand our emotions as they happen, and interact positively with those around us.

The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook brings this concept to light in a way that has not been done before -- making EQ practical and easy to apply in every aspect of our daily lives. The Quickbook will help you to:

  • Engage the four unique areas of EQ: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management

  • Increase your EQ through the use of these skill-building techniques

  • Apply your EQ at work to develop leadership skills and improve teamwork, making you a better manager and a more desirable employee

  • Practice your EQ outside the office environment to benefit your relationships with loved ones, making you a better partner and parent

  • Access the link between your EQ and your physical well-being to improve your overall health

  • Measure your current EQ through access to the authors' bestselling online Emotional Intelligence Appraisal

Customer Reviews:

  • The Book of Choice
    While the concept of emotional intelligence has gained popularity in recent years, there has been a void of hands-on information suitable for audiences beyond the research community. The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book is the perfect solution: easy to digest, entertaining, and informative with plenty of take home value. This book has goodness of fit for both the business audience and the mass market of readers who seek to learn more about themselves and how they can improve their lives through an understanding of EQ. I particularly like the free assessment that comes with the book. I commend Bradberry and Greaves for this practical, groundbreaking book and will strongly recommend it to others....more info
  • Good, quick read
    I ordered this book to use with a class of managers in a service organization. It was very easy to understand the concepts, and what I liked most is that it quickly explained emotional intelligence without getting bogged down in psychological research. Perfect for learners who don't have time to read. The stories helped explain very well.
    The assessment results were easy to understand. The only drawback was the relevance, or helpfulness of the suggestions for development. They weren't really meaty.
    Overall, I liked the book very much.

    ...more info
  • Very Disappointing
    A recommended read, but I can't figure out why.
    The authors spout the necessity and importance of emotional intelligence with anecdotal stories and descriptions but don't do much of anything to actually train the reader. Do not bother borrowing the book from your local library. The code needed to take their "Emotional Intelligence Appraisal" is a one-time option. To try to take the test again, after the first reader, you would need to pay to do so. This is a problem even if you purchase the book. The authors appear to be more concerned with making a buck off their website than teaching the concept in their book. My recommendation: Do not bother; the book is merely an advertisement for their on-line products and seminars....more info
  • I agree with the others...lacks substance
    I read all the feedback everyone had given it and I was kind of fired up to get the book. I was a little disappointed when I finished it. There are nuggets of wisdom in this book and good things, no doubt about it. The "everything you need to know to boost your score" like the front cover touts couldn't have been more than 40 pages of a 200+ page book. It lacked substance. I think they could have spent less time defending their survey and defining EQ, and more time on more how-to's and tips.
    ...more info
  • Great Book
    This book is such an easy read, yet has so many valid points to connect you to the importance of Emotional Intelligence. Great ideas and understanding of EI!...more info
  • An easy read with meaningful information
    A great book with very useful information for everyday life. It can be extremely useful if implemented into your life. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Greater understanding
    Just a GEM, of understanding the process the mind has. This book will truly lead anyone who leads, coachs, and simply interacts with people to a better understanding of people. Again thanks Travis and Jean keep them coming.

    G....more info
  • Great Book
    Easy to read, consise, and very helpful. Embodies all the elements of EI I used it as a gift for individuals attending a seminar. It was well received. ...more info
  • No how-to
    I gave this book to my wife. We both thought it was basically a promotion for Emotional Intelligence. It says that it can be done but nothing on HOW to do it or concrete things. Read the original or other books by Goleman for the real thing....more info
  • Boost your EQ
    If you had to select the person you think is "most likely to succeed," how would you go about making your choice? According to authors Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, you'd miss the mark if you based your choice on educational achievement, intelligence or experience. The main criteria, instead, is a set of social skills known as "emotional intelligence (EQ)" that helps people interact effectively. When you're emotionally intelligent, your emotions work for - not against - you, and you are respectful and mindful of other peoples' feelings. Even the most emotionally challenged people can boost their EQs by practicing the skills this book outlines. It offers specific examples of how to bring emotional intelligence to bear in a variety of situations at home and at work. getAbstract recommends this book to those who want to use emotional intelligence effectively. ...more info
  • Halfway There
    The Good: Assuming the information is accurate, the book does an excellent job in defining Emotional Intelligence, laying out its relevance and, convincing the reader of the need to develop emotional intelligence skills.

    The Bad: Perhaps the most important section of the book, that is, the development of one's emotional intelligence skill seems to boil down to: "try to identify emotions and, then use them in a healthy way." After all the time spent convincing the reader that emotional intelligence is trainable, you would think they would have established a good, concrete, working plan that a reader could easily and definitively follow.

    Recommendation: Get it if you need a crash course in what emotional intelligence is, because this is where the books excels. However, even for this purpose, I would recommend borrowing it or just reading it in-store....more info
  • Great topic but lacks substance
    This is a very important topic and people need real information that will help them. Unfortunately, the content of this book is meager at best. I would look elsewhere....more info
  • When you're smarter than you are successful
    Are you smarter than you are successful? Does it frustrate you when less competent and capable people do better than you? There's a good chance that your IQ is much greater than your EQ. People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. This book is just what you need to help you increase your EQ and dramatically increase your career success. With terrific and memorable stories and clear concepts with the kind of wisdom that is so obvious once you read it, but know you never would have thought of it on your own. There was a movie a few years ago entitled, "As Good As It Gets," in which Jack Nicholson uttered the famous line in response to his respect for Helen Hunt , "You make me want to be a better man." The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book will not only make you want to be a better person, it will show you how to do it.
    - Mark Goulston, M.D.
    Sr. V.P. Emotional Intelligence
    Sherwood Partners
    author of: GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY AT WORK and Help Others Do the Same (from Putnam, October 6, 2005)....more info
  • Emotional Intelligence Quick Book
    Excellent resource for introducing managers to the understanding why they behave the way they do. I use this is a service leadership workshop....more info
  • not a very good book
    I don't think it was a good book on the subject. The book lacks real life examples, and in my opinion was just a rip off....more info
  • Beneficial to Everyone

    This is a well written concise book on emotional intelligence that should benefit everyone. It teaches techniques that people can employ to enhance their emotional intelligence; on our rational and emotional minds and why it is very important to our careers, our relationships and our destiny.

    This insightful book examines emotional intelligence in an easy to follow and understand format which makes the book useful to a wide readership. The book pragmatically examines what emotional intelligence is all about and what it can achieve for individuals and organisations. The author methodically explains how the rational and emotional minds can effectively work productively together. As you go up the corporate ladder, it is critical to know how to manage emotions so that you can relate better with others.

    This is not just an academic book but also one that looks at the whole aspect of emotional intelligence to see how it "fits in" with all aspects of life. The book examines all the relevant issues and provides sound, sensible advice succinctly.

    The book will change the way you look at life and relate with people. This is particularly the case with people with professional backgrounds that tend to emphasise logic and rationality such as engineers, doctors, mathematicians and the like. It is critical to realise that emotional issues affect the way you work, your motivation, satisfaction and productivity and affect the quality of relationships among spouses or friends. Understanding and embracing EI can make you much happier and more effective as a manager and therefore I recommend this book strongly to anyone who wants to live a happier and successful life.

    ...more info
  • Good Concept, but Lacking Methods for Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence
    Hardly anyone is new to the idea of emotions or controlling one's emotions, however the categorization the authors use of emotional intelligence is useful as a tool for analyzing one's strengths and weaknesses in using one's emotions. The categorization has as four parts: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. This is the biggest takeaway of the book. The rest of it is clarification or examples of what each category includes and how its important in personal situations.

    I have benefited from seeing people's behaviors through the lens of EQ. It helps explain not only my emotional strengths/weaknesses but also where other people have developed their emotional skills and where they are lacking.

    I only give it 3 stars because as useful as the categorization of emotional intelligence is (emotional intelligence really a misnomer, should be called emotional skill), there is no practical method for improving one's EQ provided by the book. The book itself is a quick read and doesn't go into much depth. Take the online assessment -- the questions themselves are useful in understanding what is considered high emotional intelligence. By the end, you'll know what EQ is, you'll know how to identify it, but in terms of improving your own EQ, this book leaves you to your own devices. Then again, knowing is half the battle. YMMV....more info
  • Needed to be a promotional pamphlet - not a book
    When you take the time to read a book you should be either entertained to be learn something . This book positions itself as an educational book but is merely a tool to promote the authors' website and side business. For example, they encourage you to go to their website and take their quiz which they insist is not a "cosmo quiz". Before you take their quiz, be sure to find and write down the code in the jacket of the book. Great gimmicks. I did not feel that their goal was to teach their readers about emotional intelligence but more likely to get us to look into their business.

    The simplistic diagrams of the brain in the book attempt to get readers to think that this is a scientific book with ample research behind it. The authors state that "emotional intelligence" is searched more on the web than "John Travolta". Who cares? If you write a short a book then you better make it dense with stuff that readers can use. This is a total waste of time. I have not read any other books on emotional intelligence but I certainly would not recommend this one.
    ...more info
  • Do not buy the Kindle edition
    When you buy the Kindle edition of this book, you do not receive a code to take the emotional intelligence appraisal. On hardcover editions, this code is on the reverse side of the dust jacket. While the book does say that it is not absolutely necessary to take the appraisal, I would like to have the option of taking it or not. I contacted customer service about this issue and the reply was they try to ensure that the kindle edition is as close as possible to the original, but sometimes there are differences....more info
  • Excellent book
    This is a very interesting, factual but explanatory book to help edify the differences between female and male brains.

    ...more info
  • Very good introduction book
    If you are new to the world of emotional intelligence this is an excellent book to start with. It is straight forward and the concepts are easy to grasp. Good book to have in your EI library....more info
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) made relatively easy
    As a junior professor, more than 25 years ago, I used to evaluate prospective faculty hire in terms of what I labeled the person's "public intelligence," his or her ability to think on her feet, to explain complicated theories, to speak to without speaking down to the less-educated, to adapt to the particulars of any social setting. This may have been my own, never-fully-developed stab at the construct of "emotional intelligence." At least my attempts at developing a theory may explain the success of this "quick" book. This is a short, useful treatment of an important construct, hampered primarily if not only by the difficulty in locating the password under the dust cover to allow the reader to go on line and assess his own emotional intelligence. I did not have the IQ to pull off that task but I guess I had the EI to not let it cause me to lose my temper.

    The basic two x two delineation of the personal (self-awareness and self-management) and social (read the book to learn these two) elements of EI are clearly drawn and easy to understand. The authors distill a lot of scientific and even academic language.

    If you have an interest in EI, or simply have heard of its possible role in explaining success, and you want a primer, this book will serve you....more info


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