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The body is the most fascinating machine ever created, and nobody talks about it in ways that are as illuminating and compelling as Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz. Most people think of the aging of our bodies the same way we think of the aging of our cars: the older we get, the more inevitable it is that we're going to break down. Most of us believe that at age 40 or so, we begin the slow and steady decline of our minds, our eyes, our ears, our joints, our arteries, our libido, and every other system that affects the quality of life (and how long we live it). But according to Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz, that's a mistake.

Aging isn't a decline in our systems. It's actually very purposeful. The very systems and biological processes that age us are designed to help us when we're a little bit younger. So what's our role as part of the aging population? To learn how those systems work so we can reprogram them to work the way they did when we were younger. Your goal should be: die young at any age. That means you live a high quality of life (with everything from working joints to working genitals) until the day you die.

At the core of this landmark book are the Major Agers--14 biological processes that control your rate of aging. Some you've heard of, some you haven't, and some you never knew contributed to the aging process. Some speed decline, others inhibit your repair mechanisms. These Major Agers are everything from short telomeres and inefficient mitochondria to stem cells and wacky hormones. The doctors explain the principles of longevity and many of the causes of aging and how to fight the effects. The climax of the book is a 14-day plan to help you along your path to staying young. The doctors want you to be able to integrate important processes into your daily life in order to make staying young routine, but first you'll need to measure your real age and health right now. Staying young encompasses your emotions and mental health as well as your exercise habits, eating habits, personal hygiene, and genes, among other things.

Wouldn't you like to know how to prevent your body from aging badly? The original YOU book showed how bodies work in general, and YOU: On a Diet explained how bodies lose weight and stay fit. Now in YOU: Staying Young, Drs. Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz illuminate the mysterious mechanisms with a lively metaphor -- the modern city. What differentiates a vibrant and thriving city that ages gracefully from one that is worn down and rusted out? Despite genetic differences, which are like the geography upon which the city is built, cities age differently because of the way residents treat their education system (stem cells), power plants (mitochondria), electrical grids (brains), transportation routes (blood vessels), and landfills (fat). You -- as mayor, resident, and street cleaner -- have the power to balance your biological budget to ensure a life that's both long and strong. Thankfully, just as cities can invest in renewal and improving their repair processes, so can you.

YOU: Staying Young is filled with signature YOU Tools, including YOU Tests, YOU Tips, and visual and verbal metaphors to bring the science to life.

A Letter from Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz

Dear Amazon Shoppers:

Our books, YOU: The Owner?s Manual and YOU: On a Diet, have become #1 Amazon and New York Times bestsellers, and we thank you. Many people have asked us questions about aging. We want you to know that the science in the last very few years has challenged the very perceptions of aging.

Most of us tend to have the same view of the way people age: As we grow older, we start losing things. We lose some hair, lose our minds, lose our balance, lose our eyesight, lose a little of this and a lot of that until we eventually wither away into a hunched-over senior who takes 3-inch steps and eats dinner at 4:00 pm. But to think that a life of frailty is an inevitable outcome of aging is a mistake. And the fact that we don't take control of it is because we have excuses. We live in a society where making excuses is as easy as making a sandwich. Nowhere is that more apparent than when it comes to your own health. The reason why we are frazzled with stress? Blame the boss. The reason why we are sick? Blame the sniffling kids. The reason why our society?s waistbands are stretching and snapping at alarming rates? Blame Auntie's alfredo sauce. The top health excuse, however, revolves around the biggest four-letter word of them all, the GENE. We blame our genes for just about everything--for baldness, for fatness, for illness and for every other health-related problem we can think of. In our minds, that means that our mom, pop, and the rest of the family tree are all on the hook for the ultimate health question of them all--how long and how well we will live?

But that is exactly where more of us have it wrong. While we are certainly born with genes that help determine everything from our height to our risk of heart disease, we are making a monumental mistake by assuming that we can?t control our genes--especially when it comes to aging.

Perhaps the best way to explain the dynamics of aging is to take a look at another complex system that is subjected to the same forces as your body: a city. Some cities remain beautiful and elegant in their old age, while younger ones may look worn down and beat-up. Now, every city has its own genetic code, just as you do. For a city, genes are geography; whether it's built on a river or whether it's located in a hot or cold climate, or whether it lies directly in a prevalent hurricane path. A city's geography can't change. But the city can adapt to the environment with earthquake-proof construction, with underground tunnels for walking in wintertime, or with strong levies. The adaptation the city makes to survive and to thrive is what is crucial to its vitality.

The same goes for you.

Just because you have been dealt a genetic hand that predisposes you to heart disease or diabetes or the wearing of pants as large as a parachute doesn't mean you can't mitigate the effects of those genes. One of the major things we will teach you is that while you can't change your genes, you can change whether they are turned on or off or how you express them. Just like a city, you can compensate elegantly if you understand your options.

For the first time in history, the medical world has uncovered many of the miraculous biologic processes that control how and why we age. Truth is, much of aging is actually in our control; with the power to nudge our biologic systems so that our unwanted genes can work in our favor--as long as you know what to do and how you are doing it. In YOU: Staying Young, we translate the latest science (much of which wasn't available even three years ago) to help slow your rate of aging. You will learn 14 Major Agers, and dozens of action steps so that you can take control of those agers and your aging processes.

We hope you enjoy the cartoons, analogies, and jokes. But ultimately we hope you soak in the message: Your health is largely in your control. We dedicate the book to all who desire longer life so they can serve more.

Thanks very much,

Mike and Mehmet

A Look Inside You: Staying Young

Take a look inside You: Staying Young with these three excerpted charts, full of crucial, easy-to-digest information that you can start using today:

  • Fuel Your Fighters: One of the best ways to pump up your immune system is by eating the foods and getting the nutrients that have been shown to improve your natural defenses.
  • Your Vital Supplements: The doctors' recommendations of pills and supplements that will make your body and mind stronger, healthier, and younger. It's best to get them from your diet, so consider these an insurance policy for an imperfect diet.
  • Move Your Body: Most of your body parts become stronger when you use them. Take a glimpse at what you can and should do to make sure you're doing enough to prime your pumps.

Questions for the Doctors

Q: What is the single most important thing someone can do to combat aging?

A: To understand that you get to control your rate of aging if you want to. It isn't that hard and doesn't take that long. In fact, even if you have had burgers for breakfast or fried your brain cells with stress by noon, you're not necessarily destined to wear husky pants, forget birthdays, and spiral into a state of complete upheaval. That's right: You get a do-over in life if you want it. Repeat after us: not hard, not long.

Q: Is there one food, vitamin, mineral, exercise, or lifestyle change that does more to combat aging than any other?

A: Our top choices in terms of ease and impact:

  • Walk 30 minutes a day and call someone after you do it. No excuses, walk every day. If you do it, you'll have the courage, health, and attitude to adopt other changes too.
  • Take 2 grams of omega-3 fats every day in form of either walnuts, fish oil, or DHA supplements.

Q: What is one of the most surprising contributors to aging that we can easily remove from our lifestyles?

A: Inflammation of our teeth. Remove it with daily flossing and brushing and seeing a dental professional regularly. You won't just save your teeth; you'll also go a long way in saving your heart and arteries. Another? Our lack of turmeric--curry and mustard (mustard on stadium hot dogs does not qualify). Both of those ingredients make your memory better.

Q: What are some of the immediate benefits you will notice from following the tips in the book?

A: You will feel younger. You might get hit upon by strangers or be mistaken for someone 20 years younger. In addition to the waist size you'll lose, your new attitude and vitality for life may give your reading choice away.

Q: How early should most people start to focus on slowing the aging process?

A: The aging process starts in your teens or even before, but any time you start is better than later. (Repeat: not hard, not long.) Your cells basically have a memory of three years. So by changing your habits now, within three years, it's as if you have done your healthy habit all your life.

Getting to Know YOU

YOU: Staying Young [Audio CD]

YOU: Staying Young Workout DVD

YOU: On a Diet

YOU: The Smart Patient

YOU: The Owner's Manual

From the Authors of the #1 Bestselling YOU: On A Diet and YOU: On a Walk

Wouldn't you like to know how to prevent your body from aging badly? Most of us believe that at age 40 or so, we begin the slow and steady decline of our minds and bodies. According to Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz, that's a mistake. Aging isn't a decline in our systems. It's actually very purposeful. The very systems and biological processes that age us are designed to help us when we're a little bit younger. Our role is to learn how those systems function so we can reprogram them to work the way they did when we were younger. Your goal should be: die young at any age. That means you live a high quality of life (with everything from working joints to working genitals) until the day you die.

At the core of YOU: Staying Young are the Major Agers -- 14 biological processes that control your rate of aging. Doctors Roizen and Oz explain the principles of longevity and many of the causes of aging and how to fight their effects. Also included in a printable PDF file is a 14-day plan to help you integrate important processes into your daily life in order to make staying young routine.

YOU: Staying Young is filled with signature YOU Tools, including YOU tips and memorable metaphors to bring the science alive and help you understand the most fascinating machine ever created: the human body.

Customer Reviews:

  • Recovery help
    I purchased this for my husband who is recovering from 6 months of illness and major surgery and he really likes the information and it is an easy enough read that he can get through it even when he is not feeling well. It gives him help and hope. ...more info
  • staying young
    I am enjoying this book very much. Very easy to follow and every page makes me keep reading.Great for your health...more info
  • Can't read this type of print
    There are many pages in this book that are printed with white print on a black background. Unfortunately, this method is difficult for me to see and therefore I cannot read it.
    If there is a version printed in the conventional method with black type on a white background throuhout the book then I will gladly buy it....more info
  • Great buy!
    This is such a great book that my husband is giving it out as gift's to good friends. Who doesn't want to stay young? Read this and you will get some great tips to help you do so!...more info
  • Basic information that should be widely broadcast!
    I bought this book because I am a baby boomer and also am a personal trainer. I generally work with people my age or older. I find this book to be full of information that is useful in my work and allows me to explain basic principles of healthy behavior more clearly to my clients. ...more info
  • A worthwhile owner's manual!
    This is a great aid to assist you in understanding how your body works, what it needs, and the impact of what you put in your body and how that affects your health.
    Great book for those who have come to realize they have to take care of their body to live well....more info
  • Good book with one tiny problem
    The Good:
    1) It has the basic information that the average person wouldn't know.
    2) It has good pictures and great games and side stuff to make it good to skim through.
    3) It gives a good overview of specific organs.
    4) The anti-aging plan is good to follow.

    My problem: Supplements are not good and so is alcohol. Almost every manmade things like drugs and artifical sugars are found to be bad for you. I am also tired of people suggest alcohol to be use moderately. Never would any talk about health benefits of once-in-a-while smoking. People find many unneeded drugs necessary like alcohol and pain killers for little stuff when the risk of using these drugs are greater. Stick with the other foods and drinks to help your heart. ...more info
  • Can't Get Past Pictures
    I opened the book so looking forward to some wonderful information, but the pictures we so distractive and made me feel like I was reading a child's book. ...more info
  • Good Book
    This is a good book but there is no need to order it from any place because you can get it at WalMart for the same peice and not pay shipping, etc....more info
  • Not up to expectation
    I was looking forward to this book after reading You On Diet. Sad to say that I do not find the information any bit useful. ...more info
  • Plethora
    This book contains a plethora of information which may come in handy at one time or another as I, or my family members,age.
    I love the book, but I would like to say that one needs to watch out because Amazon charged my card 5 times for the one purchase. Please double check the charges!...more info
  • Great Health Book
    While this book is titled YOU Staying Young, it's not about trying to keep your youth. It's about making your life the best it can be at the stage of life you are in. It is about not only aging gracefully, but aging SMART! The authors make an excellent point as they explain that staying young encompasses your emotions and mental health as well as your exercise habits, eating habits, personal hygiene, and genes, among other things.

    This book was easy to read and full of great information about maintaining quality of life at any age. It is an excellent read as well as a great resource.
    ...more info
  • Excellent guide to aging process and what you can do about it
    I have worked on personal nutrition when my father introduced me to the Pritikin diet in the 1980's saving me from a life time of obesity and poor health. I took that first step into self empowered health and wellness. I have run with it through today modifying the methods as new information is introduced. All along the way I have encountered the signs of aging but much less than and with excellent health for my age group. Basically pain free and full of energy in my late 50's Continuing with that effort I started the Vemma and Verve! nutrition program [...]

    The book has confirmed much I have learned about nutrition and health in 20 years, probably while the authors were still in school or just starting out.

    Good parts of this book are the balance between the real technical facts and great illustrations and analogies. The book is divided by short interestingly written sections called the Major Agers. These illustrate succinctly major agers such oxidation, stem cell slowdown, toxins, calorie consumption, declining defenses, wear & tear, UV radiation, wacky hormones and more. They set up what is happening to your body, why it happens. These are easy and motivational 2 - 4 page pieces. Then thinking of those sections as layers the filling in between are the details and steps you can take to help. You are giving the medical details in a way anyone can understand them.

    I write about nutrition and health [...] now after living it and glad to see the medical profession showing some signs of encouraging personal prevention.

    Read the book and learn to stay healthy and off of drugs as long as you can, hopefully such as depicted on the 16.1 illustration.

    Finally the book contains the "YOU Extended Warranty Plan" on page 313. You could skip the first 313 pages (but it would be a big mistake) and just start following it. I have been following many aspects of that plan over the last 20 years and it has worked. There are many new items in the book I have to fill in the gaps of my activities.

    You really need to look at Figure 16.1 on page 310 first before you read. Fix that image in your mind because that is the goal you want to work towards and you can do it.

    Doctors, READ THIS BOOK! and start advising patients about nutritional easy to comply mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidant supplements they can take to aid their wellness....more info
  • not as old as i thought
    It is not as informative as I thought it would be. It is OK, but certainly won't change my lifestyle....more info
  • Is that all?
    What a disappointment. This full sized volume is just a re-written version of transcripts from his appearances on Oprah. Good stuff, but no substance. Filled with cute jokes and lots of cartoon images. I already know the basics of good living- give me more than that!...more info
  • Love this book..
    This book is great! Teaches you how to be healthy. I think everyone should have it. The title is "You Staying Young", but I believe everyone should read it....more info
  • Not worth the money
    This book is flip and superficial. It doesn't really give any new information on this subject but rather regurgitates the standard line from the medical community. If you read any health newsletters and/or blogs, you will be more current than these guys.
    Most of the book (303 pages)describes the various systems of the body with the remaining 80 pages, the so-called "extended warranty system." The book is filled with a lot of weird cartoons and "factoid" boxes making it hard to follow the main text. Don't bother with the tests at the beginning as there are mistakes!...more info
  • Excellent Information
    I'm very glad I purchased this book! It is full of great ideas and methods to keeping healthy and vital into your so-called "declining years". I truly believe we can improve ourselves 100% if we take the advise given in this volume....more info
  • You Staying Yound
    I haven't had time to read the entire book but there is a lot of information to digest, some of which would make major changes to your current life style. ...more info
  • Great Deal!
    Arrived promptly, perfect condition and a great deal too! Love this book, easy to read with lots of great tips for extending the warranty on life. Well writtten and funny too!...more info
  • Outstanding and easy to read
    Well-written, easy-to-follow guide to maintaining health for the rest of your life. One of the best books on the subject I've seen. For anyone looking for a guide to mind-body and self-healing check out "THINKING YOUR WAY TO BETTER HEALTH by Dr. Andrew Goliszek," which is an excellent book on how to use the brain to cure disease....more info
  • book review
    Wonderful book! Great info on staying healthy. Dr. Oz can be seen on the Oprah show sometimes....more info
  • Not for Kindle
    This book doesn't work well in the Kindle format. The graphics are difficult to see properly and there are some tables, in particular, that get completely garbled and run off the page. The information is interesting though. I think the regular version is probably very nice....more info
  • This is one that you'll probably want to add to your permanent collection
    You don't have to age badly . . . that's the premise behind
    YOU: STAYING YOUNG, an informative guide written
    by Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

    Rather, you can actually extend your warranty if
    you learn some basic tips that the authors clearly
    (and with some humor) point out . . . for

    * [If] You're just beginning to experience some mild sleep

    Try Benadryl.

    Why? The nonaddictive OTC option contains an ingredient that
    makes you groggy ( it's also the ingredient in OTC sleep medications).
    If you don't have pains or other symptoms, stick to straight Benadryl.
    But if you do, you can add an OTC medication with a pain-killing
    element. Downside: You may feel groggy in the morning and suffer
    memory problems. If so, stop it. . . .

    [If] You're jet-lagged or work shift work.

    Try Melatonin.

    Why? Available in health-food stores, this supplement helps reset your
    body clock and is a first-line therapy for travel related sleep issues. The
    dose varies between 0.5 and 5 milligrams, so you'll have to experiment
    with dosing to see what works best for you.

    Then there was this great suggestion on how to get an assessment
    on your overall health:

    * Ask three strangers how old they think you are. (Asking friends
    and family doesn't count, since they either know or have a
    vested interest in not hurting your feelings. Think servers, baristas,
    seatmates on the subway, anyone who won't automatically say
    "ninety-seven.") That will help give you some kind of baseline
    as to how others perceive you--based on appearance and
    demeanor--and it can be a strong indicator of how healthy you actually
    are. In addition, you can ask a friend you trust to be honest with you
    about how you are aging compared to others.

    YOU: STAYING YOUNG covers a wide range of other topics,
    ranging from how to control your genes to developing a
    remarkable memory and a lot else between . . . there was
    even this suggestion on how to handle your closets:

    * If you get your clothes dry-cleaned, remove them from the plastic wrap,
    which traps in the chemicals used to clean them, and air
    them out on a porch or another covered area that is open to the outside air.
    Limit dry cleaning to only what absolutely has to be dry cleaned. Use only
    dry cleaners that have stopped using either trichloroethylene or
    perchloroethelyene (PERC). These chemicals have been linked to kidney
    and nervous system damage as well as cancer (in the person wearing the
    clothes, as well as the person cleaning them).

    Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz present a lot of other such information in
    their book . . . it is one that you'll probably want to add to your
    permanent collection so you can read and reread several times.
    ...more info
  • for the average person
    If you have been reading already lots of materials about healthy living, longevity etc, there is NOTHING in this for you. If you want a refresher , then get it. better from the library or borrow it from a friend!!!
    I listened to it once and I am done. Plus, when they talked about car accidents, I nearly had a car accident in that very moment, so I am even afraid to listen to it, at least in the car!!!...more info
  • book review
    this book is extremely well done. it not only sheds light on many subjects thought to be too complex for my consideration without a doctor present; but it also added humor and kept me intrigued....more info
  • Practical but nothng cutting edge
    I thought this book had a lot of practical tips and details but overall nothing cutting edge or revolutionary. I did read another book recently that had some cutting edge diet and fitness info in it--"The Six-Pack Diet Plan" by Rehan Jalali....more info
  • You: Staying Young
    Very informative. I found a lot of useful information and it made me rethink some of the choices I have made. Some of the drawings are verybasic, but cute. It helped keep the book from being too "text bookish". It was a very "easy read". None of the chapters were too long, which can be a problem with self-help books. I hope to be able to apply the information to my life.
    ...more info
  • Big disappointment
    Having seen the doctor on Oprah, I was excited to get the book and more information. What a disappointment. There is little new material inside; instead there are pages and pages of cumbersome and cutesy graphics, which make for difficult reading. If you saw Dr. Oz on Oprah, you've seen what he has to say; I'd recommend that you save your money and not buy this book. Take a walk instead. :D...more info
  • Not What I Expected (but still useful)
    I am in my 20's but I thought I would read this book as a preventative measure. To that end, it has SOME useful information (basically the last chapter). I thought a lot of the medical explanations went way too in depth. I just need to know what practical things I can do to prevent myself from turning into my parents.

    Speaking of my parents, THEY LOVE THIS BOOK. Both are in their 50's. They found it on my coffee table and were fighting over it (not joking). They told me it's like a "reference book" that explains everything they are currently experiencing. The information is very useful to them.

    I personally don't really want to read 20 pages about prostate changes, but that's just me. I also thought the drawings/cartoons in this book were really strange and stupid. They just cluttered the pages. But the writing itself IS funny. I did find myself laughing at a few of the authors' jokes (and laughter keeps you young!) :)

    I would have given this book 1 or 2 stars but since my parents loved it so much, I figure I might just be from the wrong demographic*

    *The title does misleadingly say, YOU: "STAYING Young" If the book's target audience is 50-60, shouldn't it be called, YOU: BEING OLD (but doing it well)?

    I guess that wouldn't sell as many copies. Either way, I'm glad I found this book because now I know what to get my parents for Christmas next year :)...more info
  • A Common Sense Approach
    "...the excess sugar we consume today coalesces into a syrupy mixture that coats our organs and creates glasslike shards that can cut up the blood vessels and tissues of our body. The constant wounds of these sugar surges lead to chronic inflammation..." ~ pg. 145

    Reading a book about aging can be depressing if you don't intend to do anything about it. If, however, you decide you are going to fight aging one step at a time then this book has a lot to offer. It covers topics as diverse as anger management, stress management and how to quit smoking. Each chapter ends with "YOU Tips" so you can get your life under control. Some of the questions they answer include:

    Why should you avoid Trans fats?
    How could separate bedrooms help you live longer?
    What is the real reason women live longer?
    Why do some men get breast cancer?
    Why should you never use moth balls?
    What is the real reason meditation works so well?
    Why should you think twice about iron supplementation?
    Why should you consider using sea salt instead of table salt?

    "YOU: Staying Young" is designed to explain the intricate details of the aging process. A lot of the advice on staying young is common sense. Get enough sleep, eat fiber, eat whole grains, avoid sugar, exercise and take a multivitamin. Then there is good information about Vitamin D and how it is toxic to cancer cells. This book explains why you should consider taking Vitamin D daily even if you get enough sun exposure.

    If you have insomnia you will appreciate the section on sleep disorders and the solutions. If you smoke, there is a section that will convince you to stop killing your "cilia." This book also covers the topics of diabetes, cancer, your immune system, brain function, hormone therapy, UV Radiation and how to have stronger bones.

    At the end of the book there is a section on expensive lab tests, information on cleaners (I use Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products already and they work as well as regular cleaners) that are not harmful to the environment.

    "People who sleep fewer than six hours a night have a 50 percent increased risk of viral infections and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke." ~ pg. 181

    If you want to read about how you can take control of the aging process in a big way, I can also recommend books by Stephen Cherniske, especially The Metabolic Plan: Stay Younger Longer. Stephen Cherniske also has a book on caffeine: Caffeine Blues: Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America's #1 Drug, which I'm going to review soon. In this book coffee is recommended more than once and up to 5 cups a day. I think taking aspirin and drinking lots of coffee deserves more research by the reader because I've heard both sides of the story and it comes down to a risk assessment. For some people, coffee can cause insomnia and too much aspirin can make your gums bleed.

    Unlike some of the reviewers, I loved the cartoons by Gary Hallgren because they really made the book come alive.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • Another Great YOU
    They did it again..quick pictures and lots of information on becoming a healthier YOU. Recommend reading for all and the sooner everyone reads it, the better off our health system will become. Should be a must for all schools. Get the information to all, even if you share the book....more info
  • Interesting and Educational
    I learned more about my body in this book than I ever learned in school. Maybe thats because it was so well put together. I loved the illustrations. I would suggest that everyone read this, whether they are trying to look younger or not (thats why I bought it). It helped me realize that its really about feeling good. When you know how your body works, you can figure alot of the other stuff out for yourself. it just makes sense. Highly recommended for every coffee table....more info
  • You Staying Young Review
    "YOU STAYING YOUNG" by Dr.Michael Roizen and Dr.Mehmet Oz is an excellent book and I would buy more books by these authors.The book does an excellent job of explaining how our bodies work and is an easy read....more info
  • Turning 51
    We're bombarded with advice on the keys to extending our lives and improving our health. Many of the ideas are too far off the wall for the typical person to embrace. This book is written in an easy to comprehend style with many good ideas that are relatively painless to put into your lifestyle. And yes, maybe some are just plain common sense, but having it in this book, and having the book to go back to, re-inforces your efforts to improve your lifestyle. I like it!...more info
  • Great motivation!
    I found this book tremendously motivating. Although I've never been big on being healthy, at 41 I'm beginning to be a bit concerned with staying young. Essentially they are the same thing but marketing it as "staying young" instead of "staying healthy" caught my attention. In reality we all want to remain active and healthy throughout as many years as possible.

    This book is written in a very simplistic way, yet with enough detail to give an understanding of what one should do to maintain good health for many years. It was easy to follow many of the recommendations because they told you not only what vitamins in what amounts, but also which foods contain these vitamins. As 110 lb. person who has never had to diet, I have always been resistant to giving up my fries and soda for a better diet. I liked that the authors didn't chide you about what NOT to eat but just told you what foods helped in various areas. It has inspired me to eat more of those foods, knowing that I'm not forever forbidden to enjoy the things I like to eat.

    They also cover exercise, emotional health, etc. It appears to be a fairly complete look at all aspects of body and health. I highly recommend "You Staying Young" even if you don't intend to dive fully into all improvements. If your family is predisposed to certain illnesses, you will certainly find tips to encourage your own body NOT to express those genes and avoid the genetic predisposition. In general, there is just a lot of interesting information in here and it's not written like a boring medical text. The authors are funny, sometimes to the point of being a little corny, and it smooths the pathway to knowledge....more info
  • The alcoholic's next job - fitness and wholeness
    I'm an active, recovered member of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. I've licked alcoholism and survived devastating open heart surgery. And the road back was demanding, but rewarding. My son gave me this book because I have put my all into "fitness"--fitness in nutrition, fitness into exercise, fitness with supplements and medications, fitness with sleep restoration, and even fitness with Vitamin D3. And why? The excitement I have encountered at age 83 does not come from sobriety or survival. It comes from how much better I feel and act each day because I realize this old Model "T" could be restored, renovated, remodeled, and rescued. I'm still a Model "T," but I want to remain in the race and be a winner still. This book is an inspiring challenge and reward for those who want to stay at the job of living. In my own case, abstinence from drinking is a must but hardly a chore or a challenge. Reliance on God has been the pathway to cure. Following His precepts is the challenge and the necessity. Growth through Bible study, prayer, seeking guidance, and reading are part of the process. And helping others is critical. Now what does this have to do with the "You" book. Everything. Possibly the greatest difficulty in sobriety is the difficulty of picking up the whole armor of God and getting into the fray. Young people, just like I did, can easily fall into the belief that everything is just fine. Just fine, that is, until they see the shambles they have left in themselves and others. I believe emphasis on fitness, nutrition, exercise, sleep, wholesome recreation, more education, employment pursuits, family love, go hand in hand with recovery and cure. This book contains one of the many important road maps. And some of my books show how an alcoholic can utilize the maps and get somewhere besides the nearest bar or liquor store. A New Way In A New Way In: Reaching the Heart of a Child of God in Recovery with His Own, Powerful, Historical Roots; Cured! Proven Help for Alcoholics and Addicts Cured! Proven Help for Alcoholics and Addicts; and God and Alcoholism God and Alcoholism: Our Growing Opportunity in the 21st Century...more info
  • Very Useful
    An amazingly comprehensive book. The best thing I took away from it was te list of supplements to take....more info
  • book review
    this book is extremely well done. it not only sheds light on many subjects thought to be too complex for my consideration without a doctor present; but it also added humor and kept me intrigued....more info
  • YOU, Staying Young

    Here we are again, another GREAT read by two of the best Doctors in their class. If you want many of the facts in a format that makes sense of it all, then this book is for you. It could very well be the book that adds a few more healthy years to your life. Now that's a big deal in my point of view.

    Just think, we just might spend ALL our kids inheritance with the extra time we get on this old planet! Now that is a concept worth thinking about--->


    Kent...more info
  • Great collection of information on the aging process
    Some celebrity once opined that growing old wasn't easy or something to that effect - and, obviously to those of us who are growing old, they were absolutely correct. Growing old just isn't a whole lot of fun.

    Drs. Roizen and Oz aren't necessarily trying to make the process of aging fun, but they do claim they can slow it down or, more appropriately, help you feel like you're not going downhill quite as fast.

    The approach is definitely light-hearted and, at first blush, for the light-headed as well. As you get into it, you realize that the authors have packed a lot of solid, serious medical knowledge into their work. They use lots of cartoons which at first might appear flippant, but actually do a good job of explaining concepts that might be difficult to comprehend with words alone. Some of the "humor" they attempt is definitely sophmoric. Best to ignore those instances and just move on.

    They also use lots of sidebars to explain concepts.

    Overall the concept is definitely geared toward light. I think it's a good, if risky, path to take because a lot of the information is not something you necessarily want to read: being reminded of your mortality is not pleasant.

    The authors truly push a lot of pills throughout the book and, surprisingly, make a special offer of a comprehensive blood test battery for only $1,495! Not a misprint: $1,495. . . but only $995 to the first 250 readers. This is supposed to be the ultimate blood workup, but I found the inclusion of the offer a bit offensive.

    Overall, this is a good book for anyone growing older who doesn't like the idea of aging. Lots of information, lots of suggestions on how to slow the process down. Maybe the suggestions don't work, but at least you'll believe you're doing something.

    Jerry...more info
  • Very Helpful
    I think this book is great. It, very effectively, simplifies body processes and how they are affected by different positive and negative factors. This book lets you know that you actually have some control over how you age....more info
  • YOUseful Information
    This is a neat book and must be a good inch and a half thick! It is divided up into two parts.

    The theme of Part I is why you age and how you stay young. This section makes up roughly three quarters of the book. It deals mainly with what the book calls the "major agers." Examples of these include short telomeres, toxins, and ultraviolet radiation.

    Part II is the plan to extend your warranty. Here you have a list of daily things to do which include such things as flossing, meditating, walking for 30 minutes a day, and getting the right amount of sleep.

    Then there's a 14-day plan to help get you started- after that you should pretty much be on the right track. This section gives day-to-day advice and includes things for you to do for your mind AND body, things such as "do something as a family" that day, or "do the Chi-gong workout" today. Diet and exercise advice is also covered substantially in this section. Exercise consists of a YOU2 Workout (made up mainly of a series of stretches) and a Chi-gong Workout- both detailed step-by-step with exercising elves. Also need to mention they require no special equipment-nice!

    All-in-all it's well worth the read, and for me, it's strength lies in it's vast amount of knowledge it offers on the aging processes of the human body. Packed with the stereotypical YOU tips, quizzes, factoids, and cartoons, most readers will benefit greatly. Also recommend Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff for readers who want to extend the life of their rotator cuff or have a shoulder problem that keeps them from exercising. ...more info
  • I want live to be old and grey... Well maybe not
    I'm 45, and although I'm in pretty good shape, I want to get my act together. I should have started sooner but... Where was this book 20 years ago? :)

    Oh well, if anyone wants to change their life and get healthy this is the encyclopedia on how to do it. The book is jammed packed with information. I mean soup to nuts, I don't think they left anything out.

    I will be reading this book over and over I'm sure. This one stays in the bathroom, lol. I'm hoping the rest of the family (hint hint) joins me in my quest for healthy living. Sneaky huh?

    This is also the perfect gift for that family member, friend or co-worker you have no clue what to buy for. What could be better than the guide to having a better quality life?

    Bravo Doctors, Bravo...

    ...more info
  • YOU Staying Young
    This is a special book. Lots of information to stay healthy and not age so fast....more info
  • Coming Out and Over to the Light Side
    Reading this book is a good reminder that the educational system doesn't completely destroy a persons mind to the point that they can never go beyond the system. I found this book an excellent balance between tradition and complimentary medicine and living. The accent is on "staying young" not just "living longer."
    Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide Magazine, Chico, CA...more info
  • Exellent guide to healthier life but widespread use of this detailed and demanding manual is another question
    Widespread use of this manual would save hundreds of billions of dollars and that would make the idea of mandated health insurance ridiculous (perhaps this book should be mandated it would be much less expensive). If by some miracle everyone actually started to apply this manual and kept it up for decades the health care cost crisis would surly be solved. But in real life only a small number of readers will have the discipline and will power to effectively implement a rigorous program like this and gain the gift of a better life.
    As an alternative to the rigorous exercise program that will be too time-consuming or boring for many, the doctors should have suggested developing a passion or even an obsession for golf, tennis or something like that that will take the focus away from food the sofa and television. And unlike a check-list type program people will keep it up for the long run.

    ...more info
  • YOU Staying Young
    All of Dr. Oz's You series are excellent and easy reading. He and Dr. Roizen write in terms we, who are not medics, can understand. I love the tests and usually fail....more info


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