The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Phil McGraw opened doors for everyone who has struggled with losing weight and keeping it off with his roundbreaking plan, The Ultimate Weight Solution. Now, here is the invaluable companion volume that delivers more tested weight loss strategies, more specific food lists, and more essential information: The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide.

In his straight-talking, no-nonsense style, Dr. Phil helps you end excuse-making and start creating a no-fail environment for taking charge of your weight and your relationship with food -- beginning with Dr. Phil's new rapid start plan that will gear your body physically for accelerated weight loss. This quick and easy reference guide also includes information on:

• Calorie counts for all of your high- and low-response cost foods
• Portion control
• High-response cost, high-yield foods
• Low-response cost, low-yield foods
• Specific menu planning for meals and snacks
• Hunger-suppressing/high-response cost foods
• Recognizing weight-gaining behaviors
• A personal food diary
• And more!

You can't afford to ignore the down-to-earth success strategies of Dr. Phil McGraw and The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide -- your health and happiness depend on it!

Customer Reviews:

  • Yep, it's pretty basic - and vital - information
    I am fat because 1) I eat too much and 2) I don't exercise enough. It's as simple as that.

    I realized through reading this book how OUT OF CONTROL I was with food and how absolutely lazy I'd become. Food is not life. Food is merely a way to keep experiencing everything else in life. Why did I struggle with this for so many years?

    This book provided me with the insight to realize many things about my eating & exercising habits and gave me the tools to
    RE-LEARN how to take care of my body. I don't know why this book is so life-altering, but it just is. I'm not a fad-diet person, I have NEVER read a self-help book before, so my overwhelming support on this book shocks me. But it's awesome.

    I've done the diet/exercise thing before and usually lasted a week before failing miserably. But this time, there's a whole different approach. The challenges I experienced before that would normally crush all hopes of weightloss are no longer a big deal. I accept the challenge for what it is, understand how I need to handle it, and I move on.

    BTW, my husband doesn't get it. But then again, he is in perfectly health and body and drinks 6 cans of Pepsi a day and ALWAYS has a candy bar for lunch. He doesn't have to "get it" because his experience is totally different than mine....more info

  • More dead trees
    Are Americans really this shallow and stupid? How can they possibly buy a diet guide from a talking walrus? Is eating a balanced meal and exercising really that tough? Buy this book, and put yourself in the category of BIG DUMMY....more info
  • I hate to be negative, but...
    I am a big fan of Dr Phil, and really admire his no-nonsense, straight-talking style. So I was intrigued to hear that he was publishing weight-loss books. But the fact that Dr Phil is selling meal replacement products blows his credibility right out of the water. I have lost 70 pounds over the last two-and-a half years, and in doing so I have learnt that re-educating yourself about food and changing your tastes is a long, slow process. (For example I used to LOVE chocolate and cheese and now I'm not remotely interested.) People who rely on meal replacement products don't learn to choose the "right" foods, and don't re-educate their palates. (What happens when you stop buying the meal replacement products?) So it's very disappointing that an "expert" on weight loss is peddling a quick-fix approach. It's also intriguing that very few people find the negative reviews posted here to be helpful. Maybe people just want to believe in quick-fixes......more info
  • the dr. phil farce
    it makes me incredibly sad that people in america believe that dr. phil actually knows what he's talking about. he's not a MEDICAL doctor of any sort!! he has a degree in psychology, which in no way qualifies him to be doing most of the work he is doing, and in particular decieving people with his "dr." title on his book about eating when the "dr" part has nothing to do with nutrition. for anyone confused as to the difference between psychology and psychiatry... psychologists are doctors who have NO MEDICAL TRAINING! i am working towards a doctorate in history, and i will be a doctor, but if i wanted to write a book on nutrition and health, i certainly wouldnt plaster the fact that i am a dr. all over the cover of the book, nor do i plan to refer to myself as a doctor. does no one else see the sham that is doctor phil?! he's seducing america and it's a damn shame....more info
  • excellent
    As much as dieting seems cut and dry, Dr. Phil addresses the issues of overeating and why people do it in his Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. He tries to help people make it easier to cut calories and increase activity without feeling like they have to work at it forty hours a week. It is an excellent plan and this book serves as a good resource to his Ultimate Weight Loss solution Book. You need to use this book with the other, or it won't benefit you....more info
  • It made me laugh
    Maybe I will write a book about how to be a basketball star or how to write great poetry. I will say that I am not a great basketball player and I have never ever written a wonderful poem, but if a fat guy can write about how to lose weight then anything is possible!

    I did not give only one star because I looked and there are interesting points he makes about a thing like spiritual wellness and balance in life. But why does he put it in a book about weight loss? It made me laugh! Stay tuned for a book on how to remain faithful to your wife by Bill Clinton!

    Haha!...more info

  • not finished
    I love Dr. Phil but I gain weight reading this and his other weight lost solution, they are just too long....more info
  • "Phil"-anthropy at its best, with FOOD!
    I love to eat, and if there's something I love more than to eat, it is to eat and think about Dr. Phil. He has so much advice to give about the proper foods to have in your "pantry" (not pants, that's your dresser) that it is truly "overwhelming" (but in a good way like when a girl looks at you in public). Health is reproached in this book, and it is the "ultimate" solution, so you know by the name obviously it is the last dieting book you will need...except it isn't a DIET so much as a DO-IT, with Dr. Phil as the "wind beneath your wings" shouting encouragement despite his own losing battle with excessive weight and bloating problems. Those who can't do, teach, and Mr. Phil teaches in spades with GUSTO. GET THIS BOOK AND IMPROVE YOUR PANTRY. After all, Oprah....more info
  • Thanx!!!!
    Prompt shipping- great price- the book is ok, I just wanted to fit back into my clothes so I wouldn't have to buy new ones, I honestly don't have a lot of hidden sensitve issues that Dr. Phil addresses. He's a helpful guy & I'm sure he's very effective for people who really need him. I'm glad I didn't have to pay full price for the book though. Thanks Fiona!...more info
  • The negative reviews state these people didn't even read it
    The negative reviews indicate to me that they didn't even read the book. I read his set of weight books and the books aren't about a fad diet, they're about changing your life and "eating to live" not "living to eat". It's not just about getting up and getting active. (That is a part of it but you can work out 7 days a week and still be heavy) For many, it needs to be a whole mind set change and that is what this book helps you with. Its all about dealing with food addictions and eating for the wrong reasons and why they're wrong and what you need to do about it to change that thought pattern. And if you think this man is obese you have a serious perception problem. This book makes a lot of sense, is a good read and is not another Cabbage Soup Diet....more info
  • Excellent Resource as a supplement to his book.
    As much as dieting seems cut and dry, Dr. Phil addresses the issues of overeating and why people do it in his Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. He tries to help people make it easier to cut calories and increase activity without feeling like they have to work at it forty hours a week. It is an excellent plan and this book serves as a good resource to his Ultimate Weight Loss solution Book. You need to use this book with the other, or it won't benefit you....more info
  • Never received book
    I sent as a gift and it was never received. I never received a tracking number to see where it went. ...more info
  • Great Ideas for Great Menus
    I think that the Food Guide is a needed addition to The Ultimate Weight Solution. My family and I have been following the weight plan for a while. We have gotten into the habit of fixing meals and taking a little more time out to make better decisions but lately the ideas have kind of stymied. I am very glad the the Food Guide is here at last.

    The Food Guide has helpful menu examples for up to 14 straight days that are easy to mix and match to create even more menus. It even has vegetarian suggestions.

    The book also cleverly weaves in not only food information but more sound Dr. Phil advice on how you should control your menu and your cravings. It takes two minutes to satisfy a craving an hours in the gym to burn it off. Dr. Phil understands that and gives a very thorough option list of things that you CAN eat on the go without adding on to your waistband.

    I think that the information that the Food Guide provides is highly useful for creating more healthy menus and paired with The Ultimate Weight Solution has a lot to offer people struggling with weight and their refrigerators....more info

  • Confusing
    I found this book put together so that it's extremely hard to find any particular food that you're trying to figure out. I can't use it as a reference, which is what I wanted. I've totally given up on it. I need all the foods listed in alphabetical order with all of the information stated. This book does NOT accomplish that. I expected much more of it/him. Totally wasted my money on this one....more info
  • Good diet guide. Not a "fad" or "gimmicky" diet.
    If you are looking for yet another "fad" or "gimmicky" diet that doesn't really work, keep looking. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sensible program that really does work, then pick up this guide along with Dr. Phil's The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.

    Dr. Phil will change you on the inside and on the outside. You will change your lifestyle habits (the real key to permanent weight control)and you will change how you think. The combination is awesome.

    I've lost 25 lbs so far and love this program. Give it a shot. You'll love it too. It works....more info

  • Doctor recommended
    My doctor recommended this book, so I bought the book and book on CD to listen to on the way to work.

    Dr. Phil - like him or hate him - has some very good information here. Weight loss and diet control still boils down to the basics: Eat less and move more...but you have to start with eating healthy and getting your habits and mindset ready to get yourself more healthy.

    Old habits are hard to break, but Dr. Phil's solutions are not rocket science, and could save you from many health problems and weight gains. They are simple, easy to follow instructions and mindsets that will help you suceed.

    It's working for me, and I know if you have a family health history as I did, it can work for you to. You may not like Dr. Phil, but his advise, foundation, and information is right on the mark....more info
  • Buy It, Read It, Follow It = Lose Weight.
    Dr. Phil provides helpful and useful advice to those who can "pinch more than an inch," so to speak. A lot of us are fat, including me. Some of the proven strategies that Dr. Phil notes in "The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide," are: counting calories. If we eat more than we use up in a day, we can gain weight. Portion size. If we eat larger portions of meals, we can gain weight. So, to curb our expanding waistlines, let's reduce the sizes of our portions. Keep a "food diary" to record what we put into our mouths is also recommended. For more never-before revealed information, get the book, read it, and start to make the changes. ($$$$$.)

    Sound-bite Pop Psychology has returned in vogue, thanks for Dr. Phil. The "no-nonsense" straight talker with the soft souther drawl, provides the 15-minute solution from a Hollywood studio in between the commercials to an American audience be-riddled with stress, financial difficulties, Prozac, drug addiction, obesity, and level orange threats. Who do we need in these times of crisis? For fatsos, bring out Dr. Phil. ......more info

  • The Untimate Weight Loss Solution Food Guide
    This is a very thorough and extensive guide to weight control. The rapid start plan has 14 days of suggested menus. This book also contains ways to assess what one eats, portion control and easy ways to measure amounts of food. There are more menus for regular weight loss and maintenance. The Food Guide also gives ideas about eating out as well as a lengthy list of food categories and calories. Best of all, this plan works. ...more info
  • No revealing pictures
    I was disappointed in this book. I have a "thing" for Dr. Phil and someone told me he did a revealing thong photograph to show how his program has worked for him. No Dr. Phil in a thong, trust me. Nowhere. It's not a terrible weight loss program, but I have seen better, much better. This is typical celebrity junk. I wonder if Oprah gets a cut of the profits....more info
  • In my opinion:
    Although most of what the book says is true-the basic rule is eat well (3 meals a day) and think before you put something in your mouth. Try to be a little more active in your daily routine.
    It's all well and good to advise that we all exercise however an 8 hour workday and family at home (another job) does not always leave time for one's self.
    This book is basically common sense stuff....more info
  • The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide
    Very helpful in teaching which foods to help up your metabolism and use as fuel more efficiently. Also helps you to know which foods are less healthful and to limit them. Rapid Start program helps a lot....more info
  • You may need to take a psych course first.
    Sorry, but for such a critical hinge to success being 'getting in touch with this' and 'knowing pivotal things', I'm destined to fail with this book. I just don't know what he's wanting me to look for and the few answers I gave turned out to be 'what it doesn't mean'. Holy cow, he should include a copy of his psych degrees for us to borrow till we get through the program....more info
  • "Dr. Phil's" weightloss guide
    From Dr. Phil to Oprah to various television stations to Viacom. Now which one of them cares about you and your health if you don't do it? None of them. Which one of them cares about your money? All of them, so unless you know how to control yourself and your eating habbits, please don't hope for miracles, because it wont happen, and certianly none of the above $$$ grabbers wont ever give you a hand....more info
  • Ok book
    This is an OK book. Pretty easy read and it doens't take a rocket scientist to decode it but it is just OK. Kinda long at points but he does a good job at putting it on the common mans language. I ahve read better books like "Body By God"...more info
  • Definitely worth the money
    This book is a great companion to the Ultimate Weight Solutions. However, it is just that, a COMPANION. Don't try to cheat and only use the food guide to do the "diet". The program is about MUCH MUCH more than only "diet" and in order to really achieve success you have to read The Ultimate Weight Solutions. This food guide really makes the program complete....more info
  • Useful Guide!
    This book is a good companion to the Ultimate Weight Solution (by Dr Phil as well). My fiance and I have been trying to follow the weight plan from the previous mentioned book and are doing fairly well! I like how this guide has suggestions for meals for 14 different days, which makes it easy for me to mix and match. The key to eating well is planning. Plan what you are going to eat so that you don't end up trying to decide between something healthy and unhealthy.. I know in my case the unhealthy tends to win if given the choice! When I plan out an entire week of meals though, I find myself having a much easier time sticking to it.

    This guide talks a lot about portion control, calorie counting, supressing cravings, etc. Most of the advice is good, though a lot of it is just saying what other people have been saying in a different way! I still think the advice works! Having a list of exactly what you CAN eat is incredibly useful - makes it so much easier! I highly recommend this (in addition to the Ultimate Weight Solution)....more info

  • Confused
    How can a fat guy write a book on weight lose?

    That is a mystery....more info

  • Physician, heal thyself...
    As with many readers, I find the recent trend of diet "gurus" troubling, with many not exactly in the best shape or fitness level advocated in their works. I would like to see a bit more of some of the authors with at least some degree of perceivable fitnesss, like say, Bill Philips, or the pair of Asian co-authors of the international bestseller "This Body This Life"....more info
  • Great companion to The Ultimate Diet book
    This food guide by Dr. Phil works very well with Dr. Phil's diet book - The Ultimate Diet. Have you ever been on the road, stopped at a restaurant and not sure what to eat? This guide solves that.

    Going on vaction? Bring the guide with you.

    Remember this is intended to be used in addition to the diet book not in place of. Great advice....more info

  • Elaborate Food Guide. Perfect with his Book. It is helpful.
    Dr. Phil's Diet book is very sensible and interesting, with psychological pointers and food considerations. I would read Dr. Phil's diet book even if you are using other programs because his advice will work with other plans too. This guide will be a helpful addition to Dr. Phil's book. The guide is thick, with a lot of items and information. I strongly recommend to dieters that you also read Effortless Wellbeing by Evan Finer, a book that will help you feel better overall, at every stage of your weight loss journey. Along with a good diet program like 'the ultimate' it will help you win the battle with weight by making you stronger and more powerful in general. Highly recommended! Good luck with getting fit and trim!...more info
  • Easy and delicious diet
    Both my husband and I did this diet and we both lost over 30 lbs in 7 weeks. We've taken a rest from it (althought following his guidelines regularly) and after the first of the year, we are going on it again. ...more info
  • know what you are getting
    This book was good but referred back to his previous
    book a little too much for my liking...more info
  • Buy it, and read it while you are running on a treadmill
    Why? Because honestly that's the only way this book (or any book) will help you lose weight. For free, I will tell you how to live at a healthy weight:

    1. Eat well (balanced meals).

    2. Eat in moderation.

    3. Get enough exercise.

    If you don't do all three you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be a healthy weight.

    Now donate the money you just saved to a good cause, get out of the computer chair, and get on with your life....more info

  • weight loss
    i have only browsed through this book. it seems to be well written and motivating....more info
  • Great Buy!
    I bought this book and found it very useful and helpful. It motivated me to be on the right track and be healthy. Yes, it may be very similar to his father's book, but it uses comparisons more familiar to teens. It is directed specifically to that age group and look at the results!! It works!!!...more info
  • More Advice from Dr. Phil
    Unlike a lot of other weight loss books, Dr. McGraw's does not advocate a particular diet, which is fairly nice because it can be used with other weight loss programs. It is mainly about behavior modification, and stresses ways to get out of poor habits.

    However, I question his advice about dieting and actual food nutrition. His degree is in behavioral medicine, not food nutrition or physical health. Many of his statements are not backed up with a lot of research, and I don't really understand how he came about to his conclusions for the personal diets, which is why I would advice ignoring the advice about what "to" eat, and let the book act more as a guide for "how" to eat, as well as how to overcome many of the psychological problems that affect overeaters....more info

  • haha, he does look like a walrus
    This is just a fad. You don't need a book to lose weight. And I really can't understand why this is so popular--you'd think if it actually worked the author wouldn't be obese.
    I'm 22, and believe me, I've wasted plenty of money on this kind of garbage. I've lost 50 lbs, and kept it off for years. And these types of books didn't help at all. What DID help was developing better eating habits and moving more. Don't get me wrong; I eat junk food sometimes, and I don't even work out every day. I just try to do everything in moderation. Here are a couple tips that will actually help you, instead of just trying to make a profit.

    1) Don't use elevators, or find the nearest parking space. Those little bits of extra walking add up.

    2) If you want a dinner you know you shouldnt be eating, like pasta, remember everything in moderation. Fill up on a big salad, then have a small serving of pasta.

    This is comming from a girl who'd 5'9, 130lbs, and used to be 180lbs. Not some fat old man....more info


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