Real Sex for Real Women

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Covering new ground, bestselling author and expert Dr. Laura Berman shows how it is possible to combine the reality of everyday life with fantastic sex. Sex in real life is not the sex we see in the media, and this book's images and advice reflect life and sex naturally. This book helps the reader to connect with her own sexuality, looking at physical and emotional health, and how she feels about herself and sex. Dr. Laura then provides information on techniques and tips on how to maximize your sex life, including how to express your needs and explore new positions. AUTHOR BIO: Best-selling author and renowned sex therapist, Dr. Laura Berman is America's leading expert in female sexual health. She is the founder and director of the Berman Center in Chicago, which specializes in sexual health and therapy, and she is assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and obstetrics/gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University.

Customer Reviews:

  • Reality and Nudity
    Real Sex really is for real women--and men. Not only does it discuss sex for women who are normal women, not models, it pays considerable attention to the psychology of lovers. When so much of our sexuality is based on hiding different parts of our anatomy (by clothing) and yet accenting these parts (by push-up bras, short shorts, short skirts), how would our sex life be different if we went around completely nude? Completely real?

    Consider that for many tribal peoples in the tropics, near-nudity was the norm. Infants were held next to nude women's bodies both day and night. Such children develop more normally than do those in fully-clothed, more Northern societies. And their sexual life is based on a more pervasive and peaceful use of touching. These cultures have evolved ways of embracing that bring about deep levels of harmony between lovers. James Powell's writings on this kind of touching are creating a new slow-love revolution, especially in Japan, where they sparked the Polynesian-sex phenomenon. If you and your love are interested in really connecting on profound energetic levels, I highly recommend Slow Love: A Polynesian Pillow Book, by James PowellSlow Love: A Polynesian Pillow Book. ...more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for!
    This book is short and to the point. It has great view points. I just needed to get reacquainted with my sexual side....more info
  • A must-read!
    I received this book as an engagement present, and it has really helped spice things up! Not only does it feature real women, which is great, it gives practical advise on not only how to improve your sexual well-being, but how that directly correlates to your relationship as well. I highly recommend it for any woman!...more info
  • opened my eyes to what sex is all about!
    i stumbled upon real sex for real women and i am so glad i did. i already told all of my girlfriends about it. i love that the pictures are of real people...not fake looking models. reading this book has shown me that exploring my sex life is an important part of being a woman, regardless of age, body shape, etc. yes i might be the mother of 3 kids and i have been married for 13 years, but i realized while reading this book that i am still sexy!!...more info
  • Fantastic advice!
    This book is awesome! It's chock full of practical advice on how to improve both your sex life and your relationship in general. It really is for real women-it features women of all shapes and body types in its pictures! We need more of that. A must-read for any woman who cares about her relationship!...more info
  • Real Sex for Real Women, Real Joke
    She advertises it as "no supermodel imagery". Titling it Real Sex for Real Women is a joke. There is nothing "real" about the men and women in this book. If you are 20 years old and fit, great, but when you're middle-aged and not fit anymore, I was insulted by the pictures. Nothing "real" about these people in this book. For a Doctor that supposedly wants to help women and their self-image...this book doesn't help one bit. If anything, it makes it worse....more info
  • The only sex book you need.
    This was a terrific manual for me and my wife. We learned a lot about how to make things better in the bedroom....more info
  • A good addition to books on sex for women
    As someone who has read several books on the topic of sex written for women, I agree with many of the reviewers that this isn't the best book in the genre. But I have to admit, I did take away a great deal from reading this book.

    Dr. Berman devotes a lot of content to help women build their confidence in the bedroom. As women, we need more of this. I think, for those women who have been too nervous about buying a book like this and felt comfortable doing so after seeing it on Oprah, nothing but good can be taken away from what they learn. Knowledge really is power. ...more info
  • Great Gift!
    A very practical and easy read. I'm giving it to all my girlfriends for the holidays. ...more info
  • Great Book. Really helped our sex life and marriage
    This book has really helped not only our sex life and our marriage, it has helped our total relationship. Great book with great pictures and positions. Really also lets the man get to know what a woman wants & needs!...more info
    I've noticed that whenever doctors or other credentialed "experts" write books about sex, dieting, dating or any other currently hot subject, they are always best sellers. I find this particularly strange when they are writing for the benefit of "real" or average people, such as myself and 95% of the population. It seems to me it should be just the opposite. Since I am a "real" person, wouldn't I be more of an expert about what motivates, titillates and activates other real people? Just a thought. I do admire this PhD for her plain language and lack of fear regarding the content of this book, however. She has hit on some very sore spots, such as not being beautiful, perfect and airbrushed, and it's something we need to keep hearing. Real sex for real women is taken a step further in The Sensuous Couple's (Flip Over) Guide to Seismic Oral Sex, where it is even more important that women feel comfortable exposing themselves in a very intimate way. These would make great companion books....more info
  • Still Reading...
    I'm only like 20 pages into this book. I was really excited to get is, as I saw her a few times on Oprah. I love reading self help books. This book doesn't exactly give me the "I can't put this book down" factor. We will see as I read more....more info
  • the title says it all
    dr. berman's latest book really is about real sex for real women. how many times have you wandered into the "sex and relationships" section, opened a book, and been completely overwhelmed or baffled by the recommendations? this is a book for those of us who aren't gymnasts, super models, or super humans. she covers the basics, as well as information for those who are simply trying to mix things up a bit in the bedroom (or living room, or kitchen...) dr. berman's background allows her to talk about the psychological aspects of human sexuality in addition to the mechanics. her sections about communication and how stress or depression or emotional issues can affect your sex life provide a level of insight you don't get in just any book about sex. i've recommended this book to all my girlfriends and my partner (and theirs) are grateful!...more info
  • A thousand words cancelled by pictures
    Laura Berman lost credibility with me when I looked at the pictures. Where is the "gore and the glory"? Where are the mastectomy scars, the fat rolls, the 60-somethings, the homely or plain men and women. There are no "real women" or real men for that matter in the illustrations....more info
  • At last a sex guide for everyone!
    I am so happy this book has real women in it. This sort of straight talk sex guide is perfect for couples. Plus the models are normal body types and all colors. So, your husband will want you, not the women in the book!...more info
  • New Package OLD Product
    I am unimpressed and uninspired. Dr. Laura continues to put a new spin on the same old information and she often times over steps her knowledge base and area of expertise it seems. There's just enough to wet the whistle, but not enough useful information to solve the problem or really make a difference, at least in my sexual relationship. I like what both she and her sister Dr.Jennifer Berman have to say when they appear in the media, but the book department is disappointing....more info
  • No Warning About Explicit Pictures
    I ordered this book after carefully reading the reviews and description. This is the first sex book I have looked into, so you could say I'm not well-versed in this genre.

    I have not read the book itself, but was shocked to find the explicit pictures found within. Yes, I do know this book is about sex, but it should still have a warning about the explicit pictures. I feel they aren't necessary. ...more info
  • I Give This Book to My Patients
    This is quite helpful to me in my practice. Regarding the prior review, It looks like her sister wrote that one! It took us forever to get rid of that loose cannon. Thank goodness Laura is on her own. She continues to make meaningful contributions to the field and to public education. BRAVO!...more info
  • Will Buy For Friends and Clients
    This is an insightful, useful and well-written book that will make a practical contribution to everyone who reads it. ...more info
  • Get some!
    Look, sweetheart - we both know where you can find some "real sex," and there ain't no book-learnin' involved. Know what I'm sayin'? ...more info
  • Definitely not a "must" read
    The book is more of a coffee table book than a real informative book. I was expecting so much more after seeing Dr Berman and hearing about the book on Oprah. A lot of time obviously went into the aesthetics of the book and not enough time into the writing. Its hard to get into and although I only read/skimmed a few chapters, I didn't learn anything that I haven't heard on tv or read in a magazine. I'll try again to read more, maybe it gets better further into the book, but somehow I doubt it. Very disappointing. Perhaps her earlier books from before she got famous are better....more info
  • The Big Sister
    Good job sis! I loved the true to life models you used in the book and the coffe table look that brings the importance of sexuality and sexual function and satisfaction into the forefront of our daily lives. We've overcome the taboos, and blushing faces, and censorship and hopefully our friend Charlie from GMA isn't blushing anymore over the word clitoris.
    Jennifer R. Berman, MD
    Big SisFor Women Only : A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex Life

    For whoever is using the alias Urology Chief -- who wrote that wierd and creepy review --FYI the real chairman of Urology at UCLA is Dr. Dekernion who is both a gentleman and a scholar and serves as vice dean of the entire medical center. He is a mentor, colleague and friend and would never in a million years write something so classless. It will most likely result in the person using his name and likeness for secondary gain some serious consequences. I suggest you come up with another alias and leave me out of it. Focus on the good things Laura is doing not me....more info
  • Female Kegel
    Does anyone recommend this book for sex kegel exercises or is there some other book that is better for that? Thanks for any suggestions!!

    Rachel...more info