The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide: A Quick Reference to Foods & Their Effect on pH Levels

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Over the last five years, there has been an explosion of bestselling acid/alkaline based diets. These have ranged from weight loss to diabetes management. While hundreds of thousands of people have gone on this diet that balances the pH level of your body, they have had to put up with the limited food guides contained in each book. Now, health experts Dr. Susan Brown and Larry Trivieri have created a complete resource for people wanting to widen their food choices. The Acid/Alkaline Food Guide offers dieters an easy-to-follow guide to the most common foods that influence your body?s pH levels.

The book begins by explaining what the acid/alkaline of your body has to do with the acid/alkaline influence of foods. It then explains how the pH of foods, once eaten, may change in your body?as citric acid fruits, once digested, become alkaline. As complicated as this process is, the authors provide the guidelines for the analysis of the foods covered in the book. This section is then followed by a listing of thousands of foods and their acid/alkaline ranges. Included are insets and groups that can help the reader better direct their food searches.

This is the first complete acid/alkaline food guide to include today?s modern diet. It will quickly become the first resource to turn to when preparing meals or ordering food.

Customer Reviews:

  • Helpful in understanding the topic
    I've read several books and articles in an attempt to better understand acid/alkaline balance in the body - to me, this is the best one. I'm still confused by some ideas (like, why are tomatoes listed as acid-forming on some lists and alkaline-forming on other lists?), but overall, this little book helped the most....more info
  • Fast Read-great guide!
    I purchased this book for myself then bought two more copies for friends. I read the book cover to cover and used a highlighter pen. The book can get a little redundant so I highlighted my friends' copies and told them that would give them all the info they need. I love the food guide in the back. I have changed the way I eat and I have noticed a big difference. One thing I would recommend is purchasing narrow range pH strips in .2 increments at the same time as you order this book. This is because they walk you through tests that require these and, if you are like me, you will be anxious to get started as you are reading the book. they also sell them at Whole Foods Market....more info
  • The Acid / Alkaline Food Book
    This book is invaluable to my new diet of balacing my pH. I could not have done it with this book. It is my new kitchen Bible....more info
  • The importance of balancing pH
    This book will tell you what different foods will do to your body's pH - and why this is so important to know....more info
  • excellent book
    this is one of the best books i have read on understanding the importance of acid alkaline balance inside the body. The author doesn't overwhelm you with information, and puts everything in easy to understand terms. I especially love the last section of the book, which lists hundreds of foods and whether they are acid or alkaline forming inside the body.

    I have learned alot from this book. I thought orange juice was acidic since it was citrus, however, inside the body it yields alkaline. Another good one is that table salt is very acidic, yet sea salt is alkaline. I would suggest this book to anyone who wants to learn the right types of food to eat to make sure you body is always in a slightly alkaline state....more info
  • Clear & Excellent
    This little book is nearly perfect. Starts with 75 pages of theory & then 100 pages of tables of foods. It is short enough to be immediately useful, scientific enough to please fussy me, and complete enough to make me wish I hadn't read "The pH Miracle" (the pH Miracle fails on being scientific).

    Not too hot, not too cold; just right! ...more info
  • Excelent!
    Overall, this book is a great referance for those interested in a pH balance diet + a way to a healthier eating life style....more info
  • the acid alkaline food guide
    i have bought 5 copies of this book. clients, chiropractors and priests have all felt the 'need' to keep the book. so simple, so can't work?! I think it is a wonderful tool!...more info
  • Excellent Easy Read
    This book is more than a food guide - it explains in easy to understand terms why one would want to follow this type of diet. It's easy to understand, explains the basic premise well, and I trust the food guide more than others because these foods were lab tested for thier effects on a person's body pH. The guide is easy to use - I keep it in my purse. I eat very well (a lot!) and feel great! ...more info
  • Acid Alkaline Novel
    In formative an helpful to those with Cancer. Buy this book. It will save your life,if you can live buy the diets....more info
  • Excellent info!
    I like this book, it's great information for those of us who're interested in good health -- reducing inflammation, the root of all disease....more info
  • excellent book
    This book contains all the facts you need to know about acid-alkaline diet with scientific explanations.
    The food list is very comprehensive.
    A must buy for anyone that is interested in this subject.

    ...more info
  • Excellent resource and reference book
    I recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand about the acidifying/alkalizing effects of the foods we eat. It explains in plain language how our diets influence our health and cause our illnesses. Most helpfully of all, it includes a comprehensive table showing the acidifying/alkalizing effects of many foods. I have never seen another table this complete. This table helps me choose the most healthful foods to eat. Anyone with a chronic illness should definitely read this book and follow its guidelines. Thank you, Susan Brown, for providing us with such helpful information....more info
  • A great first read about pH balance and your body
    It was fascinating. I am a 16 yr survivor of breast cancer and I read a lot about nutrition and healthful living, but this is the first time I've read about pH balance. It was very informative and I liked the index where you could look up foods to see how they effected the pH balance of your body. I would recommend it to anyone interested in pH balance and good health....more info
  • Thanks I needed This!
    This book opened my eyes about my bad eating habits and put me on the path to a healthier lifestyle. I would recommend it to a friend.

    S.F....more info
  • Good reference guide
    This book is a very good reference guide for what foods are acidic or alkaline. It is an easy to read list, so that you can refer to it as often as needed. ...more info
  • dissapointed
    ok, first off, im not dissing the system. im a big believer in the acid/alkaline balance and its relation to health. my beef with this book, is that besides being terribly organized(charts are redundant, and no actual ph numbers are given), theres some information thats actually incorrect: every other book ive read and chart ive looked at has listed figs as one of the most alkaline foods out there, yet the authors list it in the acid catagory. as well, millet, which is generally considdered the only alkaline grain, they have listed once again in the acid catagory. i just got the book the other day, and i really havent had a chance to go thru it very thoroughly, but if a basic perusal turns up these two glaring errors, it makes me not trust any of the information contained within. i guess ill just have to stick to cross referencing websites, and make my own chart......more info
  • Great Book
    I am happy with the service becasue it came within the time speficied. Good book to learn about pH of your bady getting affected by food....more info
  • Perfect
    The book has just enough scientific information to prove the point without more than a person can plow through. Fast reading, very informative. The chart in the back of the book is really invaluable....more info
  • Great guide!
    Very easy to find items on the list--lots of crossreferencing to help you find foods by category or individual listing. Also a great introduction to the theory behind eating for alkalinity. ...more info
  • Acid-Alkaline Food Guide
    This is an excellent reference to foods which turn alkaline during digestion. Well written and easy to use....more info
  • Review of Acid Alkaline Food Guide
    The book is poorly organized. There is not much substance. The poor layout makes it hard to find the food and pH levels. This book would be a waste of your money. I wish I had seen such review before I bought it.

    Disappointed...more info
  • Not Completely Convinced
    Ok, I won't reiterate what the other reviews have said about the book, as far as content. First, I'll tell you what is very good about this book:

    1)It lists just about every conceivable food or drink and it's affect on pH.

    2)It clears up some of the discrepancies from previous books about certain foods (fruits, for example) and why some people have said they are alkaline and others say acid forming.

    But there is one big flaw that this book (and the three others I've read on this subject) do NOT adequately explain:

    According to these authors, this principal of the body NEEDING to be slightly alkaline is supposedly a scientific principal or even a fact. Therefore, it should be one of the most critical variables in maintaining health, right? But how many people do you know who smoke, drink nothing but coffee and/or soda (no water!), and rarely, if EVER eat a fruit or vegetable?

    I don't care how adaptable and efficient the human body is. If what all these authors are saying is true, at least HALF of the American race should be dead. Period. You can't go on like that for years or decades and stay that acidic and still live, if we go by what they are saying.

    So, while I think you'll do no harm following this healthy diet, I think the principals they talk about are possibly a MUCH smaller variable in maintaining health than we are told. OR, their data is flawed and some of the things we eat arent as acid-forming as we think. Or their is some other variable they aren't accounting for. However, I'll gladly read more books on the subject in search for more answers....more info
  • Unravelling the mystery of a healthy diet
    Are you as confused as I am about what constitutes an ideal diet? Susan E. Brown's book provided just enough information to address my questions about how the acid-alkaline factor in the foods we eat affect our bodies and how the information she presents was actually determined.

    Through the book, I learned that a typical American diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, sugars and caffeine leave acid residues in our bodies that contribute to aging and many chronic health issues. I learned the old remedies we use to combat "acid indigestion" (bland foods and Tums) are counter-productive and why. I learned the "alkaline" foods that can help us achieve an optimum neutral acid-alkaline balance are primarily fruits and vegetables that surprisingly include items like citrus fruit.

    The list of foods are categorized in a way that makes them easy to reference in a book thin enough to carry in a purse or notebook. I read the book in a couple of hours and began my nutritional experiment before the holidays. I recommend this book as a useful reference to anyone interested in making a long-term commitment to improving diet and health. ...more info
  • The acid-alkaline food guide
    I have been using this book everyday to make food choses that are healthy. I now know that I need more foods that create an alkaline effect in my body, since our blood needs to be 7.3 to 7.4 ph range for us to live. I can now create healthy meals by following this guide. It is extremely helpful. ...more info
  • Great book.
    This is a great guide to help you find what foods are best for you to keep good health. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Acid/Alkaline Quick Reference
    This was the best book so far on the importance of pH balance of acid/alkaline in the body. It was a quick easy read, that nets out the specific topic, and implications as well as suggestions to correct the problem. If you are a follower of the acid/alkaline balance, you will want to get this book to add to your collection. It is a must have. ...more info


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