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Curly girls of the world unite! Sixty-five percent of women have naturally curly hair, but for too long too many of these women have either been at a loss on how to care for their hair properly or, worse, have gone through life pretending they have straight hair. No more. Lorraine Massey, a professional hairstylist and passionate proponent of curly hair, celebrates the curly girl way of life, from hair care to carefree attitude.

Beginning with The Curly Girl's Twelve-Step Program (Step Three: I will accept that the scalp and hair are two different entities with completely different needs, and I will treat them accordingly), CURLY GIRL is an illustrated how-to, support group, and tongue-in-cheek manifesto all in one.

There are tips on shampoo (never daily), conditioners (use lots), drying, combing (only when wet and well-conditioned), styling, getting the right cut, and how to Heal Thy Hair after years of strong detergents and damaging blow-dryers. There are before-and-after photographs, Curly Cues, self-help tests, confessions from curly girls, advice to take to your stylist. And for girls seeking their inner curl, compassion and encouragement to let their hair break free-and to put the fear of frizz behind them forever.

Because from now on there's no such thing as a bad hair day.

Customer Reviews:

  • Curly Girl
    I wish I'd known about this book and concept many years ago. Oh, so much time wasted agonizing over my hair, years of blow-drying it straight only to have it curl up again at the least hint of humidity. Erroneously believing I looked more stylish with it straight, I now truly treasure my curls. And, after finding a stylist who is a "Curly Girl" stylist, I am wearing it in a style that fits me perfectly. The book is funny, all girls and women with curly hair can relate to everything Lorraine says. There is great information on every page. I have bought copies for my sister, cousin, and the 11 year old daughter of a good friend. I hope this book helps more young girls see past the media slant that makes them hate who they are because they have curls. Please spread the word that this book is out there and buy it for your curly haired friends!...more info
  • Short & Simple
    If you have curly hair and you want to wear it curly, this book is for you.

    If you have curly hair and you've never learned how to care or style your hair, this book will help you but not give you all the answers.

    If you have curly hair and your looking for a new way to take care of your curls, this book is for you.

    If you want motivation to wear your hair curly and ideas of how to manage your curls, this book is for you.

    If you want natural recipes for hair products, this books is for you.

    If you have straight hair and want to make your hair curly, this book is not for you....more info
  • Undoing a lifetime of grief...
    I wish I had this when I was 12. My entire family has straight hair, except me. I was born with ringlets, than transformed in to wavy, borderline Botticelli curls. When I was 12, my mom forced me to lop off my waist-length hair into a boy-cut, because she thought it was too much work for me (ironically, there is a similar anecdote in the book). My mom just didn't know how to teach me to care for it. I had a boy cut until I was 19 when I finally grew it out. I'm 22 now and I was just about to reach wit's end with my hair. I'm so lucky I found this book! Now I know why I have random good and bad hair days! It's my shampoo! After following the instructions for wavy hair just for a few days, I can already see a difference. At this moment, I'm using Burt's Bees Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Conditioner and it's accompanied shampoo. ...more info
  • Give it a try and you won't go back.
    I have very naturally curly (3b) hair and this book has forever changed the way I treat my hair. I haven't used a sulfate shampoo, a cone, heat styling, or any chemicals in years , and never will again. The basic concept of this book is that curly hair is delicate and should not be assualted with sulfates, cones (they build up in hair), or harsh heat styling. No two heads of hair will respond indentically to the same routine, so don't give up if you try to follow this book's advice and it doesn't work right away. 1) Give it time, like a a couple of months (although you'll start to see changes sooner than that), and 2) check out for all kinds of ideas and problem solving with 'going CG'. There is really no end of different products, styling methods, and hair care routines....more info
  • Changes in Attitude
    It is a wonderful thing to discover how to manage your hair instead of fighting it after decades of struggling to look good with frizzy hair. Well, it ain't frizzy no more! Curly Girl showed me the Way, and I am a new woman, with beautiful hair. I bought my sisters each a copy, and highly recommend this guide to any woman with waves, curls, or frizz-prone hair. ...more info
  • Hurray For Curly Girl!
    I enjoyed the book, but the fact that 4 "curly girls" loved it makes it a winner. After my daughter read it at Christmas, she resumed her hairdressing business after 19 years and is having a wonderful time. She sounds so happy to be back. She said the book brought back the wonderful feeling of styling hair that she had missed. Now she does it on her own terms and loves it again....more info
  • Finally know how to care for my hair!
    This book has some great advice, especially for us "ethnic girls" I highly recommend that advice, even if it means making or blending your own hair products. I have to admit, they really do work. who would think that my greasy scalp isn't so greasy with no shampoo and lemonaided conditioner?! I highly recommend her book, and it works on all races and ethnicities of curly and wavy haired people. According to her statistics - 65% of all women have curly or wavy hair! So I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Book
    I loved this book. Had lots of advice I'd never heard before. Tried it and have had the most compliments on my curly, kinky hair ever! I have had other curly girls ask me how i get the curls to look so good...........more info
  • curley girl
    I picked up this book at a hair salon and immediately connected. I bought the book for my daughter who has very beautifuly curly hair. People all her life have told her so. So the book only confirmed what we had told her all her life.
    ...more info
  • Great info for curley hair.
    I wish this book had been available years ago. It has helped me accept curly hair and learn to manage it- even to like it. I would highly recommend this book because it will help you save money buying the correct hair care products and not wasting time and money on products that are not good for curls....more info
  • Just the Beginning
    This book opened the door for me at midlife to finally "let my hair down!" Thanks to the author, Lorraine Massey, I am not only growing out my curly head of ringlets... but cherishing every one of them! Something that I had previously always regarded as my curse in life! FRIZZ, HUMIDITY!!! This is a MUST READ for anyone with curly hair of all degrees and ages! Educational and Fun! A real Lifesaver!

    ...more info
  • Good information, Bad Attitude
    The information in this book is good. My hair is curlier and feels wonderful. It's a very inexpensive and chemical free way to treat your hair and scalp. I don't, however, recommend reading the "testimonials". Some of the women take their hair way too seriously. ...more info
  • No Shampoo? YES!!!
    Massey's advice is good. I quite shampooing my waist length hair over six months ago and I'll never go back. I rinse and condition about every other day. My hair, which up until I read this book had been in braids and buns 24/7, has suddenly become an asset. It's beauty shines. My hair is now something I'm proud of instead of something I'm a little embarrassed by.

    If you are interested in caring for your curly hair as naturally as possible, this is the book for you. If you are interested in breaking free from society's cookie cutter mold, this is the book for you.

    Signed, one happy Curly Girl!...more info
  • gross
    I know a couple of people of the "crunchy" persuasion who swear by this method. They'll say "oh, my hair is so much healthier and more voluminous now". Funny thing is, every last one of them has exactly what you'd expect from someone who abstains from shampoo... greasy nasty looking hair. Sure the built up dirt and grime causes your hair to appear to have more "texture", thus the curliness, but it also looks dirty too. If you use this method and your thinking "no, that's not true. My hair doesn't look dirty"... really, your hair does in fact look gross.

    Seriously, shampoo is not that expensive. Go get yourself a 99cent bottle of Suave and stop kidding yourself. If you want curls, get a perm or use curlers. ...more info
  • Can't recommend this book
    I guess if you are willing to follow the recommendations then you might like this book. I however am completely grossed out by the idea of NEVER washing your hair again. I have very dry hair but an oily scalp. My scalp needs to be washed. I think massaging conditioner into my scalp isn't going to clean it. I would have preferred a recommendation of a shampoo to use. I also don't think it is practical for most women to air dry their hair daily. I wish she'd have spent more time talking about blow drying with a diffuser. The one thing I did like about the book is it made me do some internet research ([...]) and I was able to find someone that uses Ms. Massey's hair cutting technique in my area which is invaluable. Most hairdressers do not cut curly hair any differently then they cut straight hair. Here's what I took from the book (I'll save you the money): The only product you need is clear, non-sticky gel; don't brush your hair; don't mess with it once it is styled; and find someone that knows how to cut curly hair....more info
  • Curly Girl for the Win
    While I have never personally experienced the kind of attitude and prejudice against my curls that the confessions in the book detailed, since my hair started to go curly I have had no idea what to do with it.

    This book helped a great deal and my hair looks the best it ever has. Don't be turned away from the idea of no shampoo. Not only do most conditioners carry the same cleaning products as she describes, but most of her methods still work with people who choose to still use shampoo.

    I highly recommend this book to all people who have curly hair of all types and want to know how to bring them to their best!...more info
  • new way to take care of curly hair
    I have been following this books recomendations and I love how my hair has responded. I have been using Deva products and am getting really incredable results. Great book. A whole new way of taking care of your unruly, frizzy hair. Every curly head should read this!...more info
  • Curly Girls (and Boys) of the World UNITE!!!
    33 years old and I've spent my entire life hating my hair. Curly Girl had opened my eyes. I had this book sitting in my Wish List for 6 months, and one day in February I just bought it.

    This book has changed my life, because now I accept my hair. So much so that I evangelize this book to anyone who will listen to me.

    For anyone who has given up on no shampooing, it is understandable if you don't have "Corkscrew" hair like I do. However, if you do have those corkscrews, THROW THAT SHAMPOO AWAY!!! It took my scalp 4 weeks to get over not having shampoo, and would itch like no tomorrow. But using just conditioner and scrubbing it with your fingertips REALLY works. Just be patient.

    One set-back for me is that although the itching did go away, I started experiencing dry-scalp, which I hadn't experienced since I was a teenager. I made the appointment at the Salon (I highly recommend Carlos) in NYC, and I will say that I spent A LOT of money on the hair products. But . . . the dry scalp disappeared. I'm looking for cheaper ways to get the same results and plan on mixing 1/8 - 1/4 baby wash to 7/8 - 3/4 conditioner high in emollients, but very low in silicones and similar gunky stuff. I hope it works, because if not, I'll be stuck paying a lot of money for my hair for life. Would it be worth it? Yeah, because if it wasn't for Curly Girl, I'd still have my hair slicked back in a ponytail and I'd be a very Miserable Girl....more info
  • useful, fun, and helpful!
    This book not only had lots of great tips for wavy and curly hair, but it is colorful and very fun to read. (It inspired me to go visit her salon in NYC) My hair has never been healthier. Well worth the $10. ...more info
  • This book changed my life more than any other - ever.
    This book is an absolute MUST have for anyone with even one curl on their head. My boyfriend bought it for me as a gift, and it is without a doubt the best gift I've ever gotten. After adopting some of these techniques, i.e. learning how to take care of my very spiral-y curly hair, it has never, ever looked better. My hair is amazing now (most days, that is). The curl pattern is unbelievable, it's shiny, and so healthy that after 7 months without a cut, a stylist actually told me I barely even needed a trim. I am no longer frustrated and want to cry when I leave the house, I KNOW my hair looks good. I recommend this to people I see in stores, on the street, on airplanes... If your hair has ever curled or waved, you MUST buy this book. My only complaint -- I have some follow-up questions for Lorraine Massey, and I'm embarassed to try to call her!...more info
  • I suddenly love my hair
    I have struggled to live with my curly hair for 30 years. Who knew it could be so easy!!! The lavender spritz is magic in a bottle and easy to make. It seems like it would just be nicely scented water, and after spraying my head with water for years I didn't expect much. All I can say is TRY IT!!! You will no longer hate your hair either! That's only the first great thing about this book - check it out for yourself. ...more info
  • needs to be updated
    I was quite excited to get this book, having seen an article about the author. I do appreciate what she's trying to do -- raise self esteem and educate women on their curly hair. But the book was a little disappointing. Here is why:

    1) She's a big enthusiast for not shampooing. A lot of women are JUST NOT GOING TO ACCEPT THAT! There are great products now that do not contain sulphates. (I use Giovanni from Whole Foods and it's light and soft on my curls).

    2) The how-to photos are nearly impossible to follow. You really can't see what people are doing to their hair.

    3) Not enough true before-and-after photos of the different hair types.

    4) The ideas for cuttting and styling look really unfashionable/outdated.

    5) The quality of the books printing is low, so you don't see the people and their hair in their best light. In fact some of them look downright bad!

    6) There is a lot of emphasis on blaming culture and family messages for our hatred of our curls. This book could dig a bit deeper: it's clear women project bad feelings onto their curly hair WHEN THEY FEEL BAD, not the other way around. I know this is hard to believe, but do a little psychological digging...

    7) Use gel on my hair? Not since the 80s... I could not go back to crunchy hair. I like it soft so I use, yes, a rather expensive hair creme. Nevertheless I will try and find a soft drying clear gel. I'm game to save a small fortune!

    8) I already use little shampoo, use very moisturizing conditioner, dry my hair naturally and/or wrap around my fingers (not in the overly complicated way she shows with pins!).. and haven't brushed my hair since the early 90s.

    9) People react how they will, no matter how society develops. It's a fact, men drool when I (occasionally) have my hair blown dry straight and flat ironed by a hairdresser. Ah well... It's impossible for me to do it myself.

    So, not too many revelations in this book for me....more info
  • Must read for curly girls!
    This book has helped me so much with taking good care of my hair! You don't really have to do all of the recipes. Just pick the ones that work best for you. I've been in the Curly Girl routine for about 2 years now and my hair has never looked better, and it has never been healthier.

    People with curly hair should really embrace it instead of trying to change it.
    ...more info
  • Crrrrrrrl Power!
    I started out with wavy hair which I detested. Cancer took all my hair away and replaced it with raging screaming kinky curly hair. I hated it - but after readig this book I have totally changed my attitude. Now I love my hair and am not looking forward to the day my 'real' hair returns.

    I don't give five stars because some of the hair-care exilirs I tried did not seem to work like I expected.

    But this book is definitely an upbeat, you-go-girl, positive book....more info
  • GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am mixed black/white and i have very different hair than most. i have the brittle frizz of african american hair but the softness of caucasian hair. I have relaxed, sprayed it, gooped it, dyed it, anything to get me to like it more. The first step in this book is to stop shampooing - just that tip alone has made my hair stop breaking and look so weighed down. Read the the rest of the tips they all are amazing!

    i recommend this book, it was a big help!...more info
  • Curly Girl
    Curly Girl offers a wealth of information for the girl who thinks she suffers from curly hair. Curly hair is not a curse as the hints in this book will show!...more info
  • Curls with attitude....
    I have ironed my hair, slept on huge rollers, and used gel and hairdryers to keep my curly hair as straight as possible. And, of course, that only worked until the weather got damp and it all went to frizz. This is a book that encourages curls and give clear cut and practical advice on how to care for curly hair and make it a crown rather than something to curse. It also gives us curly girls a sense of community and pride, as well as "attitude" when it comes to living with our hair. ...more info
  • A new generation for curls
    I've always hated my Botticelli curls. Tried for years to flat iron them and to keep them from frizzing. It wasn't until I was surfing the net that I found this book. Couldn't believe that there were solutions for managing my curly hair. The book is filled with curly girl confessions that one can relate too. The steps and directions are easy to follow. My favorite part is the page where you determine your spring factor to find what type of curl that you have. Always thought my hair was wavy. Curly Girl is definitely a book for women/teens/children and even men, that were born with curly hair and for years, unsuccessfully managed their hair. If you want to learn away to make your curls bounce, shine and be frizz free, you got to buy this book. ...more info
  • A Must Have...
    ...For any girl with even slightly curly hair. Apparently, even wavy hair can be curlier with the techniques and care methods described step-by-step in this book. I have curly hair and have always fought with it. Now my hair has never looked better and it's easier than ever to maintain. Granted, it will always be a process, but the results are worth it. The book also contains recepies for home hair care, personal curly girl confessions, and tips for African American curly girls. I felt empowered and, for the first time, proud to be a curly girl; it's given me a whole new lease on life(curls)....more info
  • Opened my eyes
    I have been a curly girl all my life, but was unsure of what to do for my curls. Blow drying & curilng irons were the tools for straight hair. Now I know that my curls are me and that's what counts. The book was a something I needed to take control or not....more info
  • Did help my daughter's matted hair
    My daughter's hair had curls when she was a baby. She now only has waves. I just could not manage her hair, which matted up so easily. I've had straight hair all my life and just didn't know how to deal with curls and waves. This book was helpful. My husband summed it up as "don't wash your hair." Actually, the book doesn't say that. It does say curly hair does not need not be washed as often as most people wash it. So, I tried it and washed my daughter's hair only once a week as compared to every day. Lo and behold, it did help with the matting. That is pretty much my take home message from the book.

    There are pages dealing with how to cut curly hair, which I thought might be helpful to my niece, who has curlier hair in back than front (cut it dry, not wet). It also shows where in the curl the cut should be. I don't really have to deal with that, because my daughter's hair is only wavy.

    This book did work for us. I didn't try all the recipes, but using conditioner every day followed by a wash once a week was all my daughter needed....more info
  • I have 2 curly kids
    Limiting the shampooing to once a week or 10 days and conditioning instead has really made a differance....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I hhave always had very coarse, curly, unruly hair. I would never follow the advice in this book and not use shampoo or a hair brush. That sounds gross and filthy. I just did not agree with the author. If a stranger stopped me in public and inquired about letting my hair grow out curly, I would quickly walk away....more info
  • Great Ideas That Renewed My Style
    This book is written in an entertaining style and gives real information about how to deal with curly hair. It raised my confidence in dealing with my curls and convinced me to change my hairstyle, at least on some days. I also get great reviews from friends and family when I wear my hair in a new curly style....more info
  • I love my hair
    For 48 years I have been fighting my hair. Now that I know how to care for it, my bad hair days are almost gone. I went 3 weeks without shampoo, I think once a week or 10 days will work better for me. I cleaned out my supply of less than 1/2 used bottles of 'curly hair' shampoos, conditioners, gels, and serum. Now I only have shampoo, conditioner, and lavender water in a spray bottle.
    My 24 year old daughter is also following the book with her long slightly wavy hair. Now she has the curls of her dreams.
    This book is life changing but the advice is not for everybody. Just use what works for you. ...more info
  • will never need another book on hair!
    I have had curly 24in hair since 8th grade and never quit knew how to manage..this book transformed my life! As a new mom, it was STILL taking me 45 min to do or DRY my hair..with this book, I now take about 1 min after stepping from the shower and off I hair has never looked better! I have bought this book over and over for other relatives and even THEY now swear by it! It's a must for anyone fighting frizz and out of control curls...i now LOVE my curls! :)
    ...more info
  • curly girls rule the world!
    I bought this book a year & a half ago. It has changed my hair habits completely. The only time I shampoo now is when I get my hair colored. Conditioner and exfoliation keep my hair clean & gorgeous! A hairdresser with curly hair helped. I've got a great cut. My curls look perfect. This book really changed how happy I was with my appearance. I no longer put my hair in a french braid every day. I also use the Devacurl Set It Free....more info
  • Does not say to *never* shampoo hair!
    Easy, entertaining read with a lot of interesting advice for people who have decided they are ready to live with, rather than fight with, their curls!

    I spent the first 30+ years of my life fighting with my baby fine, wavy hair, trying to keep it straight. It always curled up or frizzed in humid weather and I could never get it completely straight. In the last 2 years I've begun wearing my hair more naturally, letting the waves show. However, I was a fervent believer in washing my hair every day, and since my hair is fine, I only conditioned it every 3 or 4 days because when I did, it drooped. I also have psoriasis and an oily scalp and thought that I would need the extra cleansing to keep it in check.

    Approximately 3 weeks ago, a friend of mine who has very long, beautiful, curly hair (Botticelli curls, according to the book) shared this book with me. She told me she had started following the advice about conditioning every day and had stopped using shampoo, except for once a week, or to spot-clean her scalp when it felt itchy or tense in places. Her hair looked better than it had in a long time (not that it looked bad to begin with). The advice seemed counterintuitive to me - how do you go through life never washing your hair?!?!?

    I decided to give it a try as the weekend was coming up. I thought if I ended up with stinky, greasy hair by Sunday that I'd just go back to washing it like I always had. I faithfully followed the guidelines for wavy hair, including conditioning every day and not rinsing it all out, scrunching my hair as it dried, and using clips to give it some lift around my face. By the end of the weekend my hair was already starting to look curlier and less frizzy. Best of all, it wasn't a greasy mess.

    I've now been following the guidelines in the book for 3 weeks and have had amazing results. I actually have some full-out curls and not just waves! I took the book to my hairdresser and discussed the routine recommended in the book as well as the home remedies. He thought the book had some interesting ideas and didn't see harm in giving it a try. The "Lotions and Potions" (home remedies) he said were mostly things that had been done in the past but had been given up in favor of chemical-based alternatives. His only caution to me was that since I have an oily scalp I may need to wash it more than once a week. I've been washing my entire scalp whenever it feels like it needs it, which turns out to be roughly every 5 days, but I still follow the book's method for shampooing: 1) condition the hair and leave it on, 2) massage shampoo on only the scalp using fingertips, not nails, 3) rinse everything out completely and, 4) reapply conditioner, then quick rinse but don't remove all conditioner from hair. I also spot-clean just the psoriatic spots about every 3 days. So far the psoriasis has improved a little, and I haven't noticed any new patches.

    To style it, I use a lightweight clear gel and scrunch my hair. Then I put several clips in the hair around my face at the base of the hair perpendicular to the scalp and let it dry. My hair seems to dry in under an hour. When it's close to being dry, I take the clips out, flip my hair upside down and rub my fingers all over my scalp to loosen the curls, then straighten up and put a few errant hairs back into place and I'm out the door.

    I'm curious to see how my hair will respond as spring and summer heat roll in, but so far it's been a very beneficial thing for my hair....more info
  • Now I know why the library copy is always out
    Recommended for age 9-14 girls with curly hair. Has hair care advice, life lessons, and general chat. It's an entertaining and enlightening read. I don't know how a hair care book can be fun, but our daughter loves it. I learned some things, too....more info
  • This is the BEST book ever written on curly hair!!!!
    I had a stack of books on how to take care of curly hair. I trashed them all after reading this book.
    I have followed this book for over 4 years now. My family has for 3.
    This is the best how to do it right for curly people.

    I just wish there was more stylist out there that had this knowledge. ...more info
  • This book made my life so much easier!
    I have lots of curly hair, and this book's advice cut my time spent on my hair in half. I follow the no-shampoo regime, and it suits my hair just fine, it doesn't get greasy at all. I wish I had found this book years ago when I sat there crying about my hair because I didn't know what to do with it. After following the Curly Girl hair care routine for 3 months, I walked into a hair salon and for the first time I was told, "Wow! Your hair is so healthy!" I used to hear ALLLL about how dry my hair was, and how I needed to moisturize more, despite the fact I used TONS of conditioner. I recommend this book to all girls with curly hair. For those who complain about greasy hair, she does say that if you need to, just wash every once in a while. Everyone is different....more info
  • Make Friends with your Curls
    Practical, entertaining and instructional --- I found this book to be extremely useful for clear, fundamental information about caring for curly hair. I liked the division into different curl "types" (such as "wavy" or "Botticelli") plus a new concept in washing regime and specific home made recipes. The personal testimonials were poignant and resonated with this child of the "straight hair 1960's" (!!) Bottom line is that I have purchased 6 copies of this title for other curly haired friends and *all* ladies have given the book rave reviews. Now --- can we see a book for MEN??? My husband is envious. Curly regards.
    ...more info
  • Curly Girls
    Excellent book. I have used a few of the tips here. I like my hair better already....more info
  • My curls demystified
    After years of struggling with frizz and bad hair cuts, I stumbled across this book. I was skeptical about some of the ideas, but I tried them and I have been frizz free ever since. I think that the idea to give up shampoo was what really helped. I've been shampoo free for over a year and it has made such a difference in the health of my curls. I used the shopping tips to pick a conditioner and styling products, but I don't use any of the recipes she recommends. I also don't use the styling tips to the extreme that she talks about. They almost seem like some bizarre superstition. The blotting and gel application procedure and clipping are just too time intensive for a daily routine and I really haven't noticed a difference when I just style with my normal non-ritualistic routine. ...more info
  • 'Flaking It' recipe--don't try this at home
    This is a review of the 'Flaking It' recipe in Massey's Curly Girl. For anyone out there thinking of trying the 'Flaking It' recipe for "dry, flaking scalp", don't. That is, unless you want your hair to smell like vomit.

    The recipe calls for massaging whipped heavy cream into the scalp. Not only does it create a total mess and is difficult to wash out of your hair (even after shampooing and conditioning), it makes your hair smell like vomit. I'm not kidding. I should have known better--there's a reason you don't let cream get warm, it goes rancid. When you apply heavy whipping cream to your scalp, it warms up....more info
  • Must read for curly hair
    This book, a good haircut, and completely transformed my approach to my hair. No longer is my hair a frizzy out of control enemy! I have soft, natural beach curls that get tons of compliments and it all started with reading this book. If you hate your hair texture, read this book. You may have curly hair in hiding!...more info
  • This book changed my life (and my hair)!
    I was a little skeptical about the ideas Lorraine Massey gives for caring for naturally curly hair. I am happy to say that I am a new, improved Curly Girl! My curls have never felt or looked better. Some of her ideas are a little hard to adjust to, but once you "set your hair free" you'll be glad you did. Give up shampooing. We'll all be better for it. :-)...more info
  • Love the curls.....
    What a great book for us "Curly Girls"....the true test will be the humidity in Missouri this summer. As a curly girl who has curly daughters and granddaughters - we are putting the contents of this book to a real test!
    So far - I have had nothing but compliments on my curls which are becoming more controlled and refined. If you have curly hair - you need this book!...more info
  • My Salvation in Book form
    How do you share a story where a book changed your life? Every day I DREADED dealing with my hair, which has gotten curlier and curlier over the years. And if you don't have curly hair, you probably can't relate to my story. I decided to search on the internet for help, and up popped 'Curly Girl' by Lorraine Massey. The little I read online gave me hope, so I ordered the book. As soon as my copy arrived, I read it from start to finish and immediately began my new hair regime. It has now been over 2 months and I can't thank Lorraine enough. Not only did she make me feel like I now belong to a society of fortunate 'Curly Headed Women', but my hair is now the easiest thing I deal with in my life. Thanks Lorraine and!! ...more info
  • Hair Care Book, Not Styling Book
    Very informative!! I would give it 5 stars if there were better pictures and more hairstyle options for the different types of curly girls out there. Plus they seem very outdated. But for each type of curly hair type you have, it will be listed and there is chapter on care tips and what ingredients to look for to not damage your hair.. there are also natural recipes for your hair which i think is cool. Overall if you're hair challenged like me and have wavy or curly hair... this is a good book... not a styling book but hair care book.. how to love and enjoy wch curly hihair type you have and reach its maximum potential. Think book doesnt give an overwhelming load of information. It's just enough. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CHOICE!...more info
  • Good but out of date
    The basic premise of this book is fabulous: avoid shampoo with sulfates and products with silicones, don't brush curly hair, and give it loads of conditioner. Great. The thing is, though, that there's a new breed of silicone out there that is water-soluble, and it takes a savvy consumer to be able to distinguish between the bad silicones and the acceptable ones. The author needs to update this book -- or start her own blog or Web site! -- so that we aren't trying to follow a plan that's stricter than it needs to be. ...more info
  • Love This Book
    If you have curly hair or a child with curly unruly hair this is a must. The recipes in the back are wonderful!!! ...more info
  • A Curly Girl in Michigan Loves This Book!
    I loved this book! I have Botecelli curls, and I find using mousse instead of gel works better for me (mousse really controls frizz for me). I followed all of Lorraine's suggestions, but switched back to mousse instead of gel after a few weeks. Now I'm a very happy Curly Girl!

    I use Pantene products, always have, and have had great results. After reading Curly Girl I stopped using shampoo and I REALLY SEE A DIFFERENCE! I use Pantene Hydrating Curls conditioner to wash my hair, not rinsing all of it out. Remember, hydrating your curls is the key to great looking curly hair. I squeeze my hair with a towel, then spray my hair with the Lavender Mist (recipe is in the book - very easy to make), then scrunch with Pantene Hydrating Curls Mousse. I use small butterly clips to clip my hair up along the top and upper sides to give some lift. This routine is working great for me!...more info
  • not impressed
    I am a "curly girl". BUT... for the last three years I have decided to wear my hair in a straight bob. I flat iron it and I no longer have "bad hair" days. I for the heck of it decided to buy the book. I did as instructed to make the most out of my curls. I did this for a week. I must say after taking all the advise given in this book, I gave up. To me, it is much harder to maintain my curls then to straighten my hair. Let me explain, when I wear it straight, I flat iron it and I can keep the same style until I wash it. I can go a good five days with out having to mess with my hair because I am not applying much product. I consistantly have good hair days. My hair is straight, frizz free, shiny and silky. Following the advise on wearing it curly was downright time consuming and aggravating. Having to wet it everyday and trying to "scunch" the hair to get your curl to take. I am sorry, this is wayyyyy too much work for me. And how anybody has the time to allow their hair to airdry, sorry... who really has that kind of time in the morning. I have four kids that I get ready for school everyday, do I really have time for all this primping?? NO WAY. Even my stylist said it is alot easier to straighten the hair then to try to manipulate your curls. Sorry, my hair just looked poofy and frizzy when following the book. I also felt messy and unkept. It is so much easier to just run a brush through my silky straight hair and I am good to go. I do not want to put the book down, but for me this was a waste of time and effort. I guess everybody is different, but I will keep my straight, silky hair. ...more info
  • Great Book for dealing with Curly Hair
    This book is extremely instructive re: curly hair. It tells you how to properly clean, condition, and style the three main types of curly hair. It also offers recipes for home-made hair-care products so you can save a few dollars. I have used all the recommendations, including one or two of the home-made products and my very curly hair is manageable and looks great! I definitely recommend the book as well as the Devacare line of hair products....more info


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