The What to Expect Pregnancy Journal & Organizer

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Your Personal Pregnancy Companion

A Journal and daily diary to record all those memorable moments in the making of your baby—from the test coming back positive to the first ultrasound. From the first kick to delivery to the first cuddle.

An Organizer to keep track of everything pregnancy: practitioner visits and shopping lists, birthing plans and birth announcements, baby names and baby gifts.

An All-in-One Place to write down everything you’ll want to remember about the most exciting nine months of your life.

Introducing the totally revised and updated What to Expect Pregnancy Journal and Organizer – with 715,000 copies in print, it's the perfect gift and popular companion to What to Expect When You're Expecting. Lightweight and sized to fit into a tote or briefcase, this handy planner is an expectant mom's best friend from conception through labor and delivery.

For the new edition, the text has been brought completely up-to-date in accordance with the information in the recently revised third edition of What to Expect When You're Expecting. Featuring prompted pages, checklists, and a weekly write-in pregnancy and labor journal, this is the best way for mothers-to-be to keep track of important dates, questions to ask the doctor, medications, milestones, childbirth class notes, shopping lists, phone numbers, and everything else that comes with the nine months of pregnancy. The journal/organizer's compact design ensures it can go everywhere mom goes. After baby's arrival, it becomes an instant keepsake.

Customer Reviews:

    It was purchased for my daughter-in-law. They are expecting their first child. She loves the book. It is and will be very helpful thru the next 7 months. She loves looking at the size of the baby as it grows. I would recomend it for any new to be Mom. It's a great gift for anyone you know who is expecting. ...more info
  • Item ok
    This item was a good idea at the time. But I really never used it. My son is now 12 months....more info
  • Never used it.
    I did not find this book very helpful at all. A big waste of money....more info
  • Good record keeper
    I used this journal for my first my pregnancy and am using the revised version now. Being high risk, it is great to be able to refer to my first journal weekly to see if I'd experienced the same symptoms the first time around. It's handy to take to dr visits to help remember questions I wanted to ask.The section tabs and the pocket are great additions. I wish there was a tab for each & every section, rather than just 3 general sections-had to add my own. This book is ideal for record keeping and remembering all those little things about the time you spent carrying your baby. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Organizer
    The only thing I didn't like was there are no pockets to put papers, phamplets, etc from the doctor/hospital. Otherwise I think the pages are great and has plenty of places to record your information....more info
  • Awesome
    I had this Journal with my first pregnancy and I loved it because everything that I needed for the doctors office and labor and devilery were all in the same place. I had many complications with my pregnancy and having a place to write questions for the doctors and results from all my visits or if I had to call her after office was really helpful to me. I would have to try to remember everything. I just wrote it down and knew that I could come back to it if and when I needed to....more info
  • the absolute BEST pregnancy book I got - the only one I needed
    the best book I received (and I got about 5 as gifts)... was the "What to Expect" journal. It has a place for EVERY SINGLE bit of DATA you could ever come across while pregnant... some you wouldn't even think of! Pages to interview doctors, birth plan, places for ultrasound & belly photos, etc. It's been the ONE place that I store everything pregnancy related, and it's small enough to carry with me in my purse, so I always have ALL my info ready. Also, if I am lucky enough to have a "next" pregnancy... I think it'll be helpful to remember WHEN everything happened, etc. on a week by week basis.
    The "What to Expect" books I could have done without, really ALL the books... the same info is available online (and emailed to me weekly)... but this book has been invaluable. If you're newly pregnant - GET ONE. Or if you KNOW someone newly pregnant - get it for them as a gift!...more info
  • Ok...but too detailed
    I used the older verison for my first baby. You could fill in the date and week of pregnancy and it had a space to write your thoughts. This next version is designed for daily entries. Even for a first pregnancy, esp a second pregnancy, there isn't enough changing day to day that there is something new to write. I found "The Belly Book" to be easier to use. It is desinged week by week....more info
  • Eh...not really worth it
    If you had a very detailed wedding organizer, this is for you. If you're like me and can jot a few notes down here and there and remember things, you don't need this. ...more info
  • Invaluable during pregnancy!
    I purchased this organizer for my first pregnancy and knew right away with my second pregnancy that I would buy it again! It is so helpful to have all my information in one place. It allows you to write in insurance information, doctor's contact information, results from tests, pregnancy wellness exams and much, much more. It really is invaluable! I loved looking back at my first pregnancy organizer and reminding myself of everything that occurred. There are other pregnancy organizers on the market, but I think this one is the most detailed....more info
  • Fun
    This book was fun to use! I used it in 2002, while expecting Amanda!

    Ruthie...more info
  • thinking about starting a family
    We have been thinking about starting a family soon. We are almost thirty and wanted to have some fun before we did. This journal includes everything that you may want to know about pregnancy. It keeps everything organized. I haven't used it yet so I cannot comment on how useful it may be. ...more info
  • Waste of $11.
    I haven't even used this as the formatting is really really bad. The lay out is horrid. It's not a well set out journal by any means. I also have the what to expect book which I'm not a fan of at all. Boring. I also signed up for the what to expect website and was flooded with 'baby spam' from advertisers. ...more info
  • Could be better, but I still love mine
    I have 4 kids and one of these for each of them. They made keeping track of what questions I had for the doc, weight changes, allowed meds, etc a lot easier. I don't think (as a first time mom) that I would've known just what to write down. As I've gone along with other pregnancies, I've learned to be more detailed in my writing and now go back to past journals as reference materials. Just when did heartburn kick in? When did I get to the point when I had trouble sleeping or rolling over?

    The cons, as other reviewers have noted, mainly have to do with the layout. It's just not as easily accessible as it could be. I dealt with this by getting reusable sticky page markers and wrote the most important sections down: OB Appointments, Journal area, etc. Another beef I had was that there weren't quite enough slots for the appointments for me. There were periods when I had more frequent visits than usual and I ended up having to write on the reverse side of the previous page. If you have a difficult pregnancy, this may be an issue. Also, they only give you a small square for each week of journaling. I had way more to write than I had space and ended up writing very tiny to squeeze it all in.

    Keep a pencil with it with a book/magazine to read in a small tote bag to grab on your way to the OB's. Just don't keep it where small children can get to it......more info
  • love this organizer!
    This organizer is great if you actually use it. The best parts are the areas to write down questions for your next dr. visit, and what dr. told you at each visit. Also has areas for tracking daily movements (after 5 months), and an area to make sure you're getting the appropriate number of servings of each food type in the food pyramid, daily. I used that dedicatedly and only gained 20 pounds!!!!WOW Also has area to record baby gifts received, thank you notes written, baby names you like etc. and it's only about 1 inch thick. Easily fit in my purse for Dr. visits.
    I will definitely get another one for my next pregnancy....more info
  • Great for organizing
    Great resourse to record your precious pregnancy experience. I used this during my first pregnancy too....more info
  • Awesome way to remember!!
    Awesome product! Lets you organize everything, and then you have a memory of what you went through during your pregnancy. Especially good to go back and look at if you are having another!...more info
  • A must have for every pregnancy
    I bought this journal for my first pregnancy and I wrote down EVERYTHING. This book had so many great aspects to it. From a weekly journal, to doctor visit notes, Shower notes, planning and purchasing sections, even to a labor journal. I loved it. I wrote everything down and now that I am pregnant again for the second time I am purchasing another so I can do it all over again. I love being able to go back at my old journal to compare what is going on in this pregnancy and what happened during my last. Great book for yourself or for a gift. I buy one for EVERYONE who I know who in pregnant. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I love all the nice things in this organizer. I've never owned any other pregnancy organizer so I can't make a fair comparision but it works for what I need. I don't really use the journal because the entry spaces are too small but I use them to write down really important things like when I felt the baby first kick etc. ...more info
  • A little too organizer for me.
    I wanted something a little more fun to record my pregnancy. My mom picked this up for me when I requested a journal. In looking over it I think there are too many lists and questions. I was looking more for something fun to write some thoughts down, put some pictures in. I think I won't use most of this book because I'm not really a list person. If you are more organized and enjoy making lists, than this book is good for you....more info
  • The Perfect Organiser
    I just love this's got ample space for your thoughts and lists and loads of information as well. Would recommend this especially to first-time moms....more info
  • Could be better
    Layout is difficult. They need many more tabs, not just 3. Difficult to find anything, pages should be large so it isn't over 200 pages. The pages are so thin that it is hard to separate them. I am not going to sit there and fill out the pages during my appointments or looking for sections while I am in the hospital. I added many many tabs so try to separate the book the little more & hopefully find things easier....more info


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