Younger Next Year for Women: Live Strong, Fit, and SexyUntil You're 80 and Beyond

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Co-written by one of the country's most prominent internists, Dr. Henry "Harry" Lodge, and his star patient, the 73-year-old Chris Crowley, Younger Next Year for Women is a book of hope, a guide to aging without fear or anxiety. This is a book of hope, a guide to aging without fear or anxiety. Using the same inspired structure of alternating voices, Chris and Harry have recast material specifically for women, who already live longer and take better care of themselves than men. New material covers menopause and post-menopause, as well as cardiac disease, osteoporosis, sexuality, and more.

This is the book that can show us how to turn back our biological clocks—how to put off 70% of the normal problems of aging (weakness, sore joints, bad balance) and eliminate 50% of serious illness and injury. The key to the program is found in Harry's Rules: Exercise six days a week. Don't eat crap. Connect and commit to others. There are seven rules all together, based on the latest findings in cell physiology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, and experimental psychology. Dr. Lodge explains how and why they work—and Chris Crowley, who is living proof of their effectiveness (skiing better today, for example, than he did twenty years ago), gives the just-as-essential motivation.

Both men and women can become functionally younger every year for the next five to ten years, then continue to live with newfound vitality and pleasure deep into our 80s and beyond.

Now, a women’s edition. A New York Times bestseller with 115,000 copies in print in hardcover, Younger Next Year is the breakthrough program for men to turn back their biological clocks and live healthier, more active lives into their 80s and beyond. Experts believed, the press raved:

“An extraordinary book. It is easy to read and the science is right.” —K. Craig Kent, M.D., chief of vascular surgery, New York–Presbyterian Hospital

“Brain-rattling, irresistible, hilarious . . . it could change your life.”—Washington Post

But the fact is that women have even more to gain from Younger Next Year. Just as the average woman lives longer (three decades past menopause) than the average man, the average woman has more anxiety about aging. Younger Next Year for Women is a book of hope. Though keeping the same lively, alternating voices—Chris Crowley’s rough-and-ready passion for the cause, Harry Lodge’s cool, convincing science—the book is recast to bring its revolutionary findings about staving off 70% of the normal decay associated with aging specifically to women. It covers menopause and postmenopause at length, cardiac disease, osteoporosis, sexuality, even finances. It adapts its simple, lifesaving motivational rules—Exercise Six Days a Week, Don’t Eat Crap, Connect to Other People—to contemporary women’s lifestyles. And brings to its message a refreshing bluntness that says yes, you have come a long way, and you’ve got a longer way to go. Now enjoy it for all it’s worth.

Customer Reviews:

  • Puts a Fire in your tailpipe to get up and go
    I read Dr. Lodges and Chris Crowley's book and it changed me forever. I first saw these two authors on CBN and then ordered the book, "Younger Next Year for Women". What I like about this book in terms of its style and reading is that it is balanced between Dr. Lodge's biology and DNA subject matter and Chris Crowley's shoot from the hip style. Yes, they do advocate exercise, but nothing so mundane as you find in typical exercise or motivation books. Nothing in any other exercise book ever woke me up like this book. More than just another exercise or fitness book, this book explains why and how we age, why we get fat, why and how we program our body and cells to die instead of grow. This book explains how our modern life style has confused the programming of our body and caused us to get fat, grow old, get stiff, get diseased and finally die. These things don't just happen to us - we cause them to happen! That's right, we program our DNA and cells to age and die by our life style and activity, or lack thereof, which tells our body what to do with the next generation of cells. It also goes into what our bodies were designed for and how to work in harmony with that perfect design to obtain optimum performance. Once I learned this, I suddenly became aware that I had been setting my body up to die, day by day, one dead cell after another. I changed in the instant I read the first couple of chapters. This book is a real eye opener and instead of motivating you to do push ups or do this or that, this book integrates the whole life system of human evolution and biology and social attitude based on the design and makeup of the human genetic machine. It puts you on the right track to do what your body and cells were made to do and to do it well for a long and healthy life. I read this book cover to cover and it motivated me to begin an exercise and "life" program which completely changed my health for the better. I now do six days a week of cardio and exercise, have more energy, more drive, more motivation each day than I've ever had in my life and for the first time in my life, I'm pain free with more flexibility, endurance, and resiliancy than ever before. I've lost 15 lbs and dropped to a size 2 and can meet my daily work challenges with so much energy, I'm amazed. I have no longer programmed my body and cells to die but to live, and live fully and live each day with zeal and motivation. In changing my diet I also discovered I had food allergies which I never knew I had before. This book took me into a new direction and opened a whole other area of thought about my health, diet and exercise and spurned me in a new direction of wellness and wellness research. I've told many people about it and am buying several copies for friends and family. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to awaken their minds and bodies and be alive again. And especially for anyone in that age zone where health becomes a daily issue of concern. ...more info
  • Some good stuff, but not up to the full hype!
    This book gives advice and encouragement to women who have falsely come to believe that deterioration comes with age and there is nothing we can do about it. I enjoyed it and sometimes recommend it just for some parts of it and the main idea, but I still want to make the following comments: it belabored the value of exercise to the point where I felt like shouting "OK, I get it, I get...we need to exercise!". In a way, I kept waiting for the book to also talk about OTHER things too, but really this was the sum total focus of the book. I also thought that it would have been nice if the authors included some women doctors' perspectives too (it was weird getting all that advice on how we women should live our lives from two men who constantly refer to how they live theirs). I felt that the recommendation (strongly and repeatedly given) to exercise for HOURS a day, every day preferably, was fine for the retired author of the book who, as another reviewer also mentioned, was spending ALOT of time doing things that are not easily affordable by the average woman. He obviously has a huge amount of vacation/play time to enjoy high-end exercise, like biking trips and skiing trips...but that's not realistic for the kinds of lives most women, age 50-60 at least, really live in today's world (lives filled with the time demands of jobs combined with children, homes, care of elderly parents, grandchildren, etc.). It may be that this much exercise is what is really needed to turn back the clock, but I'm hoping that's not true- since so few of us have THAT much time to devote to exercise (the authors seemed to think that if you had your priorities straight, you'd find the time). The authors did convince me that one needs to add strength training to cardio training, and that cardio training is not enough. Just that knowledge and conviction alone may make me (and you) 'younger next year', if we actually do what is recommended....more info
  • Who doesn't want to be strong ?
    This book is very easy to read and understand. As a member of the 50+ club I found this book to be very inspiring and thought provoking. We can't stop getting older but we can slow down the effects of it and live a strong joyful life well into our 80's. That sounds wonderful to me !!!...more info
  • Don't waste your money!!
    Here's the short version: Exercise 6 days a week, join a gym, hire a trainer. End of book! I was expecting various exercise plans, healthy eating suggestions, other ideas of things to do such as mental exercises, journaling, playing games, etc...things that have shown to be good for helping your brain stay alert as well as your body. Unfortunately, these guys wrote almost 400 pages of redundant, regurgitated babble over and over, ad nausium! The 71 yr. old guy skis...he said that in every other chapter. That's it. So save your money. Spend it on a good trainer. ...more info
  • Saving myself, saving my friends
    I was introduced to this book when my sister gave me a copy for Christmas. It sat a round a few weeks and then I started to read it. Some of it was scientific, but understandable. One author, Chris, is a retired lawyer so you know he can tell a story and the other, Harry, is a physician who's career is helping older patients. The message is important and very motivational. Since I read this book, I am exercising 6 days a week and eating better. I feel better. The other important message is staying connected to others as we age. Since I want my friends to be there with me til the end, I bought two more copies and mailed them to my buddies. My take from the book and a favorite old song, it's better to burn out than fade away! Great book. ...more info
  • Validation
    Younger Next Year for Women: Live Strong, Fit, and SexyUntil You're 80 and BeyondThis book is totally awesome and it validates everything I have been trying to do for myself for the last 15 years. I am 55 years old and I run marathons. When I saw this book, I decided to buy it just to see what else I could do, only to discover that I am already living by the rules set forth by Chris Crowley and Harry Lodge. One of the things I like best about the book is Chris's sense of humor and Harry's easy to understand scientific explanations. I have highlighted and underlined and picked out passages to post around the house. I have given copies of this book (and the companion book written for men) to people I want to be with me in our 80's and beyond. Don't wait--get this book and begin your journey to a healthier life. You can do it; these guys will inspire you. ...more info
  • Younger Next Year for Women
    You could still tell a man wrote this book, however, it was excellent. Sure got my attention. I started implementing his suggestions right away. Actually, the book re-enforced what my doctor had been telling me, but hearing it from a book really made an impact. Guess I'm a slow learner. ...more info
  • Younger Next Year for Women
    Inspirational, motivational, practical and down to earth. Conversational style. Great read for those over 50 who want to live a better life! ...more info
  • Just do it and humor
    My husband bought this book for me (and he purchased the companion book for men) for Christmas. I read it over a weekend. It makes so much sense: use it or lose it, and lose it unnecessarily. I have always been active, but have found myself making excuses for not working out as often or as vigorously as I know I still can. This book explains why it's so important to keep moving.Since reading the book, I have stepped up the frequency and the intensity of exercise, as the bood suggests. I've found myself with more energy than I would have expected. Don't just read the book, follow the guidelines. Aging is required but decaying is optional. ...more info
  • Everyone getting close to 50 should read this!
    This book is a must for just about anyone....especially for those getting close to 50 yrs old....but also for anyone who is younger and happens to have an understanding that aging really does change our physical selves and that it is going to happen to you!! The authors impress upon the reader that physical and mental decline does and will happen with age and that if you want to beat that trend you must take it upon yourself to get up off your sorry butt and exercise that overbearing decline away from your door. Though they don't offer an exercise routine (why should they....that's already been done in other books) they give you guidelines as to how to approach an exercise regime. They also let you know, in no uncertain and humorous terms, that this is a one-time deal....exercise and you improve all aspects of aging; don't exercise and decay will consume your aging process.

    I have never had a book affect me so much about my perspective on aging....and in a positive, there-is-no-time-to-lose manner. I am 53 and female. Although I have been active most of my life, I have slowed down a bit and gained a few of those pounds they mention creep up you. Since reading this book, I have started an exercise program that has turned my life around, and, thanks to the authors, I have every intention of continuing this trend until I pass on or can't move anymore.

    The best part about this book beyond the message is the number of times it will make you laugh. My son would hear me laugh while reading it and say, "You must really like that book." He was right. I am on my third reading and still get laughs out of it. Their original book, Younger Next Year, has the same message, but this book, Younger Next Year for Women, includes issues that women deal with as we age. You can't read this book and not come away feeling inspired to view your aging process in a different light and with a question in your head, "Do I want to decay as I age or do I want to remain flexible, mobile and strong?" It is your choice. Now, read the darn book and change your life!

    By the way, when Obama was President-elect, he was caught on film carrying a copy of Younger Next Year while returning from the beach. Some people who saw this felt that this indicated he was reading trendy diet books...but let me tell you....when I saw that picture, I was impressed. Now I know that since he has read the book, this is a President who is interested in caring for his health and mind in the best manner possible. I'll vote for that anyday! Happy reading everyone!...more info
  • Irreverant and relevant
    This book was recommended by one of the smart women I am lucky enough to have in my life. Thank you Elizabeth, it is a very important piece of work.

    "I have to warn you," she counseled, "what this book advises, and backs up with sound science, may bring out the rebellious teen in you. Once I got over thinking it was preposterous I see that it is working", she laughed.

    My skeptical, rebel child did blanche at times as I read chapter after chapter about the hard work and science of avoiding Depends and a walker. But avoid those I will and after only 3 chapters I can actually say "thanks Henry" for the five miles I power-walked today rather than the three I intended to.

    Henry is Henry S. Lodge, M. D. one of the two authors. The other is Chris Crowley. Together they published the original version of this concept for men.

    Their message is compelling.
    * The brain reacts in response to what we tell it by our lifestyle choices.
    * The response process was designed billions of years ago when we lived in nature and survival was the order of the day. The fittest survived, the weakest, well you know.
    * Our body and brains are perfect for their natural purposes hunting, gathering, running, shivering, but none of them was designed for modern life: fast food, TV, temperature controlled environments, or retirement.
    * We are programmed this way like it or not and it remains the way our brains' process input. We can either take on the decay prevention program outlined here, to make the most of the inevitable aging process, or we can age and rot.

    Some of the facts are scary:
    * Being sedentary is the single most important signal for decay.

    Some heartening:
    * The good news is that decay signals, brought about by the modern lifestyle we enjoy, though constant, are weak. If you don't send any signals to grow, decay will win, but even a modest signal to grow--a decent workout--even a good, stiff walk--will drown out the noise.

    I won't bore you with the neuro-bio-science-geek stuff that I love to read but here is their message in a nutshell.

    You've got to Move It Move It!
    Move physically,
    move towards joy and happiness daily,
    and move towards those in your life whom you feel connected to and safe with.
    It seems that the pack mentality from years gone by is also a part of the survival mechanism our bodies crave.

    Here's a brief explanation of this writerly duo. The doctor has a twenty-four person internal medicine practice in NYC. He is rated as one of the best doctors in the country. At about the 10-year mark of practicing Dr. Lodge
    realized the following: that being an internist allows him a long relationship with patients; like for 20, 30 years or more. From this he deduced, "I am `on notice' of how my patients are living, and of how they are dying. I am `on notice' that the normal American way of life--and especially the American way of aging--is dangerous and sometimes lethal."

    Lodge goes on to say what most of us have heard at least once, "Some 70% of premature death and aging is lifestyle-related...If we had the will to do it, we could eliminate more than half of all disease in women and men over fifty. Not delay it, eliminate it." I think that statement is worth re-reading at least once.

    The co-author, Crowley is a former litigator. He is 71 or so and Dr. Lodge's patient. He's the proof this stuff works. Here's what he says about his part:
    "Mine is the report from the front. Optimistic, sure, but honest and unadorned. Not a woman's report but almost as relevant because, as I say, we're in the Aging Boat together. Unless we do some stuff that I happen to know about."
    He goes on to say, " I am an indifferent athlete at best. I am hugely self-indulgent (at one point I was forty pounds overweight). I drink almost every day, and I am hardwired for pleasure." So he's one of us.
    More from Chris,
    "And again, 70 percent of the "normal" decay (that's the rot) associated with aging...the weakness, the sore joints, the lousy balance, the feeling crappy...70 percent of that horror can be forestalled almost until the end."
    And I say Amen to that.

    The book is thick, 357 pages without the appendix. It's an easy read though and what I really like about it--keep in mind the reference I made to being a science geek--is the amount of science behind each of the exhortations to move, eat this or not that, connect, etc.

    The first section of the book covers every aspect of our physical bodies as we do the inevitable dance towards the grand finale. Behind the scenes science sets one up for "getting" this stuff and the very plain stated "what to do" about it will at least get you thinking about available options and outcomes.

    Section two is titled "The Limbic Brain and the Biology of Emotion" and covers the importance of caring enough for self and others to want to take this challenge on. It's the social side of the coin of our physical existence.

    You don't have to become a tri-athlete over night. At the least you owe yourself a once over to see what part you are playing in how well you age or how fast you go downhill. I'll leave you with this from Dr. Henry:
    "Being sedentary is formally classified as a major cardiovascular risk factor, increasing risk more than smoking or high cholesterol. Vigorous exercise, the real thing, is the most powerful way we know of cutting down your risk of heart attack." ...more info
  • Motivating Book
    Chris and Harry tag-team throughout this book to provide good information and inspiration. As other reviewers have stated, most of the information isn't new, but it's said in a way that makes it relevant and useful. And Chris is a jolly role model for all of us.

    I'm not sure why this book motivates me when I already knew much of the information in it. Maybe it was the ongoing (relentless) mention of aging as decay in the US. Or pounding home the point of how much control we have over how we age. Or maybe just wanting to have fun being 71 like Chris. (My mom, 78, has heart disease. Her sister died at 71 and her other sister, 69, has cancer.)

    I love the dead honest tone of this book. No diet plan, no recipes, no Kumbaya, no gimmicks - just straight talk with some humor thrown in.

    A bit of criticism: I wish they had added a female author for this book. Getting the male perspective on female aging was usually fine, but sometimes seemed lacking. Chris and Harry could quote statistics and give examples, but they really don't know. (Notable difference between reading Gail Sheehy's books on menopause and female aging, and reading this book.)...more info
  • Younger Next Year for Women
    Excellent arguments for doing all the right things you know you should do. Different approach in understanding how we age. Very comprehensive coverage of things we need to know. Down to earth, doable steps we can take to add healthier years to our lives. (Mrs. J. T.)...more info
  • Younger Next Year for Women
    This is a great read for women of all ages. I'm giving this book to all my friends. ...more info
  • Frightened of falling
    I always read the reviews before ordering a book I haven't had a chance to look at myself, but I rarely write one. This book (a present to myself)is an exception.

    Having just celebrated my 59 birthday I thought great, I will see if I can obtain any tips from this book (from an 'aging' specialist and one of 'his guinea-pigs).The advice'Don't eat crap' suited me because after many years of being an exceedingly plump but relatively healthy vegatarian I have just worked out a specific way of eating which suits me(and my body)and I didn't want to change this. The book confirmed my choices were fine plus,the addition of calcium supplements.

    The exercise bit nearly frightened me off though-until I reached a page about falling over and this rang bells of recognition. I move well and have no aches and pains as yet, but tripping over seems to be my favourite past-time lately. 'Why',I kept asking myself 'can't I stop myself from falling down?' After all, all it takes is a step forward with the other foot! Yet there seemed to be this 1-2 second delay in reaction which ends in painful contact with the pavement once again. This worried me far more than wrinkles or spare tyres of flab etc.,so much so that I even had my ears checked for balance problems etc.

    Reading this book confirmed to me that this was my greatest aging fear-the fear of falling'. Both authors explain the reason for this few second delay in body reaction-something I have never read about before. This has become my main motivation to take up the challenge presented in the book.

    My goal for the next year is to follow every good piece of advice it contains and above all to finally book some sessions with a weight training coach. My main goal is to reduce walking falls in the next 365 days to zero! When I finally stop falling over,I can then start falling into other more enticing aspects of 'a third age life'. The only person this book will not help is the one who reads it and then does nothing it recommends!!!

    Thank you to both of the authors for the motivation, as I have no doubts the suggestions in the book work. Now it is my turn-to turm theory into practice and get to work on myself.

    ...more info
  • Breezy entertainment...
    What it's NOT:
    Not a diet book
    Not an excercise program
    Not a spiritual enlightenment book
    Not hard science but a little science..
    This is a lightweight, chatty, sometimes-inspirational and CRITICAL call to action for middle age women to get stronger, and live longer. Like a fun, earnest, no-nonsense lecture from a beloved and knowledgable uncle who's trying to set you straight. No short cuts. It's all hard work and worth it....more info
  • Everything you already knew but now have a reason to DO!
    Sound advice - Get off the couch. Eat less crap. Make new friends. Very well written. But you already knew that. Only thing I want to point out is that don't be fooled by those who suggest it is for seniors. Works just as well for the younger crowd. Probably more. Specially if you work in front of the computer, are in the corporate world, work long hours, juggle family-friends-volunteer-kids-etc. If you've lost touch with your favorite hike, bike or skateboard, this book ensures that you will get off that couch and back into gear. Bloody Brilliant - just that in itself.
    Highly recommend it....more info
  • BonTon
    I'll let you know next year how accurate the writers are. Seems like just good, no-nonsense ideas on how to be very healthy....more info
  • The book for men is better
    I love "Younger Next Year". This is a rewrite that clearly IS a rewrite intended for women... a chapter on menopause added, etc, but the original book is fresher and I have other resources on female aging if I need them. Not bad but buy the other book and try to preview this one before you decide you need to own both....more info
  • P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!
    Another great book for women which I love and recommend - How to be a Super Hot Woman: 339 Tips to Make Every Man Fall in Love with You and Every Woman Envy You...more info
  • Younger Next Year for Women
    I was so excited about getting this book. Then to find that the author had used profanity...profanity which included using the Lord's name in vain...and in the title of a chapter!! It was all so unnecessary, inappropriate, and disrespectful. Thank goodness that I previewed the gift before giving it as a gift. I ordered the mens version of this book as well, to find the same thing...and a lot of repetition between the women's version and the men's version. I promptly returned both books. What a shame to see the decline of moral character and the growing disrespect for others. As educated adults, we have the responsibility to set an example for the younger generation. I wonder why it's necessary to use profanity anytime, but especially in this particular book??...more info
  • Younger Next Year for Women
    This book has really changed my thinking. Even though I thought I was well informed regarding diet and exercise, some things in the book have been thought-provoking. If ever you needed more motivation to get out there and exercise, or to step up your existing routine, then read this book!...more info
  • Super, Super, Super Book
    I loved this book, it has changed my life. The book is easy to read and kept my interest to the very end. I keep going back to re-read parts, definitely a book that will stay in my library....more info
  • A Must Read for Every Woman 40 plus....
    This is a no nonsense approach for every woman who wishes to physically and mentally live her ADULT life to it's maximum. I like the direct approach from both authors, who happen to be men. Quite frankly, I loved this book so much that I purchased 5 additional copies as gifts and the audio book for my car....more info
  • Excellent motivator
    This was a really good product. I am glad that I purchased the audio book. Really was convenient and motivating. I started my exercise program based on this and am feeling alot better....more info
  • TMI
    This book needed a good editor. Lots of great information (mostly provided by Henry Lodge) but you have to weed through story after story from Chris Crowley that didn't seem valuable. I know they're meant to motivate and inspire but instead seemed self-indulgent and irrelevant. Most take place in ski resorts and locales that few of us can afford to visit. Adding insult to injury is the pompous and condescending reading style of the "voice" of Crowley on the CD version. Who is he reading this to? There have to be books out there that are a bit more to the point than this one....more info
  • It's never too late!
    This wasn't just an informative books intended on saving what's left of one's life, but it was a fun and funny book, too! Two authors have made it a must read of inspiration and facts backed up by much research. The rest is up to the reader!...more info
  • Great Book!!
    This book is great reading! It's easy and entertaining. It offers excellent insights into our aging process and how to be healthy as we age. Each time I finish reading, I feel motivated to get out, exercise and get healthy!!...more info
  • really irritating
    I found this book annoying, boring, and wordy. It contains very little actual information about aging, exercise, or anything else, and the information that it does contain is nothing that most people don't already know anyway. Basically, it is one big motivational speech that promotes exercising for women, but the male author is patronizing, condascending, and sexist. He spends a lot of time convincing the reader that exercise is actually good for women and that it's OK for women to lift weights. He seems to assume that most women are reluctant to exercise and ignorant about exercise. For example, he says that women should join a gym instead of exercising on their own so that they don't hurt themselves and are sure to stick with the program. As a woman who has exercised consistently on my own for over 20 years (including a marathon and a triathlon) I found it insulting to say the least. ...more info
  • Life changing book
    Finally, an explanation for why you have to work so much harder to stay in shape as you age. No fancy, expensive diet or exercise program. Just good common sense instructions on how to change your lifestyle so that you can live healthy and happy into your retirement years and beyond....more info
  • Would like a refund
    I agree with all the negative comments about this book. I love reading motivational books but this one left me wanting a refund. I didn't learn anything new and was annoyed rather than motivated. ...more info
  • It got my attention
    This is the first book about excercise I've read that got my attention. It explains the pysiology of excercise, why we need it, how it works on our bodies and what happens to us if we don't do it. It is written by an older man (70's) and his Dr. in a very conversational way. Great information, motivation and common sense. I have just retired and now consider this book to be the best thing I could have read to get me to the gym and once there, know what to do and when to do it....more info
  • Excellent book for a healthier you!
    No matter what age, not just women over 50! It makes you realize the benefits of being healthy, no matter what the age and anyone can do it, even you!...more info
  • Very compelling and inspiring
    I am lucky enough to have a fabulous fitness trainer who specialises in training older adults and he has been telling me the fundamentals in this book for ages, but it is great to have it in black and white. Also there is lots of new information, it is directed to women (although there is no difference in the main message) and the detail of the biology/science information is very interesting. I love the no nonsense, direct writing style. Very inspiring and compelling for us 50's and over. Thankyou to Chris and Harry
    ...more info
  • Best Preventive Health Care Book I've Ever Read
    I truly believe this is the best womens' healthcare book I've ever read. My outlook on aging, exercise and preventive health care has been transformed. With the ever rising health care costs, this book makes me feel like I can do something personal for myself to keep them down. In my opinion, this is a must read for any woman approaching or over 50. ...more info
  • Life Changing
    If you need a pep talk that encourages you to live life to the fullest, then this book is for you. I'm going to listen to it once a year for the rest of my life. A lot of the info is common knowledge but Chris Crowley is a great motivational speaker that will get you off the couch and into life!...more info
  • If you value your mind, body and life, you will read this book.
    This is a great read full of what is logical, basic information that everyone with a goal of health and vitality in their lives knows already...but either resists the committment or gives in to superficial promises of youth. It is also a pleasureable read- not too medical and not too self-help fluff. For those who don't have the health mind-set and want to change, it is a must read and could change your life. Excellent scientific (basic biology stuff), practical break-down of what in life kills you and what makes you stronger, or...younger....more info
  • "Old dear," indeed!
    I hate to go against the trend of those who loved this book, but I loathed it. From remarks such as, "Maybe you're a fat piggy..." or "Your skin and hair will get weird, but too bad", I thought the male writers of this book had a very condescending attitude toward women. It seemed they had little understanding of women's needs and desires. All I learned from the doctor's "scientific" theories in the book was "use it or lose it." If you already understand that eating right and exercising helps you stay young, then don't waste your money on this book. ...more info
  • Get healthier!
    Love it! Love it! Gets you motivated to take care of yourself! Thanks to the authors for both the men's and women's books!...more info
  • Younger Next Year
    This is a humorous, but life changing book. A must read for women and the companion Younger Next Year a must read for men....more info
  • the best little motivational book on the planet!
    I have purchased at least 10 copies for my friends. It is scientific and matter of fact, honest, hilarious, and inspirational about eating and exercising for a very long life. I am stronger, I have more energy, I am happier and not spending as much money...And my cholesterol has taken a nose dive. Every tool a woman needs is in this book. Buy it today!!!...more info
    Much of the exercise part of the book is helpful. How much exercise is optimal in fostering longevity is an open topic. Eating LESS is NOT.

    The earlier YOUNGER NEXT YEAR is merely a shortened watered down version of YOUNGER NEXT YEAR FOR WOMEN. 99% of "for Women" applies to both sexes. Some of the nutrition stuff is NOT up to date with modern research. The off-handed criticism of "carbs" is silly at best and harmful at worst. It is VERY irritating to see this pop nutrition anti-carb mythology recycled with ongong abandon. Being against JUNK carbs certainly is OK. DUH. The authors seem to give dairy a pass. No discussion of Casine and cancer is evident. For CURRENT SCIENCE everyone should study The China Study. This also exposes how the USDA is in bed with Big Meat and Dairy.

    The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health

    ...more info


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