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• Every major ammo and health cache, Bobblehead, Skill Book, Unique Weapon, Weapon Schematic, Mini Nuke, and more!

• A gigantic tour of the Capital Wasteland with over 100 maps showing nearly every area in the game.

• Multiple tactics and tips for every Main, Miscellaneous, and Freeform quest.

• Flowcharts and every major Karmic choice detail exactly where your decisions lead. Plus: All you need to know about completing all endings.

• Examples for creating different types of characters, from heavy-weapon specialists to stealthy lockpicking pros.

• Expert tactical advice on utilizing V.A.T.S. combat techniques, how best to allocate your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. abilities, plus which skills to pick as your adventure progresses.

• Need help taking down a Super Mutant Behemoth? Then check damage and health statistics for every weapon and enemy.

• Giant map poster to guide you through the Wasteland!

Customer Reviews:

  • Very nice guide
    This guide isn't as poorly organized as other reviewers would have you believe. True, there is no index, but there is a table of contents. So, it's relatively easy to find what you're looking for. The only time I have trouble is if I am looking for a particular character. Then I just look that person up on the internet and get the info. I rarely have to use the internet....more info
  • Excellent book (For those that can read)
    I honestly can't believe I see people on here griping about how the book doesn't have a table of contents or an index?!?!? I have one word for these people 'READ'. If you can't read I understand your problem but if you can don't be such an idiot the guide has a table of contents on the second page with page numbers for the main quest, side quests, stats, character creation, weapons lists (complete list btw) etc. Your index is the (Appendices) at the back of the book.

    The appendices give you the zone, lat/long and a brief description of where the item is (ie...in the garage). I don't really understand the gripes here. The book is big and has everything you need to get everything out of the game. Prima did a solid job here of making a good guide for a huge game....more info
  • Poorly designed!
    The producers of book have clearly never seen real game guide! There no table of contents, there is no index. This makes it very hard to find the information need quickly! Half-Life 2 at least has a table of contents. Whilst Oblivion has both table of contents AND an index!! Over 460 pages and you have find what you are looking for with no help from the so called designers of this waste of money!...more info
  • No index, 500 pages, 1 star.
    I would never buy one of these without an index, they did such a good job with oblivion that I trusted the shrink wrap. Find a different one....more info
  • Great guide, works well
    Overall a great guide. Can be a bit tricky to find side quests, but is very helpful for the main quest. I highly recommend this guide....more info
  • Fallout book for Fallout nerds.
    If you love the world of Fallout, do yourself a favor and buy this book....more info
  • Worth it
    this is one of those games that you really should get the guide if you want to discover all the great things in this game. very well written guide. could have been a little more discriptive on the locations for the bobblehead....more info
  • FallOut 3 Guide
    The guide was in Great condition and at a great price. I am very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Wow!! What I missed w/o this!!
    Just received this,and realized that I have to start all over again to recoup what I missed on my own.
    This is a massive book,filled to the brim with everything you need to thoroughly complete/enjoy the game to the max.
    I have never seen such a huge resource guide for a PC game(the book covers all platforms).
    So tonight,after the creatures who live here are all safely tucked away for the night,I will slap on the headphones and discover,acquire,learn,and kill to my heart's content.
    Thank you Prima,for publishing this awesome guide....more info
  • Great Fall Out 3 Game Guide
    The Fallout 3 game guide is great for those gamers that like to know all the details or just need some additional directional help. I reccomend it to all players of this game....more info
  • Very disappointed....
    The book is alright but it doesn't go into much detail of maps, weapons, etc. You can get just about the same information from the book in the game case... and far more info needed online. If you don't have the internet, or it's not always available, then it might be worth the few extra bucks to purchase this guide. Just don't expect it to save you from in dire situation. ...more info
  • if you like the game you will love this book
    awesome book it tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the game and how to get one of it`s many endings it also contains a map with everything on it and some great art work on the inside of the cover, truly a great book...more info
  • A Good Reference
    I'm playing through Fallout 3 for my first time. I generally don't use a strategy guide my first time through a game, because I enjoy figuring things out on my own. Because of the sheer size of the game I was hoping to use the guide as a reference rather than a walkthrough.
    In this regard I have found it to be very useful. It breaks down what each ability does for you when leveling up your character so that you can cater to your playing style. I found this to be a great help because it isn't always intuitive what each ability does. The guide even shows you how to optimize your character to become a desired class. Whether you like to go in guns blazing, work as a pacifist, a thief, become a demolitionist, or whatever style you prefer the guide can point you in the right direction.
    It appears to have a complete bestiary and all the weapons, armor, and items available are listed. It also has a brief section on what characters are available to join your party. It has a complete open world map. The guide has a walkthrough of all available quests and has a tour of a huge amount of, if not all other, locations. The reason I gave the guide four stars rather than five is that if when I have used the guide to walk me through a part it can occassionaly be confusing when giving directions on where to go. In closing, with the time I have spent using this guide as a reference I have found it to be very helpful....more info
  • Fallout 3 Strategy Guide
    Strategy guide is very complete and reveals every nook and cranny in the huge Fallout 3 landscape....more info
  • A nearly perfect companion to Fallout 3
    Fallout 3 is an amazing game. It is so good, so deep and so rich in content, that it would be a crime to miss any of it.

    That is where this strategy guide comes in. I picked up the hard back version and I cannot tell you how many times it has come in handy. It covers all the key aspects of the game that you will ultimately want to know.

    So where does it lose that star? Well, first lets talk about the fold out map that comes with the book. The thing is nearly useless. It is very difficult to get yourself oriented and there is so much going on in the map that figuring out what is what is problematic.

    I also found that a little bit more effort should have gone into calling out key things in the descriptions of areas. When there is a cherished bobble head in a location, there should be no mystery about that.

    So what is the best way to make use of this game? Well, in my case, I pretty much gamed without it until I discovered a location. Once I did and I poked around, I would then consult the guide and make sure I had not missed anything before moving on. I don't suggest just reading it and then playing, I think that ruins the reason for playing in the first place!

    However, do read the first few chapters that discuss the character creation process, what stats are most important, etc. I think you will find that the guide gives you a good enough frame of reference that you will not make poor choices in the creation of your character....more info
  • Long and drawn out
    The book is ok. However, it is not a quick play guide! The chapters are too long and drawn out! I found it difficult to follow the guide and play the game, the information you need is in several different chapters and hard to find. ...more info
  • Everything you need to know in one book
    The guide really does include everything you need to know in one handy book. Just bear in mind that the book is about 450 pages long. I would give this guide 5 stars if it had an INDEX, but it doesn't. I'm pretty sure the Oblivion guide had an Index so I don't understand why Prima wouldn't create one for Fallout 3, but I guess we can't have everything we want. Aside from that, the guide walks you through every part of the game. It even includes post-quest antics, which tells you some of the cool stuff you can do after you've finished a quest. As of right now, I doubt the guide will include the new downloable content being released from January - March 2009, but just like the Oblivion guide, it will most likely be updated in the future.

    This guide at retail stores will run you $25 and it's only about $17 on amazon. Get it from amazon. ...more info
  • Game is excruciatingly slow in the beginning, got bored fast
    Just not my type of game, to start a new character you have to go through birth to adulthood. The game was extremely slow and boring....more info
  • This Book Could Never Be 100% "Complete"
    Let's face it - Fallout 3 is huge. It's uber huge. I've finally used "uber" in a sentence...

    Anyways, these Bethesda games are masterpieces. There is so much to these games that a true "document" to illustrate every option, every possibility, would truly be an encyclopedia. I can't imagine how hard these games are to CREATE, nevermind EXPLAIN.

    Because of this, an off-the-shelves book from your local gaming store is never going to give you everything you want. I found myself freqenting a site that rhymes with flikia (Amazon loves to censure my company references) to get the super-detailed information I needed, like where to find a specific character, or how to get training to use power armor...

    The book definitely had it's usefullness - such as the maps as another reviewer commented. The massive, poster-sized fold-out map was priceless, if not hard to manage while sitting on my sofa. Still, it was invaluable. The book also gives you locations on everything from books, to mini-nukes, to Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles - all of which there are a finite number of these items available. Still, it only provides one sentence per location, requiring me to hit that flikia site to find out more about the location, including the location of loot, etc.

    It's not the book's fault. There's simply too much to Fallout to be all-encompasing. I still recommend it's purchase for those who prefer a little guidance instead of "wandering the wasteland" for hours on end.
    ...more info
  • Best Walk Through Ever
    This guide is in a word "Exhaustive!"

    I would have to say that this is my first time purchasing a guide book for a game that I have purchased and I am very pleased. It is a very large volume of everything you could possibly want to know about Fallout 3. It has left nothing to chance. In fact, you may not want to purchase it if you don't want to be tempted to rely on it rather than actually work though the game and discover things on your own.

    It assists in setting up your character and takes you through each scenario. There are plenty of screen shots so that you don't have to guess what they are talking about. The large map that comes as a tear out insert is also very helpful.

    My only complaint is that there isn't an index of words so that you can quickly find what you are looking for in the book. You have to know what section of the map you are in. An index would make finding specifics much much easier.
    ...more info
  • Fallout 3 Guide
    A big guide book for the best game, very informative and helpful through the game....more info
  • Awesome
    I bought my husband a PS3 for Christmas and I bought the game fall out 3. He loves to have the guide with all of his games for this price it was a still. It has been very helpful to him playing this game and he loves it....more info
  • Decent strategy guide for a huge game.
    This strategy guide is huge! Probably one of the thickest game guides I've ever seen. But then again, Fallout 3 is a very big game. Everything you need is in this guide.

    That being said though, I wish that it was organized a little better or had an index for finding things faster. The pullout poster map is nice, but again the legend is confusing and takes a while to find what you're looking for with a "zone" system. I wish there were a smaller version in the book, because I don't always feel like getting out that big foldout map.

    It is written very well and the author's comical side notes are entertaining. The presentation is nice. Overall a decent guide to help you through the Wasteland of post-apocalypse Washington D.C. ...more info
  • If it had an index, I'd give this a 5+++++ stars!!!!
    Well written, great diagrams, leaves nothing out, however, I wish this guide had an index. Other than having to thumb through 500+ pages to find the help you are looking for, this guide is MANDATORY if you play Fallout 3....more info
  • Lots of Info I found useful
    I have been using this guide while playing through Fallout 3.

    The pullout map inside is excellent if you want to just find the main areas or, like me, love to search the little nooks and crannies.

    It has a section for the main quest walkthrough, side quests, and even each "grid" of the map broken down into areas, each area broken down into the places you can see and what is there.

    Also, a comprehensive section on what each S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat is for and the different Perks. This I found excellent so I could plan my character and not waste anything.

    And way in the back? Where you can find things such as secrets!

    I would definately recommend this guide to anyone wishing to get all they can out of Fallout 3....more info
  • Good Guide
    It's a pretty good strategy guide, but the images are too small in some instances, and in some cases it doesn't tell you where in a room to find things for which you are looking. If you can get past that, I'd say pick it up. I NEVER would have found all the bobbleheads without it....more info
    Welcome to another indepth Bethesda Softworks OFFICIAL GAME GUIDE adventure. Outstanding reference and heavily detailed explanation of the designers minds in their four year journey in the development of FALLOUT 3.

    I have been a follower since MORROWIND and I must say these games get better each and every time. I must admit this guide like the game is loaded with every possible detail regarding the world of Fallout 3.

    Qualifying Statement: I've played the game since October 18th and I finished the main Quest today (November 22nd) what a ride!!!! So after 128 game hours, over 500 saves, maximum level of 20 / 435 hit points / 106 action Points, with a HIGH KARMA of Very Good / The last best hope of Humanity. Completing a total of 23 side quests, discovering over 160 locations (and explored them all). Attaining a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. rating of 8+, 7+, 7, 5, 6, 8, and 6 respectively out of 6 tops, out of a max of 100 my targrted skills of LOCKPICKING, SNEAK and SMALL GUNS was 100, Medicine 86, Repair 87 and SCIENCE 76. SO WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN??????

    NOTE: Your character goes from birth to this quest outside VAULT 101 with every detail of every action / decision you make during these quests is recorded and your "KARMA" is constantly adjusted on everything you do. Never is your KARMA ignored. The details and variables of this game are "SIMPLY AMAZING".

    So the bottomline to this unbelievable journey and your fate (the open ended game play and the multiple ending) is all formulated. Believe me when the finale is played out for your efforts it is so personalized and gratifying that you sit their in awe. NOTE: Save the game often to replay those outstanding moments of victory!!!!

    NOW my EXPLANATION of this GUIDE; This manual is designed to use as that a guide to answer specific questions. But I must admit it is clear only after you invest the time into "THE GAME". The details are very precise and cryptic if you are trying to use this as a WALK-THRU guide a quick reference to get it done the answers are ALL there but like life you must be prepared for the quest and the savage environment of the WASTELAND.

    This Manual also has a great two sided map; THE CAPITAL WASTELAND a gridded map 24 x 36" with ALL points of interest with map legend & locations. On the reverse side a "DC METRO INTERIOR" divided by ZONES and Zone Links with map legend and Metro Locations. Awesome reference. This will be posted and used for constant input s to your planned quests. I love this Guide and all its details.

    I was totally pleased to read this guide to see how much my focused game play all made sense in the end. This guide is a must have if only to help you enter this complex world of FALLOUT 3!!! This guide will give you a written reference to all aspects, characters, sanctions, monsters, DC Metro versus the Wasteland quests, character gender,development, skills (GOOD/BAD KARMA), weapons, V.A.T.S., PIP-BOY, Quests, BOBBLE-HEADS, and soooo much more a new kind of GAME OF LIFE!!! ENJOY!!!

    P.S - I almost forgot the PERKS these are some of the MUST HAVE SKILLS in FALLOUT 3. EXPLORER - Allows every location to be revealed on your PIP-BOY (you must still find/visit it first before FAST TRAVEL is allowed). SILENT RUNNING - +10 on SNEAK. THIEF - +5 on SNEAK and LOCKPICK. LEAD BELLY - minus 50% radiation poisoning from irraddiated water. ADAMANTIUM SKELETON - minus 50% skeleton damage (from attacks). And finally ACTION BOY - +25 Action Points using V.A.T.S. These are some of my favorite skill choices awarded at higher Levels....more info
  • A detailed guide.
    This guide is amazing, it took some reading to figure it out. Most guides are appendix based. This guide is area based. Even the map that comes standard with the guide is broken down into Zones, 1,2,3,4 u....
    It lists zoned areas in the first few pages, than it guides you through the main quest to find your Father. The middle and respective middle plus of the book give a more detailed look into each of the Zoned locations, as well as armor, bestiary information, weapons, and locations for such. If you look onto the map that came with your book, you may notice some areas are darkened but not shown on your map as true locations. Go towards the back end of the book to find the Zone you are looking for like Zone 20 for instance. Please be mindful not to go too far so you do not spoil the ending/s for yourself. If you find it hard to find a certain location on the Pipboy screen, use your book map and your zoned book pages to isolate where your target area is. Place a marker or move one you may be using elsewhere to help you stay on course. I hope this helps you. Definite buy because of the vastness of the Wasteland....more info
  • Table of contents for Fallout 3 Game Guide
    There are three things I wish Bethesda Softworks would do:
    1) Play test their games as much as Blizzard does before releasing them to the public: Bethesda Softworks games are notorious for major bugs, some which ruin the game.
    2) Make a game which didn't freeze, like Grand Theft Auto IV.
    3) Finally, which relates to this guide, make a guide book with an index. It is ridiculous that 400 plus page books have no index.

    I give this guide 4 stars because it is so much better than the Oblivion IV guide. This guide is very well written, and very well laid out. The appendix is excellent, and the tables on weapons is superb. The way each area has a short summary of all of the treasures and dangers is also clever. There are maps to almost every indoor location, and they are very well illustrated. The only major complaint I have is no index.

    Minor complaints include:

    1) It would be nice to have a full page map in the book. I find myself having to go to the huge wall poster too often.
    2) Having the residents of the areas first, before an explaination of the areas forces users to have to often turn the page to read what is in each room. The numbered room explanations should have been first.
    3) Minor grammatical errors abound, such as "shotgun cells" instead of "shotgun shells" in the table. But they are so minor, it does not effect your game play.

    In the discussion section I added the entire table of contents from the book, and an alphabetized index....more info
  • Biggest doesn't mean best
    Along with my copy of Fallout 3, I purchased this guide to assist in covering all the quests. I wanted to ensure that I didn't miss any quests for the unlocking of the almighty Achievement points for the 360. I was very disappointed.

    As with previous reviews, there is quite a bit of information. This is easily one of the biggest strategy guides I've seen. However, Fallout 3 is a massive game. But as the title implies, bigger isn't nearly better. There is pages and pages of information but the organization is horrid.

    I strictly use strategy guides if I'm stuck or to ensure I haven't missed anything in an area I've explored. Fallout 3 is not linear, yet the strategy guide is setup that way. Better organization and layout would have ensured a MUCH higher rating. It's solely defeating the purpose of a physical strategy guide when I'm searching online for certain quests, as it's too difficult to find it in this guide.

    As a previous reviewer mentioned, he hopes they come out with an electronic database to search. Normally, that'd go above and beyond and would be a fantastic addition, but with this, it's a necessity. Who wants to read for your quest, only to have spoilers revealed about upcoming quests and still haven't found the solution to your initial inquiry.

    All that being said, the strategy guide did have it's uses. You know how certain things will play out if you want to know in advance how your decisions will play out. Also, the major boon, at least for me, are the Maps. Fallout 3's in-game map is very small and hard to decipher, but the quest waypoints help. I still found myself referencing the strategy guide solely for the Maps, which were probably worth the price I paid for the guide.

    All in all, if you're progressing through the game and want to experience it rather than know precisely what to do, this isn't for you. I would still recommend it on the maps, which seem to be detailed and will provide major assistance during gameplay. It's a shame, because information is abundant, just the organization detracts so heavily....more info