Skinny Bitch in the Kitch: Kick-Ass Recipes for Hungry Girls Who Want to Stop Cooking Crap (and Start Looking Hot!)

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Skinny Bitches Can Bake Their Cake - And Eat it Too!

Quit your bitching--they've heard you already! You read Skinny Bitch and it totally rocked your world. Now you want to know, "What can I cook that's good for me, but doesn't taste like crap?" Well, lucky for you, the Bitches are on the case. Self-proclaimed pigs, Rory and Kim understand all too well: Life without lasagna isn't a life worth living; chocolate cake is vital to our survival; and no one can live without mac `n cheese--no one. So can you keep to your SB standards and eat like a whale? Shit yeah, bitches. To prove it, Rory and Kim came up with some kick-ass recipes for every craving there is:

-Bitchin' Breakfasts
-PMS (Pissy Mood Snacks)
-Sassy Soups and Stews
-Grown-up Appetizers
-Comfort Cookin'
-Hearty Ass Sandwiches
-Happy Endings (Desserts)

And a ton more! They are all so good (and easy to make) you're gonna freak out. Seriously. What are you waiting for? Get your skinny ass in the kitchen!

Customer Reviews:

  • Skinny Bitch
    Ok. First of all you really need to read "skinny bitch" in addition to buying this recipe book so you can understand what is happening in the world of food meets politics meets major health problems. That way you can infect the people you love with your knowledge and bring to light many important reasons why to become a vegetarian.
    This recipe book is great because after you decide not to eat Ms. Piggy anymore you can learn how to cook with veggies and other organic meatless foods. This cookbook is easy to follow and has easy find to ingredients, and won't keep you slaving over a hot stove for hours.
    ...more info
  • Better vegan recipes elsewhere
    I'm keen on eating and drinking less animal products so I thought this book would be right up my alley. However, when it arrived from the library I was very disappointed. I am just grateful I didn't actually purchase this book. My biggest complaint, as others have said, is that this cookbook is not creative and relies far too much on processed meat substitutes. This may not be a problem for everyone, but as an avid cook bugged me. As others have said, many of these recipes are things you could have come up with simply by, for example, swapping in veggie burgers for beef or turkey burgers. It's not that this isn't a good swap, but it's a bit insulting to think that we couldn't have figured it out on our own. It also seems to suggest that a meal needs meat (if even a vegan substitute) at the center of the plate when in fact, perfectly delicious meals can be made with lots of vegetables and/or legumes. I've found far more delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes by checking out cookbooks like 1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes: Easy, Great-Tasting Dishes for Everyone -- from Appetizers and Soups to Entrees and Desserts, Eat, Drink & Be Vegan: Great Vegan Food for Special and Everyday Celebrations, Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook, and others. While not all of these cookbooks are low fat, many of their recipes can be easily made so. Best of all, they show that you can make a delicious meal without relying on veggie burgers. (Not that these aren't good, as I do enjoy them on occasion, but there are a lot of other delicious vegan options as well!)
    Additionally, I was surprised that the recipes didn't list any nutrition, calorie, or fat information. This will likely be a disappointment for those counting calories or keeping an eye on things like fat or carbs.
    Overall, I do not recommend this book as there are so many other fantastic vegan and vegetarian cookbooks that have more creative recipes....more info
  • Not very useful cookbook
    This follow-up recipe book to Skinny Bitch kind of contradicts many of the things they talk about in the original book. Even though they say processed food is bad in the main book, this recipe book is filled with recipes calling for fake cheese and meat substitutes left and right. It's almost like they took a regular cookbook and anywhere that called for chicken, they said to use "fake chicken substitute" and anywhere that called for cheese they said to use "fake cheese substitute" and anywhere that called for ground beef they said to use "fake beef crumbles" and voila, a vegan cookbook.

    They also go on and on and on about how healthy coconut oil is and they use tons of it for everything. Last i checked, the verdict wasn't out yet on whether coconut oil was healthy or not, but one thing is certain and that's that it does contain a lot of saturated fat, and although research is starting to show that *maybe* the link between saturated fat and heart disease isn't as strong as they once thought, it's a little bit too soon to start saying "slather all your food in coconut oil because it's so super healthy."

    This book doesn't bother me as much as the original, but it just seems like there's not much point to it. I didn't see a lot of whole food recipes despite the fact that the original book talks about how we should concentrate on eating whole foods. You would be better off getting either of these vegan cookbooks if you want interesting vegan food: Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook or Vegan with a Vengeance : Over 150 Delicious, Cheap, Animal-Free Recipes That Rock. If you want a cookbook that really focuses on whole foods try: Super Natural Cooking: Five Delicious Ways to Incorporate Whole and Natural Foods into Your Cooking....more info
  • trash
    Nothing new here and full of unnecessary gutter language. I wouldn't recommend this. There are many good books to recommend such as "Eat to Live", by Joel Fuhrman, MD, which is full of scienticif references to back up everything he recommends....more info
  • Life changing book
    This book changed my life after reading it and I have recommended it to several people since....more info
  • Not too bad...
    Pretty simple ideas. Not totally bad =:0)
    The title fits me perfectly so I like that.
    For less the $8.00...You can't go wrong getting this....more info
  • Just as bad as their first book
    This book is just as pathetic as their first book, Skinny Bitch. It's amazing how these two uneducated women procured a book deal in the first place! The bottom line: this is a load of crap. One reviewer mentioned that the nutritional values aren't listed for the recipes. Well, I'm sure the authors don't know the nutritional value and didn't bother to find out either. And using coconut oil? Tons of saturated fat there. Both their books are so unbalanced and no doubt would actually do harm if you followed their "plan". You may become a skinny bitch, but a totally unhealthy one....more info
  • He'll never know
    I cannot cook to save my life so knowing what to substitute (or what to buy for a substitute) isn't common sense for me. I bought the book because I LOVED skinny bitch and I really wanted some good ideas on what vegan foods I could make so I didn't starve to death.
    Although all the recipes are vegan twists to regular, every day foods, I find it very cool that I can cook them and my significant other won't look at them in disgust. Him being the person who said, "So you can't eat anything that comes from the dirt?," when I said that I was going vegan.
    So if you live with a hungry, meat eating hippo, this book could be a good thing for the both of you....more info
  • Has anyone lost weight on this diet??????
    I bought this book to try to loose weight. I see no indication in the book or in any of these reviews that it has actually helped anyone loose a pound. The recipes don't look any lower fat than the foods they are substituting for. If this has helped anyone loose weight and keep it off, I would love to know....more info
  • An Introduction to Vegetarian Cooking
    The first book, "Skinny Bitch," shocked me into a new awareness of what I was eating. I decided to try the vegetarian lifestyle to see if it would work for me. I started by eating a few prepackaged meals (spring rolls with soy and a veggie pot pie) to jump-start my efforts. It took me about a week to gather the necessary ingredients. In the meantime I had veggie burritos at Taco Time and vegetable fajitas at a local Mexican restaurant.

    You may find a health food store that stocks nutritional yeast flakes, Ener-G egg replacer and Bragg Liquid Aminos. In general this book uses safflower and olive oil. The truth of the matter is that many of the recipes call for coconut oil (a little expensive $10 for 414 ml), which may or may not work for you. I found it less appetizing in savory dishes and appropriate for sweet foods like cookies. It is easy to substitute olive oil for the coconut oil in some of the recipes like Hummus and Macaroni and Cheese. Why you would want coconut oil in those recipes is beyond my understanding.

    The recipes are divided into interesting sections like Bitchin' Breakfast, PMS ( Pissy Mood Snacks), Grown-Up Appetizers, Sassy Soups and Stews, Skinny-Ass Salads, Hearty-Ass Sandwiches, International Bitch, Italian Bitch, Down Home Cookin', Skinny Bitch Staple Meals, Divine Dressings and Happy Endings. This book has a sassy style and is actually quite funny in places. Some of the more gourmet offerings include:

    Pecan-crusted French Toast
    Crabby Cakes with Remoulade Sauce
    Potato and Pumpkin Curry with Brown Basmatic Rice
    Penne with Butternut Squash, Sage Pesto, and Almonds
    Roasted Sausage, Peppers, Onions, and Garlic over Soft Polenta
    Balsamic Portobello Mushrooms over Grilled Vegetable Couscous

    Since I was throwing myself into this vegetarian lifestyle with a sense of abandon I decided to try twelve recipes. I managed to make four of the recipes in one night without much trouble. The buttery shortbread cookies looked easy enough until I noticed the quantity of orange juice and knew it wouldn't work. So I decided to substitute 5 tablespoons soymilk for the 1 tablespoon orange juice. To get the crumb mixture to hold together you may need to add additional tablespoons of milk depending on where you live. The dough seemed to work best when the crumbed mixture was pressed together in small batches and then rolled out. Each time you just add some more crumbs to the top and proceed as normal. The recipe made 32 "Buttery Shortbread Cookies."

    While the cookies were baking I made the "Marinated Tofu Feta" which was the easiest recipe in the book. I'd recommend only using half the tofu and using half the salt. It would have been helpful if the authors mentioned how long you could store the marinated tofu. Actually it tasted pretty good so you might eat it up fast in a few days.

    Next I tackled a "Fruit Smoothie," which was easy enough. You may want to use orange juice with the "Very Berry" Smoothie. If you use soymilk be prepared to sweeten the drink. I blended in two tablespoons of rice syrup but you could also use a packet of stevia.

    To end the night's testing spree I then made the "Green Goddess Pasta" for dinner. It was fairly easy to make except I have a few tips that will make it easier. To begin with, make sure the vegan butter you buy will actually melt. I tried using a Spectrum spread and it simply would not melt. So after tossing away the garlic and unmelted spread I ended up just using a stick of butter. You can do that if you are a Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian (you can then still eat eggs and dairy products if you choose - this book frowns on such behaviors and I totally understand why). I really tried to stay true to the recipes but haven't found a good vegan butter substitute. The pasta dish really allows for variation because you could technically use any type of pasta. I used an organic penne rigate and added the broccoli and zucchini a little ahead of the kale. I also didn't use any of the cooking water with the butter. That didn't sound like a good idea and the additional salt seemed too much since I was using salted butter.

    The recipes I still want to try include:

    French Scramble
    "Chicken" Salad Sandwich (a substitute is easy to find in the frozen section of a health food store)
    Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Vanilla Cake with Frosting
    Caesar Dressing (made with tofu)
    Hummus, Tempeh, and Cucumber Wrap
    Summer Garden Pasta

    Since cooking from a new cookbook is always a little risky I felt that the evening's recipe testing session went quite well. I was happy with all the dishes and was ready to try more. I'm still sipping on my fruit smoothie for dessert and I have three dinners (the pasta dish makes four servings) frozen and ready to go for nights when I don't want to cook.

    ~The Rebecca Review

    P.S. The Recipe Testing continues...

    4/29/2008 - The "Quesadillas" are delicious and so easy to make. I think you will love the recipe.

    4/30/2008 - The "Bitchtastic Brownies" are more like a dark chocolate pudding cake. Perhaps the recipe would work better if you just added more chocolate in place of the oil.

    5/1/2008 - The "Apple Muffins (a variation of fruit and nut muffins)" are good straight out of the oven with some honey. The recipe calls for sucanat which doesn't seem to be as sweet as sugar.

    5/2/2008 - Today I tried the Chocolate Pancakes, a variation on Basic Pancakes. They were so good I ate three. They are made with whole wheat flour but you would never know it. I would buy this book just for this one recipe. The "Chicken" Salad Sandwich is easy to make because you are using meatless chicken...therefore, no cooking! The Worthington Meatless Chicken Vegetarian Protein Slices worked well in this recipe.

    5/6/2008 - The Quick Tortilla Pizzas are so gourmet with a roasted red pepper sauce and Kalamata olives. The pizza sauce is easy to make in a blender, no food processor needed. If you are in the mood, add three tablespoons of tomato paste to the sauce.

    5/8/2008 - Today I made the chocolate chip cookies and couldn't believe how good they were even without eggs and butter. The recipe calls for coconut oil which is perfect with the chocolate chips. My husband even asked for a second cookie.

    5/26/2008 - The carrot cake is delicious but I used melted butter in place of the oil. Also, use 1 cup of carrots instead of two - I think there is a mistake in the recipe as two carrots make one cup not two. You can also safely make 1/2 the cream cheese frosting. The problem with the frosting recipe is that it doesn't call for any soy milk and I had to add 1/4 cup soy milk to make the frosting creamy.
    ...more info
  • recipies for the rest of us
    This book is full of yummy recipies. When eaten in recommended quantities, these foods will not add any inches to your waist-line, but still manage to be tasty and fill you up....more info
  • Great book for beginners
    I'm so glad they did a cookbook! For someone that's eaten meat and crap all her life its nice to have a beginners guide on changing my eating habits. When I read the other book I thought there would be no way I'd give up mac and cheese and steak and lobster and BUTTER. I had no idea there were so many substitutes. I just had no idea on where to even begin. I always thought being a vegitarian/vegan meant barley, sprouts and wheatgrass. HA so not true!! The cookbook is really helpful!! It shows that you really can have foods you like by changing the ingredients. I dont even notice the change in taste either. The morning farm sausage patties are awesome. I actually prefer it to the real sausage. I actually went from a size 9 to size 7 in one month by following the skinny bitch plan. I for sure will be ready for beach season. This is not a book for people who have been vegans/vegitarians all their life and think its easy to make the switch. ...more info
  • Are you planning on becoming a vegan?
    Unless you're planning on becoming a vegan, or are already one, this book is not for you. Many of the recipes and food items discussed consisted of strictly organic products. I personally eat organic, but I also eat meat (turkey, fish & chicken). They write about strictly vegan diets that for the most part don't even sound appetizing. I enjoyed the humorous aspects of the book. Their approach was unique although not practical for the majority of people....more info
  • My new workhorse everyday cookbook
    If you are hostile to vegetarian philosophy, don't bother. Don't bother with the book, and you can save your ranting time for something more pleasant. Maybe get a massage? Shop for shoes? Help out in a soup kitchen? The list is endless.

    I was working in a bookstore shelving the nutrition section when I came across Skinny Bitches. I thought it was another martini diet/how the rich stay emaciated gimmick book. I was pleasantly surprised to find instead that it is a vegan primer, with attitude.

    That tickled me, because most vegan books either speak to the converted, or adopt a peacenik/I-spend-all-my-time-in-yoga-class-or-mediating persona. That's not bad in itself. I just like seeing something different, something that will speak to a new audience.

    As for me, I've been a vegetarian for more than twenty years, a vegan for a third of that. I'm middle aged but often mistaken for a college student. My doctor is all smiles at my check-up, and I have the vitals of a twenty-five year old. I have good genes, yes, but I give my diet great credit for my excellent health. My siblings who are not vegetarians have not fared so well. I really doubt someone eating a low-carb/high protein diet after twenty years would be in such good shape. Most of the low-carb people I know have dull, aging skin. Why is that? But that's another topic.

    As for this book as a cookbook, it has become my daily workhorse cookbook. That's pretty amazing, since I have over 200 vegetarian cookbooks in my house. No, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch isn't that innovative. But I have innovative cookbooks I use twice a year because I'm too busy to make big productions of meals. I'm a single mom with two kids, and food has to be fast, healthy, delicious and not too weird. These are comfortingly familiar kinds of meals, which appeal to me, even after years of experimenting with some very strange ingredients. The use of meat substitutes makes these recipes less strange to my kids, and presumably, to a new audience of vegan cooks.

    Moreover, the quality of the recipes are excellent. The seasoning and preparation make them special. For example, I've made mashed potatoes a zillion times, but my kids liked the mashed potatoes even better than my other recipes.

    The inclusion of coconut oil is a question mark for me. Even if you see coconut oil touted everywhere on the net as a 'miracle oil', and often promoted by the arch-enemies of vegetarianism who believe you need a lot of animal fat to be healthy, i.e. Nourishing Traditions, as a skeptic I will withhold opinion until the data is conclusive. If you "buy" the coconut oil sales pitch, we vegans needn't worry so much about the amount of saturated fat there, which is considerable, because we're not eating meat and dairy and getting it other places. Nonetheless, it did make the cooked greens taste fabulous--the sweetness of the coconut oil cuts down on the bitterness of the greens, and I'm sure I'll make them this way forever. Coconut oil is also a very satisfactory shortening for vegan cooking. So regardless if it is a 'miracle oil' or not, I tend to think it will have its uses in the vegan kitchen.

    Bottom line: I liked this book, liked its unpretentiousness toward food, and liked its message about veganism. But again, if you are hostile towards vegetarian philosophy, don't bother....more info
  • sorrowful address to women
    Not having read this book at all, I am not commmenting on the contents. I am commenting on the title. I find it disappointing that the author's find it necessary to sell books by the use of such derogatory terms for women. We complain about rap music lyrics that are misogynistic, but then we turn around and find no problem with this title and it's continued use throughout the cookbook.

    And no, I am not an old lady or some ancient fossil. I celebrate the beauty of women as we have been given by God, and I find the title, and the need to use it so pathetically in this venue, a sad statement of what we claim to value in this country.

    We can't have it both ways, people. Double standards don't work. Peace!

    Addendum: I finally perused through this book while at the store. Not only do I deeply defend my initial opinion/review, I also wish to add that the vulgarity used within this book shows an anger and resentment coming from within its author/s. It is not a book written by one who is at peace either with themselves or the world. I wish I could be kinder with my words but there is no other way of describing the contents. Heavy sigh. May peace truly be within all our hearts....more info
  • Fun, Sassy, and Educational!
    I definitely enjoyed this book. It's fast paced, witty, and refreshing with the acerbic sense of humor in which it was written and the honesty as well. It was a shocking read, I was expecting a "love yourself and starve" diet book but the fact is that itpresents the realities of what we are putting into our body and what kind of damage we do to ourselves. It was both entertaining and startling to read honestly. I haven't looked at food the same way since and my family is slowly starting to switch over to vegan diet after both my husband and I reading the book and thinking long and hard about it. I like that the authors don't emphasize perfection but rather conscientiousness about our bodies and eating habits. It was a worthwhile read! I bought the cookbook too!...more info
  • Want another book to learn to be healthier?
    Very basic recipes. Good and easy to follow. Mostly though, in line with their first book, I liked their approach to becoming more healthy. Pretty much, do whatever you want to your body, but you could put in good stuff and turn out better. Wholesome grains nourish you, as do greens. Learned a lot about milk products, until then I thought that milk was better for me than it actually is. Asian diet also prefers soy milk. Love food. Love life....more info
  • obvious "recipes", nothing creative
    I'm a supporter of the "Skinny Bitch" lifestyle (vegan, sugar-free, etc.) and eat a strict vegan diet myself, free of all things fake and processed. So I expected to enjoy this "cookbook". It's really worthless though. The "recipes" are for things like a ham and swiss sandwich, instructing you to just make the sandwich with vegan ham and vegan swiss. That's so NOT helpful. Anyone can make basic foods by replacing ingredients with vegan versions (usually terribly processed). If you want a real cookbook with real recipes (instead of an insult to your intelligence), you'll have to look elsewhere....more info
  • These Bitches Rock! Life changing!
    I have read many books on health and nutrition, most take me quite a while to read because I have a tendency to get bored easily. Not with these girls! They talk like they are your best friend, and trust me, only true friends have the gall to say things like that to you. They are for me, right on target with their theories and this cookbook shows you how easy and fun this lifestyle really can be! if you haven't read it yet, read Skinny Bitch! ...more info
  • Great for vegans and non-vegans alike!
    First let me say that some of the other reviewers aren't exactly fair. This is a vegan cookbook. It's not fair to use this review space to share opinions about the entire vegan lifestyle. You knew it was a vegan cookbook, so don't complain that none of the recipes call for meat or that you think not eating meat is unhealthy.

    That being said, I think this is a great cookbook for vegans and non-vegans. There is a consistent use of faux meats and cheeses, so if you are not comfortable with that, this is not the cookbook for you. Yes, some of the recipes are simple, but it seems like the book is also about inspiring vegan cooking ideas rather than just recipes for complicated dishes. This is really great for new vegans or new cooks. It's also great for non-vegans who want healthier alternatives to their favorite meat and cheese meals, but are not sure where to start. However, the recipes are not lost on more advanced cooks or vegans because some of the dishes (most of the soups and appetizers) can become very complicated.

    Some of my favorite recipes are:

    Cream of Broccoli Soup
    Macaroni and Cheese
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
    Corn Bread Muffins
    Basic Fruit and Nut Muffins
    Fruit Crisp
    Stuffed Mushrooms
    Potato Skins

    I can basically survive very happily on these meals and I feel as if they are decadent. I am a vegan who has struggled to give up dairy products and these recipes don't make me feel like I'm giving up anything. My parents, whom have high cholesterol, also greatly enjoy the recipes and my mother's cholesterol has gone down 30 points. Finally, my fianc, who REFUSES to even look at a meal without meat, loves everything I make from this book and now says I'm the best cook he knows. He especially likes the casseroles and the mashed potatoes.
    ...more info
  • Skinny Bitch in the Kitch
    This book has great recepies for going vegan in a fun & delicious manner! My Husband's fav dish, Mac & Cheese, passed his high standards as being as good as the original, and, he said if I wasn't there watching him, he would have gone for thirds! Go vegan, it's good for your body, good for the planet, and for the critters too! Laurel...more info
  • Super Funny, and life changing!
    If you read the whole thing and are still too stubborn to take action and follow it, at least you'll get a good laugh. These girls are awesome!...more info
  • Great beginners cookbook for vegans and people that just want to eat healthier
    After I read the first book, Skinny Bitch, I knew I had to run out and get this one as well. The recipes in this book are delicious (the first thing I made was the carrot cake - omg, yum!). I recommend this book for people that just want to eat healthier, or are new vegetarians or vegans. ...more info
  • Skinny Bitch in the Kitch
    I gave this book as a gift. The Title brought waves of laughter at the birthday party. I don't know from my own experience, if the recipes
    are any good. I am not a Vegan....more info
  • skinny bitches rule
    Skinny Bitch in the kitchen is a great book for anyone wanting to get healthy while eating great food without all the crap in it. Loved the book. A must get for skinny bitches....more info
  • Great book and great food!
    Skinny Bitch is great! My wife and I love the recipes in this book. I do most of the cooking in the house and have always loved to cook. Not only do these meals taste great, but they are easy to make. One of our favorites in here are the stuffed pasta shells with the marinara sauce.

    We went Vegan about 3 months ago and if you are Vegan or looking at becoming Vegan then this book is great for recipes. All of the Skinny Bitch books really are great and full of useful information.

    Get ready to cook and get ready to love being in the kitchen with these great recipes. ...more info
  • Worth it
    The vegan Mac n Cheese in the book is to die for (but makes enough for an army - freezes well though). I had no idea anything vegan could be as good as all the recipes I've made from this book. Sometimes you buy a cookbook and after you make a recipe and eat it say 'wow - did the writer even taste this cr*p before this got published????' Not this one. I'm pretty sure they tasted it all, cuz so far, SO GOOOOOOOOD!...more info
  • Good basic vegan cookbook for beginners...
    I got this book from the library and while I am not a vegan, still managed to make and enjoy a few of these recipes. I am a cookbook whore (as you can probably tell, I don't mind their f*@&ing language) and this is a small, basic cookbook that serves well for those times when you are uninspired and are tired of meat, but can't think of what to make. I made the Club Sandwich with vegan turkey, vegan bacon, vegan mayo, etc. and was pretty impressed at how close it is to the real thing but without the heavy greasy feeling afterwards. No, this will not teach you how to cook or give you super exotic haute cuisine, but expand your library of basics if you're looking for a meat-free alternative. ...more info
  • excellent
    If you want to start questioning what the nation's advertisers are trying to feed you, then please check this out. Our TVs are saturated with ads for unhealthy foods - hamburgers, soda, fries, you name it, and there's a billion dollars going into trying to fool you into eating that stuff. The consequences? Record high rates of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. The chapters about the vegan lifetsyle are great- and it's exactly what the country needs to hear. All of the current major public health issues, from heart disease to diabetes, find their source in an unhealthy, meat-and-sugar-centered diet. By giving up meat alone, you already cut down your risk of heart disease by 15% - just imagine the number of lives that we could save, of humans and other animals too, by making that simple and easy transition. For vegans, heart disease is virtually nonexistant compared to the nonvegetarian statistics. I knew of this before I read the book and took a look at it after I became vegan, while wandering around in the medical campus bookstore. That in itself should testify to the accuracy of this book's reccomendations, and how badly we need to hear it.

    For the sake of your health, check it out :)...more info
  • Step away from the burger girls!!!
    As awesome as it's counter part. Needed to cmplete the idea and give you ideas for your own healthful, mindful living with a good kick in the pants to boot!...more info
  • Eh
    It is ok, a lot of the recipes are for things I don't really care for (tofu, etc)...more info
  • Another fad diet book, with an extra helping of hate and anger!
    This book is full of non-facts, psudeo-science and outright lies. It's is just another fad diet book, where just like any other of these bad advice books- you can lose a few pounds then gain it all back.

    It has a hidden vegan agenda- nothing wrong with being vegan mind you, but why not be honest about it?

    Advices goes from the "of course, heard it a thousand times" to completely wacky.

    Most of the recipes are about as nutritionally balanced and tasty as eating the book itself.

    And, to top it off there's a undercurrent and subtext of hateful anger in this series of books....more info
  • Fantastic Recipes - Powerful Women
    Loved this book! It's truly actionable and inspiring. I paired it with Saundra Pelletier's "Saddle Up Your Own White Horse" and am ready to go conquer the world!Saddle Up Your Own White Horse: 5 Principles Every Woman Needs to Know...more info
  • Cute.
    Cute book. Not a LOT of recipes, but enough for some little things. Cute gift to give. ...more info
  • Good, simple, healthy food
    Yes, the recipes are simple, but that's why I love them. I like simple comfort foods, not fancy-pants food that'll take me hours to prepare. This book was fantastic, and their humor is wonderful. Then again, I'm from Jersey, so I like that kind of expletive-filled talk.

    I'm an excellent cook--hello! I'm a fat chick!--and I still found the ideas in this book to be innovative and original. My family's favorites are the breakfast burrito, onion rings, stuffed mushrooms and garlic fries, just to name a few.

    The authors are bitchin' women who rock. I hope they publish a new book every year. I'll definitely buy it....more info
  • Yummm-O
    I bought this cookbook after reading the first book "Skinny Bitch." I am in no way a Vegan, nor is my husband. I do however love trying new things. I have cooked many things from this cookbook and everything has been WONDERFUL! The directions are easy to follow and the meals turn out perfectly every time. We eat the Veggie Enchiladas at least once a week! My husband doesn't realize he's not eatting meat. Instead he compliments me on how delicious the dinners are. Get it, you'll LOVE it!!!...more info
  • A Mixed Dish
    For anyone "learning to be a Vegan" this book is a great starting place. The flavours are great and I love how quick and easy the recipes are - but like other reviewers I was disappointed by the lack of nutritional information. They are REALLY heavy-handed with the salt and I've learnt to cut it in half or leave it out. There is a very heavy reliance on manufactured goods like fake meat and non-cheese (the later is very difficult to come by in Australia). I wonder how many recipes made it to the test kitchens? I keep finding errors - it lists ingredients that don't get used, or simply leaves steps out, which is frustrating. However I've given it a high rating because it was a terrific point for leaping off: now let's hit the real food!...more info
  • Eat right!!
    This book is eye catching because of its title but it also has substance. The recipes are simple and a great way to eat right while replacing your frozen dinners, junk food etc. Delicious and also healthy
    Also try Finger Licking Different....more info
  • skinny bitch in the kitch
    this book is so helpful. it has many GOOD receiped. i'd recommend this book to everyone wanting to stop eating [...] and become healthy....more info
  • What a silly series
    After reading the recipes in this book, I've come to realize that not only are they blatantly obvious, but there is no nutritional information to back up any of these recipes. Consult a good Vietnamese or Chinese cookbook to find true vegan recipes. This is silly....more info
  • Good Resource
    This book is filled with delicious recipes for Vegans. It was very helpful when I decided to go Vegan and was short on recipes to make my favorite foods....more info
  • May be good for beginning vegans...
    I received this as a present. Let me start off by saying that I myself like to cook complex, creative, and innovative vegan meals. I've been vegetarian for a while, and vegan for a few months now.
    I have two takes on this book:
    1) It's not what I expected. In a bad way. It just uses old recipes and veganizes them in a way that's easy, lazy, and uncreative. Instead of real cheese, they use soy cheese (most of which tastes crappy). Instead of real meat, they use "fake turkey/chicken/etc". Yes, that would be great and all, but the point of turning someone vegan is trying to get them to see that vegan food can taste just as good, if not better, as omni food. They don't tell you that you cannot easily obtain soy cheeses and meats that don't taste like crap.
    2) It's great, in a way, for stumped new vegans. It makes them realize that everything can be veganized, and that there are alternatives out there for regular omni recipes. It sort of gives them a message of being able to have what they had when they were omni, except with a vegan twist.

    All in all, I did not like this book. Maybe it's because I'm more advanced in the kitchen. It's too "fast food" -ish.

    But for very basic beginning vegans, it might be a different place to start.

    There's a full range of books I would still recommend over this one....more info
  • Yummie!
    . This is a vegetarian cook book plain and simple, so if you are looking for meat go else ware. I am a vegetarian, so I truly enjoy the recipes. Some are a little basic but others are for things I would have never tried on my own. So far I have made 4-5 dishes and I have not been disappointed yet. If you are looking for veg./vegan recipes this is the book for you. Although it is fun, and candid which I love, I do wish that it had the nutritional information to accompany each recipe. I am very satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Skinny Bitch in the Kitch
    This cookbook is only okay. Lots of the ingredients are hard to find or very unusual. My biggest complaint is no nutrition information - fat, calories, etc. I will probably never use the book because of that fact. The Skinny Bitch regular book was hilarious, engaging and very enlightening. I really enjoyed that book. The cookbook was a dud. Maybe the authors will read this review and add nutritional stats to a website, or pdf file that could be downloaded by cookbook owners?...more info
  • Not for people who enjoy real food.
    This book is too "radically vegan" for my taste. And speaking of "taste", nothing in this book has any. What the heck is "vegan bacon", anyway? Why bother? I guess it's easy to be a skinny bitch if you never eat anything that tastes good. It would explain the "skinny" and also the "bitch"...
    Now I understand. Thanks, but I'd rather not be either....more info
  • Bad book. Bad concept.
    I hate the title. One i have lost 20 pounds in 6 months by eating a balanced diet. We are omnivores for a reason. Being vegan is a life style choice. Not a diet fad choice.
    Boooo to the book and recipe cook book.
    Oh and i am mostly dairy free due to an intolerance.
    There is better vegan books out there than this one....more info
  • Excellent cookbook!!!
    Being a male vegetarian, I was unsure what to think about a cookbook for "Hungry Girls who want to stop cooking crap (and start looking hot!)" However, after checking it out from the library, my wife and I were amazed at the great quality (both in terms of health and taste) of these recipes. They are generally easy to follow, quick and provide great tasting meals. If I could have only 5 cookbooks, this would definitely be one of them....more info


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