It's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families (The Family Library)
It's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families (The Family Library)

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"An outstanding book. . . . Meets the needs of those in-between or curious kids who are not ready, developmentally or emotionally, for IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL." — BOOKLIST (starred review)

How does a baby begin? What makes a baby male or female? How is a baby born? Children have plenty of questions about reproduction and babies — and about sex and sexuality, too. IT'S SO AMAZING! provides the answers — with fun, accurate, comic-book-style artwork and a clear, lively text that reflects elementary-school children's interest in how things work, while giving them a healthy understanding of their bodies. Created by the author and illustrator of IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL, this forthright and funny book — newly updated for its fifth anniversary — covers similar territory but with an eye toward younger children's concerns.

Customer Reviews:

  • What a wonderful educational tool and funny too
    I bought this book for several reasons. I'm 23 years old but circumstances found me diving into the world of foster parenting. I needed a book that could help me talk to my foster son about all of the complex issues he had already faced at the young age of seven. I also bought this book because I work with an HIV/STI prevention youth program. I wanted a resource that was young person friendly and that could be used by both young children and teenagers alike. Then I stumbled upon this book here on Amazon while looking for parenting books.

    I will say, this book does a wonderful job of explaining things like sex, sexuality, alternative families, sexual abuse etc. in a way youth can enjoy and understand. It takes an open-minded approach. The only thing I will say is that if you're thoughts tend to be very conservative then you may have a problem with some of the things in this book. However, I feel it takes a candid and loving approach to life, love and sexuality.

    What makes this book so cool is that you can start by reading certain sections with your younger children that may be applicable to them or their age group. As they get older you can begin reading some of the other sections and eventually leave the book in their room to refer to if needed. Buy it! It's worth the money....more info
  • Facts of life
    If you want to shelter your child from having knowledge about the variety of human sexuality, don't give this book to them....more info
  • Some of the pictures seem too graphic.
    The book is good. I just felt the narrative was a little silly and drawn out at times. Also, there are a few pictures that are more detailed than I think was necessary....more info
  • Good, but...
    This book is a great way to give kids sex education. It covers all subjects clearly and in an interesting fashion. However, I disagree with the age range it is recommended for. It is recommended for ages 8-10, and, while most of the material is appropriate for this age group, some is not. Children should receive sex education in stages. A child who takes the book and begins to read will learn about body changes and babies being born, but many in the age 8-10 age group are not ready to learn about intercourse. I know this because I have a 7 year old and a 10 year old. My 10 year old read the book "Growing Up, It's a Girl Thing" and was quite thrown by some of the information on periods and body changes. But all of that information was perfect for the stage she's at -- it was the information she needed, but nothing that would worry or overwhelm her. (It is the book I'd recommend for the first step in a girl's sex education.) My daughter is very well read, but not ready for "It's So Amazing." I will hold on to the book until she is....more info
  • Just starting to use it may even be a 5 star for me eventually- but not for every family.
    My 7 1/2 year old boy is just starting to ask "those questions" and wanting more detailed answers than just the vague basics. It was such a big help to be able to pull out this book with it's colorful cartoon but not babyish illustrations to show him the amazing transformation from egg to baby, and that his body is still growing and will change again. I was impressed that it even showed that our bodies continue to change as we become seniors!

    We didn't read the text, I just pointed and used my own words to explain things to him. I think that this book will help me take him from these first questions all the way to an age when he won't want me to talk about it any more and will want to read it on his own. And then I have two younger ones to guide into adulthood!

    I would recommend this book unless the parent has strong feelings about teaching family diversity and specific traditional moral concerns. It is factual and detailed about life, family, and sex as it is in our current society....more info
  • Test-Tube Parents Will Love This
    I completely agree with the reviewers who have praised this book for its straightforward presentation of the facts of life. It is one of the few books we found for young children that presents a different kind of "non-traditional" family: the family that exists because of assisted reproductive technologies. Our son was an in vitro baby and because we wanted him to know that in a casual way as he grew up --rather than being presented with the information as an adolescent, or not being presented at all -- we looked very hard for children's books that mentioned test-tube kids as just one more possible outcome of sperm and egg. "It's So Amazing" does that very well. The only downside of this book is the cutesy bee and bird. A bit overdone. ...more info
  • Great
    Gave it to my 10 yr old daughter and felt it was the perfect book for the age range....more info
  • Outstanding learning tool
    I have 4th and 5th grade girls. Although not quite ready to cover this subject with them, they were approaching the time when it would be taught in their school. I sat them down and went through the book with them, it answered their questions and the drawings seemed to satisfy their curiosity. Both girls have asked to look at the book again on their own and have come to me with questions. I highly recommend it as a gateway to discussions and better communication with your child. ...more info
  • mom of 3
    When my 8 year old asked about sex I did not know where to start. This book was a great way to introduce sex to him and my 5 year old at the same time. It was a comfortable book to share with them and I felt like I could have been teaching them about any of the systems in our bodies. It was a great place to start exploring this topic....more info
  • Real information without silliness and confusion!
    This is a great book for parents and kids to read together and for kids to reread to answer questions on their own. I just bought this for my 8-year-old and me to read together. The short chapters, great illustrations and straightforward language with just enough humor to start conversations makes this book a must have for any parent! My son was able to ask questions and share his feelings and skip the sections he was not ready to hear about.

    The "bird and bee" comic book style and dialogue help kids to know that their curiosity or lack thereof is perfectly normal. The book's explanation of human biology before sex and family chapters leads readers through a natural progression of essential and age-appropriate information.

    I am looking forward to re-reading this book with my son and to getting the authors' puberty and sexuality book.

    I read "Where did I come from?" when I was a kid and I would recommend this as an alternative hands down!...more info
  • Good Introduction to the Birds and the Bees
    I purchased this book as an intro to sex education for my 8 year old son. I read many of the reviews posted here before buying it and decided to try it out. I previewed it before going through it with him and only talked with him about things I felt was relevant to him at this point in his life. We did not discuss the homosexual families or go in depth about puberty for girls. I found most of the material helpful and he enjoyed the journey of the sperm. I think it is important for parents to inform their kids about sex education because they deserve to know how their bodies work and what to expect as they approach puberty. Whether we want to face it or not, sex is all around our kids all the time. We can fool ourselves into thinking that they are not aware or not interested but if they are not learning from the parents, they are learning from their environment.

    I highly recommend the book for parents to go through with their kids so they can explain things, screen content and answer questions....more info
  • Honest... charming.... entertaining.....
    I gave this book to my 9 year old son... he really enjoyed it. He skipped around, reading what he was interested in and not reading things that he wasnt.... i saw him look closely at some things...laugh at some things. he asked some questions. It opened a good dialog. He picks it up from time to time and re-reads it. I will say that it can be a bit frank and some parents might be put off by that... i suggest pre-reading it. but it may be exactly what you are looking for...the drawings are really charming...more info
  • Definitely pro abortion & pro gay/lesbian lifestyle
    This isn't a book you would hand your kid and walk away from. Good how your body works detail. However, there's a whole long (and unnecessary for the topic) section on "alternative" lifestyles. It says some families have one mommy & one daddy, some have 2 mommy's, etc... and how great each choice is. Definitely not traditional family value oriented.

    Also, it talks about how abortion is a family planning alternative. Who's family? I certainly don't want my pre-teen thinking abortion is a birth control method.

    I just wanted the facts. No political indoctrination... ...more info
  • Appropriate for older kids - suggested age too low
    I previewed this book at the library for use with my 7-year-old daughter. The reviewers who praise it for its completeness and no-nonsense approach are all correct. However, and it is a big however, it goes much further. I want my daughter to understand where most babies come from (discussions of assisted reproduction can wait a year or two). I'm not ready to discuss HIV, homosexuality, wet dreams, or really, much beyond the basics. These topics need to be dealt with, certainly, but at age 7? I might look this book up again in a few years, but for now I really feel advertising it for age 7 and up is pushing it. ...more info
  • questions children ask
    I bought this book for my 8yr old nephew and his father( my brother) because he was so interested in my pregnancy this year. My brother said it answered a lot of his questions and will be very interested to see if my nephwe uses the book later in life when he wants to know more....more info
  • A good enough parenting book
    Why it is a "good enough" book, not excellent? This book is good enough to provide great ideas/concepts to both me and my child to start the subject. It's not as formal and serious as majority books in the market regarding this topic, but it's good enough for me to initialize the conversation with my child. My child would learn more and easier, if he learn in a fun way.

    Generally I think it is a good parenting-aid book, at least for me.
    ...more info
  • Great Book
    This book has kept my children reading and asking questions. The language is simple, yet not condesending. The graphics are excellent. I would recommend this book any child hitting the puberty years....more info
  • better start now
    I never imagined I would have to start looking for this type of book for my 7 year daughter. The fact is she is getting information from kids at school so we felt it was time for us to step in and be the ones to give her CORRECT information. I like this book even though I will censor some of the information until a later date. I would NOT recommend you give this book to your child and walk away and I am surprised parents mentioned wanting a book for that purpose. I want my child to be comfortable so she will ask me questions and talk with me not hide in her room with a book or ask her friends. I am shocked at the things other kids her age are watching and video games they are playing so I think it is better we, as her parents, step in and start telling her our views on this information. I spend a lot of time at the school and those reviewers that think they need to wait should understand not all parents are censoring their kids TV and such so they need to decide where they want this informtion to come from them or peers. ...more info
  • perfect for what I wanted!
    I don't think I can praise this book highly enough for what I wantedat the time!! We moved to New Zealand when my daughter was almost 8. When she had her 8th birthdy she received a very 'sexy/adult' card from her friend that she was embarrassed enough to hide and when I saw it I thought 'OK we're growing up a little faster than I'd anticipated'. I'd remembered seeing what I thought looked like a good pre-teen sex education book in my local library before I left the UK but wasn't able to find it online. This book was on amazon & I would recommend it to anyone from the age of 8 definitely but also her 5 yr old brother has benefitted from it as well. I just threw it into the bookshelf so all could read and I think that's what works well. We had an initial discussion about what the book was about relating it to family members who were pregnant/had adopted children and it's been amazing how many 'matter of fact' discussions have ensued instead of awkward ones. My 8 yr old is now an 11yr old and has had puberty education at school this year, and she feels so comfortable with it and discussing questions about it with me & her dad that it makes it so much easier to maybe bring up harder subjects.? certainly feels easier than with my parents! My then 4 yr old boy who is now 8 yrs used it the other day to dicuss his balls in a very non-crass way!! I feel this is a really good book to help us all in the puberty talks - the sooner bought, read & shared the better!!!...more info
  • WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE THE WORDS ...................
    Oh My Gosh. I LOVE THIS BOOK. MY SON.........LOVES THIS BOOK. I thought it would be a good ice breaker to open communication about sex. Although I have started talking to him about sex, it was still an uncomfortable topic for the both of us. Trying to master the clinical side of things as well as the human /real side of things. Not giving too much at a time but trying to make sure he gets what he needs. It is a stressful balance.

    This book was more relative that I am --- HA HA. It is told by a bird and a bee --- *wink*. It has pictures and nothing is graphic. It is in a cartoon format which also helps hold the child's interest. I TRULY CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GREAT THINGS ABOUT THIS BOOK. (and believe me -- we have a few).
    ...more info
  • Wonderful tool to be read together.
    I bought this book and read it to my almost 9 year-old when he started having questions about things going on with his body and having babies. I was nervous about explaining sex to him but reading this with him made it much easier. Very good and easy to understand. I did skip the part on different types of families as I don't feel the need to discuss homosexuality with him right now. The section had absolutely nothing graphic about the topic, it basically just stated that this type of family exists. I also skipped the mention of abortion. I am pro-choice but I just didn't feel that conversation was appropriate right now....more info
  • Fantastic
    This is a fantastic book. Easy reading but enough detail to explain in a way that leaves my kids curiosity satisfied. I even read up to a certain point, bodies changing etc, and let them tell me when they are ready to go find out more. Some people didn't like that it talks about about same sex families but my kids see that kind of stuff on TV and have already asked questions so it is nothing new and gives me an opportunity to tell them how I feel on the subject. I would recommend this book to any parent, especially if the only "talk" you ever got from your parents was strained and not informative. It took alot of my anxiety that I had in broaching the subject. ...more info
  • It's So Amazing!
    What an awesome book! I bought it to share "factual" information with my two young children(8 and 10 at the time). It's age appropriate and could actually be shared with preteens as well. The book covers everything including the basics, homosexuality and STD's. If you start talking to your children early the taboo subject can be addressed as normal life progression while opening the lines of communication. Hopefully this will minimize awkward conversations as things start to change. Every young family needs this book!...more info
  • The Best Book about the Birds & the Bees for Kids
    I highly recommend this book to every parent looking for a comfortable, fun way to talk to your kids about where babies come from, how our bodies change, and sex. I have read the book prior to presenting it to my child and have thoroughly enjoyed every page (and have learned a thing or two myself).
    Hats off to the authors..........they have given parents a wonderful platform from which to launch "the talk"......more info
  • As a Stepmother with a 9 year old and 12 year old.....
    A few months ago, my husband asked if I would have a talk with our two girls about growing up and the birds and bees. As their stepmother (for almost seven years), we are very close, but I was a little nervous about approaching this subject. To my relief, a coworker mentioned the "It's so Amazing" book and then felt compelled to lend me her copy for a few weeks so I could read it with my 9 year old. She'd highly recommended it after using it with her two pre-teenager sons.

    Being able to share the experience of reading and talking about this subject together with Maddie (our 9 year old) was actually...a nice experience and now one of my favorite memories. We had quality time together and opened a whole new level of communication based on trust and open communication. I have to admit, I'd made some assumptions about what she may have learned from friends and school, but she knew less than I thought, and I think the timing was great because she was very curious and starting to ask questions like "where do babies really come from?", and "what are (tampons) used for"?

    I used the book as a tool for our conversations, following Maddie's interests and curiosities. We read some chapters together, and skipped some others (for now), going at her pace. In our first sitting, she wanted to keep going for almost an hour!

    I finally returned the book to my coworker, so am getting around to purchasing our own copy since I know Maddie and her sister will enjoy having it through their pre teen (and teen) years (I know I will)....more info

  • Wonderful
    Definitely a discussion starter, not something to sit down and read all at once! I love the chapters because it's easy to flip to the section that will answer specific questions as they come up. Perfect for our inquisitive seven year old....more info
  • Good, healthy information
    This book gives very complete information about reproduction and sexuality, all introduced in a matter-of-fact and fun way. It does not shy away from details like ejaculation, menstruation, etc., but makes these topics easy to talk about. It really has sparked a lot of good discussion at our house. Clear illustrations help answer all kinds of questions. My 6-year-old thinks it is fascinating. I imagine this would be suitable for curious kids from age 4 on up through middle school, with different topics being more interesting at different stages. My church is going to use this as a part of our sexuality education program for grade-schoolers. ...more info
  • It IS actually so amazing--
    I purchased several books for "the talk" with my 8 year old, and this was by far the best one. It might be too open-minded for some (keep in mind that I live in San Francisco)--but it's very in-depth and answers questions on all relevant subjects in a way that is appropriate for this age group. It makes the talk a whole lot easier--with a pictorial (drawings) explanations. I think you'll be happy with just this one book. I returned the others....more info
  • FAR more than what I expected!!!
    First off you need to know this is a large book. It's huge. The picture does not at all convey how huge this book really is. It's about two times the size of a normal size book. I really don't think the description is adequate. I expected this to be a basic story book. It is far more than that. This is a very scientific book. It is a lot like the book "A Child is Born" only geared for kids. By this I don't mean watered down or talking down to kids. It is perfect. In fact I would venture to say you could actually use this as your primary educational tool when teaching your kids about sex for the first time. I originally got a book that was advertised as being the best book to read to your kids when telling them about sex. Actually I think this is 1000 times better b/c it has pictures, it tells it graphically but in cartoon style. It is FAR less traumatic for those parents who don't feel comfortable broaching this subject. It is, however, necessary to note there is a lot of information that is friendly to the alternative lifestyles. If you are opposed to this then you will have to either choose another book OR censor it yourself. ...more info
  • IT's So Amazing!"
    I purchased this book for my daughter who has autism, as she is entering junior high next school year, and was starting to ask questions. It was very descriptive and had some fun "visuals" that made this serious subject a much lighter topic to discuss. It described "sex" used in several scenarios, one example being used as if completing a job application (writing in M or F). I found the book very concrete in some ways, and very, very amusing as it's illustrations can lighten the mood for even the shyest of parents discussing this subject. It also explains the feelings that go with the various sections. I highly recommend this book and I have already to many people, but I would also suggest the adult read it in entirety to make sure their child is emotionally ready to receive this information first. A great book for kids to read WITH their parents BEFORE they hear it at school or from their friends....more info
  • The best book about sex education for kids
    We first learned of this book from the library. It is so wonderful that I had to purchase it. My son and his fifth grade class are just beginning the sex education curriculum. I wanted him to be fully aware of what he was going to be learning before they began this study. I was amazed at how ready he was to learn. I didn't think he was this ready to hear all of this. Boy, was I wrong. It explains things in a way that is non-threatening to the child. It is a completely animated story. It explains the plumbing differences between the sexes. It even explains what the different meanings of the word sex. It also shows examples of different kinds of love you can have for people and things like stuffed animals. This book is very detailed on where babies come from and how they are really made. The book also has a light side to it. The bird character wants to learn more about it all and his friend the bee doesn't want to hear any of it. I think that is exactly how a lot of children are when it comes to this subject. It explains that some of the things in the book might seem wierd or gross to the child right now and that it's okay to feel that way right now. So when my son does have questions after class, we can talk about it and look at it together (in private) with this book. I can't say enough great things about this book. ...more info
  • Very happy with the book
    I got this book for my almost 9 year old daughter. We've been having discussions about her body and where babies come from since she was about 4 years old. However, I have always felt I didn't place enough emphasis on some subjects and I completely forgot about others.
    This book is awesome. I looked over the book at a friends house and I was very pleased with it. The book covers everything the title mentions. I'm also pleased that it covers alternative families. My daughter's godfather is gay and I've always taught my child to not judge people because of their sexuality. I felt this book made having two moms or dads "normal". I'd rather my daughter learn about it from me than from other people anyway.
    I feel that this book was a comprehensive guide. My daughter opened it up as soon as we recieved it in the mail and her nose stayed in it until I had to pull her away for dinner. Most of the subjects in the book are things she already knew about but I felt that this covered everything. Because of that, I am happy. I will buy other books from this author. ...more info
  • Recommended for 9 year olds and older
    This is a very comprehensive book about everything your child will need to now about childbirth and childbearing till about mid teens (including such issues as multiples, IVF). The reason I recommend this book for 9 year olds and older is because of the complexity(read confusion) of some of the egg-sperm pictures and even more important the book introduces the concept of intercourse. One of the pictures featured has a couple kissing under the blanket, the term sexual intercourse is introduced in the book.
    It also has the introduction to the sexual maturity. Having a 6 and 3 year olds and expecting an addition now, I was looking for a simpler book to introduce/ answer questions about childbirth that would be appropriate for my older kid and did not find this book fitting the purpose....more info
  • Learn about sex with a bird and a bee
    Subtitled "A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families," this book is an oversized comic book addressing where babies come from, growing up, anatomy (inside and out), love, and more. Narrated by an eager, awe-struck bird and a reluctant, uneasy bee, the tone will put children at ease with their own feelings about the subject. The book does not require any prior knowledge, though does address children's misconceptions and relates information to what children may have heard elsewhere. The coverage of the book is comprehensive and will answer most questions a child from ages 7 through 11 have about sex, sexuality, their bodies, and their feelings, in language they can understand (including terms such as "pee," "poop," and "balls"). Sensitive subjects such as masturbation and homosexuality are handled frankly and without being judgmental. For instance, the text reads, "Every family has its own thoughts and feelings about masturbation. Your family may feel differently from your friend's or cousin's or neighbor's family about whether it's okay, or not okay, to masturbate." This treatment makes the book a perfect way for parents to raise these subjects and talk about them with their children. The book also covers topics such as adoption, sexual abuse, and AIDS. This broad range of subjects will address the diversity children find in their own families, or in the families of their friends or classmates. The material is organized into 22 two-page chapters, which can be read in order or browsed according to a child's interests or curiosity. The text can be read aloud by a parent, but children may also study the illustrations closely on their own. The illustrations are cartoonish, but also accurately represent human anatomy - the chapter on pregnancy includes actual-size illustrations of the developing fetus. The book includes a helpful index, helpfully explained by the bird and bee....more info
  • Wonderfully written
    It's So Amazing is one of three books I bought to share with my almost 8 year old daughter when she recently started asking questions about how babies are made. I love this book. I haven't actually read it to her yet because I think there are a few subjects that, while very well presented in this book, she isn't quite ready for yet. For example, the book not only discusses exactly how babies are made, but also covers menstruation, wet dreams, HIV, sexual abuse, homosexuality, and birth control. For the time being I read her "Boys, Girls, and Body Science" which covers the topic of reproduction very well. I felt that for a first-time "talk" on the subject of sex, "It's So Amazing" might be a little overwhelming. However, I am definitely saving it for furture reference as others topics come up. It's certainly possible to choose which chapters to read to your child and pick and choose the information you want to present. I think I will let her get used to the basic idea of sex before moving on to more complicated topics. All in all though, this book is very well written with humorous illustrations and tasteful explanations. ...more info
  • It is "amazing".
    Love this book, it has been such a help with the kids and that classic question "Where do babies come from?" I highly recomend to any parent. The children I bought the book for are 8, 9 and 11. ...more info
  • Great book on human development for 5-10 year olds
    This is a great book for 5-10 year olds to learn about human development and where babies come from. The book appropriately doesn't go into a lot of detail about sex but covers the basics on how a baby is made. The book is well illustrated and kid-friendly. My kids were especially fascinated by the illustrations of the physical changes in males and females from infancy to old age. If you are looking for a book with more details on sexual development for a child nearing or beginning puberty, then check out the book "It's Perfectly Normal" by the same author. I want to thank the author and publisher for this great resource for parents - I wish I had had this book when I was a child!...more info
  • Not as good as "It's Perfectly Normal" by same author
    The book is a little "busy". I prefer Perfectly Normal. I should not have bought both books. Dubplicated my efforts. Both cover the same info (how many ways can you tell the same facts)
    ...more info
  • A Book with an AGENDA
    Well, it is an okay book, if you tear out pages 31 & 32 (which explain and illustrate homosexual relationships). These two pages are completely inappropriate and unnecessary. Also, be forewarned that on page 42, the writer states that abortion is just a "medical way to end a pregnancy". She makes it sound like a safe, natural and healthy alternative to family planning. It is so obvious that the writer is pushing her liberal "agenda" on our innocent children. What a shame. If you do not share her personal views, stay away from this book.

    I would also like to add that this is way too much information for a child to handle all at once. Sensitive and controversial topics such as homosexuality, abortion, HIV, adoption, intercourse, masturbation, etc. should be presented to children at a MUCH slower pace and at age-appropriate times. This book just throws it all in there, in a light-hearted way. These issues need to be discussed one thing at a time. Do not just give this book to your kids and walk away. Talk to them!...more info
  • Birds + Bees + Kids Pick!
    Hands down, this is my favorite book for kids age 5 to 10 about sexuality, love and relationships! Robie Harris tackles this subject with warmth and humor - she understands her audience and your kids will return to this book over and over.

    Parents will appreciate her tone and the matter of fact way she handles "the facts." Be sure to read it yourself before settling in with the kiddos - while there probably isn't anything you didn't already know, you want to be sure it reflects your values.

    And remember, this should supplement the ongoing conversations in your family and isn't a replacement for the information and values your kids want and need to learn from you.

    ...more info
  • Terri's review!
    This book was very well written and the illustrations were done in a fun way! It is for about age 10 and above. My daughter and I have read it together and really got a lot out of it (she is 12). Schools don't cover a lot of this subject matter, so it is nice to have a refrence guide that is easy for a younger child to read. Highly recommended....more info
  • it IS so amazing!
    This is the best introduction to sex ed I've seen - clear, concise and easy-to-read in a very appropriate and inclusive format for younger kids with beginning questions!...more info
  • great series
    Bought the 3 books (geared for different ages) as a resource for parents at my school and they have been a big sucess. Parents appreciate the help with the birds and the bees....more info
  • Great way to broach controversial subjects
    This book contains lots of information on body science, as well as a loving view of different lifestyles. I used it as a way to open a dialog about sensitive issues such as abortion and homosexuality.
    I am a Catholic mother of three daughters. I want my children to model what Jesus taught-LOVE OTHERS and DO NOT JUDGE. I feel that there are many ways to love others and many ways to create a family. We need peace and understanding in this world. I read this book with my girls and we discussed (and I even made my own notes on the pages) all of the issues and where I stand on them, as their mother and guide. We also discussed that people have different views on these personal subjects, but everyone deserves repect. Good book!
    ...more info
  • This book is So Amazing!
    Every parent should have this book available for their children when they start asking those delicate questions. It's So Amazing! cover topics from maturation, to reproduction, homosexuality, and sexually transmitted disease in a non-judgemental, factual way. The bird and the bee that are part of the learning audience help children to feel comfortable with their own reactions to the material covered; the bird is excited and anxious to learn more, whereas the bee is apprehensive and not quite comfortable with it all. The illustrations are humorous, helping to lighten such serious topics but without detracting from the importance of it all.

    All topics may not be appropriate for most 7 year olds. However, chapters are arranged to start from the most basic topics and progresses to topics that are more sensitive. If the book is read with parent and child together, new chapters can be introduced as the child is ready to learn and understand more. It is also an excellent choice for a child to read alone.

    After the experience of learning sex education from the dry, clinical books available that traumitized me when I was growing up, I am very pleased to know that my son's experience will be so very different from my own!...more info

  • Straight talk with plenty of humor
    The best part about this book is the organization; it's easy to skip around and address the speifics that your child has questions about. The beginning parts are a perfect introduction to "How babies are made," and acknowledges all the mixed feelings kids might have on the subject. It's a good book to leave around for your child to "find"; kids have an idea of what they're ready to deal with. (As a 13-year-old, I picked up my parents' copy of "The Joy of Sex" and quickly put it away because I wasn't ready for that!) I like "It's so Amazing" better than "It's Perfectly Normal" (acknowledging that you will need a more advanced book for your older children to "discover"); "Normal" is thorough about anything a preteen could possibly want to know; unfortunately, some of the pertinent info you have to discover by accident while reading other sections of the book. Also, "Normal" equates having a crush with "sexual attraction" - I'm not comfortable with that assumption. Note: "Amazing" is not a sufficient resource for your reaching-puberty boy or girl; you should have a boy-or-girl-specific book for that 9-12 age. I'll be on the lookout for a knockout book for graduates of "It's So Amazing!" Maybe we need a really advanced teenage book that tells it all about contraception, bodies, and sexual risks in a way a 9th grader can relate to - after that it may be too late!...more info
  • Just the right amount of information
    I purchased this book for my 10 year old daughter. The book is rated for age 7 and up but it was perfect for a 10 year old, who is still a little girl, and is hearing all this information for the first time. We read the chapters together and discussed it. There were parts that were surprising to her she needed time to process them. The subject is gently handled and also humerous with the little bird and bee. Great illustrations and a good all around book for broaching this subject for the first time. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Highly recommended
    This book came recommended to me by a friend. I read the book before giving to my eleven year old. She is reading now and I plan on letting my nine year old read it next. It explains in terms that are appropriate for a children their ages without being too detailed. The book is all done in wonderful drawings which keep their attention without being graphic. I would highly recommend this to any parent wanting to explain the birds and the bees to their children. The book is recommended for ages 7 and up....more info
  • A Repeat Purchase
    I originally ordered 4-5 books in this category and none of the others could compare. The comic relief offered by the two characters in the sidelines is absolutely wonderful. My 7 year old son could release any discomfort with the topics through laughter (often laughing harder than he would normally).

    After loaning this book to friends who were all extremely happy with this book, I've decided I need another copy....more info

  • Great book- Real life.
    I have read mostly positive reviews about this book and I agree. We used this book for my daughter's Kindergarten body project when she wanted to know about where babies come from and I had no problem reading it to a 5 year old and a 7 year old, mixed genders.

    Though I know some have suggested that there is a political agenda in the book regarding abortion and homosexuality, I feel this book is unbiased and promotes proper family values for the following reasons:

    1. There is a focus on the love aspect of relationships along with the physical aspects of sex and reproduction. There is no way a child will walk away from this book thinking sex is appropriate between strangers. It is clear, from the writing, that this is something to share within a serious relationship.

    2. There is a mention of homosexuality. It is very brief. It does not encourage homosexuality and more than it discourages homosexuality. It does not go into graphic detail of how two men or two women have intercourse. It simply points that some people in same sex relationships have children together. This is fact and is stated as such.

    3. Abortion is not glorified. It is mentioned that some people end their pregnancies through abortion. Again, this is stated as fact- not glorified or demonized. It is reality and is mentioned as such.

    4. There is also a part that describes sexual abuse. It is very sensitive and is written to encourage children to seek out help if they are in a bad situation.

    These are difficult, often controversial, issues. They are handled with loving care by the authors. Two thumbs up!...more info


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