It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (The Family Library)

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"Alternately playful and realistic, Emberley's . . . art reinforces
Harris's message that bodies come in all sizes, shapes, and colors — and that each variation is 'perfectly normal.'" — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)

When young people have questions about sex, real answers can be hard to find. Providing accurate, unbiased answers to nearly every imaginable question, from conception and puberty to birth control and AIDS, IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL offers young people the information they need — now more than ever — to make responsible decisions and to stay healthy. Already used as a trusted resource in twenty-five countries around the world (and translated into twenty-one languages), IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL marks its tenth anniversary with a thoroughly updated edition that includes the latest information on such topics as birth control, hepatitis, HIV, and adoption, among others. This definitive new edition also reflects the recent input of parents, teachers, librarians, clergy, scientists, health professionals, and young readers themselves.

Customer Reviews:

  • Is this really necessary?
    I don't think that a book like this should even be published. Schools and books should not be teaching sex to kids the parents should be doing that! Why are schools teaching about masturbation, sex, and homosexuality and having kids read books about it? This society has gone overboard with sex. Parents need to be parents and take responsibility and teach their kids about sex. They need to stop having the schools do it. There is nothing "perfectly normal" about this book nor homosexuality!...more info
  • Fantastic Tool
    I found this book to be a fantastic tool to open discussions with my 10 year old daughter. Was I uncomfortable with some of the topics? YES. That's exactly why I needed this book. It presented everything in a very matter-of-fact way. I think the recommended age range is very appropriate. You wait until high school and they will have already gotten their information somewhere else (maybe the hard way). My daughter now knows that no question is off-limits and believe me she will come to me now for answers instead of her friends. Thanks for a wonderful tool for raising today's children....more info
  • Very Helpful, Clear and Informative
    This book is just what I was looking for to further explain the facts of life to our two daughters....more info
  • It's Perfectly Normal
    This book is just what every parent of a preeteen needs. It covers all the "taboo" topics many parents are uncomfortable discussing with their kids. I feel better knowing my daughter is armed with facts as she enters her teen years....more info
  • Very shocked
    While I agree that the things discussed in this book are important to teach your children I strongly disagree with the graphic nature of the illustrations and some of the content in this book. I have also read that some organizations like Planned Parenthood are pushing this book to be placed in grade school libraries. If this is true I as a parent of a pre-school daughter am OUTRAGED that our public schools are allowing this. I don't believe this is appropriate material for children that young. This is borderline pornography. I also believe parents should be the one to share this information with their children not some teacher with a slanted bias toward some of the content in the book, ie..homosexuality, abortion, how to use a condom, etc. Parents should go to their schools and see if this is happening and voice their opinions....more info
    It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (Robie Sex Books)
    As the title states "growing up", that's what these people who give this book a poor rating should do. If you want your child properly prepared for the world ahead of them, this is the book. It clearly, and in a very cute way, states FACTS ! Of course, I want my children to grow up heterosexual, as I am. Of course I want my children to have a "healthy & proper" sex life ahead of them. THAT IS WHY I BOUGHT THIS BOOK. We cannot control who or what our children will become, we can only GUIDE them correctly, and let them know that THEY are okay, no matter "who" they are. When they enter the teen/adult years, this world will be twice as insane and confusing as when we did. Knowledge is POWER ! Yes, I wish life was easier and more carefree, as when I was a child; but many years of law enforcement (not metro/ but suburban & rural) have proven that kind of life no longer exists. These sheltered, simple minded, negative rating people, have NO clue as to not who, but WHAT, wanders among our children. No, I don't agree with every single thing portrayed in the book, but that's why I will tell my children to ASK, ASK, ASK, if you have ???'s, as I will ask them ???'s. This book is for an educated, informed, alert; parent who wants to give their child the freedom to learn & explore, health & sexuality. Let's give our children the POWER of knowledge & understanding to help them with their decisions. The book covers just about every aspect of sexuality, reproduction, health, emotions, etc. Much of the contents is nearly identical to the AMA versions, but in a friendlier atmosphere. I won't have my 9 year old daughter reading it for awhile, that's why I purchased "The Body Book for Girls"; but I'm sure my 13 year old son will find "It's Perfectly Normal," to be perfectly normal by our family values. Good luck everyone through this tough phase of parenting, as we try to REALLY prepare our children for the real world.
    ...more info
  • Not for preteens...
    I personally do not think that I would use this book at all for any age child or teen, but I am very concerned that its "recommended" age range is 9-12. I wouldn't want my 9-year-old child seeing drawings of naked men and women, learning how to put on a condom, and reading about how scientists are "working hard" to make the abortion pill available to the general public. This book treats abortion very lightly, making it appear to be something not serious that people do casually, not the life-altering and painful decision that it is. If you really want to use this book at all, I would wait at least until your children enter high school....more info
  • Sick
    All I can say is shame on you for rushing our children into areas they are not emotionally ready for. Obvious to me that the author has never seen the "normal" effects of a teenager who had an abortion. The internal struggle and depression that "normally" follows. Where are your cartoon pictures of that? Where are the cartoon representations of the child's spirit that is dying while they seek out the "normal" pleasures this book proscribes. America wake up!...more info
  • This book is disgusting
    I ordered this from a book club, so I was unable to thumb through it. Had I been, I would not have boughten it! When I was age 10 (heck 17 for that matter), I didn't know what it looked like for two people to have sex or what a man's naked organs look like. I turend out okay. I was a virgin until age 18 and by then I learned enough in high school health class to know about birth control etc.. I agree with what others have said that this is a how-to guide and the pictures are way too graphic for a kid. I also don't see whats wrong with letting our kids be kids a little longer. Do they really need to see this at such a young age. Also, I am against abortion and homosexuality, which this book does nothing but promote! ...more info
  • If they call it "anti-Christian," it must be good!
    This is a fantastic book that I bought for my niece and nephew. Their mother has read it with them, chapter by chapter, as they became age-appropriate for the topics.... the book deals matter-of-fact-ly about homosexuality.... The book is excellent and teaches the fact of sexuality and changing bodies in a way that children are comfortable with. Once my niece read the section on pregnancy, she asked her father, "do you know where babies come from?" "No!" he said. "Well, sit down and I'll show you," was her reply....more info
  • A Great Book
    I bought this book for my 10 year old boy and it is wonderful. It discusses everything in a very open, non-judgemental manner. I read it first, then he read it, then we discussed what he had learned. A great starting point for many future conversations....more info
  • I question the age appropriateness of this book
    Let me start off by saying that I'm a 26 year old guy, single, with no kids. I hear about this book from a conservative watchdog group and to satisfy my curiosity I read it for myself. I was surprised to find it in my local library in the juvenile section considering how controversial this book is.

    The content itself is not that much different than what I learned in 5th, 8th, and 11th grade. It describes the biological differences between men
    and women, the changes that occur in puberty, and the process of birth. The section on abortion is politically balanced -- which is surprising for a book promoted by Planned Parenthood. The author also reiterates thought out the book that sex can be dangerous and should only be done when you are mature enough for it. She says that the only safe and guaranteed way to avoid STD's and pregnancy is abstinence, which is what I learned in school.

    However, the book has a lot of things that are inappropriate for 10 year olds. It gives way too much information on the use of contraception. It also graphically shows the naked male and female body, including an erect penis, repeatedly. It shows a boy and a girl masturbating. It also shows a couple having sex twice in the books. It condones homosexuality and makes no mention of marriage. I'd be concerned that kids mike think they are "mature enough" before they really are given this information and imagery.

    Personally, I would not consider giving it to anyone under 13 or 14 to read, if even that. I would not want to have it in my personal library, and I might not even want my kids to read it at all. Other people might think that this material is appropriate for their children, and that's okay. That is their right as parents. In my mind the book doesn't necessarily deserve 1 star but it doesn't deserve more that two.
    ...more info
  • Good Book for Kids
    Most people don't know how to broach the topic of sex with their kids. This book is perfectly suited for that topic. Of course, it would behoove parents to read this book first and see if it's right for you and how you raise your children, AND to discuss the book with your child as they are reading it. Don't just give them this book and walk away. The topic is way too important.

    The line drawings are simple, but illustrative. The author is open, forthright, and honest, while maintaining a lighthearted and humourous mannerism. Simply, put, it's one of the best books on the subject for kids.

    Kids, by nature are curious. If they don't know something, they will find out for themselves, which could lead to disasterous results. This book truly satisfies their curiousity and can lead to good discussion between parent & child....more info
  • Fine for Children to Read!
    "It's Perfectly Normal" is a wonderful, informative book, and I am shocked that so many people find it offensive or "borderline pornography". I first read this book at age 10, and I do not believe it was inappropriate on any level. Yes, there are many drawings of the human body, but there is nothing wrong with children seeing how average people look. My parents have always taught me that sex and the human body are beautiful, God-given creations, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. "It's Perfectly Normal" reinforces this point. I believe this book provides a fair and balanced view of same-gender relationships, abortion, adoption, etc. I most definately recommend it for all children aged 9+. ...more info
  • Answers the Question you never wanted them to ask!
    This book is full of information for both boys and girls and while my sons chuckled when I first gave it to them the book is well worn and they have answers to the questions I never wanted them to ask. I dont recommend it for children under the age of 10 or you will wind up with more question than answers. Some of the drawings were a bit much but truthful. Overall I think all "tweens" would benifit from this book. It is straight to the point and answers question they might not want to ask an adult or that an adult might not want to answer....more info
  • What kids need to know.
    "It's Perfectly Normal" is an excellent sex education guide for older kids
    and teenagers. It describes sex and sexuality frankly both in text and in
    well-done cartoons. Only the most prudish would be offended by this book.
    ...more info
  • responsible Education
    This book tells it how it is, it does not glamorise the process of puberty or sex in any way, it tells it how it is.
    Wake up and smell the roses children are beginning to experiment at a younger age nowadays and the responsible thing that we as adults should do is to provide them with the necessary information. It is a learning process that will take several years but it is our job to ensure that our children know what is happening to their bodies and how to prevent unwanted pregnancies and or disease. Knowledge is empowerment!

    The book is colourful and informative and every pre-teen should read this with their parents....more info
  • Outstanding for those of us who live in the real world
    Kids start to ask questions about sex at a young age. A great book for the littler kids is "Hair in Funny Places." When they are ready for the next level up, you can't find a better book than It's Perfectly Normal.

    Some reviews think this book is inappropriate unless your kids are teens. Did you know that studies show 13% of females and 15% of males aged 15-19 in 2002 had already had intercourse for the first time before age 15? An NBC News poll reports 14% of 13 to 14 year-olds are already sexually active. Not my kid, you say? Better safe than sorry, experts reply. Waiting until your kids are teens could be too late.

    My child is 8. He's started asking questions that go beyond how babies are made. This book is an outstanding resource. I don't just hand it to him, it's a supervised, interactive conversation and he only reads what he's drawn to - I never push more information than he wants and he always puts it down when he's had enough.

    When sticky subjects come up, this book is where I go to have a conversation with reduces my embarrassment and helps him understand what I'm saying w/o opportunity for miscommunication.

    If you live in the real world, you need this book for your kids. Or you can hide your head in the sand...and wait for a Juno situation in your family....more info
  • Great book
    I bought this book to help get through 'the talk' with my daughter. It was very blunt and to the point, but I think that is a great thing. ...more info
  • A book offering information without embarassment
    What subject other than human sexuality and reproduction can cause so much uproar? This book offers a way for parents to give all the available information on growing and changing, without the embarassment kids, and parents!, often feel. The author presents answers to questions that a parent might never think their child wants to know, but they probably do!! As well as answers many parents didn't even know!! The drawings are exceptional in detail but do not come across as vulgar. This book is perfect for any household with children. I have 5, and the book is left out for them to use and share at thir own discretion. When offered in an open and caring atmosphere, this helps to make sexuality a family subject, and not taboo.And when information is shared with the family children will grow up with a healthy respect and understanding for their bodies and their minds....more info
  • It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health
    Great book for children. It will foster a healthy enviornment/starting point to discuss sex and the human body with your child!...more info
  • Wonderful educational tool
    My husband picked up this book while we were searching puberty books several years ago. Together, we sat at the books store and looked through the whole book. We were so impressed with the message it gives, with the education it provides.

    A few years later, I enrolled our oldest daughter into a sexual education class O.W.L, Our Whole Lives, provided by a local UU church (we are not even affiliated with the church). Much to my surprise, part of their program was using this book.

    I was happy with the class and happy with the book. ...more info
  • An outlooker comments
    I'm concerned about some of the negative comment on this work. For example, sex will cause disease (without qualification.) If so, why doesn't it after a stable relationship, not necessarily marriage, is formed? If a parent writes this, then he/she is refuting his/her own argument. Why is he/she still alive after conceiving the child?
    The abstinence ideal is only that - an ideal. Some keep to it (I did), others don't. The fear of death can't fight hormones. Teach sense, not blunt abstinence. Changes will be occurring anyway with puberty. Do you imagine young people don't notice? My first sex lesson, many years ago, I still remember: it was written, in crude terms, in crayon on a wall. I couldn't believe it, and didn't ask my parents. Consequence of ignorance: I was male-raped years later. I'd never had a girlfriend. My later marriage failed, again through overbearing religious creeds, preaching what was plainly total nonsense.
    If it's open, so much the better. Are parents afraid of the subject? Mine were - with the above results. I didn't know, at 25, male rape was possible, and walked straight into a trap. What's so frightening about truth and fact, about openness? And above all, ditch one thing: moralising. Nature, like me, has no time for it and its rantings....more info
  • A wonderful, thorough book, BUT...
    The thoroughness of this book is key for your preteen to get the truth about his/her body and other sexual topics. It really contains almost anything a preteen would want to know. The two-page spread of naked bodies is reality without being pornography! It's really a hit over the head that most people don't look like supermodels! (your kid might feel better about his/her body - chances are, they have a more attractive one!) BUT...some of the info is embedded in other sections; repetition might have been useful for a child who is picking and choosing what material he/she is ready for. This book is NOT for the age group it's recommended for; you should start with "It's So Amazing" - a five-star book in every way. Finally, "Normal" equates a crush with "sexual attraction" and I'm not so comfortable making that assumption! A nine-year-old need not consider that he/she is already experiencing sexual attraction. You might want to explain how it feels (for each gender) to be sexually attracted to someone, and that he/she might not feel that way for many years (especially if it's a girl, she might only desire as much as kissing!). Perhaps the first time he/she feels sexually attracted is the bench mark when he/she should make sure to read the rest of the book!...more info
  • Porno for Kids
    I checked out this book for my 17 year old son who was writing a paper on puberty. Most of the text content is great but the pictures are pornographic cartoons. I also have an 11 year old son and was planning on letting him read it. Once I reviewed it, it went straight into my car to be returned to the library. As far as the text goes, most of it was pretty informative and well written for the preteen age group but there were also plenty of references (with lots of pictures) of masturbation, homosexuality, etc. that were way too graphic for anyone under the age of 16 years. Fair warning here: don't buy it for any innocent kids especially ones that don't know anything at all!...more info
  • ...
    This book was absolutely inappropriate! The thought that they provide this book to elementary aged children, yes they are children, is absolutely infuriating. This book is filled with graphic pictures that push the lines of decency. Moreover, it is not an objective piece of work. It tells people who believe in rights and wrongs that they are misguided and misinformed. The bottom line is that children should not be allowed to read this book or afforded the opportunity to check out this book....more info
  • Excellent choice!
    I hardly know where to start in praising this book! The writing is very frank, and may provide more than some parents wish their kids to know at this stage. The drawings are cartoonish, but still realistic enough to make sense and appeal to kids. Two friends, a bird and a bee, appear on every page to make comments on the text, and provide every reader with someone to identify with - the bird is excited about growing up, while the bee is embarrassed and not as interested. Boys and girls will appreciate knowing that they are learning the same stuff (there aren't two copies for either gender). Just about every topic is addressed, if briefly: reproduction, homosexuality, physiology, menstruation, erections and ejaculation, changes in body shape and smell, changes in emotions, masturbation, families and pregnancy, birth control/family planning, sexual abuse, STD's and AIDS - everything! The best part, though, is the two page spread of drawings of different types of naked bodies: fat, thin, tall, all colors, all ages, even people in wheelchairs. These two pages alone are worth the price of the book....more info
  • So, it's embarrasing... get over it!
    This is the perfect book for a parent wishing to be completely open & honest about sex with their child. Yes, the cartoonish images are very graphic, but this book is not meant to be just handed over to your child. 'It's Perfectly Normal' talks about puberty, good hygeine, new feelings, masturbation, sexual intercourse, birth control (including abstinence!), peer pressure, STD's, homosexuality, & sexual abuse. If you would rather have your child find all this out on their own, whether it be from friends or by experimentation, than don't bother. I, myself, would prefer that my children learn about all this from me. When my 11 yr old asked me last week what a condom was (because she heard about them from a friend), I couldn't get to a bookstore quick enough for this book. I had no idea where to start without making both of us feel awkward & this book saved the day! Wake up folks! Your child is going to find out all about everything in this book... do you want them to have the right info & be able to sit & talk about it, or do you want them to find out on their own & be mis-informed? I can guarantee you that your relationship with your child will be better off if you're open & honest. In the end, your child will know they can come to you with anything & get an honest answer. ...more info
  • highly questionable
    this book is one of the top 10 most highly questionable books in 2007.
    it ranked #9.
    i think parents should explain these things. your child should hear it from you....more info
  • Serious Subject, Silly Book
    Bought this and was very disappointed: the cartoons and illustrations are just plain silly. Some serious content is covered in this book and the accompanying illustrations seem out of place. If a child needs images like that to feel comfortable with the book's subject matter, then they're not ready for reading about it. And if they are mature enough, the images aren't. "What's Happening to my Body, for Boys" does it better, where it is handled respectfully and maturely....more info
  • Just the right amount of knowledge
    What I love about this series of books (we also own "It's So Amazing") is that they give enough information to answer the questions your kids may have about growing up and sex, but they don't overwhelm them. The characters of "Bird" and "Bee" also reinforce the fact that learning about the subject matter can be both interesting (Bird's perspective) and kinda uncomfortable/gross (Bee's perspective)...and that either feeling is not only okay, but normal.

    My daughter and I read this book together, so that I can answer any additional questions that may come up. I highly recommend this book as part of your child's sexual education. ...more info
  • Everything you need to know
    This book touches on more subjects than I had anticipated. I read the book with my daughter and at first I thought I would skip some areas, but know if my daughter does not hear it from me, she WILL hear it from someone else....more info
  • WARNING! This book needs supervision
    Although this book is informative I do not believe it was meant for the shelves of a school library! Parents or guardians should go over this book with their children/young adults. The drawings are very graphic and do not belong in the hands of the inexperienced without supervision. Our Jr. High School currently has this book on it's shelves because of the high reviews and the "kids" check it out to pass around with their friends. It isn't being read but the pictures get a great deal of exposure. Please check with your school library for this book on it's shelves....more info
  • Great book
    I love this book. It is perfect for young children curious about their own bodies as well as other people's bodies and about sex in general. Education is power and I want my kids to be empowered to get the best information about these topics before they hear misinformation from their peers (which they will). This book presents information in an age-appropriate way with no biases....more info
  • Information rather than Ignorance
    This book is plain speaking, and informative. It is affirming and empowering for children. My 8 year old scans it for answers to specific questions, which we then discuss. My ten year old is reading it more thoughtfully, and finding it a comfortable look at sexuality. Not for people who plan on shielding their children from information, or who have negative valuation of the human body or human sexuality. Excellent for teaching healthy sexuality values!...more info
  • Wonderful book - lots to discuss with my child
    My 11 year old has completely enjoyed this book. When I learned he was going to have sex ed in school in 5th grade, I wanted him to be properly informed ahead of time, and to not be embarrassed to ask questions etc.. We have had many wonderful discussions at home as a direct result of his reading this book and he feels free to ask me questions and discuss topics that I didn't previously know how to approach. I highly recommend this book.

    Anyone know where the expression the birds and the bees originated?...more info

  • This book is a template for healthy sexuality at all ages!
    As a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania in Human Sexuality Education I recognize this book as an essential component for every parent or care-taker's home library!! Superb!...more info
  • I needed it when I was 10
    Yes perhaps there is a liberal bias to the book, but the bottom line is that for parents who are too nervous to be honest with their children about these issues, this book is a high quality alternative option. My mom bought it for me when I confessed my fears of puberty, getting my period, and the fact that girls I knew had been masturbating since the age of six. I needed to know that masturbation was not going to send me to hell, and my mother certainly wasn't going to broach that subject. I also appreciated the take on normalizing homosexuality, a subject I was exceedingly curious about at the time. I needed the information on contraceptives and it provided it to me. Is it better to be ignorant and then end up pregnant at 14 or to be given the relevant information before experimentation starts? Keep in mind most kids begin experimenting with sex in the 6th grade... Conservative voices should remember that their kids are at risk too, and their kids deserve to be informed as much as anyone....more info
  • It's Perfectly Normal
    Kids talk about sex A LOT. The problem is they often pass on incorrect information. This book is perfect to make sure that what they learn is correct, accurate and healthy. I read 1/3 of this book to my 9-year-old daughter and despite the late hour, she was mesmerized. The pictures are explicit, but is necessary so that children make no mistake about what is being discussed. It also has funny cartoons that address people's attitudes about sex, and which a kid can relate to. I like the part where it covers the various definitions of sex: gender, desire, reproduction, intercourse and homosexuality. Kids really do get warped concepts of sex and this book covers all the ways people talk about it (silly jokes) and their attitudes about it. The book also covers anatomy, puberty, families and babies, birth control, and staying healthy. It's well organized, well-written and concise. I recommend every parent who hears the word sex uttered from their child's lips, read this book to him/her. Even teenagers can benefit from this information....more info
  • Informative, but somewhat sugar-coated...
    My mom bought a copy of this book for my sister and me when I was about twelve. It was very informative for me, because at my age I didn't know much about puberty or even basic sexual anatomy. The information is presented in a humorous way that is easy for younger kids to understand and appreciate. However, this book doesn't really tell older children what they may want to know. There are pictures, of course, but they are mainly cute. Now that I am fourteen, I would like the hard facts about everything, not presented in a way that is kid-friendly, sugarcoated and rosy. There is little to no information about STDs, a growing concern among kids of my age group, and the info and pictures sometimes seemed to be "dumbed-down" and didn't really tell me what I wanted to know. For older children such as me, or for children who may be younger but are mature enough to handle more explicit information, I recommend the books by Lynda Madaras, "What's Happening to My Body?" for either a girl or a boy....more info
  • I was not prepared for the content
    I ordered this book for my 5th grade daughter. The title of this book looked harmless and full of information that I was seeking, so I purchased it. I was not aware that is was considered "perfectly normal" to engage in homo sexual activities as a part of adolescence. Unfortunately this book was full of other "normals" that I was not prepared for, let alone comfortable sharing and teaching my 5th grader (or High School student for that matter!)....more info
  • A middle schoolers piont of veiw
    I have to say I haven't completely read this book, but I stumbled across it while doing some research at my school library. Personally, I think it's great that this book is so shouldn't be hidden away in the closet. In this day and age, it's important to talk about sex, and books like this are helpful. Many kids my age have sexual encounters, but still don't know all the basics. I live in an international community, and some parents leave their children in the dark. Further more, no matter how well a parent educates their child, there are ALWAYS questions, trust me. It's good for anyone, to be able to get answers, because talking about sex with your parents is very rarely comfortable. However, a lot of the illustrations in this book disturbed me. I know at my age it's not nessary to be embarresed, but some of the pictures were...too detailed...too graphic. It's great to be open about sex and love....just make sure it doesn't go too far....more info
  • Absolutely Disgusting!!!
    This book is absolutely disgusting! Oh it'll teach your kids how to have sex alright! It will also teach them the "fun and friendly" way to masturbate have group sex and different sexual positions all in full color pictures!! It will teach them that they can have sex, whether normal or perverted, without any fear of consequences. But perhaps the worst atrocity of this book is that it teaches girls to abort their babies. It even gives nine 'perfectly normal' reasons why a girl should abort. Of course they fail to mention all of the consequences and after effects post-abortive women go through. Not to mention killing their own child. Please! Please! Do not subject your children to this piece of garbage!...more info
  • Good, but use caution
    This book was helpful in opening the subject of sexuality with my daughter (she is almost 11). It was an eye-opener for both of us. It was the first time I had gotten the courage to speak openly about what I knew she was going through. Since this book is very open and somewhat graphic, and this was our first time exploring these subjects together, it seemed intense at first. The book, however, allowed me to dive right in to open discussion in these areas, and assure her that she could be open with me as well. (Just be ready when that happens!) I learned that she had already discovered masturbation, but felt guilty each time afterwards. This book let her know what she was doing was normal (even with pictures of people masturbating), and now she feels more comfortable with it. It is, though, a bit disconcerting now to hear her doing it more frequently and vigorously, but I think the book has helped even me to be more relaxed about her new found activity. Over all, I recommend this book....more info
  • This is a wonderful book that counteracts negative imagery.
    This book is fun and wonderful and many of the reasons for that have already been mentioned. However, one thing that impressed me especially was the drawings of the human body. They manage to convey the wide range of "normal." I think this is particularly good for young girls who are bombarded daily with sexualized imagery of white, emaciated, tall women. It's everywhere a girl looks from magazines in the grocery store to billboards, t.v. and the film industry... Given the prevalence of eating disorders among women, (I have observed this first hand on college campuses) we cannot underestimate the damaging effects of that imagery. This book counteracts those negative, restrictive notions of beauty, the "perfect body", and human female worth. As a whole, the book presents a very healthy and helpful view of sexuality. (I love the bird and the bee!) A great read for young and old, by all means check it out....more info
  • My 9 year old and I read the book and both learned a lot!
    Having a 9 year-old and not really talking at length about sexual matters, this book helped to ease my uncertainty about what to talk to my child about, and helped her to feel confident and knowing about the changes starting to happen within her. So many topics are discussed open and honestly, it generated some stimulating conversations between us....more info
  • Birds + Bees + Kids Pick!
    This is my favorite book for kids 10 and older. It covers everything pre-teens and teens need to know about sexuality, puberty, birth control, STD/HIV, and relationships! Robie Harris tackles this subject with warmth and humor - she understands her audience and your kids will return to this book over and over.

    Parents will appreciate her tone and the matter of fact way she handles the complex and confusing world of adolescence and puberty. Be sure to read it yourself before handing it off to your kids - while there probably isn't anything you didn't already know, you want to be sure it reflects your values.

    And remember, this should supplement the ongoing conversations in your family and isn't a replacement for the information and values your kids want and need to learn from you. Especially as they start to date and sexual activity is truly on the horizon. When parents are open about sex, love and relationships, kids do better.

    ...more info
  • Extremely perverse example of moral relativism. Sick.
    Who would find it necessary to show a ten year old pictures of naked people, from infants to teens to old gray haired people? Why would they need to see a picture of a girl and a boy masturbating? Not only is this simply unnecessary, but when one considers that Planned Parenthood (who is the largest abortion provider) supports this work, it becomes obvious why the book spends no time talking about why not to have sex...but instead simply talks about how much fun it is and how good it feels. And of course it talks about 9 or so reasons a girl might decide to have an abortion. And abortions are perfectly safe, of course! Are the people of America so blind and ignorant that they cannot see behind this corporation's thinly veiled tricks? Do people crave to pretend that morality is a fable so much that they will ruin their children's lives? This is downright horrible.

    Oh yeah...they have pictures for EVERYTHING...except for the sections on STDs and abortion. Don't you think it would be more appropriate to show pictures of STDs rather than every other perverse picture they could imagine? And of course it suggests that it is "perfectly normal" for children to experiment with heterosexuality and homosexuality. Wow!...more info