Jack Russell Terriers Complete Owner's Manual
Jack Russell Terriers Complete Owner's Manual

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This fact-filled volume instructs owners on general canine care, whether they keep their Jack Russell Terrier as a hunter or as a home companion. Books in the Complete Pet Owner's Manuals series present basic information about pets for new or soon-to-be owners. Advice and instruction covers feeding, housing, health care, training, grooming, protection against hazards, and much more. Texts emphasize pet care basics and are easy for all readers to understand, but most titles in this series also presents facts that even experienced pet owners and breeders will find new and useful. All books in this series are filled with high quality full-color photos and instructive line drawings. Length averages between 64 and 104 pages.

  • Barrons Jack Russell Terriers

Customer Reviews:

  • Jack Russell Terriers complete owner's manual
    I found this book very informative with good basic information for the potential JRT owner. Good discussion of AKC versus JRTCA problem.Lots of cute photos!...more info
  • A wonderful JRT book...
    I enjoy Dr. Coiles' books. She is practical, experienced and has an obvious love for canines. This is a good beginners book for JRT owners...it is a shame that a lot of people get one of these guys before they read about them first...she helps a great deal. Again, well worth the time and investment....more info
  • A Real Owners Manual
    This really is an owners manual in a small package for a small price. I like it so much that I give one to all new owners when I sell a puppy! That way I know the pup will start out right in its' new home and they'll have the best advice on living with a JRT....more info
  • jacks
    i bought this book because i would like to get a jack russell terrier and thought id look into it first and this book has lots of infromation and will be helpful...more info
  • GREAT!
    I used this book for a project and it gave loads of great info on JRT's. I have one of these dogs and I love it. My dog really can relate to the things in this book. If you are thinking about getting a Jack Russell Terrier you should buy this book!...more info
  • Good Beginners Book
    This book is great for an introduction to Jack Russell Terriers. The Authors other book is much more in depth. The two books together give a wealth of information....more info
  • Jack Russell Owners Review
    My family recently got a Jack Russell Terrier as a pet. Having owned other dogs before, we were in for a suprise when it came to training and behavior. Jack Russell's are very high energy dogs that require either a lot of room to run or people to play with them. This book was very helpful in detailing certain behaviors that my puppy exhibited and how to deal with them. The book goes into details of the breed, explaining the history and attitudes that are commonly displayed. Well worth the price, I have read it twice and it has helped the rearing of my puppy tremendously....more info
  • A very informative book.
    I found this book to be very helpful. I read the whole book and sometimes refer to it when I have a question or someone else has a question. She portrays the JRT very well and this is definitely the book for people who are thinking of getting a JRT. It outlines what to expect from this breed of dog and tells you how to handle some situations that arise. I'm glad I had this book when my female came into heat and had her first litter. It was a guide for me as I did not know what to expect. Very well written....more info
  • Jack Russell
    Very good, concise book. Includes essentials like character, grooming and living with a jack russell....more info
  • Great little book about a great little dog
    This is a very helpful book, well organized so it is very easy to find what you are looking for.
    Like the book says, Jack Russells aren't for everyone. They are brilliant. That means they can think of much more trouble to get into. They will never bore you. But if you don't like excitement, get a cocker spaniel. ...more info
  • good company, good book
    FANTASTIC price and shipment great. Great company to buy from. Also this is a good bood for jack russell owners...more info
  • cool book
    full of useful advice. no your not the only one with a crazy pup...more info


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