How to Cook Everything (Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition): 2,000 Simple Recipes for Great Food

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Today's favorite kitchen companiona??revised and better than ever.

Mark Bittman's award-winning How to Cook Everything has helped countless home cooks discover the rewards of simple cooking. Now the ultimate cookbook has been revised and expanded (almost half the material is new), making it absolutely indispensable for anyone who cooksa??or wants to. With Bittman's straightforward instructions and advice, you'll make crowd-pleasing food using fresh, natural ingredients; simple techniques; and basic equipment. Even better, you'll discover how to relax and enjoy yourself in the kitchen as you prepare delicious meals for every occasion.

"A week doesn't go by where I don't pull How to Cook Everything down from the shelf, so I am thrilled there's a new, revised edition. My original is falling apart!"
a??Al Roker

"This new generation of How to Cook Everything makes my 'desert island' cookbook choice jacked up and simply universal. I'll now bequeath my cookbooks to a collector; I need only this one."
a??Mario Batali

"Mark Bittman has done the impossible, improving upon his now-classic How to Cook Everything. If you need know-how, here's where to find it."
a??Bobby Flay

"Mark Bittman is a great cook and an incredible teacher. In this second edition, Mark has fine-tuned the original, making this book a must for every kitchen."
a??Jean-Georges Vongerichten

"Throw away all your old recipes and buy How to Cook Everything. Mark Bittman's recipes are foolproof, easy, and more modern than any others."
a??Isaac Mizrahi

"Generous, thorough, reliable, and necessary, How to Cook Everything is an indispensable reference for both experienced and beginner cooks."
a??Mollie Katzen, author of the Moosewood Cookbook

"I learned how to cook from How to Cook Everything in a way that gives me the freedom to be creative. This new edition will be my gift to new couples or for a housewarming; if you have this book, you don't really need any others."
a??Lisa Loeb, singer/songwriter

Exclusive Recipe Excerpts from How to Cook Everything

• Grilled or Broiled Chicken Kebabs

• Roasted Shrimp with Herb Sauce

• Warm Spicy Greens with Bacon and Eggs

• Author Tip: 7 Ways to Vary Chicken Kebabs [PDF]

10 Reasons You Need the New How to Cook Everything (even if you already have the original)

1. The 2000+ simple recipes will make cooking at home easier, so you can spend less and eat better.

2. With 1,446 new recipes and variations such as Beer-and-Butter Chicken Wings, Roasted Corn Chowder, BLT Salad, Paella with Chicken and Chorizo, Caramelized French Toast, and Popcorn Brittle, this book provides a whole new array of recipes.

3. The many new techniques covered in this edition will help you to expand your repertoire of kitchen skills to include frosting a cake, grinding your own chili powder, or even de-boning a quail.

4. Your husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter, or best friend needs a little help in the kitchen (okay, maybe a lot). The new How to Cook Everything contains more expert advice like “12 Must-Have Kitchen Tools,” “Super-Easy 3-Ingredient Soups,” and “The Basics of Cutting.”

5. You trust Bittman’s no-nonsense opinions and can’t wait to read the thousands of new ones packed into this edition. He’ll even help you to select the best inexpensive fish (ex. mackerel is versatile, tasty, healthy, and plentiful; tilapia can taste kinda muddy).

6. The index of “Essential Recipes” points you to Bittman’s favorite dishes in each chapter, so there’s less reason to be intimidated by all those recipes.

7. There are more helpful lists in the new How to Cook Everything than ever before. Bittman shows how to jack up the basics with easy ideas like “4 Ways to Thicken a Sauce”, and “Infinite Ways to Season or Serve Any Grilled or Broiled Chicken Dish.”

8. With this edition’s brand new charts, it’s absurdly easy to look up the cooking times for grains, heat factor for chiles, and other need-to-know information about everything from herbs and spices to flour and noodles.

9. You know it’s cheap, easy, and fast to serve your family boneless chicken breasts every week, but sometimes you run out of ideas. That’s why you really need all the new recipes, variations, and other suggestions for chicken breasts like “11 More Ways to Vary Grilled or Broiled Boneless Chicken.”

10. There are plenty of new illustrations which incorporate more detail than many photos. They’ll show you how to use a pastry bag, how to eat crabs, and even how to puree soup using an immersion blender (it’s is way less messy than a regular blender).

Customer Reviews:

  • Essential Ingredients
    This book is one of 'building blocks'. Just by substituting a few ingredients, one could create countless recipes. Also try, 'FINGER LICKING DIFFERENT'....more info
  • Great book for all cooks!
    I've been cooking for over 40 years and this is one of the best cookbooks I've ever used. I love the organization. The author gives you a basic recipe and then "kicks it up a notch"---he gives you variations on a theme and ideas to create your own. Sauces are recommended and the page number where you can find the sauce recipe! Love it!...more info
  • Everything.
    This book has almost anything you can think of, it's a great go to book for dinner parties or just those of us who don't really know what they're doing. I got this book today and have just thumbed through it so far, but honestly it lives up to the title. It literally is the book on how to cook EVERYTHING. The best part is that the instruction is simple and easy to understand, even for a beginner like me. I doubt you'll be disappointed if you make the purchase....more info
  • Modern Joy of Cooking
    Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything is a modern Joy of Cooking - a wonderful present for a bride. His suggestions for seasoning are very helpful and good....more info
  • Even Better Than The Original!
    I first began my affair with cooking and baking when I was in high school, learning from an original printing of HTCE that lie forgotton in my parents' pantry.

    Now, together with the love of my life in our first apartment, this new version is the nightly answer to the question, "What's for dinner?" (and, perhaps even better - "How can we use that xxx we picked up at the farmer's market?").

    Love it.

    ...more info
  • A Classic Got Even Better
    I got my copy of the new edition of How to Cook Everything the other day and am beyond thrilled. I own the old yellow edition and have cooked from it far more than any other book, so I knew the new book had a lot to live up to. Well, it by far exceeded my expectations. While the book still feels familiar, it also feels new and improved. The essential recipe sections beginning each chapter are a great way to find the basics. But even the basics have changed. For example, Mark's roast chicken recipe, which I've used and liked in the past (though I still love Barbara Kafka's) has changed. He suggests you heat the pan before putting the chicken in and placing the chicken breast side up (instead of side down as he suggested in his old book). The heat of the pan helps cook the thighs faster so the breasts don't dry out. It worked perfectly the first time I tried it. Beyond the basics, there are just so many new recipes in here. The variations, lists, and charts that Mark is famous for seem even more plentiful than before, and there are tons of beautiful new illustrations. I'm so excited to cook with this new edition and foresee a day when it's pages will be stained with grease and flour just like the old edition. But I still can't get rid of the old one. It's like a good friend. I'll just put the new one on the shelf right next to it, red by yellow, and know that I can always count on them. ...more info
  • Delightful
    I just love Mark Bittman's cookbooks. Just wish there was more Hawaiian recipes in the book. But I really recommend it....more info
  • A Must -Have!
    Have you ever bought a cookbook, only to discover, when you try to use it, that you can't find the food you're looking for? Not with this one. You'll find the food, and you'll also find recipes that contain ingredients you have actually heard of and recipes that don't take all day to get through. A very worthwhile cookbook, and I think it would be a great gift for someone just beginning her kitchen life or someone who has been in the kitchen for years. This is a book everyone would appreciate....more info
  • Incredibly Suspensful
    In How to Cook Everything, Mark Bittman has written another thriller that hooks you from the first page and doesn't let go till the last. The plot moves swiftly and the suspense is unrelenting. More than the recipes, you really care about the characters and the predicaments, mostly culinary-related, that Bittman confronts them with. This is not a novel for the faint-hearted: there is loss, pain, violence, and especially, many gut-wrenching recipes that will test your strength and maturity. But if you stay with it, and it's hard to bail anyway, you'll end, I think, with a sense of having read something special, and joyful. ...more info
  • Bitty's Best
    Love this book. Lots of great recipes as well as adaptations of each. A little overwhelming in size, but that's a double-edged comment, as that also means there's a ton in it. A great resource when you crave something specific and there it is! We feel like we have our friend in the kitchen with we loved Bittman on TV in Spain. Well written and easy to follow recipes. ...more info
  • My new favorite cookbook
    I received this book for Christmas and have already made 6-7 recipes from it. The instructions are clear and simple enough for those who aren't gourmet cooks.

    This is NOT a book for those who choose recipes based on photographs, but for those who have a basic idea for what they want to make...but maybe with a new twist.

    Many of the recipes have alternate versions for those who like to experiment and wherever there is an option for homemade ingredients (like mayonnaise or sauces) the book refers to the specific page where they can be found.

    Overall, this is the best How To I've found so far. I'm buying the vegetarian version for a friend!...more info
  • I love this cookbook!
    In addition to the typical American basics, I love that this cookbook includes recipes for international and less than every day foods. There are plenty of suggestions for varying recipes and I find his "quick" versions of many recipes helpful and well suited to work night dinners. The recipes tend to be fairly easy while using mostly fresh and healthy ingredients. I find so many things that sound delicious that I have a hard time deciding what to try first. Bittman explains techniques and ingredients clearly enough for real beginners, while going into enough depth that even more experienced cooks can learn something. I am already buying a second copy to send to my daughter at college. ...more info
  • The only cook book many will ever need
    Mark Bittman has really done a fantastic job with this new and improved version of HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING. With a title that any marketing professional would swoon over, Mark makes a claim that he does a really fantastic job of backing up. From shucking an oyster to stir frying Cantonese style, to making a Yankee Pot Pie, this is a fantastic collection of recipes, techniques, and general know how that is a wonderful reference guide. I received a copy of the original edition as a wedding present some years ago, and quickly found it my primary source of advice for all the the culinary knowledge that I needed. This new addition is even better, with more recipes, greater detail on cooking techniques, and a very useful index.

    The writing is succinct and cogent, with welcome bits of humor and style that demonstrates that Mark is not just a skilled chef, but an interesting man with a keen sense of style. I got real pleasure from reading through each section of the book, much more so than many lesser cookbooks which read like an instruction manual. The infectiousness of Mark's love of all things food and cooking inspired me to cook better and try new things. That's what a cook book should achieve aside from providing recipes: a desire to do what one has read.

    There are millions and millions of cook books out there, and you certainly have your options. But if you want a 'all in one place' cookbook that will provide you the basics on many different dishes, give you a reference point when learning new techniques, as well as 2,000 recipes for an awe inspiring variety of cuisines, you can't do much better than HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING. ...more info
  • Innovative, hip, and inspirational - it's The One
    If you have room in your heart for only one cookbook, this is the one. With 2000 recipes it really does have everything. With variations. It's got vegetables from A to Z, with several recipes for each, primers on meat, fish and fowl, on stocking the kitchen and preserving your tools.

    Bittman, author of the Minimalist column in the New York Times, has overhauled the original to reflect the changing times. Almost half the material is new, showcasing more international dishes, more vegetarian fare, and a tighter organization. Best known for keeping it simple - fine food, with minimal fuss - Bittman would like to see the home cook spend an hour a day cooking but most of these dishes can be made in half that time.

    If the dishes are inspirational, the organization is breathtaking. Organized by course, each chapter begins with "essential" recipes, the "building blocks," and icons accompany every recipe, indicating fast (under 30 minutes), make ahead, or vegetarian. Charts and sidebars abound, offering ideas for using different techniques with similar ingredients or the same technique with different ingredients.

    As always with Bittman, the watchword is variation, the goal is inspiration. Cooks of all levels of experience and interest will spend hours with this book and never run out of new ideas and new tricks....more info
  • Debi
    a good book to have in any kitchen. A lot of basic recipes that include 100's of variations...more info
  • Great Cookbook
    I am a cook book collector - I have hundreds of them! But this one I really use all the time. When I want to see a recipe for something like Beef Brisket I go to this book. A great addition to a collection....more info
  • Packed with detail, charts, recipes, and lively writing
    How do you update a title long considered a home cook's classic 'Bible'? The author began from scratch, going recipe by recipe and blending the original publication with new recipes and the latest information in culinary research, making for a new classic adding hundreds of new dishes and revamping nearly every recipe. Its core of quick, simple dishes and easy explanations makes this a 'must' for any library catering to home cooks at any level. Very highly recommended: packed with detail, charts, recipes, and lively writing.

    Diane C. Donovan
    California Bookwatch
    ...more info
  • Beverages are missing!
    I gave away my first edition of this book as soon as I got the new one. Much to my dismay, I discovered that the entire beverages chapter has been omitted from this new book....more info
  • Complete and throurough food bible.
    Well organized, thorough. Easy to cross reference and find recipes quickly and easily. Includes all the basic details without insulting your intelligence. ...more info
  • Wow!
    I received it on Thursday afternoon and next morning made the cobbler recipe for an office gathering. It received rave reviews. Before this order, I only had The Minimalist Cooks at Home. I like his recipes because they start simple and then he offers suggestions that, while still simple,add complexity or introduce new flavors. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I bought this cookbook for my daughter new to the cooking experience. I fell head over heels for it and plan to order one for myself. It is very user friendly and yet treats the reader like a fellow-chef...wonderful!!
    [ASIN:0764578650 How to Cook Everything (Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition): 2,000 Simple Recipes for Great Food...more info
  • Bland
    I've made 4 recipes from this book. I was very happy with one recipe, happy with another, and disappointed in 2 others. Macaroni and Cheese - easy, delicious, but needed more seasoning. Smashed potatoes - good, but I still needed milk although he said to use butter. Tofu with Stir-Fried Bell Peppers - bland. Amatriciana sauce - not tomatoey/saucy enough for me. I'm reading through the book as a reference guide, and I'm sure I'll try a few more recipes, but it's been a bit of a disappointment so far....more info
  • Everything!
    WOW! This is a fabulous collection of easy recipes in every food group. It is a must-have collection. I wish I had this resource when I was learning to cook several years ago. ...more info
  • A Classic Revised and Better Than Ever!
    Often times, "completely revised" and "anniversary editions" don't live up to the billing. The original "How to Cook Everything", is my "go-to" cookbook whenever I need to learn about a technique or food I'm cooking with for the first time. Reflecting the changing food and cooking industries, many of the recipes are new, yet stick to Bittman's principles of simple, fresh food. Icons label the recipes as fast, make-ahead, and vegetarian; charts and lists enhance each section. The organization is superior, making it easy to find everything. With essential recipes and variations on just about everything, plus an encyclopedia of techniques and information, in addition to accessible, easy-to-use organization, this is the one cookbook that should be on everyone's shelf. ...more info
  • A must have!
    I have bought this for all my children living on their own. You really don't need anything else. But you might want to purchase How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, It is a must have for your kitchen library....more info
  • An Essential Resource for Those Who Want to Go Beyond Mixing Simple Ingredients to Make a Quick Meal
    As someone who was banished from the kitchen by my mother (except for dish-washing chores), I have always had lots of questions about what to do and when for the kinds of dishes I like. My wife was similarly banished so we are like the blind leading the blind. Our mothers' culinary skill caused us to appreciate great home-cooked food, but unable to provide it for ourselves. As a result, we are fond of cookbooks where you toss a few ingredients together and get something tasty in a few minutes. We also look forward to restaurant meals where great flavors are experienced beyond what our mothers gave us.

    That seemed to me like where we would stay until I found the Completely Revised Tenth Anniversary Edition of How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. With this book, I can create almost anything I used to enjoy at my mom's house or in a restaurant. I also feel confident about achieving those results because this book answers my unanswered questions.

    I was astonished to see how many flavors I like in sauces can be created very easily. Wow!

    In addition, I can now look forward to healthier eating by knowing what ingredients are being used rather than relying on so many prepared ingredients.

    Thank you!

    If you already know how to make great recipes from scratch, you won't be as impressed by this book as I am. In fact, you probably won't need it.

    To use a metaphor, this book isn't the ultimate cook book. It's the step-up cookbook for those who have mastered the simplest kitchen preparations but want to learn how to do more and create the kind of results that you don't experience in 90 percent of American kitchens.


    ...more info
  • My go-to reference in the kitchen
    I love to cook- sometimes even without a book. At times I need a quick, 15 minute meal. Other times I need a from-scratch cake with homemade frosting. With How To Cook Everything, I can find multiple recipes for both occasions. I can look up "brown rice" (if I have way too much of it in the pantry) and find pages and pages of recipes that use brown rice. At the end of many of the recipes, there are suggestions/alterations on the original recipe so that I can make them my own and experiment in the kitchen with almost guaranteed success.

    I own both the yellow, softcover edition of this book and the new, 10th Edition. From the older edition, there is a reference of 50 classic cookbooks that I have started to add into my collection. From the 10th edition, I have list after more go-to lists for meal ideas and different dishes to make on special occasions.

    I have used these books as my go-to references whenever I am cooking. There are black & white illustrations showing you how do everything from carving a roast chicken to folding egg whites. I have not made anything "bad" from either of the books. There was only one recipe I have looked for and did not find: Baked Alaska. I would highly recommend either edition of this cookbook to a novice cook looking for some guidance or to a seasoned cook looking to add new techniques or flavors to his/her cooking. ...more info
  • practical, easy to read, love it
    I haven't had this book for more than a month and already I've used it a ton. I love the layout and the great tips. There isn't any topic I can think of that he doesn't cover. It's a great, great book....more info
  • Good resource but...
    If you are an experienced cook most of the information is pretty basic. Would be good for someone who doesn't know their way around a kitchen. Also, this book is HEAVY - not the kind you can easily read in bed!...more info


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